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File: ac3941894ee3e82⋯.gif (4.48 MB, 284x211, 284:211, ac3941894ee3e8289e046cf8bc….gif)

File: 9265542f141671a⋯.gif (1.05 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 9265542f141671a3b5deca7895….gif)

76f4a4 No.14145925

Dragonball FighterZ confirmed to have Denuvo.

Fucking why? It's a fighting game that primarily focused on online anyway, why are you wasting time and money on putting Denuvo on it?

There is no words for my endless rage. Nier, Bersaria, now FighterZ. God dammit game industry.

cf8410 No.14145932

And it’ll be cracked day 1.

ecf551 No.14145936


That 100% depends on what type of denuvo security it is.

c2e63d No.14145953

Who cares?

It was going to be shit anyways

76f4a4 No.14145956



It's also an online fighter, so you won't be able to play it anyway. Putting denuvo on primarily online multiplayer games is just…dumb.

c2e63d No.14145957


Actually that's not true, you can make these fags care if people review-bomb this shit like they did Sonic Mania. It took them months to recover from that shit

ba9a80 No.14145972


it is, making a version that will get bad public reaction will mean the PC version will sell worse which means the PC experience for the developers will be soured and they end up pulling out.

ecf551 No.14145980


Practicing fighting games comes from playing training mode, which is primarily an offline feature. There's also offline tournaments that people will want to hold, but I think that's just a console thing.

8f1e2f No.14146005


Guess I won't be buying it then.

b5069a No.14146016


I love having videogames as a hobby.

I keep saving money. I'm gonna get rich.

Why God why.

c2e63d No.14146023


you could try emailing them if you're this hopeless, it can't hurt

ea6540 No.14146114

I don't doubt it OP, but do you have a source?

7fdca0 No.14146116


>Spicball Fighter Z

812ced No.14146132

File: 374c567a196f5e9⋯.jpg (478.53 KB, 1510x706, 755:353, DBZ Denuvo.jpg)


It's on the EULA on the steam page, towards the bottom.

e0f296 No.14146137


Who exactly do we email?

76f4a4 No.14146158

File: 277f6cd113a530d⋯.gif (1.96 MB, 330x269, 330:269, 277f6cd113a530d4d335a08e0c….gif)


It won't matter. Japanese game companies just don't 'get' PC and they are terrified of piracy, so they are easy marks for Denuvo snake oil.

The fact Nier and Tales both still have Denuvo despite being cracked for months is proof that they don't care or understand. If it's a single player game with Denuvo, just pirate. If it's multiplayer, consign it to the pit where it belongs.

76f4a4 No.14146167

File: 7830ed9b5f403d8⋯.jpg (50.71 KB, 448x488, 56:61, 7830ed9b5f403d88ba1d5591ae….jpg)


If you wanted some easy entertainment though, feel free to go to the Steam forums for the game and troll some Denuvo shills by BTFOing their absolutely awful arguments about why Denuvo is okay. That's always a good laugh.

2e538d No.14146335





>discouraging people from trying

Every email counts fag, we took away millions from gawker through those alone

4e6865 No.14146419

File: 95eee1438a50360⋯.png (438.46 KB, 697x538, 697:538, 95eee1438a50360e3c8c85f6e9….png)


Do you honestly think enough people are going to email about Denuvo when the concentrated autism of the Sonic community couldn't even budge SEGA. The Gawker emails only worked because everyone worked together, can you really expect to rally shitholes like /r/kappa and all the fgc shills to email, no you are gonna get those faggots who bought mvci thinking they've "won". This game is a goner and your best hope at this point is some jewtubers to harp of fighting games like they are harping on Battlefront 2 right now. I emailed anyway just to tell arcsys I won't buy any of their games.

fbf81f No.14146425


who fucking cares, buy it you piece of shit

50e258 No.14146454

c2e63d No.14146458


As long as those emails exist, there's a physical (or digital, rather) indicator or reminder that they can't claim deniability for denuvo reducing the sales of their games

In terms of Sega, they suffered hard in sales as a result of it. It still sends a loud and clear message.

Either way good job


Kill yourself

76f4a4 No.14146487



True. Didn't mean to discourage. By all means, rabble rouse, it's your right. I encourage it. I was just explaining the reality of the situation. The american branch of Namco is cancer and the Japanese branch are painfully out of touch of the western PC market.

If you can somehow get the anger to leak over to the Japanese side of the company, maybe someone will realize how stupid they are being.

340546 No.14146506

File: cd39fb81f7b3c98⋯.jpg (115.46 KB, 600x765, 40:51, chicken.jpg)


A bunch of shit games released recently haven't been cracked yet like Ass Creed and Injustice, which leads me to believe that they use a new version of Denuvo considering how South Park was cracked the same day it was released. Hopefully that will change soon.

e0f296 No.14146514


Or they were shit and there wasn't as much incentive to crack.

d7d537 No.14146532


>If you can somehow get the anger to leak over to the Japanese side of the company, maybe someone will realize how stupid they are being.

If you put effort into it yeah, actually ATTEMPT to fucking contact them.

340546 No.14146536


Nigger, 99% of games using Denuvo are shit, only 3 or so games using Denuvo would be cracked using that logic.

c2e63d No.14146543


This, if you look on kikepedia and see the uncracked games you can have a good laugh

None of them were worth buying anyways, I shit you not

be0b20 No.14146604

File: 243b0fc2dde63bc⋯.jpg (68.33 KB, 527x588, 527:588, 1511228500.jpg)

c2e63d No.14146648


There are some games that might be worth trying out that had denuvo

Not necessarily "good" but they might be serviceable or acceptable

>Middle Earth: Shadow of War

>Fractured But Whole

>Tekken 7

>Battlefield 1

>Total War: Warhammer

>Arkham Knight

>Lords of the Fallen

>Just Cause 3

>God Eater 1 and 2

>Sniper Elite 4 and Sniper Ghost Warrior



>Dragon Quest Heroes 2

And some of the good ones like Sonic Mania, tomato, Titanfall 2 and arguably Berseria

Meanwhile ones that aren't cracked but are huge and also shit

>EA-front 1+2

>Asscreed Origins

>Sonic Forces

There's not very many games that aren't cracked

234f13 No.14146705

File: 76e31a3679cccbd⋯.jpg (204.18 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, brah.jpg)


>south park





>in any way serviceable

49c1eb No.14146714

File: a901d34ccc32025⋯.jpg (53.9 KB, 651x486, 217:162, 1461090488362.jpg)

File: 715d3ad4c8a75c2⋯.gif (363.19 KB, 450x650, 9:13, 1465469281269.gif)

File: af1541be9695473⋯.jpg (12.94 KB, 191x255, 191:255, 1465862675518.jpg)



Red pill me about the true function of Denuvo please.

c2e63d No.14146778


>might be

Some anons are willing to say some of those games were good here

Not saying I do, I personally consider them shit

98ccf0 No.14146803

File: ccf83d0a93c511f⋯.jpg (59.37 KB, 400x624, 25:39, The_Fox_and_the_Grapes.jpg)

a1e81c No.14146815


It's most likely a decision made by businessmen who were pitched software that would save them millions of dollars in the long run, and not people who actually work on game mechanics.

That's not defending it, by the way. I'm just pointing out why it probably happened.

c2f9d1 No.14146969

File: 7e5fa1039a0fda1⋯.png (174.99 KB, 325x450, 13:18, 1446561649121-0.png)


>In 2018

I'm honestly more amazed devs insist on trying again and again with no success in sight.

e0f296 No.14147046

File: 8a846d3f193c164⋯.png (750.35 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, Background1.png)


That's not even the right bate.

78aed3 No.14147064

File: bcff41f3bd850c7⋯.jpg (128.21 KB, 1373x1000, 1373:1000, DKJx3XGUIAEpEbt.jpg)

The biggest issue is about this is that there wont be nearly as much backlash as there should be. Arcsystem Works generally are in good graces with many gamers despite some of the business practices, so many fans will whiteknight them until the very end unlike if Capcom were to fuck up.

429bef No.14147145

File: e18f85881ec953a⋯.jpg (91.7 KB, 288x499, 288:499, why mamacita.jpg)



Eddie always looked like he was having an existential crisis when he was heel

98ccf0 No.14147173


i remember when Xenoverse1 was released and you faggots cried you couldnt play online if you pirated it and some even outright claimed it had Denuvo, i guess you fags are basicly kikes who want everything for free

46d7cc No.14147216


It's not going to be a good game anyway, since it doesn't have the fun rpg-ish storymode of the Budokai games. Flying around, collecting dragonballs and unlocking capsule powers and grinding XP to get stronger really made those games shine.

But DFZ is just a fighting game skinned to look like DBZ. A fighting game is a fighting game is a fighting game. Yawn.

3c22fe No.14147295

Reminder the jew fears the samurai because even the jew is shocked by the samurai's judaism.

4e6865 No.14147298

File: 212f3b1442791d9⋯.jpg (173.68 KB, 454x511, 454:511, 5ffc8189943b2c48fbcfe60dc8….jpg)


How Arcsys even manages to stay in good graces despite things like Sign > Rev1 being another case of having to re-buy the game and having Rev2 be a paid upgrade that locks you out of online play(I am aware that Rev2 owners can play with Rev1 players but it requires them to set the balance back to Rev1) baffles me to no end.

I'm convinced that fighting games despite what /fgg/, /r/kappa, and shills will tell you fighting games are in a terrible position right now, maybe not as bad as right after SFxTK but close. Capcom releases 2 shit awful games only one of which manages to stay afloat due to SFV fanboys being so absolutely scared of the dark age boogieman; other niche games like KOF and BB don't get mainstream success; and then you have the stragglers like the umineko fighter, or nitroplus which just fall off the face of the earth after release. You know what that leaves? Bamco, Tekken 7 has only outsold Tekken 4 at this point, that just leaves Fighterz to pick up all the slack. Why do you think all the pros retracted their statements about Fighterz, it's so they can keep colluding and lewding the brackets for easy pot money. I'm not saying a bunch of emails will change anything but, if Fighterz somehow manages to under perform it's sales goal or somehow people find data for the season pass characters in the game the fgc will have a heart attack with no Ultra Edition to barely carry them along until Capcom can shit out a Street Fighter 6

a67c6b No.14147336

and now i won't buy it.

oh well, they'll learn their lesson eventually

or they won't and i'll get a more productive hobby

fbf81f No.14147510



>Oh no, I can't get games for free anymore! Developers are trying to stop people from getting something for nothing! I don't understand how capitalism works! The system is so rigged! Wahhhh!!

This is why no one takes you seriously

b5523b No.14147513

Why does everyone give such a huge shit about denuvo? it's no different from any DRM.

c2e63d No.14147522



>the shills are arriving already


b5523b No.14147527


I'm not shilling. All DRM is bad, including Denuvo. I just don't get why you retards cry about Denuvo all day but everything else is magically okay for some reason.

fbf81f No.14147535


Also, just the gall of you people.

>Oh no, I can't take this developer's game for free! Let's boycott them by withholding the money we never gave them anyway in the hopes that they'll relent so we can continue not giving them any money!


c2e63d No.14147544


>everything else is okay

When did ANYONE say that at all?

You must be retarded, Denuvo is just a special cancer among many cancers, but you won't find anyone here who is a DRM apologist who isn't also a steamcuck/Valvedrone who wouldn't get shit on here

b5523b No.14147554


so how about you actually explain why it is special and worth making entire threads about when everything else "can't be helped" and gets ignored

e0f296 No.14147555


Except I never had an issue with it being online. The issue isn't being always online, the issue is that Denuvo fucks over your computer if you buy it.

4e6865 No.14147576


How does people deciding not to spend money on a game they had previous interest in equal people demanding said game be given to them for free?


Learn to read.

c2e63d No.14147608


>I'm a newfag, please spoonfeed me

you have a billion search engines, use it instead of shitting up a thread with lies

Some greentext shit to give you an idea of why its pretty bad (not the absolute worst, but one of the worst modern ones and the most prevalent of the worst modern ones)

>forced always-online (even for Singleplayer games)

>ruins performance of games

>embedded into game code (at least if I recall correctly)

>its like a spyware as well

>it can damage hard drives and SSDs

And the list goes on

fbf81f No.14147609


Thread starter was going to pirate Dragonball FighterZ, not buy it. That's the only reason to complain about Denuvo. The people in this thread have nothing to barter with. They are useless, and functionally irrelevant to the game studio and their developers.

e0f296 No.14147633

File: 6100a48ab3c4113⋯.png (821.78 KB, 1098x2905, 1098:2905, D.PNG)

And to reiterate why Denuvo is fucking awful


Complete with image made in 1 minute

f0cdac No.14147638


We just need to nuke socal, actually scrap that nuke the whole commiefornia

f0cdac No.14147657


You cant buy dragon ball z fighter on pc you damn shill, you can only rent a license.

f5d190 No.14147660

File: d1ede12000eb95d⋯.jpg (22.51 KB, 444x322, 222:161, u fucking what.jpg)


Were you born retarded mate? Denuvo has been proven to actually affect game performance. It's not a matter of pirating, it's a matter of enforced anti-piracy bullshit that actually can harm people who properly bought the game. But you wouldn't know that being a fucking shill and all, how much does Denuvo pay you anyways?

b5523b No.14147667


All digital downloads on all platforms work this way, dude.

f5d190 No.14147669


Hell, apparently that's how consoles work too. Especially with Sony devices, you don't own the console, only the license to play games on it.

f0cdac No.14147676


>what is gog

Not really shill

d74abc No.14147677

File: 182f4ae466b8270⋯.png (758.29 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, BALDMAN v Denuvo.png)


This. Why do publishers keep paying Denuvo for DRM that doesn't work? Starting to think Denuvo has dirt on these people and this is just an extortion racket. No one is gonna willingly pay for a product that doesn't function (Denuvo) unless there's some more sinister shit going on.

b5523b No.14147688


sorry master, what I was saying was that all digital downloads of Dragon Ball FighterZ on all platforms work that way. please don't make me lick your feet as punishment.

c2e63d No.14147694



>doesn't respond to actual posts about why Denuvo is shit after asking about it

>instead posts this absolute retardation

Mods do your job.


Nah. its probably because Its just cheap.

There was supposedly a leak on leddit with a denuvo employee and even the biggest AAA games would only cost about 100K total for the game and .15 dollars or euros or some shit per copy

f0cdac No.14147700


Please tell me again how that's relevant to the fact that you cant buy dragon ball z fighter on pc when you clearly said "Thread starter was going to pirate Dragonball FighterZ, not buy it." you damn shill

e0f296 No.14147708


I sometimes forget how deep in the shitter the fightan scene is. Is /fgg/ really defending this shit?


It could have been a really good fightan with DBZ characters, something we haven't gotten since DBZ Super because power level autists can't function unless they fight Raditz for the sixth gorillianth time.

b5523b No.14147711


You were right, Denuvo is shit, but I still don't see why it requires its own threads. And what I said is correct, all digital copies of DBFZ on all platforms are "rent a license" because that is how digital downloads work on PS4 and Xbox One, as well as every DRM ridden platform.

50e258 No.14147720


thanks reddit. you forgot to mention to always check /r/CrackWatch/ friend ;^)

e0f296 No.14147727


So is what it's saying wrong?

ecf551 No.14147729


>check their thread

>it has people justifying denuvo

i'm not sure if reddit is as anti consumer as youre ironically implying

50e258 No.14147749

File: 0168689ba98dc1f⋯.jpg (85.84 KB, 1364x768, 341:192, hitmanalwaysonline.jpg)


im saying most of it is ass pull and speculation and some of it's correct

84125f No.14147758


What a compelling argument from a shit eating mongrel such as yourself.

9aa968 No.14147785


They use Denuvo 4.7 which is uncrackable at the moment. AC:O also covers it with VMProtect which is probably a hurdle for scene groups.

9aa968 No.14147803


>2 months uncracked for many games


Wew. A tad delusional aren't you.

c2e63d No.14147819


>I don't see why a virulent DRM being announced to be confirmed on a fighting game that's supposed to be a big deal is worth a thread

>digital copies on consoles

what did you fucking think? That's why you hack and pirate on them

c2e63d No.14147849


Or rather, get physical copies because anything digital on consoles is retardation unless you're hacking or pirating

b00000 No.14147987


>why are you wasting time and money on putting Denuvo on it?

buttcoin mining. duhh.

a383f8 No.14148054

Wait for the crack and pirate it.

Convince normalfags to do the same.

Always harm the sales from companies that use denuvo.

a7caca No.14148061

File: d70914bbbe95e6b⋯.jpg (51.2 KB, 366x436, 183:218, 1458878275121.jpg)


>2 months of function is now considered a stellar performance for DRM engines

What a time to be alive.

e02388 No.14148243

File: e70fa61657a6ca9⋯.png (219.79 KB, 771x548, 771:548, e70fa61657a6ca9f328b5ecbdb….png)


The main draw of the game is online. Everything you just said is moot. I want the 5 seconds you wasted of my life reading your shit post back.

712256 No.14148251


Dragonball was never good, now check my dragon balls.

541552 No.14148267

File: b630da9f71cb104⋯.jpg (25.5 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 1464912654821.jpg)

>DBFZ has Denuvo

I fucking called it. Namco has said all their PC titles are gonna have Denuvo from now on, meaning Soul Calibur 6 is gonna have it as well.

1e2133 No.14148396


So I can buy it and play online without using Denuvo? Great, I was worried for a second there.

cd3ef0 No.14148402

>caring about niggerballz

end yourselves

4673a4 No.14148408


Calm down sperg

ac729a No.14148426


Just like Injustice 2

50e258 No.14148447


but i thought piracy doesn't affect sales :^)

39bd1a No.14148449


Why are you surprised? Bamco confirmed before the last tales game released that they would not port a game to the PC unless it has Denuvo.

Hell even one of their community managers on steam went as far as saying "if you don't like denuvo; don't buy the game" when people kept complaining that denuvo wasn't removed from tekken 7 despite it constantly being cracked regardless of how many updates they do.

8c0e3a No.14148459

File: a8d0d36b0f33a87⋯.jpg (64.58 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1435967841763.jpg)


Going to do more then that. If Namco insists on being fuckers, then I'm not buying anything from them, not even the Project X Zone series I'm a fan of. They can get fucked.

39bd1a No.14148464


Why are you even giving money to bamco in the first place? They have been no better than capcom for years.

7bba6a No.14148482


>no better than capcom

But they make a lot more good games than capcom does?

All capcom has is Monhun and Dragon's Dogma and they're slowly fucking that up.

39bd1a No.14148497


>But they make a lot more good games than capcom does?

not really

7bba6a No.14148654


on second thought, I was technically wrong

They do publish a lot more good games but the games they actually develop themselves are much fewer

d878f3 No.14148690


>Implying someone would be able to get away with hosting a tournament on a pirated copy

>Implying that for an entire fucking tournament there wouldn't be at least one person who bought a copy

What a retarded point.

535b54 No.14148692

File: 324becf9b234fff⋯.jpg (13.18 KB, 255x228, 85:76, Asukalaugh.jpg)

I can't believe people thought this game wouldn't have Denuvo after seeing Bamco and Arcsys announce day-one disc-locked content and season passes. It's funny seeing Reddit's shitty Kappa thread censor and silence all of the criticism people are throwing at Dragon Ball Fighter Z after all the shit they gave Capcom for SFV and MvCI (both Bamco and Capcom are horrible companies).


Dude, /r Kappa's going out of it's way to white knight Denuvo and silence anyone who talks shit about DBFZ.


Go back to Reddit and Neogaf, you cuck.


Reminder Arcsys fucked over 360 owners when they purposely made them wait longer for Valkenheim in BlazBlue: CS, telling them to fuck themselves. Another reminder that Arcsys still hates the West and non-Asians. Arcsys is just as bad as Bamco and Capcom, but weeabo faggots let them get away with whatever.



Normafags will still buy Nier and Tales not giving a rat's ass about Denuvo.


Denuvo in Soul Calibur 6 is the least of my worries knowing they might cater to Sjws with shit like censorship and making Maxi gay for sjws.


Tekken 7 only sold 3 million copies because of Capcom's fuck ups and "hype." If you followed Tekken 7 from day one, the game was a disaster and cluster fuck. Harada was lucky Capcom fucked up hard with SFV and MVCI.

e0e3db No.14148697

>fucking why

Bandai Namco

d878f3 No.14148698


Name one uncracked Denuvo game thats actually worth playing.

7bba6a No.14148768


>silence anyone who talks shit about DBZF

I find this hilarious

Nuclear Negro said it best, the fighting game community is fucking disgusting

>buy Nier not giving a rat's ass about Denuvo

This was one of the most frustrating things to me that Squeenix did. I badly wanted to support Taro's game but I just couldn't bring myself to get past that Denuvo barrier. I almost considered buying the PS4 version, new, despite not owning a PS4 to show my support and yet still be against Denuvo but 66 dollaridoos for a game I couldn't really use felt a little too much, even if I have the cracked version on PC.

Hopefully they learn.

9432ab No.14148782


>a shitty game about dragon ball super that disguises itself as a dbz game has denuvo

color me surprised

4e6865 No.14148823

File: 2f5c77b0ee2a053⋯.jpg (213.02 KB, 601x800, 601:800, b09a9082d997a1a64161257132….jpg)


I can't understand why fightingfags will go to great lengths to defend shitty season passes with how many games have abused that system, hell even AAA games don't even use seasons passes all that much anymore and just shove in loot boxes. Did they not see failures like Evolve?

>there is a very real possibility in the future fighters will somehow go full lootbox and make EA blush with it's Jewishness

>the fgc will defend it

535b54 No.14149071


There are almost little or no threads about Denuvo Fighter Z over at kappa, and the only thread there has the cucks telling the poster to piss off. It's pure hypocrisy know they have always been pissing on Capcom, but they'll ban or kick you out if you shit on Harada, Bamco, NRS, or Arcsys (that and making fun of their shitty porn posts or faggotry over a fat pornstar giving those numale cucks 5 seconds of her time). We have a Neogaf refugee/Reddit faggot in the fgc thread who bitches and gets triggered when no one wants to talk about playing old fighters or "getting gud" at shitty games like KI, MKX, shitty anime fighters and Injustass 2 (because they're horrible), and now he's pissed people are shitting on Denuvo Fighter Z. It's sad.

>Nuclear Negro said it best, the fighting game community is fucking disgusting

It's one of the worst, scummiest communities if you know all of the horror stories, ass-holes, and drama in the scene (Mobas being the other). MvCI and SFV didn't help the scene look good, but it's funny how the SoCal scene sort of exposed how horrible the fgc actually is with help from sjws and ESPORZ.


I know it's a retarded reason not to buy Nier with the game having Japanese voices, but I refuse to give Runka chan anymore of my money even if she hardly gets any of it. I won't touch anything with that fat bitch's name on it.


Gotta keep that weed supply flowing and that Youtube/Twitch career alive. If god forbid Maximilian, Justin Wong, James Chen, Gootecks, and Geoff the Sjwcuck talk shit about any fighting game company, their "careers" and weed supply are done for. Oh yea, Aris sucks Bamco and Harada's dick for weed.

d4e717 No.14149081

File: 75d079573381d59⋯.jpg (4.45 KB, 223x195, 223:195, 1413328500696.jpg)


>Fucking why?

The same reason they did it for Tekken 7. "Fuck you."

7bba6a No.14149164


>We have a Neogaf refugee/Reddit faggot in the fgc thread who bitches and gets triggered when no one wants to talk about playing old fighters or "getting gud" at shitty games like KI, MKX, shitty anime fighters and Injustass 2 (because they're horrible), and now he's pissed people are shitting on Denuvo Fighter Z. It's sad.

Holy shit, have you found DSP? Why the fuck hasn't this fag been bullied out or better yet, banned?

I've only heard snippets and pieces about the FGC but its enough to keep me away. I'm scared to see how fucked it actually is.

>I know it's a retarded reason not to buy Nier with the game having Japanese voices, but I refuse to give Runka chan anymore of my money even if she hardly gets any of it. I won't touch anything with that fat bitch's name on it.

Its not a retarded reason, she's cancer and I forgot she was a part of it

535b54 No.14149219


He disappears and comes back (He changes ids, making sock puppets to make it look like someone supports him). The last time he really acted up was when he tried to bring up KI in an old thread, but no one wanted to talk about that shitty fighting game. He tries to sound smart, but then resorts to screaming nigger like he's an edgy fucktard buying into the alt-right shit when you get him; basically your typical Neogaf refugee trying to sneak his antics here. Comparing that fag to DSP is an insult to DSP.

aa911d No.14149242


Winning points towards a cheap box or a more expensive specific skin seems like a good way to incentivize people playing a full match and avoid DCs. The loser should get nothing so they don't afk their fights.

957a59 No.14149363



Holy shit you are a prolific mentally ill retard.

This guy posts in the fighting game thread, five or ten times a day, about gay scene shit. Nobody else posts about it, because nobody cares. The FGC is awful. But this nigger comes in with /r/kappa's top five posts of the day every day like clockwork and he commentates them for everyone. Do you want to know what retards in Socal are tweeting about today? He's gonna tell you. Do you want to know how mad he is about the character designs in a bad capeshit game nobody's played since 2016? He's gonna tell you. Every single fucking day in that thread this nigger is there posting about the same gay scene shit and it never stops.

He doesn't play fighting games. This spiritually female gossipy nigger is there solely to carepost about the most worthless and retarded things that happen in vague adjacency to fighting games every single day. And he's gonna keep doing it forever, because he receives a few pity le upboat xD replies per thread and that justifies his self-appointed position as the Gawker blogger for the thread.

4e6865 No.14149520


>the fgc will defend this


Who cares about what petty little drama /fgg/ has, you have faggots on there who unironically enjoy SFV you deserve all cancer you get.

957a59 No.14149562


Post one.

4e6865 No.14149663

File: 2398ad2fcff1cf2⋯.png (9.93 KB, 655x165, 131:33, tfwmommytakesmyfightmoney.PNG)


Pic related. Lets not forget the thread puts SFV news in the OP or the waifu posters who rotate between Kolin/Chun-li/Menat and there are just as many shitters in that thread who will still get Fighterz. Now fuck off.

535b54 No.14149666



You really are a stupid schmuck.

957a59 No.14149696


>guy who doesn't own SFV was discouraged from buying it


Fighting game news goes in the fighting game thread OP even if it's a bad game that nobody plays. It keeps people from posting it later on.


Suck my cock, Nick Denton.

7bba6a No.14149698

>>14149666 (checked, Satan)

looks like they're starting to become aware of this thread

535b54 No.14149770


>Fighting game news goes in the fighting game thread OP even if it's a bad game that nobody plays. It keeps people from posting it later on.

<Thinking people here want to know about SFV in a positive way

Nobody would give a shit if nothing about MvCI or SFV was posted at all. No one gives a flying fuck about MKX or KI. Like SocialJusticeWatch, SFV and MvCI are bad games that don't deserve any positive attention or praise. Liking SFV and MKX unironically should be bannable offenses (I agree that the Kolin/Menat/Chun-waifu shit posting is horrible).

>Suck my cock

Thanks for proving my point.


I'm okay with these fucktards bitching how they get called out on their bullshit, or how 8chan won't suck Bamco/Arcsys/NRS dick like they do.

4e6865 No.14149792


Of course they are, why else would they try to derail the thread into shitty drama not even pertaining to the discussion? /fgg/ is full of cross-posting Kappaniggers who are getting pissy that more people are becoming aware of how shit fighting games actually are.

957a59 No.14149804


>Nobody would give a shit if nothing about MvCI or SFV was posted at all.

Least of all me, because you wouldn't post there if you didn't have capcuck Socal tweets to blog about. But the thread calls itself the fighting game thread, and that implies something.

>No one gives a flying fuck about MKX or KI.

No, nobody does, so nobody posts about them. Except you, who posts every single fucking day about them and how much you hate them. The only people who mentioned MKX in the current thread are you and people replying to you. The only people who mentioned KI in the current thread are you and people replying to you. Shut the fuck up.

535b54 No.14149947


>Trying to twist it around now to extend his antics

<Keeps shooting himself in the foot

Just drop it. You're only making it worse for you.


This is what happens when someone gets upset that people hate his stuff, aren't shills like him, or don't share his shitty taste.


Again, Arcsys basically treats the West and X-Box owners like dog shit, but weeabos give no fucks. They'll take it up the ass to play the next shitty anime fighter.

>…fighting games are in a terrible position right now, maybe not as bad as right after SFxTK but close.

I think we're actually there now, and MvCI, SFV, and even Injustass 2 proved it (The game is basically dead due to the shit meta, Boon's screw ups, and the community waking up to the ESPORZ shit).

>Capcom releases 2 shit awful games only one of which manages to stay afloat due to SFV fanboys being so absolutely scared of the dark age boogieman; other niche games like KOF and BB don't get mainstream success

Capcucks tried to sink those niche games. Good thing that failed even though KoF still isn't big. It's hard to get into fighters when the fgc hardly welcomes people (3D fighting game communities hogged frame data to secure their prize money, and the fgc pushed people away from Third Strike and MvC2…twice or maybe more depending on all of MvC2's releases). Even one KoF said the scene's problem is the community still has an elitist fucktard attitude it needs to tone down.

>if Fighterz somehow manages to under perform it's sales goal or somehow people find data for the season pass characters in the game the fgc will have a heart attack with no Ultra Edition to barely carry them along until Capcom can shit out a Street Fighter 6

This game will sell like hotcakes even if dataminers find completed disc-locked content a la SFxT and MvCI. You're right shit would hit the fan if that would happen (I'll be laughing my ass off if it does).


I'll be amazed if Capcom can make a SF6 with AE already being worse than Vanilla (Besides the Sakura models everyone is laughing at, they might have added an announcer that's as annoying as the gold ui. The balance changes are also pretty bad).

3e4a7e No.14149972


Okay, both prey and doom deserved to be cracked. You should get out.

3e4a7e No.14149985


Assassin's Creed Origins is said to be a good benchmark for computers.

b4f854 No.14149999

File: 4a16383413640b8⋯.jpg (31.69 KB, 523x521, 523:521, 4a16383413640b8286b039ab44….jpg)


>nuDoom deserves to be cracked

Have fun with that 55 gigabyte download and cliffhanger ending, faggot.

957a59 No.14150032

File: f06de1752c95d15⋯.jpg (451.83 KB, 1096x731, 1096:731, 1448350278198.jpg)


>Just drop it. You're only making it worse for you.

The only things I've asked you to do is stop being a live feed from the front page of /r/kappa and maybe play a fighting game if you're gonna post in the fighting game thread, but now I'm gonna catch the gay mincing vengeance of a a dude who spends his free time gossiping about autistic nerds.

535b54 No.14150043


Here's your (you) because everything on that list deserves to get cracked including shitty Tekken 7.

535b54 No.14150066

File: 601d68f4ac8b5b9⋯.gif (283.03 KB, 300x224, 75:56, Carldisappointment.gif)

File: cb06577e42e2f99⋯.jpg (15.47 KB, 255x198, 85:66, hahafuckyou.jpg)

File: 789028e023c2dde⋯.jpg (40.56 KB, 562x437, 562:437, hahaohwow.jpg)


>I dictate how you and everyone else post in a thread

<If you dont like what I like I'll be very angry and use my nonexisting wrath I didn't even have on Neogaf and Reddit

Lol, this is just sad.

461b93 No.14150088


That's an installed size, mind you. Nier everybody loves here is 48gb. Nioh is 73gb. FF15 promised to be 170gb. So no, 55gb is normal for modern standards.

535b54 No.14150118


>FF15 promised to be 170gb.

What the fuck?!

ed2059 No.14150243

File: 461de0485c00ea6⋯.png (541.45 KB, 1024x932, 256:233, cat.png)

Oh boy! I can't wait to buy another generic 2D fighting game for 60 dollars!

I am so excited for this one, which brings nothing new to the genre, does nothing different than what every other fight game does.

But at least it has my favorite character from Dragonball! And that includes the new, recent series, that totally isn't a pathetic cashgrab with deviantart tier characters, fanfiction.net writing and paint.exe animation!

a383f8 No.14150304

The shills want to subvert the outrage to make it look like the game is shit.

The game is awesome. Denuvo is shit.

Don't pay for the game, but pirate it and play it, and create an enormous community for it.

Remember that there are Capcom shills trembling because all their communities are falling apart and also deformed kikes that thought that now they would put their western shit fighting propagandas at the top. They hate the fact that an anime based fighting game is getting all the attention instead of their tranny abominations and feminist shit "games".

Keep Dragon Ball Fighter Z at the top. Just don't pay for it for Bamco daring to put denuvo against our will.

13584b No.14150342

The nip jew is far more autistic and oblivious. They will keep doing this out of tradition more than even what it meant to begin with.

d7a737 No.14152176

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

So what other fighters are you guys looking forward to then? For it's the Million Author fighting game (vid related. I'll explain what makes it unique if anyone cares), UNIEST (english version), and Blade Strangers assuming it won't get fucked by Nicalis. Not so excited for SC6 looking at the gameplay footage. Not a fighter but something similar would be the new Virtual ON. The demo was pretty good.


My biggest gripe with this game is X-factor and how most character's combos flow the exact same way. They could have definitely used a much more interesting mechanic than just copying MvC3's X-factor with a small tweak here and there. It doesn't really add much to the gameplay and is just annoying to deal with as you do a super and watch as the enemy regens most of the damage you just dealt during the animation. It really turns you into a damage sponge and that's it. As for combos, most of them flow the same way for most characters and it just becomes kind of boring. Combine this with the small movesets and characters only having 1 assist and it just bores me. Outside of those issues the game looks fun but I'm not dealing with all that shit just to play it.


As a fighting game, I would rather play Arcana Heart 3. Much better flight system, movement options, character variety, and mechanics. But for team based fighters? I would go with TvC.

535b54 No.14152353


It isn't that much better than the other shitty fighters out there.

92c1b4 No.14152518

>shit game with a shitskin-attracting cartoon made by gooks has spyware


Literally nothing of value was lost

Especially if it’s some copypasted shit like fighting games that only panders to retarded autistic niggers and spics on welfare





6f0790 No.14152527

File: ca7ad646a70fdb4⋯.png (65.52 KB, 350x350, 1:1, Sully_Atraid_(Zero).png)

I'm not African-American so I don't care about DBZ so whatevs.

But why are they still using Denuvo? It just costs money for no discernible gain.

b10fb8 No.14152533


>Create an enormous community for this fighting game by pirating

>Despite not being able to play online

Just buy it on console if you want it without Denuvo, dipshit. You can't have your cake and eat it too in this case. If you don't buy it then the game is considered a failure whether or not you are playing it and the capcom shills will just win again as Arcsys and Bamco abandon FighterZ entirely.

6f0790 No.14152573

File: d6a042306a5fa5c⋯.jpg (74.68 KB, 700x394, 350:197, final-fantasy-xv-tgs-2015-….jpg)


4k textures and high quality dual audio is my guess.

I'm still waiting for FF15 GOTY edition and resigned myself to a terabyte download. Luckily there are no caps on wired broadband here.

c77482 No.14152582


>buy it on physical DRM if you want to avoid DRM

How many times did your crack-addicted gorrilla of a mother slam your head in the monkey exhibit, Tyrone?

8817cd No.14152598

>be a ps4fag

>not a poorfag

>preordered the collector edition

>currently playing the beta

Life is good.

aa74f7 No.14152600


>there are no caps on wired broadband here

>implying jews haven’t capped every honest hard-working white man’s internet by now

It’s not nice to lie on the internet

1ad4fa No.14152608


ow the edge

d3dff2 No.14152618


>being a nigger

>not a poorfag

How many houses did you loot?

8817cd No.14152626


I'a proud white productive member of society, stay mad ;^3

8d3843 No.14152728

File: 9b849d226f6d481⋯.gif (114.16 KB, 354x407, 354:407, clap.gif)

>people who only care about SP now have a great excuse to pirate

>people who want MP would have to buy it anyway, but now those with standards (>implying anyone with standards likes dragon ball, I know) will pass on it


50b75a No.14152732

File: 7a39de3ba853999⋯.jpg (68.27 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 7a39de3ba853999bf9240686d9….jpg)

>Denuvo on a Namco game

Stop the fucking presses.

b10fb8 No.14152760



Go on, tell me how else to avoid Denuvo and build a large scene for the game. I promise you it won't end well if you avoid consoles.

535b54 No.14152765


Answer: you don't build a scene for a shitty, scummy game or a game made by a scummy company.

22ac56 No.14152767


Cats' eyes look beautiful

b10fb8 No.14152786


I'm all for that. I was just informing the earlier anon that his plans to create a community without paying for the game were retarded.

535b54 No.14152829


You'd still risk giving the scummy company money if you pirate the game, and others are interested in getting their copy to get into it (Not everyone is gonna pirate it due to being incompetent at pirating or they want to help the "poor devrlopers" publishers will still fuck over and might be scummy like the publishers). In other words, you're right.

b27370 No.14153016

File: bc328e6cf7bf5c0⋯.jpg (57.49 KB, 773x960, 773:960, 84d1a7ab488bfd282db5d58211….jpg)


If anything, it makes people want to pirate more.


What? You can just play it locally like fighting game fans have been doing for decades. People have meet-ups just for this reasons like Warcraft 3 lan parties. Only someone who has never played local multiplayer games would think this.

580736 No.14153531


>Japanese game companies just don't 'get' PC and they are terrified of piracy

Gooks and chinks are just dumbass subhumans in general, tbh.

f626bd No.14153640

File: f680c46b6796dfe⋯.png (122.78 KB, 454x255, 454:255, shillings.png)

2e737a No.14153752

File: d89a85451beb1d0⋯.png (318.72 KB, 394x604, 197:302, wut.png)

Why would you play it on PC anyway?

f87387 No.14153793

File: f0232a6fb5c1a65⋯.gif (3.37 MB, 500x278, 250:139, Joel's dad had enough.gif)


for the epic mods of course :^)

4e6865 No.14153852


>So what other fighters are you guys looking forward to then?

None of them.

2e737a No.14153860


nice, they put jordan peterson into the game.

ab66f1 No.14153894

File: 050e9fa34399c57⋯.jpg (119.5 KB, 642x876, 107:146, CenturionSM.jpg)


Why would you play it on consoles anyway?

2e737a No.14153913

File: bbe598ec98d6645⋯.png (530.1 KB, 629x469, 629:469, club.png)


Because it's a DBZ fighting game and my PC can't run it anyway.

ab66f1 No.14153964

File: 279fc130c50beef⋯.png (2.14 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, Hip to be square.png)


>Because it's a DBZ fighting game

I don't understand what you mean by this

>My computer can't run it anyway

Works on my machine :)

50e258 No.14154317


>plays on a console

>thinks he owns a game

4e6865 No.14154407

File: 6bf6142b8cccfda⋯.png (20.42 KB, 642x378, 107:63, fightingcucksloseagain.PNG)

>Fighterz announces Denuvo

>Arcsystemwork's other game has half of it's roster as dlc

We are hitting 2012 levels of wew.

d7a737 No.14154650

File: a0f953eede8f0c7⋯.png (274.41 KB, 437x520, 437:520, 1305581397929.png)


Saw that shit earlier today and immediately lost all hope in that game. Looked pretty interesting too. Don't care that much for the roster and more for the mechanics. Some may think "Maybe it's free." but if it was they would have just flat out said so. This shit is getting out of hand. It's starting to become clear that you either play niche fighting games to not get screwed over or just stay with fightcade.

As for DBF, I'll just pirate it and play locally.

bb275a No.14154666

I'm a bit tired of having to do 360 turns whenever a game looks good, but ends up having denuvo. I don't like hearing about sexism in reviews, but neither about copy protection: '2 out of 5, denuvo scares me'.

bb275a No.14154682


>you don't really own a physical copy, goy

All it takes to nuke your steam account, is proof of racist behaviour. Think about it fam

ab66f1 No.14154743


>Can only play it on one centralized hardware

>Thinks he owns the software because of the storage unit


>Implying removing access of legally bought licenses with an internet connection on Steam wouldn't give Valve jail time

>What is piracy

You're lacking in brain matter

bb275a No.14154787


>he actually thinks banning accounts will have gabe newell arrested

You can't make this shit up, steamcucks.

ab66f1 No.14154815


A ban doesn't revoke licenses

2e737a No.14155152


No I guess you technically don't own them but everything I've ever downloaded from ps3 onward can still be played by me so it's close enough. They could technically wipe my HD, any record of me previously purchasing them and making me re-buy every single game I've ever downloaded, but they haven't and they wouldn't do something like that.

50e258 No.14156121


consoles are literally physical rights management. i can avoid and circumvent DRM. you actually have to circumvent your entire consoles operation to even have a chance

a383f8 No.14156660


Dragon Ball is for quick and flashy fun. And being Arc Systems, MAYBE have some depth for those that want variation.

The main goal is to create a community that paves the way for more anime based fighting games. The corporate shills absolutely hate the attention that Dragon Ball is receiving. That and (if) the game is good, are reasons enough to create such community.


But by making it the new "hit" we can break the cycle of same companies shitting out sequels that get worse, as well as ending the major representation of the companies that stagnated, such as Capcom.


Piracy, hacks and anything else, when available. Yo don't need to buy. just wait, and keep people interested in the game.

You don't pay attention to communities, do you? Games well received have enduring communities were all people keep it alive in some form or another, while directly impacting the overall attention that new releases receive. Crapcom and other shit companies won't "win" when a great sum of the players are uninterested in new releases, for having enough fun with this particular game.

Bamco not receiving money is a welcomed bonus. The goal is for the GAMES to last long and receive more attention. Not the companies.

f626bd No.14156726


Disk rot is a real issue. Steam nuking is so far an entirely theoretical one.

98ccf0 No.14157201



you forgot to take your meds

535b54 No.14157530


>Supporting scummy practices and scummy software like Denuvo

Okay, asstard.

535b54 No.14157572



Some asshat actually defended this in the old fgg thread saying Arcsys deserves every penny from scummy dlc practices. He really thinks it's okay that companies lock away completed content that's on the disc, thinking it's all fgc shit. These are the people the need to be banned.

>"Maybe it's free."

This is the same company that charged you $8 for a character then made him/her free after making another $40-60 disc that's just an updated patch. This is also the same company that sold shitty sunglasses packs in Persona for $2.You can bet your ass they're gonna charge this.

a383f8 No.14158891

As always, never buy the game. Support it long after the company can have any profit form it, and create large enough communities to purge the existing ones that are filled with corporate shills.

Create a good ambient for GAMERS to enjoy the GAMES. Not for companies to have cattle that give them money blindly, nor have corporate shills that support predatory and shitty practices because they want weed money.

d990bb No.14159377

File: c31189badbcd5a4⋯.jpg (15.13 KB, 200x200, 1:1, APFzAHV-8Ec.jpg)



This is why we need denuvo.

525fbb No.14164117





My understanding is if a Denuvo game requires always online or online checks or not depends on what the developer chooses: Some denuvo games only require an intial online check, and that's it.

At least, that's what I've heard the most when looking into it.

ee9ab8 No.14164281


Nu-Doom doesn't have Denuvo anymore.

8c0e3a No.14170074

File: b2092448ed14aed⋯.gif (935.85 KB, 264x320, 33:40, ea3e05ad8f6db37f90a0b26ae9….gif)


Regardless of if it does or doesn't, letting people run secret software on your video games because they think you are a thief is pathetic. The people who defend it are the definition of corporate cocksuckers.

5d0be5 No.14170377

Don't know why they even bother to be honest. I have the income to actually buy vidya no problem, but I still won't let anything with Denuvo on my system on principle.

53ff0a No.14170553



5e8348 No.14170640

File: 8a01ac11ddbbfca⋯.gif (1.77 MB, 540x560, 27:28, 8a01ac11ddbbfcaca3750d5b26….gif)

thats why i bought it on a console lol

ba9a80 No.14170648

2a5d5c No.14178976







and don't come back.

762e26 No.14179029


I preordered this on PS4 and am considering cancelling my preorder based on this you idiot.

5eccfd No.14179040


to be fair fighting games are generally more convenient and have more players on console. If you like to play locally its a lot easier to set up a ps4 or bring it places than a PC tower, same for putting multiple controllers/sticks on it and shit. Can you do that with PC as well? of course but console is more convenient, no one wants to set up for locals and have to download drivers for some fuckos fight stick that works out the gate on ps4 or similar scenarios

a383f8 No.14179339


We can pirate them, though.

The only ones crying are you, impotent soyboys that sucks corporate cocks.

We will have it cracked and pirated. We will acquire it for free. And there is nothing that you can do about it.

4d6330 No.14179514

File: a8b22fc64c84c83⋯.gif (613.36 KB, 457x384, 457:384, one cool dude.gif)


>slant eyes

>PC anything


98ccf0 No.14179802


>communist wants everything for free

046dc4 No.14179826

File: dd6734842625bb6⋯.png (79.31 KB, 468x465, 156:155, dd6734842625bb6db785b3b6d3….png)


I came here to laugh at all the southamericans ITT angry because they can't pirate this shitty MvC clone right away and must wait a week or so

8c0e3a No.14181686


>Having standards is somehow communist

>not being an informed consumer

Get fucked.

50b75a No.14181881


>and must wait a week or so

It ain't 2015 anymore dude.

b93537 No.14181907


>injustice 2

>ass creed we wuz

0750fc No.14183454

File: 4fe4f38fa95141b⋯.jpg (2.85 MB, 3174x1576, 1587:788, 39562ac93f28076384f4d6078c….jpg)

File: 5b65014613196d7⋯.jpg (106.24 KB, 1068x1050, 178:175, 5b65014613196d73527045c0ea….jpg)

File: 2298cec1f93bb50⋯.jpg (101.33 KB, 1199x822, 1199:822, 2298cec1f93bb50034a5a83777….jpg)

File: e405cd9ca66944e⋯.jpg (96.58 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 405cd9ca66944e8e5691ea98dc….jpg)

File: f6befac88ec984a⋯.jpg (87.8 KB, 1199x675, 1199:675, 6befac88ec984aa44bdc6fb37a….jpg)

c6f82a No.14183480


I'd still fuck it

efa26a No.14183511

File: 1990d111d574390⋯.jpg (29.05 KB, 440x625, 88:125, Booby.jpg)


Better than the other Buu girl. I was complaining about the lack of female characters for the game before but it might be alright.

2add30 No.14183567

File: 582ab4628823258⋯.jpg (75.47 KB, 827x755, 827:755, dasitmane.jpg)


My fucking dick. Goddamn.

ca4aa9 No.14183860


7 vaginias

4ee354 No.14183875

File: 71d7a7bf48f4250⋯.gif (296.58 KB, 400x286, 200:143, 083248b41f9e7408be8c0f4bba….gif)

23bed5 No.14183886

File: b85e215e677ac17⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 954.77 KB, 1400x1000, 7:5, 291683 - Android_21 Dragon….gif)

a383f8 No.14185144


Capitalists also want all games for free. We only pay for essentials. Not for entertainment.

2549ff No.14185175

File: b224dc16450b02c⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 815.97 KB, 1000x1600, 5:8, Hex maniac candies 1.gif)

File: 05febca27a619f7⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.07 MB, 680x1088, 5:8, Hex maniac candies 2.gif)

File: 4d5282be4446deb⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 765.9 KB, 1000x1600, 5:8, Hex maniac candies 3.gif)

File: bbf94abf01eee8d⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 1 MB, 1000x1600, 5:8, Hex maniac candies 4.gif)


well now i have to post the pokemon set for completion

0cdcbd No.14185214


>removing access to licenses will give Valve jail

Nigger are you serious

c98d2c No.14185247


he must be a eurofag where they actually give some of a shit about consumer rights since they were able to sue valve over the refund policy since country rights supersede a EULA, valve got sued over the refund policy and lost, also got sued by germany over reselling purchased games and again valve lost

525fbb No.14185766







She looks good but she's kind of re-treaded territory: Towa already exists as a video game OC boss character that's a demonic female scientist.

I would have rather had her playable form be the base one, using android 19/gero style energy absorbtion, and then have a story mode only boss form where she's a fusion of herself, freeza, cell, and buu rather then just buu

9817ca No.14185822

File: dc54c57284fb4ac⋯.jpg (6.32 KB, 259x194, 259:194, Gendo.jpg)


>We should pay 60 bucks for a piece of plastic, 90 if you're autrailian because fuck you we have the monopoly and we can get away with it.

There's a industry wide price setting agreement to prevent competition, it's as good as free.

a91b6f No.14185898

And nothing of value was lost.

fa43c5 No.14187390

File: af4e29d251ed48e⋯.jpg (45.85 KB, 555x315, 37:21, I didn't want to play this….jpg)

579279 No.14187405


At least it says neither of them cost money. What's the point in separating the currencies then though? Everyone is just going to assume one is in-game and one is money.

8c0e3a No.14188268

File: 555608c328bad25⋯.png (534.07 KB, 540x720, 3:4, 555608c328bad25c5054b361ff….png)


So they can start charging money for it later on, obviously.

2200cd No.14188638


Holy shit, not even the console version saves from this level of kikery

188adf No.14189169

File: b76139b9a771a56⋯.gif (489.35 KB, 500x300, 5:3, b76139b9a771a56eef5d28d0cc….gif)


>whales complain about not getting zenny fast enough

>Arc says they have to save the whales

>Real money loot boxes a few months after launch

We can see this shit a mile away

9a9f18 No.14189265


pirated copies of tekken 7 work online, so it's not completely unreasonable that they're worried about it. denuvo is still gay, though.

01b3d0 No.14189310

File: 25999562227c60c⋯.png (11.34 KB, 320x240, 4:3, Wadda wipes sweat of foreh….png)

499d1e No.14189338

File: f8c329d1bdb7b80⋯.jpg (238.49 KB, 686x584, 343:292, smug.jpg)


>buying video games

01b3d0 No.14189341

File: ff145a854035716⋯.png (141.1 KB, 296x326, 148:163, ff145a8540357166a065a533ed….png)


>Buying games

fdffb0 No.14189353

File: 13a8d9e36e58677⋯.jpg (36.59 KB, 744x684, 62:57, 0123089128903019.jpg)


>Literally any ingame currency referred to as "premium" not being the P2W currency.

Thank god I've never given a shit about DBZ games besides the one on GBA

3c65c5 No.14189358

I miss the times video game were a luxury unaffordable to poor fag and unappealing to middle class due to the price. Plebs please kys. Denuvo4Lyfe

c98d2c No.14189438

File: ab9e29ad0107e7a⋯.jpg (54.59 KB, 311x465, 311:465, my life is eternal shame.jpg)

a383f8 No.14189784

File: 73dbb1b130629be⋯.gif (158.89 KB, 600x581, 600:581, heh 3.gif)


You are the one dying of a heart attack anytime now, whale.

Or perhaps you are a corporate shill that will soon have to endure losses caused by our actions?

Games are for Gamers only.

And most of us take them for free, and ruin the sales of those that we can't get.

Deal with it, weakling.

05bf81 No.14189791


Why would you grab such obvious bait?

8c0e3a No.14190202

File: 0ca0261fb8294ea⋯.png (541.38 KB, 847x512, 847:512, 0ca0261fb8294eae9a567eac7e….png)

So, as a quick overview, the game now has Denuvo, shitty third party anti-cheat, abusive DLC practices and lootboxes.

Wow, Namco sure knows how to fuck up. The hype for this game was massive, with SFV being a pile of shit, this could have swooped in and stolen Capcom's lunch. At the last minute though, they just had to fuck it all up. Bravo Namco. Bravo.

8918b1 No.14190301

File: 015078a09372435⋯.png (96.18 KB, 295x346, 295:346, 015078a0937243513703f2d3ec….png)


This sounds kinda like fishing in Xrd Revelator.

3d5061 No.14190314

Why would Bamco do everything in their power to fuck this game up right before launch? Autocombos were a slight problem. This shit completely kills my hype.

003f84 No.14190475


Not even just them, Arcsys also shit the bed with developing this game for them, and doing the same thing if not worse with their Blazblue cross battle game (cutting the entire roster in half (20 available and 20 DLC), which said DLC characters are most likely on disc if the first DLC character is any evidence). Fighting game devs in general are making some retarded decisions lately, and it makes the theory that whatever Capcom does with SF, the other devs will follow with their respective games. makes me not want a new Virtua fighter game to be made

088e32 No.14190563


This really only hurts the PC version. Console players will still buy this. This should be #1 on Steam for PC owners since last week but it's not. Namco will do what all deluded publishers do and equate poor sales on PC as secured sales from pirates.


We may have seen the decline of Capcom due to bad practices and games, but whatever they do is what other companies want. Capcom takes the blame, but other companies reap the rewards. By doing what Capcom does but keeping good graces with their customers, they make more money off the back of Capcom's shame.

535b54 No.14190572


Again, Tekken 7 sold 3 million copies despite being just as shitty and scummy as SFV.

a383f8 No.14190628

File: b0f67ebbf401169⋯.gif (849.36 KB, 460x258, 230:129, gj 01.gif)


If you play video games, you know the answer: because it is fun.

Even baiting, there are impotent soyboys that really think that they could spread that mindset. It is fun to throw reality in their faces.


Getting hyped is the first mistake.

Get used to never paying for entertainment, and pirate everything. When you can't, work means to ruin the sales of the company.

957a59 No.14190631


That's how they did fishing in Revelator. You'd spend world bucks that you got from playing the game to fish for stuff. Avatar costume pieces, music, art galleries, character colors, DLC characters. If you got a duplicate of something you already had, you instead got a fish. Ten fish guaranteed that your next item would be something you didn't have.

c98d2c No.14190650

File: e6b16f313706e55⋯.png (387.31 KB, 617x589, 617:589, 1411081305839.png)


> pirate everything

why would you pirate something you don't like?

dfbdb7 No.14190703


To point out why it's bad.

e97144 No.14191073


>And most of us take them for free, and ruin the sales of those that we can't get.

then complain when almost no studios try to appeal the "gamers" anymore

434240 No.14191120


Haven't you heard? Piracy hurts developers.

e996bc No.14191135


>Mark deletes the 100th thread about cardboard

>hurr durr dindu nuffing

kill urself

a383f8 No.14192873

File: e419e601ad6f5ba⋯.jpg (99.19 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, nice 02.jpg)


It may have some aspects that i like, but the greed of the companies responsible for it is enough for me to not pay for it. Thus, i pirate.


Their own fault, cucked soyboy.

They started the whole greedy and anti-consumer practices. We are just reacting accordingly. And of course, we won't let them prosper even if we get their products for free. They must go down for daring to try anti-consumer practices in the first place.

e97144 No.14192883


>cucked soyboy.

you forgot to call me "goon" as well for the trinity of completely irrelevant insults created around here

6bb3e1 No.14192955


Don't respond the buzzword spewing delusional weeb. He makes the same posts in the same format every thread.

a1f85f No.14192983


What's with the bean-person obsession with Dragonball?

ba9a80 No.14193018

File: ad6e74da7f1182a⋯.webm (465.46 KB, 800x450, 16:9, Australia.webm)


>aussies thinking they matter at all

does this shithole even produce anything?

68e31e No.14193074

File: 37b6102667a0031⋯.webm (1.26 MB, 640x360, 16:9, every india thread on int.webm)

dbb9c5 No.14193079


Meat, uranium, coal, iron, actors that aren't full-blown jews, and laid-back shitposting.

ba9a80 No.14193086


>implying the chinese down under produce anything


ADF is here already

a383f8 No.14194007

File: 635b6a994de2477⋯.jpg (107 KB, 736x460, 8:5, heh 04.jpg)

So much salt from soon-to-be unemployed goons and (((developers))).


They are not irrelevant when they are true.

Specially when you are one, impotent soyboy.


That is because the reality is one and only, and not your make believe world.

8c0e3a No.14194046

File: 9c55c01f5014368⋯.jpg (43.04 KB, 440x406, 220:203, 7d3fb431709203dab4192b3fd7….jpg)


Your argument falls apart when you consider myself. I believe in buying games to show my support and do so. But I won't buy Denuvo games and I certainly don't blame pirates for Denuvo existing, because no study ever has found a solid link between piracy and lost sales. The recent EU study actually suggested the exact opposite.

All they are accomplishing is making it people who would have bought their game, like me, now won't. The people who are pirating it were never going to buy it in the first place. Especially for a mostly online game like this.

da22bf No.14194109

File: 04fc7b2be2ff524⋯.jpg (153.36 KB, 956x1334, 478:667, 0aa1d9f3988fa2483a2769cee7….jpg)


Australians are the most powerful race in the world.

53fe06 No.14194123

File: 3c575ed93c4ac0f⋯.png (44.62 KB, 919x737, 919:737, ClipboardImage.png)

a383f8 No.14194543



Add to that the people that were time and time again put in this position of wanting to buy, and having to deal with anti-consumer practices again and again. Sooner or later, that person starts to hate the industry itself, but still likes the games.

He them becomes a pirate,

First by pirating only from greedy corporations.

Later, pirating from everyone, because he knows that even small developers will either cuck out or become greedy corporate suits themselves when given time.

Spending no money in entertainment and still getting almost everything is good and fun.

7914b7 No.14194553

File: ca6248a392722c2⋯.jpg (99.5 KB, 1024x584, 128:73, 1482841227785.jpg)


>Sooner or later, that person starts to hate the industry itself

d7a737 No.14194575

File: 54440b2c4802e16⋯.gif (1.23 MB, 505x284, 505:284, Stay dead.gif)


It's a DBZ game that hyped to hell and back. Especially thanks to MvCI. People are already droning about it and don't give a shit about the game having many anti-consumer elements. No matter what you tell people, they're going to buy it now. At first people thought it was only Namco being a jew but after seeing Cross Battle's ==20 CHARACTER DLC PLAN FOR AA GAME THAT'S NOT EVEN OUT YET== it's obvious that Arc Systems is cancer. You thought their DLC plans were bad before too. Every time we joke about how bad things can get it goes straight to that level. And now we are only on the cusp of a whole new level of kikery. They were just waiting for fighters to become less niche.


We can't simply unlock shit anymore. It must be behind RNG with a "quick fix solution" that requires you to spend real money. Despite Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax having DLC characters. They all came months post launch and simply fighting gave you points to buy colors and titles. No DLC money to grab that stuff either. It's a dying custom it seems.


Just like the music industry. It turns out people who pirate music are far more likely to buy music than people who don't.

>Average consumer buys music from Itunes

>Enjoys the song but he's satisfied. Doesn't want to spend money on something he hasn't heard on the radio or recommended by his peers. Never looks for music on their own either.

>Pirates gathers a bunch of music from all over the place for free.

>He now has a larger understanding of what's out there and is glad that someone could make such good music. He'll buy their goods because he wants them to make more. Meanwhile the average consumer would have never even bothered going out of their way to discover said band/circle.

Same goes for vidya. Casuals only play about what they hear others are playing because gaming is more of a social experience to them so the quality of the game doesn't have to be that good.

a383f8 No.14195755


Hate the industry. Not the (good) games.

Take everything for free, and give nothing back.

And for additional fun, mobilize normalfags to ruin the sales and profits of the companies in the industry. It is as fun as playing video games.


It only dies if we let it. The whole lootbox debacle and Star Wars' fiascos were possible because anons raised enough awareness to the normalfags to make them act.

The same can be done to any practice. The industry will try to push it, but it is ust a matter of we not accepting and raisin a fuss about it everytime, until normalfags are so bothered by it that they start boycotting those practices.

Remember that the industry tried to force motion controls and 3D TVs to be the norm, and so much noise was made to avoid it, that normalfags avoided it all, and it all faded.

9a9f18 No.14196175


I enjoy playing games in 3D a lot and I'm disappointed the trend died. I don't think it deserves to be compared to waggle controls.

4f6beb No.14197648

File: 7dcd14c52903a3e⋯.jpg (60.19 KB, 486x720, 27:40, 11113276_892309994123716_8….jpg)


I have to be honest, after hearing about the shit amerifats and aussies have to deal with, I'm pretty glad this ex communist shithole is atleast doing IT right with none of that data capping dickery

a383f8 No.14203098


The overall quality does not matter when the industry push everything in the same forceful way.

It can be compared to anything for this sole reason.

Anything that made success was from natural acceptance coming FIRST, and then the industry exploiting it.

For a long time now, the industry wants to force the acceptance first, and thus, most People won't accept it.

VR, 3D Tvs, motion controls, all of that are included in this. They were not something new that some guys wanted to show. They were designed from the start to force People to accept them. They are all the same failed idea that spread to all the western industry. The idea that something can be forced into being a "born success".

451f56 No.14203766


>Have to deal with extra 5 frames of delay

>Have to deal with all the poor niggas playing online

>Have to pay the console tax for online features


Online delay on PC is close to offline on console which makes it easier to practice with people online for tourneys and the like.

7beedf No.14203848


With the shit they pulled with Tekken 7, Bamco doing that doesn't even surprise me a bit.

f739fd No.14207362

File: 56df06627800b89⋯.jpeg (178.32 KB, 1268x1016, 317:254, image.jpeg)

I don't care as much about the Dunevo as I do the sequel coming out in a year with all the DLC characters with even more DLC. Not about to spend 64 bucks on a game twice.


You can't mod the game any more

621e18 No.14207391


>it is ust a matter of we not accepting and raisin a fuss about it everytime

Good luck when the things that sunk gamergate on imageboards was the leaders refusing to endorse boycotts because of muh PR.

a383f8 No.14208650


So what? Organize boycotts outside it.

There are STILL idiots that are trying to burry the fact tha even DISNEY AND STAR WARS were successfuly boycotted.

All boycotts are possible and all of them give results. And it is free to start any of them.

d78d96 No.14210794



I've heard Bamco is notorious for not listening to ANYONE, not even the domestic market.

8c0e3a No.14212734

File: 8f49bc0a97f3b3f⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 300x169, 300:169, 8f49bc0a97f3b3f5d88d0d2f8d….gif)


Right, the Anti-Cheat removes the ability to use mods at all, doesn't it? Jesus, fucking Bamco. They really don't have a single clue what the fuck they are doing, do they?

568c94 No.14223438

File: 77152b502ef0f45⋯.png (115.28 KB, 431x254, 431:254, 1373953985191.png)

a383f8 No.14223481

File: 138f3e1084860bd⋯.jpg (73.6 KB, 500x500, 1:1, smug 03.jpg)


We will always pirate.

And when we can't, we will mobilize to ruin the sales.

Deal with it.

ef9c04 No.14224942

How long do you guys think it will take for the game to get cracked?

091185 No.14224963


t. smug poorfag

a383f8 No.14225429

File: 03941c311599067⋯.png (479.37 KB, 600x665, 120:133, smug 1.png)


And still, we take away money from companies while getting their products without spending our own money on them.

c98d2c No.14225445


if you feel like pushing the pirating causes lost sales narrative don't cry when more restrictive drm gets put in

7abda6 No.14227486

Can you play online with Hamachi on cracked denuvo games?

a383f8 No.14227947

File: 611954f098b29f4⋯.jpg (99.39 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, smug 04.jpg)


As if DRM could do anything when cracked.

We will just wait and get the games for free, as always, no matter what DRM or other restrictions they try.

And while at it, we will be ruining the sales of all companies just for laghs.

It is as fun as playing the games themselves.

e97144 No.14227961

File: 33b477cf1825e5e⋯.jpg (28.74 KB, 450x450, 1:1, 33b477cf1825e5e3c42951a461….jpg)

c98d2c No.14227965

File: 2e9f241d4b41a92⋯.jpg (110.12 KB, 804x565, 804:565, m.jpg)

68f64a No.14228093


> It's a fighting game that primarily focused on online anyway, why are you wasting time and money on putting Denuvo on it?

Denuvo is besides a DRM scheme for everything from Videogames to books, is also marketed a anti cheat layer, stopping exploits from cheatengine like software.

Basically, this is still Denuvo territory.

934fef No.14233047

network error network error network error

fun game

fdffb0 No.14233550

File: 0184a28f43163fa⋯.webm (1.02 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 0184a28f43163faf6a78189a2….webm)

>Check the steam page

>No notice of Denuvo anymore

>Check the Eula

>Eula lists Denuvo being in it

What the fuck is this retarded shit?

c084ea No.14238193

File: 085d640c42ba72a⋯.gif (2.03 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 085d640c42ba72a40a213e2fd8….gif)


Well then, let's just bomb the fuck out of Bamco with mails asking them to remove their DRM shit. They're not going to know what nerds on an imageboard delisted from Google is thinking about them if we don't tell them

a383f8 No.14238546


Bewtter yet: spread all kinds of news (true or fake) to create a mass scare in normalfags, as was done with Star Wars, and make them stop spending money on the game.

0ec459 No.14238599

Mvc just got it's playerbase back

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