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File: e1b8e125d78bd6c⋯.jpg (29.42 KB, 306x430, 153:215, 451D1E8A00000578-4964782-i….jpg)


Her lawyer alleges McGowan's claims against Weinstein may be behind it all, arguing evidence was planted … the result of "the underhanded targeting of Ms. McGowan by the fallen mogul."

Rose McGowan has been indicted by a grand jury for possession of a controlled substance on Monday. The actress was arrested in November 2017 for felony cocaine possession in Loudoun County, Virginia, after a warrant was issued for her arrest in February.

According to charging documents, a plane-cleaning crew found McGowan’s wallet next to her seat after she got off a flight at Dulles International Airport on Jan. 20, 2017. McGowan had flown from Los Angeles to take part in last year’s Women’s March, the day after President Donald Trump took office.

Airport police said the wallet contained two small bags of white powder, which tested positive for cocaine.




Yes, pretty soon she'll be on a chaingang shoveling shit naked on the side of the road, we don't take kindly to law brakers in conservative parts.


she's a feminazi whore piece of trash.


File: d2409bcb3b4e84b⋯.jpg (49.35 KB, 444x352, 111:88, shrugerjew.jpg)


Shiksas all look the same


HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

She has vagina so that means incapable of doing anything bad. It must be a man's fault. If it has beard, mustache and muscles it's definitely evil.



Exoticness is sexy. When you grow up surrounded by voluptuous Jewesses, a midwestern meth addict is new and different and interesting.


I feel kinda bad for her now that I know she's a drug addict. In hindsight, it all makes sense. I hope she can get the help that she so desperately needs.


>taking the crypto-reality TV show called mainstream media seriously

>not realizing that the Weinstein "sex scandal" is a pure fabrication, with Weinstein as the willing lead actor

>not noticing the Rose McGowan is - like the rest of Hollywood 'ladies' - a MtF tranny.

>b…but I'm red pilled

Can only lead you to the water, can't make a horse drink. Is the illusion really this hard to break? All of the Weinstein accusers of men. Take a proper look, put on the "They Live!" glasses.

for those wondering, the purpose of this psyop is to further d&c White men and women, by sowing the idea that women aren't safe, even in professional settings. Stricter workplace regulation will be justified by this and related 'scandals', further subjugating White men and making them less likely to be picked as husbands due to lower income/being considered 'creepy'


>whore that blames all her problems on the fat kike she blew to get her career is blaming the fat kike for another of her problems



>the purpose of this psyop is to further d&c White men and women, by sowing the idea that women aren't safe, even in professional settings.



wow what a fucking idiot. I can't get on her for losing her wallet but keeping your stash in it while travelling abroad… Just wow


> indicted 18 months later

> still let her go to the march

> look at her, does she look like a drug addict?

At the very least, the fact she's actually getting in front of a judge proves she's out of the club


when and how did he plant it, its kind of impossible if you are that vigilant about it, besides this is the entertainment business, everyone is on fucking drugs



that's just /pol/ defending their traitorous white vaginas because they are controlled opposition.

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