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File: 1422319130840.png (250.49 KB, 661x499, 661:499, yotsuba.png)

3e6bb6 No.468[Reply]


4chan janitor logs from 2011 through to early 2015 have been leaked. Lots of juicy shit about every board with moderation problems, plenty of hotpocketeering and laughs to be had.

http://www.mediafire.com/download/iygnsl39bvtglza/%23janiteam.rar (proof offered by Janitor: http://imgur.com/a/kxXA2)*

Archived threads (expand this post to see more):

/meta/ threads**

https://archive.today/zN5Di - http://8archive.moe/meta/thread/52622/

https://archive.today/UNNEN - http://8archive.moe/meta/thread/53783/

https://archive.today/45VX6 - http://8archive.moe/meta/thread/55186/

/irc/ /a/ threads

https://archive.today/vaEdM - >>>/irc/90

https://archive.is/KvkMI - >>>/irc/1475

https://archive.is/3wQXr - >>>/irPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Post last edited at

File: 1422249018534.jpg (85.41 KB, 566x800, 283:400, 90043819503193fd102d5d70ac….jpg)

5d9596 No.147[Reply]


1. Global rules apply.

2. Spoiler NSFW/porn. This isn't a porn board, so try to keep it SFW.

3. Keep active doxing and any threats/actions against janitors in real life outside of /irc/.

4. Keep it related to 4chan's moderation and the logs.

Make an effort to self-moderate. Use the report button and ignore people that try to drag discussion off topic. Other than that, have fun ripping into the logs!

I'm not going to babysit retards sperging out over crack. Any /a/ thread that doesn't lead with new information along with dramafaggotry in general will be deleted.

Post last edited at

29a581 No.6646[Reply]


Leaking all the files possible since I quit on my own volition and was waiting for this moment.

Also, new meme, they do it for free 4chan gold account!

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3b01ed No.6734

I just got banned from 4chan (again).

This time, they quoted a rule which doesn't exist.

Thought about sending an e-mail to moot 2.0 about his mods working their own agenda in /pol/ but I decided fucked it.

3b01ed No.6735

At the risk of sounding paranoid, I've had the feeling since January (and growing stronger practically every week), that 4chan is under attack by people who are taking advantage of their loose hiring practices for janitors.

In other words… those organizations who lost the 2016 election partially because of 4chan /pol/s action are now destroying it from within by taking janitor jobs and using that position to fuck with the overall system.

They are doing this by…

1. Allowing multiple slide threads on the same off-topic subjects, while deleting posts that have hundreds of replies and active conversations on valid subjects.

2. By using short-term bans (2 days, 3 days), they can bypass the appeals process, which prevents them from being exposed.

3. By over-enforcing rules against some and not enforcing against others, they are just pissing off the regular members to walk away, which will eventually result in the collapse of the platform.

39e254 No.6736


Interesting. This needs some legwork and a long papertrail of evidence to get hammered into the heads of anons. As you cans see from the digging threads, the information we have is pretty outdated. at least 50% of the Jannes mentioned are gone, moot hadn't even retired at the time the logs end. What we can provide are some hints about Hiro's nature >>>/newspaper/ . He had already colluded with the Japanese establishment that led to the emmergence of the Nettouyo. Colluding with the burger PSYOPs is not as unlikely as people think of him. Hiro doesn't control the archives, yet. This means you can spread results on /ghost/. Another thing you can do is telling your friends about 8chan. This could be a hard one to swallow, because the only boards that made it are /v/, /u/, a half dead /jp/, /pol/ with /a/ style moderation and /tv/. Everything else simply doesn't exist here.

You can also contact us in our room on rizon any time. There are always at least some people lurking. Please be so nice and at least tell who you are.

c6bd75 No.6737


>This time, they quoted a rule which doesn't exist.

Writing a custom ban message takes more a lot more effort than using a template, so you must have pissed them off.


I've noticed this as well on 4/a/. 4/a/ has always been hostile to places like Crunchy Roll. Recently though threads about such sites are being protected by mods, meaning that /a/ can't use it's self moderation defense method of spamming shit threads off of the board. Sad Panda threads being moved to /h/ was likely due to pressure from sites selling doujin, like Fakku.

>In other words… those organizations who lost the 2016 election partially because of 4chan /pol/s action are now destroying it from within by taking janitor jobs and using that position to fuck with the overall system.

The mod team is known to have leftist sympathies. Kusanagi, probably /a/'s best mod was fired, while Troid was promoted. The difference between them was huge. Kusanagi was a redpilled stoner, who worked a blue collar job. Troid is a middle class liberal studying game design in Seattle.

>they are just pissing off the regular members to walk away, which will eventually result in the collapse of the platform.

They don't care. The bigger the site gets, the bigger their ego gets. Having control over what such a large amount of people can post probably gives them a raging hard boner.

3b01ed No.6738


> pissed them off.

Ya, I think the mod/janitor had his nose out of joint. There was a post about the newest iteration of the HWNDU project. The post got deleted after about 6 comments, so another went up. It got deleted, so 4 more went up.

I suspect that he/she just got frustrated and banned everyone who had commented in the post, even though my specific comment was about how it should be left alone.

I also have to assume that this mod/janitor went off shift shortly after because 2 hours later, there was an active thread with close to 300 comments that went along just fine without being deleted.

> bigger egos.

The problem is (even if they don't understand it) is that it is the integrity of the rules that makes a site like that work.

My personal opinion is that sites like that (or this) work because they're one of the few places left on the internet where people can have (sometimes) reasonable discussions about difficult subjects.

As such, they attract fanatical first amendment folk like me. But there is a certain trust involved in that sort of relationship; and their part of the bargain is that they don't delete posts strictly for content reasons.

They may learn the hard way (like the NFL and CNN have both learned), that when they poison their own well, the first symptom isn't a bunch of people complaining; it's a sudden and irreversible collapse in their membership.

File: 1445679512943.jpg (707.16 KB, 1653x1100, 1653:1100, 39737807_p0.jpg)

a18dfd No.5056[Reply]

Even with a Japanese admin, I doubt the staff of 4chan is 100% ethnic friendly.


Best proof I have of this(for now).

Does anyone have more logs or anything useful that could hint of a race preference between 4chan staff?

10 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

6ed402 No.6721

File: fc5c684e5b301dd⋯.png (64.34 KB, 959x572, 959:572, 6.png)


Based on some of the things they have said, such as right when when I_AM_ABIB says "I hate it when people think 4chan is a bastion of free speech", I think it shows the mods have zero respect for him. Swaglord has also made allusions to this as well. The mods outright hate Hiro because

1. Hiro is always MIA, even more so than moot was.

2. Hiro doesn't give a fuck about 4chan which probably pisses the mods off.

3. The mods are stuck in the mentality that moot's rules are still valid, even though Hiro now owns the site.

4. The mods hate how big 4chan has gotten. I say this because moot specifically said he sold 4chan to Hiro so that the site could go back to being a niche site for interests in japanese anime and culture. Instead Hiro decided to be hands off as possible so when the 2016 election rolled around, 4chan's traffic spiked exponentially.

Basically, mods flat out hate Hiro for being an absentee owner

bfc0f4 No.6725


>moot specifically said he sold 4chan to Hiro so that the site could go back to being a niche site for interests in japanese anime and culture

moot really lost his mind in last few years. Hiro wants to make money, which means the more redditors and tumblrtards on 4chan, the more money he makes because they tolerate the eye cancer ads and are too fucking stupid to use an adblocker.

3461c7 No.6726


Moot probably lied to the hot pockets or the public. For an accurate account on Hiro's nature, just ask CM. This could have been obvious since the 2ch takeover incident.

6ed402 No.6730


I'm pretty confident moot lied to the mods about selling the site. The last of the IRC leaked basically had the mods saying there was no way moot would ever sell 4chan to anyone. He did all of this behind their backs and most probably didn't know until the last minute.


I doubt Hiro makes any profit from 4chan. The server costs alone offset anything he could get from shitty third party ads. Then again, it was reported on /g/ a few months ago an ad was found that had the dead giveaways of a possible data mining scheme.


e59d8a No.6733


We don't know what moot has told the moderator channel. Speaking of: If you are a former mod who had access to it at the time span gamergate started, just leave a log here. We will gladly take it. Tom Hiro financing scheme…Its data fucking mining. Check out CM's account on that:

Things to know:

* 'Hiroyuki' recently purchased 4chan from Moot.

* 'Hottolink' is a Japanese big data analytics and data mining company. They specialize in mining and selling the data behind social media, blogs, and bbs/forums. They currently only provide service to Japanese and Chinese companies, utilizing data from 2ch, twitter, weibo, blogs, etc. Services they provide are product performance analysis and marketing solutions based on social media data.

* 'Niconico Douga' is Japan's equivalent of youtube. Hiroyuki is some kind of employed with their project. Hiroyuki's company Brazil Future Search provides the search solution for Niconico douga.

* '2ch.sc' is Hiroyuki's pirate site of 2ch.net. Hiroyuki made 2ch.sc to fulfill his contracts to Hottolink which provides him with millions of USD per annum according to Hottolink's published financial report[1].

* 'Brazil Future Search' is Hiroyuki's search engine company specializing in real-time search solutions. They currently provide search for Niconico Douga and 2ch.sc and others.

* 'Effyis' is a company that runs boardreader.com. They were recently bought out by Hottolink as the first expansion into the US market.

How Hiroyuki will sell 4chan data:

Step 1: Brazil Future Search will make a real-time search engine for 4chan text data only. They will forgo images because images are not important in data mining.

Step 2: The new 4chan search engine will provide data to Effyis (boardreader.com).

Step 3: Boardreader.com will add 4chan search to their board search.

Step 4: Effyis (boardreader.com) will provide a firehose of data to Hottolink (their Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1422244655053.png (371.71 KB, 618x410, 309:205, 1421997164244.png)

614e24 No.94[Reply]


Highlights include:

19:54:26] <FnFyZpXv> If it remains like that for a month might as well pull the plug
[19:54:39] <FnFyZpXv> After a week the board's gonna be a barren wasteland, we already have s4s
[19:55:28] <FnFyZpXv> A 4chan without /pol/ would be good. They wouldn't have a place to regroup and plan

[07:43:41] <Kobayashi> Does Baneposting go into Off-topic, or Quality of posts?
[07:44:02] <RapeApe> we're also getting rid of the Gamergate/Zoe Quinn/SJW shit on /v/ from now on
[07:44:42] <Kusanagi> RapeApe what CBS segment

[05:50:01] <Kobayashi> People go to 4chan to have fun, but that fun shouldn't be at the expense of others.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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98f7da No.6672


Also notice the people who are defending the mods. Its obvious they are either janitors or mods themselves running damage control for the manager.

a35c37 No.6682


Of course they're all liberals. Do you think Orthodox paleo-Catholic ultra-low-openness ultra-high-purity-seeking hierarchy-fellating tradtwitter hyper-normalfags are the kind of people who make anonymous hentai imageboards? /pol/ had a decade and the only thing they made on their own was Stormfront.

If I wanted to be an asshole, I'd point out that the sad case of 4chan sort of reflects the case of the west in general: a bunch of nice white people and jews make something, then niggers immigrate and burn it down.

d15975 No.6717

Study about the effects of getting too attached to Online media, namely sleep deprivation. This could explain why all organized shitposters are fuckups and why their behavior is so erratic.



>/pol/ had a decade and the only thing they made on their own was Stormfront.

This a very ignorant statement. /pol/ didn't exist until moot created it around 2012. Before he did that, there was /n/ and /new/. I have never heard of any /new/ users creating stormfront. I met a Stormfront user in a /i/ related channel however. Without the closure of /new/ however, our software base wouldn't exist. The closure of /new/ and the lack of access to decent Software that hasn't detoriated to shit were the prime motivations behind the development of tinyboard. Nowadays, about half of all alternative Image Boards are powered by its successor vichan. So /pol/ has created something of its own.

You can also be more dickish than that and point out how 4chan resembles Pax America west in the sense that it run by an ever changing, incompetent and unprincipled Elite with pretty much the same ideology (goonfaggotry) fucking it up for all the good Catholics, Orthodox and traditional Jews.

12bd9c No.6719


(((They))) admit themselves how "They run this place now and run our mods". The 2nd thread was 404'd not archived.

~CTR Coming Out Thread



d054df No.6720


All I see is paid organized shitposting motivated by the delusional fantasy, that /pol/ is behind the Trump election. I am pretty sure that Janny just doesn't take that serious enough.

8a660d No.5442[Reply]

Are you a God?

8a660d No.6279

File: f538a15d2456815⋯.jpg (18.52 KB, 151x151, 1:1, fsjal-mew.jpg)

Possibly, if you count pic related as a God.

ecfffa No.6683

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

File: 1460634631761-0.jpg (609.46 KB, 1200x1920, 5:8, 1456151856961.jpg)

File: 1460634631761-1.jpg (101 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 00002.jpg)

cda130 No.5264[Reply]

Last thread


The biggest issues found

>Faggots tried to get Neptunia shoved off to /vg/

>Feminism becomes more rampant thanks to Tropes vs Women and Felicia Day

>/v/ culture gets attacked left right and center

>/vg/ and the SC2 general in particular were such shitholes that they needed 2 new dedicated Janitors to deal wit them

>Various Tripfags like MT, Quentin and about everyone from the infamous IRC crew were shitting up /v/

>Mods and Janitors were sometimes abusing their position for trolling

>Raybrand, Kyobro, Nikka, Dongifx and one of the new /jp/ jannies are not 4chan staff anymore

>RapeApe on the other hand ascends very fast. Started out as /r9k Jannie in Summer 2012 and ends up as global mod in Winter 2013 Even the best Janitors from other boards didn't ascend that fucking fast.

>moot opens /q/

>Yotsuba gets an overhaul but its moderation tools were so borked that the Janitors had to rely on a 3rd party plugin by Duanemoody

>moot opened the Janitor applications again. Swaths of new Janitors come in

>moot wasn't happy with the Janitors requesting too many bans thus overburdening the moderators

>At various points there is proof that 4chan moderation is hostile as fuck towards spontanous threads by actual devs

>4chan Cup was ghettosized into /vg/ and /sp/

>Sound Threads are getting killed off with deletions, bans and filters

>/v/ moderation skips Harmony day

>Foolz Archive shits its pants.

>ROB threads get shitposted and sagebombed to death, ROB banned, Another person mistaken for ROB and other shenanigans centered around these threaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

487 posts and 24 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

cda130 No.5823

23rd June 2014

Sticky on begging threads

Jun 22 04:24:17 <Kusanagi> top lel

Jun 22 04:24:25 <Kusanagi> how long has that sticky been there

Jun 22 04:25:17 <anon-kun> what sticky?

Jun 22 04:26:13 <Kusanagi> The one on /v/

Jun 22 04:26:19 <Kusanagi> I assume since yesterday at least

Jun 22 04:26:43 <Kusanagi> with the redtext

Jun 22 04:27:40 <anon-kun> because steam summer sales, people think it's okay to beg for games

Jun 22 04:27:54 <Kusanagi> will you buy me games anon-kun

Jun 22 04:28:13 <anon-kun> I wish I could if i could use paypal here

Jun 22 04:28:27 <anon-kun> you may want to create a thread as ##mod

Jun 22 04:28:30 <anon-kun> ;)

Jun 22 04:28:35 <Kusanagi> lel

Jun 22 04:28:43 <Kusanagi> /v/ games pls

Jun 22 04:28:45 <Kusanagi> all the games

Jun 22 04:29:15 <anon-kun> but I beg most of them you will you Gone Home as a prank

Jun 22 04:29:22 <anon-kun> bet*


Jun 22 05:20:40 <WalterWhite> two days ago Kus

The begging for free steam games was really bad at the time. There was always some jackass bumming alms, because sometimes, a good soul comes along and gives out the game codes he doesn't need anymore.

other Highlights



cda130 No.5824

24th June 2014

More Rammus-chan

Jun 23 01:16:12 <KusKus> I know this person being talked about in /j/

Jun 23 01:16:16 <BEAM> >horse defecation

Jun 23 01:17:23 <KusKus> What makes you think that poster is the person being talked about in /j/ Arsarkinum

Jun 23 01:18:17 <KusKus> wubwubwub


Jun 23 01:18:58 <Arsarkinum> People are posting pictures of her

Jun 23 01:19:02 <Arsarkinum> and she's responding to them

Jun 23 01:19:18 <Arsarkinum> as if she is that person

Jun 23 01:19:37 <BEAM> Rammus?

Jun 23 01:19:47 <Arsarkinum> yeah

Jun 23 01:19:48 <BEAM> Because that was the name ona few of them

Jun 23 01:20:02 <Arsarkinum> and also

Jun 23 01:20:11 <Arsarkinum> a LoL post game screen was posted from a game that JUST happened

Jun 23 01:20:18 <Arsarkinum> that she was in

Jun 23 01:20:24 <Arsarkinum> so she's definitely in the thread too

Jun 23 01:20:52 <KusKus> welp

Jun 23 01:20:59 <KusKus> I lifted the one I gave

Jun 23 01:21:08 <KusKus> So if she posts again

Jun 23 01:21:17 <KusKus> I guess say something

Jun 23 01:21:35 <Arsarkinum> also if that post on /j/ is correct then she's underage as well

Jun 23 01:21:44 <KusKus> That post in /j/ is correct

Jun 23 01:21:53 <KusKus> I remember the whole thing with this poster

Jun 23 01:23:47 <BEAM> If she is really is underage, I am reimplimenting that old Underage then

Jun 23 01:24:59 <KusKus> Liyuri is the /j/ poster

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

cda130 No.5825

24th June 2014

Stop abusing goon lore!

Jun 24 01:17:53 <Mwara> https://boards.4chan.org/vp/thread/19733945#p19743435 seems to think I have it out for him for deleting/BRing a post (or two?) of his, though he could just be trolling

Jun 24 01:17:53 * badsled gives axism a noogie

Jun 24 01:18:28 <AnimeDad> Mkay

Jun 24 01:18:30 <Axism> what'd you delete his posts for

Jun 24 01:18:51 <Mwara> Either way I've noticed a lot of off topic/flaming going on in pokegirl threads lately, something he may or or may nor be a part of. Which I'm not even sure are entirely allowed or not

Jun 24 01:18:51 <AnimeDad> So what do you need advice on

Jun 24 01:19:06 <AnimeDad> His other posts look fine

Jun 24 01:19:14 <badsled> I say you BR him for Global 8.

Jun 24 01:19:17 <AnimeDad> No

Jun 24 01:19:32 <Axism> >implying global 8 applies to janitors

Jun 24 01:19:40 <Axism> You ain't a staff member nigga

Jun 24 01:19:46 <AnimeDad> Global 8 is misused way too much, it's only for severe rants against policy/moderation, not the mere mention or criticism of an action


Jun 24 01:20:12 <badsled> Ha! I only gave what I promised to give… Terrible advice…

Jun 24 01:20:15 <badsled> and noogies…

Jun 24 01:20:22 <AnimeDad> Thanks DOTDOTDOT

Jun 24 01:20:29 <Mwara> Axism: Not entirely sure, since I don't know who he is, but I think I BRed a post of his replying to a shit ton of posts saying "this art is shit" and then went on a rant about how 4chan moderation sucks, which I BRed him for

Jun 24 01:20:29 <AnimeDad> Hey man it's all wPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

cda130 No.5826

Anonymous began as a troll group founded at the beginning of the Internet fight called Subata Wars which was about a third party side plagiarizing the meme Longcat. That group and the call to netfight against the plagiarizer originated from 4chan, but it had to move to 420chan's /i/, because moot banned raids and especially that raid. They already had some coders and script kids among them who made their flooding tools. One of these tools was Longcat flooder, the predecessor of the infamous DDoS program LOIC. It and LOIC work like this: You log into it and tell what its target it and floods the target with requests. If I got that right, LOIC is the first DDoS program that actually has a central server to origanize the attack. This was shortly after the time when Smurfing was THE stress based method taught to script kiddies on lamer forums and entry level Hacker TXTs. Shortly after the netfight over longcat was over, the hacker on steroids report on Fox and the infamous banned Tom Cruise video came out. The group goofed around with other things like helping goons going after a feminist blog called biting beaver that led to the leftoid take over of Something Awful and making fun of a wapanese slut with the handle Applemilk. Right after this, they started the troll project Chanology. Being anon during the protest was a huge concern and people came up with all kinds of methods. The Guy Fawkes that got widely adopted were not inspired by V for Vendetta or the original Gunpowder Treason Plot. but by a meme stickman comic called Epic Fail Guy. The character would usually fail spectacularly in whatever he does. The trollgroup was in charge of all its troll plots during the vast majority of its existince, except late chanology that got the attention of people who were going after Scientology for years and liberals. It was taken over by the latter The original group slowly dissolved and split into many other cells. However, they left a huge infrastructure to the internet in form of remnant /i/nvasion themed Image Boards, their own IRC network and a huge ass wiki with all kinds of useful articles and tools all around mass invading things online and hacking. As far as I am aware, Lulzsec was a mix of original members and copycats. They got betrayed by the insane tranny Laurelai. There were more things like invitations of a hacker group called Glass and or beef with a guy called Wuori, but that is not of importance anymore. As I have already wPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

cda130 No.5829

Next thread right here, in >>5827

000000 No.6687[Reply]

I've been wanting to ask this for a very long time: What does the delete interface look like? how does it work, is there a cool down? Any details about tiny things like buttons is very nice

2a9ddd No.6712

You can find this all the regular digging threads and in the proof provided by the first leaker right here:


It doesn't look much different from here. What is different from here is the ban request system and the premade ban reasons that where introduce in September 2012. All bans have to be requested, i.e. the post question gets send up to a separate queue for the Moderators. There are no cooldowns. This is how it was possible for a stressed out /jp/ janitor to wipe the entire board. Polite sage. This thread just shows that I should make a index for all relevant topics.

File: 2e8b6c2974d73a8⋯.png (818.9 KB, 900x1000, 9:10, vivian and erin miracles.png)

File: 2cef0cf9981ee81⋯.jpg (75.59 KB, 640x480, 4:3, klepeks fucking face man.jpg)

File: 12d77a64bf1b6dd⋯.png (442.78 KB, 907x475, 907:475, 1415746065113.png)

bf633c No.5827[Reply]

This time I made a new thread for I got to the 24th June 2014.

Last thread: >>5264

biggest issues found

>/vg/ became a even worse shit hole than last year

>/vp/ got hammered with a lot reoccuring garbage but nothing was as bad as the antics of the gay shitposter Bui

>4chan is bleeding a lot of staff. ATIWAB, AoC, Duanemoody, McNuggets and Serwind are not part of the team anymore.

>Generals become a very controversial problem for Janny. Especially on /v/ when a game suddenly becomes popular.

>Huge leaks by unfaithful new Janitors show how fragile moot's vetting system is.

>Yotsuba still suffers from freezing issues.

>Steamfriends Threads get banned, because literal faggots where piggybacking gay ERP into /v/ with them.

>Dreamcast is not retro, is retro and not retro.

>Moot had a panel at AWA 2013 that was utter failure for /jp/ and /vp/

>Unteraltersbach gets an English release and hunted down on /v/, because VNs are not allowed, Porn isn't allowed there either and DOTDOTDOT didn't want to deal with it on /h/.

>The Gamecenter CX threads on /vr/ were a cesspool of drama around its subbers.

>The culture war had arrived on 4chan and it becomes even worse over it.

>Canv.as and Drawquest are going bankrupt. This would lead to 4chan getting sold to Hiro.

>4chan adopts the webm format.

>Baneposting becomes the most used meme on 4chan and huge PIA for Janny. Its also the genesis of meme magick, due to a coincidence that would occur over a year later.

>Shilling is still at large as a ignored issue. /v/ and /pol/ have doxed a fales 4chan global mod over it.


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
619 posts and 27 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

449b6e No.6515

File: 33b409e2de7fb17⋯.png (239.78 KB, 570x570, 1:1, 33b409e2de7fb17d4e859fa71d….png)



c3cf6e No.6642

Wew, I read through the whole thread, took me nearly a day though.

Really show how much a shithole halfchan has become the last few years.

>moot making mistakes

>some Chinkike takes over

>hell breaks loose

406f6c No.6643


All this shit was going on when moot still owned 4chan. He planed his resign since canv.as went under though.

93b4df No.6644


Since this got bumped, Troid is still a mod. I know because he's still in charge of /u/ and he's still banning people who call him out

024ba9 No.6684

Little test bump to checkout whether this thread on the overboard.

85c289 No.6558[Reply]

03a265 No.6562

Finally saw what apparently boils down to anti-news. The teenbro crowd has now moved on to freech, the odl guard has vanished into the exciting world of Altchans. Opening /ghost/ on Warosu again is like puking on a fermented cat litter full of maggots at this point.

1c067d No.6679

Dead again as of 7/10/2017

e46dd6 No.6680


there is no such thing as a teenbro

if you show a W his own posts from a year earlier he'll try to undergo fission in order to distance himself

40e479 No.5037[Reply]

I've noticed there's a great deal of drama on /qa/ recently. Specifically, a number of users are calling for most or all of the mods to be fired. There's a lot of shitposting about it, and /qa/ is being flooded with shitposting while threads that directly concern mods are being deleted.

Has anything been said in the IRC about this?

7 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

40e479 No.6347


Wrong. It's back. Don't you people ever get tired of retarded conspiracies?

40e479 No.6361

File: 47bae7e42108e51⋯.jpeg (103.31 KB, 384x313, 384:313, 1434914737503.jpeg)


So you come back one week later to indirectly admit, that Yotsuba's back end spazzed out on Halfchan again?

The only conspiracy I see is the one with a bunch of 4chan Moderators conspiring with each other to keep the logs as far away from the 4chan userbase as technical and legalistically possible to safe themselves the fallout, because they don't trust the users. They wouldn't even share the time with their own users.

40e479 No.6362

>Don't you people ever get tired of retarded conspiracies?

You know what? Your post is the perfect opportunity to spoop you a little while getting out some steam. Yes, I am tired of retarded conspiracies. Would you please stop to plan and execute them and then beat yourself with a bull whip? I have seen what you think of your own users, especially when they are more liberty oriented. I know exactly that you trust Anon as far as moot's beard grows. This is partly why you keep these logs away from 4chan with a filter. After all, if more people knew your bullshit reasons for banning gamergate and what you had to say about your competition and their user base, who knows how many you will lose. I am really eager to see, how much the next blunder will scrape off from halfchan. With his last fuck ups, moot "only" managed to lose about a million Users, another 100.000 or so from slow as fuck 2D random board, one porn board and drive the mainstream internet absolutely bonkers. Your failure might be more ebin than that. I am even inclined to bet that next time, all hell would break lose.

Don't worry though, the time of hiding shit might be over in 2 weeks.

9603fe No.6673

Mods have purposely let /qa/ be overrun by numerous /jp/ spinoffs such as our /jp/, ota.ch, and others so all meta talk is basically pushed off the board. The good meta threads end up getting pushed to the bump limit by a bot that spams nothing but 2hu images and old /jp/ copypastas

c8e743 No.6678


t. Frog discord concern troll

File: ae2e4916043efd8⋯.gif (1.13 MB, 500x281, 500:281, 96909685b4b42777e1eb926df0….gif)

ac17f4 No.6258[Reply]

Does anyone have logs of the indoctrination process? I plan on applying for hotpocket whenever the recruitment opens, and I'd love to have a head start for whenever it opens up.

I'll be sure to bring you spicy IRC leaks!

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

9076b4 No.6506


They look for social media presence, so they can know you before you know them. The amount of shit these people have on social media is shocking. You would think that being anonymous would be priority, but it isn't. They use their IRC nicks in other channels and on other sites. Troid using his mod name for his dating profile is one of the more terrible examples.

7dc342 No.6509



>another flaw in your idea is their paranoia that has been formed by Yotsuba itself.

pls explain

2e27fd No.6513


Well, Yotsuba doesn't show anyone below moderator any IPs. So all they can do while cleaning the board is guessing, if the board has no IDs. /v/ and their related boards don't have them but the most issues with organized shitposters. First there are attentionwhores like Manlet Tears and Bui, on /vg/, guilds (usually the goon ones) bring their drama into the threads and /v/ is often spammed with bullshit template threads that have to be handled as not video games. On top come all the fun leaks that has hit #janiteam itself during since at least a year before the 4th of July raid.

The only adequate remedies are pattern recognition and spying. Are you surprised about some of them wearing a phat tinfoil hat? Here you can see at least IP hashes that are UIDs since CM has exchanged the hashing algorithm lately.

e4edcc No.6617


Explanation of the mod tools sounds very interesting, actually.

f03fe3 No.6647

e0692e No.6622[Reply]

8 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

927cf6 No.6632


Niggerwood was a mod, not a janitor. As for that I don't know. He apparently went off to basic training and joined the army according to the IRC leaks.

92d2ec No.6635

daf46d No.6636



Kazisho is /vp/, not /a/ unless Hiro had the extremely unwise idea of promoting him. The MAL contacts are not saying much. Kazisho likes to keep tabs on shitposters and MAL is one of the vectors he is doing that through.

daf46d No.6637

File: 37ded16e77ae8ec⋯.png (176.42 KB, 1920x1452, 160:121, 15015238699341.png)

File: bc165936bd1f447⋯.png (97.17 KB, 1920x901, 1920:901, 15015239889143.png)

File: c9a1d30232b718b⋯.png (163.28 KB, 1920x1242, 320:207, 150152392494.png)

File: 125e2011b7a599c⋯.png (74.06 KB, 1920x901, 1920:901, 15015247176023.png)

I must say that Kazisho's MAL is similar to a bogstandard Animania profile. The fug? Its like I am in the early 2000s again.


927cf6 No.6645


Hiro doesn't do anything in regards to mods or janitors. The mods are against Hiro. Hiro believes that an admin's job is to pay server bills and maintain the site, and that's it.

File: 694f18c2a973731⋯.png (504.48 KB, 801x641, 801:641, 32.png)

File: a8a6458960f37ac⋯.png (82.88 KB, 965x575, 193:115, 1499111704840.png)

43e500 No.6560[Reply]

Was there anything uncovered about the mod known as yournamehere in the leaks? Recently this faggot has been making his presence much more known and he's proving to be almost worse than Troid when it comes to arrogance and being a condescending prick toward users. There's also apparently a new mod I haven't seen before named nana-chan who is just as bad

8 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

43e500 No.6621


And I still don't understand why RapeApe is so high up, considering he's literally a newfag. And why was he promoted from janitor to mod in only a year's time? There's just no explanation for it other than RapeApe is a close friend of moot's

2d947d No.6623


This. It is still kinda mystery to us how he got promoted so quickly. Maybe moot liked how much he did it for free on /r9k/ and /tg/. This still doesn't explain his quick ascension into the higher echelons of 4chan. Logically, promoting Alternative, dongfix or ATIWAB into that position would have been more justified.

43e500 No.6633


>Maybe moot liked how much he did it for free on /r9k/ and /tg/.

That's how Troid became a mod as quick as he did.

>This still doesn't explain his quick ascension into the higher echelons of 4chan. Logically, promoting Alternative, dongfix or ATIWAB into that position would have been more justified.

There in lies the question. Why did moot trust RapeApe over seasoned veterans like ALTERNATIVE or dongfix? Hell even Swaglord would have made more sense. What exactly is moot's relationship with him?

d5f706 No.6634


[16:28:54] * Kazisho has quit (Quit: Gone)

]16:28:54] * nana-chan has quit (Quit: Gone)

Both quit at the same time in different channels.

43e500 No.6638


nana-chan is still a janitor

File: 1422253146465.jpg (8.8 KB, 165x163, 165:163, Hitler_trollface_close-up.jpg)

ca02df No.208[Reply]

[10:58:57] <yetsturdy> I wish /pol/ was smart enough to understand postmodernism

(17:52:41) +yetsturdy: That will open your mind like postmodernism.

[14:25:38] <RapeApe> half of /pol/ doesn't know what politics is
[14:25:43] <RapeApe> they just like epic jew memes
[14:25:51] <Axism> Unfortunately
[14:26:36] <Axism> It's looking more and more like /b/ with jews
[14:27:11] <Axism> The price of freedom is real

[21:02:07] <Tripon> So that means /pol/ gets 100000000 janitors.
[21:02:10] <ThinMint> So not us
[21:02:11] <Cephei_> Did I hear problem board?
[21:02:21] <Aliens> Isn't every board a problem board?
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
222 posts and 30 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

2bc59e No.6609

(05:26:48) ‹+VCR_Working› amusingly my friend's bf made the thread

(05:26:55) ‹Anikitan› ha

(05:27:10) ‹Anikitan› my friends boyfriend keeps shitposting

(05:27:22) ‹Anikitan› and i have to keep ban requesting the stuff he posts

(05:27:33) ‹Anikitan› and then he complains to me on skype about the new janitor being an asshole

(05:27:48) ‹Anikitan› "maybe if you didn't shitpost as much…"

(05:27:53) ‹+VCR_Working› it's funny because nobody noticed the filename

(05:28:07) ‹Anikitan› "No, he's just an asshole, threads are always like this, if the janitor doesn't like it then he can leave"

(05:28:21) ‹+VCR_Working› >ihatemyself.jpg

(05:28:25) ‹Anikitan› ha

(05:28:56) ‹+yournamehere› I've BR'd one of my IRL friends on /sp/ I don't know how many times

(05:29:05) ‹+yournamehere› for shitposting

(05:29:18) ‹+yournamehere› its amusing when they complain

(05:29:31) ‹+yournamehere› FAGGOT MOD DOESN'T KNOW /sp/ CULTURE

(05:29:35) ‹Anikitan› lol

(05:30:07) ‹+VCR_Working› well the guy is pretty cool otherwise

(05:30:10) ‹+VCR_Working› tbh


(05:32:14) ‹+VCR_Working› he even applied to be a janitor for /v/

(05:32:42) ‹+VCR_Working› dunno if they went through his application or not, would be humourous if he did end up joining

(05:37:07) ‹Anikitan› ha

(06:15:54) ‹%kami`› I mean, don't target people who are obviously trying to get at you


(06:18:54) ‹Anikitan› well yeah i don't

(06:19:10) ‹Anikitan› that would be silly

(06:19:23) ‹Anikitan› it just so happens that some of the worst shitposters also don't like me

(06:19:46) ‹Anikitan› the others i leave free to dislike me however much they want

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

2bc59e No.6610

(11:13:17) ‹+ATIWAB› >trying to relax at work, reading Forbes

(11:13:20) ‹+ATIWAB› >http://www.forbes.com/sites/parmyolson/2012/10/18/how-4chans-chris-poole-runs-his-web-giant-on-a-shoestring/?utm_campaign=forbestwittersf&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social

(11:13:24) ‹+ATIWAB› >can't get away from this faggot


(11:22:32) ‹+AoC› ok, this article has glaring errors

(11:22:49) ‹+AoC› for one, the biggest DMCA offender board has threads that are months old

(11:23:25) ‹%Katsurugi› I think it's just taken from a talk he had

(11:23:36) ‹%Katsurugi› and they just kind of filled in the blanks where they felt like they needed to

(11:25:18) ‹+fsdfdsf› > It also doesn’t archive its content

(11:25:23) ‹+fsdfdsf› hehehe

(11:25:35) ‹+WalterWhite› well

(11:25:53) ‹+fsdfdsf› No archive for /b/

(11:25:58) ‹+fsdfdsf› And a lot of the boards

(11:26:00) ‹+fsdfdsf› But some are

(11:27:23) ‹%Katsurugi› not first party archive mechanisms though

(11:27:25) ‹+AoC› it's not like fuuka is 4chan hosted, or even officially sponsored

(11:27:34) ‹+WalterWhite› yeh

(11:27:58) ‹+fsdfdsf› yea

(11:28:38) ‹+AoC› I'd say that what the article missed is the power that comes from a deeply invested userbase that is willing to come in droves to volunteer for no pay just to keep things running smoothly

(11:29:23) ‹+fsdfdsf› Indeed

(22:08:10) ‹+RapeApe9k› or maybe kami` could look into it

(22:08:32) ‹%kami`› hi

(22:08:51) ‹+RapeApe9k› kami`, i'm a janitor for /soc/ now, and i wanted to ask about getting a sticky

(22:09:24) ‹+RapeApe9Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

2bc59e No.6611

(00:22:20) ‹+AoC› crossboard raid /mlp/-/v/

(00:22:29) ‹+AoC› long night ahead

(00:23:34) ‹+Beam› oh man

(00:23:36) ‹+AlBorland› where at?

(00:23:41) ‹+AlBorland› i'll phone in an ion cannon

(00:24:21) ‹+Beam› …wait a minute

(00:24:24) ‹+Beam› no you can'

(00:24:24) ‹+Beam› t

(00:24:35) ‹+Beam› stop lying like that it gives us hope


(00:35:07) ‹+AoC› ponies in /v/ didn't last long fortunately

(01:08:37) ‹+Beam› https://boards.4chan.org/q/res/241660#p241660 this nigga for real?

(09:37:25) ‹+fsdfdsf› https://boards.4chan.org/q/res/241334

(09:37:39) ‹+fsdfdsf› Oh boy, we even got the tinfoil hat people blaming loli mod

(10:38:50) ‹%kdel› what's going on?

(10:39:09) ‹+fsdfdsf› http://youtu.be/ks8xuYRPnWM this kdel

(10:40:18) ‹%kdel› reddit had a jailbait forum?

(10:40:27) ‹+fsdfdsf› Yea and that dude made it

(10:40:28) ‹+WalterWhite› several iirc

(10:40:29) ‹+fsdfdsf› lmao

(10:40:39) ‹+fsdfdsf› And got an award for it

(10:41:01) ‹%kdel› ha, what a guy

(10:41:07) ‹+fsdfdsf› lololol

(10:41:19) ‹+WalterWhite› theyll show you the shit he got too kdel

(10:41:32) ‹+fsdfdsf› It's funny and sad at the same time

(10:41:47) ‹%kdel› god, is this cnn trying to be hip and modern with tody's kids?

(10:41:54) ‹AstronautBear› did they ever say what the prizes were?

(10:42:06) ‹+WalterWhite› yeah, a gold plated Reddit alien

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

2bc59e No.6612

(00:04:05) ‹+WalterWhite› http://boards.4chan.org/v/res/159234249

(00:05:45) ‹+Beam› yep

(00:06:28) ‹+WalterWhite› why is it that every neptunia thread made is made with the exact same picture

(00:06:41) ‹+WalterWhite› im deleting that one due to:

(00:06:44) ‹+WalterWhite› https://archive.foolz.us/v/search/image/0JSKsVh-TdBqRNLY_fTSIg/

(00:06:48) ‹+Beam› it's a common picture grabbed from google?

(00:06:50) ‹+WalterWhite› trolling hard

(02:12:13) ‹+Beam› man /v/ why do you go to shit so quickly


(02:26:40) ‹+Beam› annnnd we got the dubs spammer in a Arc-whatever it was called game thread


(02:32:15) ‹+Beam› we're never going to get that mute option, are we

(02:32:38) ‹BluRay› hidoi

(02:39:48) ‹+Beam› i just

(02:39:55) ‹+Beam› want to play videogames

(02:39:59) ‹+Beam› I wanna play my sonics

(02:46:47) ‹+Beam› oh wow big the cat is on the first level?

(06:47:37) ‹%dongfix› holy fuck

(06:47:42) ‹%dongfix› how many times do i have to tell nikka

(06:47:51) ‹%kami`› sup

(06:48:03) ‹%dongfix› he needs to stop using "Other…" on ban reqs for trolling

(06:48:13) ‹%kami`› yeah

(06:48:20) ‹%kami`› we should just remove that

(06:48:40) ‹%kami`› leave it for global janitors

(06:48:43) ‹%kami`› idk

(16:20:07) ‹+AoC› someone please cover /v/

(16:20:21) ‹+AoC› because apparently weekend is piling up and I'm still busy

(00:21:28) ‹+AoC› Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

2bc59e No.6613

(11:38:42) ‹+AoC› /q/ sure is negative and angry lately

(11:38:59) ‹+AoC› we need more relaxed mod posts and moot being active again

(11:45:53) ‹+fsdfdsf› >Hey Moot I think you once told somebody that: if you don't like how 4chan is going you can make your own imageboard or go to any of the already exiting imageboards.

(11:45:53) ‹+fsdfdsf› >Why don't you sticky that with a tutorial of how to make your own imageboard and a list of other imageboards?

(11:46:06) ‹+fsdfdsf› >How do I make image board

(11:46:10) ‹+fsdfdsf› >gibe me guides

(11:46:12) ‹+fsdfdsf› lol

(12:20:53) ‹+cisrulez› when are we getting more janitors

(12:21:00) ‹%dongfix› ask moot only he knows

(12:21:31) ‹+AoC› the question is have you mods gone through the apps already


(12:43:00) ‹~moots› yes, everyone magically sifted through 10,000 apps in four weeks

(14:36:36) ‹+Azatsu› as far as I can tell

(14:36:42) ‹+Azatsu› the issue about daily threads on /v/

(14:36:52) ‹+Bloom› /v/ has daily threads?

(14:36:55) ‹+Azatsu› is that there are autists that live for /v/

(14:36:57) ‹+Bloom› i guess

(14:36:58) ‹+Azatsu› uhh, I thought they had?

(14:36:58) ‹+Bloom› 4am

(14:37:07) ‹+Bloom› but im too busy at 4am now to be around fo rthem

(14:37:12) ‹+Azatsu› and they will hate it just because it's

(14:37:18) ‹+AoC› I'm too asleep to check on them too

(14:37:19) ‹+Azatsu› it's not exactly vidya

(14:37:24) ‹+Bloom› yeah

(14:37:28) ‹+Bloom› i wish we could just delete them

(14:37:31) ‹+Bloom› i hate grey areas

(14:37:35) ‹+Bloom› but i understand it also

(15:03:45) ‹+AoC› Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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