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File: d3eaa40f164e65c⋯.png (380.51 KB, 600x526, 300:263, BIG HARV.png)






>/pol/ & the rest of the right wing SJWs


Stay mad, cucks.



You think you will Jew us with impunity?????

Hold my beer




YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Can you even imagine what is going through this guy's head right now?

He's one of the few Hollywood execs to have actually been caught being a fucking pervert. He knows all his friends are as well, in fact many of them are probably worse than him, but he's the only one who's gonna get punished because he got sloppy and somebody ratted on him.

Everything he's ever worked on will be getting his name credits removed, he's going to be erased from history. He's being backstabbed by his fellow kikes to save their own skins.

The guy must be losing it.


File: 1d225e68f390f5c⋯.jpg (55.66 KB, 456x309, 152:103, nu-pol.jpg)


>I lived long enough to see /pol/ become just as bad as tumblr.

Sad! Anyways, we love our based feminism, don't we folks?



>Fucking women who are knowingly throwing themselves at you in exchange for movie roles is perverted



File: b1da089446a440b⋯.jpg (33.44 KB, 800x450, 16:9, IMG_9823.JPG)


>identifying sexual predators = feminism

What happened to you /leftypol/?



They are retarded.



The right wing ess jay dubyas will never recover from this blow.





They're desperately trying to protect their corporate overlords



Trump beating Hillary literally broke their minds.



>Listening & Believe




Their minds were broken the moment they decided to become leftycuckcs



there are literally audio recordings of this jew harassing people


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>s-so what if dozens of women all tell the same story

>s-so what if there are police reports and recordings

>pure coincidence goys!






This. /pol/ proved to be a total fucking joke during all this. Hypocritical ass wipes. I mean after all, this is a group of people who supposedly hate Jews, but shill for an actual Israeli shill for President and ban & censor anyone who points out the obvious. It really doesn't matter though since their UIDs have been dropping like crazy after people began seeing through their bullshit. Not to mention Trump's DOJ is monitoring the living fuck out of them after Charlottesville . /pol/ is dead in the water.






dude we totally need IDs lmao


File: 8986d8ce3061ab3⋯.jpg (73.1 KB, 926x678, 463:339, average pollack.jpg)


>Being an awkward fat fuck is rape

Spoken like a feminist. You would be defending him if he wasn't Jewish.



Ask the mods to check IPs right now you dishonest piece of shit.


wtf I love jews now



We need IDs.



Jew spotted and reported.



They'd never do that, they're lazy sacks of shit.



>I wanna leave

>ok bye

Wow what a scumbag. Wait what? That's it?



I think you mean #WhitePrivilege as usual


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.







wait /pol/ is defending harvey?




The temptation to spill the beans on all the other kikes must be high, but the fear of waking up dead in a forest with two bullets in his head after an apparent suicide, holds him back a little.

The history erase button seems to happen a lot.

Particularly with sex related crime.

Never saw OJ Simpson removed from the Naked Gun films.

But anyone called a pervert is removed from tv forever.



He's a Jewish rapist, so no.


File: a2157809eb5a4d8⋯.jpg (63.23 KB, 424x671, 424:671, 02g932gio9fpnoif3oui4.jpg)



Lindsay Lohan sticks up for someone she believes did nothing wrong.

Loyalty is then lambasted by the disgusting slug turk.

Remember what morals are, as they are not often displayed, especially not publicly.



Is he really though?

See >>924738

That doesn't seem like the behaviour of a rapist that knows he is above the law to me.



No. There's some faggot MGTOW defending Harvey in every thread. And there might be some faggot /pol/lacks defending Rose 'kill all white men' McGowan (but I doubt it).

Almost everyone is just sitting on the sidelines watching an army of cockroaches try to eat each other.



Yep. The sharks have sensed his blood and are closing ranks so she has nothing to gain from this.



Harvey is literally /ourguy/ please go back to your cumskin circlejerk.



Holding people to their own standards is hypocritical goy.


File: 56db218f88d61ba⋯.jpg (44.55 KB, 864x222, 144:37, glumpfkin hypocrisy.jpg)

File: b412019105c97bd⋯.jpg (76.35 KB, 850x400, 17:8, I just start kissing them.….jpg)


You're one to talk, m8.



If those standards conflict with your own, then yes that would be hypocritical.



It doesn't matter that that is the way it works. It's not supposed to be the way it works. And even though it is, and everybody knows it, nobody's supposed to say it out loud. Only when it is openly acknowledged does it become a bad thing.

Kind of like kikes in general. Or a nigger's genetic predisposition towards crime. Or a leftist's urge to chug every cock in a room.



>women shouldn't be able to trade sexual favors to advance their careers

>women should only be able to get ahead on merit

This is why most pretty women are not feminists.






Cenk spotted and reported.



Sudocuck happa spotted.



t. shill


he did literally nothing wrong, goyim exist to serve the jews, sexually and otherwise.



He also exploited Jewish women.


"down with harvey w"

but also

"we miss hugh hefner"



The last time a vol showed us what he sees it became immediately apparent sudocuck is a massive samefag.

The rest of us haven't forgotten rulecuck, there isn't enough new blood on a board this slow to erase your thirst for vol cocks



>calling people hypocrites is hypocritical

That's pretty meta.


File: 937a3e18f2562bc⋯.jpg (143.73 KB, 500x660, 25:33, d1fa920c546bb24732169cbc8a….jpg)



/pol/ is literally reddit now.



Good news for Harv, if he gets his travel privileges back he can go become a big shot western producer expatriate .


File: 9f2c4de0cbb496e⋯.png (155.78 KB, 578x368, 289:184, 72aeb4ab539aff4b1c3694649e….png)


Boy, even after getting btfo in the last thread you won't stop.






>The last time a vol showed us what he sees it became immediately apparent sudocuck is a massive samefag.

Wasn't here at the time but from what you are saying it seems like the mod breached his sacred unspoken contract with the users here and thrust anon out of anonymity against his will, if that is something that you agree with you should reconsider who is the "rulecucked" one here. Correct me if I am mistaken but that's what it sounds like the mod did to me.



t. Sudocuck

It's not like everyone didn't know that you samefagged to hell even before that.



So, how long is the schizo meltdown going to last this time?



>the mod did to me


Wouldn't it be great if someone just shot this dude in the head



Kill yourself. Those whores deserved it. What else are whores good for?



>being an awkward fat fuck

he was clearly trying to sexually harass them for favors



I would kill you too, you are fucking brainwashed. Have you never gotten laid naturally?



No. What would be great is if there's actually evidence of him doing something illegal and he was prosecuted. And then he pulled down all of the other kikes with him.


File: 209882ea590fd8f⋯.jpg (304.29 KB, 1000x804, 250:201, 1414698094945.jpg)











i just don't understand this new /tv/ meme. am I out of touch, or is some samefag spazzing out?



its sudocuck



Literally nobody knows who that is except you.



>predator being a skinnyfat fuck

>not being buff




>automatically believing accusations from women who willingly ride the cock carousal for years

>calls other people brainwashed


ignore faggot OPs and keep driving that wedge in the left.


File: 4d733d60d18d69a⋯.jpg (88.45 KB, 736x1266, 368:633, 55fb2fc37ea3afb6f53d36621b….jpg)

File: 39bea32c2d9ec7e⋯.jpg (26.16 KB, 400x549, 400:549, 600full-heather-locklear_o….jpg)

File: 1721eb29ac79986⋯.jpg (128.23 KB, 1080x1600, 27:40, d122e-heather-locklear-fee….jpg)

File: 1f2018516c56a00⋯.jpg (530.56 KB, 1680x2100, 4:5, f383b1453ae909c1bf06df3204….jpg)

File: d2367b8bb9c94b1⋯.jpg (232.75 KB, 1369x1309, 1369:1309, heather-locklear-36.jpg)

We already have several Harvey threads going, so why not turn this one into a thread dedicated to ’80s QTs instead?


File: 5f0f070fb283f31⋯.png (573.31 KB, 637x478, 637:478, hnnnng.png)



Those niggers can't hold /pol/ back



Name them shill. we can name the Wienstein accusers. Name a single Trump accuser that hasn't recanted. OH shit. Can't. You just have a quote taken out of context. I think they call that something. some type of specific logical fallacy. Oh well, I'm sure you're a rick and morty fan. You probably know what it is.


File: e7df5f95f241127⋯.jpg (16.64 KB, 200x320, 5:8, ab0e6fe1d791ef7e6900327098….jpg)

File: 0eab080ec4a3fea⋯.jpg (223.4 KB, 835x1253, 835:1253, natalia-dyer-24-835x1253.jpg)

File: a99033af00e5145⋯.jpg (922.6 KB, 1333x2000, 1333:2000, natalia-dyer-25.jpg)

File: f27733bc2223fee⋯.jpg (200.15 KB, 835x1253, 835:1253, natalia-dyer-42-835x1253.jpg)


Can we have a fake80's thread too?



Here you go hypocrite:

>Jessica Leeds

>Rachel Crooks

>Natasha Stoynoff

>Mindy McGillivray

>Jill Harth

>Kristin Anderson

>And one ‘Jane Doe’ at convicted billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s apartment in New York City in 1994




No. Go away.



How's that BO position coming along?

How many of chodemonkey's loads have you swallowed for it by now?


File: 26c700022a89af4⋯.png (307.81 KB, 396x868, 99:217, 7860e8fd4a7448729e4bbf4917….png)


>Rachel Crooks

Clinton donor accused him of kissing her on the mouth without permission. lawl. the first name I searched. I am not going to put more effort into your obvious bait. oh, maybe I should say - people who know her came out and said she was lying. kind of hard to establish credibility with something like that. Maybe one day you faggots will learn how to meme and we will actually be in trouble but until then



Not him but why do you think calling someone a hypocrite has any power? As long as they get what they want then it doesn't really matter what tactics they use. Hypocrisy is just another tool in the box of social engineering.



(him) also Weinstein is being accused of RAPE and PEDOPHILIA, not exactly being hypocritical here. partial Tu quo que. at worst. and even that's a stretch.



Whoa. Are you victim blaming, anon? After all Rose McGowan's claims were never challenged. How dare you?




Well there's the deciding factor on who gets shitcanned.



Why don't you keep going. There's a lot of names.



Generally when you lead off with bullshit then it is a waste of time to continue. If it seemed you were actually debating in good faith it would be one thing but you have shown no signs of doing so.



you must be a bot because this post wasn't in coherent English, and there are 6 names, not "a lot," the first was instantly discredited. the ethos of whoever made this argument for you has been shattered. The work is done. Go learn about propaganda then come back and we can have a nice little chat.


Not even joking here.

Worst people on the internet.

1. Tough guys who hate on women

2. Everyone on twitter and tumblr

3. Eceleb youtube critics


5. People who come to /tv/ and only watch flicks

6. Trump supporters



>literally believeing /pol/ and /tv/ from cuckchan when they are actual retarded redditors who have no common sense

She was worth 70 million and already a star, all the ones are whos that did oscarbait.



go back to basement you were hired to put in by the establishment



>3DPD waifufag

You never belonged here.



>Not joking

>worst people on the internet



what did I say about propaganda? I know you didn't read anything that quickly. I believe the saying is: You cannot fill a cup that is already full


File: a68aff922438a9e⋯.jpg (121.17 KB, 1100x657, 1100:657, 1469128846984.jpg)


t. woman




if that really shut you down, then I hope the people who paid you to shill get at least some of their money back. otherwise I feel marginally bad for your upcoming suicide shots to the back of the head.


File: 1d9380b41008318⋯.gif (2 MB, 245x300, 49:60, h9RZjw1ubmu0k50.gif)





>acts like tumblr

>hates people on tumblr


File: e422c48641bdd87⋯.jpg (251.09 KB, 1222x972, 611:486, millie-bobby-brown-maddie-….jpg)


>the people who paid you to shill

Wait, you mean there are people getting paid to hang out with me!? dude thats awesome!! /^_^/



Damn dog, I was worried you had a weight lifting accident. Glad to hear from you again!!



>Going after (((Hollywood))) because its full of jewish pedophiles

<Must be a feminist!

I hope even /leftypol/ is not that retarded I checked, but they never seem to care about most current events. That and their board is basically dead



Nice dubs. Its nice and all to believe in a court system that does its job, but we certai ly don't have that. At worst, the biggest of kikes will kill witnesses that will tey to testify, then the cases will be thrown out on lack of evidence. The ONLY solution is for these kikes to die.




this is a better idea


File: 85f8127e7dce810⋯.jpg (47.01 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 0229 - phsiFKf.jpg)

How can you like jews at this point?

The only people that should like jews are other jews, and even they don't like each other.

I don't care your political affiliation, but don't even get me started on niggers.

I have had black friends - but I don't want to live by them or be around more than 3 at a time, they're dangerous children no matter the age.

But jews man, what's wrong with Antifa and the left, have they never met any jews?


File: 4a779d2a842c3f0⋯.jpg (4.68 KB, 163x170, 163:170, 1455989425144.jpg)


So how many women have ridden his nose to orgasm after orgasm while he tongued their assholes?


File: b78d8044bf8289d⋯.jpg (57.73 KB, 607x709, 607:709, fb30f416d9f45984fc96612472….jpg)


>You will never have a beak big enough to work as a second dick

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