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File: 954d95b4f548bb6⋯.png (89.44 KB, 372x388, 93:97, 1481249814569.png)



So the past two free episodes have been pretty lukewarm tbh. The interview with Taibbi was ok but there were no big insights. Tim is not that interesting and as much as they shit on the Daily Show it seems to me they are falling it its routine.

>Trump is a dumb old man with holes in his brain

>Ha ha he is so fucking dumb and bumbling

>Ha, he has the brain of a child

Pretty tiring. What does /leftypol/ think?




ffs tabletop episodes are the worst



Shit taste



No it's not



Analyzing language is a key component of Marxism



But does being not nice on purpose, as a shtick, going to build a left movement?


File: 72d86d79774b00f⋯.jpg (1.93 KB, 79x125, 79:125, 1495324608278s.jpg)




Chapo doesn't give a fuck about leftism. They fellate the DSA every chance they get.



>americans bitching about socdems

Your country is a fucking joke and ruining the whole planet so take what you can get.



>take what you can get.

I bet you're a fan of the ACA right? A watered down people said "it's the best we can do" but it wound up being shit. Half measures invite fascism.





You keep saying that they are making fun of reactionaries but why don't they ever call them faggots? Because it's commonly excepted that making fun of someones sexual orientation is bad. Just like felix getting ass blasted about making fun of rape. Why is it ok to make fun of virginity? Because they deserve it? Marxist believe in universal human rights not means tested selective bullshit.



It's all Americans deserve. Frankly I'm saddened you're not dying off faster.



>Half measures invite fascism.

then what the fuck are you doing bitching about it on the internet, go out there and firebomb GOP's local HQ

and then the Democrats' as well



>sexual orientation



extremely comparable things, my good man


File: 2bc40856e5f62b6⋯.jpg (43.24 KB, 924x627, 28:19, 2bc40856e5f62b65bbc6f7fc63….jpg)

so do you guys basically spend each week listening to some strangers make fun of reactionaries on the internet?



It's actually twice a week



Will the """"""dirtbag""""" left ever not be cucked?

I spit on you. All of you. You're cucks to the core.



Yes it's nice


>I spit on you. All of you.

You couldn't spit if you tried, you're not used to violence.



You're a bunch of fucking lamers.

P.s. amber makes the show 1000x worse



>You're a bunch of fucking lamers.

Looks like you can't insult for shit either. What good can you do, you're more unemployable than we are. You can't punch, you can't spit, you can't fucking be violent, you can't insult, you can't get what you want and you were raised like a rat

What good can you do for the society you even want





File: 20026b66e9cebd1⋯.jpg (102.3 KB, 1000x676, 250:169, 20026b66e9cebd1ce77bd2e4a5….jpg)


Remember when chapo was new and you said they'd never be anything and were just aping off "The Right Stuff"

How's that fucking going Cassandra



Felix is a better human being than you and he's Jewish



You're Jewish cucks who will forever be tone policed by fat purple haired freaks who cut their dicks off after a lifetime of consuming soy.

Don't bother replying, I'm not even gonna read.


File: 45ee53b012b714b⋯.jpg (11.19 KB, 191x255, 191:255, 05e7e6c4e996730c3753fc7c60….jpg)


>You're Jewish cucks who will forever be tone policed by fat purple haired freaks who cut their dicks off after a lifetime of consuming soy.

Sounds like a hell of a party, sign me up



>Don't bother replying, I'm not even gonna read.

Then why even post you sad sack shit



>Don't bother replying, I'm not even gonna read.




Who do you think you are, anyways? You think you're not the one getting "tone policed" by yourselves?

Fucking idiot


File: ddc191a8345dd9a⋯.jpg (35.7 KB, 557x305, 557:305, back to reddit 1.jpg)




File: 82c8e64e43b989a⋯.jpg (69.32 KB, 634x423, 634:423, 368A36E200000578-3705063-i….jpg)

Anyone else listen to Novara? p. good critique of idpol at 33:45.



>matt getting salty that he made a weak old man who is shit at fighting and also who has a dumb anime ninja sword instead of an actual firearm

fucking matt, his character was blowing through all the fucking non-combat roll, but round two of combat rolls around and he can't bear being the weakest fighter?

he's normally my favorite guy, but he was acting like a bitch after the croc-proud-boy fight



>You keep saying that they are making fun of reactionaries but why don't they ever call them faggots? Because it's commonly excepted that making fun of someones sexual orientation is bad

They frequently make fun of the blatant homoeroticism in right-wing fiction novels during the reading series segments



I kind of get being pissed when I feel useless in table top combat encounters, especially if you're not as experienced with it. If they ever use Pathfinder or 5e I'd help him min max the fuck out of a character.


File: f7a67a657beb946⋯.jpg (23.24 KB, 515x515, 1:1, pinkman pancakes.jpg)



my murderhobo hobo I've played for years in dark heresy

>I don't have the strength to carry anything other then my armor, bullets and gun

>mfw that gun is an assault cannon

>mfw I roll 3 d10s twice, pick the highest and add 5 to that for damage

>all the experience and money I've ever spent has gone into making my character a more effective killing machine

>mfw I hit on anything below a 94

>mfw I can count the times I haven't killed something in a single hail of bullets on one hand

>mfw hearing matt whine about not being able to do any damage




honestly i understand newbies being frustrated at having an unoptimized character, i just wish he didn't act like such a bitch about it

getting quietly frustrated and saying "uh can't do much, guess i'll just stick back or whatever" is one thing, saying "WAHHH I HATE THIS, LET ME CUT MY CHARACTERS HEAD OFF" on a podcast that like tens of thousands of people listen to is just super cringy

it's not like this is even a real campaign, like 2 minutes before his first outburst in the battle at mcclain's house, he, felix, and mcclain took sanity damage from watching mike cernovich, rasputin, and a bear man pull up in an old jalopy, while will's character ducked behind a table to take a hit of opium

its a fucking lighthearted joke campaign making fun of our brain-damaged president and other right-wing dipshits



I love soy




This sounds pretty funny, is it one episode or spread out?



all that happened in one ep but it was a 4 part series


my dudes where do I download War Nerd premium episodes?



who's doing the hulk hogan voice in the intro of the new ep? adomian?


File: b460a2835ab1367⋯.jpg (197.06 KB, 630x970, 63:97, 9560ee0c3048fc1c9253054d9d….jpg)


>Hulk Hogan voice



does anyone know if the chapos browse leftypol?


File: 79562db01e7fd7a⋯.png (226.85 KB, 568x510, 284:255, 1493594612449.png)

>the individual mandate is socialism

>guest can't stop spouting "le corporatism" meme

I always had my suspicions that they were just liberals who like the color red but jesus christ that episode was painful.


lads why is this thread being archived here?


wtf is that about?



Farming ad money from search engine referrals. Surprised 4pol hasn't mistaken it for leftypol HQ.



I see this page all the time when I'm googling chan-related content. It apparently archives a lot of boards and makes it seem like a board of its own for money. Be less paranoid anon.



You don't fool me globalist




thank you so much man



That's not what Will said tho. He said the individual mandate was the "sup for the market" and that medicaid expansion was the semi-socialist element of the ACA. Go back and listen again.


So are Sam and Amber just done with Whale Vomit? It's been like a month and a half or something since they released an episode. Also, what's up with Felix and Ed on Scumbag? Same situation in that it's been ages in podcast time since their last episode. They done with that one too?


Am I the only one here who is somewhat bothered by Chapo Traphouse giving this whole Russia hysteria too much credit lately?



It's a subtle way to shake down the FSB






>Implying you wouldn't



>So are Sam and Amber just done with Whale Vomit? It's been like a month and a half or something since they released an episode.

I fucking hate this shit so much. The people of the Chapo universe are always announcing projects that they never bother taking past a handful of episodes.


File: 64873adb3c0f6de⋯.jpeg (41.5 KB, 400x400, 1:1, podsave.jpeg)

Listening to the latest episode where they mention Politicon and they brought up the Pod Save America podcast. What can anyone tell me about it? Also its hosted by Jon Favreau, is he just another retarded liberal or what cause it keeps saying online that they consider themselves "progressives"



All the hosts were speech writers/advisers/etc. in the Obama admin. They're definitely Libs, but they've at least had the hindsight to admit Bernie would've won, Hilary didn't just lose because "MUH RUSSKIES" but because she was a deeply flawed candidate, etc. So, they're Liberals, but they're definitely more self-aware than the wine-mom and MSNBC crowd that bitches and moans about "Bernie-bros" on Twitter/Facebook and acts outwardly hostile to progressives, leftists, etc..

I haven't listened to them in a bit because I've been filling my queue with more and more actual Left podcasts so it's hard to keep up, but if you're wanting a mainstream liberal perspective that isn't totally tone deaf to the current climate you could do a lot worse.



>the individual mandate is socialism

Are you actually retarded? They specifically said that was an aspect entirely for the sake of the market



>I've been filling my queue with more and more actual Left podcasts

Such as? I could use some new listening.



Well obviously Chapo, but Amber and Sam Kriss do Whale Vomit on the Baffler feed (though they haven't done a new episode since like the beginning of June, but the Baffler feed also does News from Nowhere), I listen to the daily headline breakdown on DC Sentinel Radio, I've started listening to Champagne Sharks since Ricky was on Chapo though. It's mostly about race and race related cultural issues but I'm trying to listen with an open mind.


I'm very hyped to see Chapo's coverage of this past DSA convention, especially all of Amber's hot takes given her insider knowledge.



I just miss Amber.. her twitter feed is gone.. she was the host I most identify with.



>I just miss Amber

All she did was log off twitter, it's not like she's dead.



Jon Favreau is one of those pretentious, rich and douchie libs, he was a speech writer for obama



Virgil was in the media balcony the who time, the others mostly weren't at the con.



RIP Frost / Christman


File: 1f926cd699365ce⋯.jpg (49.22 KB, 428x460, 107:115, amber.jpg)

Amber looks really different in every picture and it's really weird.



i thought they said they would trat frost/christman would happen again once matt moved to NY



It's like some paranormal shit. Like vampires can't see themselves in mirrors, her appearance morphs in changes in every photo.



Sometimes she drinks too much bourgeois blood and has to shed her skin.



Damn Felix is handsome



I listened to an ep. It's total shite mate.


It'd be cool if they traded Adam for Felix or Will for a couple of episodes. Idk if it'd work, but it'd be interesting for a bit tbh



Felix is the only good part tho.



Adam's pretty funny too and he could easily fill the Felix's role on the pod.


It would be funny if they switched the two but kept acting the same towards them, so Nick bullies Felix and everyone on Chapo talks about how buff Adam is


It works because Felix is the least knowledgeable Chapo by a long shot, so Adam's pretending to know current events would fill in the gap.


File: 5fb80a35ce1bb47⋯.jpg (380.55 KB, 1744x2048, 109:128, IMG_20170807_223906.jpg)


Adam's actually pretty thicc tho



I have a friend who loves Cumtown but the episodes I listened to it's just dumbass bants and talking about stand-up comedy stuff while they bully Adam and that fatass Greek brays his annoying laugh for like ten minutes on a stretch. Adam seems like the most knowledgeable one from what I've listened to.

Is it political in any way or is it just "One long shitpost: The podcast"?



>Is it political in any way

No, not at all.

>is it just "One long shitpost: The podcast"?




Cum Town isn't political.

I really love Cum Town, but the last couple months haven't been the best. The Adam shit talking got way out of hand and dominated the podcast for a while, but it has calmed down some now. Go back and listen to all of their old episodes, some of those are insanely good.



Some of the episodes are pretty bad, other episodes are really great. It's just them having conversations and making jokes. The less seriously you try to take it the better. You'll eventually get used to Stav's laugh and grow to love it.



>that fatass Greek brays his annoying laugh for like ten minutes on a stretch

Stav is Nick's muse. Imagine being a comedian with a best friend who laughs heartily at every single joke you make.



Cum Town is apolitical aural shitposting.

If you go to the /r/cumtown you'll see that the fanbase is actually split between leftists and Cumia/MDE runoff who hate leftism the show's association with Chapo.



>is it just "One long shitpost: The podcast"?



>felix absolutely destroying Cubs fans




>Adam: so, I was reading a book…

>Nick: books are gay

Stav chuckles nervously

>Nick: the only thing gayer than books is you

Stav laughs heartily

>Nick: actually, no things are good except what I liked in the early 00's

Stav begins laughing so hard he bursts into flames and his lungs explode. He starts pissing himself from laughter, which fails to put out the flames but makes everything smell like burnt hair and urine. The earth trembles below the apartment because he's so fat, opening a gaping crack into the underbelly of the earth. The cumboys are dragged into the blackness, with Stav laughing so hard blood spills from his mouth as they descend into the molten core of the earth, smashing into the rock as they fall. The continued laughter echoes off the rock, causing the largest known earthquake in history, crippling the powergrids of several of the world's major cities, plunging humankind into darkness for weeks. Martial law is called into effect as the riots increase in size and aggressiveness. The DSA emerges victorious of the subsequent civil war, and Nick's body is embalmed and placed into a mausoleum for public display.


>complaining Chapo is like southpark tier leftism on /leftypol/

pot meet kettle


I want to see video of Matt bullying Trots.



the boys all have pretty good leftist instincts but they're not politically active at all. the shitting on adam bit is kinda stale but usually they're good enough to make some of it work.





>the boys all have pretty good leftist instincts

Except Nick

In fact he consistently has some of the dumbest opinions politics-wise, coupled with a belief of being smart



I agree with that, but it was pretty funny that he had a better take on Occupy than Adam did in the most recent ep.



But Adam was right.


i think chapo trap house is fucking epic


ep 132 fucking sucks so far tbh


dirtbag summer reading list, from some bullshit thread they had on their subreddit or whatever




>#8 Derrick Jensen



File: 7b7e918046366e3⋯.gif (2.51 MB, 173x267, 173:267, 1502625482265.gif)


>bell hooks



And how the fuck is Capitalist Realism only #25?


This newest episode (132) is fucking great, holy shit what a comeback tbh.


I feel like I'm missing some context on Felix's "truth about Syria" bit.


File: 3731456efe3076d⋯.jpg (10.58 KB, 746x83, 746:83, settlers.jpg)


Really makes you think.



Felix is an ironic Assadist



>Chapo knows that book is bullshit both in fact and in consequence

Pretty good.


anyone got the link for the premium episode?


Chapo is alt-left propaganda


133 is out and it is about what went down in charlottesville.


It is on the Black Wolf feed.



It's pretty popular in the various chapo circles, they had a whole episode about it. Probably low priority to remind everyone to read it.




I remember liking the book in high school but I don't understand the continued fascination with it. It's poorly written, Herbert has awful prose, despite the interesting setting which itself is fairly reactionary.

This is a good essay regarding the reactionary trend present in Sci-Fi.




what episode is that?



>which itself is fairly reactionary

Herbert literally wrote an essay explaining that Dune's moral is not to follow messianic cults.

The joke central to Dune is anyone can be Paul Mua'dib. Anyone can be Leto II.

They live in a giant fucking self perpetuating cult.



I never understood the complaints about its prose, but I'm used to reading dry theory and history books.



there's a certain amount of irony is complaining of "awful prose" from Herbert while in the same post shilling a Moorcock essay


"imagine if tankies actually had tanks in that situation"




Think it was episode 78, they discussed the Airport protests that happened around the time of Trump's inauguration as well.


I only read the first book and it was a while ago. The reading I made way back in the day was that Herbert had an obsession with old hierarchical structures, similar to Tolkien. Probably being uncharitable.


It's not perfect, but it's a good analysis of a problem I hadn't really considered prior,


File: 91be8fcfe36f4f7⋯.webm (2 MB, 640x360, 16:9, IHATECOMMIES.webm)


I unironically love Starship Troopers. Was interesting recognizing how it had influenced Japanese military scifi. Also the random anti-communist tangents were pretty funny.



>The reading I made way back in the day was that Herbert had an obsession with old hierarchical structures, similar to Tolkien

He was criticizing it while writing it seriously, as if historically, as if a historically biased retelling of an event.

Dune is a lot more than a surface reading of it. It a powerful critique of power structures, idol worship, religion and the like. Told from the villain's perspective, that makes it more rational to try to justify his actions.

The point of the book is also to criticize the standard scifi "Hero" of the time he was writing he hated.

There's a lot going on to it, and if it seems cultish and reactionary, that's probably what Herbert is daring you to fall for.


File: bb58b7d097f1bb2⋯.png (266.35 KB, 600x381, 200:127, ClipboardImage.png)

>mfw chapo begins defending both tankies and anarchists in the same episode



shut up chud


The new closer is bomb. Does anyone know what it is?





the new premium episode was unlocked its good folks



he's probably only half-ironic because he knows the whole situation (saudi arabia and israel, which he hates, basically literally trying to destroy syria)



"1 in da Chamber Pt 3" by DJ Smokey, on the same album as the theme song


133 was a top episode.

not a top, top episode, but still, a top episode.

matt and felix had some great takes.





read that before, specifically that's a problem with american science fiction if I remember rightly. i.e. the Culture novels (British) are different for example. And see the Strutskagy Brothers (Soviet/Russian sf) which basically is Star Trek



have you read The Forever War by Joe Halderman? That's a response to Starship Troopers and a it depressing



They did make some great points. Facsists are essentially advocating genocide so its not reasonable to expect people to ignore them. But i wish they had put more emphasis on the difference between counter protesters who respond to attacks and black blockers literally going to hurt as many people as they can.



which opinions? he's espoused support for basic socdem goals explicitly and acknowledges the need for racial and economic justice. the only position i can think of that can be dumb is his freddie deboer-esque position on "free speech".


File: a2902adc258eda3⋯.jpg (57.17 KB, 600x450, 4:3, michael-weiss-with-jihadis….jpg)

We need a Wiki to keep track of liberal-conservative pundits and all the dumb/reactionary shit they've said or done.



>Adam seems like the most knowledgeable one from what I've listened to.

>Liking adim the best

Lol such a chapofag take.

It always cracks me up that Adam is the cool funny one when he goes on Chapo. Like Chapo people are so unfunny that Adam is like a genuine comedian to them.



Bad take. Adam really is the underrated cumboy, he's actually really funny. He gets shat on for no reason.



no but you're close. he gets shat on because he knows it's funny.



I meant that he gets shat on by the listeners for no reason.



He gets shat on because one, it makes the comedy of bullying him even funnier, and two he's annoying.



>I have to hate adam because the Cum Town subreddit told me to



Is there anything like black wolf feed but with Delete Your Account? I don't wanna spend any more money on podcasts.


File: 00a851e8fa9fdd7⋯.jpg (55.84 KB, 640x480, 4:3, GORKA.jpg)

134 is up on Soundcloud lads



I think Will is too crucial to the show though, he's like the straight man to Felix and Matt. Virgil and Amber can kind of fill that role in some cases, but much of the show, especially interviews, is driven by Will.



You bitch and gossip about pod casters like a fucking queen



Gorka bit wasn't that good but the rest of the episode is hilarious.

I love when they take a break from politics and just shoot the shit.


on that unlocked ep on charlottesville, matt was fucking fire as usual but what was surprising is that both felix and matt and even will were on fucking point



err both felix and virgin i meant






>Newest episode is just an hour of stupid banter

Nice. I missed it tbh


135 is up on black wolf feed. honestly not a great ep.

seemed pretty low energy and the guest didn't contribute much.



>steals content

>thinks he has a right to complain





porky but worse


>listen to an episode

>the speakers are trying so hard to be cool it annoys me


I just started listening to Struggle Session and now Leslie is on this week's Gray Wolf ep, so that's pretty cool. I wish the guests would participate in more of the regular banter though. Guy didn't really talk much until about halfway through the episode.



>Umm, we're the dirtbag left, we're not scared to go against the grain. We're hip, we're cool, we're edgy man. Watch out!



You realize they didn't choose that name for themselves right? The trying so hard to be cool thing doesn't really ring true when in American political discourse they are the coolest thing at the moment outside of an 80 year old democratic socialist who says the same things over and over again. Hip, cool, edgy… if these guys are trying to be that then they clearly aren't trying hard enough because they sound like normal people to me.



Amber is the one that coined the term dirtbag left.



>a guy talking about Metal Gear Solid and MMA all the time

Why is he trying so hard to be this dangerous cool dude?



You sound like you feel threatened.


File: 1a0c48e2217aeb0⋯.jpg (14.56 KB, 289x303, 289:303, hjjki.jpg)

File: 540aaaf1c806ca9⋯.jpg (63.75 KB, 634x875, 634:875, thingken (1).jpg)

Mr Chapo keeps growing stronger



Can we crowdfund a treadmill for Matt?



How about a better fucking mic first? They all should have pro-tier equipment by now.


lads i emailed chapo a couple of weeks ago about a guest and they never got back. will i need to fly to america to talk to them?



I think Matt literally records laying on his bed with his laptop balanced on his gut and then some kind of cheap mic


I really like Nick's political opinions


Anybody got the struggle session closed episodes?



>be married to breadwinner for years

>now makes a good living shitposting irl

>while changing no aspects of his life

Living the dream


Fuck the guest this week is absolutely horrible. Where the fuck do they find these people?



Fuck knows. I've never heard of most of them and they barely know what they're on about.

I got a well known (on here) professor to agree to going on but Mr Chapo never replied to my emails. Yet they seem to keep getting no name dipshits on every week.



I've never listened to Chapo but nearly every time I scroll past this thread I'm given reason to think they're useless hipster fucks.



They shit on democrats a lot and sound really edgy and radical sometimes by talking positively about Marx, Lenin, anarchism, etc. But in reality they're just social democrats (except for maybe Amber and Matt). They rarely, if ever, talk about the problems and limitations of social democracy and reformism. They are really funny though, and sometimes insightful as well. I still enjoy the show even though I'm a commie.



The SocDem criticism kind of bugs me though. America is HILARIOUSLY dead in terms of class consciousness compared to even other western nations. You can't whiplash people immediately from a corporatist controlled shithole into a communist/socialist state until you show them that organizing and collectivism can actually work and be beneficial to them. The easiest way to accomplish that without being shut-out from the get-go in western systems is reformism. Reformism doesn't mean you have to stop pushing, but it's a damn better start than what passes for "Left" in mainstream American political discourse.



I think in America at least where so many people have a bizarrely uninformed knee jerk opposition to anything left of neoliberalism, and the fact that they are also the most reactionary and well armed section of the population you can't expect a total collapse of the liberal order to result in anything other than fascism. The only way to counter that is to give people a small taste of leftism with socdem policies, so people try it and maybe come to like it. Then if a revolution occurs there's more than a 1% chance of it ending in communism.



Yes you are right. I don't think that nothing should be done if it's not revolution and full communism. You need learn how to organize and get those small victories in order to build a movement. Legal and illegal struggle are both important for that. I just think they're too optimistic about what can actually be achieved with reformism. I like Corbyn too but they seem to think that if he wins the next election the UK will be on it's way to socialism. They ignore all the structural obstacles to reformism that are built in to the (global) capitalist mode of production. Maybe I'm strawmanning them but that's the impression I get listening to them celebrate Corbyn's popularity.



Showing people the power of mass action and that acheiveing all their goals by working within the system is impossible due to the constraints of bourgeois democracy. Reformism failing is the best way to radicalize people towards revolution.


File: e04dc2f4fb5da02⋯.png (106.32 KB, 318x444, 53:74, acs.png)

File: 19b5a7b66575435⋯.png (132.16 KB, 600x514, 300:257, q3r4r3.png)

>mfw friend who was a proud antifeminist gamer trump guy

>started listening to cumtown after listening to an ep with me

>he moves away for school

>see him after a few months

>he listens to chapo and is a bernie guy now

are people seriously this oddly stupid? does what media you consume effect your own material views this much.



welcome to late capitalism where consumption is politics



I wanted really badly to refute you, but I couldn't.




that doesn't have anything to do with capitalism, it's just the way we work, create echo chambers and shit for ourselves


When the guest of the last epi shat on Marcus H. Johnson I thought he was talking about Adam H. Johnson and got angry at him for a second


File: 8504ba22c15a1ce⋯.jpg (18.96 KB, 302x298, 151:149, smile.jpg)

>it's another cozy episode


File: 4af2f8affe0eb81⋯.gif (34.85 KB, 613x399, 613:399, dasraciss.gif)


What did he mean by this?



>Struggle Session

they used to shill their first few episodes on /leftypol/ right? I never listened to it but everyone here told them they were terrible and should quit



Fuck that. I want proper guests like Mieville, Curtis, Scahill where the Chapos stfu and let the guest speak and the guest has something worth listening to.



yeah it lacks banter and chemistry



It's actually alright


this guest on the latest episode is impossible to listen to, fucking hell did he do a g of coke before turning up


137 is up on black wolf lads



I'll let the boys know of your preferences, anon



Tell them Mark Blyth says he'll go on the show.



They're called ouiaboos dammit



That would be cool. Blyth's a liberal but he's a smart guy. His criticisms of neoliberalism are top notch.



lmao are you inviting people to the podcast? what a fucking sperg



I just asked him out of the blue and he unexpectedly said "yeah okay then, sort it out for me"



It's down, now I have no way to pirate Radio war nerd?

What shall I do, where shall I go? Will I have to pay for entertainement?



Worst guest since Nagle tbh



Nagle was good tho



File: 3f0a63ceef780a1⋯.jpg (5.6 KB, 255x123, 85:41, 4161c203ef3030d5b61466f2f4….jpg)


Black wolf feed, baby. I'm sure its been posted before but this tread is too long to dig through





It's not like they dont know Mark Blyth exists

They can book their own guests jesus



Thanks anon but this is for chapo not struggle session



Nagle was one of their best guests.



he said Felix is gay


>amber was married at some point

I mean everyone makes mistakes but I'm starting to get the feeling that amber's life is a mess



Did Felix tactically espionage his way on to this?



That's part of her charm. Anyone remembers that story she told in Cum Town about smoking crack?

How old is she anyway?



what ep is this?



I don't remember exactly, it's one of her first appearances.



>be poor student, living off of loans

>check their patreon

>they make 80 000 dollars a month

just canceled my subscription and added black wolf feed to my podcast app instead. feels good man.



pssst, could you instead subscribe to Radio war nerd and post the episodes




will they ever recover?


File: dbfe6eb912eca3c⋯.png (118.07 KB, 640x361, 640:361, democrat HQ.png)


Sad times when Your Girl is being compared to a bunch of wastemen and their podcast.


File: ed32c4ed5e452c3⋯.png (52.18 KB, 600x373, 600:373, ClipboardImage.png)


Oh dear, just noticed they pulled a "Ha, you made a typo" move.



How are these people still around?


Why is it in episode 117 Matt again punches down on incels and says they should build sex robots for them? I know he specifically says "reactionary incels" but why does he have to talk about incels at all? Why can't he just talk about reactionaries and leave it at that? It's like they can't stop punching down.



Theft is revolutionary


File: 4e292f632124ba9⋯.png (1015 B, 16x11, 16:11, 1420277063135.png)


you forgot your flag


Nick Mullen is in the new IBM commercial.



new ep was good, guest was bad


Peter Daou is my favorite war criminal



Holy shit, if that's the "smart" future porky is going to bring us I'm just going to kill myself now. It's insane that these tech dipshits fetishize the daily grind so much, they're fucking reptilians. I can see why fascism is so appealing to these autistic fucks.



this is disgusting

I understand that you don't want people to be useless sacks of shit but that doesn't mean you gotta fetishize drudgery

jesus christ, they all look so gray and lifeless except for the fact they're singing



yeah they really didn't make good use of him tbh



they deleted all the cumtown fan comments lmao


The Hezzbollah bit was fucking gold


I really dislike these guys.

They try so hard to be cool that it comes off as inauthentic.



Bad take.


File: f2eb1e48f16b883⋯.png (144.45 KB, 480x293, 480:293, IsThisBigRedKahina.png)


if youre still unironically listening to chapo after they ate dick so hard on the dahnald youre a fucking moron. If youre paying for it you are aiding and abetting the enemy, might as well donate to the fucking beeb

The young hip lefties didnt see this coming, its so goddamned funny except it isnt, It shows how much a much of a bubble they live in, textbook alienated bujis, also the fact that they jumped on the bernie train shows how geopolitically incompetent they are, all chapo is really good at is rolling around in minutia, its a real testament to their roots in the New Yorkeresque establishment.

Chapo is and will always remain harmless to the unipolar order, which is why the perception management machine is happy to promote them

Maybe you should have looked at sanders voting record instead of writing apologist blogs about banksters or hard-hitting topics like swamp ass you goofy cunt, but thats just my opinion

honestly kahuna might be right theyre probably a limited hangout, cum town is the superior NazBol podcast


>amazon prime bolshevik



>after they ate dick so hard on the dahnald

What does this mean? Why are nazbols such bad posters? Why all the reddit spacing?



>this video is unavailable

What happened, did they take it down?



Is this post supposed to be a Red Kahina parody? Because it is completely unintelligible.



>However—and the smart kids whose radical media critique is Actually Good can probably see where this is going—there are no exceptions. No outsiders get to muscle their way into the public eye based on grit and gumption alone, and genuinely radical notions are allowed absolutely no booth in the marketplace of ideas. The media is a megaphone which the ruling class uses to tell us what to think, and any arguments about radicals sneaking in the side door in order to crash the party are at least two decades past their sell-by date.

>This much should be apparent in Chapo’s case, even if one was just going by the really obvious things like profiles, ranging from positive to fawning, in The New Yorker (11/8/16), The A.V. Club (12/7/16), Mediaite (4/12/16), Pacific Standard (8/12/16), The goddamn Washington Post (7/20/17), The Guardian (7/23/17), et cetera, or a June 2017 piece in The New York Times where writer Nikil Saval calls Chapo Trap House “prime originators of the left’s liberal bashing.” Eat it, Mao—and can we get three big-ass cheers for the rebirth, resurgence, and renaissance of The Left?!

>Dig a little deeper, and it’s even more obvious how fraudulent the “dissident” narrative is. As laid out in a blog post titled “The Cafe.com Rabbit Hole,” Felix Biederman made a jump from twitter personality and Glenn Greenwald hanger-on to paid content-provider and thinkfluencer via the good graces of tech entrepreneur Vinit Bharara, who started an oddly unprofitable-looking site called Cafe and swept up Biederman and future Chapo co-host Virgil Texas, along with various other tech and media apparatchiks including a New York Times editor and a former staffer for Chuck Schumer. “To pull this all together, a New York state, top-brass Democrat and former Clinton spokesman now pens satire as a fictional character online” alongside Biederman. “Odd trajectory, isn’t it?”


>Episode 116’s reading series touches on a piece by Katha Pollitt, a liberal serious-person who writes pieces with titles like “liberal elites are not the problem.” Before the bit starts, Menaker makes a big show about leaving the booth, swearing that it has nothing to do with the segment causing him “personal strife, for my family or anyone I know.” This is that irony they’re all about these days: the joke is that the truth is the opposite, because Will’s father, Daniel Menaker, is Pollitt’s longtime friend, collaborator, and occasional editor. According to Chapo’s New Yorker profile, “Daniel Menaker, is a former executive editor-in-chief of Random House, and was also a fiction editor at The New Yorker for twenty years.” Being a member of an elite liberal media family probably helped Will get that job as an assistant editor at a subsidiary publisher of W. W. Norton, and it probably played more of a role in nailing down that New Yorker profile as the new face of The Left than doing uniquely good irony. Also, “Will Menaker’s grandfather was a KGB turncoat who snitched so hard that his FBI handler built a vacation home next to his.”




>the only reason a funny podcast with 3 guys with a cult following on Weird Twitter is more successful than my trotskyist newspaper is because the publications they shit on propped them up after they were already making thousands of dollars a month


File: f6654e9c785eed9⋯.jpg (30.68 KB, 300x239, 300:239, NewYorker-logo.jpg)


what does this mean? are you fucking stupid son? they actually thought hilldawg was going to win, how fucking delusional can you possibly get, they do not inhabit the same reality as us plebs, they live in a torture chamber, this is blatantly obvious, almost as obvious as the impending dahnald win, even michael moore knew he was going to win and that poor man completely lost it long ago. Listening to chapo right after the election was pathetic, theres no other way to phrase it, they outed themselves as true western liberals

fucking chapo defence force up in this bitch, everytime, you people are almost as sad as unironic pol/acks, you have no idea how walled the garden is that you are in


>I cant understand opinions I dont like


yes G..ehhh comrade, disregard that glowing review in the new yorker and all the obvious ties to the 5th column, it means nothing, we have a free press here not like under that rabid despot Putler!



h-u-g box is a wordfilter, whyy



lol what are you hopped up on kid?



All of /pol/'s 2016 buzzwords are filtered. It's amusing when you get some utter meme spouting retard that trips like 5 of the filters in a very short post.




the fact that the first response in the comments is "dolores go on cum town" made me happier than it should have



>they actually thought hilldawg was going to win,

they thought this so hard they didn't write material for their live election episode in the event of a Trump win. All those Chapo guys have bourgeois ties.

>fucking chapo defence force up in this bitch, everytime, you people are almost as sad as unironic pol/acks, you have no idea how walled the garden is that you are in




They're podcasts have a bunch of product placement too, supposedly something their audience is too smart for.

I listened to one episode and they "ironically" talked about Applebee's for a solid 10 mins. Product placement in rap videos is less intrusive.





LMAO its a dumb fun podcast not some 5d chess move by the bourgeoisie to destroy the left. tanks need to chill the fuck out, smoke a bowl and take their meds.




It's because they're just another outgrowth of the NY media-cultural complex, with all the associated hangups, biases, and neuroses.

And why everything shortly after the election became Ugh, Drumpf: Slightly Left of Liberal Electric Boogaloo



The simpler answer isn't that's their opportunistic lumpenproles that couldn't critically analyze themselves out of a paper bag.



*The simpler answer is that they're




>this assmad there are posters that aren't on Chapo's dick



Nah homie, just some people have friends that aren't white and middle class.



>this assmad at a shitty podcast


buddy if you're bringing up that you have non-white middle class friends to prove a point in an arguement you most certainly are white and middle class


File: 051ba0b6d25caab⋯.jpg (6.9 KB, 194x259, 194:259, DONBASS.jpg)


200 proof insurrectionary Jesus mein nigger

I ride an ass, I have no patience for false prophets, and I bring not peace but the sword to the moneylendors. Join me brother



shut the fuck up you useless fucking cocksucker, that excuse dont fly no mo if it ever has, too much shit has been co-opted and when you start to really look into it you realize this has been going on for a long time. Your mentality is written proof that they have been to some extent successful, i love how chapofags constantly shift between repeating talking points from them to "hurr durr its just a dumb show whyuhefftobemad"

it isnt, it fucking styles itself as a legit politics podcast, its not funny enough to be anything else, and it avoids delving into real topics that might make these buji brooklynite pansexuals uncomfortable by focusing on small rearguard actions or making wide almost meaningless statements, often these little skirmishes are idpol related or some little bitcheroo about something that is ultimately a symptom of the entire fucking fubar which will never be addressed


thats hilarious, not unlike south park, at least those two felt bad about the shitty episode and obviously went through some introspection afterwards, chapo just carried on merrily


sure, im not even necessarily saying they are witting agents (although if anyone has an actual handler its will), but it doesnt really fucking matter if its intentional, they are still shooting the Real-left in the foot and ultimately being patsies for imperialism, they should be hounded and pelted with produce regardless of intent



You have to love tankies, no matter what they just cannot help pointing out anything related to the soviet union no matter how tangential

If I grew a pair and died for a cause the tankies would find out my distant cousin once slandered Stalin and picket my funeral



>buddy if you're bringing up that you have non-white middle class friends to prove a point in an arguement you most certainly are white and middle class

lol you think white people that didn't white flight don't exist.



Lol take your meds.


I never said they don't.



>i love how chapofags constantly shift between repeating talking points from them to "hurr durr its just a dumb show whyuhefftobemad"

Rush Limbaugh fans do the exact same thing, they were probably trying to copy Rush's business model.

Make a monolithic other, for Rush its liberals for Chapo it's liberals and tankies.

Obsucate your week rhetoric with dense inside jokes and references.

When Rush fucks up hes says "media tweak!" Meaning he said something's purposefully inflammatory to prompt the mainstream media to overreact. Chapo does victory laps every time some mouth breather conservative gets butt mad at them.



Oh and constantly tell your audience your the only source for an unflinching look at your political opponents.




You can back this up with examples right?



Uh yeah, their on fans will tell you Chapos "irony" is multi layered.


File: 023ba7931b834fd⋯.jpg (79.92 KB, 614x605, 614:605, Cqb3_VVWIAAtOhI.jpg)


that bit was funny for awhile and I loves me some cum but its become a defence mechanism, its also kind of a testament to how unoriginal chapo fans are, they dont even have their own bit to deal with criticism

hopefully someone will eventually take up the invitation, mullen is retarded and probably a crypto-buddhist but hes a lot more nuanced and far less dogmatic than anyone on chapo


that sounds very accurate, havent done any uncut lush bimbaugh lately thank god but im going to take your word for it, also fits to the daily show and all the offshoots quite well, "muh republicans", or beck, or jonestown jones..are you the one that posted the article above? im gonna read all that inasec, havent found too many good criticisms of chapo yet, bigredkahuna is entertaining but goddamn can she be a cryptic bitch



Rush or Chapo?



Chapo. Rush being propagandist peice of shit should be obvious to anyone posting here



Really? Every episode I've ever listened to bagged on either some conservative and or liberal nobody with a column in BFE Egypt.



We'll they're dense "ironic" humor


A weird reference to "El Chapo Guzman" a crinmial that murdered and raped countless Mexican proles, what's the fuck is even the joke there?


>This shit is toxic beyond imagination, and the one saving grace is that it only has minimal appeal for anyone other than Chapo’s target audience: America’s downwardly mobile petty bourgeois “failsons,” whose revolutionary potential is and always has been essentially nil.




I've listened to Rush a long time, I used to do it because I used to get ambushed by his talking points because I live in a super red state. I'm not even kidding all the Rush "Dittohead" attributes are there in Chapo fans.

The way Chapo fans sperg out when Chapo is criticized is beat for beat the same way dittoheads do it.

Not to mention Rush and Chapo share this "I'm always right" smugness, and both claim it's some kind of joke.



Making fun of twitter randos isn't proping them up as a great other who will destroy you and should be feared like Limbaugh does on his show. They haven't told their listeners that they are the only news source they can trust in any episode I have listened to.


File: d40cc60e8534dbf⋯.jpg (405.97 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, GUCCI.jpg)


its a roundabout way to steal ghetto valor, they are just trying to tell everyone they are cool and listen to rappity raps, felix desperately wants to say the N-word(understandable) and knows he cant because hes woke now

even weirder for me is the "grey wolves" bit and the fucking PsyOp military/intelligence patches on every ep, im assuming its a reference to tankies calling them controlled opposition but its still creepy in an almost telltale heart kinda way


the comparison is fascinating, you should do a play by play or something, ive completely stopped listening to them but I should probably get my emotions in check and tune in again for research purposes. A good litmus test for me both irl and in media is when someone has actually admitted that they were really fucking wrong about something at some point, wonder if this has ever happened on chapo

im gonna read that article now instead of sounding off



>Making fun of twitter randos isn't proping them up as a great other

It is though, they're usually not making fun of their politics but all these superficial bullshit traits Chapo says they all share like politically affiliated people are fucking high school cliques.

The most dangerous are Nazis are Hugless kissless virgins even though many are bourgeois or petite bourgeois or are fucking police and soldiers!



>its a roundabout way to steal ghetto valor

OMG this! Its probably why they won't shut up about military stolen valor, I get that it makes conservatives butt mad but damn they talk about it too much!

>the comparison is fascinating, you should do a play by play or something

I think I'll get started on that, if you want a TL;DR of Rush's stupid shit they have his best dumb hot takes on mediamatters.org, listen to a few clips and just replace liberals with tankies or conservatives and it's almost the same rhetoric.



>they're usually not making fun of their politics but all these superficial bullshit traits

Except they constantly make fun of liberal politics and talk about liberalism failures.

>The most dangerous are Nazis are Hugless kissless virgins even though many are bourgeois or petite bourgeois or are fucking police and soldiers!

They don't say that hand holdless virgins are the most dangerous fascists at all.





>Except they constantly make fun of liberal politics and talk about liberalism failures.

They make fun of political faux pas like Clintons messaging, not shit like landlords fucking over vulnarble people, The GOP fromenting racism for decades, etc



>They don't say that hand holdless virgins are the most dangerous fascists at all.

Before Cville they would not STFU about reactionary alt right incels, as though the only men that struggle to find a partner were Nazi sympathizers, or that even most Nazis are robots.



See, this is exactly how Rush dittoheads react to criticism too, it just all butt hurt from the other.



they make fun of out of touch liberals and talk about the horrible shit capitalism does dude. Its possible to do both.


Before Cville they would not STFU about reactionary alt right incels, as though the only men that struggle to find a partner were Nazi sympathizers, or that even most Nazis are robots.

Before Cville they constantly talked about police and militia types being dangerous. Fascists tend to be freaks with sexual issues look at the leadership of the Nazi Germany.



>they make fun of out of touch liberals

They make fun of easy targets, they're one step away from making fun of typos.

>talk about the horrible shit capitalism does dude. Its possible to do both.

They spend 100 times more time gossiping about media figures,

>Before Cville they constantly talked about police and militia types being dangerous.

Bullshit, even if true they spend waaaaay more time yammering about fucking incels.



there are at least 3 of us here right now including you, say something bitch, shouting samefag just means you are admitting you are incapable of arguing with a schizophrenic

I read that article the guy posted its pretty durn good despite some minor bullshit


File: 8eb160bf4472610⋯.jpg (18.48 KB, 430x280, 43:28, flush-limbaugh.jpg)


>hand-holdless virgins

JESUS K CHRIST ON A STICK its just getting worse and worse


you fuckin do that homie, these niggas need to go down, that article is damning despite some of the nonce, its worse than even I expected and the author is obviously not quite as paranoid as a lot of tankies, menakers dad had a decades long bromance with a fucking FBI agent, unbeliebs

the problem that chapo has obviously identified but many more..authentic leftists clearly have not is that nobody fucking reads anything anymore, they want well produced audio at least, any legit takedown of chapo would have to have some production quality and a coherent script, as decent as that piece is its all over the place and requires some foreknowledge, a blog wont cut it im afraid.

A youtube audio with some pics of bimbaugh and chapo resorting to the same rhetoric would be pretty fucking cash and an an amazing start, you do what you can do bruh my head is still reeling i need to do some irl shit



why are you pretending to black or something anon?



I self identify as POC bitch, also I look like a dirty mexican

>pretending to black

how dare you call me an anarchist


lmao what the fuck happened in this thread?

chapo are just a bunch of edgy socdems but they are genuine



>lmao what the fuck happened in this thread?

the red kahina brigade



I think as life under capitalism gets worse proles are starting to separate themselves along material conditions. While I'm sure most of Chapos audience isn't petite bourgeois they act and parrot the propaganda of the petite bourgeois.

Their podcast really only concerns itself with white suburbanite anxieties, but like liberal feminists, trys to rally support, sympathy and legitimacy by presenting themselves as representative of all proles.

They're quite toxic, and they're annoying to anyone just trying to keep a roof over their head, or trying direct action like organizing a union with their constant braying over inconsequential Twitter fights or trumps racism, as though the Southern strategy he banks in is a new thing.



you're honest to god retarded

it's not a "blueprint for the revolution" podcast, it's not a marxist critique podcast, it's not a political theory podcast, it's a podcast about twitter fights, daily/weekly silly shit in politics from a leftier-than-liberal perspective

you're building a strawman so you can strike it down with bitching about how they don't have a 3 hour episode analyzing the first page of wage labour and capital or something



I thought the Chapo shit was because Mexican cartels are basically guerrilla armies that literally fight the Mexican state.



You're such a fucking retard. It's a comedy podcast about left-twitter.

Also, "petite bourgeois" isn't just a catch-all insult for things you don't like. It has a meaning you fucking dolt.



I know, the white moderately wealthy petite bourgeois often own rental properties, stocks, and other interests in businesses which is why they were able to cocoon themselves in white suburbs away from blacks they left in the inner city.

Like I said most of Chapos audience isn't petite bourgeois themselves but their parents certainly are.

I. can tell just by their tone and subject matter, like the "ironic" rough offensive way they talk. It's pretty clear that they really do desire a street credibility.



Oh brother please STFU, they work with the state particularly the Mexican Marines. If you think cartels as big as the ones in Mexico aren't working with the state read a book please.



The old Rush Limbaugh "it's just entertainment" defense. It's a political podcast therefore it's political



>I. can tell just by their tone and subject matter, like the "ironic" rough offensive way they talk. It's pretty clear that they really do desire a street credibility.

Hahahahahahaha, holy shit, this faggot is mad about common people's "rough, offensive" speech. You literally couldn't embody the "elitist ivory tower communist" stereotype any more right now, lmao.


Nope. You're mad that they're not more serious and that they don't have much substance very often, which is dumb because it's just a podcast about left-twitter. Expecting incredible theory from them is retarded. Stop posting.



>Hahahahahahaha, holy shit, this faggot is mad about common people's "rough, offensive" speech.

Only in the heads sheltered white suburbanites fed on porky created Eminem albums are the common man's language endlessly abrasive.



>tries to sound pretentious but fucks up basic syntax

Verily, indeed.



t. middle class white male



Lmaooooooo, they mentioned Eminem yet again. Have you lost your virginity yet faggot? Or are you still the sexually frustrated brainlet that we all know you are?



t. middle class person who thinks they're marginalized when they aren't



>Nope. You're mad that they're not more serious and that they don't have much substance very often,

I'm not mad about that though, I like comedy too, they're toxic and their comedy is like rush Limbaugh, they have this weird tribalism humor,



"muh toxicity", "they're like Limbaugh". We get it, you don't like them. Please stop repeating the same shit over and over, it's obnoxious.


This just might be that rarest beast of all - a semi-intelligent /pol/ troll. It would make a change from posting pictures of homosexuals copulating or big black penises existing.

Or just some bored lefty fucking around.




why is the chapo internet defense force always underage?



Have you ever been hated or discriminated against? I have, I've been protested and demonstrated against.



It's not a /pol/ troll, it's a mad anti-irony dipshit who posts in this thread occasionally. They hate Eminem and think that reactionary virgins are an extremely marginalized group.


I'm not wrong though, faggot.



Then quit using the same strawmen. This is another juvenile tactic you Chapo fans use, you exhaust all the novel criticism of your critics, then try to make it seem illegitimate by saying it's trite.



You have no novel criticism tho. Stop posting.



Yes I've been discriminated against



That's what said, it's still salient though



I guess if you don't make any arguments you can't be "wrong" by definition



>reactionary virgins are an extremely marginalized group.

No I don't, just called out shallow Chapo fans for attempting to create a safe out group to pick on, you guys are like high schoolers I swear.



>Chapo fans [attempt] to create a safe out group to pick on

Except that's wrong, faggot.



You know, people who talk about all the sex time are the ones not getting it.



Except it's not you edge Lord that thinks he's tough because he uses the f word on a chan.



>you edge Lord that thinks he's tough because he uses the f word




I don't know why your laughing, a few people criticize Chapo and you guys act like your baba got taken away.



Picket signs for my wicked rhymes, look at the times. Sick as the mind of the motherfucking kid that's behind all this commotion, emotions run deep as oceans. Exploding tempers flaring from parents - just blow them off and keep going.


>Schizophrenic tankies

still better thread shitting than the "its hard out there for an incel" guy


Holy shit I am so fucking woke oh my god look how woke I am hnngghhh I just came because I personally uncovered the Chapo conspiracy to subvert the real left if you know any minorities (unlikely because you're not as woke as me) please give them my number so they can suck my dick for being so woooookkkeeeee



this but unironically



go back to /pol/


New episode is out. Someone update the Black Wolf Feed.


holy shit whoever is running the black wolf feed get it together fam


File: e26f1bd3adca613⋯.jpg (33.81 KB, 600x512, 75:64, e26f1bd3adca613f4f6aed9101….jpg)

When will they get a proper guest on, the last like 15 guests have been complete nobodies. Can't they get someone who actually knows something with all that Twitter money instead of media people and Twitter people



they should get chompsky on the show just to ask him if he'd hatefuck foucault



Chapo isn't really a podcast for serious topics. It's really just current events heavily mixed with twitter drama. It's mainly just good for laughs.

You should check out KPFA Against The Grain and Economic Update with Richard D. Wolff if you want shows with actual guests and in-depth analysis on a variety of leftist subjects.


File: ab26c648aaae2dd⋯.jpg (208.53 KB, 660x440, 3:2, stewart_rect.jpg)


>Chapo isn't really a podcast for serious topics. It's really just current events heavily mixed with twitter drama. It's mainly just good for laughs.

So they're the Daily Show of podcasts i.e. they'll talk about politics 24/7, but the minute you bring up any criticism of them they'll hide behind DUDE IT'S JUST COMEDY LMAO



I thought they were rush limbaugh?




lmao that /leftypol/ is obsessed with the Daily Show of podcasts


File: 74bc3bf885ef2c9⋯.jpg (16.28 KB, 480x360, 4:3, xaxaxa.jpg)




File: e3110e6f2d2f16c⋯.jpg (122.16 KB, 606x577, 606:577, DEtVajCVwAAwO4m.jpg)


thank god for leftypol but its still got a long fuckin way to go, we are all deeply ensnared within western liberalism

Ive read like the three main articles that actually offer valid criticism of chapo, they are kind of a wanky mess(like most leftist blogs) despite making some very valid points.

BigRedKahuna is a well read smaht cunt and shes had some solid burns but 90% of the time shes almost unintelligible, making her borderline worthless for any serious attack on chapo traps. I will attempt to summarise what I have learned soon and try to do so without a bunch of stylistic bullshit and without lacing it with all my personal vitriol towards these yuppie brooklynite cocksuckers.

Chapo rabbithole is really fucking deep. Wills grandpa the spook, the whole cafe.com angle that basically puts them right in the middle of the new york democratic establishment, Democratic Cops of America, Jacobin, if any of you really think there is anything "grassroots" about chapo you are tragically naive



HAWWW solid wordfilter on the D-S-A, im actually enjoying tripping over some of these at this point, still pissy about the St-rasser discriminashun up in hee tho



thats alot of words for "i forgot to take my schizophrenia meds".



>RedKahina is smart and well read

Didn't she say stop watching David Lynch films/David Lynch should be banned because to her, his movies come across as criticizing miscegenation



>but 90% of the time shes almost unintelligible

Almost like this post



Holy shit dude it's been months and you're still on this shit? I'm sorry you don't get laid



incels are the true revolutionary class fam


File: 14a9f201ce9bb2a⋯.jpg (123.71 KB, 1024x247, 1024:247, crazy wall 2.jpg)



My grandfather was a high ranking officer for the navy of a country I've never set foot in. Are you serious about this shit? You know people don't have cross-generational spy plans outside of your favorite comic books right?



…being a spy for the USSR is a bad thing here now?



>cross-generational spy plans

imagine a soviet spy training his grandson to bring about the downfall of america through a weird lefty twitter podcast

a regular kim philby


having matt in the studio really highlights how annoying his laugh is

matt moving to ny is the end of the show



Nick should just give the chapo boys access to the stav sounboard for the laughtrack, problem solved



>imagine a soviet spy training his grandson to bring about the downfall of america through a weird lefty twitter podcast

and imagine a leftist believing it happened and thinking it's a bad thing for some reason



Today was the day Chapo finally died.


>Brooklynites who make 80k a year sincerely arguing for abolishing borders

So this is the reasonable leftist alternative to identity politics.






yo give it at least a couple of weeks before shitposting again, have a heart man



It's 80k a month, actually. Stay mad.



>guy has job writing about politics in a major american city

>you're surprised when job puts them in vicinity of political establishment

the cafe.com "rabbit hole" is retarded lmao


File: 0a932106131c147⋯.jpg (42.49 KB, 404x404, 1:1, 0a932106131c1471696d8b7d1d….jpg)

I think I'm done with this podcast. I can't stand that the only thing they talk about is burger electoral politics, memes, Twitter, and various right wing e-celebs

Why did they abandon talking about important things and interviewing people who weren't twatters or media retards? Like when they has max Blumenthal or adam Curtis on.

They make a lot of money now you'd think they could invite important people who know what they are talking about


does anyone have a working radio war nerd rss feed link?


How come every time a /pol/ack tries to concern troll Chapo they mention, without fail, that they make a lot of money as part of the reason?

Like good lord, for all the "leftists are just jealous" talk, it's you people who seem really bothered by that. Nobody here gives a shit about Jordan or Sargon's Patreon accounts, but /pol/ seems to check Chapo's every week.



>How come every time a /pol/ack tries to concern troll Chapo they mention, without fail, that they make a lot of money as part of the reason?

Based on a lot of personal arguements I've had with Liberals and reactionaries irl this is how they view Leftism, they think it's a kind of asceticism, they literally think we want everyone to be poor just because we don't believe less then one percent of the world population should hold more then half of the world's wealth. It's such strange logic, I once had an argument with a guy who was like "oh, you're a Socialist?? well, how about you cut up your credit cards and empty your bank account? then we'll see how far you get lol XD" I was so perplexed by his line of argument all I could do was laugh tbh.



Because, imho, it's proof that the Chapo boys are just another arm of the Jewish elite and Democrat establishment.

I'd listen to and respect a real far left podcast…not one propped up and hosted by elements of the Jewish ruling class.



Because right-wing pro-capitalist personalities making money off of patreon doesn't contradict the message of the ideology they promote. Where as a bunch of leftists, who believe that the bourgeoisie are bad and that the poor should be helped, having more money than they will ever need yet doing nothing to help their cause with it comes off as hypocritical. They absolutely have the means to donate half their income or more to a socialistic cause and still live comfortably, but they don't. Any leftist who doesn't do that when they can is a hypocrite because their ideology is anti-mass accumulation of wealth where as right-wingers are not.

The right-wing equivalent would be a WN irrelevant shiting, then they would come off as hypocritical.



Not even sure if this is trolling at this point.





Rush Limbaugh hides behind the "it's just entertainment" excuse too.


File: 12e63fb5a349ed2⋯.jpg (43.9 KB, 500x479, 500:479, 3872519dd9d0b391f61e753054….jpg)


The only thing that disturbs me is that they haven't used the money to invite a quality guest on in months. The roasting of whatever right wing retard can only go so far, you need something of substance eventually. And they haven't been delivering

I don't listen to chapo for the only the comedy. There are way better comedy podcasts available, and there are also plenty of podcasts dedicated to roasting right wingers



Because then they'd have to have a real political view on something and their fragile egos, much like their audiences egos, couldnt take the criticism, but boy can they dish it out.



I wouldn't compare Chapo to The Daily Show because comparing a podcast to television is really ridiculous. There's, a, significantly less control over a podcast



Gods speed anon, I'll be awaiting your write up on pins and needles.



Says the guy who's ego is assaulted by chapo




I do listen to cum town. And I like. The cum town guys are actually funny. Especially Nick. Really great comedy podcast

Chapo is meant to a comedy/politics podcast and it shits the bed both times



lmao triggered



>Chapo is meant to a comedy/politics podcast and it shits the bed both times




Being crude doesn't make something more funny. Cum Town is funny but I wouldn't say its more funny, they're two entirely different podcasts



>None of them are funny but Felix

>Thier "politics" consist of social media dispute and endless burger electoral policy



>>Thier "politics" consist of social media dispute

Their comedy comes from that, not their politics. It's just a podcast about shitting on things you're not really into, and that's fine.

>and endless burger electoral policy

An…American political podcast is about American politics?



Matt is good.



"bourgeoisie" isn't "when you have money" though so you might as well skip that critique and just yell "I don't understand socialism" since you're just embarrassing yourself the same way





>Being crude doesn't make something more funny.

Yeah, being objectively more funny, witty, and original makes something funny.

>Cum Town is funny but I wouldn't say its more funny, they're two entirely different podcasts

One is a comedy podcast, one isn't.



>Yeah, being objectively more funny, witty, and original makes something funny.

You're really over selling cum town, it's not more than it is



I'm really not. But if your the type of person who genuinely finds Chapo funny then you're not the type to who appreciates comedy or wants to enjoy pure comedy like Cumtown.



Most of the people in this thread listen to and enjoy both though, and for different reasons. I'm not sure why that's a hard concept for you.



You're mistaking Cum Town for better podcasts like the flour hour and e1


File: f4fc949919e0c75⋯.jpg (182.22 KB, 875x1200, 35:48, DJbwSzmW4AA_eJM.jpg)



E1 is decent. Flour hour is trash and you should be embarrassed for liking it



Oh fuck off



>one easy trick to get away with saying the n-word in public

<SJWs hate them!






Our conversation is over





The level of political illiteracy in this post is fucking astounding.



>They absolutely have the means to donate half their income or more to a socialistic cause and still live comfortably, but they don't.

I seriously hope you mean donating their funds to an org or political campaign and aren't talking about some fucking charity bullshit. Considering that they're Democratic Cops of America members, I believe they already do through dues and possibly other donations.



Do membership dues scale up with income or are the guys who each make a quarter of a million dollars a year from patreon alone pay the same amount as a person who makes less than 25k a year?


File: 3307d5dff14b9b3⋯.jpg (356.5 KB, 1217x1292, 1217:1292, GO ON CUMTOWN.jpg)

Someone at the US House of Reps is a fan



>"The cum town guys are actually funny!"

>"Lol Adam ur such a big fag boy. Lol my gay dad."

>"No guys this is a really cool thing i swear"

>Stav laughs until he shits his pants




>first letter of each edit spells out "go on cumtown"



cth are obvious sheepdogs. Their dumbshit subreddit creams every time a democrat signs on to Medicare for all. Amazing how these god damn idiots can get conned over and over. There are no good democrats. Chapo did not grow organically. Media did not stumble upon the podcast and start promoting it by accident. Get ready to get conned.



how the fuck did you notice this






>reading the filename

what are you gaaaaaaaaaaaaay or something



I think I'm going to respect the opinion of Glenn Greenwald over you. If you don't mind.


File: a3d5f5a578317b4⋯.jpg (229.96 KB, 1024x1018, 512:509, DJiO5NKXUAEVVH7.jpg)

He's seen the crank


>>2073218 Corbyn go on cum town



does corbyn really have a big sense of humor? I'm not saying he's a stuck up cunt but I'm not sure his personality would make for a good episode



I reckon he'd be hilarious after he's got a few drinks in him



It seems Chapo became popular and wealthy because they talk about random shit that interests nerds with internet addictions. Maybe they haven't had any decent guests in a while, but they occasionally do useful shit, like telling their listeners to get their hands dirty and follow something like the free David Harvey lectures about Das Kapital volume 1. Perhaps people should try to contact the chapos and tell them to hand out more useful reading recommendations/guides.

Or, you know, a handful of autists could run around /leftypol/ screaming about sheepdogs and sleeper cells, but that doesn't seem particularly useful.

They seem to be pretty huge right now, so they can reach a lot of people (which I'm sure /pol/ is aware of as well and it motivates them to come on here and stir shit up).


new ep on black wolf



>Do free labor for Chapo

Fuck that they make 40k a month, those fuck wads can do their own research.



actually they make 84k a month



It's almost entirely voluntary as far as I'm aware. People give as much or as little as they're capable of.



>Their dumbshit subreddit creams every time a democrat signs on to Medicare for all

Talking about shitlibs "bending the knee" isn't the same as sudden liking and subservience to those dems. But I'm guessing all your politics is about reverence and subservience to political heroes so I doubt this would ever click for you


I'm so happy chapo actually talked about Molymeme briefly


conservative political cartoons are amazing I'm glad they talked about em



Mixed bag for me. I mean it was amusing but at the same time who the fuck thought a podcast about images was a good idea?


imagine making nearly 6 figures a month and releasing content as sloppy as that cartoon ep



dream tbh



crowdfunding always does this



This, they should have included a link to an Imgur gallery or something in the description.



>conservative political cartoons are amazing

What dis?


Interview with Naomi Klein is up on SoundCloud.



fucking yes



There's no incentive for them to make quality shit since the money keeps flowing regardless



In the episode about Mark Fisher, Menaker kind of admitted he doesn't read theory because it makes his brain melt. He also said Mark Fisher's Capitalist Realism was "very much his shit" because it has a bunch of pop culture. I know he is being a little comedic, but I figure he didn't make the comment for nothing.

I think Matt may read a lot though, since he said he was reading like 4 books in a stream. I don't know about Felix.



Dude, that fucking episode.



>this collective asshurt.



>sam hyde subrredditors calling people unfunny


>Richard Wolf (confirmed) and Daniel Bryan will go on Chapo in the near future



>Richard Wolf (confirmed)

Bullshit. Too good to be true




holy shit yes>>2085041







>I don't want to spend ten seconds of my day sending an email with a book title/guest name to chapo futa house

>instead, I will glare at them from a distance

>sometimes, I even shake my fist at them!

Ok man, keep up the good work.



They are creating hype well in advance

Wonder if the Wolff can fit in but if Curtis did it will probably be fine

>Ib4 Felix stays silent again like in all theory heavy episodes


Naomi Klein is a lot more like laid back then I expected, she's pretty cool



I'm honestly a little caremad over them calling anyone politically uneducated. Their politics are a spitting image of mine when I was a retard 13 year old who was into conspiracy theories.



I mean on the conservative totem pole they're near the bottom even below T_D and like barely beating out unironic, dedicated incels. I wouldn't worry too much about it



This is actually mild compared to the meltdown some of them had when they realized Nick is unironically a leftist and not just pulling a long con or some shit


File: 4507f2096188a06⋯.png (40.38 KB, 645x552, 215:184, feels.png)

>tfw someone is trying to get their joke in and you can hear them try to start it like three times but they keep getting talked over so they give up





File: f4531ee0710b526⋯.jpg (30.75 KB, 604x453, 4:3, 1398738673090.jpg)


>donate funds to an org

How about to a whistleblower/activist who's being sued into bankruptcy by a scumbag zionist?


Guys, everyone, can we PLEASE start spamming the chapos and tell them to donate their patreon bux to Craig Murray? Seriously now. Murray needs saving. CTP can fix this shit.

The CTP hype train has been known to praise Corbyn. Now it can be used to sabotage tories and zionists with overpaid lawyers.




>>I don't want to spend ten seconds of my day sending an email with a book title/guest name to chapo futa house

Wow it only takes you 10 seconds to understand the ideas of enough authors to recommend one of the most to a wider audience, you're a better man than me that's for sure.

Hey did you know you can agitate, organize and education without going through gatekeepers. Don't take my word for it, try it!



*one of them to a wider audience



>Wow it only takes you 10 seconds to understand the ideas of enough authors to recommend one of the most to a wider audience, you're a better man than me that's for sure

When half the thread keeps shouting that these guys are noobs who don't read anything at all then why is the bar for suggestions suddenly so high? Are we still talking about the same fucking podcast?

Do you remember the books that got you into leftism? Can you think of one that's easy enough for the random neckbeards that listen to CTP?

>chapo trap house


You're pretty good at cranking out hilarious jokes so I'm sure you're creative enough to come up with a book title.


File: 33f5976ce4465df⋯.gif (860.66 KB, 300x160, 15:8, E4626038-1158-4FEB-A7A1-51….gif)


>New Leftist Wrestling Alliance soon



Matt and Amber are the two most theory educated, easily. Felix and Will have Leftist sensibilities but I think they're more entry level, overall.

The podcast is fairly pan-leftist though, all together, which I think is what we need here in burgerland seeing the momentum and opportunity we have in this political moment and recognizing that you can't go from basically in a coma when it comes to class consciousness to some kind of extremely organized mass movement/revolution without easing people in.



>Nick is unironically a leftist

Nick from MDE? Source on this?



I'm not doing free labor for Chapo

If they want suggestions so bad from me they can pay for my labor with some of this effort Pateron bux, or come lurk for free.



Nick Mullen dude.


anyone else kinda disappointed in the naomi klein episode? she was okay but the lads seemed sub par



I think it's just that she's not as much "weird Twitter" as they are so they might've been hesitant to fire off their usual humor.


Latest pod really made me realize just how much Amber ties the show together. Without her it really does degenerate into Felix, Will, and Matt making twitter jokes and bullshiting, but when Amber's there they get a little more serious and her and Matt can bounce ideas off of eachother and elevate the political discourse a bit.



If Amber had been on it probably would have gone better.


I remember awhile back Matt was doing a periscope and people asked him if he'd ever go on Discourse Collective, and he said yes. Then one of the Discourse Collective guys actually showed up on the periscope and extended the invitation directly. Does anyone know if this will ever actually happen? What's the status on this?



Discourse Collective theory episodes are sorely lacking, almost as if they have done no prep, have no notes, etc. They also need to stop parroting stupid left twitter jokes in place of actual humor, but that applies to all these podcasts. Shit isn't funny. Let twitter be its own thing.



I think Will is dropping the ball more than anyone else lately tbh. It's hard to notice when he's doing his job well since he's the "straight man" out of the group but he's supposed to keep the convo focused and on schedule but I guess he's just been high recently or unfocused for some other reason since he seems to not be able to control the convo like he used to.



I think the zero books pod is stepping up it's game if you're looking for more theory, but they are sort of one track with their love of Mark Fischer



Matt being in the room really fucked the whole thing up.



wrong thread?



This thread predates the leftytrash thread and is for all leftist media/podcasts, not just chapo

Go bitch about it in the dedicated bitching thread but it's already contained



Oh, my mistake. Ive seen this thread since it's inception but never once read it because I thought it was about chapo only. Wish I knew



it's gotten better with the last two switches in editors and most of the worst writers like jia "sam biddle would never sexually harass women bc he's my pal" tolento quitting and with that tracy disaster woman that's head of broadly now/lindy leaving a few years before...unfortunately they've all failed upwards


File: a05d5c8d33069a0⋯.png (633.06 KB, 1836x2273, 1836:2273, leftist_media.png)


Chapo is just the most popular so it naturally gets the most discussion, and recent drama has shit it up lately, but every once in a while there's a good interview on a different pod or some discussion triggered from a good episode worth covering. Here's the most recent chart I have of all the current "leftist" media that we discussed ITT at one point or another, though it's possible it's been updated since and I missed it.



IIRC about a week ago some other, different call-out artist got mad at Felix because he apologized and donated but didn't *specifically* apologize to *her* and reimburse her for the time she spent dealing with harassment that CTH obviously caused

call-out culture is 90% grifting


I can’t believe these ableist fucks are always harassing our good autistic cum boy Mullen.

We should start flipping the tables on these call out freaks.


we'll know cth are real ones if the rumored cum town in washington dc crossover ep still happens



What'd they say in the intro?



Basically "it's been a tough week for women; there's a good charity to support we're giving money to and we suggest you do the same". They didn't really apologize or take responsibility for anything (as they shouldn't) so the maddest people are still mad but otherwise pretty standard shit.



You want the left to become right wing trump tards so bad



What? No

I want the left to stop feeding into an endless cycle of apologies and struggle sessions



Self reflection is healthy. Only reactionaries assume everything they do is right



>Self reflection is healthy

Most of these accusations are being made on the basis of wildly misinterpreted 3 year old posts or second-hand, anonymous accusations that aren't verifiable. Recognizing this as toxic doesn't make you a fascist



apologizing right after on twitter for the cosby joke like will did was good, having an episode long struggle session especially with just amber and the six guys would probably be at best useless, you couldn't make any jokes on that episode and a podcast really isn't the best way to teach their like 60-70% male audience about what women have to deal with/that sexual harassment and assault are bad and all of this put an enormous unfair weight and pressure on amber and any other women they would have on to guest on the subject

also anyone enraged at the cum town connection isn't going to be satisfied with anything they do



-not the best way because there are a million other resources out there and almost none of the people who are a problem and are the ones doing the harassing and abuse feel bad or admit to themselves that that's what they're doing, same with most of the people who enable them



>apologizing right after on twitter for the cosby joke like will did was good

Wrong, you fucking hack redditor.



The "I could be wrong" can also sometimes be a way for reactionaries to indoctrinate the ill-informed. It's good, but too much can be dangerous as well.



I can understand why they did it, 24/7 media cycle demands a near-instantaneous response to avoid accusations of stonewalling or ignoring concerns

I don't think it was the best response, and if they continue to fold over on the flimsiest of accusations I won't be giving them any more chances


File: a82200918bf7f0e⋯.png (62.6 KB, 619x227, 619:227, Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at ….png)

hell yeah




Has a liberal /ever/ been funny?




They don't have a single thing to apologize for, and even if they did I bet you couldn't name a single time when a public figure made an apology and it was a net positive for anyone involved. What the fuck does any of that have to do with being "right wing"?



>cum town


Do retards become tankies or does being a Tankie make you turn retarded?


File: b5318bf721ef5f5⋯.png (1.29 MB, 894x791, 894:791, face seriously.png)


>unironically using the term shit-lord


File: 0831ef1003f7b2c⋯.png (54.51 KB, 651x257, 651:257, Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at ….png)

File: b541bc18a6563bd⋯.png (108.23 KB, 608x515, 608:515, Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at ….png)

uh oh guys I'm really worried


File: 84b79e8e28bfa47⋯.jpg (106.79 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 84b79e8e28bfa473cf7ac7fa8e….jpg)


These people couldn't kneecap a fucking bug



aut-right advocating violence against chapo

idpol left doing same for cum town

fishhook theory is real



lol please god let one of these histrionic dimwits actually attack nick or some other cumtown adjacent figure. I can't fucking wait for the reverse struggle session




>i will never understand this "you should never joke about rape" but also the "i am okay with saying you deserve death for being someone i dislike" mentality



I fucked my post up oh well



Can someone beat some sense into this woman



That joke works because that bit was explicitly about defending terrible things, such as terrorism, rape, killing and eating dolphins, imagining the detah of your own parents as a teenager so that hs girls will want to pity-fuck you so that you can dismiss them and jack off that intense scenario instead.

There was no need for that convoluted explanation.



She is advocating violence against an autistic person. This violent ableism. Where is the outrage?






Someone should rape her again lol



what's the over/under on them doubling down on their bullshit and empathizing with the girl who stabbed Felix with a mechanical pen because she was pushed over the edge by rape jokes



Probably close to 100%, but they won't be able to troll for attention from more mainstream sources that they're used to complaining about even though their tantrum would be just as strong.



My guess was more a prima facie period of silence/calls for unity before moving on to more "nuanced" takes about the brocialist hordes



It would take less than 10 minutes for the first people to (rightfully) blame callout culture so the silence would last only that long. After that it would be an unending torrent of whinging like always, but more hilarious than usual.



Hoochie is a year zero champion shitposter here





>i believe X

>and if you don't believe X as well then you're a fascist/sinner/etc

I see this so much on the Left. Why is it so common to not substantiate your claims and instead shame anyone who doesn't agree with you instead?


File: 8343911c50253bb⋯.jpg (147.94 KB, 1200x1109, 1200:1109, DMs1P1kVQAAD1jW.jpg)

Baby Felix looked lookin like a damn snack



transition lenses



You can smell the testosterone from here



he looks like brandon wardell



god i hate brandon wardell

i made fun of his ironic puka shell necklace on instagram and he blocked me


is there a cum town bootleg? mediafire sucks my cock



if you search the reddit there's one or two archives


you know…it really is true that 80% of people who hate chapo on twitter and have more than 500-1,000 followers are also the hosts of much less successful podcasts, most of which were started in the last year, the one exception being that I think the slate cultural podcast might have more listeners bc the npr normie market is huge, but they def make less money from it



A few dumbasses don't change the fact that most Democratic Cops of America members either like Chapo or don't care.


I think Chapo is like horror movies, a lot of people are made too upset by suspense or violence and can't handle watching them, which is fine, but then some people will take their own distaste and project on people who are fans and say that they're sick or actually violent or all sociopathic white men, when the demographics of horror fans is not at all that narrow. Most of these people don't want to get it and refuse to understand what other people can see in it without making out fans to be monsters and you can't change that.

Cum Town is Cannibal Holocaust in this analogy.





Did Chapo hire a sweatshop to come here and put up posts sucking their sick?




Yes, 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Chapo🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧bux for everyone who mocks Felix for his fashion as a kid




yfw Nick Mullen never went to college and has more working class cred than anyone in Chapo, or the person who sent that tweet.



>being educated makes you bourgeois

oh wow




And yes, Felix pays me in Gamer points for every post. Once I shill 10,000 times for Chapo he said he'll confess on air how many people his apartment infected with scabies


Sam Kriss' career is over because he was sexually forward once with a girl who was already cheating on her boyfriend with him. I can't get over this shit.



for the record, according to the story there was no bf, it was made up on the spot to try to get kriss to back off



Of course not, but a semi-homeless vagrant makes you probably not bourgeois




lol weird Mike's already had to remove one name from his list.



Doug Henwood posted on Facebook that someone told him he was on that list. Clearly lots of women went there to give him their support and say he's a decent guy, but that doesn't matter, because all it takes is one woman resenting you for whatever reason.

Also, from that screencap you can already tell what sort of bullshit accusations you're dealing with here. "Uses networkings as dates" good fucking lord.



>Uses networkings as dates

Why else would you "network" with a woman? It's not like they would ever throw a bone your way.



Can't wait for all the woke twitter dipshits to start siding with Thernovich unquestioningly



big if true


File: 872c004bf8a53dd⋯.jpg (8.38 KB, 240x240, 1:1, aUnhrRDr_400x400.jpg)

what's his fucking problem



Because it's easy.


So has anyone from Chapo actually directly commented on this Sam Kriss shit yet? I'm interested to know Amber's take on all this, since she was the closest to Kriss, but since she doesn't have a twitter, and since it seems unlikely they'd address it directly on the show, I'm not sure if we'll ever know.


>fishhook theory is real

Only for idpolers :^)



Wtf is the point of Virgil?



t. not an artist



Shut up about it already



It's true though. Women only "take." They rarely have anything to offer professionally.



In my experience and everyone I interface with in art, what you are saying is the opposite of true.




Yeah I'm talking about actually important fields and positions though like film production and engineering.


File: 112e0502d7e6376⋯.jpg (8.78 KB, 244x255, 244:255, 112e0502d7e6376dd14d0800bb….jpg)


>Yeah I'm talking about actually important fields


"Important Fields"



>important fields and positions though like film production



>and engineering



Medicine is more important than engineering imho. Anyways your career isn't a popularity contest.



Was just joking, to be honest. Hoped to make the tankie purple. (Though, considering they were posting as a tankie that is the case already.)

Anyway, I agree: do what makes you happy.


Now the Labour MP who unseated Clegg is under fire for making a few offensive internet posts back in 2004 lmao


I hope all the leftists who'd mock us for disliking identity politics and political correctness are enjoying these past few days.



this. he brings nothing to the show. maybe he's the plug that hooked up Biederman with the Cafe.com gig and now he's owed a cut of that those patreon shekels.



He's just their friend. He was a pretty good guest, so they brought him on permanently.



If I became a parliamentarian in my country I could only hope that no one would find my reddit posts denying that the Holodomor was a genocide and defending Stalin in general.

>The Sheffield Hallam MP made a series of remarks on online forums when he was in his early twenties saying he would like to have an orgy with four members of Girls Aloud and that the 2003 winner of Pop Idol Michelle McManus only won the singing competition because she was fat.

>In the posts, made in 2002 and 2004, he also said it would be "quite funny" if singer Jamie Cullum" was "sodomised to death" with a piano because he thought he was an "arrogant, conceited c***".

>He compared it to the abuse he suffers for having red haired and being disabled, he suffers from cerebral palsy, and said he thought it was "funny how some homosexuals believe they have the monopoly on being subject to abuse".

It's just some harmless shitposting. Why do people care about this?





IIRC Virgil sometimes fills the role of house policy wonk, I vaguely remember him taking the lead in one of the Tim Faust healthcare episodes

And if I was a true cynic I'd also say that he's their token PoC, but if having Virgil aboard gives Chapo +10 resistance to idpol call-outs then so be it



Virgil is a PoC? he look like a white fam



isn't he asian?



I think he's some variety of Asian, maybe a hapa.

More interesting question: what race is Amber?






He's like half Asian from the photos I've seen










how old is amber btw, like 30?



went to uni with faust and can confirm he is a massive narcissist douche.


File: e00f518845806ca⋯.jpg (180.31 KB, 896x1199, 896:1199, chapofag.jpg)


>aut-right advocating violence against chapo

wtf we want these bugmen front & center, we love them &would never harm them




Where Hillary Clinton voters and /pol/ overlap



Maybe all this feminist hysteria over sexual assault aligations isn’t so bad after all. Can’t wait to see the rest of the Chapo boys get rekt. Felix has gotta be next, he just reeks of sexual predator, the two other dumpy one have probably never been laid so they’re safe sadly.



To be cute. I want to suc his doink.


File: f2288c5144c9204⋯.jpg (182.94 KB, 635x457, 635:457, f2288c5144c92040ea0a38256b….jpg)



Those aren't distinct categories.



You care about podcasts way too much



This is just going to ravage the alt right a lot harder than its going to ravage anyone near the podcast you've been saying is going to die for the last year now.



Better talk to your mother about the last time she had Felix over, you'll get a great story for twitter



I like how she tried to make it seem like they were just having a friendly get together (which he tried to turn into a hook up) even though they had been hooking up for weeks leading up to the alleged date. Really love that honesty in a supposed victim.

Still Kriss totally fucking deserves it for what he did to Mark Fisher.



>Still Kriss totally fucking deserves it for what he did to Mark Fisher.

i just googled sam kriss mark fisher out of curiosity and well


>At the same time I’m unconvinced that snarky behaviour on Twitter has more of a capacity to destroy the left than actual material forces,

twitter might not destroy the left but it sure did destroy your career, sam.



Jesus fucking Christ, he should have been excommunicated for his writing alone. How does someone try to sound smart for so long without saying anything?





t. triggered Chapo fail sons. Come Felix! I know you’ve gotten a girl drunk just to fuck her, bring her out! Bring her out!



felix doesn't even drink



Why did you say bring her out twice


t. triggered Chapo fail sons




we get it, you're horny for felix

safer bet is on one of the other 3 being weird in the dms



>we get it, you're horny for felix

You're the one asking about his sex life.



@Littlemissagitated please go back





be nice



Come on Felix, bring out them raped


We all know your over compensating Pepe le pew weasely ass did it!


File: ebf05214f520048⋯.jpg (121.42 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 58210208.jpg)


how do we make them feel bad for posting such a shit episode


Is there an E1 premium feed link?

pls repsond


File: 529139655c1e5d9⋯.jpg (32.47 KB, 550x359, 550:359, DM6FeogUQAA_IJ2.jpg)


I mean I can, but I can't believe the joke about Scarlett Johansson that was told in character is the one to piss people off. I stg if you transcribed every podcast on like earwolf there would be just as many "off color" jokes, but you can say them if you're in UCB?



two errors: not reporting that the cum town twitter is not run by anyone on the show, not adding context that at least half of cum town's fans don't come from chapo/ don't care about socialism

also missing context from the cosby thing is that it was posted literally the morning after the shitty media men list had been going around

guess which vice sweetie is quoted


how are they interviewing someone for this piece who has been a. rebuffed after spending months desperately trying to suck up to everyone on chapo/cum town b. publicly tried to lead a targeted harassment campaign against cum town lol c. has been made fun of on the show after that/obviously has a grudge d. is just some nepotism media case, not someone with any position in the Democratic Cops of America/anything outside of twitter



I'm fucking dead this is not the real world




there's another big error in the article, mainly that they called Adam a vox employee because some redditor joked about it





he did say that he worked in an office worker type thing for them briefly



when was that and was he being serious?



yeah, he said he had to sign an nda

he talked about it on cum town then a week or so later on chapo appearance during the summer



One of the early felix episodes


File: e82b24075b89b2b⋯.jpg (104.97 KB, 640x987, 640:987, IMG_1488.jpg)



File: 2be7f29d52ce990⋯.png (1.47 MB, 857x940, 857:940, 2be7f29d52ce9902875d1a567b….png)



I hope Felix is ready to undergo anti-oppression training™.



chapo reddit is blowing up again thanks to the vox article


Ive lost faith in women. The more I think about it the more it's undeniable that they are naturally inclined to idpol. How can we build a movement without women or have them in a clearly subordinate role? In my experience white men are naturally without idpol so i think they would be the most natural leaders for this movement.



Nobody cares you mopey bitch



Hey, /pol


File: 390997c82f123c4⋯.jpg (91.35 KB, 1200x880, 15:11, came out of the ocean beca….jpg)


>muh womens

male feminists are a million times worse



Good thing I'm not an idpol feminist. Im full of class consciousness.



If this is enough to trigger you it looks like you still have idpol to purge from your body. Stop putting women on a pedestal or go back to reddit



imagine getting raped by a woman so hard you become this anon



What does rape have to do with it? I just want a future for my comrades and I'm not scared of accepting hard truths. I like chapo because they they make fun of idpol all the time and I don't have to feel bad for being white. It seems like you are defensive about something. I asked a simple question about a leftist movement free from idpol feminism. I guess i'm a brocialist to you right? NOT MY COMRADE!



>What does rape have to do with it?

You have leftover anal fissures


>tfw stav is still on cum town only because he's friends with nick and adam even though he's a drain on the show and never has good riffs and always drags out nick's jokes until they're not funny anymore



It looks like his opinion is more vindicated with time, and the women respecters like >>2186452 mention are largely just doing it to get into their pants if it doesn't work they'll probably just start raping people and be like "Nobody will ever believe you, I'm a woman respecter!"



Adam is the worst. At least stav has a laugh



Of course. The male feminist doesn't know female biology. You're such a cliché



The implication here is you were pegged against your will anon


Women respecters



Please stop LARPing as a women for male attention faggot




You have to respect women. Don't be a women disrespecter.



I want women to know my desire to respect them with my penis, something /pol could never understand.



I understand that



Traps are gay



I understand that




>being this much of a fanboy that mundane posts make you fully erect

im embarrassed for you



chapo reddit getting played by Vox

Matty Yglesias wins again



tbh they're at their best when ripping on dumbass e-celebs and there hasn't been that much drama on the TL as of late


- Felix is slowly turning into a flanderized version of himself, he should get out of gamer mode and talk about the house of saud or MMA labour issues more often

- Five is too many hosts, they should punt either will or virgil>>2183852

please stop shitting the bed 8ch




Go back to bed, /pol/



will is the best chapo though, and by a long distance.



The woman respector has logged on



will is the vanilla ice cream and regular potato chips of chapo



the MRAs have never logged off



Will is the most bland and uninteresting by far, except perhaps Virgil, if he can even be called a Chapo, here is the official /leftypol/ approved ranking

1. Matt Christmann



it goes


[power gap]

Amber and Felix


The Theme Song

[power gap]


[unfathomable chasm]




will is the essential straightman


pls post Cumtown and Episode One premium feeds, a young comrade only has so much money for Patreon



I kno, he is alright, he fills an important structural function but he in himself is not too interesting. HE is basically filling the role of an editor (his old job incidentally). It's a thankless work.

Felix fills the role of being funny, knowing stuff about Saudi Arabia and injecting ironic distance

Matt has read a bit of Marx, is consciously a left wing radical and is a fat, angry failson from the midwest, which makes him extremely lovable.

Amber is just as well read as Matt, comes from a similar lumpen proletariat background, but is a reasonably successful journalist immigrant to New york, she has a sardonic coolness similar to that of Felix but is still reasonably serious. Amber is basically the synthesis of Matt and Felix and looks pretty weird. Its a shame how little time she gets, she is relatively redundant as Felix and Matt cover what she does pretty well. On Frost/Christman she was extremely good in that relaxed atmosphere.

Virgil is on twitter a lot and does a good impression of a pundit.

I liked the podcast more when I had just started listening to it and it was just this small little thing. It's not good for a podcast like this one to become an institution where they have to donate money so the vampire castle shuts the fuck up about their Bill Cosby joke (they literally joked about freeing a pedophile for like 1.5 years without anyone batting an eye).

It's also annoying when my cosmopolitan lefty friends all listen to the pod and our banter basically becomes us LARPing as Chapos, (I'm like a mix between Virgil and Matt but more boring).





The show would be unbearable if it was just felix and matt talking to each other with amber trying to get a word in, plus I'm pretty sure will is the one who finds most of the reading series/show material.


cum towns get posted on the sub usually within an hour of the premium going up

I listened to the wine moms e1 and it's…ok, not very different from every other improv podcast except it's 15% more very online.



the Two Weeks Paid Leave episode is art


hmu if you guys ever want to play with a lvl 60 Felix/lvl 49 Amber




Matt>Felix=Will>good guests>Amber=Virgil>poor guests


btw is it just me or why has there been no RWN episode for 11 days?

Not a Patreon but I found their premium feed just by searching in my podcast app

It's my favourite show so Im getting a bit antsy

they pretty much inform my view of the world outside of Europe


what are the = supposed to mean?



>what are the = supposed to mean?

if you can guess it in three turns, I'll let you live


"the same"?

but in this context I dont get what you're trying to say



File: 4e780effdba2dbb⋯.jpg (196.22 KB, 1142x1300, 571:650, sharpening-knife.jpg)


two more guesses, dead meat


Just kill me pham


File: 0c525fd09c009da⋯.jpg (50.53 KB, 1300x870, 130:87, bloody-knife.jpg)


it meant ranked equally in the CTH host ranking



still dont understand what you mean



it means matt is best felix and amber are tied for second best



delet this


File: 17514e22246f161⋯.jpeg (46.55 KB, 561x331, 561:331, 1665C7EF-E020-47B6-8A90-2….jpeg)

Saw this for the first time. Fucking knew it. She grew up with a rich mommy and daddy and the world catering to her.



>Liberal "leftist" SJW

>Gets outed as bourgeois

Every single time.



love to make a lot of good points then say amber and other women are fake leftists because of chapo/cum town



Saw who wrote it and not even going to bother reading.

Her show is unlistenably boring.




More accurate power ranking:

Matt > Amber > Felix > Will > good guest > poor guest > Virgil



Also, Amber is the single best guest to ever be on Cum Town, and the only person I've ever seen effectively clown on Mullen.



Wow she gave up so much just to help the poor brown folk by twitter tone policing a comedy podcast called Cum Town. We could all really learn a thing or two from woke white woman 5729282927.

Also is she low key implying broke folk who are leftists do so out of selfishness?



I think the generous way to take it is that she benefits from capitalism but still wants to dismantle it. #humblebrag


in nagle related news…why are so many uk feminists/feminist academics terfs



probably because trannies are mentally ill and mostly men wanting yet another way to impose themselves in female spaces



so this… is the power… of class traitors.

leftism is all theater for them.




amberlickers get out reeeeeeee



will the chapo thread every recover from cosbygate?



Anyone else can kind of see the pathology here?

Rich, female, attractive, white. Statistically, she's part of the most pampered and spoiled segment of society. She's drawn to radical politics because radicals are the one group that doesn't immediately bows down to someone like her - and she really wants the few things she can't have - so she fools herself into thinking she's a socialist, and try to make "socialism" about her and her bullshit dramas and bourgeois feminist ideas.

She's Victoria Woodhull. Just shoot her.



You're only a class traitor if you actually work to undermine your own class

She is actively working to undermine her supposed allies. The CIA should be sending her cheques every two weeks


Just ignore her, they get their power from people paying attention to her and playing along with her theatre




hit me up



Personally I find Matt pretty annoying most of the time - I don't know why. I think Will generally says everything that needs to be said and at times is hilarious although in terms of laughs Felix gets the most.


Honestly I don't see the point in Virgil's continued existence.




here's the money shot for those who don't have time to waste on the bus:

>And this means that the women who knowingly amplify abusers, who entertain their rape apologia and accompanying jokes, should be expelled from our ranks should they not amend their behavior.

cool, extremely normal behaviour



Is Angela Nagle a TERF?



it's very productive to conflate sarcasm and parodies of awful people with actually doing harmful abusive things, it's great to pull attention away from actual problems where women are being actually hurt

it's not like there are dozens and dozens of examples from every corner of the left of men (and women) saying all the right things and loudly ""being feminist allies''" while secretly engaging in shitty and predatory behavior



No…t really? At least publicly, but she flirts with it with things like putting transphobic in scare quotes in her book, praising greer on twitter the other day, side stepping that the reason greer and other people were no platformed was because of their transphobia. Unsure if all this is out of being not very bright or also out of maliciousness.

And not terf related, but the line that made me fully done with her when reading the book was when she said: “Trigger warnings had to be issued in order to avoid the unexpectedly high number of young women who have never gone to war claiming to have post-traumatic stress disorder”


File: c39488828a6bfd7⋯.gif (1.86 MB, 280x211, 280:211, 2b0a6cc9833a091b3dca5b5aaa….gif)


>she flirts with it with things like putting transphobic in scare quotes in her book, praising greer on twitter the other day, side stepping that the reason greer and other people were no platformed was because of their transphobia

Sigh… I really wish people like Nagle would look up the science behind trans people instead of just blindly parroting gender critical talking points.

>And not terf related, but the line that made me fully done with her when reading the book was when she said: “Trigger warnings had to be issued in order to avoid the unexpectedly high number of young women who have never gone to war claiming to have post-traumatic stress disorder”

Yeah trigger warnings deserve criticism but this was certainly not the angle to take here.

I actually liked her book on the whole though. Was it just her ignorance that got to you?


Where do I start with cumtown? 🤔




Holy shit, I love her even more now that I know how sensible she is.



Idpol alert



Really any episode that has all three…but I'd start with episode 2 then loop back to one and three later(ones w/o adam).

The only really bad episode is the rape one where nick pedantically goes on for an hour with no jokes, the two kurt metzgner ones are not great, the david cross one is a mess but a classic, and the jim norton is also not great but adam shares a very special journey on the second half after the interview.




Why are we accepting of trans peo? I mean they can do what they want but why do we have to go along with it? It's like their idpol is so strong that they've lost track of who they are. They have a mental disorder and should be cared for not taken advantage of by a doctor. There's a reason tattoo artist don't tattoo drunk people






the rape ep is 15 Another Girl Episode btw, not to be confused with Rape Science



>They have a mental disorder and should be cared for not taken advantage of by a doctor.

[citation needed]




Gender does doesn't exist so why would someone change their gender to the "correct" one. This alone makes the whole transgender idea a fallacy



>Why are we accepting of trans peo?

Because there's literally no reason to give this much of a fuck if you're not a mental health professional.

Mental health professionals, deal and treat people with problems. You are not a professional. You are an average corn cobbing schlub that thinks he has the authority to barge in on anyone's life at any given time without warning or permission.



>so why would someone change their gender to the "correct" one

Because they have gender dysphoria? What's really hard to understand



That's just a mental illness, it doesn't prove you're a man trapped in a woman's body, only that you have a mental illness.



>That's just a mental illness

And what are you going to do about it? Piss your pants and scream about how you "don't accept them", or whatever. What good is that going to do. Face it you're not a mental health professional and you shouldn't get involved with people's mental health issues unless you try to get involved with the field.

You can't just go up to anyone who's mentally ill and say "YOU'RE FUCKING CRAZY! SOCIETY CAN'T ACCEPT YOU" that's just retarded



>muh personal freedom

of all the arguments you could have made this is the dumbest one. You're using libertarian logic to defend yourself. Leftist don't give a fuck about any of that because we understand that atomization and "everyman is an island" are propaganda to keep people docile. Fuck all this liberal personal rights shit. second, I don't want to change them really I care about society because I'm a collectivist and people going along with idpol pseudoscience because of liberal sjw guilt is cancer



>of all the arguments you could have made this is the dumbest one

The one where I said you shouldn't treat yourself as an expert on mental health issues if you're not even a fucking mental health professional; that's the dumb idea? lol ok

>You're using libertarian logic to defend yourself

I'm really not at all.

>Leftist don't give a fuck about any of that because we understand that atomization and "everyman is an island" are propaganda to keep people docile

When it comes to people who have mental health issues you should treat them with appropriate respect for their needs, otherwise you claim to know more than mental health professionals now about their own jobs. That is clearly stupid. You are clearly stupid.

You are using more "libertarian logic", whatever that means, than I am, clearly. You think random people should just get involved in people's lives for reasons of their own medical histories.




Accepting that someone has a disorder doesn't give them a political right to a space designed for another group. Women should have the right to their spaces, which includes the right to remove transgenders on a case by case basis.



Because the dypshoria that trans people experience has to do with the physical integrity of their bodies, not the set of social roles that we call 'gender'. Google 'David Reimer' for an example of this in action



>Accepting that someone has a disorder doesn't give them a political right to a space designed for another group

It clearly does. If someone walks around you with a health condition, you give them room and respect, the only time you don't is when it makes you uncomfortable. In other words you are the one suffering from identity related politics in this argument, not me. You would probably treat anyone else with respect who has some health problem that needs it, unless you're just a sociopath.



>Women should have the right to their spaces, which includes the right to remove transgenders on a case by case basis.





> I'm rubber, you're glue.

That's cool, kid.


Self-determination. In Canada there was a case of a tranwoman suing a rape clinic for refusing them employment. The court ruled that it was in the best interest of the clinic to be able to discriminate based on sex, and that this power was included in the right to self-determination.


can we talk about what's the deal with felix's teeth never being visible instead or something


Holy shit twitter is unusable. How do I stop getting shitty accounts I don’t follow like Brandy Jenson from showing up on my timeline just because two or three people I follow liked their tweet?



>That's cool, kid.

You didn't make an argument at all, and that's not even what I was implying




Didn't you just shit on the idea of self determination



>transphobe has no argument




No, that's what you're trying to do, by denying the self-determination of women. All this so that you can pee and change next to them.



>I don't know how to talk to people, and you're not engaging with my gibberish properly.

Well, if you can't explain your argument, then how can anyone respond to it?



follow a groyper account to clean up your timeline


File: b45d1704641d393⋯.png (410.23 KB, 600x593, 600:593, b45d1704641d393e291c448977….png)


>maybe you shouldn't pretend you know better than mental health professionals about this psychological phenomena

>oh wow lolbert much?



>in Canada there was a case of a tranwoman suing a rape clinic for refusing them employment. The court ruled that it was in the best interest of the clinic to be able to discriminate based on sex, and that this power was included in the right to self-determination.

That's fucking awful


File: 2e2abc9f72d5463⋯.png (91.46 KB, 388x380, 97:95, 245c50776426e1261de6531aec….png)


>I don't believe in the self-determination of women or that rape victims should feel comfortable.

Please, tell me more.



Weren't you just shitting on the idea of self determination as lolbert crap. lmao





all these triggered traps and trannies ITT



Imagine wanting to live in a capitalist society at all, that's worse than ever "being a tranny"



>Socialism is about letting people do whatever they want without any regard for the health of the social body

You're right, socialism is

definitely about playing doctor and putting other people's health in your own hands, despite medicine telling you no



>If you allow trannies in society, they will try to turn everyone into one of them.

Why do I get the feeling whenever I hear this the person saying it has a latent desire to get fucked wearing girls' clothes?



Jim Norton is such a kook. I could hardly listen to that episode without pausing.


there's rumors that brendan might be out or on a break from chapo





source fgt



someone on the discord mentioned it and made it seem like they heard something, but the only evidence given is that he removed chapo from his twitter bio and hasn't tweeted about it/been on the show recently (not sure about the last one)



they also mentioned hiring a second producer so brendan wouldn't have to do everything, but that doesn't mean anything in one way or the other


name a better cum town bit than autism powers.

protip: you can't.



it started on the reddit, it's just speculation


I don't like that this thread is cycled because the OP doesn't fit with the purpose of the thread now



well, chapo is still a dirtbag daily show and heidecker still sucks



Heidecker actually, does not suck



jack lemon trying to sell a tiny dick

gay bill clinton adam impression


Can someone post the new premium link?



it's not up yet? felix posted on instagram that they had just recorded yesterday afternoon so idk where the ep is


New premium ep is up


new episode is hot basically a big duck hunt on Zionists and right wing jews



>jack lemon trying to sell a tiny dick

strong contender

>gay bill clinton adam impression

eh, It's not my favorite


Felix fucking kills it in the new Premium ep.


This episode might turn some autrightists into nazbols.


>tfw no Chapo premium bootleg feed

Just fuck my shit up famalam



use an rss reader


You're welcome



Thanks famalam


File: 20e7c9bcc9f6ccc⋯.png (242.87 KB, 471x360, 157:120, mamamia.png)





brendan is on this episode

hopefully they actually fired Virgil like they were threatening to last ep



>It's just some harmless shitposting. Why do people care about this?

they don't, but politics is war. you fight to win and if you need to fight dirty so be it. i don't like it as a rule, but that's the way it is.



in a sane world posting =/= warfare but here we are



Yes, precisely. World is a fuck.


jews btfo chapo really is copying daily shoah



Comedy def jam Star Trek


File: 571f5af5baa1bf9⋯.png (204.88 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_3875.PNG)


Be wary of #hashtagWoke accusations about ""problematic"" jokes by any leftist podcast. The right joins in and loves to prod about that shit. The vampire castle is filled with more than just idpol libs.



the hardest i think i've laughed is at nick calling mixed race people animal crackers



Felix on a show that, it seems, is about "sex, the occult and radical philosophy". He breaths way too loud throughout the entire thing, and I hate seeing video footage of him because I'm reminded of how weirdly his mouth moves when he speaks.







Women always do this thing where they’re aggressively competitive in the guise of faux wonderment and exaltation which is bad-faith and evil

what does this mean, the "faux wonderment and exaltation" part??



Mark Ames fucking rules, and they just can't get to him. He shows how important it is to do your own shit instead of working for other newspapers.



fake hoes spreading fake love


the shitty media men list leaked yesterday




Stop trying to make people give a shit about the vampire castle



there are 0 leftist people on the list, that I know of anyway

how is passing along info that's exposing rich fucks who have a stranglehold on the media and use that power to abuse women part of the vampi're castle



ok zero leftists might have been an overstatement looking through the list, but no one I've ever thought of as relevant




Stop being such a male feminist women respector.



buzzfeed sounds like a huge mismanaged mess- a bunch of guys in their 30s-40s in charge of dozens of 20 somethings/college interns, throwing fits and being creeps

only surprise is that I guess no one trusted vice people with the list



Some of these are fucking hilarious

>steals ideas from women of color

>groped woman at a party once

>anger management issues

>weird lunch "dates"

>creepy af in DMs



Yeah that's bound to create trouble. We should just segregate people through gender and make sure they're forced to date people of their own age just in case.



I'm not saying that, I'm saying buzzfeed obviously either didn't care or purposefully don't allocate their vast resources to making sure their workers aren't terrorized by pathetic manbabies. Even buzzfeed workers deserve to not be harassed at their jobs.


File: 9e4f781e81ab1cb⋯.jpeg (29.92 KB, 600x909, 200:303, doubt.jpeg)


>purposefully don't allocate their vast resources to making sure their workers aren't terrorized by pathetic manbabies

>I want a more human face on my capitalism

Seriously, what did you expect?



not gunna, always been an AMes defender






File: 6c29241f9d8e822⋯.jpg (143.24 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, DNQAMvmUQAAJUEk.jpg)



She's still mad about the "until morale improves" tits thread.


You fellas know where I can score some of that top Chapo premmium pussy (for free)


Gerby sounds exactly like Amber.


File: c48e00f006ba360⋯.png (8.58 KB, 805x98, 115:14, liberal apes.png)




>Brandy Jenson

How did Brandy Jensen develop a following? She's not funny or insightful or even that attractive.



unsure how she got her foot in the door bc she was just a random person living in the midwest or something, but I think it's just that she makes topical political jokes/sex jokes that have normie crossover appeal

same with all those #resistance people who gained thousands of followers overnight based on a few tweets that picked up steam and other twitter people during the election



this appeared now in the black wolf rss:

"The Black Wolf feed will be moving to a new address on September 1st 2017. If you don't update your podcatchers by that date, you'll stop getting the Chapo premium feed."



These people should be beaten



she's still talking about cum town as of today


It's just the usual people trying too hard to be funny and failing/being corny that you find in the head of like every college club, the same types of personalities that are drawn to low stakes leadership positions. It's not that serious, or at least not the best example.



having pence as president would be even more embarrassing than trump, and probably objectively worse on every single level


new chapo is up



I get a fucking semi when I see wannabe irony twitter fashy bois thinking they're toppling a leftist insurgency by making 15 fake DSA/Chapo twitter accounts.


they talk about the ben garrison halloween cartoon on the new chapo lol


File: b61aec5eee73ee0⋯.jpg (60.09 KB, 750x370, 75:37, Dana-White-UFC-The-Time-Is….jpg)

>pregnant woman…umm I'm sorry pregnant people

What the FUCK did he mean by this



Todd Hitler isn't irony fash, he's a legit leftist. He's kinda notorious for being a troll/absurd person online tbh. I get what you mean tho, these retard irony fash types are annoying as fuck



He's including ftm trannies. It's this weird language policing that only exists to pander to woke people. Plus it's about trans people, so it's the hill all libs are dying on these days.


>ywn get paid $1.2 million annually to dunk on da libs while eating pizza and mispronouncing "redux"


that 3rd way article is my new favorite reading chapo ever did



>Face it you're not a mental health professional and you shouldn't get involved with people's mental health issues unless you try to get involved with the field

muh credentialism lmao


File: 4cf94e5f9e2f9a9⋯.png (40.48 KB, 152x254, 76:127, sicko.png)


>All this so that you can pee and change next to


File: 4d13b00bbc81d6f⋯.jpg (26.96 KB, 504x282, 84:47, picard lenin.jpg)


>despite medicine telling you no

dat reification


File: 79f0862e6b26eb3⋯.jpg (22.21 KB, 480x360, 4:3, nazbol don.jpg)


that happened last year



this or he's making a joke which would be funny


Emmett Rensin outed as a sexual harasser.

The dominos keep falling.



literally who?



not even a harasser, a straight up rapist, allegedly

are people saying things publicly? he deleted his twitter after the list leaked


File: 5a1dc620bc485c4⋯.jpg (117.54 KB, 900x587, 900:587, brain-focus-freddy-kirsheh.jpg)

tweet 1-Emmett Rensin is not a glitch but a feature of any political movement where the power structure replicates what it purports to fight against


tweet 2-This keeps cropping up in meatspace but especially on twitter recently. Leftist men get outed and their inappropriate behavior is obvious


tweet 3-I am looking at every single leftist man who was groaning and rolling their eyes over the most recent twitter "fight" regarding Nick Mullen


tweet 4 and 5-The reality is it's not a "fight." There aren't two sides to sexism and abuse/harassment doesn't have an expiration date. Fuck any man for "being tired of this discussion." We keep bringing up people like Nick Mullen and Emmett Rensin bc you all KEEP DOING THIS

love random twitter communists who had information they kept to themselves (or likely just want to look like they're in the know), love when they make something serious like BEING a rapist be equal to telling rude jokes



> Fuck any man for "being tired of this discussion." We keep bringing up people like Nick Mullen and Emmett Rensin bc you all KEEP DOING THIS

I love how Nick Mullen never actually raped anyone but he keeps getting dragged into this crap, unlike the socjus red liberals who hate cumtown.

It's almost as if there's a fundemental difference between being offensive as a joke and being an actual PoS.



it's the kind of thing that only makes sense to either dishonest or humorless weirdos who get off on trying to boss strangers around, literally every comedian male or female who was working more than 5 years ago has some "rape joke" or racially related/sexist joke that wouldn't fly today, gotta disavow every comedian for their fantasy revolution!



> literally every comedian male or female who was working more than 5 years ago has some "rape joke" or racially related/sexist joke that wouldn't fly today

the funny thing is Bill Cosby probably never made a rape joke.


The Daily Shoah is the real Nazbol podcast



there should be a four-way crossover between CTH, Daily Shoah, Hellbent and Cum Town


why did sister pod hellbent drop from 2,000+ listens an episode to suddenly 200 or below for the most recent eps?? they still get a thousand a month on patreon




The guy with the Hannah Arendt avi on Twitter.

Felix mentioned being IRL friends with him on one ep iirc.


>A trillion dollar deficit wall

>A new market bubble forming with the relinquishing of Obamacare

>Tradcons muckying up state legislature

>A huge cultural divide so big it does more damage than any particular racist truck of peace or antifa police car tipping

Trump is amazing



Daily shoah is cucked as hell on anything financial, their concerns with any big corporation boils down to whether or not it's run by jews. They have no problem with parasitic silicon valley shitheads if they're WASPs



Isn't the guy who runs it one of the SV racist types?



Incredibly rage-inducing though



Imagine thinking that nigga was a "domino" in anyway shape or form.


Lol just found out Rensin wrote a gushing profile of his old friend Weev in 2014.




there so hopeless



I just got eye cancer trying to read about the Nick Mullen drama on reddit. People on twitter are treating him as an actual rapist, what did he actually do?




Very on point when Matt flipped out and they all imitated him.



Hard to know for sure but I have to imagine the demo of people who would want to listen to hellbent but think something like pod save america is too mainstream for them is exceedingly small


File: 04ef42f55110ae6⋯.png (71.63 KB, 226x424, 113:212, lenny.png)


It's fucking infuriating how out of touch these Beltway lanyard-dicks can be.


File: 57672363b7b49f4⋯.gif (493.84 KB, 646x466, 323:233, spooky.gif)




Is there any evidence of this at all or is it just some dangerhair looking for attention? I fucking loved reading his articles.



>evidence in [CURRENT YEAR]




im actually a massive hypocrite and do in fact tend to believe allegations made against people who give me the shits for whatever reason because it's cathartic if nothing else


link to the liveshow?



he's never done anything except tell jokes that piss people off, people with control issues are furious that they can't a. get him fired from anywhere or ruin his life for his "sins" b. can't make everyone who knows him denounce him so they keep having fits and try to conflate old tweets with people who actually suck to either attack the left or attack all "bros" on the left/all people on the left who aren't so self-serious



there's some vague tweets making it sound like people did know something was up, and that he was reported at vox for harassing women

rensin (along with a few of the other men on the list) deleting his twitter and saying nothing and having none of his friends stick up for him make it very very likely this is based on something real

you can still read and like his articles, who cares


File: a2083087bf78873⋯.png (163.06 KB, 264x286, 12:13, adam.png)



I wonder whose fault this is…



his power is growing



link to Street fight and Chapo episode please?



The bugs shall inherit the earth



why does he play with his cat's nipples



So is kratom legit good? Been thinking of trying it out and supporting those sweet street fight boys.



Correction. It’s his dog named ISIS’ nipples.



Promo code is "halloweed"



woah sam hyde finally lost weight


File: fa0806a449b22c1⋯.jpg (103.88 KB, 1080x810, 4:3, fff.jpg)


idk what to do with that


Behold the worst post ever posted to /r/CTH, and definitive proof that there is nothing redeemable about leddit. Anyone who has the bright idea to start another "colony" or whatever in that shithole take this as proof that that shit doesn't fucking work





Enter the promo code here to unlock it for free



Big if true



the way people on the sub constantly refer to everyone left leaning who isn't putting a rose emoji in their twitter bio as "libs (that we love to dunk on")" makes me want to die, so does the general myopia of thinking reddit/chapo's subreddit is the whole world and the whole left in the us…the idpop debates are cointelpro anyway



It's the same 3 people who won't fucking leave even though they throw a tantrum at least once a week and swear off the whole sub as problematic brocialists that they can't stay around anymore



everyone's favorite former ucb comedian is uhh…


also no mention in the article that he got at least one commercial (that aired during the super bowl) post-allegations, so statements that his life has been "ruined" are kind of overblown



What the fuck does this have to do with my post? Hell, what does it have to do with anything on this board?


new ep




Ever since he dropped the hard r, things have never been quite the same.





saying the promotion is no longer valid. anyone able to grab and uploaded it?



>0 points (50% upvoted)

Maybe that sub isn't as bad as I thought.


File: 29283aac5d4d311⋯.png (1.71 MB, 1200x1678, 600:839, __kujou_karen_kin_iro_mosa….png)


So, any thoughts?

Gonna admit I've been looking forward to cum town more than chapo for a while now



This one was pretty good imo, pretty light but comfy (which is exactly why, like you, i've been looking forward to cumtown more which is just a more relaxing and less stressful listen).

Speaking of cumtown i have no idea what to think of gerby but I hope they have more randos on, those eps are way fresher.



Brendan-"personal note: After a lotta fun, I'm bowing out from Chapo. It's bittersweet cause I'm proud of the show, but i'm all podcasted-out"


hey guys…i unsubbed from chapo and subbed to street fight. where do i upload the video of the live show (if there's still interest)?


hot take:

all podcasts are bourgeois



looking forward to the recording quality taking a dip when their new producer goes on strike for being misgendered or some other bullshit



leftypol is reactionary



your mom is reactionary



Make it an webm


File: 479808ce46dc163⋯.png (52.64 KB, 877x416, 877:416, CEILING.png)





Chapo has been garbage for months, they obviously hate doing it, too.


i dont know who any of these people are



I think the last two episodes (154 and 155) were really good actually. Before that there had been a dip in quality though.



I actually stopped listening after like 5 bad ones in a row, so I will give 154 and 155 a try. We will see..



why does it have those dips in the line?








File: f7f6e443246085e⋯.png (18.05 KB, 836x340, 209:85, moby dick.png)




They deleted their post since, hit refresh and it will be gone



oh yup



felix seems like he wants to just be on e1 or something like cum town, the rest have probably done more work than in the last two years with the remember they're mostly kind of bums, matt was moving, amber has checked out and is busy doing whatever she's traveling for/having a terminal sounding cough for over a year, the world is depressing, I don't feel bad for any of them but they're probably burnt out


sometimes it doesn't work



*all of them have done more work than they have in the last two years with the book and whatever sure to be awful leftist tv show I'm guessing that they're involved with



amber caught fungal pneumonia, her aids she got while on a coke bender has been acting up


File: 44053ea1d491b9a⋯.jpg (115.26 KB, 1200x960, 5:4, DLRCQe_UMAALMBA.jpg)

post ambers



She is simultaneously creepy and arousing.


File: 4fd697632ba4487⋯.jpg (28.96 KB, 387x387, 1:1, e29634dbc1ca2130e49138fd9a….jpg)


>tfw no amber gf


File: c96dec0fbcce7ee⋯.jpg (52.46 KB, 400x400, 1:1, C0KKrGNVIAAE1tY.jpg)





Amber has nice lips, I wish I could get my dick sucked by a woman with those lips.



google drive



Their patreon flatlines pretty abruptly, and right around the time of the Cosby tweet

They're obviously going to peak at some point (my guess would have been some time around the new year) but this is pretty obviously a bunch of idpolers getting buttmad about a tweet. The fact that they stayed where they were shows that they may have some more room now to fuck around. I think they're starting to realize that the call-out retards are paper tigers



Perhaps, but there's also been a string of sub par episodes. They really need to put more thought into what they are doing and get more guests on (there's dozens of good people who want to get on) instead of making the show about random tweeters no one gives a shit about. They're fortunate to be in the position they are in but by the looks of things they'll probably fuck up before too long.



I think a lot of people forget to renew their subscription at the beginning of the month



Guess it's time to bring our boy Jared on #freejared


File: 3853bb202b4ff37⋯.jpg (30.21 KB, 733x163, 733:163, (Gorka voice) BRENDAN IS G….jpg)




i know, who follows someone called marquis de sadr?



Ma gurl ou chea lookin lika snacc


RIP Brendan


Press F to pay respects




Yeah I assume it's downhill from here.

I mean, the core audience has abandoned them a while ago. I haven't met anyone who was there pre-Trump and pre-Amber/Virgil who still listens regularly. It hasn't changed drastically in style, but it's not the same thing.



>felix seems like he wants to just be on e1 or something like cum town

They all do. Matt, Will and Felix are dudes that were into O&A, MDE, Nick Mullen, Howard Stern etc who now can't do anything that they themselves would find funny.



Before Trump won, or before he was a candidate, because I was watching last summer when everyone thought Hillary was going to win.




Boy that went downhill


jesus this guest on the new ep is hard to listen to


when you fellas masturbate to Amber fantasies are you imagining her pussy lips are as fat and full as the lips on her face?



Amber is pure


Does anyone have a link to the latest Cumtown patreon ep? The old player.fm link is broken.



that hillary campaign staffer thread…is truly the darkest thing, I can't look at it all at once

>Want to talk about strength, speed, and savage wit?



>like, um, kind of such as, like *smacks lips*

tbh she just seemed nervous at the beginning of the interview. it got better after she got her footing


so how bout that new chapo?



Interview was ok but hard to get through mostly due to the guest, reading series was alright and Matt should be allowed to pick out more articles.

Whoever produced the show doesn't know shit about sound levels. Some of those clips were LOUD



Oh and Feliz is slowly turning into a caricature of himself. Was he serious when he said he was preparing to record a podcast about the recent Saudi purges? I'd love to listen to that honestly


File: 78a382acc139e3f⋯.png (43.01 KB, 773x353, 773:353, reversewoke.png)


weird how they used to be down with each other; Virgil introducing Sam at that Twitter comedy night thing and all



the comedy night thing was like 4 years ago and who knows if he had anything to do w/ who was performing, they give their opinions on him on the wardell episode and wardell was the only one who was a big fan iirc, who cares either way


i don't like cumtown amber



i'm in the WGAE

most of our membership is film

nick is MISINFORMED and amber is an agent



Yeah but I will say Sam hydes shit and mde has changed a bit since 4years ago and even 2 years ago.

also wtf will is apparently adopted? He really was the Irish infiltrator all along


Does anyone else think these guys are bad and sound like shock jocks? Or does that just go over well these days



Sounding like shock jocks is kind of the point. At this point they've been going long enough that it's lost its edge but when chapo started it was absolutely a breath of fresh air in a sea of stuffy, overserious dullard leftists.


So without getting into a whole back and forth about whether chapo is good/bad now (I'll probably continue listening to it), does anyone have any recommendations for other leftist podcasts just to keep things fresh? I've gotten really into Citations Needed recently, but it's a pretty serious affair. Would love to get some recs on more light stuff too.




problem seems to be it shows just the latest one, at least that's what I see on my end. gotta get the older ones from the mediafire folder manually. haven't found one for the chapo premium eps though, if anyone has a link for that, that'd be great.



yeah he and derrick do foreign policy talks all the time




really depends what you're after anon.

radio war nerd is good but not explicitly leftist in content.

unauthorised disclosure can be interesting depending on who the guest is and is more focused on current events, but some people don't like the hosts (rania khalek is weirdly polarising).

discourse collective is a bit lighter and a bit more amateurish and memey and women-respecter-y enough that some host will probably be accused of sex abuse next year

dead pundits society is one of my favourites but it's usually very theoretical

obviously if you're not already listening to or watching the wolff man's weekly economic update then you should be




now i feel silly, thanks for pointing me the right way.


Novara Media is worth a listen although it is somewhat UK focused.


Also, Citations needed https://soundcloud.com/citationsneeded

Finally, Glenn Show https://bloggingheads.tv/programs/glenn-show



BTW these are nothing like Chapo and are much drier.


does anyone else think its kinda weird how amber vetoed talking about the weinstein shit on chapo but had no problem talking about it on cumtown.




she wanted to be problematic w/o restraint



because cum town is more feminist




It's supposed to be a patreon episode but You can find it easy by googling the title.

Highlight of the episode is when Stav said Adam is a training bra for lesbians who want to try penis.



she was talking about hollywood and shit that had nothing to do with people she's worked with and thought were her friends/allies, you don't see the difference and why she didn't want to do the latter?



it wasn't just weinstein, it was the barrage of men being outted, some of them leftist men (kriss, not publicly at the time but in the list that had circulated-resin, some other less publicly known men involved in organizing) + the cosby tweet deal (and the actual issue of how sexual harassment was/is being handled in the la Democratic Cops of America)



Com town isn't serious


idk much about him besides recognizing his name, but now there's some drama about joe prince texting women too often or something

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