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File: 4400f9e1783a171⋯.jpg (161.08 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, a7c8a52eeae006f45b7382227f….jpg)




Primary: https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/FAQ

Root directory: https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/blob/master/

Mirror: https://ghostbin.com/paste/kphw2


Official git: https://github.com/Free-Cities/Free-Cities

Latest Official Release: https://mega.nz/#!KpZxDIqB!mjdJhhAjsSZrS7uAdcnseTn-w__UwWtVDx5r9cIWRW8

Official vector art: https://mega.nz/#!bkYw0TgA!725PDOAR457C2tHk57w3k9BusAo-XTb7u0kH3Hcb7qs

Pregmod git: https://gitgud.io/pregmodfan/fc-pregmod

Latest Pregmod Release: v52: https://mega.nz/#!EMokBLTA!XnoLxXFOOvjHQF7a5zsXKhts7XQCnjseMgtS7ybr0N8

Additional vector art for pregmod: https://mega.nz/#!0HgAGbZC!u_EoLE_jSflccW-WL7tvt8t3udvmYZmFqhhg33v6_XU

This is a thread primarily for non-furry discussion of Pregmod, a mod for Free Cities. Furrymod/monster girl conversation is to be held in a separate thread.

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Is there any chance for orgasm denial used for cellblocks?



>Wondering if there's a catch somewhere.

I'l check the code (once I figure out where it is).

>…not sure what BC is but I don't think so.

Backwards Compatibility, mainly used on saves made with an older version.



Just basic flavor text or something more advanced?



Can't you set their punishment to chastity? Unless you mean bringing them close but never letting them have it. In that case, maybe a clit piercing set to all to emulate it until someone makes something proper.




completely fresh start as with all my bug hunts


That was it, at least, I hope. Currently on a bug run in v84 and did not get it, two whores in, no madam. The same with the club, except more people.

File: 9d9cb58b1210336⋯.png (2.01 MB, 1800x3212, 450:803, towergrills_anon.png)

File: ab9da6e8e07a97c⋯.jpg (7.92 MB, 4504x6184, 563:773, ab9da6e8e07a97c885527b8a43….jpg)

File: cc77a02d668a6a4⋯.png (302.54 KB, 700x990, 70:99, d46ceac52b539e4cfaac8e3fbe….png)


Tower Girls General: Eternal Silence Edition

>What is Tower Girls?

See first pic related. It started as an old drawfag game on /tg/ that was collaborated on until Towerfag decided to make an actual vidya out of it (See archives). It's supposed to be about rescuing princesses from towers.

Towergirls, Kingdom Conquest (what started it)

Link to towerfag's 0.12.6c game: https://mega.nz/#!AjYmlaDJ!sq9h2c9oDTCV03t2rGsqR7PvtaAsopou7zhq0vQs4cY

NEWFAG WARNING: "Vanilla" Game is chock full of NTR

Dev Blog: https://towerkc.blogspot.co.uk

Notice: /hgg/ is not for doxxing and doesn't wanted to be associated with it, doubly so during this whole legal fiasco. If you insist on doing it anyways, please take all doxxing over to /baphomet/ or the thread at >>>/cow/287179

Towergirls Crusader's Glory (Name Uncomfirmed)

Link to MV Anon's tutorial: https://nofile.io/f/YysxbJQ9S9o/Towergirls+_Crusaders.zip

pass: letmein

Link to MV Anon's Editable Version: https://nofile.io/f/rYxf0ZX9Jc1/Towergirls+_Crusaders.7z

Pass: letmeedit

Towergirls Subtitle Pending Edition

Note: This is not a porn game

Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?7diougjr3didp1u

ForumsPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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It's a huion, just like gats. Wacom is supposedly pretty good too though.



UPDATE: SATA cables arrived today. I was able to copy files, but it's copying at an extremely slow rate (we're talking Kb/sec with major lag on a Gb/sec cable/3.0 connection) so I tried making a clone onto an external hard drive I picked up. No dice… It's been going for 4 hours and it's still reading as initializing. The external hard drive's light is staying consistently on whereas the internal's light is flickering constantly, so obviously data of some sort is being transferred so I don't dare end the operation (not until I hit like the 8 hour mark anyways with no results or the hard drive gets too hot). Had issues with random disconnects at the start, but I turned on USB always on and that fixed that issue.

I'm gonna see if I can run data recovery software, but I'm not optimistic since it's having a hard time accessing the one set of folders I'm really trying to copy over (personal files) while having only minor issues accessing program files and such… Fuck.



Also, that's pretty awesome, anon.

Polite sage.



Additionally it's strange, because most of my executeables still work trying to run them off the slightly damaged internal drive…



Try recovering just one individual file inside one of the folders and see if that works. There may be something that got corrupted when your laptop fell, though i doubt it.

File: adf732340b049fb⋯.jpg (1.13 MB, 2100x2310, 10:11, b4dbf0326d993560de95c6e152….jpg)


Download links to the main releases (Start here if you're new):


General Pastebin:


About the Translation:

Anyone can help with the translation project - ask about it on Discord.

We use machine translators to get the meaning, and transcribe it into English.

Basic reference for era code:


Discord Chat:


Git repository:


*You need an account. Here's a throwaway you can use:

era / eraeraera


-Specify the game that you're talking about

-Check the FAQ section of the pastebin first

-Please report any bugs. Save files often help.

-If you cry about NTR being removed it isn't because its censorship, your taste is just garbage

Previous threads:

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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I need to update the git guide to account for the role changes. It should work if you use the era account in place of a personal account though, as a quick temporary fix.



Jesus christ if I could delete your post I would. No one was talking about it for fucking days until you brought it up. Fuck off


File: 275333ea53ceaa9⋯.jpg (493.67 KB, 983x1400, 983:1400, orinandthesanaeprinciple.jpg)


Fine then.

But keep the picture.


TohoReverse is getting pretty disappointing.

taking rests constantly. they rarely do the interesting actions, and even when they do it goes right back to the same old ones again. multi turn actions very rarely get finished. and its grindy as fuck without cheating.



Do they ever fuck your butt if they are futas? I've played it quite a bit but they just use tools and fingers a bit.

File: 1496a8c23290aee⋯.png (725.53 KB, 1349x674, 1349:674, fet1.png)

File: d677112ecde154c⋯.png (794.81 KB, 1353x951, 451:317, fet4.png)

File: 65f218fcd9ce40c⋯.png (726.13 KB, 1356x950, 678:475, fet2.png)

File: 65bb4a385ea2645⋯.png (435.88 KB, 1353x921, 451:307, fet3.png)


Just a Katara trainer at the moment someone posted the alpha version on >>>/htg/


I just got done playing, it's decent, alot of fucking content for a alpha.

Arts alright and the scenes all have a bit of animation.

The writing is heavily influenced by Akabur WHORE! little bit annoying at times decent at others. the general gameplay is less grinding but similar to Akaburs stuff as well.

Pretty much a sideways clone of Akaburs games but it's actually worth keeping a eye on.

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Thats the thing that gets you the password to go in at night yeah? If so yep.



Do you unlock any 'extra' scenes when you get Waterbending maxed anyhow? With book 2 slave route your scenes basically change from 3/3 -> 3/4 at some point in the story.



When in doubt, keep hunting.


What does the purchasable slave girl in Mai's shop do in Book 2? I've gone through the slave route and didn't see anywhere I could make use of that.



in the slave route, nothing. In the love route you can sell them to the guy in the trench coat and he will pay you more form them than you bought them for

File: bed682ea52f2f48⋯.jpg (49.89 KB, 353x500, 353:500, PCG03320.jpg)


Because it's so rare to get a decent vanilla game these days I am not letting interest in this game die until we find a way to get it translated

VNDB link:


This torrent comes with the game's crack:


53 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



where's the crack?


File: 4f5a2dc43120f1b⋯.png (612.15 KB, 802x604, 401:302, vnr-capture-802x604-201508….png)

File: 327eb690096e23d⋯.jpg (212.69 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, MGGW0174_CG26.jpg)

File: 648b37757e533bb⋯.png (1 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, vnr-capture-1280x720-20170….png)

File: d2d9f4c2d00adb6⋯.png (869.49 KB, 1322x533, 1322:533, Dark Erufus Harem nsfw.png)

File: 6d6992e40a49dd5⋯.jpg (110.81 KB, 677x1012, 677:1012, 1493073057338.jpg)


>- the plot is nothing special, there are hundreds of other vanilla nukige just like that albeit without elves.

You answered your own question there.

>So are the fans who are obsessed with purity of their waifus just that starved for new content or especially for elf games?

Basically? When you are someone like me who loves vanilla and chocolate elves you will understand why Sukebe Elf is so popular.

>But it is not like there aren't any other games with elves, purity, vanilla, pregnant, no ntr, no rape, etc. fitting exactly to all those points,

it definitively do exist games similar to this one.

And yet you have failed to point them, >>126197 i see no chocolate elves here. Sure you get some white skin elves in many eroges since they usually the default elf type for the token elf heroine for your VN. Dark Elves however are usually reserved for rape fodder in your generic fantasy rape VN. Fantasy vanilla setting is rare enough, moreso elf themed and then you add dark elf for the literal big foot of eroge.

So Sukebe Elf gives to the many fans of vanilla and dark elves a huge bone. If you check pixiv and dark elf art they are usually vanilla but for some damm reason eroges, doujins and any form of comercial porn they are reserved for NTR, gangbangs, Orcs and other assorted of generic hardcore shit.

Then you have characters with actual depth to them rather than just token archetypes:

Lucie: She is the town pharmacist and the nicest elf in the village. She has insatiable curiosity and she will always strive to learn more so it helps her fellow elves. She has to cope with her love for the protag and the needs of the village.

Firis: Instead of being your generic hiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.




Yea i have the same question there is only ISO and after installing the DRM won't fuck off.




Click on the rar attachment below the torrent file.

Unpack where the game files are (Where the exe application is) and accept everything.

Run the application with the blue haired girl and enjoy.



Thank you very much!

File: 18b22fdbeb52bfd⋯.jpg (508.62 KB, 958x900, 479:450, ktjk_top.jpg)


Previous thread >>78695

>A new title, Kutsujoku, will be released November 24th in Japan.

Kutsujoku is being talked to be a game to get back in good form and address fan feedback after a few years of more mixed received or lukewarm titles.


>Translation work is finished for the Sansha Mendan fan translation patch, it's currently going through editing and quality testing.

Release expected for November, but unforeseen circumstances could cause it to be pushed back.


Official Bishop website: http://www.bishop.gr.jp/

VNDB page: https://vndb.org/p215

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Yeah, current Oonari is better than current Kagami.

Tomoaki not quite but he's getting there. The problem with recent games is that the guest artists were either not on their level or had styles that didn't mesh well with theirs.



That's pretty much the only problem they had, yeah. I think that in Ogin Bara's particular case, it was a lack of proper direction; perhaps they thought he would feel bad if they told him to do or not do certain things, but they should've been a little more tight in that regard. Ogin has done really good work with that other company he worked at, so it was strange seeing such comparatively subpar work for him with BISHOP of all companies.


File: 81d7f78a274551e⋯.png (713.67 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, dc36fbdf6c00766ee8a7b6fc60….png)

File: d829761113d0e21⋯.jpg (56.33 KB, 346x1000, 173:500, oonari.jpg)


>weird eyes and faces

>the most unique and particularly appealing aspect of Kagami (when he cares)

Kagami's best aspect is his unique faces and his ahegao. Everything else is fairly weak, though he's decent with details.

Everything else you said is fair, though.


>Yeah, current Oonari is better than current Kagami.

Considering the steady decline in Kagami for the most part Oonari might be a new fave.



No, no, you're getting me wrong. I think it's because I assume people know what I mean about what I find in his current art right away. The example you posted, for instance, is pretty good; I think his best era, however, is definitely 2006-2012, when he developed and solidified the aforementioned statuesque look and had the most versatility in terms of variety of designs and intensity of expressions.

What I meant by "weird eyes and faces" was how the girls all seem to look uniformly cute, even the "tough" types like Asagi. As for faces, his ahegaos look nowhere near as appealing as they used to, to mention his most famous and characteristic gimmick; they look like the girls are just sticking their tongue out, instead of conveying that wonderful and memetic insanity; the best example of this in BISHOP is his work in Kyouiku Shidou, Sansha Mendan and Ura Kyoushi, and in Mesu Kyoushi 3, Touko, Yuuri and Miyu, respectively show this the best as well.



Ah I see. So those titles you listed are examples of his best is what you mean. I get you.

File: b545fca6b7edcae⋯.jpg (123.2 KB, 821x869, 821:869, begging.jpg)


This thread is for begging for links to games, any other new begging threads hence forth will result in deletion and a ban.

EDIT: Hopefully making the purpose of this thread a bit more clearer.

Edit: Decided to just lump the requests thread into this since people are using this as a general begging thread anyways.

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Post last edited at



Me aswell


File: 5c0c7d3ec9b48f3⋯.jpg (346.92 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 40544582_p0.jpg)

Anyone know any translated or english based games that feature giving/receiving rimjobs?


File: acbbbbbca8368a6⋯.jpg (219.87 KB, 560x420, 4:3, RJ158987_img_main.jpg)

Does anyone have the most recent version of Mucchi Muchi School Trip?


there used to be a mega link with all the clymenia games link like salvation and noble pride , does anyone have it? i lost the bookmark


File: 91cbc94655f8fc3⋯.jpg (100.17 KB, 560x420, 4:3, RJ209316_img_main.jpg)

File: 8217698b8cecb84⋯.png (219.91 KB, 450x312, 75:52, backgroundImage.9d5e38d4.png)


My game :-)


Feedback welcome. Tell me your suggestions, and I'll do my best.

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Pretty much this.

I'm most interested in simply having a game about the girl being her daddy's personal little cocksock.

There just isn't a lot of good incest material out there, and very little of that has a father-daughter focus.


i like to see futa daughter domming her father



Yes, let's cater to the <1% rather than catering to the majority!



If you want to have a go at writing something, I'll clean it up and add it.



You want a <1% catering suggetion? Expanding the toddler path. Add pregnancy too.

File: e071f4853c37d5e⋯.png (2.06 MB, 1778x841, 1778:841, Cumming mercury.png)


This is a furry BDSM game created by Fek, and it is, in all intents and purposes, a 3d interpretation of his earlier work. He has just finished the backend coding so it is quite sparse at the moment, but it might give you half an hour of entertainment or so.

You can create humans, but they look like absolute shit. If you are allergic to fur, dont bother.

V 0.2.1

WIN64: https://mega.nz/#!VZY1BLpY!PgTntXuCdOvkYesJ3KhcLpn1wsJyw_1d35lcbeqFHeE

WIN32: https://mega.nz/#!4NxFEBRQ!s3sD9jZ5DNAep7WLdc8vtBePyqC3P4PbYQGZn_BBoL4

MAC: https://mega.nz/#!cUJmTBQb!sibcfvdAdbKjF3JHzMQSiT0Iy06aU7gg1deG3sOH0S8

LINUX: https://mega.nz/#!pUAxUTYK!boysN4i9zqQBoNL9fY-6_Dwgd_Ee4UmEDcuL2Wg5svU

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Why do furfags have so much fucking money?



I hope that's taxable.



A. A lot of them work in IT and other STEM positions.

B. A lot of them don't and just spend the bulk of their paycheck on furry garbage and live off mcdonalds.



different anon, but i got it to load and now i cant control the camera. its stuck at the start position. i have tried everything.



I eventually got that in story mode. Sandbox just gives me that black screen I was talking about. So I think that means better luck with another version, I guess.

File: fa03d1366230806⋯.png (25.28 KB, 500x500, 1:1, fa03d1366230806c9aa4ce6eda….png)


3 days without a thread edition

Previous thread: >>119984

Fuck stuff in alternate dimension

Has furries but can be sorta turned off

(Major characters remain the same)

Download from blog:




187 posts and 41 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Again, why does about half of "female tengu" images returned by Google Images feature Nyotengu?


File: 8cc71111f287deb⋯.png (3.69 KB, 295x73, 295:73, Firefox_Screenshot_2017-10….png)

>edging all week cause I got nothing else better to do

>excited for the release, somehow fucked up github method so I'm stuck with waiting for releases like a pleb

>Friday is here can't wait to jerk myself into oblivion

>see the update drops tomorrow




Because she's a sexy lady with big tits. Her popularity has nothing to do with how accurate a portrayal of a tengu she is.



Why does it return pictures of black people when you search for white people?

As for this Nyotengu thing it's probably because her name contains tengu, she's female and is a (semi)popular character from a semi-popular game.


File: 2aaed4b63707416⋯.jpg (18.33 KB, 220x239, 220:239, Harpij_-_I.I_Schipper_1660….jpg)

File: 78323942d0847e5⋯.jpg (178 KB, 800x1239, 800:1239, Gehörnter_Gott,_Enkomi.jpg)


No story in these times pornographic or not is using the exact same portrayals of mythical beings invented ages ago, not even the damn Bible has the same depiction of angels as the jews had them. Scylla and harpies don't have to be disgusting murderous monsters, demons don't need to be constant raging assholes who only exist to piss on humanity, angels are hardly ever shown to be God's personal murder machines outside of the Japanese media, minotaurs are commonly shown as bull furries instead of just a human with a bull's head / bull with a human's head, etc. If tengu are popularly shown to just be people with crow features now then those count just as much as a crow spirit with a red nose.

File: 1127631cfdf7bf1⋯.jpg (540.66 KB, 1580x740, 79:37, 1507689976774.jpg)


Illusion's latest game is finally out! Play Home is the latest in Illusion's "unofficial" Rapelay series of games. If you like Honey Select, then you'll like this game as well.





MEGA Folder with mods, translations, & utilities


99 posts and 55 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



how does the level system works? by how many times you chose a position or by how long you stay in a position?


Somehow the bottom right box thing disappeared and I can't get this gookspeak to get it back

pls help


So the 'translation' file in the mega link only includes the english launcher.

Is there an actual UI translation hidden somewhere? The Mega has a bunch of mods and utilities and stuff, but the labels are… unhelpful.

What exactly is IN the all in one package? Updates, Utilities, translation, wide slider?

All of the above?



From what I've tried, it seems to be based on orgasms in certain positions.


File: 33f4dd37ff4e1d5⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 8.33 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Snake Chases Paz.webm)

File: e13511dbeb2322e⋯.png (648.3 KB, 640x783, 640:783, 1405715494321.png)


> We Want You Edition

Previous thread: >>65976

> What is Violated Heroine?

Violated Heroine is a pretty decent erotic 2D action role-playing game made with RPG Maker 2K. Though originally being a Japanese game, it is being translated to English. Players assume the role of Nanako, a young country girl looking to become an adventurer. But it depends on the choices you make! (Although we all know you're going to make her get raped by Goblins, Minotaurs, dogs and gang-raped by horny old men.)

> VHゲーム01 latest prepatched


> FAQ:

> How do I install this game?


> What's the password?

See Step 4 on the previous link.

> Help, something broke!



> I have no idea what to do in this game.


> What's been newly translated?


> I want to join the translaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

230 posts and 60 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Yes. Just put in the 100% translation this evening. I'm sure some enterprising individual will make a pre-patched version, but it should all be complete.



Katteban is stll updated?

I heard that was abandoned.



How many times did you translate it to 100%?



4, maybe 5 times so far.


Katteban got an update in August.


I have two problems that started after playing the latest build. When prompted to sleep with the inn keeper for a room, Nanako walks toward the door, stops, and goes back to the front desk, freezing the game. The second is when Nanako give birth in public, her sprite save for her eyes disappear.

File: 9c1b2a14c62217e⋯.jpg (528.58 KB, 1923x1080, 641:360, zZf70A.jpg)


trigger warning: futa and traps are major fetishes of this game



202 posts and 28 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Oh and I could probably just use a standard decompile to get everything I needed, but as far as I know, java decompilers are terrible at maintaining directory structures, and going through and fixing the build options, or figuring out where everything is supposed to go to maintain the same build options would be a nightmare. Correct me if I'm wrong if you know a decompiler that'll work. Or yknow just decompile it yourself and make a new repo that's actually buildable and I'd be happy to do the grunt work of fixing all the actual code.



The key is really just to open your save file in a text editor and change your stats to 11.


File: bb0b229f8799f34⋯.jpg (221.27 KB, 843x1500, 281:500, Majalis-547883-Tales_of_An….jpg)

New image for ToA. Apparently she shows up if you default on your loans.



What's up with this thiccness overload.

I mean, I know majalis draws some thick assed sluts(and that's why I like her art so much), but these calfs… Holy fuck.


File: 6570fd2bd17ed60⋯.png (1.52 MB, 1920x2400, 4:5, OrcFuta.png)


>Well I don't hate it, it would be interesting to see you do this for the doll parts too when those get made. But the artist really isn't known for drawing thin girls.

I would really love to change up all of the doll parts, but I tried it and it doesn't work so well. Enlongated parts will get cut off and the animation will probably get all screwed up as well.

I would really consider redrawing a lot of stuff if there is some sort of work around or an easy way to change up the animations. Or maybe someone can step up to the plate and do the animations for me, while I do the drawing. I am a fairly good artist. And this game is right up my alley. Just a thought.

I do feel like redrawing the MC

File: 2a0ce91f0f4468a⋯.jpg (191.69 KB, 980x1158, 490:579, ....jpg)


137 posts and 20 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Vaginal virgin, yes.




>so she had been virgin until the sex with Fuma.

She never had sex with Fuuma, you retarded sand nigger.


File: 473858b98c11fb2⋯.jpg (489.51 KB, 950x712, 475:356, ev_152.jpg)


The million dollar question is why this shit even matters to you guys.


Photographic evidence.



>She never had sex with Fuuma, you retarded sand nigger.

>Hi guys, I didn't play the game!

Hello brainlet



>being this much of a stupid fuck

File: f31ac6f413f55b6⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1280x738, 640:369, RotD.png)

File: d4ac689d0ac5f0b⋯.jpg (101.92 KB, 1593x895, 1593:895, Rape_of_the_Dead_LewdGamer….jpg)

File: 98a962b544110a5⋯.jpg (148.5 KB, 1596x897, 532:299, Rape_of_the_Dead_LewdGamer….jpg)

File: 8ec08d5c98b01af⋯.jpg (168.53 KB, 1590x896, 795:448, Rape_of_the_Dead_LewdGamer….jpg)

File: 1832cd8cbd6c8af⋯.png (568.95 KB, 1930x1114, 965:557, ScreenShot00357.png)


This game is basically Left 4 Dead with sex and monster rape,if you want more info here's the links to the game's pages.

Here you can find the game's trailers.


Here's the game's website.


Here's the developer's Enty page.


Here's the developer's Patreon page.

https://www.LINK REMOVED/teamkrama

102 posts and 22 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



No problem, anon.


>They also said they're adding another stage in 1.4 version

Really? Links? Or was it posted on their pat, in which case don't post a link? I hope they introduce new enemies or give rape scenes to old ones if they're gonna do that, since I heard the last time they added a new stage they just upped the difficulty insanely. tfw only at the Hospital waves


File: fff8baf4c6000b4⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 4725x7875, 3:5, Schedule.jpg)


>- Update (Version 1.3)

This update will contain another batch of bug fixes. If there are no bugs to fix, this update will be skipped.

>- Patron Limited Edition (Version 1.4) This one will add a new battle, trying to top the one in Act 7. We want to give you a solid reward if we can!

>We will proceed with this schedule if everything goes according to plan. Complications may arise in things like translation, so some things may be delayed. We're sorry about that in advance!



AKA no new rape scenes but they do seem to have actual solid, serious plan going forward, something you wouldnt expect from indie porn dev



They're japs, not to sound like a weeb but their work ethic towards videogames is usually pretty good



>What is Ilusion? Who is ILL?

They are just as shitty as everyone else

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