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File: 49caf6e0b418de8⋯.jpg (294.7 KB, 800x550, 16:11, e1ef91295b33b0066a68f1fcf1….jpg)




• Spam

• Post cuckshit, "commies BTFO," or any of that kind of shit

• Deny the problems of climate change

• Attempt to cloak reactionary politics in left-wing rhetoric (Str.asserism, "Nazbol", National "Socialism," Zionism, "Die cis scum"/"Kill all white men" SJW shit)

• Incite specific acts of terrorism or similar acts (use your head, don't act like a fed)

• Holocaust denialism

• Post porn depicting underage (including drawings)

Reply to this thread with your requests for wordfilters, board settings, banners, flags, etc.

Flags must be 20x16, banners are 300x100

http://oxwugzccvk3dk6tj.onion/log.php?board=leftpol - BOARD LOG

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I'm not an advocate for technocracy but some people who hang around might be.


Thank you.

File: ce822b65459840d⋯.jpg (237.27 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, hotpockets.jpg)


In the interest of keeping this board alive and healthy, I think it's about time we had a thread to discuss and debate moderation decisions, rules and other volunteer related stuff. Direct complaints, comments and suggestions for the mods here.



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Why are there only ten pages of threads. It used to by 25.

File: 6914cccad2a4c83⋯.jpg (274.2 KB, 500x793, 500:793, bba0809ec89aa3c529026eeaea….jpg)


I started reading Thomas More's Utopia recently and was wondering if we could get a thread going about left wing literature. Anyone else read this and have thoughts on the book? Can it be considered proto-socialist?

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File: a84adac1615dce9⋯.png (324.07 KB, 656x572, 164:143, JOHJ.png)


Excuse me?

File: 187977d60d95b9e⋯.jpeg (38.7 KB, 1272x718, 636:359, flag of NK.jpeg)


What is NK really like? Is all the info in the DPRK thread truthful? Is NK socialist, is the Kim family mainly a figure head, are the people relatively free and provided for?

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Doing that shit where you link dozens of posts in a thread just to shitpost is really annoying. It should definitely be disallowed.


File: 69727a11f9a5914⋯.jpg (9.1 KB, 224x225, 224:225, dont.jpg)


you start just curbing out funbosting and little you know when you start purging everybody who disagrees with you

also check'd


File: 3566e8064781741⋯.jpg (372.56 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, tj1.jpg)

I studied Chinese with a group of around ~20 North Koreans students a few years ago in Shanghai. I got to befriend them all, up to being invited to attend Kim Jong Il's memorial ceremony and hanging out in their dorms drinking authentic NK Vodka.

I haven't read the thread, so excuse me if this sounds a bit off-topic.

>All of them had double portraits of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il in their dorms

>They had a "leader", which was the only one with a cell phone.

>All of them had laptops, but no Internet

>When asked about the Internet, one said "Yeah, we have that at university". It's probably not true, however.

>When Kim Jong Il died, all but one of them cried.

>One of them broke down crying like a week after the fact, in class. Everyone else had already got over it already. When the teacher comforted him, he said something along the lines of "losing him is just like losing a father". He looked genuinely devastated.

>Their social distance (i.e. the distance they keep while talking) is crazy close. They'll even hold your hands while talking to you. This is normal in North Korea, but could easily be misunderstood by foreigners.

>They always went outside in pairs. Even when just going to the bathroom or to the store.

>The most popular video game in North Korea is Counter Strike. I played with them at the computer science lab, and some of them were actually good. They are Korean after all.

>I once caught them all watching a video in one of the dorms with the lights off. I have no idea what it was. The news maybe?

>A few of them had never stepped in a bus or a car before, and subsequently felt sick when we had to. "I usually take the metro or ride my bike to school".

>They all had some sort of military training, and could be called back at any moment if shits hits the fan.

>They were in fact quite friendly and open to talk about anything other than politics, at which point they'll either politely change the topic or (literally) just walk aPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



>Their social distance (i.e. the distance they keep while talking) is crazy close. They'll even hold your hands while talking to you. This is normal in North Korea, but could easily be misunderstood by foreigners.

>They always went outside in pairs. Even when

just going to the bathroom or to the store.

Think this might just be an Asian thing. I have a Filipino guy at work that does the same thing to me, litterally had to tell him to stop following me into the bathroom.


From Wikipedia:

>The elections have been variously described as show elections or a political census.[12][13] Seats are uncompetitive as all candidates are chosen by the Democratic Front for the Reunification of the Fatherland.[3][5][7] Because of the near-100% turnout, elections double as unofficial censuses. The inminban neighborhood watch reportedly watches the elections to identify and investigate no-shows.[8]

>A voter may cross off the candidate's name to vote against him or her, but in most polling stations the voter must do so with a red pen next to the ballot box in sight of electoral officials. At some polling stations there is a separate ballot box for 'no' votes.[14]

Sounds crappy. can anyone refute this?

File: f60be776b2e9cce⋯.jpg (20.24 KB, 340x255, 4:3, 1355560746673.jpg)


How do we promote /leftpol/ and help it grow?

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>things don't count even though there is ample evidence for it

Please, go back to reddit. She's a scumbag for reasons other than fucking Five Guys no Burgers or Fries.



Who the fuck cares tho?



The whole point is that we don't want to be associated with her, even if she was a virgin. She's a piece of shit for all kinds of other reasons and /pol/ hating her doesn't mean we have to like her. She can be universally reviled.



have the (lefty)bo ban people


File: 176d0d2fc55695b⋯.png (26.87 KB, 359x327, 359:327, killallnerds.png)


If we're moving here we may as well bring the best part of /leftypol/ along with us.

Movies, anime, music, feels, e-celebs, internet drama, fetishes and shitposting ITT

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>tfw no autistic gf to hatefuck


File: 1c0d7d360680715⋯.jpg (131.3 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Cw7x5CJVIAAyBF_.jpg)

Did Carlin reach peak Stirner before he died?


File: 96571eb0318e647⋯.pdf (880.12 KB, max-stirner-the-ego-and-hi….pdf)

File: 106c7e9332434c3⋯.pdf (138.76 KB, max-stirner-stirner-s-crit….pdf)


No, read the spook book and Stirner's critics.


File: f7da89f3623a96e⋯.jpg (68.67 KB, 566x720, 283:360, offeelsandfrogs.jpg)


>what's ur excuse for not having an edgy right wing meme queen keistani shitposter GF

I don't date girls under 20.


Hatefucking isn't nearly all it's made out to be, and is better reserved to fucking someone you aren't dating.

>tfw no left gf to dominate and then cuddle with while watching pretentious films





File: 70c0c6d01d96e8d⋯.jpg (335.06 KB, 1180x848, 295:212, col-muammar-gaddafi-libya.jpg)

File: 9aca4b674f51ea6⋯.jpg (22.55 KB, 387x241, 387:241, gadsil.jpg)

File: c85e3d0a64ffdb2⋯.jpg (30.29 KB, 450x357, 150:119, sarkozy.jpg)


What makes you a bad leftist?

Mine is that it was the right thing to take Gaddafi out, he was a fascist who clung to power, killed a bunch of people instead of just quietly leaving power, going to some mansion or whatever. Libya was heading for a clusterfuck of Syrian proportions, the war did start again, and peace talks aren't going to good right now, but it's still less deaths over a longer period of time. Anyway that's my unpopular opinion, what's yours?

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It takes tow to tango, somehow women that birth children out of wedlock are little lost lambs that need the state to take care of them otherwise the child will suffer to the point where the woman will stop working and be a stay at homemade mom on the tax payers dime. I have a single stay at home mom righ in my apartment stairwell. I go to work everyday while she goofs off all day with her kid.

But big bad men who don’t pay child support go to jail, how come men don’t have the same consideration. Also why is it her body her choice but men a fully liable for the child they sire? I say her body her kid. The man has zero agency with regards to parenthood, but has to bare all the liabilities.



Let’s not get started on family court bias against men, how men are given much longer sentences for the same crimes, persecuted by police more (practically all people shot by police are men), men are drafted for war etc.

That’s not even touching in all the superstructure stuff that makes men believe they have to innate value if they don’t have status or money.

All this is statically impossibie to not be about their male identity but you say it’s a persecution complex, okay whatever, the left isn’t going to get anyone but liberals with this kind of intellectual dishonesty and spooked praxis.



Me neither. I can't read books unless I have no other form of enterntainment and the fact that most important theory books are more than a century old doesn't help.



This. There's nothing more repellent to women than a guy who expects sex but is too much of a pussy and/or retarded to make that happen in a natural way. Sexual desire cannot exist without being framed by some kind of fantasy. The "bad boy" who walks up to a woman and directly asks if they want to fuck without any sort of subversive framing will get rejected 99% of the time. I feel like saying "women fuck bad boys because women like to fuck" misses the point, which is that "bad boys" are bad precisely because they flout social conventions. Incels can't fuck because they're poorly socialized and desperate, so they can't provide that distance required to make sexual encounters work.

PUA dipshits only go as far as "lol stop putting pussy on a pedestal", so they usually go from being an incels to being insecure retards who go after women who respond to being treated poorly. That's a shitty way to live, and I can see why it turns a lot of people into reactionaries tbh.



Just stop being a whiny beta lmao

File: 8531560a189e840⋯.jpg (77.54 KB, 726x636, 121:106, 3ff31ca.jpg)


post all your totally undeserved bans/screenshots of mod abuse here, and stop clogging up the rest of the catalog.

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/leftypol/ has less than half of unique ips and pph than it did at its peak, it's obvious most users noticed.



If it wasn’t for Baboonposter we’d probably have the same number of PPH.



yes it is clearly I and not you who is mad ;^)


File: 64ae6fb66abe972⋯.jpg (75.35 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 16110561_410400149296705_7….jpg)

>tfw got banned three times in two days.

>tfw it's all hoochie, she literally took over moderation

>tfw I can guess her sleep cycle based on her ban logs

>tfw the only place for people like me is either liberal ridden /leftpol/ or dead bunkerchan




leftpol isn’t liberal

File: ac351e0e0423275⋯.jpg (508.1 KB, 1536x1234, 768:617, candd.jpg)


New Years resolutions are a marketing scheme to sell fad diets, but I see no reason why leftists shouldn't pursue self-improvement. Let's have a thread to talking about getting fit, getting read, and developing skills.

I've got my current routine down, but I'm looking for books on syndicalism and communization. Can some anons help me out?

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I do, this is just the base I like to use because limes are cheap. I've got a version with some cumin, mexican oregano, and sweet onion that makes some great chicken for burrito bowls or enchiladas.


File: f2e099bea41a4e6⋯.png (91.36 KB, 484x243, 484:243, Danberus06.png)


I-I'm scared anon

hold me no homo


File: ab6b44d28fe8a9d⋯.jpg (63.6 KB, 500x679, 500:679, Henryrollins.jpg)


>I-I'm scared anon

You'll be fine.


File: 6926493cd1a31b3⋯.png (255.95 KB, 499x580, 499:580, Danberus04.png)


thanks dude


Cardio day, went jogging and some qts were checking out my ass.


No problem, encouragement helps and I suggest everyone kindfag itt to make anons feel better.

File: a7b6b53b7860b48⋯.jpg (10.5 KB, 260x239, 260:239, RLuxemburgCpWz.jpg)


Could anybody send me a Hungarian pdf of Rosa's "Reform or Revolution"

If it isn't translated an english version will do fine too




Thank you comrade


File: 380b452d45e8d82⋯.pdf (345.75 KB, Rosa Luxemburg - Levelek a….pdf)

File: e3a96088489c0da⋯.pdf (2.1 MB, Rosa Luxemburg - A tőkefel….pdf)

File: d03833b2b11b2cf⋯.pdf (838.9 KB, Rosa Luxemburg és az Orosz….pdf)

Sajnos csak ennyi magyar fordítású könyvet találtam, amelyeket Rosa írt. Bár van egy olyan érzésem, hogy már te is kerested a marx.2u.hu -ról származó PDF-ek között.

File: 5035beffba1eaa7⋯.jpg (127.74 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, __kuroki_tomoko_watashi_ga….jpg)


This is the thread for discussion of left podcasts (and bugs/insects)

Chapo Premium Feed: http://blackwolf-elb-dev.us-west-2.elasticbeanstalk.com/rss/

Premium Cum Town:


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Whenever they have someone "prestigious" on they usually just stfu and let them talk more (e.g. Curtis ep)


File: 5c37769e7126cfd⋯.jpg (99.96 KB, 1125x1400, 45:56, acoqm0uaxj901.jpg)


Made the mistake of listening to the Leigh Phillips episode of Dead Pundits Society and now I'm mad.


Anyone else listen to revleftradio or the guillotine? Im really enjoying both shows but the update rate is fucking killing me.


Revleftradio and The Guillotine are both pretty rad, it's a shame they don't update more frequently.

File: 18d4cb33c88806a⋯.jpeg (66.76 KB, 720x623, 720:623, E98755A3-9275-4CF4-B575-7….jpeg)


Shitposting thread

Go nuts

96 posts and 31 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.
Post last edited at


File: 95f6fac98e70297⋯.png (28.87 KB, 645x729, 215:243, you.png)


>Incel on reddit arguing against sexual freedom, pornography, etc. using marxist terminology is supposed to be an example of "leftist fun"

Out of all the examples you could have picked, you chose something that was completely the opposite.



Damn word filters. Degen = fun now apparently.



it was just a joke you brainlet.

You surely aren't an example of leftist fun :DDDDD


File: 50bae935baf64d7⋯.png (238.53 KB, 708x804, 59:67, :pol:Ban.png)

So much for the free speech right.



I know that "Marxist-Rodgerism" manifesto is supposed to be a joke but boy does it speak to my experiences.

File: a93d536aff75377⋯.jpg (609.53 KB, 640x700, 32:35, antifa.jpg)



/leftypol/ on antifa:


>Anarkiddies will never earn my respect if all they do is bash le fash


>idpol edgefag highschoolers and desprate, unemployable social studies majors


>they're not very effective


>When a group is as idiotically violent as them, I can't help but wonder how many actually care about their cause and how many just want to abuse the security of a group to they can commit vandalism.


>Plus, they started shit at a Milo Yiannopoulos speech. Milo is an idiot who conservatives like because he has an accent and can piss off the left, but nothing he does is violent, so violence against him is retarded.



Can we all agree that /leftypol/ are wrong and clearly not comrades. Reading that thread is like reading /pol/. Honestly, fuck that place.

73 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



No go back to pol. Cops and police are badly infiltrated by Nazis. That black guy that killed a bunch of cops in Dallas killed a tatted up Nazi, which is why the MM didn’t make a bigger deal of it. I was a military contractor for a decade and can tell you there’s ton of white supremasits there, Ft. Hood is practically owned by them.



>t triggers polyp.



Nerdy middle-aged dad looking guy is a description that fit a lot of people, amongst them the puncher and the infamous Slave Ray.

Shit was still insanely funny though



Fascism is authortarian syndacalism with some extra steps. Its not hard to understand.



I'm trying really hard to not judge all anarchists just because you're retarded but it's hard

File: a521709360f4326⋯.jpg (156.44 KB, 901x901, 1:1, 1515210726541.jpg)


Sup fellow alt-righters. After being plugged in to beta-land for too long, I have finally awoken and taken the red pill thanks to the likes of Sargon of Akkad and Thunderf00t. How should we proceed in redpilling all of the normies so we can defeat the cancer that is the left once and for all?

11 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 0e279014ce37aa9⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 994.32 KB, 901x901, 1:1, 1495687234007.png)



Reported for gore.


File: d1a159e3da10025⋯.png (175.96 KB, 294x232, 147:116, yo nigga are you wearing a….png)


File: e4d26c4d8ba997e⋯.png (490.1 KB, 540x473, 540:473, tards_in_trashfire.png)


>not using the superior version

>not saging


The last hope for western civilisation is a man impersonating an ancient middle eastern monarch, a cartoon frog, a politicain who's party lost all but one seat in the last election and a ex journalist that got the sack, lost his book deal and now resorts to making YouTube videos.

File: 14498adf43686af⋯.png (138.99 KB, 2518x1024, 1259:512, the chad wolff.png)


post memes of this

60 posts and 37 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 5f214c5f97778b5⋯.png (531.91 KB, 800x600, 4:3, idfvsqassam.png)


this was made shortly before the virgin walk meme existed.



Wait I thought the IDF used M-4s?


File: e29dca7051ed83c⋯.png (232.88 KB, 900x900, 1:1, r4.png)


>this was made shortly before the virgin walk meme existed

virgin vs chad is /our meme/ confirmed!



they got those to replace the galil



>they got those to replace the galil


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