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File: 8be2b508c05f5d6⋯.jpg (60.6 KB, 517x424, 517:424, Uyghur[1].jpg)

16e188 No.11594444


New story, shitload of upvotes, just disappeared off the page. I wouldn't have noticed but on the mobile site it kicked me out while I was in the middle of the comment. You can still reach it with a direct link but it'll probably die soon with the shadowban.

I can deal with reddit being liberal cucks, but Chinese shilling to lampshade genocide is a new level.

f4f4a1 No.11594452


Why do the Asians get to do all the genocide of annoying muslims these days? When's it going to be our turn again?

000000 No.11594453

They do that about all shitskin on shitskin violence because only whitey can be racis and shieeet.


>going to plebbit for any reason

/r/ b&

16e188 No.11594473


Honestly? When we take control of the (((government))).

We shouldn't be at war with Religion of Cuck™ though. Christians and Muslims are both of the book and we both hate the Jews.

I understand that there are some psychotic Muslims out that need killed, but as far as I'm concerned the real problem is this 1000 year old profit-driven holy war meme.

000000 No.11594484


Check the catalogue.


Existing thread.



16e188 No.11594507


This is a different story that got buried. /r/worldnews can't stop the fact that a story got big yesterday so they're making damn sure it doesn't happen again.

05a1c3 No.11594528

For those of you who have never been on Reddit, I encourage you to take a look and try posting there for a few hours to see why the website is so hated. I didn't really understand how much of a forced echo chamber it was until I tried posting in a very specialized board on Reddit over the past week or so; really opened my eyes as to the forced ideological conformity a lot of numales are experiencing on a day to day basis. And it's not even necessarily by the mods, it's an unsettling 1984-esque consensus that most don't sincerely believe in, yet almost everyone takes part in enforcing it.

000000 No.11594537


They call the ruleset you're supposed to self-police so as not to fall foul of wrongthink "Redditquette".

So for example, in polite White society you don't interrupt someone who is speaking, you don't pick your nose, you leave the room if you need to break wind, you pass the port to the left etc. This is etiquette.

On Reddit you don't criticize anything a woman or a non-White does. You qualify any opinion you have on anything a non-White, non-Male, non-Hetero does, by beating yourself and your right to comment over the head.

>I know I'm just a White male and my opinion on this is absolutely worthless but;

Distilled down, the underlying rule is quite simple.

>always yield to someone who claims to have more victimhood points than you.

77447b No.11594542


There are a few reasons Reddit wants to bury China's genocide of Muslim Uyghurs.

1. The villains aren't White.

2. The Uyghurs are racially close to Whites.

3. The Han Chinese are committing this genocide by cultural deracination and mass immigration. Sound familiar?

If the mainstream were to ever admit the genocides of the Uyghurs or Tibetans then it might have to admit the genocides of the Palestinians or Whites. That's a bad day for some bad people.

d81fd0 No.11594543

>Pisslamic shitniggers

Let them die.

d81fd0 No.11594553

Based China intact, I hope they annexed and cleanse Indonesia.

f47f06 No.11594555


All of the news subreddits are controlledby jew mods. Not even joking.

d81fd0 No.11594557


No one cares go back.

c4897f No.11594559

Chinese preventing Muslims from destroying their race is a bad thing?

985781 No.11594575


please yes

07db60 No.11594582


>Implying Christianity is 100% Greek

Fuck off, Rabbi.

ada299 No.11594588

Chinese tradition and statecraft is many many thousands of years old.

By comparison, Religion of Cuck™ was invented last week.

The Chinese can produce stable society of billions of people.

Muslims are always at each otehrs throat. There isnt a period in Religion of Cuck™ic history where there wasnt a war between Religion of Cuck™ and someone else.

If the Chinese tried to run their country like their muslim population want them to, it would collapse in to violence within days.

f47f06 No.11594590


Found the jew.

000000 No.11594593


Your logic is astounding.

52f8db No.11594606


Christianity and pissllam are kike made you nigger.

d81fd0 No.11594631

2043ee No.11594633




The Chinese government has long been suspected of hiring as many as 2,000,000 people to surreptitiously insert huge numbers of pseudonymous and other deceptive writings into the stream of real social media posts, as if they were the genuine opinions of ordinary people. Many academics, and most journalists and activists, claim that these so-called ``50c party posts vociferously argue for the government's side in political and policy debates. As we show, this is also true of the vast majority of posts openly accused on social media of being 50c. Yet, almost no systematic empirical evidence exists for this claim, or, more importantly, for the Chinese regime's strategic objective in pursuing this activity. In the first large scale empirical analysis of this operation, we show how to identify the secretive authors of these posts, the posts written by them, and their content. We estimate that the government fabricates and posts about 448 million social media comments a year. In contrast to prior claims, we show that the Chinese regime's strategy is to avoid arguing with skeptics of the party and the government, and to not even discuss controversial issues. We show that the goal of this massive secretive operation is instead to distract the public and change the subject, as most of the these posts involve cheerleading for China, the revolutionary history of the Communist Party, or other symbols of the regime. We discuss how these results fit with what is known about the Chinese censorship program, and suggest how they may change our broader theoretical understanding of ``common knowledge and information control in authoritarian regimes.

This paper is related to our articles in Science, “Reverse-Engineering Censorship In China: Randomized Experimentation And Participant Observation”, and the American Political Science Review, “How Censorship In China Allows Government Criticism But Silences Collective Expression”.

See also: Information Control by Authoritarian Governments

pdf on site

eff66d No.11594635

No wonder why leftypol praises China constantly.

000000 No.11594643


Last time I've seen this image, those guys were Kalasi Afghans.

33a8c0 No.11594656

File: ac8876feed6adfc⋯.jpg (76.07 KB, 620x387, 620:387, uyghur.jpg)


>>11594444 (checked)

>Uyghur people

>fair skin

>dirty blonde hair

>blue eyes

Not even close. They're half-chink Turks.

7112c2 No.11594686


Yeah, but much like certain Palestinians, I'm sure it's limited to select bloodlines. Though, it doesn't mean that they're worthy of being compared to us of course.

000000 No.11594702



>China's genocide of Muslim Uyghurs.

>2. The Uyghurs are racially close to Whites.

Uyghurs are Mongol/Turks, Turko-Mongols

Not even close to be white.

There used to be Aryan living in Central-Asia were now the Uyghurs live, until the Mongols massacred them.

OP is a faggot, turk and roach, posting a misleading photo



>Last time I've seen this image, those guys were Kalasi Afghans.




>>11594444 (checked)

>Uyghur people

>Not even close. They're half-chink Turks.

Chinks are a mongoloid race as well

8c6d63 No.11594717

File: 4d75c63abd47147⋯.gif (971.58 KB, 480x216, 20:9, mmhmm.gif)


Some places are alright on reddit. Not because they are aware or such, but because another front on this war against the yids and shitskinns can be waged subtly there. I wouldn't suggest anyone get infused into that cancer culture of signalling shit many parts have, but you as anon, can jump in and drop some things into the discussion with a finesse that should be second nature to you after a few years on the chans. HFY is at its heart white people vs the universe written by a bunch of soft belly children indoctrinated by liberal education, the right pushes, the right points delivered on their posts and ideas, and one redpill after another starts to take hold. And the lovely thing about redpills, once you take it, its there forever, you can never forget it. Such opens the path to another, and another, and perhaps it will take them years, but each person whom took it will eventually become us at some level.

This is how this war is currently being fought anon. I am anon, I don't need an fucking echo chamber. I live in an world of shit and piss, and waded into the dregs of our society online to find some humor in the abyss I was born. Now, I step into the lands of the normalfags and wreck their shit with the lessons learned on the chans and the fire /pol/ has stoked in my heart. I can stride into the valley of the shadow of death, and call em all weak cuck faggots, unabashed in my own strength and mission. You should be finding your own way to strike back at this system anon, each of us are different, each of us have strengths and powers others do not, and each of us are Anon. Final boss. Stop waiting for them to come to us, bring the fight to them in their safe places.

These little redpills op points out, its what cements the truths we lay at the normalfags feet. The fools can see in real time, with their own eyes the truth. It takes time for many, but our enemies give us the ammo needed to crush their own armies, blinded by hubris and greed. Embrace it. OP's shit, while vile, is OUR victory, not our enemies. It just takes will to drive yourself to action. Each step on the road to victory is one more step forward, if you wait for the victory to become easy and come to you, you wait forever and be subsumed under the rising tide of shitskinns and kike attacks. Op is not an faggot in this instance.

You apparently are. Get gud.

56a2db No.11595027

File: ab35a81df5ecce3⋯.png (59.57 KB, 800x1088, 25:34, ab35a81df5ecce349c75f0e958….png)


This isn't about mudslimes, Anon. This is communism enforcing communism. These commie chinks would do the exact same treatment to us, or any other group that doesn't tow the party line.


They are doing an intensive systemic version of struggle sessions. The chinks would make this mandatory at every university in the country if given the opportunity, and already are trying through "critique". Pic related.



291d23 No.11595048



>posts pic of afghanis


931119 No.11595049

Jews are "of the book" too, it says so in the Durkadurkoran. Ergo, you should get off /pol/ and get back to sucking off a Jew.

07db60 No.11595057

File: fdcd52ff01b9438⋯.jpg (167.67 KB, 917x871, 917:871, sad pepe.jpg)

>tfw not Burmese

>tfw can't remove kebab while slurpin down pho

07db60 No.11595060


<Christianity and pissllam are kike made you nigger.

>Greeks are kikes

>anti-Christian D&C

REMINDER that Christianity is 100% Greek

6defd3 No.11595074

File: 24e0d06ef9e1772⋯.png (120.25 KB, 1238x342, 619:171, FireShot Capture 139 - (4)….png)

182733 No.11595093

File: bf348a917668c30⋯.png (47.42 KB, 853x543, 853:543, dubs_aint_free.png)


The Uyghurs, like most central Asians, are the product of Mongol horse nomads conquering and raping a white population. They are Moslems and are getting what they deserve.

805c33 No.11595098


Guys, you need to recognize that Muslims are no better than Jews. Just like Jews want to dominate and control the goyim, the Muslims want to dominate and control the dhimmi.

It's important to criticize the Jews. But, in our criticism of Jews we should not be swaying to the tribe of Muslims.

Muslims want the same things as Jews. They are just a less successful competing faction.

8c9f65 No.11595112


Everyone not a shill should already understand this

29fc96 No.11595115

>there are actually people siding with China here

/r/The_Donald did this.

248f13 No.11595130


I barely post on here anymore because of this. I'm wondering if it's me who changed or /pol/

248f13 No.11595137


Around 70% of Uyghur paternal lineages are R1a and R1b (Indo-european), even if they are more chink than european autosomally. So if anything, It's more like they assimilated the Scythians

83ae38 No.11595151

File: 15419f54b96f928⋯.png (317.14 KB, 602x400, 301:200, No U.png)

>siding against goat-fuckers is siding with chinks

/pol/ has definitely changed. We've had a lot of invading niggers.

sage because OP IS A FAGGOT and needs to lean to post a proper OP before even considering bringing crap from leddit or half.

217fbe No.11595152


Imkikey and /pol/

7540d5 No.11595153

Muzz, Turk descendant of Mongol rapegangs, they're all just another sub-type of Jew. Which means IDGAF who gasses them as long as someone's doing the gassing. Hopefully after the Chinks purge their Muzz, then someone will purge all billion of them too.

56a2db No.11595155


>what they deserve

They're being enslaved by communist chinks so they can be used against us. Further, Aryan populations still exist in Khotan and face the same treatment. The communists do not wish to stop there, they wish to do this to the entire fucking world, for their kike masters.

29fc96 No.11595159

File: ed6833d97b646d3⋯.gif (2.81 MB, 480x270, 16:9, ed6833d97b646d3593f187b650….gif)

File: 7d46d8389e23c76⋯.jpg (342.26 KB, 1000x725, 40:29, rareh.jpg)

File: cff831c07d8a461⋯.jpg (191.94 KB, 1282x1034, 641:517, rockwell.jpg)


The problem is that anti-Religion of Cuck™ is super popular among normalfag conservatives. A lot of people who come to /pol/ were once that type of conservative, so it just carries over. You also have /christian/ which will attack everything, even itself. I just can't see any genuine National Socialist being okay with communists - installed by the jews - genociding people in their homeland.

My use of the board has slowed down quite a bit because of the influx of hobbyists. /polk/ was nice, but it's more interested in gardening than discussing anything else. It's also pretty dead now. Endchan is active, and it's certainly much closer to the high IQ pre-election 8/pol/, however, they just wrap their brains around the concept of a mass-movement. They foam at the mouth at the mere mention of Trump; it's like they can't see the value in tens of millions of White people all uniting around a pseudo-nationalistic message. I'm pretty sure the jews realized what was up after the election. They've attacked pretty much every right-wing space on the internet there is; even neoconservative shit like reddit and jewtube. /pol/'s recent change in moderation has improved from the previous mods, but they're kind of trigger happy, and don't really help facilitate good discussion; they also don't allow any fun, so /pol/ is pretty much only useful for news these days.

7ec578 No.11595169


Eat shit, nigger the kikebook was merely transkated to greek first to get the biggest audience at the time for it.

Christcucks are pathetic.

87efb2 No.11595170


Since the Jesus condemns pedophiles to death by drowning, muslims and jews will be sharing a bunk in Davey Jones´ locker

c4897f No.11595172


>siding with china over turk mongrel muslims

Begone roach.

1fedd1 No.11595278


>siding with shit instead of piss

56a2db No.11595297



Lurk moar, faggots. When an enemy is making a mistake, you take advantage of it. The commies are putting the mudslimes in camps. This is fantastic news because it shows the struggle sessions of communist china in the news, and can be used to create strife among commies and SJW, turn the mudslime attacks against China, and turn this clusterfuck into a PR loss for all of our enemies at once. Just have to get israel involved and our job is done.

25e13f No.11595337

File: 5fb1b9f3730c93b⋯.png (946.44 KB, 1663x807, 1663:807, 6 000 000 years of chink h….png)


>Chinese tradition and statecraft is many many thousands of years old.

Not really. After the cultural revolution, they burnt their libraries and recreated their history…Again. Even the great wall's history is extremely questionable since it's all facing inwards towards china, still being built and Macro Polo makes no accounts of the great wall existing.

8c6d63 No.11595369

File: 17128ed5585fa5d⋯.gif (1.36 MB, 250x194, 125:97, 17128ed5585fa5d595a3a9d105….gif)


To be fair, not everyone has been around as long as many of us, and not all faggot posters are shills. You can just be misguided and blind. All of us were at one point newfags. And as you careen down this rabbit hole of hell we live in with eyes now wide open, it can be rather disheartening and demoralizing when your only allies are an bunch of nameless autistic anime lovers and an pottery board of peace. Sometimes, its the little things which can make an man realize you don't bite off the entire meal in one sitting, but should instead just nibble bitesized chunks off until your hearty meal is complete. One foot in front of another, every day, can carry an man into and out of an epic journey beyond any reckoning.

The blackpill is seductive because sitting down and 'accepting' the overwhelming odds against you is rather easy, and most in our shit society have never had an true role model to show the way of strength and success in the face of overwhelming odds. It is OUR job to guide those coming up behind as as well as lead the charge on the tip of the spear against our foes. And heavy burden, but you have tens of thousands of years of conflict and conquest running in your veins, you can do it. I believe in you fuckers, even the most aspie of autistic ones.

bb39a5 No.11595383


>Macro Polo makes no accounts of the great wall existing.

The modern Great Wall was built in the 1600s. The original one was made of dirt and probably falling apart after 1000 years of use.

000000 No.11595386

Churchill said:

>How dreadful are the curses which M0hammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy.

Nowadays, kikes who hold the purse strings of western governments have completely weaponized the Mozzies to increase the wealth of the (((deep state))) and its (((financiers))) by imposing both the M0slem threat and the ((("answer to the threat")))–massive state power with a crony capitalist military industrial complex and endless massive war externally killing the goyem mercenaries. The migrant flows into Europe are more of that. (Imposing Isl@m also weakens non-kike populations, so that's a side benefit for the kikes).

The anti-Isl@m trolling on this board and in America, though, is kike driven. The truth is, the ROOT of the problem must be fixed–kikes–then Religion of Cuck™ must be dealt with simply by forcible population transfer (no need to inter or try to fix rabid dogs who cannot be changed–just kick them out).

The west has, more or less, dealt with Isl@m for hundreds of years as an external problem. Isl@m is impossible to totally eradicate, so it's better just to kick them out and stop the external wars against them, which just inflames them. The kikes however–they actually must all be killed and not just forcibly transferred out.

I think China is making a mistake trying to brainwash these M0slems. Just kick them all out. Dump them all in the Middle East or M0slem parts of the Caucasus

0c9b11 No.11595389


newfags can't isla­m or muhamm­ad

7a9912 No.11595412


kys you Religion of Cuck™ic nigger

56a2db No.11595426

File: d9cae6cfc4677fb⋯.png (76.73 KB, 1488x1470, 248:245, d9cae6cfc4677fb3553d6dbffc….png)


Since Bifröst was broken, the Æsir and the Vanir, the Asyniur and the Vana, the Einherjer and the Valkyries rode downward to Vigard through the waters of Thund. Odin rode at the head of his Champions. His helmet was of gold and in his hand was his spear Gungnir. Thor and Tyr were in his company.

In Mirkvid, the Dark Forest, the Vanir stood against the host of Muspelheim. From the broken end of the Rainbow Bridge the riders came, all flashing and flaming, with fire before them and after them. Niörd was there with Skadi, his Giant wife, fierce in her war-dress; Freya was there also, and Frey had Gerda beside him as a battle-maiden. Terribly bright flashed Surtur's sword. No sword ever owned was as bright as his except the sword that Frey had given to Skirnir. Frey and Surtur fought; he perished, Frey perished in that battle, but he would not have perished if he had had in his hand his own magic sword.

And now, for the third time, Garm, the hound with blood upon his jaws, barked. He had broken loose on the world, and with fierce bounds he rushed toward Vigard Plain, where the Gods had assembled their powers. Loud barked Garm. The Eagle Hræsvelgur screamed on the edge of heaven. Then the skies were cloven, and the tree Ygdrassil was shaken in all its roots.

To the place where the Gods had drawn up their ranks came the ship of Jötunheim and the ship of Hel, came the riders of Muspelheim, and Garm, the hound with blood upon his jaws. And out of the sea that now surrounded the plain of Vigard the serpent Jörmungand came.

What said Odin to the Gods and to the Champions who surrounded him?

We will give our lives and let our world be destroyed, but we will battle so that these evil powers will not live after us.

000000 No.11595436


Agree. There's no willingness on the part of the 50+ generation to go to war, and Gen-X is a mixed bag. Older millennials are responsible to completely reset the prevailing thinking from our parents' attitudes to a warrior mentality among the younger millennials and Gen-Z. It is difficult to shift an entire cohort/age group to the opposite of what the (((boomer))) thinks and completely stamp out the (((boomer))) bullshit. The way to do it is raw numbers. Get enough younger millennials and gen-Z so hard right and bellicose that the momentum for war is unstoppable, even by the still-very-powerful (((boomer influence))). The groundwork must be laid targeting younger millennials and gen-z almost exclusively right now, and the effort requires tons of endurance and willingness to face seemingly insurmountable odds. The propaganda leading must produce a victory-or-death attitude among the target generations. This sounds dramatic, but it should be very clear by now how the other side operates (see how they are already targeting the youth with fake organic/astroturf "movements" to take gun rights)–they know the key is the youth. Our only chance to survive is to get the youth to completely, totally reject any boomer values and adopt a victory or death mentality for whites.

f4f4a1 No.11595483


No that's not the point at all. The point here is that the Chinese Communist Party is willing to and very quick to genocide and wipe out malcontents and agitators in their country. I can't see a damned thing wrong with what they're doing to these people.

Let's be honest here. Who wouldn't jump at the opportunity to remove jews, muslims, commies and other assorted shitskins out of the west? That's right civnats wouldn't.

b694d0 No.11595495

Interesting how Liberals doesn't seem to care about real Muslim persecution.

56a2db No.11595500



Brainwash into their own population so they can be bred into by Han.

>malcontents and agitators

The native inhabitants of the land that China has invaded to increase their economic and military power, to be used against our people.

>not a damned thing wrong with using Kike methods to accomplish Kike objectives

You are either a complete idiot, or a traitor.

b41800 No.11595516


The wall you see in media is the impressive parts, long stretches was just a ditch or a low wall you could step over.

f4f4a1 No.11595520


No, I'm in a country that is being saturated by chinks and I hate them just as much, if not more than niggers.

But I would most definitely jail, disappear, genocide and otherwise oppress certain demographics, i.e anyone not white lol, in my country.

Shut your democracy loving cunt mouth, I would prefer fascism.

56a2db No.11595527


>muh fascism

Define it, newfag.

>muh democracy

To be honest, I don't care what the political ideology is that ends the kikes and secures the future of my people. National Socialism will get us there, so that's what I go with, and maybe if we can manage to raise one full generation to think for themselves, then we won't need a federal government anymore and enter into a real society where we, as homogeneous societies, simply live the same way.

>in my country

These Uguirs are IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY, they are occupied by the chinks. The fucking point is that we use this to attack communism in the media and direct jihadis at our enemies in china and away from europe. Then we blame kikes for all of it, until they take the bait and jump into the hot water on their own.

Now quit fucking bitching about shit you don't understand, and get to fucking work.

2ccb28 No.11595543


>strategic distraction, not engaging argument

Huh. Chinks really are the kikes of the Orient.

f4f4a1 No.11595565

File: 8b354e4a10703e4⋯.jpg (44.02 KB, 400x270, 40:27, joos.jpg)


Religion of Cuck™ is a fucking virus unleashed on the world by jews. Muslims do not belong anywhere just the same as commies. I do not give a flying fuck about what anyone does to fuck with jews, muslims, commies or any other group on my hit list. And the jews are always to blame.

Do you know what gets the west back on track? Having as many white children as possible. All this retarded sidetrack bullshit over a bunch of allah worshipping rape babies is pointless. I have had 4 white kids because I started impregnating a woman when she was 17. How many white kids do you have?

We secure a future for white women and children by impregnating white women not by taking up our time with retarded campaigns against the Chinese Communist Party.

My father told me a number of things as child: The Chinese are the Jews of Asia; Indonesians are cockroaches and two Wongs don't make a White lol.

Go and concentrate on having white kids asap and leave all this dumbfuckery behind you.

56a2db No.11595583


Anon, I'm not arguing against removing kebob. I'm arguing that the communists are using this to their advantage and that they have opened themselves up to attack from all sides. Look at the fucking situation, stop placing yourself in the middle of it, and be objective.

Push the Jihadis to attack China

Push the SJW to insult China

Turn their golems against each other.

Then insert the jews for creating communism and spread any possible evidence of Israel being supportive of it, to bait them into comment. Regardless of how the kikes respond to this, they will lose face with either China (economic loss) or with the west, or just piss off more mudslimes and get suicide bombed a few extra times this month.

58bc9e No.11595630


> in their country

it's not really "their" country. It's under their political control, but it's far western China where the Han never lived and they are currently taking over via mass immigration. It's the same kind of situation as Tibet.

f4f4a1 No.11595637


To the victor go the spoils. I'm supposed to worry about abos now because they were here first?

Why the fuck are you faggots sperging out over this?

14ac81 No.11595639

File: d34693a8ae672b1⋯.png (486.47 KB, 517x424, 517:424, therealunabridgedtruth.png)




No, you fools. Pic related.

f4f4a1 No.11595655


They haven't won shit yet so nice strawman but it still doesn't change the fact that this is the golden rule on this planet.

We took our prizes through blood and toil and we'll keep them that way. As a white man you should be ashamed of your post, fucking pussy, what do you want? A special consideration because our birth rates are low? Fuck off, I'm not a nigger that needs gibs.

2ccb28 No.11595690


Imagine if I conquered your land and promised you I would leave you alone so long as you pay tribute. Then, a hundreds years later I start treating you like Stalin treated those in gulags.

National socialism supports the right to ethnic self determination, not baseless conquest and genocide. The Han Chinese government, after assimilating all the similar ethnic groups in the East, is trying to cleanse the Tibetans and Uighurs and other groups that have long inhabited Western China.

000000 No.11595692


I was just considering you foolish for thinking that "golden rule" is what people should live by even if it's the golden rule of the planet. One should add a clause which says "to the victor goes the spoils, as long as it's me." Meaning, if the spoils go to someone else, i.e. someone else is the victor, you'll do anything to get it back from them.

As an example, suppose country X conquers country Y. Then, technically, Y is owned by X (so, technically, they shouldn't rebel & just obey). But, no doubt, if you're from country X, you're not just going to take being under Y's rule and will fight back

Also, despite the first part of your post making sense, the last part makes little sense and sounds like a bunch of exclamations one would make when they disagree or don't understand something.

58bc9e No.11595694


Most of Australia was empty land. The settlers homesteaded empty land and were later subject to raids by wandering nomadic Abos being petty thieves. Whites then retaliated to these raids. This is what most conflict between colonials and natives around the world involved.

I think it's a different kind of situation.

122bfa No.11595723

Fuck off OP. Reddit bullshit isn't thread worthy.

20b902 No.11596143

Jewgle is perpetuating a false narrative. Pro tip its not niggers creating these pages. (((They))) want you to believe it was kangs.


3fc2a9 No.11596347


The Globalist Jews (in America that would be the democrats) are in a secret alliance with Communist China, in an effort to destroy the various cultures of this world and install a global communist regime with a mutt population and a Judeo-Chinese ruling class. That's why the (((tech-left))) and the (((mass media))) are deliberately censoring actual genocides of indigenous peoples by the CCP: stuff that liberal whites usually sympathize with, because they don't want their goyim pawns going against actual genocides instead chasing manufactured nonsense that just weakens the west.

106f30 No.11596427


Go kill yourself. The golden rule remains golden even if we get defeated.

The distinction is that we will never be defeated by anyone other than actual whites.

106f30 No.11596431


>I was just considering you foolish

Oh, and by the way.


You flat out claimed that the spics and shitskins won, you slimy worm.


>To the victor go the spoils.

To which you replied


>Good! I'm glad you agree that a hispanic America and an arab/african UK are how things should be.

A direct insinuation that they are winning and we losing.

QED, kill yourself, faggot.

894c75 No.11596601


>Macro Polo

Did his lesser known younger brother Micro Polo mention it at all?

b89904 No.11596754

File: f1db0d6f5e07e0d⋯.jpg (94.02 KB, 670x341, 670:341, 1453481309119.jpg)

232637 No.11596772


>killing turks

>somehow bad

232637 No.11596773

File: eef077cc20c5a3a⋯.gif (638.75 KB, 765x759, 255:253, turkposting.gif)


>2. The Uyghurs are racially close to Whites.


232637 No.11596788

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>White people should cry over the death of the very mudslimes that completely genocided one of the greatest Aryan cultures in the area, the Bactro-Tocharians.

B A S E D   C H I N A











232637 No.11596810


>comparing Tibetans, the last guardians of the most influential Indo-European religion, to dirty turkroaches


You know what's the hardest part about Uyghur genocide, mehmet? MY DICK

94608b No.11596991


No no no, the verse doesn't actually say to drown them - it says anyone who harms children would be better off drowning themselves than having God get ahold of them.

Matthew 18:6-8 - But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. Woe unto the world because of such offences! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh! Wherefore if thy hand or thy foot offend thee, cut them off, and cast them from thee: it is better for thee to enter into life halt or maimed, rather than having two hands or two feet to be cast into everlasting fire.

I like that verse.

920294 No.11597001


Uh, I'm fairly certain the Tocharians were mostly dead way before that place became Muslim.

06336d No.11597117


>of these little ones WHICH BELIEVE IN ME

(Jewsus stated on multiple occasions he doesn't give a fuck about non-Jews)

>cast into everlasting fire

Semitic demon god impotently threatening us with HIS future. lel

56a2db No.11597124


No Anon, it was a very long conflict that erupted repeatedly for hundreds of years, since the fall of KHotan.

26967b No.11597132



You got what you asked for, cunt. Also, what a waste of quads.

920294 No.11597181


His disciples discussed the issue of allowing non-jews or not and them deciding that all of mankind is worthy of salvation is what made Christianity possible in the first place. Without that decision the whole thing would have ended as yet another irrelevant Jewish sect. Just saying.

94608b No.11597185


But goy, muh religious d&c!

Just ignore the kike.

dd61bd No.11597404


This is b8

000000 No.11597431


>we will never be defeated

Rhodesia and SA beg to differ (+Constantinople & such now being Turk city).


>direct insinuation that they are winning and we are losing

Yes. I did insinuate that because I don't believe that there is some value between winning and losing (it's a dichonomy). So, since I don't see how ayone could view Europeans as currently "winning," it must be losing.

11cc1e No.11597486


Hint: It's the same as the stonehenge. "The great wall" has been built and destroyed and built again in the same general location at least 3 times in the past whenever the northern steepes get uppity. The latest one was built with medieval technology, not antiquity.

fcffe6 No.11597571


God, all the Uyghurs do is sell heroin and pull scams for a living, hope they genocide them all. The guy in photo isn't an Uyghur, nice try fgt op. Uyghurs are roach type people, think of them as the protoroaches, so imagine all that concentrated roach in them makes for a disgusting and retarded people, especially throwing Religion of Cuck™ into the mix of it all.

56a2db No.11597577


>all they do

Is raise goats and weave fabric. Literally nothing has happened there since the mudslimes destroyed civilization in the region, beyond nomadic raiders passing through to get to territories with things worth looting.

65c546 No.11598058

>reddit did x

fbb3df No.11598135


OP is a glow-in-the-dark faggot. Uyghurs are a bunch of fucking gypsies. There's nothing romantic about saving them and they're not in their "own countries". Using fake photos on /pol/ shows OP's faggotry and intent to deceive. Fuck off and die OP, and take your beloved Uyghur scum with you.

<Waah muh based Muzzies poor poor muzzies

<Hate China, Goy.

<China's your enemy for not giving in to Isssslam


18931d No.11598176


When this happens to you: It will be obvious if you mention Hong Kong or Taiwan on a not even remotely Chinese website and all of a sudden you have 5 “white” Facebook avatars named “Jim” and “Tom” and “Jennifer” etc responding to you about how you don’t know the history of Hong Kong and why the Chinese system is superior to the American one. Every one will mention how they’re an expat that has experienced both systems and prefer the Chinese system.

If you want to just piss them off just say that Trump’s positioning of AEGIS system in South Korea and Japan makes China’s missiles obsolete, that a Virginia class sub can torpedo the base of the manmade islands China’s inserted into the South Sea and that Trump’s ultimate goal is the independence of true China (Taiwan) and the return of Hong Kong and other colonial cities like Macao to their rightful owners, the English and the Portuguese.

The 50c army trolls will fucking lose it.

18931d No.11598185


The Uyghurs or Uygurs are a Turkic ethnic group who live in East and Central Asia. Today, Uyghurs live primarily in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China.

Uggos are not white. They look like Mongolians mixed with Europeans, which is probably what they are.

894c75 No.11598395

File: bfa439358779f8d⋯.jpg (14.6 KB, 220x331, 220:331, 220px-Cenk_Uygur_by_Gage_S….jpg)

Hm, regarding the quality of the Uyghurs as a people, are there any famous people of Uyghur descent who we might use to get an idea of what they're really like?

45e896 No.11598465

File: ff2101f7d9fc4b2⋯.jpg (40.35 KB, 320x320, 1:1, Reddit_Down_the_Hall.jpg)


>And it's not even necessarily by the mods, it's an unsettling 1984-esque consensus that most don't sincerely believe in, yet almost everyone takes part in enforcing it.

And yet faggots keep posting there. And worst of all some even come here with their cancer. Then when called on it they go on and on how important reddit is because of its massive userbase of millions of mindless people who refuse to accept reality.

93054d No.11601366


>Both of those digits


d5b3ec No.11601857


Good let our non-white enemies destroy each other. Those mudslimes are part of the Religion of Cuck™ic invasion so they have long been seen with disdain by Chinese and also were known to cause riots, terrorist attacks on numerous occasions against local buddhist, Christians so its a long time coming. Its just China now has the capability now to destroy the mudslimes which only helps us.

ee5d07 No.11601880

why are white people the most stupid and insecure people. the whole game of politics isnt played to kill whitey, its played to kill mudslime. you whiteys will get caught in the crossfire if you keep sucking the jewish dick. your whole culture has been killed, christianity has been killed, yet you didnt talk since you had your cheap dopamine based life. its funny how most of you talk about useful idiots and refer to the ones you hate (your hate is right though, that game is played against your race) but you forget that youre housing the rats. youre forgetting that all the problems are comming out of your house. get a grip on your selves and your countries, you need a revolution against the jews. then suddenly refugees and all these kinds of things will not be a problem anymore, because the jew made it into a problem. dont stand with the jews, get on the mudslimes side. mudslimes wont hurt you, the jews already have and will continue

e2f4d0 No.11602313


The kikes control China by proxy, so I suspect that killing off the Uyghurs is part of (((their))) global white genocide plan.

000000 No.11602483

> >11601880

>the whole game of politics isnt played to kill whitey, its played to kill mudslime. you whiteys will get caught in the crossfire if you keep sucking the jewish dick.

Sorry, but we don’t fall for such simple tricks. Muslims boasting about the conquest of the west is a well known fact.

From the late King of Morocco, Ben Bella of Algeria, Ghadafi to Erdogan, they all declared their wish and dedication to conquer the west and force Religion of Cuck™ on it.

4bb101 No.11602543


Or just say "China is #2"

b694d0 No.11602559


Most liberals actually don't seem to care about Tibet.

000000 No.11602573


They're not white you stupid mudslime and neither are Chechens and other assorted trash.

000000 No.11602612


It's not trendy anymore to and since it's shitskin on shitskin genocide they will quietly sweep it under the rug like they do muzzies enslaving niggers because only whites are bad mmkay

461e11 No.11602704


It's a terrible experience, to say the least. The nature of the voting mechanic is quite literally a system designed for social consensus. The really insidious part about reddit though is that it waters down any discussion to its lowest common denominator. I used to go there sometimes in the past for the speciality forums and even there, when politics aren't involved, the "culture" of any specialty forum there is always watered down, because if you press to hard or try to make a bigger point, you'll be voted down and then everyone follows suit.

Take my experience on r/Mustang, literally a forum for Mustang enthusiasts. I was browsing there before I had made my purchase and tried to get some opinions about the differences between a few models and to see if anyone had had any issues I should be made aware of. I couldn't get a thread going because people were voting me down while the front page was literally covered in massively up voted "just washed my Mustang today" or "I saw this beauty at the store today" or similar drivel. Any attempt to discuss the topic at any length beyond circle jerking about pictures or how amazing the car is, was immediately met with silent down votes.

It's like this across the entire site. Effectual discussions about anything cannot take place exactly because of this mentality there. It's an awful awful place and really fucking frustrating. I can't wait for it to die, because currently reddit really does hold a large influence these days.

bd678a No.11603051


Boomers preserved gun rights, Jew

421bf5 No.11603174

File: ef5ae08538e5c50⋯.png (327.43 KB, 604x402, 302:201, leader of asian niggers.png)

File: c92219ea8d917a6⋯.jpg (81.83 KB, 960x626, 480:313, Leila al-Ghandour 8 Months….jpg)

>If these numbers are even close to being true, how will the world respond?

Judging by recent events, I would say it would demand lower iphone prices.

000000 No.11609718


China owns half of silicon valley now, I know because I got transferred to that shithole and I seen those hipster faggots sucking the dick of every chinese investor they see

3a2540 No.11609759

File: e5bff8b880d2fb6⋯.jpg (168.07 KB, 600x1572, 50:131, 135353145.jpg)



f0b586 No.11609836


Can confirm - that's why I stopped going to the site a couple of years ago.

c15dbe No.11609922


I'll check these fucking quads. But delete your fucking reddit. Time to leave those echo chamber clusterfucks to their own censorious devices.

Now, why was it censored? Because muh 6 million is THE ZIONIST MESSAGE, and the kikes must maintain supremacy of their kike brand.

Manipulators often play the victim role

A hallmark of a manipulator is that they will not permit the existence of possibly greater victimhood to be considered a truth, in the social space, in their hearing.

You have then found a predator, not a victim.

And Reddit is a predator, just like facebook is, like Twitter, like the faggot kikes of Google-Youtube.


c15dbe No.11609927


They can't go back. It's gotten so extreme, the kike censorship of… everywhere… now that it's inevitable that there will be a flood of boomers here…

c15dbe No.11609944


I'll check that id.

We're oppressed. We are unaware of our oppression, because we have been brainwashed. Did you know that you would have a net worth of 10-100x what it is now, had the kike China deal, and the kike spic "illegal" immigration permissiveness never occurred? Did you know that you would live in a nearly all-white town, meaning you would have virtually no violent crime? Did you know that you would have absolutely no difficulty finding a wife, because kike feminism would not have poisoned women to the point where they are abusive to all men not Brad Pitt?

The kike is a false bargain. This is the chief criticism of Trump. I'm a Trump supporter, but I am realistic. He's not wise to the kike, and has a habit of making deals with the kike devil. Hitler reincarnate we still await.

4a263b No.11609945


This is the Russian bot argument they use on us dude.

c15dbe No.11609959


That's Alinsky's Rules. You accuse the other side of what you yourselves are doing. Then, when the truth comes out, people are confused. In reality, Hillary & Co. lied, but it was a sufficiently devious lie to deceive for perhaps forever the people regarding this matter, that there was no "Pro-trump Russian botnet," but rather that Hillary Clinton herself received the services of foreign elements, particularly the Communist Chinese (remember, when John McCain went AWOL over Vietnam "shot down," he lied and also said" "tortured" - his injuries were from a bad landing. He converted 100% to Communism, and is a Communist infiltrator, Chicom agent).

Nigger King was worse than Richard Nixon, because in addition to spying, he engaged in manipulation, alteration, and falsification. Additionally, Nigger King is 100% a Chicom agent.

Likewise is Hillary Clinton a Chicom agent.

They engaged in that spy propaganda, accusing the opposition of their own sin.

Squid ink indeed! Where's the truth? People throw up their hands, and they get away with it.

Curse Yahweh.

Curse Yidsrael.

Curse the kikes.

000000 No.11611847


Its the same dictatorship that 50 years ago killed tens of millions of its own people, for the second time

Did you really expect any different? seriously?

0ca72b No.11611850


They are predictably absolute shit.

Why is this thread still up?

0ca72b No.11611864


The Lama had been a very bad goy.

a5b991 No.11611867



Exactly, the so-called "discussion" there consists of being exposed to a literal echo-chamber with no dissenting voices 24/7

There's no discussion because as soon as 2 people disagree with you your comment disappears into the bottom of the pile

It really is a mental prison… There's no individual opinions at all, everything has to be a universal consensus or it's not allowed. New ideas are not permitted if they even slightly contradict the pre-established consensus. If reddit existed during the times of the Inquisition, we'd still be in the Inquisition…

We should direct some effort into redpilling normies about reddit

0ca72b No.11611868


double redditor.

0ca72b No.11611869



Seriously BO?

000000 No.11612584



>Eat shit, double redditor the kikebook was merely transkated to greek first

Who is the double redditor? You are, ignorant about the fact that most of the bible, the NT was written originally in Greek.


000000 No.11612592




>Seriously BO?

This is new/pol

Anti-racist and inclusive

We don’t call black gentleman names

What are you, a nazi?

9b84bd No.11636289


Christ insanity is semitic and not European.


>wasting quads

>not knowing plebbit censors everything because it's run by kikes

8428e8 No.11636867

fuck reddit

3709fa No.11636872

>>11594444 (checked)

Pure cohencidence that communist genocides keep getting swept under the rug.

42a510 No.11636896

File: 5b1f93b9be73787⋯.jpg (149.7 KB, 700x550, 14:11, siegeacre14.jpg)


> Christians and Muslims are both of the book

That's false.

>1000 year old profit-driven holy war meme

Sorry for nothing, Akhmad.

8634c0 No.11652233

course they would

8634c0 No.11668521


756efa No.11668526


I wonder how many Chinkbux Reddit is taking to cover this related note up.

8191b5 No.11688255

anti slide 1

fuck gommies and their shills

f8703e No.11688271

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Raw footage - Uyghur terrorists killing innocent people in Xinjiang 维族暴徒残杀无辜群众

93733a No.11689820


this is holohoax tier propaganda. The scheme is to radicalize Muslims in Xinjiang and use them to fight the government, in the same way that ISIS is used in Iraq. But, the goyim know and the CCCP are shutting it down HARD. They have checkpoints everywhere in Muslim neighbourhoods and Muslims even need to register their knives when they buy them (LOL).

93733a No.11689825


kikes have zero power in China. Their kike propaganda is banned (all forms from news to faceberg,to jewgle), Soros NGOs are banned, Mudslimes are kept on lockdown, and Chinese people are reasonably Jew aware. Even Rupert Murdoch went to China, got picked around, blew hundreds of millions of dollars to set up a network, and then the chinks laughed in his face and sent him packing.

fde391 No.11703992



I want to clone Tocharians back to life Jurassic Park style

b70c44 No.11704095

>muh poor mudshits

Good, I hope the chinks genocide Africa as well.

c72b98 No.11704171


>Kikes of Asia act like kikes """"of"""" Europe

Imagine my shock

c72b98 No.11704177


Except for the two kikes in China's parliament. 50's America had segregated neighbourhoods and kike-free country clubs, and the first and second amendments were sacred, but they still had their talons in where it counted.

fe06f3 No.11704186


well stop relying on reddit … its liberal shit … look at its ceo

cabd22 No.11704468

File: 584476e1e405fed⋯.jpg (368.95 KB, 722x658, 361:329, ChristianityJewsHateItMeme.jpg)


Jews hate Christ more than just about anything.

Half the fucking New Testament was Christ warning about the Jews.

Definitely not Semitic.

"I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan" - Jesus Christ, REV 2:9

“Ye are of your father the devil, and the lust of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is not truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it. – then answered the Jews – ” (which makes it clear that Christ was addressing the Jews.) - Jesus Christ, speaking to the Jews in the Gospel of St. John, 8:44

862ee3 No.11704474

File: f472f46fa61bd31⋯.png (2.47 MB, 1818x824, 909:412, prcoyh.png)



what a waste of beautiful quads. kill yourself on live stream, right now.

bff116 No.11704476


reddshit is only good for niche hobbies because it has the most normalfag exposure.

c6e62c No.11704550

File: fa0286c470ff0b4⋯.jpg (2.42 MB, 3651x2855, 3651:2855, cuckservative christianity.jpg)


Jews hate Whites, not the Christ himself. Christians are the goodest of goys for the Jews and it's been like that for hundreds of years. Every time a White girl marries a based Christian nigger, the Jews rub their hands in delight. Every time a devoted Christian wants do go full Deus Vult and fight for Israeli interests in the Middle East, Jews rub their hands in glee. Every time a Christian charity sends money to Africa and airlifts niggers here, the Jews once again rub their hands. Orthodox Jews may hate Christianity as they see it as a radical splinter group of Judaism, but kikes in power, those that really matter love Christians and their slave devotion to the Chosen people.

cabd22 No.11704569

File: 90d7116411b73f0⋯.jpg (39.33 KB, 478x414, 239:207, 1505844960852.jpg)


That "slave devotion to the chosen people" didn't exist prior to the modern era.

As with everything, the Jews try to rewrite history for their own ends.

Christ and Christianity are distinctly anti-jewish, that's why the Jews felt the need to subvert it in the first place.

ce25c1 No.11704589




Christ, yes. But not Christianity.

c6e62c No.11704591

File: 9bff72215b80ed2⋯.jpg (153.17 KB, 640x480, 4:3, usury.jpg)


It existed since Christianity spread though Europe. Don't rewrite history to suit your needs either. Jews were protected by the Papal degree. Fucking with them, was fucking with Clergy themselves, and that was a huge no-no in the middle ages. Religious bonds between Jewish and Christian neighbors led to Jewish communities thriving in Christian cites. Jews experienced economic security and prosperity in their communities. Jews became lawyers, money launders, tax collectors, medicine specialists, merchants (especially slave trader for which they had state-sanctioned monopoly). Every feudal lord that mattered had a pet Jew in his court to advise him on the matter of money. Times of persecution were rarities and few and far between. The two communities lived amongst each other and interacted socially on an everyday basis They interacted at such a personal level both Christian and Jewish leaders thought that the other group would heavily influence their respective faiths. During times of persecution against the Jews, chronicles always show that Christians provided aid and shelter to the Jews. In the Christian world, Jews enjoyed privileges at the hands of nobles and even kings that were almost equal to the local Christians. For example, in the Kingdom of Aragon, in 1241, King James of Aragon issued a decree that the Jewish community of Barcelona would be given the right to elect members of the Jewish community to police itself and investigate Jewish criminals and crimes within the Jewish community. Once the elected police force caught a criminal, they were given the right to impose fines (paid to the crown, not the Jewish community), banish them from the Jewish quarter, or even banish them entirely from the city of Barcelona. Further, these elected members were given the authority to judge cases between Jews in a court of law. In England, many Jews worked and lived in small, mostly Christian towns. In general Jews felt comfortable living and working in places surrounded by Christians. Even after multiple expulsions and persecutions, Jews always returned to their hometowns and prospered.

cabd22 No.11704603




Purposely leaving out nuance to each circumstance, and drawing on the fucking (((Catholic Church))) as your examples.

I got news for you anon, the Catholic church has never been Christian.

I get your point, but you're not going to destroy my faith in Christ.

Anything can be subverted by Jews.

Atheism for instance.

45e7b2 No.11704639


I heard that one before. Catholicism / Protestantism / Orthodoxy / Mormonism is not real Christianity. Real Christianity has never been tired sounds awfully similar to the old lefties mantra that real socialism has never been tired either. By all means I don't want to take away your faith in Christ. Your religious denomination is pretty irrelevant to me. All I'm saying is that Christianity was always a net benefit for the Jews. Saying Christianity (of any kind) was somehow against Jewry is hypocritical at best and outright false at worst.

611235 No.11704643

File: ae603419687e19b⋯.jpg (133.1 KB, 634x760, 317:380, 0A697ADB000005DC-3117949-i….jpg)



And? Mind your own business.

352362 No.11704676

File: ea70ecd25fe42c7⋯.png (73.77 KB, 1501x696, 1501:696, k - turk.PNG)


1a5c63 No.11705233

Isn't reddit owned by a chink?

30c585 No.11705264

File: cabe6a9e48a2c7a⋯.webm (779.66 KB, 512x384, 4:3, cabe6a9e48a2c7a1863711ec0….webm)


What we really need are solutions and idea's. Sometimes people put a lot of effort into their posts but I can't say for sure whether anything becomes of the time they've spent on them.

1b160f No.11705307



Moshe, we dont use Yiddish dialect here

1b160f No.11705399



why do you call rabbi Yeshu that name? at least Junior Zeus (JZeus) made some sence

620e13 No.11705407


This is hilarious. I have to try this. Should I also machine translate the points to Japanese or Korean for maximum rage?

8df964 No.11705492


>the real problem is this 1000 year old profit-driven holy war meme

interestingly, william the conqueror was also known as william the bastard and the rumour was that he was fathered by a jew nobleman (there were quite a few jews in normandy at the time)

When he conquered England in 1066 he brought some jews with him, likely the first jews ever recorded in England.

Many of them worked for him as tax collectors and some others were given land and titles after the Anglo-Saxon lords were executed (As far as I know, ALL of them were executed without exception, a VERY jewish tactic)

These jew tax collectors were given the king's protection as they went about the land and imposed the new taxes, which were far higher than before.

Whereas before, the people had paid tribute with crops, livestock, silver and gold, now they had to exchange with these jews (at a shitty rate obviousy) all their hard earned spoils into a new coin (((william))) and his (((tax advisors))) had devised

Less than 3 decades after the first jews arrived in England with william the conqueror, who was likely a half jew himself, good English men were leaving their homeland for the very first time to travel to far away israel and fight people they had never encountered before in a (((holy war)))

cohencidences never end

dcf8bf No.11712668

fuck these dirty turkic scum. leave it to the chinese to do the right thing without giving a shit about what the leftycucks have to say about it. At least someone has some fckin balls left in this world.

c7b9cb No.11716730


Kys taqquiya faggot

25b70d No.11716866


>I wouldn't have noticed but…

I wouldn't have notice bc i wouldn't be caught dead on reddit


13d10c No.11717916

File: c28eedb4204c16c⋯.gif (983.2 KB, 323x224, 323:224, c28eedb4204c16c9ef278c110f….gif)


It's the 50 cent party OP. The Chinks are literally the Jews of the East

606e5d No.11718105

Oy vey muslim holocaust goyim let in the refugeeze

a4bf34 No.11718117

Reddit censoring Mossad's lies? Must have been a new transgender mod.

3f5bf9 No.11718136

File: 316dc0658e697e9⋯.gif (1.03 MB, 234x280, 117:140, 749b7061925b.gif)

Good, I hope all the muslims get killed.

What is wrong with this OP?

Are you European? Why do eurofags constantly pine for islamic penis shoved up their asses? Even the women don't want mudpenis in their vag, it's up their butt.

59a571 No.11718339




>fake title in the OP

>muh genocide

>muh oppression

>muh sliding

>we must talk about le genocide and le oppression of the didndoos fellow goyim

There is no genocide.

They are just dealing with chimpouts and civil disobedience at a level that borders almost leniency (because of Western press chimping out about it) even less than anything you'd expect any rational thinking person woulod do with these closet terrorists, instead of celebrating it and defending the perpetrators like cucked Western regimes and vocal minority of kikes and fags do.

055943 No.11725749


Fuck, you got me.

8cae02 No.11725777


>Jews hate Whites, not the Christ himself

Guess the whole crucifixion things was just a prank?

babc2a No.11725807


Didn't happen. False flag. Jesus was a crisis actor.

9b84bd No.11725960

File: 95be7a7293212cc⋯.jpg (225.84 KB, 970x921, 970:921, How JewTube Sold Out.jpg)


>you can't reproduce AND delegitimize kike media, goyim

<the thread


>truth is muh d&c nao

Fuck off, faggot. I'm not weighing in on it so you can't strawman me, but you're a faggot.


Yes, it is b8.


You are a moron. It doesn't matter who they are. What matters is our plan.

ae7c47 No.11726189


I think it's pretty obvious that Jews are obsessed with and despise Christianity. Just look at portrayals of Christianity in movies and music videos. Who killed Christ? Obvious.

9aaf01 No.11726453


fair skinned does not equal white

guess who else is (((fair skinned)))

daf84f No.11727560


Hi chang

0a190f No.11736097

ching chong

8ee338 No.11736149

File: f1013d6754ac09b⋯.gif (496.62 KB, 500x224, 125:56, uW9YvLZ[1].gif)



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