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Four more years

File: 0193ad7e664caf0⋯.jpg (51.72 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, trump.JPG)

330248 No.11146565

Long time lurker. But cast my 1st vote for Pat Buchanan in 1992, so none of you faggots had anything to do with my awakening.

Typically, I’ll check in to “the chans” to see if we’ve reached the same conclusion about certain events. Almost always we’re in agreement. But I don’t see where anyone saw what obviously just happened. So I have to take time out of my fucking day to figure out how to create one of these faggoty boards to get some autist to use his dickbeaters to type some shit out about it.

It’s very apparent why Trump held that nearly hour long televised negation with Congress this week. He got a heads up that the CIAnigs were planning to “leak” that Trump referred to 3rd world countries as shitholes. So before the negotiation, he requested it be televised to throw them off.

So this is why Trump is a fucking genius. Not an accidental genius, but a man who’s brain really is wired for success. My 1st thought when coming to this conclusion was to think, what he should have done was send a tweet when he found out about the plan, telling everyone to not believe what they hear in the news in the coming days. Before I convinced myself I was right, I stopped and thought, I’m positive my approach would be the only way to combat this. Am I smarter than Trump? But then I continued thinking…Trump has built a billion dollar empire and won the Presidency. He succeeds at everything. He’s Trump, and I’m me. Not that being me is bad. I do fairly well, but he’s light years ahead of me.

And before you cocksuckers start thinking you’re the “sole” reason he’s there, that the power of the people had everything to do with it, keep in mind, there have been several populists who’ve caught the hearts and minds of the people. But none could ever break through, never. From William Jennings Brian to Huey Long to Ron Paul. But he did. Why? Because his fucking brain is wired to weigh risk reward better than any machine, that’s why.

Going back to the shithole example. Imagine that Trump gets a heads up that someone’s trying to kill him, which is true. But if he tweeted about the plan, he would look weak, and the press would hammer him for days about being paranoid and mentally unfit. Furthering their 25th amendment case. He knows this. So he doesn’t do what I think he should do because there’s little to no upside.

So what he does instead is request that the negotiations with Congress be televised. If they refuse, he’ll tweet that he requested the meetings be held in public view, but they insisted upon secrecy. Then, if they “leaked” the shithole comment, people would say “why the fuck didn’t you take him up on his offer for transparency, looks suspicious”. Plus, they knew he knew what they had planned. So they figured, let’s just do this one meeting in public and we’ll “leak” the shithole thing after the next closed door meeting. He’s thrown them off their game suddenly. Not a knock out, but a solid jab.

So Trump get’s his way. It’s televised. Of course, he knew they could still play that card in the future, and just did, and they knew that too, and just did. But this hedge kept his risk low, with only slightly better upside. So what’s the upside? He was able to get coverage of himself being nice and presidential, and got somewhat positive coverage in the press. This went over well with the public. That’s good. But it presents a downside to his negotiation. They thought he was buckling, so they demanded way too much. Can’t get a good deal if your opponent thinks you’re weak. Their best case scenario was that he would tweet some paranoid, childish, weak sounding tweet about how they planned to make something up about him. That would make him look a little scared. He doesn’t take the bait. He lets them “leak” the shithole comment from the next meeting. The potential downside is another week of the press calling him a racist at a higher volume that usual. The upside is much, much greater though. It get’s people talking and debating about whether we should be letting people in from shithole countries. It’s really hard to win an argument in favor of bringing in people from shithole countries. Shithole countries, shithole countries, shithole countries…it’s in the public consciousness now. People don’t like shitholes, and they know what shitholes are, and they don’t call them shitholes in proper company only because they don’t want the grief of being called racist. But everyone knows it’s true. Trump wins. Now Trump’s base is fired up and saying, hell, I hope he did say it! Trump wins again. Trump continues on from a position of strength.

7e9cbc No.11146575


>But none could ever break through, never. From William Jennings Brian to Huey Long to Ron Paul. But he did. Why?

Because the internet is a thing and Ron Paul was never appealing to anyone who wasn't an autistic lolberg?

Learn formatting.

d58b61 No.11146592

>none of you faggots had anything to do with my awakening

>you are awake

1135b2 No.11146617

I have always thought, from Trump's nomination to day 1 of his presidency, everything he says is deliberate, he definitely is very smart with the things he says publicly.

330248 No.11146618



I'm a numbers guy. I worked all gd day, got home way too late. But yeah, my plan was to come home from a long day at work on a Friday to learn proper formatting. When I want someone to format docs, I give them to my assistant, or to whomever else in the office is wearing panties. Talking about proper formatting is like talking about your neatly trimmed vagina. Not good. So I'll retire from posting now.

e36cf7 No.11146632

File: af71e5401dd8b23⋯.png (24.03 KB, 347x388, 347:388, Maddow8766-4.png)


>Donald Drumpf voted for and even Tweeted in favor of Ron Paul

>You're now calling your precious dog emperor "an autistic lolberg"

Base: Fractured

Wave: Blue

2018 Elections: Practically won already

RNC/Stormderp Status: BTFO

Sage for deGeneration X blogposting.

d58b61 No.11146636


>whomever else in the office is wearing panties


f500ee No.11146641

I think you underestimate a lot of the anons here. You also underestimate how many of the echos and screeching voices on here are shills and shitskins larping in order to create discordance. Example being rachposter whose just above me. Lurk more often and you'd learn to filter them old man. We're well aware of moves such as this just like the whole DACA debate that Neocons try to push like it's really happening. Its just a move to get the Rhino's and Dems to shoot themselves in the foot because they will never compromise on the border wall. I can respect some older conservatives opinions on some stuff but then they just lose me when they get to civic nationalism and muh racism is bad. Parroting what [insert nationally syndicated conservative radio host] said is not civil discourse and a mirror of what is going on on the left.

2786e1 No.11146645


Nah, I think most people understand the shithole thing. Most people with marginally higher-than-average intelligence get Trump by now. He's always 10 steps ahead and by the time he has made his move, the opposition is too late. He's a very stable genius, and more and more I thank God for sending him. Nice post though, you should stick around because it's Friday night and we need all the non-shills we can get. They're so tiresome.

5c901a No.11146657

File: f0fe1788e2e0462⋯.png (392.76 KB, 591x595, 591:595, rnhjwl.png)

Oh boy, another brilliant anon who thinks he's unlocked the mysteries of the universe.

>It’s really hard to win an argument in favor of bringing in people from shithole countries

It doesn't matter you colossal dipshit, because no arguments need to be won for mass immigration to be effected in this country. White americans have always overwhelmingly supported tight immigration restrictions, but the politicians don't respond to the will of the people, especially not the Republicans who routinely defy their constituency. No revolution has occurred, and the elites have profited obscenely. In fact, people used to resist white displacement far more than they do now; riots in the 70's due to forced bussing, bombings and lynchings of uppity negroids, the killing off of the so-called "freedom riders" in places like Philadelphia, Miss., the killing of St. Martin Luther Kang Junior, ect. Whites are far more passive now than they've ever been, so a bit of naughty language by Trump is a droplet in an ocean of white inertia and demoralization.

89357e No.11146663

right, you can fuck off back to reddit now.

2342be No.11146665


d58b61 No.11146668


Lmao, good fucking catch.

3345bc No.11146688


Decent blog post, normally I don't have the interest to read these types of threads, due to this particular shithole that took in too many refugees, shills and kikes. I agree with most of your points, and to add on to that, there's other factors hes adding in there. Forcing more unedited public attention towards his administration. Also, I think Trump may have leaked out his comment himself, or arranged for someone to do so, he's been known to do that prior to this presidency. This right here normalizes the thought patterns to accept more issues of a realistic approach, instead of claiming racism for everything under the sun. If you were to prevent any sort of colour revolution, this seems like a plausible strategy to prevent it. Get people less cucked over the racebaiting culture we have.

8bf969 No.11146693

File: e977bd674b24feb⋯.jpeg (372.47 KB, 1065x1135, 213:227, 59374dc339717.jpeg)

When Trump had the closed meeting with Chuck and Nancy back in September, they came out of it telling the press that Trump had agreed to everything they wanted. I think the open meeting was more to prevent that from happening again, where the Dems lie to the press about a deal being in place so that it looks like Trump backed out when he denies it.

Since they couldn't lie about a deal being in place because everybody who watched the meeting could clearly see that Trump had NOT agreed to anything final, they had to come up with a new excuse, which was that he isn't agreeing to their plan because of racism.

aecaeb No.11146694

File: 5c219e44d267b98⋯.png (3.5 MB, 1178x1568, 589:784, lebigbook.png)

>namefags with actual email

>i totally think the chans are gay so here's a pile of high-effort garbage to try and fit in

>trump is le ebin puppetmaster you guys don't even know


wew fuckin lad

9cc51d No.11146698


We're not your Wordpress blog you insufferable faggot.

2b3161 No.11146701

File: 50aec400e93db72⋯.jpeg (50.95 KB, 640x624, 40:39, trump grabs a pussy.jpeg)

MSM is now using "Trump said NON-WHITE countries are shitholes"

We should bring up how lovely Japan is

c07a66 No.11146702

File: d0256550f7badaa⋯.jpg (10.29 KB, 292x292, 1:1, b7eef690d1f7e6248eb63fc136….jpg)


mmmm…. seems an free range boomer wandered into the lions den mumbling about bullshit again. Lets see how well it goes this time.

>grabs some popcorn.

c07a66 No.11146712

File: 76142b2625ada03⋯.jpeg (107.8 KB, 720x703, 720:703, 2017 rise of the bernstie….jpeg)


>Long time lurker.

Oh.. and Rush, we know its you. But remember, we are NOT cuckservative talk radio. You aint gotta lie to get airtime here.

2fff3b No.11146725


I also like the idea of Trump leaking it himself better than OP's explanation. Everything else OP said made sense but if the dems were going to make up a lie wouldn't they make up a better one?

It would have been so much better for them to put out a more generically negative comment, like some sort of innapropriate sexual remark or some overly aggressive stance with NK but no - OP suggests that the dems created a lie that excites the base? I doubt it.

c3c8cb No.11146754


I see this faggot, I filter. Anons, do the same

fc65eb No.11146787


Hell no. This isn't about shoving some "gotcha" in the jew media's face about how certain minorities are BASED and "democrats are the real racists!" We want America to be a white ethnostate, as our Founding Fathers envisioned. It's very beneficial for us that the narrative "Trump thinks white countries are good and non-white ones are shitholes" is being pushed by the press because we want to normalize in the minds of normalfags the inherent difference between white and non-white countries

ce2105 No.11146843


first post, kike post.


>Shithole countries, shithole countries, shithole countries…it’s in the public consciousness now. People don’t like shitholes, and they know what shitholes are, and they don’t call them shitholes in proper company only because they don’t want the grief of being called racist. But everyone knows it’s true. Trump wins. Now Trump’s base is fired up and saying, hell, I hope he did say it! Trump wins again. Trump continues on from a position of strength.

Of all the things you said this is the only one that matters. He's just moved the overton window another notch to the right and now the shitlib screeching about muh racism looks even more retarded because it is juxtaposed to the (very correct) mental images people have of what shithole countries really are. Trump not only reinforced in the audience (ie the public) that black/brown countries are total shit, he also got the ball rolling toward a state in which it is acceptable to acknowledge and point that out— and discriminate accordingly.

2b3161 No.11146849


why not both

b39bbc No.11146858


Heil to the double dubs of confirmation

28b5bc No.11146927

OH look a namefag to filter. You clearly didn't lurk long enough, cunt.

28b5bc No.11146928


>gd day

Requesting gas for this kike.

9f775e No.11146941

File: dc7f5e98e2afb5a⋯.png (53.86 KB, 387x320, 387:320, dc7f5e98e2afb5a465c7d298e9….png)


I know we give each other shit for earlobe spacing all the time, but you're still allowed to use paragraphs just so you know.

9f775e No.11146942

File: 7172fecd3489e71⋯.png (186.37 KB, 421x338, 421:338, ea2d4a8f0277eeb69aee04d5f6….png)



Oh god damnit.

d59fa9 No.11146960

Formatting is shit but the content is great. Bump for a decent OP

b5229a No.11146993

>voted in '92

get off your grandson's laptop and go back to the nursing home you fucking geriatric


lurk moar

fake and gay


d58b61 No.11147004


>He can't bitch about Reddit spacing

878eb0 No.11147170

File: 6337ec310726fae⋯.png (188.58 KB, 654x372, 109:62, mgsdonald.png)


The dems have to admit those places are shitholes otherwise they can't play the muh poor immigrants card, but they would be giving Donald a victory if they did that. Trump wins again.

095c5b No.11147197


Winning by not doing anything, this time. We still don't have confirmation that Trump even said shitholes. At this point it looks more likely that they trapped themselves for no reason. And doing nothing was the best response to this situation anyway. They aired uncensored curse words in text and speech on the news during daylight hours. They must be in really big trouble to pull a stunt like that.

2f1dcd No.11147206

Can we fucking stop trying to analyze Trump's statements and responses in any nuanced way? The guy is just fucking IRL shitposting. That's it. No analysis necessary.

9fc76b No.11147219


kek. i could do business with you over a game of golf anon.

2f1dcd No.11147223


Your use of "else" implies you are also wearing panties.

2f1dcd No.11147228


NM I'm a nigger. I forgot you mentioned your assistant in the previous part of the sentence.

a44125 No.11147232

File: cfd2ee154cf49e2⋯.jpg (49.83 KB, 563x750, 563:750, cfd2ee154cf49e233572b881c0….jpg)


> They aired uncensored curse words in text and speech on the news during daylight hours.

CNN nigger remix when?

aba525 No.11147233


>gd day

A true Christian isn't afraid to declare the name of God. Let the G hyphen D people worship Israel.

42d9f9 No.11147236


>They aired uncensored curse words in text and speech on the news during daylight hours. They must be in really big trouble to pull a stunt like that.

Or they're finally start to realize that appealing to a more political incorrect culture is the only way to regain cultural influence. However they're still fucking it up, because they're trying to overlay old agendas onto a new approach, instead of tuning their entire plan around the approach altogether.

If that's the case the media will start to sound more Trump-like over time, but still use it as a means of subtle persuasion back onto a desired narrative. Would still be a good idea to keep an eye on it. Because even if it's only desperation for now, it could also mean they're starting to learn how to enter the memetic warfare environment.

1d12ea No.11147242

File: 9f6c791f3985f36⋯.mp4 (6.32 MB, 220x400, 11:20, Totally_horrifying_Childre….mp4)


>this is not a shithole

095c5b No.11147250


If that's the case, it's the same as the entertainment where they try to skate by on pure vulgarity so they don't have to say anything of substance. It'll go about as well. Adding the word "shit" to what they normally do just doesn't cut it.

1d12ea No.11147252

File: ac788e6987ffa5c⋯.webm (2.78 MB, 640x352, 20:11, 1494774358583.webm)

File: 2755f6f2ef9850b⋯.webm (2.66 MB, 300x400, 3:4, 1494774124798.webm)

File: b23aadfa8701bcd⋯.webm (2.85 MB, 640x480, 4:3, 1494774292099.webm)


>not a shithole

>white people did this

1d12ea No.11147255

File: a9a8b54a5201684⋯.mp4 (2.23 MB, 198x360, 11:20, Inmates_burned_in_brazilia….mp4)

File: 98e6c7c0c136604⋯.mp4 (11.69 MB, 640x352, 20:11, Brutal_execution_mexico_ca….mp4)


>not a shithole

e25ecf No.11147256


>But cast my 1st vote for Pat Buchanan in 1992, so none of you faggots had anything to do with my awakening.

Meme magick does not obey your conception of time.

2f1dcd No.11147257

File: 2c443a070e0ba1a⋯.png (4.63 KB, 220x94, 110:47, ausirp.png)


Apparently dying by fire isn't as bad as people think as there is so much pain the brain turns off perception.

095c5b No.11147261

File: efc18da65a27f64⋯.png (361.88 KB, 575x637, 575:637, transformer oil.png)

1d12ea No.11147262

File: 252b494cd05fe21⋯.mp4 (14.17 MB, 640x352, 20:11, BRUTAL_execution_by_pcc_ga….mp4)



af1db9 No.11147263


This is not nigger violence. Those stupid fuckers started a drug war. Looks like they lost it. Oh fucking boohoo for drug dealers.

gas yourself, kike

1d12ea No.11147265

File: 63c2ab9e45f65ce⋯.webm (1.67 MB, 264x480, 11:20, 1489974941910.webm)

af1db9 No.11147266


< gore prn

< feel sorry for drug dealers


e25ecf No.11147267


Ron Paul was never about getting Ron Paul elected, it was always about getting someone like Trump elected. Ron Paul was too old and senile when he ran to have the gull required to make things happen. It was about showing Romney was the enemy and teaching the mainstream Republicans that they either start getting people in who actively roll back pro-Demoshit legislation or there were enough people who would cause chaos to ensure they never got in again because the whole concept of meeting in the middle with a group of people who want nothing but change while you want nothing but no change is a losing opposition anyway.

1d12ea No.11147271

File: fdd4c982b4f8972⋯.jpg (44.84 KB, 453x238, 453:238, retard.jpg)


>< feel sorry for drug dealers


>boohoo for drug dealers.

>gas yourself, kike

What the fuck are you doing?

095c5b No.11147274

>>11147266 (checked)

That one's not a dealer. He was trying to steal copper wiring from a live substation. I would have laughed, but his sides have already left this dimension.

1d12ea No.11147282

File: fd8d890eba990f6⋯.mp4 (15.08 MB, 400x400, 1:1, A_boy_was_beaten_up_by_a_g….mp4)


>não um shithole

aba525 No.11147295


Fucking hell, this is madness. Why the fuck do people think that colonialism was bad?

0dd269 No.11147332


Because niggers, chinks, mudshits and the like would have made flying pyramid spaceships by now to travel the stars.

8b608c No.11147338



Also because melanin is worth a lot of money apparently and a male nigger is worth like 3 Jacob Rothschilds.

Or something.


e72a73 No.11147344


>It’s very apparent why Trump held that nearly hour long televised negation with Congress this week. He got a heads up that the CIAnigs were planning to “leak” that Trump referred to 3rd world countries as shitholes. So before the negotiation, he requested it be televised to throw them off.

Interesting hypothesis. However, it's more likely that Trump didn't call 3rd world countries shitholes, but leaked a false story to the press that he did, which made everyone think about the fact that yes, 3rd world countries are absolute shitholes.

d4cae0 No.11147402


Every city in America has a shithole. And tell me the skin color of the ones living there. Brown or black

64e3af No.11147464


Our opposition loathes the chess. I'll continue to use it. That's just good old 2D chess, always use things that make your enemy sperg.

679ad7 No.11147495

File: 8e5bab4e2ec4987⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 3999x3749, 3999:3749, sheboon on fire.jpg)


You know i think that this is a solid idea, spreading shit like this with the hashtag #NotAShithole.

The plebs will draw their conclusions, "do we really want shit like that to come here?"

I really think this has huge redpilling potential

c07a66 No.11147661

File: b57a63e631b895d⋯.jpg (87.15 KB, 650x660, 65:66, 1461113793724-0.jpg)


True, but it is also one of our inate defenses on the chans from the normalfaggot hordes (and especially annoying shills). Been that way since the first days of /b/. Do we really want to push the normalization of gore on those whom are not ready? Not saying its not got massive potential as an redpill factory at this time…. Just don't know if the cost is worth it or not myself since I see both the good and bad in both potentials.

>yea I know the image is not ours, I am old as fuck and don't feel like updating the image and this faux pass is nothing compared to opening up our culture to the masses without the cost imposed upon the user.

1d12ea No.11147681

File: 0fbbb88e268f149⋯.png (1.99 MB, 1080x1565, 216:313, 1515853191963.png)


>Do we really want to push the normalization of gore on those whom are not ready

Yes. People have been ignorant of reality for too long. It's time they were slapped hard in the face with it, regardless of whether they want it or not.



I think it's a good idea. The ignorant retards are unironically touting how proud they are of each and any shithole. I think a relentless flood of gore is a perfect seasoning to their bullshit. And when they want to argue people are being selective with the races in the videos they'll be at a loss because it's just not true. You'll not find a single video of a white lynchmob necklacing someone in the streets whereas there are literally dozens of videos of niggers doing their thing.

9ce690 No.11147693


If you want a summary, he said that he knew that they were going to defame him with a false allegation, so he televised his meeting publicly before they leaked it so that the message could spread in everyone. Although people think it's rude, they also agree with him as well. My far-left sister agreed with him.

Trump didn't lose, his ideas won.

af1db9 No.11147697


ghostwritten by kikes

569273 No.11147700


We already have a thread you can shit up, you don't need to shit up the board.

bf00ab No.11147715


Electrical oil? I think I'd rather eat those mosquito burgers.

231f9f No.11147720

File: 5a432fb786f93a9⋯.jpg (87.18 KB, 590x600, 59:60, 5a432fb786f93a9b7eeb337679….jpg)


Dad, I know you hate niggers.

Signed, son.

3473f5 No.11147723

File: 94c5fb19c8f1427⋯.jpg (79.72 KB, 650x745, 130:149, 94c5fb19c8f142709249c7db39….jpg)

>this cancerous formatting


A newfag, only minutes old.

c55c26 No.11147725


>there are niggers

>there is violence

but totally not nigger violence eh fellow go…er guys?

4c740d No.11147732


>Kingston NY

That place is a leftist shithole. Half the stores have posters about gay bullshit.

b82d53 No.11147736


> Double dipping on Mandela

Oh so there aren't very many

f49483 No.11147786


>Talking about proper formatting is like talking about your neatly trimmed vagina.


f49483 No.11147791

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>deGeneration X

Normally we'd tell you to drown yourself in semen, but in this case…


241dc9 No.11147822

File: b13fbdebdae62da⋯.jpg (61.28 KB, 720x540, 4:3, 3a4033fed4324faab87a1d57c8….jpg)




Just one more thing, roastie…



32e0aa No.11147832

File: 08ca3f7df0e2bbf⋯.png (487.46 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 08ca3f7df0e2bbfe08919cc863….png)


Such a small table, we have entire buildings dedicated to books written by whites.

241dc9 No.11147837


>S pound pound t hole

Gay section is that way

08c627 No.11147942


How are they living in a destitute country when that nog at the end is clinically obese?

dfe119 No.11147945


lol faggot

ec384d No.11147962

>I voted in 1992

>I post on /pol/ and write like a 20 something millennial faggot

>I'm a 50 year old hanging out with 25 year olds

When did this become cool?

60404a No.11147974

>>11147344 (Checked)

And co-incidentally, he's keeping the Haiti-Clinton connection alive while moving the Uranium-One indictments on. Paves the way for a press audit of the Clinton Foundations 'work' in Haiti.

0ef300 No.11147983


All of this is right, but your post is SHIT.


>shit-tier formatting

That part about "everyone knows what a shithole is" is spot-fucking-on.


Drown yourself

33bc44 No.11147992


He's Gen X if he first voted in 1992, not a Boomer.

1d12ea No.11148000


How did they decide what countries to call shitholes?

d58b61 No.11148026



8e06a4 No.11148028


>Long Time Lurker

Namefags and uses email address.



Fucking faggot trannie kike

b5229a No.11148217


you forgot about the Unions in California (etc) going on about the Yellow Peril and the railroad workers and others kicked out the Chinks and Spics who were following the railroad and working on it. The US has been, until recently, extremely ethnically biased. It's amazing that things have changed so quickly. Or at least seemingly have changed - I still think its there under the surface. its human nature after all

34b756 No.11148238


this shit makes we want to blow up earth. I remember having friends that really loved this and would do the hand thing all the time oh god.

000000 No.11148245

Is there any recording of him saying "shithole" ?

e22a2f No.11148248


Why are these stupid fucking things always so god damn loud with no volume adjustment, only a mute? This shit is so god damn annoying

bc4967 No.11148273

>4D chess meme


b013d3 No.11148375


>go back to reddit

<can't even sage properly

You stupid kike

e36cf7 No.11148467

File: 833a1212ec76e3e⋯.png (42.56 KB, 269x351, 269:351, Maddow8822-12.png)



Back to Plebbit with you. Rachported.

No sage for the purposes of virtue signalling how report-happy I am towards shills.

e1d96b No.11148517


e1d96b No.11148533



Let me preface this by saying I don't really give a flying fuck about the shitskins/subhumans - so I am not standing up for them.

I am just saying that this is much closer to community discipline than it is to some kind of sick masochism.

used to be here your neighbors could give you a lashing if you were fucking up and your parents would thank them.

That is now gone and we have roving gangs of looting niggers, children who aspire to tat, and trannyfags screaming about human rights.

I would hope any true natsoc society would have some modicum of uprightness in the communities responsibility for child-rearing. In today's day and age it is more practical to just turn the event back over to the parents for any corporal punishment, but that doesn't mean you can't scare the fucking hell out of your neighbor and make him cry when he watches MTV and then breaks into your house and tries to steal your television.

4f7744 No.11148569


Is this a copy pasta? Its word for word the same as whatever this shithole place is.


1d12ea No.11148634

File: 36a0feb393d022e⋯.webm (8.26 MB, 264x480, 11:20, taco town.webm)


>closer to community discipline than it is to some kind of sick masochism.

They're animals playing with tools they've scavenged from a more advanced species. This "community discipline" you speak of isn't structured or consistent, it's subpar and ineffective.

e36cf7 No.11148642

File: 5375a5b42667d3c⋯.png (18.04 KB, 269x351, 269:351, Maddow8822-10.png)


>Doesn't know what Holla Forums is

I'm feeling generous, so tl;dr: Automated copypasta of 8ch threads. Look at the replies to that thread, and then the replies to this thread, as well as the times those posts were made both here and there.

4f7744 No.11148660

File: 49c570d33ac9146⋯.jpg (54.26 KB, 500x460, 25:23, 5909838.jpg)


Seems like a useless feature. I just jewgled the email to see what would pop up.

e36cf7 No.11148666

File: c298e62430e12b8⋯.png (52.98 KB, 159x216, 53:72, Maddow8818-3.png)


>useless feature

<yfw you discover who's doing it and why

7e9cbc No.11148675


Pfffthahaha, holy shit you're a salty bitch aren't you?


>someone shitpost about Ron Paul

>that means they actually found him appealing



>Y-Y-You're a kike!

>T-T-This was a chess move!

lel, you sycophantic faggot.

All fake news - it all comes back to fucking WaPo. You know it to be true.


>Attempting to get Ron Paul elected wasn't about getting Ron Paul elected it was about…

Wew lad.

7e9cbc No.11148678


Checked for satanic dyke

761e98 No.11148679


Shut up, Carter Rodriguez

35a257 No.11148685


My uncle was a middle school principal. He told me XPAC was responsible for a record amount of detentions and he was glad he was retiring that year.

35a257 No.11148687


Probably Melania who said it. Those eastern Europeans can have quite a trucker mouth.

35a257 No.11148691


>used to be here your neighbors could give you a lashing if you were fucking up and your parents would thank them.

Been looking forever that "before the internet" vs. "after the internet" cartoon where the tranny genderqueer nazi furfag kid is crying because his parents spanked him for acting like a faggot. Please post if you have it.

dfe119 No.11148698


It’s said to be toxic, but niggers apparently aren’t dying from it in any great numbers.

bcfb59 No.11148737


Yep, still hoping for Yellowstone to eradicate the US, martyring all the whites therein for the good cause of destroying the biggest hive of kikery right now.

Better than another brother war where the same would happen anyway.

The loop has to end somewhere.

c0d191 No.11152563

File: d5c26ce51b44024⋯.webm (12.6 MB, 360x640, 9:16, BRUTAL_execution_by_pcc_g….webm)


<that stretching

c0d191 No.11152584

File: 5a745679367790b⋯.webm (8.13 MB, 360x640, 9:16, Brutal_execution_mexico_c….webm)


Same deal.

5a3eef No.11152601


>telling people they are retards being lied to

>am I smarter than le bloompf?

no anon, you're the retard.

300b3c No.11152607


If a country is sending out refugees it is a shit hole. If they weren't shit holes there wouldn't be refugees.

1fbd72 No.11152761

File: f8b6e70ad37a980⋯.png (25.66 KB, 159x216, 53:72, c298e62430e12b8c031858227a….png)

5087d0 No.11152778

File: 76283774fed9816⋯.jpg (104.6 KB, 460x268, 115:67, pierce.jpg)

Dr. William Pierce - The Lesson of Haiti


959f32 No.11152804

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I'm such a brainy guy that I can't be bothered to uphold standards

>by the way here's my shittily formatted post discussing things the rest of you "anime masturbators" have known for years now but I'll pretend like I'm le ebin Pat Buchanan voter who knows so much more than you.

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