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File: c4cbe843b2869b3⋯.png (559.08 KB, 2000x2311, 2000:2311, c4cbe843b2869b3f009135828c….png)

d00ecd No.1[Reply]


>people quit

>new girl hired

>she's got looks but no brains, real wonder why management hired her hmmm

>new kid starts

>real piece of shit

>schedules drawn up for the end of the year

>she has to work new years'

>she doesn't want to work new years'

>new kid convinces her to accuse supervisor for sexual harassment so she doesn't have to work alone with him for new years'

>corporate takes this seriously, more seriously than those two counted on, especially as their stories stop lining up

>supervisor would've lost his job if they wouldn't have redacted their accusations

>they still get to keep their jobs

>she also gets to not work on new years'

>who's forced to work her night, even though they worked thanksgiving explicitly so they had new years' off?



<hurrr, wagecucks, lolololo

Niggers need to get off their high horses and give wageslaves some options so we're not dealing with this shit. We don't enjoy this, we openly say as much, we didn't ask to be herded into this scam.

ccbe21 No.2[Reply]

Vatniks and putincucks are crypto-commies.

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