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File: 954d95b4f548bb6⋯.png (89.44 KB, 372x388, 93:97, 1481249814569.png)



So the past two free episodes have been pretty lukewarm tbh. The interview with Taibbi was ok but there were no big insights. Tim is not that interesting and as much as they shit on the Daily Show it seems to me they are falling it its routine.

>Trump is a dumb old man with holes in his brain

>Ha ha he is so fucking dumb and bumbling

>Ha, he has the brain of a child

Pretty tiring. What does /leftypol/ think?



7/10 would ankle cuff



Someone link her this shit and say nice tits

Please. I'm begging for anyone to do this



fucking thot



If you're gonna be edgy try to at least be funny. I get that you're joking, but you look retarded.



Haha, don't even say anything. Just a retweet.



get a load of this tone cop



What future crime is he going to commit, also we live in a police state



As a former right-winger I'm not going to say that false flagging and COINTELPRO shit doesn't happen, but it's a lot easier to spot and as has been highlighted by others in this thread dis bitch be genuine in her mental illness

We need MoveOn to return to their roots and get leftists to move on from drama on the TL. Everyone in this thread should do one hour of FF15/healthcare shitposting on normie social media as penance for indulging in this shit show



This. SOmeone with a twitter account should just keep @ing her with this pics until she logs off.


File: 0dbeab9b6a20bbc⋯.png (22.17 KB, 633x156, 211:52, ClipboardImage.png)


Man's a prophet.



You: *makes a pathetically unfunny joke*

Me: "You look like a retard"




Go to a doctor about it Michael J Fox



You: Me

Me: You

Him: Us

We are One



He might be joking but I'm not. Would definitely rape.



That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.

Praying4u anon.



Jesus got raped by wasps as a child




Can you two just fuck each other non-consensually and wholly ironically already?



Somebody done suck that boys dick


If I whiteknight her will she sleep with me?



Retweet her tits already so we can find out.



not if you don't have money she won't



Let's be honest that's a lie. She's stupid.



This is a different dramathot.



File: 7b38a0cfe62ba9d⋯.png (27.61 KB, 630x205, 126:41, ClipboardImage.png)

Reminder to never apologise. Sadly she didn't really give a shit about the Cosby tweet otherwise it would have been perfect.


Tell falangismo to fucking retweet the tits.



The cosby tweet was worse than that one time I lied about rape


Moved on to follow policing now.

She’s probably going to kill herself, mad cunt. Lmao



Am I going crazy or are those two completely different sets of tits?

the ones on the right look smaller and more perky



If I had access to a printer I would absolutely do a cum tribute rn



UMM excuse me, get your facts straight, she said that's not her house!! it's her parents or relative or bf's (who, I hope isn't her bf still bc either he hasn't he noticed she's on day three of constant posting about things that traumatize her and that's neglectful or he knows and isn't driving over to lock her phone up and go on a walk or literally anything else)


File: 9ac930e84448cf7⋯.png (65.54 KB, 1182x408, 197:68, arrogance.png)

The fucking arrogance on this thot lmao



Posting is warfare, and war…war never changes




War has changed…



The smaller elementary school friend begging the larger elementary school friend to pick his fights for him.



>Tell falangismo to fucking retweet the tits.

fuck it, give me a link to the tweet.


Someone for the love of god send her the tits back

Remind her


I love the radically transgressive juvenilia here on /leftypol/ most of the time, it's fun. But I hate how unfunny the people who try to be transgressive by simply saying shit like "I'd rape her". There's nobody here to react to that shit, so the humor depends on an imagined audience that happens to disagree with what you said, it isn't even conceptually funny. Try to throw a bait and switch in there at least! Or maybe say it in a convoluted or contradictory way! Don't be so boring.


^^ has the right idea. Cum tributes are unironically funny, even if they're a tad played out at this point. They'll never not be funny.


File: 889e7757d5666d0⋯.jpg (122.19 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, f19f3fdf0c6f97c036203fe9ef….jpg)


What's up littlemissagitated



Not an argument, you're an unfunny faggot, etc. etc.




I meant to say you're a joyless bitch but I posted early sorry I fucked up, hope you don't drag me.



But now we all have the Stav soundboard so we don't need an audience


File: 8630d3a473f5f01⋯.png (279.06 KB, 629x546, 629:546, ClipboardImage.png)


I can’t fucking wait for tonight’s Cum Town episode



I'm not joyless, I love to laugh! That's why I'm giving you people some pointers.


File: 602add570698c3c⋯.png (281.92 KB, 619x531, 619:531, ClipboardImage.png)


Fuck wrong pic



Someone tweet at her and ask why she deleted it



This bitch is flat compared to me



Please do it with a cum tribute



i love cussy



Post tits hoochie



I just wanted to put the trip back on to laugh at this hilarious fucking thot







stop doing this you weirdos just block her



Keep doing it.



It doesn't count if you're fat



I want all the boys here to cum on every picture she's ever posted. It's even okay if there's some blood in it.




reminding her a pic she herself posted, very humorous, very edgy



The idea of printing out a picture and cumming on it to show someone is kind of funny. Admit it. There's a lot going on there.



My tits are still a back ache for my body size. I am an Olympian Goddess and nobody's tits are bigger than mine.

She should bow before my superior heft.



Show us your rack hooch.




one sec



Oh fuck off

She's yelling at people for expressing their sexuality in jokes and humor but its completely fine for her to show her tits to the whole wide world as a joke. She's a fucking hypocrite, and in all honesty, a danger if she keeps generating a following. Albeit she only has 1,000 something measly followers

This bitch isn't real. Everyone I know who's real, who's been through assault, has levity to it because fucking fighting it every day isn't effective or healthy.

I don't think she got raped. I don't think she actually ever had anything done to her, she's emotionally tied up to the lies she's created and she can't let go because her fucking face is on it now.

Someone needs to log her the fuck off


File: 0ca4143e7e32800⋯.png (463.92 KB, 500x625, 4:5, 0ca4143e7e328001b29afbc2de….png)


Oh boy here we go.



i would never kinkshame a loving tribute, but she's already melting down over small alt right accounts doing unfunny trolls or not getting obvious jokes and is stuck on a loop of feeding off of negative attention, she doesn't need more



That's my boys



Post tits and you got a deal



Hoochie is good now



>caring this much about someone with "1,000 something measly followers"

You protest too much you dumbass



I may act like a thot, I may sound like a thot, but I wear clothes like a 37 year old mother and I'm not posting my tits.



Wear something showing cleavage I want to rate your rack.



There are no women on here



I care about when someone popularizes a way rape victims can react to their struggles yeah. This isn't the way for people to do it, she's educating people on absolute bullshit, and to top it all fucking off I have no serious reason to believe someone who was raped would bring it up EVERY FUCKING POST



post dick



What about anfem witch


File: d75ba41e960a341⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 122.26 KB, 800x711, 800:711, IMG_1078.jpg)



File: fc49ff15a27a8da⋯.jpeg (223.33 KB, 1242x1086, 207:181, 903106B4-1DE5-4450-B51E-E….jpeg)

God bless Cuss

This is praxis



Rape isn't something victims of it use as a god damn cudgel every other minute. They want to just ignore it. They don't compare their experiences to fucking podcasts. It's ludicrous anyone here would believe her or defend her.



good taste anon



You must have missed when these twitter idiots were trying to go after virgil with a third hand anonymous accusation with no evidence. These people aren’t leftists, they want popularity on twitter and callouts are like blood in the water attracting them like sharks.


File: 6f5c952f10a4f73⋯.png (53.98 KB, 631x315, 631:315, ClipboardImage.png)

What happen, flangisbro?



No I saw that. I fucking hated it as well.



the accuser doesn't want to come forward.





The accuser just wanted to start shit but didn't want to finish it and have the catharsis she allegedly wanted by doing that.

Suuuure sure sure. Everybody who talks about this online is telling the truth and if you don't agree you're guilty of future crime

Fuck off


I sometimes have a hard time believing Thots are humans



How many thots have you fucked?



You don't even know who the actual victim is because no one has found her. You're just talking out of your ass pretending to be a woman on the internet.



I just fuck friends. Who needs thots



I was hoping she'd flip out at the joke but she just ignored it so lol whatever.



>You don't even know who the actual victim is because no one has found her.

Schrödinger's Twitter Rape Accusation



what the fuck is your problem? why are you accusing her of lying?



We found her the other night you spazzy mong.



I think she got a few of them sent to her since she deleted the tit pics.



The amount of /pol/ people pretending to be women makes me suspicious, sorry if I'm skeptical of randomly a year later something coming up about a random fucking pastebin so long ago.

I'll believe it when evidence comes. Until then it isn't true.



there was a one sentence "call out" some lady posted on a bunch of people over a year ago and then the (very likely) fake text messages that has details that don't match up (14 v 16 year old, the girl was supposedly from Chicago where I don't think virgil has ever lived, he was in brooklyn during the time period described), my thinking is that the latter was inspired by the first and the part about the victim wanting to have the posts deleted was also part of whoever faked it- I'm not saying I wouldn't believe it if something fucked up came out, but everything about the story is obviously faked, esp the framing as the guy who posted it getting it from a friend that had conveniently since died lol



Thots lying isn't my damn problem.



Love to go on a cross country lolita adventure for no reason



Wait wasn't Virgil's the Rockford, IL girl?



how the heck do you know she is lying? it seems like you're trying to rile up people to attack her for no reason



>the guy who posted it getting it from a friend that had conveniently since died lol

Just how high is the #chapobodycount?


File: 939b19a4f20abe3⋯.jpeg (254.12 KB, 1242x1570, 621:785, 48CD8603-4CC2-42EE-9E53-A….jpeg)

The Unfollowing of Cussbro by the Coward Matthew Christman



>how the heck do you know she is lying?

Because I'm friends and know people who have been through sexual assault and I know that the last thing they want to do is bring it up for the whole wide god damn world to see every other post you make to bring down a podcast called Cum Town you don't like.

I know she's lying because if she went through sexual trauma she wouldn't be doing this shit. It just feels to actual victims as cheapening their own experiences.

I don't think she was raped, in fact I don't think she's mentally healthy obviously and I don't think it's beyond her capacity to lie about the one thing that generates enough sympathy from an online audience.

If she acted in any other way than this, I would believe her. But she's not, and I don't.



As long and real as the Soviet Body Count



yeah, and even the time frame if it was that emily girl doesn't match up and they had no interactions on twitter on any of her old accounts, also during the time period he was supposedly dating a high schooler he had an actual girlfriend who was his age

if they wanted to fake some shit they should have made it a one time thing, how is he supposed to hide an illegal relationship for a year? tao lin should sue for the plagiarism of his actual creeper life story




who the fuck made you the arbiter or the expert on how sexual assault victims cop or deal with their trauma? everyone reacts differently and everyone has different coping mechanism.

it seems you're assuming she's lying because she's attacking the cumtown. you're fucking disgusting





Jesus christ you people can't even troll correctly


I am having ridiculous amounts of luck by putting random dates into twitter to check completely unrelated things to what I find.


Here is where she names her rapist and provides screencaps



tv show? let's just say the boys have faces for radio


If this hoochie guy really is a girl stop giving so much attention to them. She's an attention whore. She just wants to be "one of the guys". Those females are the worst.



>who the fuck made you the arbiter or the expert on how sexual assault victims cop

I'm studying people who go through trauma, I know people who go through trauma

This isn't how you go through fucking trauma.

You don't understand, people don't want to remember rape. They fucking don't. They don't want to bring it up every post they make and relate it to their own feelings about a podcast. That doesn't happen. Rape is painful, rape is horrible, rape is what you try to forget. Just like any other traumatic experience.

She isn't responding the way someone who went through intensive trauma would. She's using it as a chip to shitpost. I find that disrespectful more than anything.





Stay BTFO >>2166830



I'm one of the guys but I'm also not one of the guys make up your damn mind



Hm, no name attached. No phone number, nothing. for someone so dedicated they seem fucking limp all of a sudden.




The name is inside the texts.


I hope chapo says nothing about any of this, I don't agree with the never apologize but this is absolutely the way to go here, as with every other time

countdown to the joint cum town chapo episode that I think is supposed to happen in nov

also shoutout to her for apparently not even deleting her chapo pledge



I've watched Lifetime Network Movies with better dialogue than this come the fuck on



Hoochie is one of our most historic posters and even though I don't always agree with her she's one of the few namefags who doesn't shit up the board so you can go fuck off m8




>"he isn't a person who would "violently" rape someone, it's important I think to understand that he did not realize he was raping me"


That makes sense. If it wasn't actually violent, fucking say no. Just say god damn no and put your foot in the ground. She's putting herself on the same level as women who actually were forced down with a knife against their fucking throat?

No fuck her.



is saying a girl with no audience before today has spent years constructing elaborate lies about being raped really the hill you want to die on




Of course he is



You don't know online at all dude



What if the Tulsa Riots, but woke?



Go talk to some random person how they raped someone I guess.

I still really don't believe her at all.



Name a single time that an apology has helped any public figure. Just one



Here is where I got their university from and an account of how the relationship progressed and the rape happened




If you're such a newfag you don't even know how Hoochie is (at the very least to hate her) then you need to fuck off back to whatever reddit shithole you came here from


Even if they fucked she's misconstruing the nature of rape itself to fit her life to shit on Adam Freiedland for making a joke about getting a blow job. She said it herself, it wasn't "violent". She wasn't drugged.

As far as I can tell this is domestic abuse. Not rape. Not that it's any better. But it isn't rape.



I gotta be honest, the way this bitch is handling her life is so disgusting to me that I don't care. Dig more ######receipts it just doesn't sound anything like the way she's putting it, if it's real at all.



so tl;dr she was a known thot in campus and now she's a super woke online feminist…? LOL!



you don't study shit you fucking scum. such a fucking standard would make it so much harmful to the victims. imagine thinking that talking about the experience would make you less authentic and make people suspicious of your story. who would fucking want that?

victims should be encouraged to come forward and talk about their experience and be open about it. and many do. for many it drives them to activism and campaigns of education and awareness to warn people and give support to victims. through that they are very open about their experience.

you're fucking shameful and should feel disgust of yourself.



She made it all up.

They fucked but it wasn't rape.

It's close to rape but it doesn't count. < You are here

He didn't stab her beforehand.

It wasn't SuperRape.

She's not dead.



Phi Psi on my campus was very rapey as well, interesting this is a national issue



Rape is violent and traumatic. If it wasn't violent it wasn't rape. If it wasn't her being drugged, it wasn't rape. I don't make the damn law sorry.



Which of those steps is the one were Nick Mullen loses his job?



The more I dig the more I feel the same pity whenever I see Chris-chan or some other genuine autist get dragged by edgy teenagers

this entertains my inner gamer but even I can recognize that this woman is not worth the electrons required to dunk on her



But it's interesting that this fits into my idea she's fucking exaggerating past harm to herself as a shield she can wield against others.



who cares



whatever man this shit's boring



Victims shouldn't be forced to come forward until their fucking ready. Be it domestic abuse, rape, sexual harassment. Trying to force people out of their comfort zone about personal emotional trauma is a stupid fucking idea and you should know better.



Fake trip lmao



I didn't say forced you fucking moron. I said encouraged.




yeah, all these posts are very sad and I wish she would do something that helps her, which is the opposite of what she's been doing for going on three days



I am certain you've just made this up.



Don't encourage something that doesn't involve you in any way. I hate this shit. Don't encourage people to bring up their trauma, let them fucking deal with it themselves and come to their own conclusions. Bringing it up could make everything worse.



>Fuck you, rape is what I say it is. Any other definition is made up



Rape is when a non traumatic, non violent event occurs that does not involve substance.

It's actually just domestic abuse. This isn't me saying domestic abuse isn't terrible, this is me just saying it doesn't fit the definition of rape.



This is mostly sarcasm.



Bullshit, rape can occur through coercion or abuse of power too. And the story in question involves use of physical force anyway. You're opting for a narrow, strictly legalistic sort of definition in order to minimize that a sexual assault (in this case rape) took place.

I mean I don't like this girl either but I see no reason to deny the fact that she was raped. Rapes can occur within relationships or marriage. Denying this is bullshit reactionary "you can fuck your woman whenever you want" bile that I would expect more from a nazi.


File: b189c27f9ff2ddb⋯.png (119.52 KB, 885x489, 295:163, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c6c7721b693b604⋯.png (15.13 KB, 638x53, 638:53, ClipboardImage.png)


>implying this isn't what hoochie has just done


It's okay here is the states legal definition.



Being massively online is absolutely an addiction, the same way people spending days playing Starcraft



>Bullshit, rape can occur through coercion or abuse of power too.

Sexual harassment can be terrible but it isn't rape.

Rape, is something far far worse than what she's fucking describing.



Womyn will never respect you numale consent mongers, you might as well drink bleach the world is ALREADY over for you considering how domesticated you've allowed yourself to become reading the prattle of female incels form the 60s (dworkin)


File: 225d585f05835e3⋯.jpg (62.64 KB, 640x853, 640:853, 225d585f05835e30178411d1e7….jpg)


>Forced to have sex against her will

Describe how her account does not meet the definition of rape. Be specific, I fear you are reaching the SuperRape phase.



I'm going to be everyone's favorite conservative uncle and say that it still doesn't meet the standard.



Hey hoochie welcome back



Not all of us have to drug girls to get laid, sorry dude.



I say it fits the definition of abuse, but not rape. Rape is, far far more violent. It can be easily just as subversive but what she was describing seemed more like an abusive relationship or friendship.

I swear the term has lost all its real meaning


File: 8e67e8ed8a92577⋯.png (120.17 KB, 630x491, 630:491, Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at ….png)

the obvious troll pedagogical debate isn't fun, what is fun is



At this point it would be best to just post genuine appeals to her Dad to seek help for her daughter, who is literally having a psychological break over a flame war



So what IS rape? Thus far you've only eluded to it as some kind of mysterious black magic when challenged to offer details.



I think, that knowing what I know now, people usually just don't bring up their rape this easily. If that seems like a cruel judgement, fine, loathe me I am the sinner. Crucify my tits as arms.

But I just do not like when rape is used so nonchalantly as a way to draw lines in the sand by someone who was in an abusive relationship.

This isn't me saying I don't feel bad for her, at this point I do. She's just, not doing a fucking good job at handling herself right now.


Yeah someone needs to just cut her net off. She shouldn't be saying this stuff with her face attached it's just a bad stupid idea



I should point out as well that your special definition doesn't even meet the legal one which you previously claimed to be falling back on.



You smoke and drink and abuse coke constantly in your diy spaces and egg women on to participate, what difference does it make? Numales leftists are generally far more "rapey" then dude bros who vote Republican who just want to knock a few back at the bar in my personal experience, maybe there's something to all of this after all.😆



>Thus far you've only eluded to it as some kind of mysterious black magic

Bull fucking shit no I haven't. Rape is when someone destroys something beyond your trust but your own body. It's when you can't see yourself as much more than a tool for decades. It's violent, it's corrosive to everything you are. It's literally making you question your autonomy.

It's throwing someone away through consciousness or unconsciousness.

I don't want to talk about the specifics of it.

It's an extremely severe kind of trauma that I don't think she experienced. If I'm mean I'm mean.



lemme bash that gash you slut



If her dad is looking at her mentions someone needs to show him her tits.



I can say for certain I was drugged by Felix Beiderman. I have #############################recipets, he left my room fucking filthy and I haven't gotten over it since. He doesn't pay child support either



Ok I know I can be mean but this is just evil



"Force" isn't "swinging your fists around like an angry ape" you fucking retard.



you encourage them by eliminating the stigma around people coming forward and talking about their rapists, which is like a huge fucking problem you idiot. saying talking about your experience indicates that you didn't really go through it is such a fucking dumb and insane thing to say



You have no concrete definition and are just piloting this on feelings then.



What the fuck are you talking about



>you encourage them by eliminating the stigma around people coming forward

And you put the majority of people who actually don't want to come forward at this time in the painfully awkward position of confronting what they never wanted to confront.

Let professionals fucking handle this, don't put it in the hands of a community, that's the worst dumbest stupidest idea



What the fuck are you talking about? Feel free to semantically pick apart the legal definition of why putting yourself on top of someone and sticking your dick in them without consent is not actually rape.



Trauma is emotions. What do you want.


what's her dad's handle?


File: 92ac13624fcbd5c⋯.jpg (99.87 KB, 694x691, 694:691, moore perv.JPG)



I once sat next to Felix on a bus for three minutes, I came home with MRSA and he wouldn't acknowledge his violence against me or pay for my phage therapy



I didn't say that, I said the opposite. That the account she described involved physical force. Did you mean to reply to me?


She's traumatized. I'm saying your standard for what counts as rape seems to be completely nebulous, it's whatever you're feeling at the particular moment.



what are you even fucking talking about. I said eliminating the stigma around people coming forward, not putting stigma on people who don't. there is a fucking difference between the two. right now a huge problem among sexual assault survives is exactly that stigma. you are encouraging it by claiming that because a woman was publicly open about her experience indicates that she is lying. you're so fucking dumb



>unironically posting fake news



Oh, you're replying to yourself. I thought you were mistaking yourself for me. I hadn't posted since posting the definition so I got mixed up.


>a bunch of sexual assault allegations bring hoochie back

not sure how i feel about this tbh



this post is violence


>was known as a thot on campus and in the fraternity she used to frequent

>she left the fraternity but apparently still "hung out" with guys from there frequently

>aka continuously puts herself in bad situations

>gets BTFO

>loses her god damn mind and goes online to screech about all leftist men are trash because she got raped by a right winger frat chad

every. fucking time.

these people are so fucking transparent. they are using the left as their personal therapy center.

give me one good reason why we should tolerate people like this?



>hoochie doubts the legal definition of rape

This is the real thought provoker here.



>I said eliminating the stigma around people coming forward, not putting stigma on people who don't.

The way the community is handling this is extremely irresponsible and pushing people who don't want to talk about it, to consider it. Perhaps when they're not ready. A community's "advice" doesn't exist in a vacuum in this case. It has both negative and positive consequences, but I'm just not ignoring what's negative about it.

I am not stigmatizing anyone, other than this person perhaps.

I am saying that people need time to think about shit. Encouraging people to "come forward" usually does more harm than good to the person coming forward, you should at least agree with me on this.


She was abused and that's my hard honest opinion. I don't know what to tell you.



You could tell me why it doesn't count as rape. But I don't think you actually care to be rigorous on this topic. You don't like her, so you're going to play this game. Fucking stupid.



What's baffling my mind is why you would attempt to start a more romantic relationship from someone within a group you've been promiscuous in to the point you're withholding your name. That's just going to cause so much fucking drama if it goes in any direction other than halting immediately.



we shouldn't, they are paper tigers and not worth the electrons


File: bffc394e84a51cc⋯.jpg (57.47 KB, 307x335, 307:335, 045.jpg)





I like how suddenly no one cares about the alleged assault now that the girl has been outed as a sort-of slut.



I don't really agree giving the experience of people I know, coming forward was the problem to them rather than being pressured to come forward. in both cases it's bad we should make sure not to pressure the victims to come forward. but a negative approach in the sense of battling the stigma around coming forward without active encourgment is an argument I'm willing to consider.

in either fucking case none of this shit explains why you decided to discount the experience of a woman who went public about sexual assault on the basis that she was open about it in the first place. you are actively contributing to the stigma that hinders a lot of sexual assault victims to come forward.



The obvious objection is that fucking a lot of dudes does not ever invite or excuse rape. She has a point that if a girl gets around it will be in someway accepted that she's going to get raped. Which is fucked up.

She is handling this situation extremely poorly and humoring her on twitter is bad for everyone involved. But I can't get behind this sort of thinking.



I know someone who was raped by their own cousin. Not everything is a stranger, in fact it usually isn't a stranger. That is where the emotional difficulty comes from. I know you may know some people, but women go their whole lives after such an event never wanting to discuss it again. Not out of stigma but out of, what I could only describe as horror.

I don't think it applies for everyone and their should be definitely more nuance to all of this.



>sort-of slut

don't diminish her accomplishments. being named "campus bike" takes effort.



>you are actively contributing to the stigma that hinders a lot of sexual assault victims to come forward.

What I don't like is her bringing it up as a tool to beat people she politically disagrees with every second.



Was it rape-rape? How can you know?



They were both 17 some shit and he masturbated in front of her in a locked room in front of the door.


File: 9067819ff07a6e9⋯.jpeg (272.99 KB, 1242x1330, 621:665, 056305C0-D1D0-4748-8054-0….jpeg)

This cunt will never shut the fuck up.

She thinks the world revolves around her.



Sounds more like mild domestic abuse :^)



>their should be definitely more nuance to all of this.

None you're willing to provide it seems.



All the call-out culture people are like this.




So…straight up ask her what she will do if Chapo does fuck all (which is the proper course of action)

What will she do? Organize a boycott? Make common cause with the alt-righters constantly masquerading as socdems to divide and conquer the left? Call the police or some dumb galaxy brain shit?

I'm literally considering signing up for the premium feed just to screen cap the receipt and tweet it at her



Nothing you're willing to accept.



Withdraw her $5 most likely.


I honestly hope she kills herself



>putting yourself on top of someone and putting your penis inside of them while they tell you no: not rape

>wanking in front of someone while sinisterly blocking the exit with your naked ass: rape

Hoochie you are on fire tonight.


File: a0ec611c8ca3798⋯.jpg (78.7 KB, 720x692, 180:173, a0ec611c8ca3798b481bf47bb7….jpg)


I sure do love to petition for nuance while only providing vague definitional assertions that I never expand on.


File: c4a7dccb6eb6ff6⋯.jpeg (53.56 KB, 1242x274, 621:137, 22E6AEC5-4288-4848-93B0-6….jpeg)

Lol at this pathetic guy faving all of her tweets. He needs to stop trying so hard if he’s trying to get laid, the campus communal fuckhole isn’t worth the effort.



Maybe he wants to do some really sick shit to her like lock her in a cupboard and wank in her general direction.


File: 580962a719c0bc4⋯.jpeg (192.46 KB, 1234x961, 1234:961, DA46F823-D8E1-48C4-8A86-E….jpeg)

Is this a Shanley alt account?


File: 95e7923c4956de8⋯.png (178.29 KB, 500x500, 1:1, question904850983409583409….png)


So wait is this the girl that Kriss almost-raped?


File: 970ba34a2f5f199⋯.jpeg (330.19 KB, 1242x1542, 207:257, 6A9390B2-99B5-44B4-A325-C….jpeg)

Hahahaha she’s vaguely threatening suicide if she doesn’t get the attention she craves.



What kind of help is she expecting?



No this is someone very mad at shanevader having a CP problem.



no, that's a person in the uk who's anon


File: 3e3428450b07fb9⋯.jpg (64.42 KB, 618x518, 309:259, 63542372357.jpg)


thots BTFO



wtf, can't you report account threatening suicide to twitter and they'll call for help or is that facebook


Since when did the Chapo thread become the "let's make fun of mentally ill people with 50 followers" thread?



and at least half of cum town fans hate chapo or have no interest



yeah you can do that on twitter as well



come on man, i just want to be a good comrade to her in this time of need.



>>wanking in front of someone while sinisterly blocking the exit with your naked ass: rape

So one It was a dude jacking off in front of the door thats kind of on the lines of rape. Two she was begging him to stop and they were both minors. But then again you disagree with me when convenient on what rape is or isn't


Are you joking rn. I said if you don;'t include people who aren't fucking ready to come out, while encouraging everyone to "come out" about their sexual harassment, it creates an awkward situation for a fuck ton of victims, of especially rape.

That was my point.



yeah but who cares



>But then again you disagree with me when convenient on what rape is or isn't

No I disagree with you when there was a big thing invented called the law which defines it for us.



I just reported her for threatening self-harm, she honestly needs her account locked at this point for her own health's sake



You disagree with the fucking legal code when it isn't convenient, despite appealing to it previously.

Where the fuck is your head, hoochie.


if she really showed her dad how is he not worried/going to help her





Reported her account for potentially suicidal behavior.



To be honest her using it as a cudgel is what is throwing me off. It's inappropriate for a lot of reasons and at first I doubt it even happened.

Maybe it did go as horribly as she's saying every second right now to insult podcasts but really. Comparatively I don't fucking see it I'm sorry


File: 8506664b60adac5⋯.png (77.14 KB, 542x535, 542:535, 8a4fc442a2cdfc898933e16548….png)


>big thing invented called the law

Someone called?




there's other twitter users on here, twitter mods don't respond unless several accounts report in quick succession which I guess bumps a post up the queue



>You disagree with the fucking legal code when it isn't convenient

Really? I thought you couldn't define what I was saying? How could you now know I disagree with the "legal code"


File: 420628916fe8833⋯.jpeg (385.02 KB, 1237x1711, 1237:1711, FBBFED38-51F4-4B6F-A79A-A….jpeg)









File: 795f165cf1785df⋯.png (72.14 KB, 625x371, 625:371, Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at ….png)

she's leaving the left and threatening to kill herself. wow









And you wonder why I entered this situation skeptical as hell



Go be with the people who respect you even less then you're going great with good ideas so far tonight



that reply by @halalyouth HAS to be a parody



If you don't think the rape in question is indeed rape then it follows you have your own definition, independent of the law. As it stands, it meets the criteria, she was forcibly penetrated while being held down and pleading him to stop.






>If you don't think the rape in question is indeed rape then it follows you have your own definition

If I was a lawyer I think I would invest in opposing this case.



If you were a lawyer you'd know what rape is.



Daily reminder that rape is such a vague term that most countries' law codes have different definitions of it.



That's an absurd standard. Most countries have different definitions for just about every crime.



Just updating you to let you know most countries have different systems and definitions for every crime.



The incident in question would qualify in most western countries. Maybe this is legal in Saudi Arabia but then extra-marital sex earns you 100 lashings there too.


File: 7f347e30206f01b⋯.png (529 KB, 1339x2074, 1339:2074, __kuroki_tomoko_watashi_ga….png)

As an aside, which podcast would Tomoko enjoy listening to more: Chapo or Cum Town

(When do these threads go into autosage? I'm new)



It's a cyclical so every time you post the top post is deleted.


this is rich. hysterical shaking driven-to-suicide-by-comedy-podcast girl vs hardcore race id-poler in a battle of who triggers who



File: 1346492ce45e07e⋯.jpg (46.13 KB, 850x400, 17:8, quote-never-interfere-with….jpg)


Ah OK thanks


see pic



I thought that guy was winding her up.



he's being, as the kids say, unironic



What an absolutely bizarre reaction from that guy, these people are lizards.



Someone should just @ her and call her hysterical to really set her off



they should start a podcast together



She's already set off, that wouldn't really be doing much.



would honestly like to see them fuck, she may be crazy but she's still hot





holy shit… that dude is CHAD as fuck

he BTFO that white bitch so effortlessly. sad to see a fellow black man come to her defense in the comments though. disgusting.



>would honestly like to see them fuck, she may be crazy but she's still hot

that was my first reaction desu


okay this shitflinging isn't really fun anymore

Anyone listen to the latest chapo?


File: aeb9163e2b0982f⋯.jpeg (174.42 KB, 1242x982, 621:491, E4CD6772-B26F-4BF9-8221-9….jpeg)

Really trying to get laid



I wonder what her kink is. She seems like the type to enjoy rough painful sex

like spanking with a sandal, hair-pulling, breath control/strangulation, general slapping around

sage for excessive horny levels



The new Tim Heidecker one was really weak tbh, especially in comparison with the live episode and the one with Patton Oswalt.



Dunno why they keep bringing him on. He's a mediocre comedian. I'd rather have Tim Faust come on again and talk healthcare for an hour since I walk away from that with semi-useful info I can spam at the normies. Maybe it's just Adult Swim nostalgia but his new live action shows are unwatchable

Even the reading series ripping on neolib dems or brainlet eceleb repubs were waaaaay more funny.

I'll sign up for premium when they invite Milo to speak and spend the entire episode waterboarding him on-air with Stav's used underwear


RIP this girl's entire life after her twitter account



Ben Shapiro needs to be destroyed on Chapo more than Milo tbh, people unironically think Ben Shapiro is smart because he says Keynesian economics don't work.



ripping Shapiro's shitty novel was the funniest Chapo's ever been. If they ever did interview Ben he'd legit die.



The Forbidden Episode with that tradcath guy is genuinely hard to get through. A full episode with Ben might give me a seizure.


File: 5eb5dd179e46e8a⋯.png (32.38 KB, 480x314, 240:157, Tyler the creator cyberbul….png)



I'm gonna need a link, that sounds like a great episode




it's on youtube iirc

my favorite thing about the monthly cum town freak outs is…millions of people listen to like stern and other talk radio that's just as "problematic" as cum town, not even counting all of he actually popular podcasts with big right leaning followings

it's all so petty


>leftypol retards and cumtown fans spam harass a Democratic Cops of America member so hard that chapo gets dragged into it and the org splits into a thousand pieces

nice going dicks



No one outside of twitter is talking about this, stop being eternally online


Holy shit this massive thread she’s doing now.

I’m genuinely worried she’s going to show up at Funny Moms or a Chapo live show and shoot up the place.


File: b3919c11257b9c8⋯.jpeg (202.86 KB, 1242x997, 1242:997, E04B6FCA-2ED8-4697-BEA0-1….jpeg)

Lmao is this guy talking about Dickfield?


"the following police‏ @lilmissagitated 2m2 minutes ago


Replying to @lilmissagitated @CHAPOTRAPHOUSE @EMlNEMOBAMA

i’ve had multiple girls who know nick mullen in real life say he is so entrenched in their social circles they are afraid to call him out"

I thought it was going to take a dark turn there until it got to the last part…translation: multiple women I @ed for two days tried to calm me down/some petty brooklyn media bloggers with grudges against nick dmed me

also lol: nick being like the great gatsby, center of the leftist social universe!

nick being even mid tier excellent (jokes and personal life) compared to what goes on in the ny comedy scene, which half the women she's probably bothering are also in



Idpol Expert Attacked By Feral Mob, Maintains Emotional Meltdown



is that a filter or did I freudian slip pr0blematic to excellent

also very wild that some random twitter girl thinks it's her duty to police the social circles of people she's never met who live on the other side of the country int he name of righteousness and progressiveness, including attacking other women for not replying to her bizarre demands


i'm going to castrate nick mullen and present his junk to her as an offering and she will be my manic tweeting angel forever



I bet one of those women shitting on Nick to her was Eve Peysor lol



She probably would show up to a live event to "confront" the dry boys

What I don't get is why she (and about a half dozen other losers) are continuing to try and Make This A Thing despite already getting an apology out of Felix along with an additional tributary donation to a nonprofit of some sort. What is their game, what do they have to gain materially from being constantly online and mad at one of the more successful leftist media outlets? I don't see woke feminist twitter radicalizing officer cadets at west point.

There's literally no rational explanation behind this and yet here we are



absolutely, she was gloating in the mentions of some post on it about how she was early on the denounce mullen wave (months after she was having pleasant back and forth with his account and also stealing joke tweets/making nasty jokes about her vagina being just like a baby that imo are worse than the mullen ones) and how no one listened to her wise counsel


File: 282a2ec77a790fe⋯.png (106.98 KB, 633x505, 633:505, Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at ….png)

I… I think she's done… I thought she'd be tweeting until we were all dead


File: 03a03aec5202079⋯.jpeg (30.3 KB, 700x393, 700:393, vampire animu.jpeg)


They want power and control. The worst thing you can do is apologize to them.



Since that person is making demands that Chapo and Cumtown cease producing for some strange reason, and since everyone in the thread decided that threat has any weight for some reason



also midweek chapo isn't up yet



The thing is, I don't even think that's their primary objective. I think they're just reflexively lashing out at a target they've identified as excellent and therefore a threat to them regardless of all proportion or evidence to the contrary.

It's like someone scratching holes in their arms during a prolonged psychotic episode because they feel spiders under their skin. Despite the fact that the threat is imaginary the woke feminist feels threatened and must therefore purge it from her body.



Just make sure you use the right saw for the job and he'd probably be fine with it tbh


I don’t give a hard fart about Cumtown as I’ve never found them particularly funny. Just have the Chapo gang adopt Adam as their new house son and hand Mullen over to the cabal so these people will shut the hell up. Iunno about Stav. Shame about Kriss being a creep though.

Whale Vomit is certainly dead now as I’m not sure someone who teaches feminist theory like Amber would want to further publicly associate with somebody accused of going “attempted-daterape” but I did really enjoy them as a host pair.



Nothing is going to happen to Chapo or Cum Town because of this. Every couple of months some naif from left-twitter discovers Nick Mullen and this shitstorm starts up again. Thus far the solution has been to just ignore it.

I'm also sad about Whale Vomit. It's possible Amber will give him a 2nd shot, because while she is indeed a feminist I don't think it fits very well with leftist thinking on punishment and rehabilitation to just forever banish Kriss for a mistake he made years ago. Especially if he's been confessional regarding his guilt.

For now I'll just write it off as dead tho, rip to the good podcast.



Mullen's overall comedic talent is more valuable than Adam's sporadic contribution to Chapo. Anyone who offers either one "up for the cabal" just because a bitch or two had a meltdown on twitter.com does make you a gigantic cuck though



She won't give him a second shot. Platitudes about second chances don't override common sense and self-preservation


What the fuck is the point of this girls freakout? Shes upset cause she doesn't think people should joke about these things that bother her? Why do other people have to police their language specifically for her i dont understand the freak out



She wants to be the one to take down Nick Mullen once and for all



Fuck. Amber is right in the middle of the two shitstorms right now since she cohosts with Sam and is roommates with Mullen.



I guess I don't think it should be considered mere platitude. We don't gain anything by ostracizing Kriss forever. Amber has stood up to consensus before and may do so again, we'll see though. I don't have great hopes.



His “one long shitpost: the podcast” isn’t entertaining or funny enough to force us to hear about this stupid screeching about him over and over, tbh. It’s a fucking epidemic



The whale vomit podcast, mercifully, hasn't recorded since the UK election - and dragging Mullen's female roommate seems like too much of a stretch even for these histrionic morons.



Sorry buddy, but Nick can't get fired from his job and watching libtards melt down about it and throw a tantrum once a month is comedy enough even if you don't like the actual podcast content.



this girl tweeted:

>"i’ve had multiple girls who know nick mullen in real life say he is so entrenched in their social circles they are afraid to call him out"

and immediately i was like.. doesnt he live with Amber, a woman and professor of like womens related issues…



>muh poop dick



She's right, tho.





This womans thread is so autistic i can barely comprehend it. she is so incredibly butthurt over how the "left needs to be safe" like dude… politics isnt some fucking safe place for you to indulge in your moralist fetishisms. politics is a realm for building power and being an aware adult who understands the reality of the world which is that it is not the super happy safe place you want it to be, there is shit that needs to be addressed with serious perspective. having a fucking meltdown and posting photos of you crying online because some irrelevant NYC comedian with a shitty podcast made an ironic joke about "hey here is an ironic stupid statement about rape where the joke is that the thought of anyone saying this is absurd" is not only totally over the top but if people on twitter making bad jokes fucking destroys you to the point of crying and posting it, then you are clearly not in a proper position to be engaging with politics.



Amber is probably the biggest Marxist on Chapo and I don't think she cares about people getting mad at Mullen because she's close friends with Nick and knows how deep in the irony well he is. Nick doesn't care about politics, so it's funny he gets dragged as a leader of left twitter, his only interests are comedy, consumer electronics, trains, and power tools. He's too autistic to be a woman hater or rape apologist. lmao



after a certain point it became more about being angry that she wasn't getting the attention she wanted/demands met from the chapo boys and the other associated accounts she was going after, even one or two of those people who did respond and were being kind to her and explain things in a nice way got shit on because nothing is ever going to be enough for someone who's gotten into this state



>Nick doesn't care about politics

I mean publicly he doesn't but it's kind of weird to be friends with only socialists and get extra defensive about OWS and working class issues in general if he actually doesn't care


File: 111f5de6a3e7a65⋯.jpg (112.56 KB, 330x320, 33:32, 111f5de6a3e7a65ef6382f5b26….jpg)

When will we no longer have to deal with people like that?

I don't mean just that girl in particular, but all the people engaging in a witch hunt over a stupid 21 yo drunk Sam Kriss grabbing some chick's boob once



>I mean publicly he doesn't

Yeah, that's what I meant. Nick has political views, but he doesn't care to be politically active. He's not an activist, he's never spoken on Chapo more than a minute and he seldom expresses his political opinions on cum town. He seems pretty turned off with the online left and call out culture, so I don't get why he's considered a prominent left twitter person when he's friends with left twitter people from before weird twitter started getting more political.



Fooking this! Tired of these sheltered white bitches coopting everyone's struggle.



Jacking off in the proximity of a woman is not rape, another example of feminists using real mostly poor marginalized females to expand their own muh privileges.



Everyone's got an asshole, man.



There's absolutely no way this story is true....



>it's kind of weird to be friends with only socialists

Not true, Nick is also friends with all of the Legion of Skanks guys.



The legion of skanks guys are actually all tankies



Uphold Marxist-Luisist thought


new free cum town just uploaded


File: 03342b661625ce1⋯.png (124.93 KB, 560x351, 560:351, 9999999a.png)

Has Sam Kriss changed his mind about us?






Someone send this bitch Nick's thought catalog



>/pol/ raids a thread that disappears in like two seconds

<Look at these evil Lefty Paul guys!




Sam Kriss is Hoochie Minh


love that the D S A are trying so hard to destroy the podcast that made them popular. The left loves eating itself



you ever been drunk around cops, man? this can absolutely be true with the only think she's helpfully omitting is how histrionic/visibly drunk she was prior to getting into cop car.



DSA got it's boost through Bernie campaign vets. Stop being so beholden to extremely online views of power, maybe you'll stop being so offended when one or two people have meltdowns.



And many of these people attacking them are former fans, too.

IMO, Chapo, Bernie, the Democratic Cops of America and the Left in general have been so consistently attacked as bigoted bros for no fucking reason in the last year that we're now experiencing our own version of that Liberal Centrist syndrome where you hate people on your own side for giving your enemies a pretext to enforce their narrative, instead of attacking that narrative altogether. I say Liberal Centrist syndrome because in doing so they remind me of those libs who think they can beat the conservatives at their own rhetorical games, and who panick whenever one of their own gives them a reason to accuse them of hating God or not supporting the troops.

Maybe I'm just projecting, because I do remember being a liberal and feeling like that, but inner Left tensions have grown so sharply in the past few months, and so much along those lines, that I do think at least part of it comes from that feeling of being negatively stereotyped by everyone, and the anxiety that comes from trying to prove you're not that stereotype.


File: db6800222d100f3⋯.jpg (45.17 KB, 290x402, 145:201, the revolution betrayed.jpg)



I will never log off coward


File: 364c20920ceb519⋯.png (2.86 KB, 448x357, 64:51, 364.png)

The left is ripe for division always has, always will be. Identity politics, class politics, the different communist tendencies, neoliberlism, centrism, socialism, race, class, gender.

Have you ever actually read about how communist states were established? Its a god damn miracle. I mean even after the soviet union they still ice picked trotsky

If i were the FBI i would make the far left fight the center, the center fight the far left, i would make the feminists fight the men, i would make the feminists fight each other based on race and trannies. I would Make black feminists fight white feminists, i would make black feminists fight black men, i would make trannies fight feminists, i would make feminist fight trannies.

Holy shit it just goes on an on, the many fault lines to exploit and destroy you plebes



Neoliberalism is not something the Left fights about you simpleton


File: 55f24a31dca77bd⋯.jpeg (374.63 KB, 1242x1564, 27:34, 9A3D0870-E932-4E4F-BF64-6….jpeg)

File: f44d1985673233e⋯.jpeg (206.91 KB, 1968x1146, 328:191, FB1940F8-EC07-4DF5-A0CF-9….jpeg)

File: db77dff0959924c⋯.jpeg (86.87 KB, 1154x538, 577:269, E4CE3198-9091-483E-97D5-2….jpeg)

File: efb00e57daaf923⋯.jpeg (92.06 KB, 1114x532, 557:266, 9198E684-7FCC-4C13-A24B-2….jpeg)

File: 786d53f1cae8629⋯.jpeg (108.83 KB, 1102x624, 551:312, 4861E232-60EF-41E0-BECD-9….jpeg)

Now the call out addicts are trying to go after Jesse for jokes. This is badly they will scrape the bowl for their call out fix.



Ffs leave Jesse alone.



he's the one good thing left in this world god dammit.



First they came for Josh Androsky, I said nothing because it was stupid. Then came for Sam Kriss, I did not speak out because I am not grabby. Then they came for Jesse Farrar, and fuuuuuck that!





unless he has some dark secret he's fine if this is the worst they could find on him, I see the 'callout' as more a psa to men to not try to make women being hurt all about them, the folding laundry tweet is pretty tone deaf and annoying



no it's not. the joke is that it takes a certain amount of drive to do bad (or good) things in the world, and being too depressed to do laundry means he probably won't be doing either. he's not absolving himself, he's saying he's useless either way.



ok that makes more sense

the creepiest thing about the people obsessed with hating chapo is how they constantly imply that the hosts are 100% sex criminals waiting to be discovered and getting very reckless and into libel territory with stating that based entirely on their own fantasies, there was some tankie lady who heavily implied that nick making jokes she doesn't like means he's bound to be a violent sex criminal and that amber better watch out before he comes after her!! almost as gross as when sady implied that e bruneig was or was destined to be domestically abused by her husband

these people are so into their tribal hatred, very disturbed and goes far enough that it comes back around as very hateful and condescending to women, love to imply that women deserve abuse bc they interact with men who make fun of my bad tweets


File: 8ecfe3ab91e88eb⋯.jpg (170.05 KB, 519x611, 519:611, 1507304626093.jpg)


>Doesn't care about politics

>Has an incredibly dirty sense of humor

Is it really that hard to guess?



But she is also a women and we know women don't listen to cumtown.



Thread I found by searching Shane's name. It's some dude saying he too struggled with CP but never acted on it, and apparently there's a whole movement about this.

What a weird fucking place. I felt some grain of sympathy reading that, which makes me wonder if I should stop being online so much before I lose sensibility to virtually everything.






jesus christ

feel no sympathy



I want to have awkward sex with Tomoko




to anyone who thinks this sound outlandish I've have a friend almost get almost taken in when their friend was having a drunken freak out on the sidewalk outside a bar and they were trying to diffuse the situation


File: ad90bf0bfbc6527⋯.png (103 KB, 500x500, 1:1, __komiyama_kotomi_watashi_….png)


I'd rather fuck her autistic baseball otaku rival



No, cops are all fucks, that's not the part I doubt, more so that six cops jumped on her unprovoked and that they put her in solitary for public intoxication. I've been in a drunk tank before, they're absolute shits to you, but this is above and beyond, especially considering that she's a fragile white lady, I'm assuming she's either omitting enormous amounts of context, or this never happened and she just wants internet sympathy points. Also, if her timeline is any indication she's highly prone to histrionics, so the idea that she made this story up shouldn't surprise anyone.



somebody did and then she deleted the tweet ahahahah


File: 718415e0c13164a⋯.jpg (60.5 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 1493654437462.jpg)



good god what the fuck is up with call-out culture its so fucking mindless and embarrassing. its total masturbatory bullshit these people just wanna get off on inflating their sense of moral superiority.



you're weirded out by pedos while browsing a board thats 99% percent cp haven?


File: b34133ce73450e2⋯.png (808.58 KB, 532x960, 133:240, gertjik.png)

ayy dose anyone have that link to the premium eps?

new one just dropped



Maybe if you tell me who the qt is



there's still an rss feed that works




google chapo premium rss






anyone have cumtown premium feed?


Latest Chapo premium ep is good but the 'serious' intro was gay



Think I’m gonna cancel my sub and give the 5 to Cum Town



i really need to cancel my sub. i haven't actually listened in months. i feel like i've heard so many shows just epic dunking on le lame-o nyc lanyard pundits X:XD by this point and every episode just blurs together now. do they actually do anything else now?



The Chapo Extended Universe is good. Check out Felix on Episode One or Matt on Arsenal for Democracy.



Give your money to Zero Books and FA2O instead.



>giving money to a podcast that only updates once every few months



lol that no goals podcast is still getting $100 a month after deleting all their episodes and not doing any new ones for months



You ever get a chunky load?



don't want to know


File: 880960536cc8c42⋯.png (50.4 KB, 623x243, 623:243, Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at ….png)




I mean true…but that's an improvement over declaring that user CommieBoyBae must kill themselves for tweeting "miss me with that gay shit" in 2008


I was so disappointed in the Nagle book, lady doesn't understand being extremely online/chan or tumblr culture pre-2014. Not a single mention of riley.



im just about to start listening but like honestly i thought it was a pretty good way to handle it. And it sets a precedent for all these future freakouts these losers have over rape and cumtown and stuff. They donated 10,000$ to fucking victims rights law center meanwhile these people are having petty fights about triggers warnings and the mention of rape in their twitter feed. They're being the bigger man and actually doing something that addresses the problem of rape instead of buckle in to the pathetic demands of these people.



These "people" shouldn't even be allowed to mention Fisher's name considering the hell they put him through.


File: b79b5645b1feb64⋯.jpg (47.38 KB, 220x372, 55:93, 220px-Ethelred_the_Unready.jpg)


Surely those Danes will be satisfied with a one off payment!


I'm loving Amber more and more



Amber and Felix have always been the best tbh


File: 6a8ee2aab37faf8⋯.png (101.6 KB, 637x424, 637:424, Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at ….png)


how did we get from "rape jokes normalize rape to people who are already rapists/predators" to "rape jokes create rapists"

there was also some long back and forth that's since been deleted where this girl says 'donating to this charity that helps to put rapists in jail does nothing! they must denounce rape jokes, that will help more rape victims' but I think she realized how stupid she sounded



>it was a pretty good way to handle it

Disagree. Giving actual patronage whenever hysterics start screeching at you is a good way to piss away money and not much else. >>2171530 has the right of it.



If they never bring it up again other than donating to an actual institution, with $10,000, for just a bad joke at the wrong time

I think that's enough.


File: 534668c910088f9⋯.png (114.71 KB, 659x412, 659:412, Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at ….png)


revisitng this


the louis ck one has aged well

and lindy…is truly an awful writer and her argument is worse than I remember (and I'm not in the all jokes by all people are ok and can never be questioned camp)…me liking you makes rape jokes ok even if they're indistinguishable from the cheap gross joke your first year open miccer would say, me not liking you makes them bad and I get to yell at you until you're fired

"Here, I'll start. I made a rape joke once and I genuinely regret it. Two years ago, in my review of Sex and the City 2, I wrote:

SATC2 takes everything that I hold dear as a woman and as a human—working hard, contributing to society, not being an entitled cunt like it's my job—and rapes it to death with a stiletto that costs more than my car."


The donation is probably mostly for the cosby joke and was likely decided on before the latest twitter fit started.



I struggle to see how anyone can enjoy Chapo. Listening to Will alone was enough to turn me away from that garbage. At least Nick's autism doesn't prevent me from enjoying Cumtown.



I like Will.



The vampires will be prowling the perimeter for weaknesses from now on & when they find/confect one, demanding something else. This is the start of death by a thousand cuts :(



Pretty good way of deflecting the legitimate critique Fisher had of turds like Tim Faust. Fuck him. All Tim cares about is his online brand.


What did Cumtown actually do?



they've been doing that since the start, best thing for them to do is to just not do anything fucked up as in criminal, never be a creep in the dms, and not make rape-adjacent jokes on social media

those are the only things that are bad enough that people outside of psycho twitter will care

the only thing they really have to worry about that's not in their control is if a gawker like case gets brought against them for making fun of some rich dipshit



What a terrible image. Rape jokes are okay as long as you virtue signal enough? Give me a break, it's almost literally making a taboo out of it - only the initiated may utter the forbidden words!


As for the donation, it's a graceful way to handle things, but it won't do anything. They will still get assaulted for another joke next week - people that are known for never relenting even after apologies likely will not care about a donation either. I can even picture the line of attack now, one with a leftist spin: "look at those champagne brocialists, throwing money at the problem! Your money does not get to talk over us!" Something like that.

Maybe I am too cynical about this.



nothing, people are looking at the unofficial cum town twitter and freaking out over out of context quotes, but mostly the same ol going through nick's twitter feed

funny that nick gets all of the attention for being the evil boy, but adam and stav have done much worse, more immoral things int the past few years AND say jokes that are 'as bad'



Eh. I think everyone is blowing this up more than it needs to. You're forgetting the fact there's more likelihood that the alt right gets torn apart by this. I find that more likely than what you're saying.



It’s funny that they can’t go after Adam’s crippling addiction to Chinese prostitutes because it would be anti-sex worker to criticize him for supporting sex workers.


File: b84c86de6f9afa2⋯.png (51.98 KB, 627x167, 627:167, Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at ….png)

keep in mind this is a very small subset of left twitter and even smaller of the left in general…but these people are insane and I feel bad for the Democratic Cops of America people who have to deal with every petty entirely internet based complaint




They didn't apologize or accept culpability for anything though. They didn't even imply they did anything wrong. They absolutely handled it correctly



this is, impressively, the most retarded take so far. I can understand wanting the chapo boys to come out against their friends on twitter but why the fuck why the fuck would the d s a speak about fucking cumtown?



This cunt is still going on days later.

How rich is her family that she has no fucking responsibilities in life that she can afford to spend all of her waking hours melting down on twitter.



the wild thing is that she posted about going to a Democratic Cops of America led protest the other day so she is actually active offline, why this doesn't correlate to not getting how useless and petty her gripes are in the larger picture ?? who knows, getting mad online is an addiction for many, as is being a thirsty dumbass egging on the meltdowns of internet girls by telling them they're sooo right sweetie



tbh I don't see how buying time with an escort is that bad, everyone's lonely and isolated as fuck and that provides an escape for an hour



>why the fuck why the fuck would the d s a speak about fucking cumtown




I would rather apologize than part with 10.000 $ tbh. That's a lot of money.



not for a handful of people who make $1.2 million a year to sit around and make fun of twitter gaffes for two hours a week


I was going to listen to the new delete your account episode, but of course the first guest is Jes Skolnik, a massive piece of shit who-ironically-is fine with being a rape apologist if the rapist is a friend of hers.

(Are other episodes of that podcast any good by the way?)


Serious question: what would we lose if all of these people decided to quit leftism over rape jokes?







A weight off our shoulders.


File: a91a8217157c000⋯.png (12.91 KB, 593x150, 593:150, Screenshot.png)

Defend Cumtown at all costs



Defend Adam Friedland's boypussy



maybe if they stopped posting on the internet and actually did something useful something would change



But don't you understand? The Arab Spring happened because of posting, if people post hard enough we'll save the world



Addition by subtraction. Can you imagine this unhinged call out addicts speaking to people trying to bring them to the left?


When did college age white woman become a marginalized class?



The 1970s.



When they became woke


I’m going to die laughing when one of these call out freaks try organizing the working class and call ICE on a catholic undocumented Mexican immigrant because they’re not pro-choice.



this is erasing girl cum boys


bc they're the most muh privileged of their subset (young white ladies) so they have the resources to monopolize the conversation/get more attention paid to them, same w/ rich white gay men

like how somehow the push against rape being brushed aside as a crime came to mean college campuses are especially dangerous to women (when yes it's bad, but it's not very different than being a young woman out of college, how many women were groped or otherwise sexually harassed for the first time in a workplace environment when they worked retail or in the service business as teens?)



>this is erasing girl cum boys

This. Why couldn’t this by like the last time the call out gestapo came after the cum boys and left twitter girls got their Tits Out for Mullen.



To be fair if someone does something actually bad like Sam Kriss it needs to be dealt with and not swept under the rug, but the way they reacted to that Cosby joke tweet is so fucking ridiculous it blows my mind.



That's nothing for them, and well worth the gains in PR. If there's nothing else to learn from the Chapo boys, it's how to deal with PR issues properly. Don't accept guilt, just look generous/helpful and move the fuck on. Apologies never help, ever.



>The Arab Spring happened because of posting

Damn, you mean we too could have our own Morsi/Sisi, or else we could have a desecrated wasteland? Sign me the fuck up.



If we post hard enough, the US will break out into a Syria style Civil War, make it happen.


So this drama has gone on so long that the earlier posts are now gone and I'm left trying to piece together what happened.

Who raped who now?



Sam Kriss is a creepy fuck like everyone from Vice that isn't Action Bronson and Nick Mullen rapes everyone's minds from verbal shitposting.




there was the cosby joke last week, then sam kriss was outted as having groped and harassed a woman he was on a date with, the newer twitter thing you can find a summery of on the cum town reddit- basically a random leftist girl found nick's old rape joke tweets (ie parodies of rape jokes) and went on a multi-day meltdown that's still ongoing saying chapo and anyone they're friends with have to denounce nick/cum town or they're ???? causing rapists to join to Democratic Cops of America and abuse women??? chapo of course is ignoring her and donated money to a charity for the cosby joke/general goodwill

there's another twist you can read about here:



besides being friends with some twitter people and Amber wtf does anyone follow/pay attention to annakhachiyan‏…truly the dumbest woman leftist (is she even?) account out there who's passion in life is hating beyonce and telling women they're just whiners when they get sexually harassed/generally having contempt for women who aren't her or camille paglia




now I'm the dumbest

look out for the fefo war that's brewing



So the girl in the screencaps wasn't harassed by any personality or anything like that? She just didn't like some jokes?



not by any of the cum town hosts or anyone connected, of course once her shit got shared around a bunch of people started being awful to her in the dms/replies by random fans



>a perpetual motion machine of being mad at cumtown

I legit laughed



also the girl is mad that they donated to charity instead of spending an hour denouncing nick mullen and dementedly thinks the donation was bc of her tweets and not for the horribly timed cosby joke/the whole news/social media being full of stories of abuse w/ weinstein and other people in the left and the media being outted and has now…just said amber is the same as tomi lahren lol


I don't get why this thread isn't anchored and chapo shit restricted to the containment thread


File: 5b5b67ef4a3f9ef⋯.jpg (81.27 KB, 500x493, 500:493, that gay shit.jpg)


jezabel is the trashiest of trashy websites.



wrong thread?



This thread predates the leftytrash thread and is for all leftist media/podcasts, not just chapo

Go bitch about it in the dedicated bitching thread but it's already contained



Oh, my mistake. Ive seen this thread since it's inception but never once read it because I thought it was about chapo only. Wish I knew



it's gotten better with the last two switches in editors and most of the worst writers like jia "sam biddle would never sexually harass women bc he's my pal" tolento quitting and with that tracy disaster woman that's head of broadly now/lindy leaving a few years before…unfortunately they've all failed upwards


File: a05d5c8d33069a0⋯.png (633.06 KB, 1836x2273, 1836:2273, leftist_media.png)


Chapo is just the most popular so it naturally gets the most discussion, and recent drama has shit it up lately, but every once in a while there's a good interview on a different pod or some discussion triggered from a good episode worth covering. Here's the most recent chart I have of all the current "leftist" media that we discussed ITT at one point or another, though it's possible it's been updated since and I missed it.



IIRC about a week ago some other, different call-out artist got mad at Felix because he apologized and donated but didn't *specifically* apologize to *her* and reimburse her for the time she spent dealing with harassment that CTH obviously caused

call-out culture is 90% grifting


I can’t believe these ableist fucks are always harassing our good autistic cum boy Mullen.

We should start flipping the tables on these call out freaks.


we'll know cth are real ones if the rumored cum town in washington dc crossover ep still happens

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