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File: 9c76eb29391a263⋯.png (626.84 KB, 700x1000, 7:10, ACABguide.png)


What's the worst experience you've ever had with cops at a protest, rally, or event? Have you ever been approached by a pig? Have you ever been arrested?

Don't reveal anything you're afraid to reveal, just expose how cops fuck with leftists.


People in Democrat Cops of America have tried to get me to come to their meetings.



I'm aware this board is 99% armchairs.


I'm hispanic and I got stopped in Phoenix for "looking illegal". What a shit state, I'm not sure how that is even allowed.


I asked a cop for directions once.



I think the law is called SB117. Cops can ask for your papers if they *think* you're undocumented (AKA you're Latino).



Not sure if relevant, but I was once so drunk policemen came, took me to the forest and beat me up with batons. I probably deserved it. It hurted for more than a month, but I had no visible injuries, which goes against theory I heard about baton beatings.


>I'm not sure how that is even allowed.

In most parts of the world policeman can come to anyone and demand his ID card without reason. Nothing strange about your story




>implying this isn't an anonymous board



>In most parts of the world policeman can come to anyone and demand his ID card without reason

i've never been asked for my id by cop in my entire life


File: 78e24d9061f92b4⋯.png (552.9 KB, 590x421, 590:421, 140813_POL_FergusonCops2.j….png)


not really a personal experience but the shit that happened during the Ferguson protests and the 2015 Baltimore riots permanently turned me off to policing in America



A friend of mine got asked for his ID during May Day a few years ago. He gave his driver's license to the pig but nothing else, e.g. no phone numbers, no FB profiles, nothing. Apparently, cops will do this just to fuck with activists. They keep records of who's who.


I like how OP's image features only instances of white protesters getting shit upon by police. It's almost as if that's what it takes to get people talking about police brutality.


File: 7b8d70d5f7239a7⋯.png (833.13 KB, 765x1006, 765:1006, toxic feminism.png)


>only instances of white protesters getting shit upon by police

Wew lad, tone down your idpol before you start spouting unironic "we wuz kangz" rhetoric.



Yeah really. White people don't care at all about anyone who gets shot by cops even if they are white. Remember that unarmed white guy who was executed by that manlet veteran cop for not crawling towards him properly? White Americans just shrugged and went on about their days. Cop worship is strong in America.



That's an unfair generalization. I'm sure yellow and brown Americans are by and large also bootlickers. Only the blacks are conscious in this regards.


So once I went to a protest against a fascist rally and me and my affinity group along with other groups went of to block the road at a certain point. For some reason the pig got told where we wanted to block and so they suddenly showed up half way. We tried to pass the police line and the cops got nervous so they kicked me and a comrade of mine in the back, gave us a load of pepperspray (is this a thing outside of Germany) and arrested us at gunpoint as we "started resisting" (in Germany the police is allowed to arrest you for resisting if you literally move while they beat you). We got out the next morning thus they are only allowed to arrest you for 24 hours without bringing you to court. That was my first arrestment.


File: 19c7768046aaccd⋯.png (21.01 KB, 211x269, 211:269, you_are_sentenced_to_have_….png)

Ive never had a problem with cops because i was born petit-bourg


File: 99d0dbdeb29fdaa⋯.jpg (20.46 KB, 202x267, 202:267, please cease your faggotry.jpg)

I never had a problem with cops at protests I tend to stay out of their way. Being stupid and always in the fray is what gives the cops a reason to arrest you even if the reason is absolute horseshit. However, I did get arrested on my 21st birthday going on a road trip with some friends for a gram of weed. The cops were fucking assholes and it definitely solidified my hatred for the police. They strip searched us and everything while laughing and posting shit on facebook. I remember one of the cops called his wife and told her he got a "big drug bust." Honestly, if cops didn't have their authority from the state they would just be pathetic low life bullies.

One could say I have a certain aversion to the police.



>Being stupid and always in the fray is what gives the cops a reason to arrest you


Cops will arrest anyone for opposing the established order, even if they are doing nothing wrong (other than perhaps violating the law, which isn't bad under capitalism.)



I should have clarified

<Being stupid and always in the fray gives the cops more of a reason to arrest you

It more about decreasing the probability of getting arrested not denying that cops arrest anyone who go against the status quo which is why cops are so reactionary


File: 5b7152bf20dc26f⋯.png (324.41 KB, 599x387, 599:387, 17a48731adac94c325ed7f4e8c….png)


I got followed once by a cop car in my own neighborhood probably because I look like I don't belong there. I know he was following me too, because I was purposefully going down side streets that no one really uses. He eventually turned off and went back down the side streets.

Ive actually had worse experiences with shop owners. Been accused of stealing on several occasions



I've been hating cops but personal experience really does solidify hatred. Also seeing my non-white friends being harassed by racist cops makes me hate police that much more.

Now take your level of discourse back to reddit or left twitter. Anywhere but here shitposter


File: cf53900513e980f⋯.png (832.63 KB, 753x753, 1:1, a hot one.png)


kill the pigs

Or abolish the police as an institution and do direct-democratic community policing and mutual aid work. People work best when they work together. We don't need lone cowboys and gangsters patrolling our streets

Realistically in bourgeois democracy we will punish criminal and killer cops to placate and to quell working class rebellions Also to possibly heal race relations albeit on a superficial level since capital demands the division of labor and the proletariat.


File: 316d912cc9ebf43⋯.jpg (170.6 KB, 1044x630, 58:35, lynching j washington.jpg)


>old school Texas style: mandatory conscription into a local militia for three months of the year, underneath the command of an elected Sheriff

Can't see how that could ever go wrong.


Been peppersprayed

Been hit with rubber bullets

Been hit with pepper balls

Had friends arrested

Been visited at home by county & federal police


Got a taste of teargas one time. Thank God for street medics.



Yeah because police can never have prejudice.



>getting arrest is an uncommon occurrence

You must not live in Southern burgerland

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