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Straight out of Alexsandr Dugin's D&C playbook.

>Playing the races off each other

Who's the real target audience here? Black feminists?

>Black anchor woman

>Black clinical psychologist, Assoc. Prof. at U. of Conn

Black anchor asks loaded question:

"Why are mass shootings in the U.S. carried out by White men?"

Answer: "Muh White privilege" "White men are psychos"


Bonus: good analysis of Duginism (i.e. the mind of Putin and how commies try to subvert the U.S.)


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File: 73756cd948e2998⋯.jpg (105.24 KB, 700x566, 350:283, 45.jpg)


Do society a favour and kill yourself.


File: f0dbc3c17166d12⋯.jpg (15.16 KB, 375x375, 1:1, 7056137b0a87cf1ba7bb77a39c….jpg)


Swing and miss.


File: 5a9b124a86aca86⋯.jpg (52.26 KB, 331x402, 331:402, butthurt-faggot.jpg)


Nice projection, lel



File: 9f4175640ade5ed⋯.jpg (287.31 KB, 982x1757, 982:1757, Mass Shooters.jpg)




blacks usually shoot blacks

File: ede5bc7fb2b3ca1⋯.png (1.12 MB, 829x925, 829:925, execute_bergdahl.png)


FORT BRAGG, N.C. — Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who walked off his base in Afghanistan in 2009, setting off a military manhunt and political furor, pleaded guilty to desertion and misbehavior before the enemy on Monday before a military judge in Fort Bragg, N.C.

Sergeant Bergdahl, 31, was held captive by the Taliban for five years before the Obama administration traded him in 2014 for five Taliban detainees at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.

He was charged with desertion, which carries a potential five-year sentence, and with misbehavior — essentially, endangering the troops who were sent to search for him — which carries a potential life sentence.

The negotiations for his release became a presidential campaign issue and an attacking point for Republican critics of President Obama’s foreign policy. Last year, as a candidate, Donald J. Trump repeatedly called the sergeant a “traitor” and called for him to be executed.

Sergeant Bergdahl had a different explanation, telling the Army’s chief investigator, Maj. Gen. Kenneth Dahl, that he decided to leave his base so he could walk to a larger base about 18 miles away in order to report what he felt were leadership problems in his own unit.

General Dahl, whose investigation formed the basis of the military’s case against Sergeant Bergdahl, later testified that jailing him would be “inappropriate,” suggesting that the sergeant had been delusional and that he had never intended to desert.

Continue reading the main story


Continue reading the main story

Army prosecutors have argued that Sergeant Bergdahl’s departure forced the military to drastically alter its operations during the manhunt. They also say that two soldiers and a Navy SEAL suffered serious wounds searching for the sergeant in two separate operations.

Defense lawyers have said those injuries cannot be directly tied to Sergeant Bergdahl. Military investigators later found grave faults with the leadership and planning of one mission, they say, adding that evidence indicates that the other mission “targeted a well-known enemy combatant” and thus had a purpose apart from rescuing the sergeant.

Defense lawyers have also arguPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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>he's a retard that can't differentiate between sarcasm and serious posts


Why did he deserted his duty?



How convenient for the /pol/tarded, when some points out there own stupidity, they were just being "sarcastic". This is just a rehash of when people said "i troll u lol" when they got called out for their own stupidity.

You, and /leftypol/ need to back to your safe spaces and stop bleeding into other boards every time you get temp banned. Fuck your political delusional reality.



I wish Asswhatsits were like that, I could laugh at them then.

But they are mostly left-leaning rapfugees welcome faggots.


File: f92d418e7f584d0⋯.jpg (11.42 KB, 300x168, 25:14, images.jpg)


File: f09d0656df5439c⋯.png (3.75 MB, 810x1200, 27:40, invite.png)


Yearly streams are held on both /bane/ and /just/, in an attempt to keep the fire rising. So far, no stream has been held by either boards, thus, one big anon for us has took it upon himself to start the fire and hold a stream this Saturday, on the 21st of October. While /just/ has always been a small board, it is noticed that /bane/ seems to have fallen down no. users as of late. But why do we fall? So we can rise again. You get to bring friends. Get em on board, we'll call it in and file the flight plan.

We are inviting all of 8chan* to come join the big stream, with the intention of raising the fire to unfucking our shit up.

* - Hotheads need to get out of here. No alimony wives allowed.




File: ad3ac46148030a6⋯.jpeg (434.01 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, TELEMMGLPICT000129182072_….jpeg)


Whales and dolphins live in human-like societies and share similar brain evolution to primates and man, scientist have concluded.

A new study which looked at 90 species found a link between brain size and social and cultural traits in marine mammals.

It is the first time that scientists have considered whether ‘social brain hypothesis’ applies to whales and dolphins, as well as humans. The theory suggests that intelligence developed as a means of coping with large and complex social groups.

Just like humans, whales and dolphins live in tightly-knit social groups, cooperate with other species, talk to each other and even have regional dialects.

They also engage in cooperative hunting, and pass on their skills to younger members. Some even have signature whistles, which are believed to represent names, so they can call to individuals.


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Greatwinter is coming.


dolphins, octopus' and ants are 3 life forms scientists theorize are capable of human levels of society and intelligence.


>Wikishitpedia is clearly stationg that human womens are the only mammals with clitoris

Fucking bullshit, horses have clitoris too.

t. ex-brony




>science gives them thumbs

>dolphins take all the weapons from sunken boats in sea battles

>dolphins become somali pirates

All because do-gooders wanted to give them thumbs.

screenshot this, for when it happens


File: 5b4bd5212042c0e⋯.jpg (10.52 KB, 251x237, 251:237, 1321646231467.jpg)


>somali pirates, but even more rapey AND cetacean

>also more intelligent

Fuck everything about this idea.

File: 8268e184608098f⋯.jpg (28.32 KB, 600x337, 600:337, 213 (9).jpg)


Today a collection of severe security vulnerabilities in the WPA2 encryption protocol for Wi-Fi are being disclosed, along with a proof of concept exploit. The weaknesses center around the process used for negotiating the encryption keys used by the client and access point. These core vulnerabilities are part of the Wi-Fi Protected Access WPA standard itself, so even devices that correctly implement WPA2 according to spec are expected to be affected. Both personal and enterprise WPA modes are affected, and both the original WPA and WPA2 are affected. The primary mode of attack exploits vulnerabilities in client devices, but there are some variants that affect features used by some access points.

As a quick WPA refresher, the password you type in to connect to an access point using WPA2 is not directly used as the encryption key for the network traffic your device exchanges with the access point. Instead, that password (technically referred to as a pre-shared key) is used to authenticate the client device to the access point and start the process of negotiating the connection. The vulnerabilities disclosed today allow for attacks on the four-way handshake sequence that is used in setting up the encryption and determining what keys will be used, all without having to broadcast the pre-shared key itself. Once a connection is fully established, the client and access point regularly rotate the encryption keys to new ones derived from the pre-shared key.



yes, now I can freely download cheese pizza all day and just claim someone broke into my wlan router if I ever get into the radar of law enforcement


File: f32fbf0621409c9⋯.jpg (53.14 KB, 500x378, 250:189, rope bunnified.jpg)




File: 266725d0b185c5f⋯.jpg (11.24 KB, 259x194, 259:194, jacksoncorn.jpg)


oh no! someone just hacked me and is downloading cheezy pizza right now. Stop you evil Russian fiend. Stop, I say. Well, I have no control over it now.

File: 22548d943bbba91⋯.jpg (54.99 KB, 600x338, 300:169, swap15t.jpg)



Jessie Lorene Goline, 25, faces one count of first-degree sexual assault.

Four students — three from Marked Tree School District and one from East Poinsett County School District — allegedly had sex with Goline, who was a teacher at Marked Tree High School, from January to April 2016, according to Arkansas Online.

Goline reportedly contacted the students via text message, which, according to court documents, “became more and more sexual in nature.”

One of the students stated Goline texted him and asked him to go to her apartment, where they later had sexual intercourse.

Another student said Goline picked him up in Marked Tree, then drove him to her apartment in Jonesboro, where they had sex twice, KAIT-TV reported. That student told authorities that another student also visited Goline’s apartment that same night.

A third student told Arkansas State Police that Goline sent him sexually explicit texts, including a photo of herself in undergarments. The student said Goline commented on “how good he looked in class,” and “texted him that she would like to have sex with him but he was too young.”

Goline told authorities that she had sexual relations with four students, according to Arkansas Online, but believed one of them was 18, when he was “way younger than what he had told her.”

Court documents stated that Goline went to Principal Matt Wright’s office crying, while he was in the midst of reporting the situation to the Arkansas Crimes Against Children hotline.

When Wright asked if she had any inappropriate contact with students, Goline allegedly said, “I’m not going to lose my husband,” but added, “We had sex.”

Goline was booked into the Craighead County Detention Center Wednesday afternoon on a $5,000 bond, and was waiting for an Oct. 31 court appearance.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

11 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>now sees a crime in an event to which all participants consented and which they enjoyed

What are Sex While in Position of Authority or Trust laws?

Your turn retard.



Even better. Teen slaves with collars forced to munch on 24 year old teacher's pussy. I'll bet she bound them up and edged their little cocks until they were forced to cum all over her face. What a world!



>laws create moral reality

>I'll let fat, old childfuckers in Congress dictate my worldview

Imagine being this cucked.


File: a6be35752d701ec⋯.jpg (71.74 KB, 700x560, 5:4, 53c0e-animalcompanion.jpg)

Women really do think they can get away with anything. I bet she does.


File: 290d4e6a0d49625⋯.jpg (414.26 KB, 1057x881, 1057:881, linkfacepalm.jpg)

>>568023 >>569743

They should give this woman a medal. It's every young boy's dream come true. The little faggot who snitched just ruined it for all of them. Now they can go back to fapping with a sock. Dumbasses.

File: 962040385c64dce⋯.jpg (52.32 KB, 664x543, 664:543, hiddenmerchant.jpg)


A white supremacist active as recently as the start of this year says today he is publicly renouncing 40 years of hate. Speaking on Channel 4 News he comes out as gay for the first time – and admits to a violent past.

After a lifetime of involvement with the far-right Kevin Wilshaw announces on Channel 4 News that he is leaving the movement – at the same time publicly coming out as gay.

The well known National Front organiser in the 1980s was still active in white supremacist groups earlier this year – including speaking at events.

But tonight on Channel 4 News he explains for the very first time why he is publicly disavowing the movement – sharing his secrets, explaining how he was both a Neo-Nazi and of Jewish heritage , while admitting to violent acts and what motivated his hatred.


39 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


i am a self loathing jew.

i post on /pol/



They can't because normal Whites will point at other groups having free association. Already has been argued on NORMAL forums.

No Nazi fags no "racist"



You have a strange definition of "normal", faggot. Stop using that word so much if you don't know what it means.


Imagine waking up everyday and realizing you are an autistic alt-righter



File: 077b0fed42afad9⋯.jpg (347.67 KB, 998x971, 998:971, decadence.jpg)

European francophobe here, fighting for Flemish nationalism. Never heard of this white flag holding fagboy, and i know plenty of the french camambertfuckers as they are my main enemy.

File: d92a0ad58cf1ceb⋯.jpg (249.77 KB, 947x460, 947:460, badcockcatalonia.jpg)


>MADRID — For five years, the national government of Spain and the region of Catalonia have been playing chicken over the latter’s bid for independence. And it increasingly seems that neither side intends on stopping before the moment of impact.

On Oct. 1, the Catalan government plans to put out ballot boxes for a vote on independence it claims will be definitive. The referendum law passed by Catalonia’s parliament says a “yes” vote will trigger a declaration of independence “within two days” — completely ignoring the fact that the legal basis for the ballot has been suspended by Spain’s constitutional court. Fittingly, the Catalan government’s TV ad for the referendum shows a train approaching a fork in the tracks.


7 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: bfd7f606d1684e8⋯.jpg (36.44 KB, 338x475, 338:475, MV5BMzE4MjczOTc2MF5BMl5Ban….jpg)



You're an idiot. Catalan is a region that produces a substantial chunk of spanish GDP. It is more like spain wants to keep sucking off those Catalan gibs tbh.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

File: c873609bfebb66d⋯.jpg (68.28 KB, 1000x541, 1000:541, 1050208570.jpg)


In their joint statement, ULA, the joint venture of Lockheed Martin and Boeing, and start-up company of American businessman Robert Bigelow, announced their plans to launch a spacecraft for long-term lunar exploration and astronaut training.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — An expandable spacecraft orbiting the moon by late 2022 will provide a commercial depot for lunar exploration and eventual flights to Mars, according to a press release announcing a joint venture between Bigelow Aerospace private company and United Launch Alliance, which provides spacecraft launch services to the US government.

"This commercial lunar depot would provide anchorage for significant lunar business development in addition to offering NASA and other governments the Moon as a new exciting location to conduct long-term exploration and astronaut training," the release stated.

As a working space station for humans, Bigelow’s B330 expandable module will also complement bigger plans by NASA to eventually put people on Mars, the release explained.


File: 849c14f5ed62bf5⋯.jpg (111.64 KB, 633x429, 211:143, ukys.jpg)


The NHS will ban patients from surgery indefinitely unless they lose weight or quit smoking, under controversial plans drawn up in Hertfordshire.

The restrictions - thought to be the most extreme yet to be introduced by health services - immediately came under attack from the Royal College of Surgeons.

Its vice president called for an “urgent rethink” of policies which he said were “discriminatory” and went against the fundamental principles of the NHS.

In recent years, a number of areas have introduced delays for such patients - with some told operations will be put back for months, during which time they are expected to try to lose weight or stop smoking.

But the new rules, drawn up by clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) in Hertfordshire, say that obese patients “will not get non-urgent surgery until they reduce their weight” at all, unless the circumstances are exceptional.

<At this time I remember all the..

>Hurr social health care works in other countries there's no reason it shouldn't work in The US

<It didn't fucking work it's a collapsing from within as restrictions start appearing because the Tax Dollars can't support the amount of visits and treatments for the countries populace.


18 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


Or maybe we could have them pay for their own surgeries and not tax them?

unless the taxes aren't actually for our own benefit


What about AIDS? Or injured bad drivers? Or poor diet causing diabetes? Or criminals?



The tax smokers pay is 10X the cost of their heath care.




Your taxes are going to feeding and housing third world low-IQ violent rapists who despise you and want you dead.








We are over run with people sucking from the hard working people.Population increase DUH..

File: 0c937c049f94c73⋯.jpg (92.11 KB, 634x635, 634:635, 454B91BF00000578-4977154-i….jpg)


Life really could exist on Mars: Hardy bacteria similar to that found in the Arctic may thrive on the red planet thanks to a salty solution that prevents liquid water from freezing

>Soil samples taken by the Phoenix Lander in 2009 found powerful oxidants

>Lab tests and computer simulations were carried out on a substitute 'Mars water

>Experts found chemicals like magnesium perchlorate can prevent water freezing

>The brine solutions may provide an enivronment in which mircobes can thrive


14 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1c9281d3821dc59⋯.webm (11.5 MB, 640x360, 16:9, hitler on the spirit of r….webm)


Our race.


File: 33996f345217213⋯.gif (890.96 KB, 325x252, 325:252, .....gif)


There is no money, fuck those manchildren at the NASA



Where did the $54bn increase in military spending come from?



Um…me, the actual working American who pays out the ass in taxes.


File: da14815dfe12d42⋯.jpg (14.69 KB, 220x228, 55:57, ellen geese.jpg)

The bait of the century.

File: b2e7e0e55064be9⋯.jpg (531.45 KB, 1000x854, 500:427, s659.jpg)


Health professionals in England are to be told to ask patients aged 16 or over about their sexual orientation, under new NHS guidelines. NHS England said no-one would be forced to answer the question but recording the data would ensure that "no patient is discriminated against". The guidance applies to doctors and nurses, as well as local councils responsible for adult social care.

A spokeswoman said: "It will have no impact on the care [people] receive." She added: "All health bodies and local authorities with responsibility for adult social care are required under the Equality Act to ensure that no patient is discriminated against." She said the information would help NHS bodies comply with equality legislation by "consistently collecting, only where relevant, personal details of patients such as race, sex and sexual orientation."

'Face to face'

NHS England recommends health professionals - such as GPs and nurses - ask about a person's sexual orientation at "every face to face contact with the patient, where no record of this data already exists". It said the data was already being collected in many areas but that the new guidance makes it standard, and that it expects sexual orientation monitoring to be in place across England by April 2019. Under the guidance, health professionals are to ask patients: "Which of the following options best describes how you think of yourself?". The options include heterosexual or straight, gay or lesbian, bisexual, other sexual orientation, not sure, not stated and not known.

NHS England said lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) people were "disproportionately affected" by health inequalities such as poor mental health and a higher risk of self-harm and suicide. It said public bodies had a legal obligation to pay regard to the needs of LGB people under the Equality Act 2010. "Collecting and analysing data on sexual orientation allows public sector bodies to better understand, respond to and improve LGB patients' service access," the guidance states.

If a patient does not want to disclose their sexuality, "not stated" would be recorded as their response. The guidance also says patients who are not ablPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

12 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Lotta guys here are gay an heres why.

Traps r still guys



transgender is not a sexuality so it would have been irelevant to add it. You are either straight, gay, or bi, and that applies to trans too.



What if you don't answer because it's a stupid thing to be asked?



Lots of gays and bisexuals want to take the T out of LGBT. After all, "I want to suck a dick" and "I am so crazy that I want to have my dick surgically turned inside out and made into a grotesque pseudovagina" are vastly different things.




File: 2277d28271155f0⋯.jpg (22.05 KB, 634x396, 317:198, 453C4C1500000578-4970050-i….jpg)


Albright College football player Gyree Durante was dismissed from the Division III program for kneeling during the national anthem before Saturday's game against Delaware Valley University.

On Wednesday, Mark Schlabach of ESPN.com passed along a statement from a school spokesperson, who said the Lions' leadership council voted to stand during the national anthem and Durante opted to kneel by himself, leading to his exit from the team.

"The football team made a team-wide decision to both kneel during the coin toss and stand during the national anthem," the statement read. "This action, which was supported by the coaching staff, was created as an expression of team unity and out of the mutual respect team members have for one another and the value they place on their differences. It was established as a way to find common ground in a world with many differing views."

Durante served as a backup quarterback at the Reading, Pennsylvania school. He appeared in two of the team's six games so far this season, completing three of his eight pass attempts for 35 yards and a touchdown.

The sophomore told David Chang and Aaron Baskerville of NBC Philadelphia he was protesting against "social injustices and racism" in the United States.

"At some point in life, there's going to be a time when you've got to take a stand," Durante said. "For me it just happened to be on Saturday afternoon."

He added: "I was just taught you fight for what you believe in and you don't bow to anyone. I believe heavily in this. So I decided to fight for it."

His dismissal comes while the NFL is embroiled in a polarizing debate about whether players should be able to protest during the national anthem. The issue generated mainstream attention after United States President Donald Trump said owners should fire players who decide to kneel.

Durante told NBC Philadelphia he's considering a transfer.

Meanwhile, Albright College has a byPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

10 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



>why play tbe anthem

Commie litmus test. He had to go.



> you've got to take a stand



File: 0c275ba41a5d70f⋯.jpg (49.75 KB, 512x385, 512:385, 1431141282965.jpg)


>I wonder if he went back, thought about it,…


pick one


Kneeling to oppose and make a statement against oppression is like saying I'm gonna suck this guys dick to show my opposition to homosexuality.

The way blacks minds work is amazing, and even worse is that American blacks average around 30% white DNA but the bad genes still keep them from evolving.



That 30% white DNA must really be a hindrance.

File: 42ac1ba8fd318a2⋯.jpg (392.16 KB, 970x776, 5:4, gorgeous-11-year-old.jpg)


A SHOCKING court decision that declared an 11-year-old girl consented to sex with a man, 28, has sparked outrage in France.

Prosecutors deemed the child had engaged in a consensual “ sexual relationship” with the man, leading to immediate backlash from children’s rights groups.

The case centred on allegations the man lured the girl from a park in the northern Paris suburb of Montmagny to his nearby home.

The Local news outlet reported the man allegedly raped her. The girl’s family said she was “paralysed” by fear and “unable to defend herself”.

But in a decision that’s prompted anger, prosecutors decided “there was no violence, no constraint, no threat, and no surprise” on the part of the man to justify the charge of rape.

“Essentially they judged that she had consented to the sexual encounter because she was not physically forced into the act,” The Local reported.

Rights group Le Voix de l’Enfant said in a statement: “The question of consent or its absence should never even be asked when it comes to rape victims who are minors”.



155 posts and 41 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: dca0f517a2fbc6f⋯.png (373.59 KB, 519x903, 173:301, dca0f517a2fbc6f945e5a0cbdb….png)

When is the day of the rope

It's coming, r-right guys? We can stop this. R-right?


File: 72db41906b22508⋯.png (66.61 KB, 863x843, 863:843, 1965-immigration-act.png)


Not really. When USA was actually great (before the jew world wars, federal reserve, women's rights/feminism, 1965 immigration laws, etc.), age of consent was much lower.

Of course, just lowering the age of consent and not accounting for those other things won't MFGA. It's only one part of the equation.



6 year old's don't get pregnant. It has happened on occasion, but those are rare cases.


File: 61e7e769a8ec9dd⋯.png (818.23 KB, 856x1200, 107:150, 1487707751783.png)


STFU, retard.

You know pretty well where this is going.



Oy vey! Why fap to women who are at the age of consent when you can fap to little girls who have not yet menstruated?!

File: c4419bffd8643eb⋯.jpg (66.45 KB, 427x547, 427:547, redpilled eastern germanic….jpg)


Hundreds of based redpilled Ukrainian natsocs held a march in the center of Kiev on the 75th anniversary of the establishment the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) – a nationalist paramilitary group that actively liberated Ukraine of the muscovite judeo-bolshevist scourge openly glorified by Pootin and his kremlin lackeys nowadays.

The event was mostly attended by members of the nationalist Ukrainian National Corps and Svoboda (Freedom) parties, as well as ultranationalist based fashy goys from Pravy Sektor (Right Sector).


4 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 87ecee339354482⋯.jpg (16.05 KB, 210x255, 14:17, banderahurt-faggot.jpg)




t. asshurt pan-slavist ukrainophobic judeo-pootinist kremlin muscovite RIDF vatnik stooge


What does "Af" mean?



drink yourselves to death you fucking mongol rapebabies


File: f7499e992bfefca⋯.png (951.75 KB, 614x708, 307:354, natalya pondering.png)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

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