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sister board /tv/

File: 4d8022625028b74⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1592x1030, 796:515, Hutt Space.png)


The board for discussing all things Star Wars!

This thread serves as a simple introduction to the board, but can also be used for suggestions, board news or anything you might like to share.

I am called Bordo the Hutt, the mod of this wretched hive of scum and villainy.


• Here are some essentials to getting started on the board and integrating into the community.

1: Check out the board's CyTube channel for live chats and watching SW videos (feel free to edit the playlist if you're registered on the site): https://cytu.be/r/star-wars

2: We have our own Star Wars encyclopedia covering all pre-Disney media, the SW Holonet. Feel free to check it out and contribute: http://swholonet.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Main_Page

3: Fair warning. Diehard Disneyfags and Namefags can and will be mocked by the locals.

4: Always check the catalog.

5: Credits are accepted, but truguts are preferred.

The Rules:

• The rules here are simple, we live by and follow the rules and laws of Hutt Space. Which means we barely follow any real rules here. Just don't post CP and keep shit on topic as I don't like banning or deleting shit, unless its necessary, like spam, cp, brownpill shit and raids. Off-topic shit will not be deleted either, but it will be anchored (unless its scifi-related and in relation to us), so just make a meta general for that kind of shit.

May the Force be with you, Stormtroopers.

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I guess GoT is no longer trendy to like.

File: a869f79431f0206⋯.jpg (84.44 KB, 728x728, 1:1, Stormtroopers-Drinking-Whi….jpg)


Feel free to offer up any new banners you want. Don't matter how stupid they are as long as they look decent.

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sweet, thanks

File: 1471855527398.jpg (34.74 KB, 500x480, 25:24, sheev.jpg)


Sheev thread.

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Of course.


File: 6c8f813d208d04f⋯.png (180.14 KB, 255x439, 255:439, custom_dubs.png)


Dubs confirm.



Ohhh, he had a laundry list of things he did wrong, especially making a state which could not persist after his death. It just happened that those against him were just as bad, even if they had a bunch of starry-eyed reformers in their number. Arabs, not even once. Don't try to compare him to Hitler, faggot, you make the Fuhrer look bad.


Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

You know what, fuck it. Have some Shakespearian Sheev.

File: 2f6c843eab482b8⋯.jpg (21.19 KB, 364x314, 182:157, EU ERA.jpg)

File: 99d3d52532d0082⋯.png (124.5 KB, 759x207, 11:3, 50.png)


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and i should add on, i mean their thoughts in addition to their physical looks. like the first one is a total "fuck me anon" type, but the second's personality gets me rock hard.



I’m into dyke radfem for some reason. Like you give them the D and they turn into a total bimbo. Why is there no porn of that?


File: 99e37746ff6f586⋯.png (3.09 KB, 444x273, 148:91, fuck my troopers up.png)


>tfw no porn ever



Pro reviews now at 90%.


File: 97feca5adea9a4f⋯.gif (32.22 KB, 350x400, 7:8, Reaction Pokemon - Slow Ne….gif)

File: 7221d99ea604f23⋯.jpg (74.34 KB, 500x684, 125:171, Make it Swole.jpg)


Reminder that /strek/ will always be the superior board

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>one good film out of thirteen attempts

i've only seen the OS films and the reboots. with the exception of the last two i can say i thoroughly enjoyed them all.


>the trekkie thinks his canon hasn't been pozzed

correct me if i'm wrong but isn't STD completely pointless as its time period was covered both in and out of the other shows? you're in the same boat as us m8.



>>the trekkie thinks his canon hasn't been pozzed

You suck at reading if that’s the takeaway you got. Star Trek is more used to being retarded so star trek fans don’t go to pieces as much.



Do you think they'll pick JJ to work on the LotR projects by Amazon? Then /sw/, /strek/ and /arda/ can become the JJ Victim Association or the Defiled Trinity.



He’d like to, but I believe Christopher Tolkien would probably have strength enough in him to lift a sword and drive it into that ugly hobJewglin


Star Trek didn't have enough edgelords in black robes with red laser swords for my child self to latch onto so it's trash sorry

File: f1db11f0ee7cf35⋯.jpg (8.56 KB, 320x180, 16:9, Todd Palpatine.jpg)


Hello /sw/. /v/tard here. I know Skyrim is something of incredible faggotry and an insult to the industry, yet it is easy as hell to mod, so to get straight to the point, me and some friends want to make a Skyrim mod that's basically a brand new game that takes place on Endor and recreates as much of the landscape as possible based on the visuals seen in the movies, games, comics and cartoons. I'd call it Endor: An Expanded Universe. It's not something I have officially decided to do and I can't guarantee that it will be a quick release (far from it) and it's probably not something I would start working on this year, due to my other stupidly pointless modding projects and my job, but I want to know, if I make it, would it be something any oldschool SW fans would be interested in? Most of the game would be about fighting the many exotic creatures on Endor, especially those from other planets that ended up there because of carrier ships that got trapped in the moon's gravitational pull, maybe even a few Krayt Dragons, Rancor and Gundark bosses. NPCs and quest givers would mainly be Ewoks, Duloks, Jindas, Tulgahs and Yuzzums. I would also consider adding new playable races, like Humans (Coruscantian, Tatooinian and Corellian), Rodians, Bothans, Mon Cal, Twi'lek, Wookiee and maybe one other thing. Again, this is all just a basic concept idea and not something definitive at the moment, we'd just like to hear your input and tell us how stupid it is because it uses Skyrim as a basis.

File: 855a3f77b755afa⋯.jpg (59.42 KB, 661x399, 661:399, The Last Jedi Toys.jpg)


Man, Rose sure is popular.

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File: 2d29f42b6dfee9d⋯.jpg (57.46 KB, 480x360, 4:3, the_french_blue_milk_of_di….jpg)



What did they mean by this?




Holy shit, if there wasn't clearer proof of shills out and about



>tfw disney realizes how well the black series is selling so they force them to start using the new shit

>the new shit sells abysmally but because the line itself is still doing well they consider it a success



>episode 8 milk man


File: f7c4b8d1efac3a8⋯.gif (993.79 KB, 500x375, 4:3, Palpatine's Corellian Wine….gif)

File: 96a4d3bc3b9c070⋯.jpg (422.17 KB, 1721x1739, 1721:1739, Prequel vs Sequel Aliens.jpg)


How important are aliens to the Star Wars experience for you, /sw/?

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That is just fucking lazy that alien. At least Ithorians had those side vent things for expressing sound this is just cannabalizing the old stuff.


There's a vid that covers that character. He wears a Kaleesh helmet but is not a Kaleesh and is some other type of alien who's also a pirate.



It's the sweater that gets me. It would look great if it had some really natural looking fraying to it, but that regular pattern of loose thread effect just looks so fake.



>one quarren in ROTJ is hardly noticeable, the quarren in the prequels were more prompt.

Still aren't a prequel creation. They were all over the early EU.



Now I know where I've seen this shitty alien aesthetic before. They look like they're straight out of Farscape.


honestly more important then the humans, the alien planets devloped different force powers, its why there is such a variety of them (although you wouldnt know if you watched the movies and thats it)

its why jedi all have slight precognitive abilities, yoda taught it to them, it was developed on his planet

its why with shoot lightning

File: 8b2a8e0a2bf4b55⋯.jpg (46.61 KB, 680x894, 340:447, 501st.jpg)


Some of you Jedi are all right. Don't come to the temple tomorrow.

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File: 1c1495571af213a⋯.png (609.53 KB, 640x800, 4:5, latest-1.png)

Hi, Elliot Rodger here.


File: 8330e41b79b224f⋯.jpg (56.77 KB, 400x444, 100:111, 170179-199140-aayla-secura.jpg)

File: 7ecf39ee384f5c5⋯.jpg (203.24 KB, 700x891, 700:891, aayla_secura_by_natebaerts….jpg)

Why didn't they spare aayla?


File: 46529a793ea93a2⋯.jpg (302.44 KB, 798x1002, 133:167, shaak_ti_by_khallion-d397y….jpg)

File: c3c1ff7453fb151⋯.jpg (7.29 KB, 200x229, 200:229, sheev_expression.jpg)


File: a5020a7e37b6821⋯.png (296.66 KB, 525x527, 525:527, blam.png)


Because good soldiers follow orders


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


still pretty stupid

File: 4e0cc53c1dd4fe2⋯.jpg (78.14 KB, 640x315, 128:63, IYBH6Qj[1].jpg)


How badly did Mike Wong fuck up, and let his site die before NuWars came out? He could have cashed in on the new trilogy and re-invigorated his site for it.



>NuWars came out? He could have cashed in on the new trilogy

Better off dead then. Still pretty weak of him to fuck up like that if all he wanted was the dough.

File: 757f05ae010ee52⋯.jpg (169.51 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, kotor1.jpg)


Let's have ourselves a Star Wars vidya thread.

What are your favourite SW games?

What are your least favourite SW games?

If you could make any game in the SW universe without any restrictions, what kind of game would you make?

And why will the VR game suck so much?

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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>>thinks programmers in CY+3 are allowed to be creative

>>thinks that somehow game making in CY+3 is an art

Gamers are so pathetic and stupid, they will bitch but then still buy inordinately priced shit because they feel the need to play. If good /sw/ books can't be written these days, then there is no way a multi-team game creation could succeed.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I'm sure most will remember this gem.



>those mid sound effects

>that room with shades and light from outside entering from the windows

The scenery is so cozy. Also reminds me of the comfiest aspects of the 90's.


File: b79b2d9f73f69a0⋯.jpg (230.98 KB, 1001x1147, 1001:1147, endless cum.jpg)

File: e5dba46007b5f21⋯.png (251.51 KB, 433x700, 433:700, 6451551544165465151.png)


Post Nu-lore you kind of like

>Random Medic Clone Trooper from the TV show

>one of the major arcs had an ARC Trooper discover Order 66

>ARC Trooper tells him about it but dies shortly after

>Medic Trooper starts digging into it and discovers Order 66 aswell

>Dooku finds out and orders his kidnapping and interrogation

>He is captured and put into cyro statis

>The CIS ship that had him gets attacked and crash lands

>The clone trooper is discovered 50 years later and is the last Jango Fett Clone alive.

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>I've only played KOTOR

Okay. So you only know about Sith from Bioware who are basically massive hacks. Like I said, you don't even understand what the Sith are. Also you clearly weren't paying attention to the games because they state that there were even more ancient and powerful Sith than Malak and Revan. Also sorry if you don't buy in to it, but the movie OUTRIGHT states that it's a weak dying religion. That Imperial that said it wasn't just doing so to be a cock, it's a line of dialogue written to establish what's being said to the audience. The force may still be strong, but there are like 3 fucking force users left in the galaxy, one of them is a burn victim, and all of them are old farts. I'm sorry you can't cum if Daddy Vader isn't the strongest coolest Sith ever, but it's established in the first movie that it wasn't the case.

>It diminishes Luke’s challenges in facing Vader

It doesn't diminish Luke's challenges. he's still an untrained Jedi facing one of the last Sith who was trained as a Jedi, not to mention Palatine. Perspective is a thing. Some dude stuck working all his life at a shit corporation long hours for little pay and no benefits so he'll never get to retire still has a hard life even if there are innocent random people being sold in to slavery and murdered.



>Like I said, you don't even understand what the Sith are.

Palpatine is canonically the most powerful Sith of all according to Lucas and he is the exemplar Sith. It is stated the rule of two resulted in more powerful Sith than the splintering of Dark side usage. All that other crap is just wank by authors trying to make their shit relevant by increasing the power levels.

>but the movie OUTRIGHT states that it's a weak dying religion

It doesn’t say that. It says Vader is the only one left of the Jedi religion and they are all but extinct.

>I'm sorry you can't cum if Daddy Vader isn't the strongest coolest Sith ever, but it's established in the first movie that it wasn't the case

Wait, I thought Darth Vader was cooler than those Sith irrespective of his power level. You’re contradicting yourself and proving my point. But nobody says Vader is weak in ANH. Far from it. And the Sith were never mentioned. You’re just a sperg obsessed with obscure Sith from the shit parts of the EU and think it makes you some initiated Star Wars fan. That comic you posted is laughably bad. Some guys waves his hand and takes out star systems and you are throwing your panties at him? This is Marvel level wank.

>It doesn't diminish Luke's challenges. he's still an untrained Jedi facing one of the last Sith who was trained as a Jedi, not to mention Palatine.

It totally does. Because you’re eager to talk about how awesome these other shit stories are. Lucas stated Palpatine was the most powerful Sith, so having Sith perform insane feats above his is just wank.



>That comic you posted is laughably bad.

Stopped reading here. Sorry you're so triggered. Enjoy your nu-canon mousefag.



> insane feats above his is just wank.

i dont think that manipulating a very delicate system to make its suns destroy each other is comperable to summoning fleet eating warp storm on the other side of galaxy and becoming immortal by moving your soul into new bodies



>being this triggered

>y-you m-mousefag


>i dont think that manipulating a very delicate system to make its suns destroy each other

You do realize how much mass is involved with a star, right? This is marvel levels of wank.

File: 081b333eab253f5⋯.jpg (52.18 KB, 1000x462, 500:231, 5002[1].jpg)


>Starships of the Galaxy mentions there are cloned Z-95s

>Star Wars Millennium Falcon Owners Manual mentions "unauthorized replicas" of YT-1300 and that CEC had other makers make replacement parts

Are there any other mentions of this in Star Wars material? The idea fascinates me.

3 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


File: d8e7c5f61f91203⋯.jpg (61.16 KB, 800x567, 800:567, Toscan_AIR.jpg)


yeah, there were versions with cockpit in the middle and on the left. its just that space port docking sucks apparently and getting better field of view on landing bay made central configuration unpopular, so there was a competition between right and left side configuration, which was won by rght side simply because it was first on the list in the catalogue

and it was so popular later everyone thought that there is only right side configuration.


i dont know if that counts but tocsan was made specially for licensing out to small shipyards.


I'd expect Ghtroc ships to have third party copies, if only for spare parts, given the company went bust but their designs remain popular.


File: 4351509c87a78c6⋯.jpg (127.39 KB, 504x702, 28:39, YT-1300_72dpi.jpg)


No. Cargo is loaded centrally, so the cockpit has to go elsewhere.


File: 08cc747db48d5ca⋯.jpg (64.44 KB, 565x400, 113:80, Ghtroc720_sotg07.jpg)

File: cfbeeb8fbbf0c83⋯.jpg (131.4 KB, 1210x660, 11:6, star_wars_ghtroc_light_fre….jpg)



space turtle best turtle



Swaping the front engines and the escape pods would fix that weird interior

File: cc8711211af74fc⋯.jpg (90.52 KB, 516x800, 129:200, Tojtsw5cover.jpg)


Is Tales of the Jedi the best star wars comics?

55 posts and 136 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: f634d0c5ca004c1⋯.jpg (721.05 KB, 1200x1827, 400:609, blz15.jpg)

File: 771e8507ea79181⋯.jpg (694.69 KB, 1200x1875, 16:25, blz16.jpg)

File: 8f19eff38e99910⋯.jpg (740.81 KB, 1200x1854, 200:309, blz17.jpg)

File: 5a0de2c1ff44ea8⋯.jpg (770.68 KB, 1200x1882, 600:941, blz18.jpg)

File: 5a706f84005a4b7⋯.jpg (743.82 KB, 1200x1853, 1200:1853, blz19.jpg)


File: c65eddb232ac84c⋯.jpg (817.22 KB, 1200x1875, 16:25, blz20.jpg)

File: 53c18fea97633c9⋯.jpg (774.79 KB, 1200x1861, 1200:1861, blz21.jpg)

File: f539fe3fe597540⋯.jpg (775.74 KB, 1200x1888, 75:118, blz22.jpg)

File: 8f627921299452a⋯.jpg (736.37 KB, 1200x1854, 200:309, blz23.jpg)

File: 6da6abd20744d5f⋯.jpg (727.71 KB, 1200x1880, 30:47, blz24.jpg)


File: facd2dbd1b66327⋯.jpg (780.73 KB, 1200x1867, 1200:1867, blz25.jpg)

File: e1f27e0852517cb⋯.jpg (675.64 KB, 1200x1878, 200:313, blz26.jpg)

File: a2aaa03e90e43d7⋯.jpg (704.25 KB, 1200x1854, 200:309, blz27.jpg)


File: 6b2602a54300310⋯.jpg (570.42 KB, 1041x1600, 1041:1600, SPzv7Sqh-744cEW7YuXHipItOG….jpg)

File: 8269374791ddf37⋯.jpg (652.14 KB, 1041x1600, 1041:1600, IWig082XG6wiZ6_oGy5Pz4nikK….jpg)

File: ead9e758fca0807⋯.jpg (488.31 KB, 1017x1600, 1017:1600, bnekAXDss9XUtTa7lnkIJeYIuh….jpg)

Props to the storytime anon. I know I'm jumping the gun, I just want to post these because I really really really really really really love Redemption, and I realised something. I suppose Ulic's exile is sort of echoed in TLJ by Luke, as is his force projection from Dark Empire. That said, I still fucking hate that movie.



Kevin J Anderson deservedly gets a lot of flak, but Redemption was one of the best things he ever wrote.

File: 9db5c43f1af7522⋯.png (2.83 MB, 1306x1916, 653:958, HOLDO.png)


Homeworld of pic-related


>Gatalenta was a warm, uncommonly tranquil planet famed for its tea, lengthy, erudite poetry and meditative retreats. Natives of Gatalenta were renowned for their calmness and serenity, and rose each day to thank the planet's multiple suns for rising. Love and compassion were taught and practiced fondly by the people of Gatalenta, and crying openly was considered a virtue and proof of a caring heart.[1] The Gatalentan people were also known for living austerely, with the only colorful parts of their attire being traditional red cloaks. They were ruled by the Council of Mothers. Slavery was illegal on the planet, and slaves were not allowed to be brought to the planet. If a slave was brought there, and their master was caught, the slave was set free.[2] A member of the New Republic, Gatalenta was represented in the Galactic Senate for over twenty years by Senator Tai-Lin Garr. New Republic pilot Joph Seastriker also came from Gatalenta,[1] as did Resistance Vice Admiral[3] Amilyn Holdo.[2] In the years before the Galactic Civil War, Gatalenta had a strong Jedi tradition, and the old Jedi Expanded Universe remained alive on Gatalenta in spite of the Jedi Purge. In fact, Gatalenta became one of Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker's first destinations when he began studying the history of the Jedi Order.[1]

<Council of Mommies

Holy fuck, it's literally the tumblrina/soyboy planet with mommy issues cranked up times a thousand. This is how low nu-SW has sunken.


<She's a great character! The books she first appeared in were great! She's just like Luna Lovegood!

Don't these niggos read anything outside of Harry-fucking-Potter?

102 posts and 32 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>recognizing and mocking political/feminist pandering where it doesn't belong is sjw

<Everyone who doesnt agree with me and mocks the shit I enjoyed is an sjw

Even sjws hated this film, Ms. Kennedy. Maybe you should rethink your shit tastes.



>posts this after admitting she liked the "girl power stuff" in the thread about the edited version of TLJ

Yeah, sure thing honey.




This isn’t /tv/. We don’t act retarded here.



Every so often /tv/ leaks.


File: c9bee957cc07fa9⋯.jpg (9.65 KB, 351x379, 351:379, yoda smug and comfy.jpg)


>muh buzzwords

>doesn't even know that his description and Nu-Wars are actually textbook examples of stalinism

Underage plz.


Should we ask Bordo if he can cut ties with /tv/ as our "sibling board"? We're honestly better off teaming up with /tg/, /strek/ or /television/. Sure /television/ isn't big, but at least they're on topic.

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