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File: 10c96a087eacf14⋯.png (305.13 KB, 528x560, 33:35, Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at ….png)



A former middle-school football coach convicted of abducting and killing a 10-year-old girl in Missouri has been sentenced to death.

Circuit Judge Thomas Mountjoy issued his ruling Thursday in the case of Craig Wood, 49, who was convicted in November for the February 2014 death of Hailey Owens.

Although Wood was convicted of first-degree murder, the jury couldn't agree on whether to sentence him to death, or life in prison without parole, leaving the judge to decide.

Mountjoy previously denied motions from Wood’s attorneys that sought a new trial and called judge-imposed death sentences unconstitutional.

Hailey, a fourth-grader at the time, had been sick for a few days, so stayed at home from school, mother Stacey Herman told the Springfield News-Leader.


>tfw no cruel and unusual punishment

>tfw appeals




Was the constitution of use when this piece of shit violated and killed the little girl? did the constitution protect her then? damn pedos, taking lives of their preys, they will get what's coming.


See what loli's can do to a man's mind!.



There should be a live TV show broadcasting where high-risk prisoners serial rapists, serial murderers serial-etc are put into a scenario similar to the film, the cube from 1997.


That's what happens when you wear a polka-dot tie to your own murder trial.


File: 4e6d4e7eb246446⋯.gif (1.7 MB, 290x200, 29:20, 4e6d4e7eb246446c8d0409095c….gif)


Attorneys can be such blatant retards sometimes


He did not need to kill her but this world can be so cruel to men.



A quick execution is what the criminal deserves, we need not stoop to his level of depravity. I recommend the firing squad.



Whoa, whoa, whoa…

… the constitution did nothing wrong.

Idk why people like you seem to think that laws are some kind of magical barrier that prevents bad things from happening, then illogically pretend that the laws themselves should be done away with on that basis.



> people like you seem to think that laws are some kind of magical barrier that prevents bad things from happening

>people like you

>think laws are magical

Fuck you nigger, i know damn well about the power of laws and i know for a fact that without enforcement they are nothing but words in a paper.

<golly gee this pedo just killed a little girl! but oh no applying death sentence to murderers is unconstitutional and wrong! never mind the fact that he FUCKED AND KILLED A LITERAL CHILD.

Damn i'm mad. Damn pedos.



All men are pedos.



>Law Enforcement is the same as controlling what other people do.

Calm down and get some logic.



Of course it's a white guy that's a pedophile.



All men are pedos dummy.



Found the feminist



I would never be a feminist those ugly whore grannies disgust me.



Article says judge-imposed death sentences. As in, what if you find yourself on trial for something you may or may not have done and a judge decides to override whatever the jury's verdict was and kill you because there is a precedent.



It has a heavy hand in it and you would be delusional to think otherwise, the only use of law enforcement is to make people behave and restrain their impulses.




2006 called. They want their stale meme back.



Aye, but the jury did leave the decision into his hands, i simply can't understand; Why they were so hesitant in snuffing the life of that monster? what is there to doubt? he did it for fucks sake.


File: add0632828c6145⋯.png (72.08 KB, 230x228, 115:114, douche face.png)


>he did it for fucks sake

So did Phil Spencer.




>kills a child

Abusefags aren't pedos, they're abusefags.


File: 809ef430bd87569⋯.jpg (52.28 KB, 625x626, 625:626, 809ef430bd875696cbec2329ae….jpg)


This world is filled with people like this shit bag this child is gone even with the death of this faggot can't bring her back



definitely /ourguy/


And women are leechs



Right, which is why people continually disregard the law and can choose to do as they please anyway.

The laws exist to serve as a guideline for the development of a successful society. Laws are universally agreed upon rules that the community itself upholds and obeys for the sake of its own growth. Every single person in their country can choose to ignore the laws right now and reject them all – should they do, the laws become meaningless in themselves.



because, surprise, some people don't agree that the death sentence should ever be used no matter what the crime is.



This is the true face of all pedophiles.

They are disgusting child predators, convincing themselves sexually abusing children isn't wrong and that children harbor adult feelings.

Worse than the non-pedo rapist,

Worse than the non-pedo jew,

Worse than the non-pedo homosexual,

Are those who specifically target children.


There's two kinds of pedos: ones that just like kids and the ones that rapes and possibly murders them.

You'd be surprise how many pedos despise and don't want to be associated with child killers/abusefags.


File: 236ac43a59dc2ef⋯.jpg (123.45 KB, 1067x653, 1067:653, 236ac43a59dc2ef092c98f0ba1….jpg)


>There's two kinds of pedos: the ones that rapes and possibly murders them, and the ones who lack the guts to act upon their predatory instincts

Fixed that for you, you fucking kike monster.



Welp, hope for sure he did it. Unlike that one guy who was imprisoned for the supposed rape of his underage daughter… before she confessed that he had done nothing, and he was released.




File: 5d5efac3a31e824⋯.jpg (39.72 KB, 582x390, 97:65, notevenshoped.jpg)


Niggers don't call the police.


File: c7d6fc06bd76957⋯.mp4 (10.47 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Ted Bundy on Porn.mp4)


If the sex was legal, the cover up wouldnt be neccesary and the child would be alive

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