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File: 69998e3b9363b48⋯.png (500.16 KB, 690x874, 15:19, ClipboardImage.png)


Our monthly dose of DM just dropped. What better time to make a new thread?

Dungeon Meshi - Adventurers eating monsters in a dungeon with some mysterious shit going on. Great art. Fun characters.

Hakumei to Mikochi (aka Little Lives in the Forest or Inchling Adventures!) - The comfy slice of life shenanigans of two Inchling girls living in the forest. It's about doing work, having fun, making delicious food, and occasionally helping their necromancer friend with her experiments. Comfy as fuck. Gorgeous art. Full of culture and personality and world-building.

Maou-jou de Oyasumi (aka Sleepy Princess) - Princess captured by a cliche RPG Demon King tries to find the best way to sleep while in the Demon King's castle. Ruins everything.

Goblin Slayer - Mysterious autist partners with other adventurers strictly for the purpose of slaying goblins. It's brutal as shit. Bad ends await everyone.

Kumo desu ga, nani ka? (aka Heresy Spider) - Normal high school girl is reincarnated as a low-level spider in an MMORPG-ish world. She survives through pure strategy and wit, while climbing the ranks and learning new skills.

Somali To Mori No Kami-Sama (Loli & Golem Adventures) - A young child and a Forest-protecting Golem embark on an adventure to find where all the humans went in a world where Monster-folk have taken over.

Golden Kamui - Japanese war veteran who is supposedly unkillable and an Ainu girl get tied up in a crazy scheme to locate a ton of gold by finding pieces of a map tattooed on the bodies of escaped convicts. Oddly educational and full of useful information.

Otoyomegatari (aka A Bride's Story) - Asian girl moves across Asia to marry her shota husband. Absolutely gorgeous art, full of culture and history.

Elf-San Wa Yaserarenai? (Potato ElPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Jew noses are large and hooked, not merely just long.


>laius is a /d/egenerate

>marcille is a dark magician

>izutsumi is probably catgirl'd as punishment for some sort of crime

>senshi is senshi

Will Chilchak just continue being the unflappable straight man, or is there something lurking up his sleeve.


Surreal, the last time like this I can remember was Stigma of the Wind. An obit:

>Video game illustrator, designer, and manga creator Hiroshi Kajiyama's son posted on Kajiyama's Twitter account on Saturday that Kajiyama has passed away. The notice did not reveal when he passed away, the cause of death, or how old he was. The editorial department of Tokuma Shoten's Comic Ryū magazine confirmed his death with news website Natalie, adding that once it learns more details, it will announce them.

>Kajiyama debuted in the gaming industry in the 1990s, working on the planning, scenario, character design, and CG for the Dragon Master Silk and Dragon Master Silk 2 video games. He also created character designs, illustrations, and/or enemy designs for the Shining Force Gaiden Ensei: Jashin no Kuni e, Shining Force: The Sword of Hajya (Shining Force Gaiden II: Jashin no Mezame), Shining Force Gaiden: Final Conflict, Shining Wisdom, Shining Force III, Golden Sun, Golden Sun: The Lost Age, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos, Super Heroine Chronicle, and Magician's DEAD games.

>In manga, Kajiyama penned the two-volume Dual Soul One Body manga as well as other adult manga. Kajiyama launched the Curse Blood manga in Comic Ryū last year. Tokuma Shoten published the manga's first compiled volume (pictured right) on December 13.

>Kajiyama was also in charge of the Spirit and Familiar designs for the Seven Senses of the Re'Union anime, which premiered on July 5.


File: 4396d1a3b45391b⋯.jpg (32.01 KB, 211x247, 211:247, dungeon-meshi-template.jpg)

File: fd8f9496b542285⋯.jpg (32.67 KB, 211x247, 211:247, dungeon-meshi-example.jpg)



>Will Chilchak just continue being the unflappable straight man

Hes a booze man.





>Literally only around for traps

>Probably a fucking thief

>Doesn't want to milk the minotaur

He's pretty bad.

File: 76d99919010a554⋯.jpg (13.97 KB, 574x314, 287:157, Bruce Lee likes what he se….jpg)


>>290196 has hit the bump limit, so it's time for the next thread.

Did a whole bunch of new entries last time, but I feel there's a whole lot more to go. Should I focus on doing those I've missed or should I try something else? Perhaps more World of Darkness, or a different game? Hell, maybe try some lewd Cybeprunk 2020?

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And now we need a monster that is has aplacental viviparitiy, but instead swallows humanoids with its pussy, uses vaginal contractions to push it into the uterus, and allows the freshly-hatched pups to eat the poor bastards.



The Drakainia from the 4th Pathfinder Bestiary could easily be used for something like that.



<It seems that a surprising amount of people on /tg/ (more than 0) want to experience the unsurpassed pleasure of feeling their fetuses fight to the death in their womb.

<mind-shattering orgasms

Do want.



>Hell, maybe try some lewd Cyberpunk 2020?

Well, why not? With the 2077 refresh looming in the near future, I'm sure there will be more 2020/2077 games starting up.



I'm not sure whether I should be scared or impressed.

File: a7ec544a51b2267⋯.png (122.79 KB, 593x237, 593:237, MFW_title_belt.png)


Monouncer here and I got some exciting news for you /tg/ since our last battle I went ahead and commissioned a new arena that I challenge you to beat.

Hero's Run

8 Floors each harder than the last filled with /monster/ related fighters its your job to be able to clear each floor and make it to the boss on top of this tower.

Here are the rules you will send one adventurer in to see if he or she can be able to clear the floor. Each defender you face will get harder the more you defeat, Beat 7 and the boss clears the floor.

If your adventure gets through the floor he or she will be able to level up there stats from 180 up by 5 points they can add to it by each floor they clear. However if your adventure falls in combat they are imprisoned or worse turned into a MG if female and take the spot of the defender of that floor they fall at.


4 Adventures ( Can be from any universe )

points 180

First floor is my choosing of MG's you will face till you beat the first floor.

Now then See you on the 21st!

16 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Lets go with 'not at all'.


File: b20dd597131e31b⋯.png (323.68 KB, 442x524, 221:262, Iowa-emoticon.png)

Also another tid bit I forgot to mention as a side note among your adventurers is a traitor that will sell you out in a heart beat who is it you may ask? You'll just have to find out, there among each of your parties lies one and only one traitor which is (only male effected). It will be based on a roll of 1d6 during said run and only 1 party per Hero's run will be allowed to run.


File: 84a50c3c11dc3d0⋯.jpg (88.3 KB, 453x466, 453:466, Space_Marine-WD_96.jpg)





File: e554f3a0b459469⋯.jpg (82.91 KB, 563x587, 563:587, wut da zog.jpg)








Why the fuck are you guys nominating non-/tg/ characters to represent /tg/?

Whats wrong with you guys?


This but with beakie >>384229 instead of sly, lets let sly rest killing xenos and heretics.


File: a207e7d4c04fc32⋯.png (271.13 KB, 752x422, 376:211, a207e7d4c04fc3235af82d8595….png)


If nommed then its to late he is already in the the party pool of adventurers who will make the run into the Tower. I will warn this any male chars that do fall in combat get sent back into MFW prison till they escape by winning they're freedom.

File: 596ea965d566a4d⋯.gif (838.57 KB, 500x279, 500:279, 1381639238101.gif)


>A wizard is transported to the year 2018

>Thinks he can wow people with his ability to speak to demons and shoot magic missiles

>People instead are amazed that his levitation spells can create frictionless machines with 100% efficiency

>HIs basic push cantrip is used to propel spaceships to the distant stars

>Wizard is fuming at this disrespect for the high magical arts, while being showered with money

What other practical uses can be for spells in the modern world?

85 posts and 27 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Nah, play up the paranoia. Make it so every once in a while, it's only him that hears the gibberish. Combine that with a short attention, and it would make conversation impossible.




The mango is mostly shit and the animu is much worse.


He comes forward in time, and shows off all his powers, boasting that he's infact a wizard and that's how he can do all that shit

As a result future generations will see a very sudden dip in the reproductive rate of humanity because so many people vowed to become "wizards" themselves by never having sex



For my modern fantasy setting I had the idea that rare, powerful monsters are protected by international treaties (thank elves for that), so you are only allowed to capture them by non-lethal means and give them to authorized organizations for a reward. Of course there are poachers and black market.


To prevent the demographic catastrophe and wizards running loose, every male who has reached age of consent and is not slated to become a government wizard is required to lose his virginity with a state-assigned sex worker.


I could make a simulacrum to go to work in my place.

File: f080832210c9318⋯.jpg (83.56 KB, 852x480, 71:40, 1.jpg)


It's about time for a new meta-thread.

Bitch, complain, talk about the drama on other boards, ask questions of the BO, and maybe also talk about things pertaining to the operation and well-being of /tg/

379 posts and 118 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: c22a3846578ba76⋯.jpg (132.28 KB, 500x660, 25:33, c22a3846578ba76f99650d9b7b….jpg)


>commentator is a crypto trying to sell you cut rate camels

You know I think I can appreciate this on more then board level.



I too would like to see crazy hassan.



In that case, Max Headroom isn't a bad choice. Would be a hell of a thing to impersonate his specific cadence and glitching for hours on end, though.


If the /tech/ anons are still here are there any recommendations on ways to learn computer and network basics? Trying to expand my knowledge of the machine that my life depends on these days.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

When it comes to anime, /animu/ beats /a/. Mods of /a/ will temp-ban you for most trivial reasons.

File: c853200e4fa4999⋯.jpg (37.95 KB, 506x377, 506:377, 23jlwe.JPG)


A trope I absolutely love in vidya and tabletop is a space that you and your party can call home (or the very least a safe house). It's very satisfying to climb through dark, mucky, rain soaked world to eventually make your way back to somewhere you are safe and comfy.

How do you create a sense of safety and player investment into a base?

15 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: fe6e559a26ed0d3⋯.jpg (276.55 KB, 1367x974, 1367:974, jaroslaw-marcinek-mpb-res.jpg)

File: 64cccfe48e2ba33⋯.jpg (416.23 KB, 1920x1169, 1920:1169, jessica-tung-chi-lee-layou….jpg)

File: 32920366f9bbe45⋯.jpg (372.6 KB, 1920x949, 1920:949, liam-keating-rover3lines.jpg)

File: 97bddab96188a8b⋯.jpg (602.38 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, alexandr-gluhachev-truck3p….jpg)

File: 5f9bd36b6f46a2f⋯.jpg (496.51 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, marvin-washington-screengr….jpg)


File: 4ee5bad5fbb5e63⋯.jpg (306.28 KB, 1920x1136, 120:71, abel-csonka-1-final-csonka….jpg)

File: 44673ee2d35cdc9⋯.jpg (329.62 KB, 1920x1136, 120:71, abel-csonka-2-final-csonka….jpg)

File: 5f895d518bb46dc⋯.jpg (321.28 KB, 1920x1136, 120:71, abel-csonka-3-final-csonka….jpg)

File: 6ee1b9535cf3c5f⋯.jpg (329.34 KB, 1920x1136, 120:71, abel-csonka-4-final-csonka….jpg)

File: 0992a7bfdafdb7b⋯.jpg (662.74 KB, 1920x1137, 640:379, abel-csonka-5-final-csonka….jpg)


File: fdbb957e45a0352⋯.jpg (361.52 KB, 1920x1136, 120:71, abel-csonka-6-final-csonka….jpg)

File: d0bb0f06b74132e⋯.jpg (217.85 KB, 1920x838, 960:419, abel-csonka-abel-csonka-pi….jpg)

File: e2dc4fd341ca793⋯.jpg (540.33 KB, 1859x1754, 1859:1754, abel-csonka-csonka-abel-pi….jpg)

File: 08dc4488c45ebb7⋯.jpg (194.93 KB, 1920x1288, 240:161, abel-csonka-nezetek.jpg)

File: 1502e32b5cfe84e⋯.jpg (220.33 KB, 1120x475, 224:95, Secret_Base.jpg)



>pic 1

What's the curtain for? Or for that matter, why have a sink with no apparent toilet?



by advanced area design, I mean something along the lines of building a castle with amenities according to the prices and guidelines in PF's Ultimate Campaign book. A forge costs x, a bedroom costs y, a kitchen costs z, and they all get a place in a layout (so I might later run an invasion, X-COM style)

File: 227fd794ea392e3⋯.png (64.98 KB, 693x759, 21:23, review.png)


>Couldn't remember my FLGS's url, had to google it

>Notice the sidebar with >Google Reviews

>Decide to see what the worst ones said

Now I'm curious, if you guys do it, what does it say about your favorite venues? I'm hoping to find some hilarious candid tales of things gone horribly wrong


File: 78f59f7aac4fae0⋯.png (22.56 KB, 387x303, 129:101, ClipboardImage.png)

File: bcf2ea3b419a41b⋯.png (30.16 KB, 386x354, 193:177, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b62338c18da3a5a⋯.png (37.73 KB, 393x355, 393:355, ClipboardImage.png)

First store is a hole in the wall. As far as I can tell, they are entirely supported by a small circle of faggots who go there exclusively to play MtG. Only honest review clearly states that the place is dirty and poorly lit, the rest are all clearly padding the score so the store doesn't look bad.. But it IS bad.. Because it doesn't even have a fucking sign and it is poorly lit and disorganized and dirty and the employees are retards.

Second one is a mall store that's actually got a pretty good selection of board games, but they've got jack shit in the way of minis, wargaming, or card games that aren't MtG or RPGs that aren't D&D 5e. The other half of their store is kitschy crap and souvenirs that I cannot fathom why they bother to keep around. The store has a bit of a local legacy so most people seem to like it for that reason. The place is clean and well-lit, though, and the employees don't sit around all day with their shoes off eating doritos while they sort through piles of MtG cards like the previous store. Only negative review is some twit complaining about not getting a refund for some toy they bought.

Third is a pretty distant store from me, but they run lots of events that aren't just WotC dicksucking like the last two, so it's worth visiting sometimes. They also do great garage sale events where you can score board games for amazing prices. Great looking store, employees are cool guys, everything is neat and organized. Selection can be a little lacking for more obscure stuff. Reputation and reviews are well deserved.


Only cock suckers and angry rejected people write reviews. It's a complete shit fest to use any of the online review sites for any reason.



Unfortunately I don't have a FLGS. I'd love to open a game store someday, though. I just don't have the initial capital to start up a business of that kind at the moment.


There was a restaurant near me when I went to university that gave out huge portions of Chinese food and had a lot of half off sales. They were trying to compete with Panda really hard, and the manager always asked to leave reviews. Too bad it didn't help. They were good people, and I wish they were still around. Even the actual Chinese kids said they had better flavor, too.


File: 862b88be92e1029⋯.jpg (219.86 KB, 1024x1546, 512:773, McDD.jpg)

>mfw no lgs

Nearest one is 40-min drive or more


File: a3ac3541c264da8⋯.png (83.12 KB, 533x541, 533:541, 1527828815076.png)


When you're writing your own system, what's your general process for working on it?

I've been developing a system to run games in my homebrew world, and at this point I have a general outline of the system and some details here and there with a rough character creation process. But when I sit down to work on it, I hit some block when it comes to where to work on it. Usually I just write a bit on something I was recently inspired on, but I think if I want to complete this I should try and develop a more methodical process.

What's your approach and method for working on your homebrew material, /tg/? What's your game design thought process?



I don't usually design anything unless there's a problem I have with something. If there's a problem, I try to figure out what it is. Then I try to think about what a possible solution is, and just work with it. The other time I work is the opposite: I see something cool, and try to work it into a format what can work at the table.

In terms of system design, find a system that emulates a similar genre to what you want, and see how they lay it out. If it's just fantasy, the most 'old-school' way is to take a barebones system like OD&D and use that at the table. When something comes up that there isn't an answer in the rules for, wing something for the moment; if it works well, keep it; if not, go to the drawing board and craft it. Fix things as the problems arise, basically.


Read other books, write down ideas I like with page numbers and impressions, copy the idea over while listening to anime soundtracks.


File: f8ca3eabbed36c2⋯.png (178.56 KB, 558x592, 279:296, 1299554641136.png)


Your primary goal should be to make things playable as soon as possible. There's no hard rules for development here, same as any other kind of game design process, but the goal is always the same: Make something playable. All decisions made should prioritize that goal.

Step zero is to ask yourself if there is already a game system that does everything you need it to or one that can be minorly modified that you can use for the game you want to run. If there is, consider using that. If there's not, do a little more research, and then decide if you really need to design an entire system for this. Work smart.

That said, first ask yourself what the essential elements are needed to make the game playable. Knock out a rough draft that explains the basic gist of things. You can always go back and clarify, rewrite, and tweak later. Make sure your core mechanics are usable, maybe test them out yourself. Roll some dice, figure out how your probability curve will work or if things are too clunky, then commit to it. Then go on and see what other stuff you need. If you've got dice and stats, maybe throw together a basic character sheet. This early on, DO NOT worry about fancy graphic design or art or any bullshit like that. You don't even have a game yet. Don't worry about making your pile of nothing pretty just yet.

If you haven't already, ask yourself who the player characters are, what will they be able to do, and what sort of challenges they'll be dealing with. Design around that. If they can cast magic, work out the basics of what magic will do and how it will work. If they're going to have laser guns and giant mechs, slap down some words on a page about that. Make sure the basic pieces are there. They will probably all get reworked and look differently at the end than they do at the start. That's fine.

Once you've got the barest bones of a game, grab your friends and start playtesting. While you playtest, take as many notes as you can. Listen to every suggestion and idea they come up with. When they go off the rails or when they break your game, don't chastise thePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


The first thing I ask myself is "what's wrong with other games". Not for the sake of "fixing the industry because everything SUCKS" or anything like that, but because I don't want to waste time making something if I feel like I might just as well play something someone else already made. I see so many amateur games that are essentially just DnD with less options and worse mechanics. There should be a reason why people would play your game instead of just another system.

Next, I try to devise a core mechanic, usually in the interest of finding a sweet-spot between luck and decision-making. If there's too much luck, skill is irrelevant. If there's too little luck, then your playerbase will find the best strategy and ignore most of the game's options and content. I wouldn't recommend any specific ratio of luck to decision-making in your core-mechanic, as some games are better with a lot of luck and some are better with very little. What I would suggest doing, however, is keeping in mind a difference between luck and dumb-luck. Luck is something that players can either work around or factor into their strategies. When dumb-luck pops up, it negates the purpose of decision-making. If decision-making loses purpose, gameplay loses purpose, and that ain't fun.

After that, I try to see how that mechanic works in different challenge types, and then consider how the nature of said task will affect the mechanic. Often this involves making subsystems to interact with the core mechanic, such as pools for health/energy. This is also a good stage for arranging solo tests, play with numbers and make your math-puppets fight eachother for your amusement.

Once you feel like you've got all the kinks out, have the core mechanic and subsystems all working together and whatnot, then I'd get to fleshing out the content. Weapons, bestiary, skills, etc. Then compile all the info into a little PDF file and try it out with some friends.

File: ab386b8cc376da2⋯.png (889.73 KB, 712x820, 178:205, the world in my hands.png)


Thread about situations or confrontations that killed your campaign in its tracks, leaving all of the "planned" shit going into the memory hole to be reused with a group of lesser autists.

I have had one close call and one death so far in my short tabletop experience with each story involving the same exact nigger.

>munckin faggot character is too much of a broken meme so he is shelved for a new character after 4 sessions.

>perception bonus so fucking high that the loot breaks the CR which was already broken due to how fucked the other character was.

>muncnigger has jew "oy vey why are you persecuting me so" defensive or "robust" to excuse his shittery for the sake of shittery

>DM rolls for loot and gets a talking magic sword that no matter what we do it makes us do exactly what it says 100% of the time breaking the entire campaign.

>The DM was tired of all the needless autism and letting everything go to shit.

I have no problem with min-maxing or going for the best stats for your character but when you railroad using your autism its not even worth you're time to play. For the sake of transparency I got memed on pretty hard for making a somewhat edgy self insert and a pretty meh alcoholic edgy healer since you gotta get those out of your system.

What almost killed our campaign today which inspired me to make this thread was that the same nigger has an autisticaly high sleight of hand for his level and cucking everyone who doesn't do what his character wants. This causing the other players to feel that they were been railroaded by a furfag teen instead of doing what they actually want. After one cuckery goes to far I had to beg/mend it up and after that the nigger shut his mouth for the rest of the session before quiting the game as of today.

What stories do you anons have about autism used for evil instead of "good"?

116 posts and 35 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>GM and all the other players not directly involved with that soap opera bullshit are left high and dry

Fucking hell, how many goddamned players were you trying to run. The first warning sign should have been showing up to the first session to see it was being held in an auditorium.


File: 5cc968c15d45d06⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1360x768, 85:48, oh ok.png)

I helped killed a D&D 3. whatever campaign, I still feel bad about it sort of since our forever DM always puts a lot of work into the setting

>4 players, CE Tiefling, CN Kobold warlock , NG Mongrel fighted, and some subhuman from the plane of dusk, this ones not important as they were mostly zoning out during play and didnt do shit

>Essentially after some mucking about on the island our party had split, mongrel and kobold linked together (mongrel with some green dragon liked hanging out with his 'cuz') and the Tiefling intimidated the subhuman into working with him under pain of death

>Players dont get along at all in game, we all start collecting NPCs the GM distributes to fill in Party gaps, also so they can sort of get in on the gameplay as well

>Long story short they was a huge festival which ended with a big prophecy being read out, long story short everyone wanted to get to one specific location ala Mad Mad Mad Mad World

>After some fuck ups, there is only one boat left in port that wasn't spoken for

>Kobold comes up with plan to get on board and either coerce/bribe the crew to take them to destination, Mongrel is just happy to be here and offers to help sneak them on boat with scroll of waterwalk (he'd carry the kobold, once boat was secured they'd lower gangplank to let team on and head out)

>Tiefling has a stake in this boat, dont remember exact circumstances but has some of his own NPCs on board

>covert infiltration works well enough as they approach from under pier and swing a rope up, Kobold eldritch blast frags Tieflings lookout and we are able to force the rest of the crew belowdecks

>Things start going WACO as obvious warlock fireball is obvious and now people are watching the boat and guards are involved

>Tiefling has high level NPC caster who teleported themselves and other Tieflilng NPCs onboard, after some fighting where the Kobold and Mongrel are nearly killed they manage to subdue caster, Tiefling is riling up the crowd and now captain of city guard is there threatening to burn down the ship

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



You don't even know the half of it. That game got infamously overcrowded at one point and was verging on being a bad LARP. Mind, we were playing WoD stuff and not D&D or something with a typical traveling party.


I looked at the OP and went, "Hey, I have a game story ruined by autism I can tell." Then I saw my story posted, and realized this is the original thread from last year. Here's my old post if anyone's interested. I'm around to answer questions about it, since storytiming isn't exactly my strong suit.



I once killed two campaigns in a row due to an inexperienced GM and incompatible characters for his world. All were in GURPS.

In the first one it was going to be set in Fantasty Rome™, so I made a mage who could heat and cool water, figuring that if we had downtime I could make some money with hot and cold baths, air conditioning, etc. I then discovered Fast Fire, and then realized that create fire, shape fire, and fast fire produced a flame that out-damaged ATGMs, lasted a minute, and could move around in three dimensions at 5 meters per second.

After I killed every enemy in about 5 or 6 encounters single handedly the GM killed it because he had no clue what to do.

In the next game, saddened by the game clearly being ended because of me, I did the exact opposite; I made a merchant in Not Byzantium who hired the other PCs as mercenary guards to ensure his profit. The GM, fully aware of this, planned swashbuckling adventures with undead pirates. We went into a town that was extremely barren and starving, heard about some skeletons strangling trade, and immediately started making runs to supply the town with food.

Shortly afterwards he killed that campaign too.

With me GMing a short-lived fantasy game that ended due to me being stressed out in between the original GM did a game set in a cold war era fictional Not Africa which he shelved despite everyone, including him, loving it to death. I can't recall why, but I think it had something to do with his job.

He married a woman and taking care of her two kids takes up most of his time now, so he can't even be bothered to show up for the game we're currently running where another player common to all of these games is now the GM.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


What are some good recommendations for tabletop gaming for the most

edgy among us? It can be anything from war gaming go pen and paper Roleplaying games.

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Hardly even a week ago. Thread is on page 2 and the most recent post was yesterday.



>I think Kill Puppies For Satan would be the classic.

Was the game any good?



No. It banked too much on the joke.



As I recall, it was only even designed because the author was being a bit of a cheeky edgelord and knew that the title would be eye catching and controversial.



It'd be a lot more sensible to try to fix the mechanics first.

File: 5f8fadfcbb9ec0b⋯.jpg (1.49 MB, 1240x1752, 155:219, Koakuma.full.665361[1].jpg)


Time for a new thread full of sharing and junks, keep it civil.

Last thread:




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snipli.com > snip.li


File: d1ab7134eb4013f⋯.jpg (3.94 KB, 139x182, 139:182, simpleskill.jpg)

I'm looking for Simple Skill from 10 spot games.



What site is that again?






Thought about checking the /WOTCTrove?

File: a239cd7e6489ae9⋯.jpg (331.26 KB, 950x1074, 475:537, gurps_supers_by_stardriv-d….jpg)


>Out of breath and bleeding, you turn the corner into the darkened alley. You get only a couple yards farther before it shows itself again, and your body freezes in fear. There, ten yards ahead, it's body illuminated entirely by moonlight, is


ITT: GURPS questions, stories, ideas, NPCs, equipments, etc.

What's your favorite edition of GURPS?

What about your favorite supplement?

Any ideas for a supplement you'd like to see?

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File: e0e3b3e35ba6b1c⋯.jpg (193.43 KB, 960x720, 4:3, telegram_fuck_you.jpg)


The fact of the matter is, if you're doing something specifically designed to suck the fun out of the game, the GM is within his rights to come up with whatever he wants to stop you. If your wizard did it, someone else probably did it as well. If so, there's almost certainly an in-universe counter for it. If there isn't one, there must be a reason why the most autistic of mages hasn't done it yet and gotten his shit pushed in by a whole gang of equally autistic mages.

Failing that, of course, your GM could just say "no, Ethereal Body doesn't fit my campaign," and be perfectly legitimate. It's part of the job description to shut down that one faggot that thinks TTRPGs aren't a co-operative exercise.


So in DFRPG it seems that it's very important to require 20 points for IQ (so no reducing will/per by 1 as you do it for 10 points). However, will is listed as having a maximum of 20 for those classes that don't have an exceptional ability to have higher. I assume perception is the same. At IQ 20, will will be 20 if you don't raise it separately. At that point would you #1 let will go higher (to do a soft nerf to IQ), not let will go higher and have it cost 15 points (seems closest to RAW), or something else (charge 20 points and not raise will as a fuck you to powergamers). Some for perception at IQ 23, it's 20 and thus 24 and 25 should be 10 points each.

What's your view on this?



Forgot to say: This assumes the wizard class.



Honestly, if there will ever be another edition of GURPS, they should just officially divorce Per and Will from IQ.



How do you balance IQ? As it is if you have 5 IQ skills you use it's better to raise IQ than a skill. Would you suggest you just raise the base cost?

File: d0a7f6f4b39a2c6⋯.jpg (54.79 KB, 920x517, 920:517, Duncan's packing (over)hea….jpg)


Last thread hit the bump limit, find it here: >>363695

Does your army have weapons that can overheat? Do you use this firing mode often?

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Tell that to the guard, I don't know many skirmish games where 50 bodies on the ground is viable.



I haven't looked at GW since ~5th edition 40k. What's the chance that modern GW can support a competitive game for a reasonable length of time without fucking it or dropping it in some way?




I mean, look at that crap, they still keep adding more smegmarine warbands in even when they know everyone hates them and hardly any of the other factions are represented.

Killteam is probably going to fare much better, at least everyone can start playing that right at launch.



All the traffic is on halfchan



They nuked Warhammer Fantasy and got massive backlash for it. So they took the lessons they learned from Age of Sigmar and applied it to 40k 8th edition. And by lessons I mean, "what to do to not piss off or fans", not "what can we do to make things actually good."


My cube has arrived. Ask me anything about it.

>Anon, fuck off with your shilling. Shove that plastic hand up your ass.

Can you really shill something that costs 200 USD? I'm not sure you can. I'm just here to show you how... weird this game is.

>Is this an unboxing thread?

I don't want it to be. Considering the unique presentation and packaging though, if enough of you bitch about wanting to see the components, I'll pull some out. Take pictures. Talk about what they are.

>What the fuck is this thing.

Barring certain collectors items on Ebay, probably the most expensive tabletop RPG on the market right now?


Several. At first glance, it appears to be a weird hybdrid of Target Numbers plus a Dice Pool using D10s.

Basically; any mundane test has a target number of 0 to 10. If 0, no roll required, you automatically pass. Otherwise, you must equal or beat the target number on the mundane D10.

Rolling a 0 on the mundane D10, however, does not mean you have rolled a 10. It means you rolled a 0.

Challenge Ratings 11, 12, and 13 (The Number of Mortality. The Number of the Grey Sun of the Night Path) are reserved for tests that are possible for mortals with training and mundane talents to execute. Think Olympic Athlete feats or intellectual achievements by world class scientists.

Challenge Ratings beyond 13 are reserved for actions and tests that are impossible for normal people. That's purely the realm of supernatural weird level wizardry and crazy shit.

>Anon, you said there was a dice pool.

Anything that requires magic to overcome modifies the Test by requiring you to roll equal to or above a target number twice using more than one die. You are granted more dice by tapping into magic/the supernatural. But there is a risk. Remember how the 0 is a 0 and not a 10? On the magic D10s (these will be of a different colour from your mundaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

33 posts and 30 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 0305a17eb4611a0⋯.gif (1.07 MB, 500x500, 1:1, Thoughtful Waves.gif)


OP here.

No PDFs exist of this system yet. None have been distributed.

Considering the way this game is built, I suspect that having a PDF will not be enough. As I said before, each character type has a completely different character sheet and reference material for how their mechanics function. There is also the fact that the mechanics built into this game are tied to physical accessories which have no digital analogue. For example:

There is an art book for the Soothe Deck, but no digital PDF of the Soothe Deck cards.

There are no printable sheets for the 1000 cards that the game comes with. About three quarters of those cards are absolutely necessary to play 3 of the 4 different character types.

The Vance spells are on thick specifically blocked out tetris like cardboard chits, again, there are no PDFs of those chits.

There is a board game style board used for the game which is tied to a few elements of magic use and in-game travel. No PDF exists for this resource.

The character sheets are printed on irregularly sized paper. 8 1/2 x 11 pages from your printer will not do for these things.


It sounds like several interesting, if not very original (since this sounds like a Mage knock off combined with a few modern and popular features from Gloomhaven and similar boardgame/role-playing game hybrids), but paying 200$+ because they deliberately made everything non-standard sizes, styles, etc. and integrated physical pieces is skeevy to say the least. Especially from an industry veteran who knows better than to think this kind of anti-piracy is going to help the game in the long run, most people start with pirated PDFs and then buy official works because they liked what they read. I don't know anyone who buys first, it's just not reasonable. Combining that with the fact that the game requires physical proximity and isn't offering an official TTS version (seriously? Why are people doing that in Current Year? It's money left on the table.) and it seems like a lot of good ideas deliberately made into something only a bunch of Sanfran Suburbanites can successfully afford and play and everyone else can get bent.



It reminds me a little of that one board game that can only be played once because of unsealing envelopes and the like. Pandemic, or something?



Gloomhaven does that where you open up envelopes that are sealed to unlock classes, equipment, etc. but so does Kingdom Death and a few others, it's the new hot thing to do.


File: 32d5454dc3614f3⋯.pdf (4.77 MB, Invisible Sun Rules Primer….pdf)




Before you three run off the rails; I am uncertain if the design as intended is meant to be for anti-piracy measures. It suggests simply that it's creator, Monte Cook, went a little off the rails with how crazy this design is.

My reasoning is as follows: Invisible Sun has gone through mostly online beta testing prior to this point, so in order to play it online, online resources need to be promulgated. I do not have a copy of those resources, only the PDF which you will find attached to this post.

So, apparently, you can play Invisible Sun online. Maybe PDFs will be made eventually but they are not yet available. I shall report back when I do get my hands on them, as I was a backer and thus was promised a copy of those materials. I think. I need to check.

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