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File: 5816a316facad91⋯.png (114.72 KB, 600x600, 1:1, leanen the art Fairy.png)

File: 7dc01a62a2434d5⋯.gif (685.14 KB, 316x240, 79:60, Mr.Rogers.gif)

File: ad78b46b161c9ad⋯.png (2.92 MB, 1400x6521, 1400:6521, 1458761272925.png)

File: e45663bd19fbde1⋯.jpg (110.82 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, basic pose.jpg)

8ec781 No.289731[Reply]

As we all know on here, /monster/

thrives on OC

And while we have a good collection of stories and CYOA's, we are seriously lacking in the department of drawfags.

Too many post in the drawthread and its general flooded with requests, and we simply don't have enough artists to do them.

Hence why I am (re)making this thread: To not only help the people who want to learn how to draw, but also how them get better at it.

This thread will be for posting tutorials, hints, tips, and critiques of your art work. I will be posting several very handy places and resources you can use.

If anyone finds any other tutorials, specifically on drawing actual monster girls, feel free to share. The whole point of this thread is to help people create

more OC

and art to help /monster/ thrive

Learning How To Draw:


A perfect guide for tutorials and helpful tips.


A wonderful board here on 8chan. Many threads have useful tips and tutorials to help you out.


it'll teach you the fundamentals.


common digital tools


> is good and free.


> is cheap and has a hard focus on 'just draw, nigga!' with an easy to use UI but its very basic on features.

>Manga/Clip Studio

> is like sai but has more features

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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784abf No.319637

File: 39d926b2f51608f⋯.gif (264.31 KB, 854x1500, 427:750, Oh.gif)

Starting the drawabox thing. Here we go.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

140f87 No.306819[Reply]

It's been far too long. I've got a couple suggestions for our next song. We could do vid related and leave the lyrics untouched, but I'd personally prefer taking bluegrass/country gospel music and changing the lyrics to be about Ammit and our waifus. Whatever song we do, we should try to get it recorded, compiled, and uploaded in time for the eclipse.

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1c1882 No.318419

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The choice shouldn't have been this obvious.

File: 1466623277242.jpg (269.59 KB, 631x841, 631:841, --midway-hime-kantai-colle….jpg)

0fde7e No.189913[Reply]

Alright since banners are back up I think its about time we get new ones. Preferably with more variety this time.

Full list:


Please be aware of the following limitations as you upload banners:


There is a maximum of 300 banners for the board with 197 slots left.

Banners are now working as intended with many more slots now

Banners must not exceed 500KB (that is, 512000 bytes).

Only the following file types are permissible:





Banners must be exactly 300px wide and 100px high.

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17d6fc No.316082

File: 91b0a6e77eeda71⋯.png (699.06 KB, 934x1546, 467:773, 0d2514ffe68184f4f6c3c9e100….png)

Can we put this in the rotation for the bottom right image?

File: 1411171092463.png (1.22 MB, 795x948, 265:316, Blowyourload.png)

06e251 No.1[Reply]

>Follow the Global Rules, Use the global report function for reporting illegal content.

>Follow the Thread Theme, basically don't derail threads, the same goes for off topic dice rolls too.

> If you are new, learn how to lurk first. If you're confused on how things work ask on the QTDDTOT thread or the meta thread.

>Check the catalog before making a thread, so the board wont get clogged up with duplicate threads.

>Meta topics, 8chan topics, board friendship requests, questions pertaining to the board, and meta posts, stay on the meta thread.

>no discord links you will get banned for linking them.

>Hide threads, posts and content you don't like, do the best you can to self moderate.

If you find a rule violation, do not go on a tirade, report it and move on. If I catch you making a rant pertaining to the reported post which helps to derail a thread, you will get a month long ban.

>Impersonating a /monster/ board volunteer is strictly forbidden

>NO FURRY, GORE, KEMONO, OR MLP (if it has a snout its out) Subsequent posting on how furries should be included or accepted on this board, or a "anthro related taste argument" will lead to a ban. Posting a picture of a furry will get you a weeklong ban so make sure you're not posting furries.

>ON CYOA'S dice rolls should always be saged regardless of thread. If you are a participant and not the content creator of a CYOA then remember to sage. Respect the authors choice to use or not use dice, and their decisions.

>High quality posts are welcomed, heavier shitposting will be counted as derailing and has a chance of becoming unfunny so don't overdo it, this also includes NTR.

> keep dice rolls on diceroll threads or cyoas that allow for them.

>All thread topics must relate to Monster Girls in some way

>Monster Boys, Hermaphrodites and shemales go to >>>/chaos/

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: d0373c4cbc29597⋯.png (236.1 KB, 1100x662, 550:331, 194BDBE3-895E-4B8F-895E-68….png)

7a412c No.289418[Reply]

ITT we ask questions about monstergirls that don't deserve their own thread

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ac5062 No.319386

File: d03c630320d6d2c⋯.png (137.58 KB, 648x326, 324:163, headpat bord.PNG)

21418e No.319390


i imagine if your waifu was a manticore, she could just user her tail

as for the situation you and her are in, i have no idea

54a1e9 No.319687

Is it normal to walk into the marble statue section of a museum and have to fight the urge to headpat all the qt statues?

4e4cc9 No.319693


It is on /monster/.

65d1c0 No.319755


You're a bigger man than I am, clothing store mannequins creep me the fuck out. They are clearly fake but I fear they will come to life and touch me. And it's worse that they all lack a head. And the female mannequins are always so shapely so seeing them in their underwear is both scary but a little lewd but mostly scary.

File: 3ee78c26ab681a8⋯.jpg (11.23 KB, 268x188, 67:47, download.jpg)

280f5d No.264092[Reply]

Is a frog thread in order?

I have somehow become stricken with an astounding love of frog girls. They just seem so smooth, the shine of their bodies is appealing , and dat tongue.

33 posts and 72 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

08b177 No.319684

File: 6c9159852503d84⋯.jpg (878.15 KB, 880x1280, 11:16, 0032.jpg)

File: 1d0dbfe6a580795⋯.jpg (771.61 KB, 880x1280, 11:16, 0033.jpg)

File: 671935f225dd162⋯.jpg (556.67 KB, 880x1280, 11:16, 0048.jpg)

File: 9f93e05f0a968ca⋯.jpg (530.9 KB, 880x1280, 11:16, 0049.jpg)

File: e3877c25e53d7a1⋯.jpg (797.41 KB, 880x1280, 11:16, 0073.jpg)

There's a third doujin, but it's not translated. But that's that for now!

08b177 No.319685


He hasn't started a relationship with her yet last I remember, and he didn't do a doujin with those two characters together yet.

fae010 No.319706

File: 329c3ac4b9ff633⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1228x888, 307:222, it's my therapy.png)













who is this artist, and is there some way to make them never draw anything again?

8d9e95 No.319742

File: fd4022a45a2e015⋯.mp4 (538.17 KB, 270x360, 3:4, wtf.mp4)

>Hey this looks good…..

>Gee her asshole looks like it is going to burst out I'll just click this spoiler image

Whelp. I didn't like that no sir.

36923a No.319751

File: a09415ea20df272⋯.jpeg (61.04 KB, 720x960, 3:4, a09415ea20df272fcc0e76a1b….jpeg)


Sengoku-kun, author of Pretty Cool now he doing precool(suffering) and anatomical correct frog girl.

File: 866a7e593912da3⋯.jpg (198.26 KB, 850x1175, 34:47, 1456360726886.jpg)

b8dcb8 No.291699[Reply]

Let's talk about faggot cats of all colors and sizes.

332 posts and 247 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

a259be No.318505

File: 3785234967876a8⋯.jpeg (93.46 KB, 1280x715, 256:143, 1444992660629.jpeg)



>two sentences

This is you isn't it Sam? Sam I'm gonna raze Texas you fucking mark my words.

a259be No.318506

File: f4b32aca07f6f56⋯.gif (220.49 KB, 500x625, 4:5, Nodding.gif)

File: 39d926b2f51608f⋯.gif (264.31 KB, 854x1500, 427:750, Oh.gif)

Let me try to underail the thread here

Sage because nothing of value has been posted and there are probably more deserving threads.

a259be No.318760

File: 910d0d4d89e467c⋯.jpg (392.37 KB, 1280x1819, 1280:1819, ENG09.jpg)

>no matter how many times he is milked, he'll never run out of semen. It is highly popular as an ingredient in Wonderland sweets.

Remember this part of the manga?

ea9e57 No.319700

File: 2503b16daf9c997⋯.jpg (340.6 KB, 1023x672, 341:224, hallucin.jpg)

Bumping so that there will be three cheshires on the top page at once.

2c6336 No.319750



File: c51cc5aaad547bf⋯.png (202.72 KB, 377x390, 29:30, trecks.png)

ace49d No.317723[Reply]

This is the place to share cute stories about your husband, boy wrangling tips, and other ideas on how to enjoy your new human plaything lover.

Remember, Humans suffer from a strange genetic condition that prevents them from growing enough fur to stay warm. So it's important to lay on top of them at night, hold their hands, or maybe even sit on their faces to keep them warm.

268 posts and 84 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

2cc73f No.319738

File: 818c6f8a518da2d⋯.jpg (182.37 KB, 1024x1446, 512:723, angery wan.jpg)



2b9df6 No.319741


>monster girl star trek

>exploring the galaxy trying to find the human home world

I don't know if it would be good or just really sad.

13a144 No.319744


Events where the expectation is interaction in a non-sexual manner might help. It'll take longer than the usual methods, but it should give positive results. Try finding a group for a hobby you have, let that context help you meet and get to know guys. It may even help with the shyness some.

757aa1 No.319747

File: bbcbd0e5292a92c⋯.jpg (418.43 KB, 1816x2048, 227:256, 6002c178187174eaeecd712375….jpg)



>"Not like other girls" manticore

Have you tried dressing the part?

e7cf92 No.319753


It's fine to be proactive and shit, but on the other hand reacting like you are will just lead to trolls doing it out of spite because it triggers people.

File: 1e856731e57bf8b⋯.png (405.12 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1499649937010.png)

File: f45cd664b33c2b2⋯.jpg (156.35 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1499650321173.jpg)

File: 7fa0d64ed583586⋯.webm (2.52 MB, 864x520, 108:65, 1499514619007.webm)

eff2f4 No.303290[Reply]

Post mamono feet.

90 posts and 75 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

1cf9b9 No.319621


Oh yes same her though she would definitely have to be careful with that grip of hers

a9d9a3 No.319691

File: f19e7cd3b69f706⋯.jpg (401.82 KB, 850x1220, 85:122, 6a86f97a19bdfedf1190424b1d….jpg)

645ae9 No.319692


I imagine that would go without saying, but I believe that I would be brave and adventurous enough to try.

c0871f No.319720


Yep it definitely would be worth the risk

4c5a1c No.319745

File: 0188a67b8adcd6b⋯.jpg (185.22 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, IMG_1467.JPG)

I kinda think some the zombie girls would be good fir some tickiling

File: ce5b53121aa5ed4⋯.png (183.7 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Cathythumbnail3.png)

56239f No.318402[Reply]

Cathy thought she would be able to start a normal and happy life with her new job working at a gym, but already things are taking a turn for the worst! An illegal aphrodisiac called Love Spice is causing mayhem amidst the monster women! Discover who is behind this and put a stop to it! Or don't! Who knows what will happen?


Part 1


Part 2 (please archive my dumb ass and I'll love you)

<Apologies, October has put me in a different kind of "monster" spirit. Let's keep this thing going!

119 posts and 60 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

df89ee No.319735

File: d179871bd2308f9⋯.png (205.33 KB, 637x376, 637:376, 1508303709214.png)


>atomic tits

>emphasize those big dumb breasts

>those pics


Tabitha C, Cathy A

8c469e No.319746

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


tabitha=c cathy=a

5abd24 No.319748



tabby what >>319730 said

d27b4c No.319752


<All of them



Cathy C, Tabitha A, Tabitha probably wants to show off those crazy abs.

993bea No.319754


Cathy C, Tabitha B.

File: 67ff44145e455bf⋯.png (405.56 KB, 950x1249, 950:1249, 1473565724006.png)

File: 98322bc0a2e818a⋯.png (55.12 KB, 612x855, 68:95, 1473623376430.png)

File: bd9edb2228f88d4⋯.png (152.82 KB, 3160x1120, 79:28, clown_rape_is_never_funny.png)

File: 3deb75ae622cbe9⋯.jpg (275.67 KB, 850x1133, 850:1133, __clownpiece_touhou_drawn_….jpg)

File: 49371848edadde7⋯.png (114.56 KB, 721x559, 721:559, Screenshot_2017-08-22-21-2….png)

a18ee9 No.310609[Reply]

Does /monster/ like Clown type monster girls?

66 posts and 51 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

ecad5b No.318107


Sounds too direct for a clown. I get in mind the clown building some ridiculous trap that causes the dude to trip and fall dick first into her vagina. A bit of slapdick humor.

fac05c No.318108


But I thought Aux said there were no traps allowed on the board.

ecad5b No.318110


Ur a cheeky cunt m8

340b43 No.319726

File: 67cadc420906372⋯.png (122.46 KB, 540x304, 135:76, 1508007463874.png)

File: 24298d6412687f2⋯.png (635.8 KB, 971x1220, 971:1220, 1508298179320.png)

File: fb9b87c0637bbf1⋯.jpg (209.04 KB, 1011x1200, 337:400, 1508204702958.jpg)

340b43 No.319727

File: 04c3155adab52cc⋯.png (429.32 KB, 975x1160, 195:232, 1508215210445.png)

File: 2bc35724b961d03⋯.png (742.59 KB, 1280x1935, 256:387, 1508215316113.png)

File: 7c38498dcbc2b80⋯.png (941.56 KB, 1440x1920, 3:4, 1508217436781.png)

File: af1e5cd014cbe88⋯.gif (763.26 KB, 540x378, 10:7, Super Saiyan Caulifla.gif)

File: 71f6769af8c15a5⋯.jpg (459.49 KB, 827x1169, 827:1169, Caulifla.jpg)

File: 0fbc1de877c7e71⋯.png (989.81 KB, 1000x1506, 500:753, 426e725faa17c89e7c02681614….png)

File: 89c490a9a6f0532⋯.jpg (140.43 KB, 664x1008, 83:126, 6202ab61ef2749301041316651….jpg)

File: 2ca2e934026b60c⋯.jpg (474.94 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, Super Saiyans.jpg)

5dff50 No.319482[Reply]

There's not enough love for monkey butt here.

9 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

ca8b25 No.319654

File: 0799d0fa9dbce66⋯.jpeg (60.77 KB, 500x375, 4:3, image.jpeg)

Saiyan girls are superior. Such pride, honour and glory! A noble race indeed. Only a worthy male would survive the breeding process, a good death is the reward for those too weak to handle her. Your wife should be able to take a punch and deliver one too.

6767ad No.319672

File: 6699c010aeeabc0⋯.jpg (455.33 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, downloadfile.jpg)

File: 45436a632089171⋯.png (678.47 KB, 800x1027, 800:1027, __kale_dragon_ball_and_dra….png)

File: c788aad32cf4f03⋯.jpg (66.35 KB, 743x1024, 743:1024, __kale_dragon_ball_and_dra….jpg)


Saiyan girls are cute.

cf3cab No.319705

I want to hug Caulifla and i want to throw her to the bed and tickle her until she collapses from the laughter

I know i'm a degenerate

fda571 No.319717

File: e8aefb15504a3b3⋯.jpg (210.94 KB, 1024x1448, 128:181, kale_nude_by_elee0228-dbok….jpg)



Kale is good for you!

5c4fcf No.319718


Something about this is really wrong

File: 8c5baca09833b65⋯.png (116.85 KB, 640x688, 40:43, Smugdom.png)

777675 No.300542[Reply]

So there are monster girls that are into maledom play and would gladly take the role of the sub. But why is this wan so smug?

90 posts and 64 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

6ba3c5 No.317841



Why do I get the feeling this is the same poster but with a different IP?

5ca845 No.317854

What if the waifu is taking the role of the sub to make the husband think he is dominant but it was actually the husband who was making her think that she was being submissive to make the husband dominant for a while when he has been dominant all this time

sorry for bad english

7b8043 No.319669


Hisahiko's femsub is always worth a look.

b875d5 No.319707


this is adorable

be4c99 No.319714

File: 4d265091d7bdd00⋯.jpg (19.89 KB, 198x202, 99:101, 1397627129084.jpg)


>it folds back inside when they have sex

So it's the worst of all worlds for everyone. Futa fags can't fuck em with it hanging out, and everyone else has to look at that bulge and big floppy clit the rest of the time.

File: 19ab9ae280bff56⋯.jpg (96.31 KB, 1201x665, 1201:665, 5139dfecbadb244ed8e66f94cb….jpg)

fa48e5 No.268301[Reply]

Welcome to space quest. You are Peter Callahan, a cleric for Dei gratia. You travel to various planets to assist their populations with various things. You focus most of your efforts on getting other paladin cadres to lay down their arms and cease hostilities with monsters and xenos. Why? Violence should not be used to solve problems when more civilized solutions that don’t throw anybody under a bus can be made.

How this is going to run: I’ll present you with some choices at the end of an entry, and you make a decision based off of what’s going on at the time. Suggesting something that isn’t presented is an option so long as it’s in character and consistent with the relevant time in the story. Just because you suggest something does not guarantee that it will make it in, but I will try to work with them on condition that it’s not unreasonable.

As far as things go with monsters and sexy relations: I’m not entertaining any harem ideas. I won’t force a pick on /monster/ but monogamy is a thing in this quest.

I will be introducing one mechanic for the quest within the first couple of entries, just a heads up now so you’re not surprised.

With all that being said, on with the show

“As we follow the path, we will always be guided. The light of the first shall leave me protected”. Your nightly prayer finished, you lay yourself to sleep and adjust your blankets. “Computer, lights” you mumble as you start to drift off. There was something that was always slightly off about not sleeping planet side, and tonight was no exception. You would be able to sleep well once you reached the beta quadrant to pick up the sparrow class cruiser that would take you home. But your duty to the world as a cleric insisted you take the missionary trip to visit a few worlds to spread the word of the first. You did your best to instill values of charity and kindness in your fellow paladins. Before sleep made its way to your mind you offered another quick mental prayer for the paladins who insisted on violence against any who didn’t ‘fall in line’. You never cared for monsters or xenos yourself but you believed that the teachings of the first applied to all aPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

183 posts and 56 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

d1b5c9 No.319704

While the worst is over, Peter isn’t out of the fire yet. What will Peter do while he's faced with the operations manager /monster/?

Tell the operations manager the abbreviated truth. You’ve no intention of blindly following the church’s orders, he may be more amicable to helping you since he isn’t fond of the church himself. If he thinks you can help him he may do you a favor while you’re planet side.

Tell the operations manager you’re here to secure the dynamo for Dei Gratia. If you don’t tell the operations manager anything he can’t relay any information which might give you away. It will also give you breathing room to search for information.

/monster/ can also suggest something if they wish.


Peter is now down to 3.5 points of mana out of 6. He's also incredibly confused as to why he can still use his powers after a romp on his couch with Makoto.

903f94 No.319721


>It seems like she hasn’t spent a lot of time out in public like you though.

Seems like we need to take Makoto out on a date whether or not the date ends with a happy ending remains to be seen though (but i'd still like to see some handholding and kissing though

6d2413 No.319739


Go on the date we need to recharge our mana.

21073a No.319740


>Tell the operations manager the abbreviated truth.

Might as well ask Makoto if she has any idea of how we can still cast when we've got the chance as well.

5cd311 No.319749


Hm. Not quite as planned. If I'm understanding right, Makoto wasn't disguised during the arrest, so it could be traced back if anyone looks into the case file. On the plus side, there's also no evidence that she was anything but a bystander that got caught up in the situation, so there's that.

Anyway, best not to tip our hand yet. We've already taken a risk contacting Kelley and Rowan, and we don't want to get caught before we meet them. The ops manager seems hostile, but we weren't given specific details on how to secure the plant, so a little spin could go a long way here. Tell him we're not here to threaten, and are in fact here because our organization feels threatened in light of the recent disasters. We're here to simply seek assurances that we'd have access to the plant and the power it produces if something were to happen. If he's not convinced, we could say that the threat is being taken seriously enough that they're willing to invest in the plant itself. Money talks, so if he doesn't care about helping the church, perhaps he cares about helping himself and his business. It also fits the mission, since a financial stake makes for decent political leverage, and if he plays ball, it'd give a reason to have clerics around while the details are being negotiated. An added benefit for us is that if our boss overreaches as he is prone to do, the manager can back out or call CivSec if necessary.



Good idea. Just make sure she stays disguised.

Other than that, make sure to give CivSec the details on the brothers this time and maybe check out that training rosary thing in search of answers on the casting.

File: adc5fc542beb291⋯.png (368.19 KB, 800x800, 1:1, tmp_3754-serveimage(2)-126….png)

ffd80c No.288757[Reply]

Oh no, in a bizzare twist of fate, your waifu underwent fusion with a cheshire.

How does your waifu look and act now?

What do you do?

34 posts and 25 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

7aaa62 No.319689

File: 1252e00cdbc6821⋯.png (614.97 KB, 900x1050, 6:7, Hellwan 2.png)

Help me

4f0465 No.319690

File: 97fcd93b5837397⋯.png (519.9 KB, 600x651, 200:217, acb.png)



>changing either of these waifus in any way

81b2aa No.319697

File: 9fe0e585c47521c⋯.jpg (307.75 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Wonderland Pride World Wid….jpg)


>Waifu is a cheshire cat

She is now the ULTRA Cheshire Cat.

Cower before her in witless horror.

I don't know where the idea that Cheshire cats would be redditors comes from but it really pisses me off

81b2aa No.319698

File: 0748fd37053b901⋯.jpg (99.12 KB, 641x564, 641:564, non.jpg)


Also, there are now three threads with Cheshire Cat OPs, and two about Cheshire Cats.

Bow to the new Demon Lord.

b2d5d2 No.319702


You're right, it's wrong. My waifu should be laughing at MY awful jokes and not the other way around,

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