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File: 1422319130840.png (250.49 KB, 661x499, 661:499, yotsuba.png)

3e6bb6 No.468[Reply]


4chan janitor logs from 2011 through to early 2015 have been leaked. Lots of juicy shit about every board with moderation problems, plenty of hotpocketeering and laughs to be had.

http://www.mediafire.com/download/iygnsl39bvtglza/%23janiteam.rar (proof offered by Janitor: http://imgur.com/a/kxXA2)*

Archived threads (expand this post to see more):

/meta/ threads**

https://archive.today/zN5Di - http://8archive.moe/meta/thread/52622/

https://archive.today/UNNEN - http://8archive.moe/meta/thread/53783/

https://archive.today/45VX6 - http://8archive.moe/meta/thread/55186/

/irc/ /a/ threads

https://archive.today/vaEdM - >>>/irc/90

https://archive.is/KvkMI - >>>/irc/1475

https://archive.is/3wQXr - >>>/irPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Post last edited at

File: 1422249018534.jpg (85.41 KB, 566x800, 283:400, 90043819503193fd102d5d70ac….jpg)

5d9596 No.147[Reply]


1. Global rules apply.

2. Spoiler NSFW/porn. This isn't a porn board, so try to keep it SFW.

3. Keep active doxing and any threats/actions against janitors in real life outside of /irc/.

4. Keep it related to 4chan's moderation and the logs.

Make an effort to self-moderate. Use the report button and ignore people that try to drag discussion off topic. Other than that, have fun ripping into the logs!

I'm not going to babysit retards sperging out over crack. Any /a/ thread that doesn't lead with new information along with dramafaggotry in general will be deleted.

Post last edited at

File: 7e08da65f7e928c⋯.png (8.19 KB, 356x274, 178:137, cassidy.png)

630bcd No.6897[Reply]


No clue if this goes here (but I'm assuming you guys know all about the mods), which of them should I appeal to if I want a range ban lifted?

I've been using my phone as a tether, and avoided a ban as they thought I was a spammer that frequents a general I like.

Funny thing is, that spammer is still around.

725031 No.6899

The people you want to contact are Alternative ABIB or RapeApe. They might hide behind the fact that the spammer is banavoiding too. Also don't mention that you are ban avoiding and most importantly don't even try to discuss some technicality with them.

e3c7ed No.6901


Tried this, they told me they had no control over rangebans.

495fa2 No.6902


Since when? This sounds like bullshit unless Hiro made some changes to the backend. They are all three in mod positions and should be able to lift them.

File: 9ade22ca3cf9bd0⋯.png (735.48 KB, 1000x1052, 250:263, 1508378684401.png)

e3cc29 No.6741[Reply]

Out of all the mods on cuckchan right now, no one is worse than I_AM_ABIB. This was taken recently on IRC in which he admitted he was deleting anime threads on /a/ that had loli's in it. He is also the one who is behind the systematic deletion of Kemono Friends threads on there as well. ABIB I know has a history of being a cocky, nasty little prick. Those who left from cuckchan's /v/ have blamed him for the reason the board went downhill. Is there anything from the IRC logs about him? He needs to be seriously knocked down a few pegs

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fdded3 No.6880

File: faf0d609a40c055⋯.png (40.89 KB, 973x579, 973:579, 1516070141986.png)

Fresh ABIB doesn't know the rules of the board he moderates content

13e4be No.6881


I don't see any dispute here. Both are acting like fucking spergs.

>There are like 5 pokemon threads

<yeah, seems like someone spamming that shit. I'll take down what I get.

<Report all of them except the most active. It would take off a lot of unecessary work from our shoulders.

<By the way, one third of the board is Bleach. You can also report all unnecessary Bleach threads if you want to lend us a hand

Fucking hell! This is literally how Yotsuba and Infinity work. That's not some Esoteric secret anymore. Why is ABIB so rude?

>I just deleted some of those threads.

>you are a child

>I can't believe you're getting mad at me

Nigga, of course Anon gets mad at you. You forgot to mention that you were pushing in that bullshit at that very moment and assure him that you are not understaffed good luck trying telling that me. I actually know you are!

fdded3 No.6891

File: 668b03b45a322fa⋯.jpg (1.17 MB, 783x2101, 783:2101, 1516884558008.jpg)

ABIB saying a DBZ video game isn't video game related for /v/ and therefore goes on /a/. Where did moot find this retard?

7ee049 No.6896


ABIB removed my bans a few times. I would always PM him and he was nice. He would act like a father and do rethorical qurstions, I would admit my error and he would unban me. Fuck off.

b7195f No.6900


Nice attempt at defending Janny stupidity. DBZ vidya which is flavor of the month anyway doesn't belong on /a/ in any universe.

File: 238897332b0cfe3⋯.jpg (22.18 KB, 347x314, 347:314, 1433789707892.jpg)

18662c No.6844[Reply]

ITT the top three mods you hate the most and why

4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

43afd6 No.6884


I don't think he does. He's the oldest mod on the site right now.


he's strongly against board culture unless he approves of it

afb5aa No.6888

Who are the mods that moderate /co/ around 5pm EST onwards? Because them, entirely them.

ebee4c No.6889

File: 5142548071be1b1⋯.jpg (66.31 KB, 517x810, 517:810, 1346193883024.jpg)


I'm not sure who it is now, the staff have probably been replaced. Duane Moody was the last decent jan for /co/ in the logs IIRC. He was a bit of a hot head and was fired for talking back to moot. He did have the best interests of the board at heart though. The last thing I remember about /co/ in the logs is how Troid's methods of moderating infected them like a contagious mental illness. They spent more time shitting their pants over ban evaders than actually moderating the board. There's a lot about Troid and /co/ on desuarchive.

43afd6 No.6893


Well luckily Troid is most likely gone. Him getting doxxed probably made him step down since he got scared people would go after his family

b65451 No.6895

Redwood. He had no real experience even using basic moderating tools, once stickying a thread he meant to delete and not noticing until an hour later. Made up his own ruleset and targetted users or fanbases he didnt like mainly under the guise of the ban evader boogeyman.

Alternative is another dumbfuck, and they have a habit of subtley violating board user's anonymity. Hard for me to explain why without exposing myself, but he is very meta himself for a mod so strictly against it.

RapeApe is a failure at his position. Blame moot or hiro all you want, but Rape was the middle manager so when the staff under him got out of control and lost the confidence of the userbase he should have been the first to go.

File: 5a801a0f198bea1⋯.png (50.15 KB, 1494x244, 747:122, kikemods.png)

File: c47954c98dc1b85⋯.png (12.68 KB, 814x159, 814:159, comped mods.png)

da3fd2 No.6841[Reply]

I rarely post here on 8ch but I got banned for an entire week for reporting a bait thread on /pol/ as a rule violation. Here's my ban and some shit from the IRC. Abib confirms his faggotry some more but in case you didn't know, Aerolite is also a huge shitlib. Figured I might as well dig up some more dirt on the cuckchan mods.

What's the point of this board now anyways?

6 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

e35a67 No.6849


That IRC quote from Aerolite sounds like sarcasm, more than a genuine expression of political views. Just like with ABIB and BEAM, there is nothing in the existing leaked logs that suggest Aerolite is a bad moderator. In the andonuts leaks all three of them are some of more stable and sane mods. I find their behaviour on IRC troubling but it seems to be a staff wide policy. Any mod that you speak to in #4chan will say the exact same shit, even ALTERNATIVE. It's likely an order from a manager or more senior mod. The 4chan staff is very secretive and defensive. By acting like the do to posters that speak to them on IRC, they don't have give anything away and don't have to answer any questions. Overall, I think they've all realised just how much they have fucked up and that the site is out of their control


>I thought Troid was a person of interest here

There was such interest in Troid because the logs are absolutely full of him being a cunt. He is caught deleting threads from foolz for fucks sake. The logs were hard evidence of how his behaviour was damaging 4chan. Compare this to ABIB, BEAM and Aerolite, where the only evidence we have is of them being assholes on IRC.

>Never encountered him in IRC myself

Troid is easy enough to find on on IRC, he's usually in #dynasty-scans. Dynasty is a progressive hell hole that hosts a reader for gay manga.


I would agree with this. I don't think Troid is a moderator anymore. Looking through the bans on 4/a/ and cuck/u/, there's no where near as many evasion bans as there was and posting images such as merchant Troid is no longer a permaban. The damage has been done though. Getting rid of him at this stage is like cutting the cancer out of a corpse. It's too late. /a/, /u/ and /co/ have no respect left for their moderators.

0e469d No.6850


>I would agree with this. I don't think Troid is a moderator anymore. Looking through the bans on 4/a/ and cuck/u/, there's no where near as many evasion bans as there was and posting images such as merchant Troid is no longer a permaban. The damage has been done though. Getting rid of him at this stage is like cutting the cancer out of a corpse. It's too late. /a/, /u/ and /co/ have no respect left for their moderators.

Exactly this. Same thing might happen to /pol/. Ours has similar problems, but that's because Kampfy began to kick out certain threeads for no reason, not because he was a total cunt to the users. Some characters from the 4chon days and some smelly NEETs from Warosu glomped on it.


You are always free to make a board about it or ask a more related one for shelter.

000000 No.6886

>(Aerolite) anytime you have a website filled with mostly white men, you're going to get an alt-right slant

>(Aerolite) if you want to keep yelling at trans people that they aren't really the gender they identify as, the fact of the matter is that you're a dinosaur. your kind are dying off. society doesn't agree with your backwards thinking anymore and you are going to start getting shunned from society if you treat people that way. so go ahead, don your alt-right hat, worship at the altar of your lord and emperor president pussygrabber, and stay the hell

>(Aerolite) away from us civilized folk

>(Aerolite) trump lost the popular vote

>(Aerolite) majority rules

>(Aerolite) your kind and your beliefs are dying and you can't handle it, can you?

>(Aerolite) you're losing

>(Aerolite) and it bothers you

>(Aerolite) basically, liberals can't win here. the trumpers have decided they're always right and their god trump is always right

>(Aerolite) we need to stop trying to be logical and reasonable with these people

These were collected while idling in #4chan on Rizon. If it is the official IRC channel for 4chan, these must be officially endorsed views.

9a19cf No.6887


No, they are not the official view of 4chan, unless Hiro utters these himself. These are just the penny wise opinions of a /mlp/ janitor. Thanks for collecting that shit though.

fe8520 No.6894


Should have just told him

>Guess what? He's still your president cuck, and I'm gonna enjoy watching you bitch for the next three years.

29a581 No.6646[Reply]


Leaking all the files possible since I quit on my own volition and was waiting for this moment.

Also, new meme, they do it for free 4chan gold account!

95 posts and 21 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

bd4c7d No.6875

File: de80c21b55b8b3f⋯.png (113.33 KB, 605x513, 605:513, near_a_tomato.png)


If that succeeds, they don't know where the competent part of Halfchan is going to end up; here. Their antics with Gamergate are also responsible for half the (made up) meta problems twitter had for the last 3 years. Guess where a huge swath of Anons ended up on during the aftermath of the banishment and how it has changed twitter. According to my opinion killing the site is a fucking cop out from the responsibility over one of the most anarchic lumps of humanity that is on the Internet. Neofag's demise turned out to be a fucking bloodbath until someone crammed Xenforo onto a server and called it Resetera. Nobody wanted Neogaf users. The problem with Anons is, that nobody can recognize them and most people don't know their lingo. I am certain that if 4chan dies, weird new communities will pop up like Mushrooms on other websites besides this place.

d5a31d No.6876


The issue with some of the older staff is that over time they have become jaded with the site and it's users. I really believe that they did care at some point. Over the period covered in the logs there's a very noticeable change in some of the more senior staff. 2012 for all it's faults really wasn't that bad in comparison to the later years, especially post exodus. 4chan as a cohesive community has dissolved. Every board feels so disjointed. There's no sense of community and shared interest. I can't imagine that there is any reward in moderating somewhere like that. The problem that Hiroyuki has is that some of the staff have been there since the start of 4chan. Even if it's obvious that the staff don't care anymore, he's still stuck with them because there is no one else with that level of experience. Removing them would be a risk that he probably has no interest in taking.

f3afb6 No.6877


this is one of the silliest posts i’ve ever seen here

d5a31d No.6890

File: eb63878565ec276⋯.png (59.48 KB, 963x575, 963:575, 1516962228778.png)

Dongfix is back?

bbeee0 No.6892


Then they should just up and quit,. I cannot understand why they continue to stay

File: 6e7ca740eca0540⋯.gif (132.01 KB, 393x424, 393:424, Flan.gif)

59efb1 No.6885[Reply]

Just popping in to say I appreciate the digging you guys do.

File: 9cf2c48e1793a21⋯.png (518.31 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 1515197128096.png)

15d8b7 No.6871[Reply]

It's that time again.

233cb7 No.6873

Already applied for /v/ and /r9k/ as a backup

File: 1443038432709.jpg (59.03 KB, 554x599, 554:599, Emperor Hirohito.jpg)

11ed6c No.4952[Reply]


Troid getting fired soon, comrades. I"m pretty sure the guy saw the poll or the thread about it since people posted it all over the place.

78 posts and 25 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

40b402 No.6851

You need to stop shitposting and ruining threads. That's the reason. I get that you're crippled by autism and don't understand the concept of conversation. All you know how to do is attack people who disagree with you, and having a hug box with people who do agree. You can't function normally, which is why your posts always stand out so much.

And no, "several people" never point out anything, it's always just you. You are the only person who thinks "!akemi" is real, and the only person so fucking obsessed with shitposting that it consumes yourself. You are also the only person who refuses to explain and detail anything you say, and just think that everyone else who's reading the thread will just mindlessly listen to you even though you have no proof or reasoning.

In short, ACK is a bad person, a degenerate.

7c8826 No.6852

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8cdee3 No.6853


Troid was fired so ACK wins.

a519e3 No.6898

File: c44273ba0708d61⋯.jpg (153.86 KB, 1440x810, 16:9, b81a8c21ec7b73636f4150b743….jpg)



>Troid is fired

Well, if it's the case, why your messenger is so mad?

00a90c No.6903


Probably because you pedophile fuck have nothing better to do than flaming him. At this point its not a problem with 4chan itself but with you.

File: aa3e6e5405dc325⋯.png (35.16 KB, 725x1000, 29:40, days_since_last_gaff.png)

b127a7 No.6763[Reply]

October 22 2017

Read the sticky!

[00:49] <Nurgle> So, would it be reasonable to ask about the whole Neogaf ban on /v/ here?


[00:50] <GWrecks> I hear NeoGAF is imploding so that might be related


[00:51] <GWrecks> Something about sexual something the owner and everyone has left except one mod

[00:51] <Nurgle> Well yeah, Neogaf is going on and off now due to most of their mods suddenly quitting, after it came out that their owner was a molester.

[00:51] <GWrecks> Oh so you know already

[00:51] <Nurgle> And obviously /v/ wants to talk about that, since Neogaf is an infamous video game forum, but it's been banned from disussion pretty randomly.

[00:52] <VIPPER> /v/ - Molestation

[00:52] <paimun> if neogaf goes down what will happen to @NeoGAFShitPosts

[00:52] <paimun> this is a tragedy

[00:52] <Nurgle> Mods aren't even allowing the Hiro approved meta threads to discuss it, they keep getting moved or deleted.

[00:53] <Nurgle> Just curious as to what the issue is.


[00:55] <Nurgle> Are the guys with % symbols mods? Really don't know how IRC works, kek. One of my first times using this.


[00:56] <RULE_BRITANNIA> Salam Alaikum brothers

[00:56] <DickTater> marhabba


[00:56] <RULE_BRITANNIA> which one of you niggerfaggots rangebanned my country from /v/

[00:56] <Nurgle> Don't seem to be any responses from mods tonight.

[00:57] <VIPPER> I

[00:57] <VIPPER> am carl brain

[00:57] <Nurgle> I'm trying to PM a few about similar issues with the /v/ happening.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
32 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

a1b037 No.6821


So basically she still can't get over GamerGate happening

8a4c00 No.6824


Are you retarded? The entire board is all about 4cuck moderation. We don't have moderators, only Global Volunteers who are the CP equivalent to a dog catcher. Nothing more, nothing less.


If you think that she believes in the confuse fable of Gamergate causing the Trump election; Yes, definitely yes. As far as I can tell from here, she can't get over Trump getting into power due to a huge Catalog of factors. Do you have an hour for a super offtopic effort post?

a1b037 No.6837


Well apparently the problem mods are still on /v/. Meaning BEAM and ABIB are still running amock

a1b037 No.6838

File: b4013601de218ba⋯.jpg (501.29 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20171204-151012.jpg)



I was right. The dirty dishrag slut is still the mod

503936 No.6839


Any potted plant can check whether a hotpocket is still around or not. Just go to Rizon and type /nick BEAM . Nickserv will bitch at you for trying to use her handle. Getting rid of a staff is nigh impossible for a common 4cuck, because you are always wrong. The only people who removed Janitors as far as we know are moot, rapeApe and Alternative. Unless BEAM nukes the board, there is no way she gets removed.

File: 1445679512943.jpg (707.16 KB, 1653x1100, 1653:1100, 39737807_p0.jpg)

a18dfd No.5056[Reply]

Even with a Japanese admin, I doubt the staff of 4chan is 100% ethnic friendly.


Best proof I have of this(for now).

Does anyone have more logs or anything useful that could hint of a race preference between 4chan staff?

11 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

bfc0f4 No.6725


>moot specifically said he sold 4chan to Hiro so that the site could go back to being a niche site for interests in japanese anime and culture

moot really lost his mind in last few years. Hiro wants to make money, which means the more redditors and tumblrtards on 4chan, the more money he makes because they tolerate the eye cancer ads and are too fucking stupid to use an adblocker.

3461c7 No.6726


Moot probably lied to the hot pockets or the public. For an accurate account on Hiro's nature, just ask CM. This could have been obvious since the 2ch takeover incident.

6ed402 No.6730


I'm pretty confident moot lied to the mods about selling the site. The last of the IRC leaked basically had the mods saying there was no way moot would ever sell 4chan to anyone. He did all of this behind their backs and most probably didn't know until the last minute.


I doubt Hiro makes any profit from 4chan. The server costs alone offset anything he could get from shitty third party ads. Then again, it was reported on /g/ a few months ago an ad was found that had the dead giveaways of a possible data mining scheme.


e59d8a No.6733


We don't know what moot has told the moderator channel. Speaking of: If you are a former mod who had access to it at the time span gamergate started, just leave a log here. We will gladly take it. Tom Hiro financing scheme…Its data fucking mining. Check out CM's account on that:

Things to know:

* 'Hiroyuki' recently purchased 4chan from Moot.

* 'Hottolink' is a Japanese big data analytics and data mining company. They specialize in mining and selling the data behind social media, blogs, and bbs/forums. They currently only provide service to Japanese and Chinese companies, utilizing data from 2ch, twitter, weibo, blogs, etc. Services they provide are product performance analysis and marketing solutions based on social media data.

* 'Niconico Douga' is Japan's equivalent of youtube. Hiroyuki is some kind of employed with their project. Hiroyuki's company Brazil Future Search provides the search solution for Niconico douga.

* '2ch.sc' is Hiroyuki's pirate site of 2ch.net. Hiroyuki made 2ch.sc to fulfill his contracts to Hottolink which provides him with millions of USD per annum according to Hottolink's published financial report[1].

* 'Brazil Future Search' is Hiroyuki's search engine company specializing in real-time search solutions. They currently provide search for Niconico Douga and 2ch.sc and others.

* 'Effyis' is a company that runs boardreader.com. They were recently bought out by Hottolink as the first expansion into the US market.

How Hiroyuki will sell 4chan data:

Step 1: Brazil Future Search will make a real-time search engine for 4chan text data only. They will forgo images because images are not important in data mining.

Step 2: The new 4chan search engine will provide data to Effyis (boardreader.com).

Step 3: Boardreader.com will add 4chan search to their board search.

Step 4: Effyis (boardreader.com) will provide a firehose of data to Hottolink (their Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

55ec87 No.6752

File: 91aedb3de6316cd⋯.jpg (37.44 KB, 480x360, 4:3, fishsperm.jpg)


Had dinner in Japan with Hiroyuki around 2011. He sat next to me and it was a "traditional japanese meal" with a ton weird shit in little dishes. One of the little dishes looked extra peculiar so I asked Hiroyuki what it was. He told me it was "fish sperm". I said something like, "gross", and he replied, "oh can I have it then?"

I gave Hiroyuki the dish of sperm and he devoured it like a fat kid eating cheerios during saturday morning cartoons.

File: 2e8b6c2974d73a8⋯.png (818.9 KB, 900x1000, 9:10, vivian and erin miracles.png)

File: 2cef0cf9981ee81⋯.jpg (75.59 KB, 640x480, 4:3, klepeks fucking face man.jpg)

File: 12d77a64bf1b6dd⋯.png (442.78 KB, 907x475, 907:475, 1415746065113.png)

bf633c No.5827[Reply]

This time I made a new thread for I got to the 24th June 2014.

Last thread: >>5264

biggest issues found

>/vg/ became a even worse shit hole than last year

>/vp/ got hammered with a lot reoccuring garbage but nothing was as bad as the antics of the gay shitposter Bui

>4chan is bleeding a lot of staff. ATIWAB, AoC, Duanemoody, McNuggets and Serwind are not part of the team anymore.

>Generals become a very controversial problem for Janny. Especially on /v/ when a game suddenly becomes popular.

>Huge leaks by unfaithful new Janitors show how fragile moot's vetting system is.

>Yotsuba still suffers from freezing issues.

>Steamfriends Threads get banned, because literal faggots where piggybacking gay ERP into /v/ with them.

>Dreamcast is not retro, is retro and not retro.

>Moot had a panel at AWA 2013 that was utter failure for /jp/ and /vp/

>Unteraltersbach gets an English release and hunted down on /v/, because VNs are not allowed, Porn isn't allowed there either and DOTDOTDOT didn't want to deal with it on /h/.

>The Gamecenter CX threads on /vr/ were a cesspool of drama around its subbers.

>The culture war had arrived on 4chan and it becomes even worse over it.

>Canv.as and Drawquest are going bankrupt. This would lead to 4chan getting sold to Hiro.

>4chan adopts the webm format.

>Baneposting becomes the most used meme on 4chan and huge PIA for Janny. Its also the genesis of meme magick, due to a coincidence that would occur over a year later.

>Shilling is still at large as a ignored issue. /v/ and /pol/ have doxed a fales 4chan global mod over it.


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
620 posts and 28 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c3cf6e No.6642

Wew, I read through the whole thread, took me nearly a day though.

Really show how much a shithole halfchan has become the last few years.

>moot making mistakes

>some Chinkike takes over

>hell breaks loose

406f6c No.6643


All this shit was going on when moot still owned 4chan. He planed his resign since canv.as went under though.

93b4df No.6644


Since this got bumped, Troid is still a mod. I know because he's still in charge of /u/ and he's still banning people who call him out

024ba9 No.6684

Little test bump to checkout whether this thread on the overboard.

4a6bc6 No.6746

great work, I like these types of monolithic threads

File: 1422244655053.png (371.71 KB, 618x410, 309:205, 1421997164244.png)

614e24 No.94[Reply]


Highlights include:

19:54:26] <FnFyZpXv> If it remains like that for a month might as well pull the plug
[19:54:39] <FnFyZpXv> After a week the board's gonna be a barren wasteland, we already have s4s
[19:55:28] <FnFyZpXv> A 4chan without /pol/ would be good. They wouldn't have a place to regroup and plan

[07:43:41] <Kobayashi> Does Baneposting go into Off-topic, or Quality of posts?
[07:44:02] <RapeApe> we're also getting rid of the Gamergate/Zoe Quinn/SJW shit on /v/ from now on
[07:44:42] <Kusanagi> RapeApe what CBS segment

[05:50:01] <Kobayashi> People go to 4chan to have fun, but that fun shouldn't be at the expense of others.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
98 posts and 20 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

98f7da No.6672


Also notice the people who are defending the mods. Its obvious they are either janitors or mods themselves running damage control for the manager.

a35c37 No.6682


Of course they're all liberals. Do you think Orthodox paleo-Catholic ultra-low-openness ultra-high-purity-seeking hierarchy-fellating tradtwitter hyper-normalfags are the kind of people who make anonymous hentai imageboards? /pol/ had a decade and the only thing they made on their own was Stormfront.

If I wanted to be an asshole, I'd point out that the sad case of 4chan sort of reflects the case of the west in general: a bunch of nice white people and jews make something, then niggers immigrate and burn it down.

d15975 No.6717

Study about the effects of getting too attached to Online media, namely sleep deprivation. This could explain why all organized shitposters are fuckups and why their behavior is so erratic.



>/pol/ had a decade and the only thing they made on their own was Stormfront.

This a very ignorant statement. /pol/ didn't exist until moot created it around 2012. Before he did that, there was /n/ and /new/. I have never heard of any /new/ users creating stormfront. I met a Stormfront user in a /i/ related channel however. Without the closure of /new/ however, our software base wouldn't exist. The closure of /new/ and the lack of access to decent Software that hasn't detoriated to shit were the prime motivations behind the development of tinyboard. Nowadays, about half of all alternative Image Boards are powered by its successor vichan. So /pol/ has created something of its own.

You can also be more dickish than that and point out how 4chan resembles Pax America west in the sense that it run by an ever changing, incompetent and unprincipled Elite with pretty much the same ideology (goonfaggotry) fucking it up for all the good Catholics, Orthodox and traditional Jews.

12bd9c No.6719


(((They))) admit themselves how "They run this place now and run our mods". The 2nd thread was 404'd not archived.

~CTR Coming Out Thread



d054df No.6720


All I see is paid organized shitposting motivated by the delusional fantasy, that /pol/ is behind the Trump election. I am pretty sure that Janny just doesn't take that serious enough.

8a660d No.5442[Reply]

Are you a God?

8a660d No.6279

File: f538a15d2456815⋯.jpg (18.52 KB, 151x151, 1:1, fsjal-mew.jpg)

Possibly, if you count pic related as a God.

ecfffa No.6683

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

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