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File: 1445679512943.jpg (707.16 KB, 1653x1100, 1653:1100, 39737807_p0.jpg)

a18dfd No.5056

Even with a Japanese admin, I doubt the staff of 4chan is 100% ethnic friendly.


Best proof I have of this(for now).

Does anyone have more logs or anything useful that could hint of a race preference between 4chan staff?

a18dfd No.5057

File: 1445690078064.png (161.15 KB, 400x266, 200:133, 1445668844027-1.png)

>that shitposting

Wew laddy. For the most part I don't think they have one (outside of yetsturdy, but it's pretty clear she's balls deep in crazy SJW territory), from the logs most of them just come across as typical 20-something year old liberals.

I don't really find anything notable about that /jp/ mod post as well, the majority of 4chan's users are burgers/europeans and thus likely to be white (including the people that would use /jp/ over futaba/2ch as that indicates they can't into nip and thus aren't Japanese) so the average 4/jp/ meetup in Japan would probably be a lot pastier than your average crowd of nips. Don't think I have it around still, but I used to have a picture of a /jp/ meetup from back in 2008-2009 and everyone there was white as fuck. Would be interesting to see if the /v/ dumper (or /a/ dumper if he's still around) has found anything to indicate shit like that relating to the staff though.

On an unrelated note, didn't warosu used to be populated by a fair number of /jp/ ghostposters a few years back? Where the fuck did they go instead?

a18dfd No.5059


/v/ dumper here and still active: I haven't found any pics and if did, they are likely kaput just like all the picture data from moe. The problem here is, that everything they have showed each other is either gone or still there because its private data that its owner forgot to remove. In both cases, I can't show it.

a18dfd No.5060


I was under the impression the number of Americans/Canadians was higher but maybe after administration change we'll start to see a rise in Europeans.

I wouldn't be surprised if all of 4chan staff members and ex-members are white though.

a18dfd No.5063


Wasn't RapeApe a curry?

a18dfd No.5065


/a/ dumper here. I'm still around, doing digging in different places. There's just not much to report.

Some of the more competent staff were South American. AoC was from Colombia, Azatsu was Brazillian and kami' was from Paraguay. There was no significant amount of racism, there wasn't much SJW bullshit either, unless you count yetsurdy and a few outbursts from Troid. The most openly red pilled mod was Kusanagi who was fired for arguing with yetsurdy.


RapeApe was Canadian. I don't know his race, it's never mentioned.

a18dfd No.5066

File: 1445817013546.jpg (77.77 KB, 1010x758, 505:379, 1260241826185.jpg)


Huh, I actually do still have it. 2008 /jp/ meet up. No idea where the fuck it is though, which is probably an important bit of information.


I feel like he was indian.


Wasn't his dox posted in one of the /a/ threads? Could look at that if you want to search it out

a18dfd No.5067


I forgot that there are still people from Warosu who have pumped red Anon's numbers. Yes, this

a18dfd No.5075


Pretty sure some of the warosu guys post at himasugi.

a18dfd No.5098


Rapeape's dox was wrong. He laughs at it in the logs.

d7e80f No.6502

I just want to see what the mods have said about Hiro. Specially when he bought the site.

6ed402 No.6721

File: fc5c684e5b301dd⋯.png (64.34 KB, 959x572, 959:572, 6.png)


Based on some of the things they have said, such as right when when I_AM_ABIB says "I hate it when people think 4chan is a bastion of free speech", I think it shows the mods have zero respect for him. Swaglord has also made allusions to this as well. The mods outright hate Hiro because

1. Hiro is always MIA, even more so than moot was.

2. Hiro doesn't give a fuck about 4chan which probably pisses the mods off.

3. The mods are stuck in the mentality that moot's rules are still valid, even though Hiro now owns the site.

4. The mods hate how big 4chan has gotten. I say this because moot specifically said he sold 4chan to Hiro so that the site could go back to being a niche site for interests in japanese anime and culture. Instead Hiro decided to be hands off as possible so when the 2016 election rolled around, 4chan's traffic spiked exponentially.

Basically, mods flat out hate Hiro for being an absentee owner

bfc0f4 No.6725


>moot specifically said he sold 4chan to Hiro so that the site could go back to being a niche site for interests in japanese anime and culture

moot really lost his mind in last few years. Hiro wants to make money, which means the more redditors and tumblrtards on 4chan, the more money he makes because they tolerate the eye cancer ads and are too fucking stupid to use an adblocker.

3461c7 No.6726


Moot probably lied to the hot pockets or the public. For an accurate account on Hiro's nature, just ask CM. This could have been obvious since the 2ch takeover incident.

6ed402 No.6730


I'm pretty confident moot lied to the mods about selling the site. The last of the IRC leaked basically had the mods saying there was no way moot would ever sell 4chan to anyone. He did all of this behind their backs and most probably didn't know until the last minute.


I doubt Hiro makes any profit from 4chan. The server costs alone offset anything he could get from shitty third party ads. Then again, it was reported on /g/ a few months ago an ad was found that had the dead giveaways of a possible data mining scheme.


e59d8a No.6733


We don't know what moot has told the moderator channel. Speaking of: If you are a former mod who had access to it at the time span gamergate started, just leave a log here. We will gladly take it. Tom Hiro financing scheme…Its data fucking mining. Check out CM's account on that:

Things to know:

* 'Hiroyuki' recently purchased 4chan from Moot.

* 'Hottolink' is a Japanese big data analytics and data mining company. They specialize in mining and selling the data behind social media, blogs, and bbs/forums. They currently only provide service to Japanese and Chinese companies, utilizing data from 2ch, twitter, weibo, blogs, etc. Services they provide are product performance analysis and marketing solutions based on social media data.

* 'Niconico Douga' is Japan's equivalent of youtube. Hiroyuki is some kind of employed with their project. Hiroyuki's company Brazil Future Search provides the search solution for Niconico douga.

* '2ch.sc' is Hiroyuki's pirate site of 2ch.net. Hiroyuki made 2ch.sc to fulfill his contracts to Hottolink which provides him with millions of USD per annum according to Hottolink's published financial report[1].

* 'Brazil Future Search' is Hiroyuki's search engine company specializing in real-time search solutions. They currently provide search for Niconico Douga and 2ch.sc and others.

* 'Effyis' is a company that runs boardreader.com. They were recently bought out by Hottolink as the first expansion into the US market.

How Hiroyuki will sell 4chan data:

Step 1: Brazil Future Search will make a real-time search engine for 4chan text data only. They will forgo images because images are not important in data mining.

Step 2: The new 4chan search engine will provide data to Effyis (boardreader.com).

Step 3: Boardreader.com will add 4chan search to their board search.

Step 4: Effyis (boardreader.com) will provide a firehose of data to Hottolink (their parent company) to use in data mining.

Step 5: American companies will begin purchasing analytics data from Hottolink.

Step 6: There is no step 6, you have already had your data sold to the highest bidder.

After Hiroyuki's initial announcement of purchasing 4chan, Hottolink stock has risen 60 points. This is likely due to insider trading; Hottolink has yet to publicly announce anything regarding 4chan.

You can read Hottolink's strategy in their published English financial report:

[1] http://www.hottolink.co.jp/pdf/english/ir20150828.pdf

Good day.


55ec87 No.6752

File: 91aedb3de6316cd⋯.jpg (37.44 KB, 480x360, 4:3, fishsperm.jpg)


Had dinner in Japan with Hiroyuki around 2011. He sat next to me and it was a "traditional japanese meal" with a ton weird shit in little dishes. One of the little dishes looked extra peculiar so I asked Hiroyuki what it was. He told me it was "fish sperm". I said something like, "gross", and he replied, "oh can I have it then?"

I gave Hiroyuki the dish of sperm and he devoured it like a fat kid eating cheerios during saturday morning cartoons.

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