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File: 7729df46ac5644c⋯.png (602.46 KB, 998x594, 499:297, mhfag.PNG)

File: 363f862e001fcda⋯.png (39.51 KB, 753x378, 251:126, mhfag2.PNG)

File: f9c2f2897b02567⋯.png (79.86 KB, 759x580, 759:580, ghj.PNG)

File: cd0ef04d8fe23bb⋯.png (126.74 KB, 759x580, 759:580, ClipboardImage.png)

e73600 No.14146776


edit: archive your shit

Post last edited at

13df67 No.14146782

>being this new

modpockets please smack anyone who doesn't archive

cb0c63 No.14146821

Its a marketing attempt in line with Capcom's goal of selling MH to the west. Makes sense they want as many newfags, especially as the game is being marketed as easier for westerners, even if thats not want fans want.

2927f8 No.14146962

File: 9d5532fa13e6233⋯.png (173.26 KB, 2688x2688, 1:1, 9d5.png)

>a game about using teamwork to take down big monsters is encouraging people to help others on their team.

hmmm, really gets the noggin joggin.

9a90ae No.14147345

File: f347bd5af298983⋯.png (197.35 KB, 500x276, 125:69, 1414555084677.png)

>capcom successfully achieves hunter mentorship relationships

>larger amounts of players than before are G-rank capable

>capcom now makes G-rank worthy of the "Dark Souls of Dark Souls" title since they can justify that due to all these players hungry for that shit

One can dream

a01410 No.14147374

File: 2056b8b10fac70f⋯.png (757.06 KB, 720x1224, 10:17, 60d7cfa7b5048bdf51d5f6d232….png)

Reminder that the more patient ones will get carried all the way to g-rank and the rest will quit the game because "ît's too hard".

08ad15 No.14147420

>Hunter you adopt is forced to play as a shota/loli character

>You have to look after them and hold their hands

>Game encourages you to give them reassuring headpats when they are doing well

007f3d No.14147469

File: 4c8c9c47c1cb84d⋯.png (429.25 KB, 1044x952, 261:238, 4c8c9c47c1cb84de571b46a5b4….png)


capcom please

9a90ae No.14147505

File: c0aea568af4d552⋯.gif (162.78 KB, 500x282, 250:141, 15643997789.gif)


>adopt a hunter

>wants to play beefcake GS

>can't position

>can't time charge

>"no, I don't want to change my weapon, and I won't change my play style. just carry me"


>adopt a hunter

>he does want to play a loli/shota

>"I-I'll support you!"

>can't remember horn songs and plays them too late after looking them up

>can't manage space with bow and doesn't into coatings

>wants a headpat anyway

Will they let you give newbies back to the orphanages and adopt a new one?

93dff6 No.14147512

>Mentor program just turns out to be Palico-Hunter system from Generations

I'd actually kind of be OK with that, that was like baby mode so it' be perfect for teaching retards the basics of playing the game and they look hilarious to boot.

a01410 No.14147517

File: 1328a24bd8571d3⋯.jpg (74.53 KB, 854x960, 427:480, bull.jpg)


>Will they let you give newbies back to the orphanages and adopt a new one?

No you need to bully them into shape.

efdf22 No.14147542

File: bc2a2120eb287f7⋯.jpg (70.95 KB, 384x384, 1:1, bc2a2120eb287f73ff24293c31….jpg)

I don't mind having noobs on my team, as long as they keep alive.

I can solo the boss anyway and they are a nice distraction more often than not.

aeee2b No.14147547

File: f6ae00edf7ea155⋯.gif (31.54 KB, 230x200, 23:20, 68069653771e17958ee96931c2….gif)


You have to work on problem newbies just like a parent

14dc52 No.14147565


>established player essentially plays the game for reddit

>reddit never learns how to play the game for themself

>reddit now shits up every single lobby and triple carts

5be4a4 No.14147579


>Like a parent

That would be half of /v/'s fantasy with the other half wanting to be the child

a01410 No.14147594

File: b5f5d364a70fd0a⋯.jpg (1.46 MB, 2667x1500, 889:500, 1491876173217.jpg)



9a90ae No.14147617

File: a7dc42f8d7bcdf2⋯.gif (111.79 KB, 370x370, 1:1, 1417779607029.gif)


I'm sure the point of mentoring noobs is to shake them from their bad habits and help them gitgud, but some people are beyond help. Just an anecdote

>play with some people

>one is clearly better than the rest

>another one scarfs down a steak

>"don't bring steaks. they take too long to eat, and you can make energy drinks with wycoon cart items. steaks don't fix sleep either"

<"fuck you I'll do what I want" (or something like that)

I didn't even realize that about energy drinks myself myself until I saw that go down. Made my life easier but this was in a g-rank lobby and that guy will forever be stuck in his ways.

people like that aren't worth my bulli or my parent

93dff6 No.14147640


>Not eating steaks

Motherfucker I don't care if it isn't optimal it's a lot more entertaining to chow down on a chunk of meat than the potion chugging animation.

efdf22 No.14147656


Fuck you Blue I'll bring as many steaks as I want and if you can't play anything but the absolute max stamina you're an insufferable cunt.

Just wait for the stamina to go down twice and you'll be glad you brought steaks.

Also Seregios says hello.

553bd6 No.14147661

File: 3132b60c2c67995⋯.jpg (62.24 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, i bet you kiss girls fagot.jpg)

File: ba0f0dfca65e6cb⋯.jpg (105.61 KB, 1632x1224, 4:3, DaS_Fanbase.jpg)

File: 31813c6d7a616d5⋯.jpg (414.47 KB, 576x768, 3:4, my_dad's_name_is_doug.jpg)

File: 4baa04f7affa82a⋯.jpg (56.22 KB, 470x266, 235:133, she_died.jpg)

File: e65f3420c1a2115⋯.jpg (2.15 MB, 2560x1920, 4:3, the_das_fanbase.jpg)


Mentoring actually does seem like something that would canonically occur in that world. I dunno about having real people do it though. I mean, look how childish and stupid online gaming communities can be. Even if it's incentivized there's just not going to be the patience and maturity to implement it.

4d6b19 No.14147683

File: d149232647da31c⋯.gif (241.58 KB, 200x200, 1:1, d149232647da31c5dbb8cd0323….gif)


Collecting hatemail was something of a hobby of mine back in highschool, the new MH will be a goldmine

9a90ae No.14147686

File: bcbb0c7f0f6f406⋯.gif (2.74 MB, 270x266, 135:133, 1421351117829.gif)


>Fuck you Blue

hahaha holy shit, you're lurking. Sorry, I can't remember who you were. I'm not Blue though, I'm someone else

Well, ever since then I just use drinks. I'll be damned if I have to go round up some meat a bunch of times every time I run out when I can just multiply craft mats as I hunt shit I actually want to hunt.

efdf22 No.14147698


>not simply insulting newbies until they leave

I used to have "U NIGGER" and "FUCKING BAGUETTE" hotkeyed on 3DS and had several frenchies ragequit after a cart by spamming the chat with it.

Can't wait to use voice chat tbh~

efdf22 No.14147706


You can buy stacks of 99 raw meats from the wycoon in MH4U, it's in the daily random items.

9a90ae No.14147715


I think the only time I was looking for anything from that shop was for webs for net traps. Never found that store useful since it was always nectars, stones, and boomerangs.

efdf22 No.14147733

File: 74d804ef943fb55⋯.png (1008.9 KB, 960x640, 3:2, 74d804ef943fb55199df8e7f24….png)


I bet you didn't even do the expeditions, faggot.

I could pull out five bosses with 10 pots only.

ffe711 No.14147754

File: d2751e0439d5cb3⋯.jpg (85.84 KB, 500x628, 125:157, 0WsxFn5.jpg)


>not wanting to introduce new bros to an awesome game

the useless fags will quit, you should be happy more newbros will join

typical contrarian /v/

8a2fe9 No.14147770

>attempting to post without archive

kill yourself

71c07b No.14147799



>awesome game

>jpg file

Go back

815f77 No.14147807

File: a06bbe01c549b0a⋯.jpg (86.55 KB, 460x288, 115:72, 1463475863409.jpg)

I can't teach a retard casual how to be patient. The types of people they're hoping to pull in with this game are the ones who crave instant gratification and would rather see a bar fill up as their only incentive to keep playing.

9a90ae No.14147831


i.e: the western gamer

ebebe1 No.14147851


>implying Wurm hadn't taught me to embrace autism and camaraderie in it's purest form

>implying I don't believe more people means more friendship

There are fewer fonder memories than when I was assisting someone in building a bunch of stone coffins to hide some fags items in and spread them around in a big scavenger hunt with the mod's blessing because he was also sick of the fag's whining

914123 No.14147897


I don't know what you're talking about, MH has always had a lot of instant gratification. It's all about that phat loot.

3f92d4 No.14147909

I'm not even gonna bother with MH:W. I'll just play Double Cross on Switch in moon runes instead. The amount of normalfags that are going to latch onto this and encourage more Capcom casualization seems incredibly high.

914123 No.14147912



Are you 16 or something? Fuck off kid.

9a90ae No.14147915

File: ea2808fe3c6d7df⋯.jpg (70.72 KB, 273x272, 273:272, 1429707889848.jpg)


>MH has always had a lot of instant gratification

>confirmed never being cock blocked by the desire sensor

a161d2 No.14147928


efdf22 No.14147932

File: 958a6dc30cdd700⋯.png (872.25 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 958a6dc30cdd70047607d5d719….png)


>gotta craft new weapon

>need 6 cortex 1 gem

>kill the boss three times

>drop three gems, a mantle, and two cortex

facddb No.14147943

File: 6f7c6d691fecc04⋯.jpg (887.33 KB, 864x983, 864:983, curze sneer.jpg)

As a new player, I'd rather slap an experienced hand away, even if it means I have to slog through the mud for a while.

917f36 No.14147964

File: 1106c476946825e⋯.jpg (24.79 KB, 410x396, 205:198, 1465969784897.jpg)

It's a program designed to get Monster Hunter players to do what they already do anyway. Except now that developers are bringing attention to it and attempting to incentivize players to do what they already do naturally it's bad because reasons.

This game doesn't look like it's going to be all that great but you niggers just consistently keep bitching about all the wrong shit.

5185df No.14147971

File: 30fe3b30398d604⋯.jpg (380.48 KB, 4040x626, 2020:313, 1410210369181.jpg)


>you should be happy more newbros will join

Newbros will filter in over time. Actively pandering to newfags and pop-game trend chasers is just going to shit up the community and - if successful - is only going to ensure that future monster hunter games are casualized to shit in order to not scare away the newfags by requiring effort.

Enjoy your flood of twitch streamers and cam whores.

aeee2b No.14147992


post the full one

5185df No.14148026

File: 0227feba551944c⋯.jpg (152.5 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, butt.jpg)


>post the full one

The one where the original members come back with automatic rifles and go on a killing spree? Don't have it.


6a1581 No.14148034


This. MHWorld looks and plays like casualized dogshit.

dfb19a No.14148037



b4a5c4 No.14148038

Organize boycotts and create outrage for normalfags to make them avoid the game.

Capcom is ruining it's franchises to appeal to non-gamers. It is time to ruin them completely.

aeee2b No.14148068


Now I can demand 2B lewds whenever I toast this bread

19078f No.14148074

File: 03999b9bb241688⋯.png (138.59 KB, 324x242, 162:121, 03999b9bb241688b34fa7f82fc….png)


Anon you cant be serious. Just because people who dont browse a cambodian imageboard like the game it doesnt mean that its appealing to non-gamers. Non-gamers dont even play videogames.

9a90ae No.14148084


I ended up going through some YouTube videos on a machine that didn't have adblock installed, and one of those ads was from Riot Games, celebrating noobs, telling them to revel in their newbie ways. Of course, this means they want to cast a wide net for new players who Riot feel would be turned away from their game having an image of being played "seriously."

Now here is Capcom doing something similar. "You might have heard that these games have been hard to get into, but we're rolling out the red carpet for you!"

When you cast large nets like that, you'll end up catching people that don't fit the mold, and you'll get players who do take the game seriously matched up with players who would rather just goof around. Naturally this will frustrate both types of players, but one is a local and the other is a tourist. The tourists were led by the nose to a place where they don't meld the established player base, sullying the experience for all.

Is that the right shit to bitch about?

ff4d13 No.14148161

This is the fourth mh thread in like three days, instead of making a whole thread why don't you just post this shit in the general.

19078f No.14148274

File: 219a9d19c3f3f44⋯.png (208.2 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 219a9d19c3f3f441a03c35a6f3….png)


>tfw there are 3 seperate MH threads floating around on the top of the catalauge right now

Gee, MH fans sure are autistic.

cb0c63 No.14148279


>Capcom caters to surge of weak pkayers who can't git gud

>Game gets easier

This is more likely

d16462 No.14148283

off yourself clickbait fag you worthless waste of oxygen

19785f No.14148298


Never come back.

>all these niggers actually replying

You can all leave forever too.

8c402e No.14148754

File: 8b560116e05abc3⋯.png (220.34 KB, 700x490, 10:7, 1428410064215.png)

>take new guy under your wing

>teach him every single bad habit you possibly can ("Hit the monster when there's someone on top of it! Doing that makes it take critical damage!")

>carry him so he thinks your teachings are legit

>tear rolls down your eyes as your pseudofrog starts giving aneurysms to the whole community

Is Monster Cunt really that hard? My middleschooler brother plays this and he seems to do just fine with the insect glaive. Only complaints I ever heard were about the hunter flexing after drinking a potion, but even then just telling him that they added that so you wouldn't item spam made him stop whining and learn to time his healing better

43cbb8 No.14148864


>Hit the monster when there's someone on top of it!

But that's what you're supposed to do, now.

>he seems to do just fine with the insect glaive

If he's playing 4U, that thing is OP as fuck, provided he knows how to properly use it.

53dcf9 No.14148889

>gear simulator


6a72ca No.14148920


>But that's what you're supposed to do, now.

That's usually a waste. It's a fairly long breather, perfect to let everyone sharpen and heal, combine some items, pop might pills or demon drugs, or even just set up traps. Attacking the monster shaves a bit of time off, but wastes one of the best opportunities to rest mid-battle you can possibly get, just before the monster will present a long opening to attack.

0aafef No.14148924

File: 057e5aada9b8ec4⋯.jpg (153.94 KB, 267x199, 267:199, d431a24a2219dfa5641364c305….jpg)


>1&done OP

>literally just a link to a a clickbait article

>doesn't even archive

b75a8c No.14148937


>no archive

wew lad





>responding seriously to obvious shitposting

wew lad

5547da No.14149042

File: 5fc22dffedad641⋯.png (808.74 KB, 806x1244, 403:622, 1390457635581.png)


>Animated .jpg

0aafef No.14149070

File: 704ba3a97125f43⋯.mp4 (4.71 MB, 640x360, 16:9, the wizard.mp4)


that's the skill that unlocked on my 30th birthday

2f29cc No.14149112


Problem is MH eventually becomes too difficult for anyone to carry anyone else, and everyone needs to have competency they developed on their own or else the team will lose.

84c5b3 No.14149128


>continue to casualize MH

>add a system to incentivize experienced players to carry retards

They're making this shit with game journos in mind, aren't they?

b75a8c No.14149148


It's not actually a .jpg.

It's a gif in a jpg container.

53dcf9 No.14149451


It's just a .gif renamed dummy. The file extension != container.

ddd3f1 No.14149554

I never understood the appeal of Monster Hunter, very repetitive game made for soulless nips who enjoy their repetitive task jobs way too much.

02fdda No.14149592

File: 753cbec254ce337⋯.png (23.88 KB, 296x314, 148:157, towel.png)


So basically like raising your pawn in Dragon's Dogma.

If only they also let you carry them around.

ddd3f1 No.14149617


>carring your pawn

My DD main pawn was this huge brutish bald nigger, fuck off.

14dc52 No.14149654


I want this piece of shit to come to switch, not to play it, because I don't have a fucking switch, but so consolefags will stop being this retarded.

81193f No.14150109


Don't worry.

From what they showed so far it'll be way easier then previous MHs.

b4a5c4 No.14150337


This shill fears the expansion of image board culture to the mainstream. This is what i am talking about, anons. We ARE making the normalfags more selective with their purchases. Time and time again, shills come here to say "it is no use", only to have their companies' sale sink thanks to our effort in spreading everything wrong with the industry.

Keep raising awareness and creating outrage against companies like Capcom, EA, Activision, etc. The normalfags are reading what we say and they know that when we see a shitty practice, we are always right. It is working, and we can expand it further.

969551 No.14150395

File: 02d740f7f66356f⋯.png (42.03 KB, 1137x622, 1137:622, KhezuGentlemenMH.PNG)

File: 4ed521e4f21b33d⋯.png (25.88 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Jay Leno.PNG)

File: 7a60e0bc0ba988f⋯.png (84.86 KB, 603x1023, 201:341, Vespoidsareassholes.PNG)



>The one where the original members come back with automatic rifles and go on a killing spree? Don't have it.

Fuck, I've never seen that version but now I want to.

Dumping MH shit so not off topic.

5f86e4 No.14150408

>I-it's fine

>Y-you're just a salty nintenyearold

>T-this is true monster hunter

>No way is it casualized to shit, you're a mad japanon

Must be tough to shill for a company that keeps shooting itself in the foot.

a25284 No.14150470

If you play with randoms and not solo/with trusted friends you're actively sabotaging the game for yourself.

7a6d89 No.14150580


Christ what a low effort OP

e4c450 No.14150892

File: c2e328a3aa6183a⋯.png (308.05 KB, 500x403, 500:403, c2e328a3aa6183acc897a9f9ee….png)


>Me and a friend want to make rath armor

>I need plates, he need rubies

>We kill raths for a entire month, the kill count goes from 32 to 140

>I have 20+ rubies

>He has 30+ plates

Since then i trained my mind to break free from the desire sensor, my Monster Hunter and Warframe experience is a lot better now.

42acda No.14151103

File: 66a5858261298c6⋯.png (4.28 KB, 255x249, 85:83, Oekaki.png)


>that first image

I think I drew this, it's very similar to the other shitty mspaint drawings I made for a group of people I played with during MHFU but I lost all of them except one.

42acda No.14151116

File: f24bf26f8fdf016⋯.png (146.67 KB, 1294x1940, 647:970, DungStolen.png)

aa3788 No.14151220


Blue here, I eat raw meat just for the heck of it on tigrex sets, if I threw an autitic shitfit at someone about steaks it was because they stopped in the middle of a g-rank hunt to start cooking them. I have no idea what you mean about seregios, bleed damage? Someone's never eaten sushifish or mosswine jerky then.

aea957 No.14151260

File: a4e242d4d7aefdc⋯.webm (10.28 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Deviljho interrupts a hun….webm)

>Doing Mon Hun Vanilla Tri

>fighting Jho to make weapons

>event hits

>Jho hunts aren't possible until HR51

>event is to capture Jho and allows HR 31 to go for it

>HR 51 rooms are pretty sparse so I go to event rooms

>scrubs as far as the eye can see

>eventually run into one dude who somewhat knows what he's doing

>knows Jho hits like a ton of bricks

>is pretty good at avoiding his attacks and good fighting

>we win the quest a few times

<enter two faggots

>we got 4 people, we should be able to make this go a little faster

<no skill clownsuits

<longswords with autoguard

<obviously carried to 31

>go on the hunt anyway

<one asshole forgets to eat

<it's in the flooded forest with that ledge

<asshat goes "lol he can't get me up here"

<jho smashes it and he falls down

<other dude is going full leeroy jenkins and getting staggered left and right by jho stepping around

>bud runs in to attack jho

<I see Jho winding up his dragon breath

<dumbass, leeroy, and bud all end up in the same spot

<jho has exited rage so his dragonbreath attack is slower than normal

<carts dumbass, leeroy, and bud in one dragonbreath

<quest failed

Nah, I'm not gonna help dumbasses who aren't willing to hunt by the rules of mon hun.

fb4bc9 No.14151284

File: 39e49d5b37f1aa3⋯.jpg (114.73 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1298604520339.jpg)

Monster Hunter's barrier to entry is that there's 200 boring-as-shit tutorials that explain everything in the game. Autism is a requirement to care long enough to learn it all. I'm looking forward to simplification, these games are needlessly in-depth about mundane shit.

bf009e No.14151299

I'm very happy with pretty much every change they've made to World so far.

The fags that have been playing the copy paste 3DS games for the past 5 years being mad about the game getting some worthwhile changes are just the cherry on top of the cake

690932 No.14151306

This is pretty insulting, really. They act like the series up until now has been some impossible labyrinth you're forced to try and navigate on your own, when community practices like tutorial videos/wikis/forums have been around forever already. I guess this makes sense though, since World is being made so that any retard, no matter how unwilling they are to put any effort into learning a game, can still succeed. It's so fucking greedy too, they already have one of the biggest games series ever in Japan, and a decent following internationally, and yet they are willing to fuck it up for mass appeal just to try and get a few more shekels.

0aa7fd No.14151316

>Monster Hunter: Casual Edition provides a tool to help casuals

More news at 11

Also archive you faggot

19078f No.14151390


Ok. You're pretending like as if this game is EA's BF2, all they did was pretty much reboot the franchise. In fact, everytime /v/ loses their shit over a game like this it always ends up being successful, especially games like fallout 4.


>Nah, I'm not gonna help dumbasses who aren't willing to hunt by the rules of mon hun.

Anon, the point of the article is to hunt with your friends and teach them the rules of MH. It was your own fault that you decided to play with brain-dead randoms in the first place. I see that people in this thread are complaining that normalfags and dumbasses are starting to play MH but what they dont realize is that they've always been there, they were the shitters you see in every game all along. Its no doubt going to be the same with world.

c70cb4 No.14151408

File: 0502afdc92b776d⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 521.08 KB, 1000x1131, 1000:1131, 70f1e9d7384e4875388235dc8….jpeg)


i recognize that reaction image you colossal faggot

4f5301 No.14151522

It seems most people favor the GS.

Am I a pleb for using sword and shield?

I also want to be the best at it but most people I ask are vague about it, how can I be the best with it?

43cbb8 No.14151535


It's also a perfect opportunity to build up meter for the weapons that have one, charge up phials for the charge axe, and collect juices with the kinsect. Ideally, you wouldn't need an opportunity to rest like that, in the first place. The biggest reason to not attack during mounts, in 4U, was the risk of knocking the mounter off by staggering the monster. With that risk gone, though, even if it would be better to heal up or whatever, a player who, instead, elects to attack the monster is still going to benefit the group, instead of fuck up the mount like they once did. My point, basically, is that telling a newbie to attack when someone else is mounting is hardly making them an annoying shitter. It will just make them slightly less efficient than ideal.

4f8ebf No.14151551

File: fca53024d7c4bbe⋯.jpg (798.45 KB, 1539x1100, 1539:1100, 1402752967199.jpg)


Kek, i know worse

>friend of mine needs gore magala plates

>we kill it

>i carve the boss




>1/8000 chance of that specific carve happening

>equivalent to 0.0125%

>he didn't drop any (of course)

6be671 No.14151556

File: 1b7045bf163592a⋯.png (110.1 KB, 1300x1091, 1300:1091, c610b0fe5480209fbfb3e87a09….png)

Am I the only one fine with helping new players. I am an experience/kinesthetic learner. I don't want to be handheld, just like mentor hunter.

>"hey anon see those monsters over there, what element do you think will work? How do you think we should go about traping this monster?"

Yeah thinking of the ideal, but I've made many friends by being on both the mentor and the mentored in a game. By mentoring a new player them will understand and learn to love the game, thus bigger audience, and hopefully that will encourage devs to make the games we like.

4f8ebf No.14151570


You should always follow the rule "host picks".

If a player joins a room, he has to pick the host's quest.

If he survives the quest withouth carting more than once and being a total ass, he gets to pick a quest, otherwise he's kicked.

Teach newbies the value of patience and they will learn how to play better.

aa3788 No.14151583


That sounds fun, if it does go like that and not like:

"Anon, see thos-"

"fuk u give honny or i repot u"

"but i just wanted to-"


43cbb8 No.14151608


It's not new players that's the problem. It's casuals becoming new players. If someone who's generally competent at vidya starts getting into MH, I'd have no problem helping them out. But casuals tend to refuse to learn how to play for themselves.

6be671 No.14151617


Yeah, that's why I said I am probably hoping for an ideal that is rare if not impossible nowadays.

I have mentored many retards in different games. I do think its worth it though to eventually find a good person to mentor and then make a good friendship with.

Saying this as someone who will have to be mentored in MH, never had either themoney or the system for them when the games came out.

be85ff No.14151662

File: 13645188c235e8f⋯.jpg (29.66 KB, 718x572, 359:286, 20150305061148773.jpg)

I love helping people, it turns me on. I don't know why, it just does.

aa3788 No.14151693


If you only use one weapon you're a pleb by default so don't worry about other people that only play GS. The only thing to really know about sns is don't use x-x-x, the overhead slash, or (direction)+a-a, the shield bash. These both have bad motion value and throw other players. Other tips: If you hit back+a and immediately release a without releasing back you won't lunge forward, giving you a backstep (which does have i-frames) to reposition. Using an item after a lunge gives you super armor, sort of useful to avoid getting your use animation interrupted by getting walked into. Get elemental weapons or blast if you want to do damage. Spe sharpen is also kind of better than razor sharp on sns since you can hit whetstones so easily. Finally, anyone that tells you to use wide range on anything but a theme set is super gay.

You will become a true SnS master when you learn the secret of the crouch cancel (note that crouch cancel is an absolutely useless tech however).

aa3788 No.14151717


>never had either themoney or the system for them when the games came out.

Why not try to organise some buddies for MHFU/P3rd ppsspp in the monster hunter thread? I would even be willing to help. If my good pc wasn't fucked at the moment.

bf5a10 No.14151732

File: f9d37ca04bdb963⋯.jpg (31.71 KB, 339x330, 113:110, loneliness.jpg)


same boat here, I don't understand this thread. In order for advice to do any good, a new player has to want to learn in the first place. How is this worse than the current alternative, where new players develop through trial and error, which doesn't exactly mean improving? They just do what works, even if, ESPECIALLY if it requires as little adaptation as possible. Just look at the mount spammers, the assholes that pretend to help by running around without getting their hands dirty, or the longsword trip meme. Tutelage has nothing to do with whether shitters will be shit, as >>14151608 says.


same, which is really strange because I have very little interaction with people irl. I'm not sure if it's the feeling of grandstanding or validation through other people in general. Nothing felt as satisfying as somebody telling me I was extraordinarily helpful or impressive. Maybe I'm just lonely?

19078f No.14151811

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Anon, you are greatly overestimating casuals. And you are mistaken when it comes to casuals and normalfags wanting to play MHW, they would either play their mobas, cod, destiny, and perhaps even dragonball fighterz I know from actually talking to some of them, they actually preferred evolve back when it came out.

The ones ive seen play mhw some videogame journalists would play like they are either, high, drunk or actually retarded. Those would have no hope getting past low rank without rage quitting let alone high rank.

ab9430 No.14151848



It's more than the game itself. This attitude of "don't be rude, be helpful" is exactly the kind of thing that affects the community outside of the game in bad ways. It fosters the reddit mentality of safespaces and hugboxes, and sets a tone of non-critical, non-confrontational interactions. It means you can't call a faggot a faggot for acting like a faggot, because

>Monster Hunter is about helping people and being nice to new people and accepting all refugees with open arms

c79d6a No.14151849


How big is the power spike between low rank and high rank?

ab9430 No.14151875


Nobody knows what it's like in MHW but in past games it's been very coddling and gradual. Yeah, it's harder, but not that much harder and I don't really need to change the way I play. The real power spike has always been moving from HR to G-Rank. That's where you don't get to fuck around anymore and play like a slob.

4f8ebf No.14151945

File: b4e6fbbfa164d12⋯.jpg (378.75 KB, 600x700, 6:7, 1403458192641.jpg)


>Low rank bosses:



>High rank bosses:



<Introduced new comboes for many bosses, new variants of previously fought bosses.

>G rank bosses:



<Introduced the absolute strongest bosses, with borderline unfair attacks, most bosses get more moves and become a lot more aggressive.

>Rank140 (mh4u)



<This is not even fair, expect bosses to never let you rest one second during the entire fight and be harder to hit and damage

91a224 No.14151962


>accepting all refugees with open arms

are jews behind this?

9a90ae No.14152054

File: 78aae6ac6723063⋯.jpg (25.83 KB, 552x574, 276:287, i-wish-a-nigga-would.jpg)


>"look out your health is low. keep your distance and use a potion"

30 seconds in and I'm already jarred

capcom please, make dialogue an option I can disable from the start.

fee5d1 No.14152055

My main gripe with monster hunter was the lack of in game information. When you need several different resources, a general direction on them would be nice to know. Although some items included a short story on their description, you could be gathering resources in an entirely wrong rank altogether. I had to use external resources like karaniko with their drop tables to find some of the more obscure items. If the game kept track of where the resources are more easily attained I would not have to stop playing to look for where I can obtain an item I have never seen before.

On that note, I don't think the adopt a hunter initiative is going to work. Online communities are cancerous from the get go and without any incentive other than "more people to play with" most of these will wind up on the 'git gud or git kicked from the party' aspect of learning.

ab9430 No.14152073


Monster Hunter has ALWAYS functioned on a hunt-to-know basis. You don't know what a monster is resistant to before you hunt it, you only get to know AFTER you hunt it and look at its gear. Why should you know what items a certain rank area produces before having found them once already? If you have issues knowing that a Carapace is not to be found in Low Rank and a Piel is not to be found in High Rank, then you might suffer from brain problems.

bf5a10 No.14152110

File: 30a59c4ca651bed⋯.png (195.72 KB, 547x441, 547:441, captain dk.png)


I don't think cutting back on the vitriol has to mean being hugboxy. personally, I don't think that rule suggests you shouldn't call somebody a bellend for being knowingly, selfishly discourteous to other players, or that criticism should be blunted just because it might hurt feelings. It just means to keep it clean, and if objective reflection is offensive to somebody, that's their problem.

What does bullying do that straight truth can't? Baddies will double down and ignore you regardless, but what about the people that just don't know any better? even if what you tell them is true, beating them over the head with their flaws makes you look like an enemy, some elitist that would rather discourage people than uplift them.

4f8ebf No.14152118


To be fair it would be nice having tips on how to get specific items to drop from bosses.

I don't mind farming the same boss over and over, but knowing i could have captured for better results is bound to be hidden info if you don't google up a wiki.

Nobody has the patience to farm a boss a hundred times per kind of strategy just to compile stats.

ab9430 No.14152125


The stats don't matter. No drops are below 1%, and that's extremely high compared to most grinding games. It's enough to know if it's common, uncommon, or rare. Nobody actually USES the stats listed on all of those MH sites because at the end of the day a nigger just has to keep hunting.

4f8ebf No.14152136


I had in mind an in-game system that tells you if items are common, uncommon, rare, gems, or break part-tied.

Just a guideline on what to expect really would be nice

a24770 No.14152145

I'm not surprised, monster humter is a terrible game. Completely devoid of fun at the start, it expects you to grind for hours before you're allowed to have fun. It relies on multiplayer for fun as well.

a game where you need to wait to get good is a bad game

0f1cc5 No.14152158

File: 0d2c46de4331059⋯.jpg (161.96 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, serveimage.jpg)



>Look out your health is low


19078f No.14152191



The english is what bothers me, or perhaps its just that voice actor. The game was much more soothing to play with the language set to monhun language. I could actually focus on hunting when the girl is speaking jibberish rather than with the infuriating english voice.

Nergigante itself is actually kinda cool, its theme is actually pretty neat, although its name does not fit it and it seems kinda basic for an elder dragon. Its fight looks to be fun.

651075 No.14152198


Nigger, if someone calls me out on playing like a shitter, I'll try to do better than him out of pure spite. I believe any red blooded male would do the fucking same. Only soyboys take it laying down and crack under the pressure of bullying.

ab9430 No.14152231


Telling somebody they're bad at the game isn't bullying.

9a90ae No.14152382


>common, uncommon, rare, gems, or break part-tied

there all ready is

>30+ items after 5 hunts? common

>fewer than that but over 10? uncommon

>rest is rare

>gems are gems. it's in the name, and their icon

>parts that need broken have clues in the name and the monster's model

>chilling beak, used for najarala set, must mean I break its face

>brach pounder, brachy pounds the ground with its forelegs quite a lot. break those

>horns, wingtalons, lashers. all obvious

the only thing you really need to look up is if a drop is capture only, since 3 carves give you better odds over 2 capture items because the drop rate is hardly better.

aa3788 No.14152426


I'd like to add that most rare parts are usually an actual rarity level higher, Rathian spikes and plates are rare 5 for example, while the rest of the LR parts are rare 4.

cf80a4 No.14152997

File: b0297f6e5a06ff1⋯.png (402.05 KB, 500x903, 500:903, 2022436a5c160192850b1f35f0….png)

0ba948 No.14153972

I adopted hunters in 4u

>The fuckers are already doing HAME.

>Asking how to use X weapon efficiently.

>Taking them on 140 GQ's with said weapons and showing them how its done.

>Sharing positioning info and tactics for monsters.

Watching them go from double carting bronze crown nubs to full on axe swinging Apex jho slayers is fucking awesome.

14dc52 No.14154029


There is an existing problem in monhun where veterans and higher rank players go into low rank rooms and essentially play the game for them, with the new players not learning how to play the game and being thrust upon the highest ranks, constantly triple carting in every room they go to.

4586a5 No.14154082



I've always thought that hame runs were cool as fuck, but they just feel cheap to me. I feel like it breaks the balance, and looks more like it should be a speedrun strat. I could definitely see why people would want to legitimately use it for some of the post-game g-rank quests though.

84c5b3 No.14154185


>low health warning because looking at your health bar is too much work for casuals

This better be a one time thing.

facddb No.14154192

9a90ae No.14154390

File: 7bdc41125982dd1⋯.png (16.29 KB, 252x235, 252:235, whatareyougoingonabout.PNG)


I decided to give this another look, and holy shit, they have button displays for the basic controls as part of the HUD. I never played HH so I don't know of the HUD displayed its song list, but it will in MH:W.

It really clutters the screen. I hope this is just demo/tutorial stuff and can be turned off later.

But the end is just the cherry on top

>3rd cart

>handler: "oops!"

bf5a10 No.14154411


i agree that it is a problem, but carrying != teaching

cbb251 No.14154428


I like how there is always a mod rabidly defending any criticism of nintendo or their fans.

How see through can you be?

ab9430 No.14154434

File: fe2325210e7ccc3⋯.jpg (41.8 KB, 960x537, 320:179, aa0fb25a8d4c316fb012ca9a22….jpg)


>10 minutes of corner horning

199bb3 No.14154454


That looks like your average thread on /v/. I miss my hate mail sending/receiving days. Now XBL has stepped up their enforcement like crazy and even the most minor shit will get you banned.

e0877e No.14154476


>that voice

Any hope I had for the game just died. And I didnt have any to begin with. This will be dead in a few months and another example of why casualization benefits no one

ab9430 No.14154484


>tfw you forgot to bring a hot drink but just said fuck it and did the hunt anyways, so the last 5 minutes you had the smallest stamina bar possible and could not even sprint but still killed the Blagonga

8b6529 No.14154633


You could change it to japanese or back to the old monster hunter language if you want, thats what I did during the demo.

e0877e No.14155168


Can you disable it

8b6529 No.14155247


Im not sure about disabling it in the demo, I am not sure if you can disable it in the actual game either. I have a ps4 so ill try to disable it next time I get to play the demo. I heard somewhere that you actually can mute her, it would be dumb to not have that as an option once the game comes out though.

db965f No.14156085

>Asking hunters to help new players

>on the most dumbed down casual game in the series


43cbb8 No.14156568


From what I've seen of extended gameplay of the demo, the handler only gives you tutorial instructions the first time they're relevant, so she does end up quieting down after a few quests.

e446c7 No.14156585


I'm just hoping it's hard as fuck like the older ones. I remember me any my cousin used to love playing it on the ps2 and ps1, but he doesn't want to get the new one because he thinks its too much grinding. It'd be fun to co op though.

5f58a6 No.14156823

File: b4084f1842255b5⋯.mp4 (6.06 MB, 640x360, 16:9, True_game_critique.mp4)

I don't mind too much that MHW is trying to attract more people. I could really use some people to play this game long-term with.

I only got on the monhun train recently and nobody plays it anymore.

It's like immigration, if it means they come in like a good immigrant and then integrate beautifully then great, if not, then fuck 'em, show them the door.

What I do have an issue with is Polygon. I hate that they get any revenue at all, specially from this.

0aafef No.14157042

File: 1cce2d94251f309⋯.jpg (212.08 KB, 712x497, 712:497, 142860014.jpg)


or you could just skip the whole first gay part and just show them the door to begin with

8b6529 No.14157102

File: 76141ab5e2fe0da⋯.jpg (72.53 KB, 599x548, 599:548, 1438960087039.jpg)


Or you could be like big boss and find the best potential players then fucking kidnap them. Then after a while kick out all of the lower ranked shitters so there are only good players remaining.

3fe169 No.14157817


I once got 3 Shagaru mantles in one go. Didn't even want them. It then took me 3 days to get 2 mantles for my Pink Rath set.

3fe169 No.14157852


Someone was going around saying LS was a good beginner weapon, and I want to slap them in the mouth. If you want to "get gud" I'd give either LS or DS a spin. They take a bit of skill to use at max efficiency.

But really, SnS is perfectly acceptable, if you have fun with it. You can do quite a bit of damage with the proper coatings. Try shuffling your equipment around if you really want, but don't feel like one weapon is "worse" than the others.

5f58a6 No.14157862

File: f9abf2e9b15aff6⋯.jpg (75.25 KB, 440x660, 2:3, sadpuppy.jpg)



I've been farming Nerscylla for 2 more sleeping sacs.

It's been hours and I'm still 2/4. Wish I had friends to play mh4U.

3fe169 No.14157951


G-rank or High Rank?

b1582c No.14159659


>not playing solo

5dfe98 No.14159721



They use the mics to lower your probability of getting the shit you want.

bd4243 No.14159766


>I mean, look how childish and stupid online gaming communities can be. Even if it's incentivized there's just not going to be the patience and maturity to implement it.

You sound like a fucking overly sensitive normalfag.


I've repeatedly found that MonHun games are actually fucking casual already, because they spend hours and hours teaching you shit you'd figure out on your own in 30 minutes.

>Find village chief!

>Talk to them!

>Explains how to gather

>Mission start!

>Game explains how to gather again

>Have to gather arbitrary amounts

>End mission

>Talk to village chief

>Tells you how to cook

>Start mission


etc etc

a25284 No.14159792

File: 4d7a7245550e650⋯.png (122.29 KB, 360x474, 60:79, 4d7a7245550e650f73c48fd6fb….png)

>Look for rath medulla in mh4u

>play with friend

>get medulla when he gets his 18th since we started farming rath

58ad38 No.14159829


I'm basically just starting out. Just finished the quests in Harth.

Now I'm 3/4 sleep sacs for my Cluster hammer.

5dfe98 No.14159835

File: 6fe9c4dd651390c⋯.png (164.15 KB, 363x235, 363:235, in.png)


>3U on WiiU

>spend hrs farming a rath plate

>finally get one after 100hrs game time

a329ac No.14160259

File: ccc20a820444c06⋯.webm (3.75 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Final Destination.webm)


The amount of children and french during the beta on the PS4 who had the voicechat on was terrifying

I seriously hope the Timer for any Quests doesnt fucking stick at 20 Minutes like it did in the Beta.

4cf74e No.14160307

File: 31ccc3f803ad65b⋯.png (82.39 KB, 1904x848, 119:53, ybgfh.png)

how outdated is this?

14dc52 No.14160349


About 75% is still accurate

c3087b No.14160352



I feel kind of pushed to apologize to you for my countrymen..

most gamers in france dont fucking bother with learning english and those that aren't complete retards don't ever give out that they're french because they know of the rep in online games but to be fair germans are the same albeit not as bad since they have the common courtesy to communicate on their own teamspeak instead of spamming in chat something like


56604f No.14160362


>Capcom goes out of their way to insist the new game will be newbie (normalfag cawwadooty and PUBG assfaggots players) friendly

>realizes they are pissing off their core fanbase who will still buy the majority of copies anyways

>reigns back a lot of the earlier design decisions

>tons of normalfags play in the beta and get assblasted that the game is so hard (HURRR IT'S LIKE DARK SOULS!)

>Capcom now has to beg veterans to play the game with newfags and coddle them along because the game will fail otherwise once Kotaku and Polygon publish a dozen articles each about how the game is too hard and fetishizes skill which makes it a fascist nazi game

14dc52 No.14160372


But I thought the beta was the game journo ez mode version, not a souped up hard mode?

56604f No.14160385


The time limit, combined with the tracking mechanic made it so a lot of people couldn't finish The t-rex monster or Barroth within the 20 minute time limit, which apparently blew the minds of newfags who can't git gud.

0c30f7 No.14160420

File: 56b3cd258006eda⋯.jpg (107.32 KB, 716x632, 179:158, eheh.jpg)


>New player = retard

Sounds like something a retard would say

eb1532 No.14160468


>combined with the tracking mechanic

You mean the map design being a lot worse. and even then you could easily finish because 5 minutes was wandering around the horribly designed forest area with a map that doesn't show altitude changes.

6a72ca No.14160675


>all that tumblrspeak


>field pet

The cats have been around for ages, it's nothing new.

>evade out of GL shell recovery

I have no idea if this is true. Evading out of GS charges is true though. You also get a shoulder bash attack that gives massive reduction to damage taken, super armor, immunity to wind/roars while charging, and it increases your charge combo to the next tier (overhead -> wide underhand -> two-hit spin).

>permanent lock-on


>dust and pebbles

It was censored for the press demos, apparently the full version will have blood. Some of the videos have shown monsters spouting blood when hit like the old games. I'm not sure, though.

>no more iconic turn

I don't know what this means.

>little monster damage

The demos always have above average armor, and it's low rank.

>voice acting/prompts on screen

Sharpness now has a meter that visibly depletes. The rest is tutorial stuff.

>weapons barely dull

It's probably just the demo equipment; like I said before, the demos always give you way better gear than you should have for that point of the game. I haven't seen anyone saying any about how sharpness works being changed, other than the new meter, so I'm guessing that's false.

>monsters are slower

If you're a retard who falls for that webm comparing a g-rank, enraged diablos from 3U to a low rank, un-enraged diablos from World's demo, sure. Low rank monsters aren't as dangerous as g-rank monsters, what an abso-fucking-lutely massive surprise. Diablos seems the same as low rank Diablos has been since 3rd gen, which is still much more dangerous than 2nd gen's low rank Diablos. Barroth is weaker than he was in Tri, but that isn't new, because that nerf happened in P3rd iirc and was also in both 3U and XX. Tri's Barroth was broken and he has never been like that since Tri itself.

>paid DLC

From what they've been saying so far, paid DLC will be cosmetic, aside from the early-low-rank pre-order stuff.

>holding back fan favorites

Monsters will be added in free DLC after the updates.

>paid g-rank

>anything about g-rank

This is entirely speculation.

Unless I've missed something, everything else is true.

3fe169 No.14161616


I love Barroth to death, but with the gear they gave you he was fucking nothing.

43cbb8 No.14161665


>This is entirely speculation.

Not only that, but it's just bitching about Capcom's standard practices with the series. G-rank being paid dlc, instead of exclusive to a re-release of the game, would be an improvement over what they usually do.

9a90ae No.14162159

File: 81cb627acf69d1a⋯.jpg (82.7 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 81cb627acf69d1a62768e8d78f….jpg)



After getting used to how fluid and versatile this weapon is, I find it hard trying other things.

Just something to try

>sleep SnS

>when monster naps, don't even put away weapon and drop two bombs L+ at its head

>don't even bother with timed bomb to set it off in the distance

>from guard, horizontal cut sets it off, and you block the blast


>pummeling rath

>it starts to take off

>with weapon still out, chuck a flash bomb like it was part of the combo

>don't even miss a beat, just keep working the combo as it falls to the ground

231732 No.14162162

Any salt from Monhunfags yet?

8b6529 No.14162182

File: 69d0be5966eec3f⋯.jpg (36.43 KB, 500x500, 1:1, DQYYkTwWAAEsyng.jpg)


The people who think capcom are going to re-release MHW with g-rank as MHWU for a whole other $60 are out of their fucking minds.

But then again capcom re-released Dragons Dogma DA for full price just because of one expansion the game had, so it wont be fully beyond them to do that.


I became a demi-god after using the max upgraded teostra SnS with mounting god and a whole lot of ledges at my disposal. I constantly mounted and dropped elder dragons like as if they were mere trash to be disposed of. But the armor I used was the star knight set I got it before the DLC officially came out because I hacked the game thanks to /v/

eb1532 No.14162200


>The people who think capcom are going to re-release MHW with g-rank as MHWU for a whole other $60 are out of their fucking minds.

Yeah it's not like capcom has ever done that before right? I mean shit it didn't happen with MH4, MH3, MHGen. Dragon's Dogma like you said.

I mean if you just ignore all those there's no precedent

8b6529 No.14162238

>>14162200 (checked)

Like I said, capcom arent our friends, so I wouldnt put it beyond them to do that.

I just think it would be a fucktarded buisness desicion to do at this point and releasing it as DLC would be much more sensible, its not like as if they changed a shitload of more things when it comes to monhun already.

eb1532 No.14162269


>capcom after SF5/MVCI/SFxT

>making smart choices

pick one

553bd6 No.14162866


Do you refute the statement that online multiplayer is full of cancer or that this mentoring shit isn't going to work because of it? Because both assertions are true.

I don't play online. Since most "gamers" are more interested in the social media aspects than actually playing the game. You have trolls fucking around, autists doing RP, idiots chatting about unrelated shit, children who are terrible at the game, etc. If you're going to play a game, play the game. By and large, online multiplayer users either cannot or choose not to play the game. Absolute waste of time, unless you fall into one of those categories of cancer you aren't getting much out of it.

82d9fa No.14163680


>If the other player fucks up you punish them so they learn

>lay them down on your lap and spank them



>not stealing all of the supplies from the chest at the beginning and getting your max hp/stamina for free while other players have to use potions

Wanna get adopted, faggot?

509d32 No.14166654

File: 568d2ef93a0b81a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 99.1 KB, 500x764, 125:191, skeleton dumb.jpg)


Try "Le baguette est enorme" which translates to the baguette is huge.

To this day i don't know why french people hate me for saying it.

1f634e No.14167255


maybe youll just have to learn to play better

5be4a4 No.14167280

File: feb2d1de7bd1ea0⋯.jpg (308.23 KB, 700x713, 700:713, AverageMMOFantasy.jpg)


>Having to spank them

>Not picking them up and putting them to bed

07935e No.14167651

So….old gamers act as coaches for the new players? And come on..let's assume not every new gamer is Reddit-tier (…I'd say the odds are 1/100) and it's a guy who's really interested but doesn't know how.

1435ae No.14167673

File: 522566aa6953e07⋯.png (1.15 MB, 940x660, 47:33, monhan.png)

>fan community

Nothing to do with the game or the devs. Get your shit together yall.

986027 No.14167710

File: df4cbdd18f48132⋯.jpg (5.99 KB, 184x184, 1:1, 368bfe616f461c379c1e1f65ec….jpg)


The older games werent as casual/normalfag friendly, but this game is trying to be more streamlined to get as many people to play it as possible. I tried to get a normalfag to play but it seems like he was more into instant gratification or either he didnt have that much of an attention span. Its attracting people from everywhere and I personally dont mind people who thinks it looks cool and wants to give it a try. I dont know why /v/ would get pissed off about new people wanting to play the game, it happens with every new game in the franchise. Some of us just play solo or with our friends instead of randoms anyways, including me, so its a non issue really.

Except for the frenchies and shitters who play like shit but never drop the game. Those guys can go fuck themselves in any MH game.




1435ae No.14167725


city slicker detected

c3b10a No.14167811

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This information is in the game.

Arrekz is a faggot but this is the way it works in world.

468ff0 No.14167895

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Fuck. I posted the wrong video. The information about the in game wiki starts at around 6:30.

91fce8 No.14168050

File: 8b7506ab7a9682c⋯.png (145.15 KB, 400x424, 50:53, 1413161387711.png)

Toontown basically did this almost 15 years ago.

78a146 No.14168319

File: 2e4b6316284aeb8⋯.jpg (12.45 KB, 171x226, 171:226, 1387747437517.jpg)


the one thing miss for leaving consoles is the xbl hate mail.

78a146 No.14168335

File: e2c54f28827185c⋯.png (366.17 KB, 680x523, 680:523, 1468646486096.png)


how new are you

135c16 No.14169077

File: 8e5c8aadb1645a8⋯.png (227.81 KB, 344x376, 43:47, Untitled.png)


>i bet you kiss girls fagot

>dont stick cucumber in your pussy we had a girl in LA who stick a carrot in her pussy and she died

>that one xbl message that just screams FAGGOT

>that sarcasm in the second pic

I miss this so much

0f729f No.14169092


your post made me laugh a lot for some reason

thanks anon

986027 No.14169612

File: c7f6836840587ee⋯.mp4 (313.26 KB, 240x240, 1:1, pineapple pizza.mp4)



I hope that its at least as fun as the demo

3f92d4 No.14169741

File: 0e37c9858768be8⋯.jpg (176.77 KB, 700x291, 700:291, gandalflibrary.jpg)


Who cares, my moonrunes copy of XX arrives today help, what have I gotten myself into

986027 No.14169759


You could have gotten it on the 3ds where you could have put in an english patch.

You've got yourself the chinese knockoff MH game which is even less faithul to MH than the actual chinese knockoff, there is a whole lot of content in it, but most of it is pointless and makes the game incredibly bloated. Not to mention the game is terribly unbalanced due to the monster having a ridiculous amount of HP and the styles fucking up combat in all kinds of ways. The valfak and atoraruka fights are fun though, the game was worth it for those alone, although I got it through freeshop for free.

You should have gotten 4U instead

Have fun anyways

3f92d4 No.14169791


>implying I don't have 4U

I have a few hundred hours in 4U and Generations, really tired of the C-stick nub. Looked at replacement options for it, but didn't feel like going through the effort for something with seemingly limited payoff based on what other people told me about it. A friend's got my 3DS now, catching up on games he missed out on because he didn't buy one for himself, so I've been dicking around on the WiiU 3U in the meantime.

cd6b3e No.14172444

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Dude just buy a psp 1000 stick and replace the nub. all you have to do is calibrate after and you have a decent stick.

ab9430 No.14173732

File: a3678534932374c⋯.jpg (20.37 KB, 600x430, 60:43, 4236757.jpg)


Do not do this. The PSP stick is dogshit on the 3DS because it doesn't fit snugly enough. You're putting a long rectangle on a square peg, there's too much wiggle room. Get a slim thinkpad trackpoint instead. They make little low profile ones with 3mm square holes that fit the 3DS like a god damn glove.

690932 No.14173764


I use a PSP nub and it works great. Way better than the default piece of shit. It's never comes loose or moves around so I'm not sure what you mean about it not fitting well, unless there is a wrong way to stick the thing on there.

ab9430 No.14173794


I don't know how you can miss the fact that it rocks back and forth.

03c54a No.14173808

File: f25083fba711eb1⋯.gif (1.93 MB, 460x259, 460:259, thinkeng.gif)

Why couldn't they just give us a proper thumbstick?

ab9430 No.14173814


Because Iwata died. Honestly no N3DS version has even come close to the O3DS+CPP because at least that was a full-fledged thumbstick instead of the mushy shitty nub.

cc39f6 No.14173863

File: 27ef9e9976555ad⋯.mp4 (3.55 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, VID_20180117_074943.mp4)






Can you guys help me out? For some reason my C-nub gives me unreasonable resistance in the lower-right region. It was like this out of the box.

43cbb8 No.14174000


Because they stuck start and select on the side, where the stick would have gone, for some reason.

25a867 No.14174126


But I can't do that because by the time you fuckers release the PC version, my friends will have moved the fuck on, Capcom!

69c2b5 No.14174450

I'm not too familiar with the MH series, the most I've played is a bit of Freedom Unite back on the PSP.

Why is everyone so upset about this game? It just looks to me like what I played in Freedom Unite but with improvements.

1569e9 No.14174682

File: dec003d73ade63b⋯.png (256.07 KB, 468x608, 117:152, aras.png)


After a while they end up calling you mommy

699e2c No.14174706


Thinkpad nubs are ideal but the PSP thing still works pretty well if you can jam it on properly it won't move.

986027 No.14174848

File: a31e07d15f72ef8⋯.jpg (89.41 KB, 901x1107, 901:1107, DRVMykDXUAAtX2_.jpg)


Certain changes that strayed too far off from other MH games, its kinda clunky too due to some new mechanics. Some guys had certain reasons they liked MH but MHW didnt have any of that for them, such as the game being too casual due to monsters getting fucked by random things from their own environment. That was only low rank footage we've seen though.

I'm personally a nature autist and MHW gives me a raging nature hard-on. Some of the monsters and maps look kinda cool too. Im getting it for ps4 along with some friends of mine because we had a lot of fun with the demo.

43cbb8 No.14175606


It's mostly some of the features to make hunting easier. Environmental traps deal/allow for major damage with little cost or effort on the part of the player. Then there's map features like vigorwasps, which not only act as free items, but respawn. The cave diablos like to hang around in the beta demo, for instance, has two or three free environmental flash bombs that respawn a little bit after being used. Then you have it changing up series staples, like the flex animation after healing. Now, some of the features people have complained about, I actually like, like removing the need to go to kiranico or download a dex just to get some actually useful info on monsters. Others I don't think are as bad as made out to be. You can move while drinking a potion, now, but it heals slowly, and canceling the animation, by dodging, getting hit, or anything else, stops the healing immediately 'and uses up the potion. That means it's easier to avoid being punished for a poorly timed potion, but the punishment is more severe.

4196cd No.14176623

Ive been mostly keeping away from any info on world just because the last time i heard about it, it was still around november and I didn't feel like hyping myself up so early.

Besides the environmental stuff and the handholdy new gameplay did they add any new weapons?

b75a8c No.14176666


Fuck me that's great

43cbb8 No.14176756


No new weapons, but new moves for all existing ones.

a79005 No.14176826


Post more please

409dc0 No.14177111


The slinger almost counts but it just shoots things such as flash bombs and sonic bombs or things from the environment like seeds, or rocks.

Sometimes monsters drop a part of themselves which you can load into to slinger and shoot the monster with for a quick stagger on it.

Also gunlance is pretty much broken now.

eb1532 No.14177133


A lot of weapons lost what made them unique and they all feel much closer together than what they were before with one or two gimmicks thrown in. HBG and LBG got trashed by the changes for example. Also they nerfed horn again because they hate it.

Aside from that the map design got much much worse because they expect you to have the annoying glowing flies guiding you.

468ff0 No.14183463


That is simply untrue. The weapon differences are more pronounced than ever. The only weapons that got even remotely similar buffs are SINS AMD LS

eb1532 No.14184448


ah yes good old sins. Just forget that Hammer and GS play almost entirely the same now. Ignore HBG and LBG too because both are mobile as each other.

Who the fuck calls it SINS too retard

d8f18a No.14184461

from what i can tell its just some ledditors organizing something? what does this have to do with the game

7fab28 No.14184552


You're correct. Some people may think it sounds cool and will be just like their Japanese animes, but the reality is that you'll be dealing with thumb sucking retards. Most of which wont be any fun to talk to, if they talk at all.

This effort is going to collapse a week into the game's release


You sound like a dumb piece of shit.

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