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I am a Christian but I was very, very impressed by what I read when reading about Zoroastrianism.

File: 1464995457203.jpg (410.47 KB, 879x879, 1:1, Fringe Girl.jpg)


>/fringe/ is a board for esoteric discussion including matters pertaining to; Magic : Philosophy : Paranormal : Dreams : Religion : Occult : Symbolism : Aliens : Demons & Angels : Metaphysics : Conspiracy : Secret Societies : Mind Control : Morality & Ethics : Mysticism : Qualia : Psychic Abilities — Anything that is fringe in some respect

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File: 98f9f092e704147⋯.webm (3.25 MB, 480x360, 4:3, dogslav.webm)


alright, im going to try and describe this in as simple a way as possible, and hopefully not sound like a total nut while i do it (although we ARE on an esoterica board, so hopefully im in good company).

since my early adolescence, ive experienced a weird phenomena in my vision from time to time, and ive yet to find anyone else who has experienced it. i call them "drips". they are very small pinpoints of white light that travel downward in my vision. it doesnt happen very often, but ive been writing down some of the occurrences lately to try and discern a pattern out of them.

first ill try to describe what they look like visually, in detail. size-wise they are about the size of a large housefly, maybe a quarter inch in "diameter". i say diameter in quotations because they arent perfect circles, but more like a tear drop, or a streak. color-wise, they are not just the color white, but rather like a hole in an old film reel. perfectly white. but NOT bright, per say. they dont appear to give off any light, and it doesnt hurt to look directly at them. but they are without a doubt, the "brightest" color of white ive ever seen in my life. but its not something that i can actually look at or focus on for one simple reason: they are fast as fuck. they ALWAYS start at the top of my vision and travel downward to the bottom of my vision until they are out of sight (hence "drips"). the speed that they move at is much faster than free-fall. more like when an MLB pitcher throws a fastball and youre in the front row looking at the space in between the pitcher and the catcher. very quick. the whole sighting lasts a fraction of a second, but ive never been able to record the time it takes from top to bottom because they dont happen at a consistent rate (believe me, ive tried sitting in a particular spot and timing them… its just not gonna happen, i dont have the reflexes). the rate, does however appear to be uniform. they are ALWAYS this fast, as far as i can tell.

now, on to some of the patterns ive noticed with them. for one, they only happen whilst im on foot. never in a car, on a bicycle, or any vehicle for that matter. they do however, happen sometimes while i am in buildings, but only when both my feet are on the floor/ground. lifting both or one of my fPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


I´m not sure what you´re talking about, but to me its always raining everywhere.

I can only tell actual weather by going outside.


Sounds somewhat similar to sprites, which I know can call you to dream for various reasons. White sprites are "good"/friendly, ones that look amber/orange/red (like sparks off a lighter or cigarette) are dark. I've known sprites to hop off of my skin, clothing, watch, plumbing fixtures, blankets, my dog, everything around me given the time was right.

What you're describing sounds slightly different, though. The sprites looked almost like static electricity flashes, like when you peel wool socks apart from the dryer in a dark room, but off of everything. If they were wooshing from the top of my vision down to the bottom, they'd look like what you described, though. Mine were clustered to objects, even when I moved my vision they'd be happening in the same "spot" (such as on my dog's paws while he was jumping around, didn't matter where I was focused, they clustered around his paws).

I don't know too much about sprites, so they may still be responsible for what you're seeing. Maybe you see them in their inactive state, in the places where they tend to cluster (thus the same spot always having them, even if you move), whereas what I saw was their active state, when they're excited and moving towards something.

I'd try meditating on them in a place familiar to you where you've seen them before. Don't try to force them, but call out to them, let them know you can see them, and ask them to speak to you. You might be able to alter their flow or make them move to you or something nearby, as a start. See where that takes you.


I've seen something similar. For the past 5 years or so, I will occasionally see what appears to be pure white, fairly translucent and not very bright, swirling threads of white light at the top of my vision.

I see this effect at the very top of my vision, I can't look directly at it but I see it out of the corner (or top) of my eye. It's especially obvious when I'm looking towards something dark colored, like a wall.

When it does occur, it's usually in the morning after I wake up, and the effect only sticks around for a couple minutes.



Floaters are basically clumps of collagen. You could have larger than normal clumps floating around in there. Turn on a lamp light, look at it, then look away.



Don't worry about me. My family has come to terms with my wackiness and I have been invoking angels to help me stick to the righteous path.

File: 1a3b1d301a7dd2d⋯.jpg (17.37 KB, 224x225, 224:225, hekatesymbol.jpg)


I had an occult experience a couple years ago that I'd like to talk about. I consider it to be my first supernatural experience, and up to this point I had been more of a 'skeptic' than a believer in anything that could be considered magical.

My research began with digging into the history of the swastika (and sun wheels, anything with concentric limbs). I had also been researching meditation, and my two attempts before this were interesting but relatively uninteresting.

I was embroiled in my usual routine for the day; drinking lots of coffee and reading tons of stuff about myths, the swastika, occultism, etc. I decided to attempt a meditation after lunch, and so I laid in my bed with my eyes closed and my head tilted up as I had read about in Julius Evola's 'Introduction to Magic'.

I entered a state of limbo, or at least a meditational state that allowed me to visualize images. I entered a room that was very dark, with a light in the middle of it. I entered this lighted spot in the blackness and was greeted by a towering being that reminded me of those cheesy illustrations of Tall Whites. This being's face was a blur, as if it was moving back and forth at lightspeed. This will become important later.

I asked the being/entity what I should do, as I felt this was the most direct question one could ask a being on their first interaction with something like this (I had never experienced anything like this before - it felt like a lucid dream but very different). The being responded in two ways: he said something along the lines of 'do what you're doing already', combined with a direct reference (in my mind) to my recent practice of going deep into research on mythology and occultism.

I opened my eyes from the meditational state and immediately began googling things I thought might relate to the dream and the entity I encountered - things like "blurred face god", anything that I could use to link this to some sort of mythology. I came upon the multi-faced god Janus, who is a roman god of duality, gateways, time etc. I considered that perhaps I had spoken with an aspect of this god, and that his face being blurry was a 'real life' represPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: b9836ad54bd4f12⋯.png (899.58 KB, 650x701, 650:701, Janus.xcf.png)

On a whim, I googled 'swastika metamaterial'. I was determined that the entity in my meditation had wanted me to find out something crucial, and to use my brain to figure out something new. I found an article from CERN concering the use of swastika shapes in metamaterials. Swastikas are a chiral shape - this means that, like your hands, when mirrored and then placed on top of each other, they bot cover each other up completely and form a new shape. This article seemed to state that the swastika shape was the ideal shape for metamaterials to refract the most amount of light - perhaps a step towards the perfect lens? I researched more, and even found an article about a spinning swastika motor built with metamaterials that could be spun with light and create energy. I started to form a theory.

As the greeks used Hekate's symbol to do magic, I began to theorize that the chans had accidentally stumbled upon the same power with their use of the swastika on /pol/. If metamaterials created with swastikas using carbon fibre could have insane abilities when it comes to interaction with light, then perhaps 4chan had accidentally been creating a sort of 'virtual metamaterial' that allowed them to do meme magic.

I know this sounds ridiculous, but it's lead me down a rabbit hole to learn a ton of cool shit and it's really interesting to think about. Anyway, it gets a little weirder. Later that night, my girlfriend had gone into the bedroom to grab something when I heard a cry. She had hit her leg on the bag that I had stupidly left out, filled with the broken pieces of glass from the mirror. It was actually a pretty deep cut, and she still has the scar. It was three cuts, and it looked like an animal had clawed her. She had even bled on the floor. She went to the doctor the next day and he legitimately thought a dog had clawed her. This immediately reminded me of Hekate.

Keep in mind this all happened in one day - which happened to be the anniversary of Princess Diana's death. Diana is directly associated with Hekate as a night huntress archetype goddess and more. Anyway, the final part of this story (at least for the most part), comes as the most bizarre. Months later, I was thinking about that day and looked at the floor where my girlfriend had bled. There was a Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



Whoops. Meant to say at the end there that I'm happy to answer any questions or verify things. I can show a picture of the scar and also the blood stains (I think I still have one).



There are some cringey types in this

>interesting but rather uninteresting

Forgive me for not proofreading. I typed this manically.



>the droplets lined up EXACTLY with the constellation Leo


Maybe this blog entry has something for you, it mentions the question mark form in Leo specificially.



Actually I only quickly skimmed it because this guy has no sense for writing concise, now that I'm thinking about it the Leo sign may have some relevance to me personally… I'll post if I figure something out.or you can come over to megu/pol/ and wait for the occasional occult talks in US hours

File: 96a02355ebd12b6⋯.jpg (277.76 KB, 1080x792, 15:11, Mandala_Color.jpg)

File: 7d31d3f71a97f56⋯.jpg (93.45 KB, 573x437, 573:437, 26_Alphabet_Table.jpg)

File: 6acea85528f3313⋯.png (480.49 KB, 1124x892, 281:223, Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at ….png)


Recently stumbled upon this, wanted to ask if you know something more on this topic

>The rank of Magus is reserved for an elite class of philosophers and metaphysicians who hold the keys to divine knowledge. Mundane, consumer-oriented culture of postmodern Earth has cast down these noble spiritual teachers in the name of hyper-rational materialism. Ancient wisdom is lost amidst the rise of flashy exoteric performance, forcing the magus outward into the exoteric categories of stage (MAG)icians and stage (MUS)icians. Clues as to the tangible content of a lost musical knowledge are scattered throughout encyclopedias and books on tonal harmony.

>The Discipline of Audiomancy requires an investigation into the structure of holographic sound, the mechanics of western tonality, and conditioned responses to particular musical signatures. It is a study in correspondences in as much as it is a study of emotive signatures. It expands into an inquiry into 12 tone equal temperament, or the mechanics of the ether and its ability to manipulate the material world. Via the pineal gland, lucid dreaming, vision states and states of ecstasy are within every individual’s capability. Dolphins are able to see with sound, as do bats who have evolved an ability to translate dimensional information from sonar. Much like we see through solid objects with ultrasound. This is why Whales sing. This technique has been used to map the ocean floor from a satellites in earth orbit, spy on a fetus through the walls of a mother’s womb, and peer into the dark recesses of hidden chambers buried under the earth, and it is all just a matter of tuning into the right frequency.

>The ancient Egyptians in their texts tell us that they believed F# to be the tonal frequency of our planet. The King’s chamber inside the pyramid of Khufu resonates at exactly 16 hrz which is below the frequency of human hearing. When combined with its pentagramic chamber rooms a distinctive pattern of frequencies start to emerge. This pattern is identical to the tonal structure of the f# cord. The Egyptians believed this to be the heartbeat of the world. It was these Egyptian Priests who first introduced Greek music to Pythagoras during his studies in Memphis and Phoenicia. Belonging tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

5 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


It would be very cool if we could congregate all of this information and actually produce some kind of guide that explains its uses and applications. Some kind of occult music writing guide or something. Once I have some free time in a few weeks I'm probably going to spend more time like OP looking into this kind of thing. I'd like to bring up a thing Montalk wrote about this, but I'd also like to point out some parts of it that I think are bullshit.


>Atonal Music

>Melodies that have no tonal center and whose notes have no obvious relation to each other, have no musicality or harmony, whether explicit by the stacking of tones, or implied by the juxtaposition of sequential notes in memory. If harmony is associated with the astral body and melody with the etheric, then atonal music represents a body devoid of both. It is a series of events not threaded through by any conscious and emotional perception. Recall how in some science fiction films, the noises a robot or computer makes was typically a random series of beeps, representative of the machine’s lack of sentience or humanity.

This is clearly written by someone who hasn't studied music theory anywhere past basic scales, chord progressions and modulations and hasn't listened to very much atonal music. He does obviously know some music theory, based on other parts of this, but saying that all atonal music is just random notes is plain stupid. Using random notes, like in a couple things John Cage and Iannis Xenakis did, for example, is in the minority of atonal compositions. There is a lot of emotion in this kind of music if you understand the music theory used to compose it and find the right music. Even aside from regular atonal techniques, there's stuff like chromatic harmony, which doesn't always fit any particular scale or mode, but is written or improvised based on more complex theory related to the notes around a particular part to make some very emotionally resonant music set aside from music that just sticks to a major scale or something. Montalk sounds like one of those people who hears something more complex than they're uPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Nada Yoga


Creating music, I find wandering melodies that keep coming back to a particular turn around or run of notes as the most effective vehicle for my intent. 3rds & 7ths are nature(all). 4ths & 5ths are of the mind kind, they also (as well as unison) do well to carry intent.

Modes/scales are what give ethereal body to the work. These (excluding prose or lyrics) do most of the legwork for conveying and producing results.

Major is exactly what it seems, we've been programmed or exposed to this mode the most. The harmonies and jumps in this mode exemplify joy.

Minor is more complex to most listeners so it results in a lack of resolution. A lot of people will interpret this feeling as "sad" or "scary" I feel Pluto highly with minor keys.

I personally haven't consciously gone into the other modes but they're all variations of each other so insight can be had.

A beat is just as important if not more so than the harmonies.

4/4 is the heartbeat

3/4 is the brainbeat

6/8 is the bodybeat

In my experience. With this one its helpful to play a drumkit. I feel the shapes of what I want and try to outline that with rhythms accents. If programming or using a piano roll then this could get super technical, you could have overlaying time signatures and a way to kind of skip the technique training physically speaking.

You'd put these together and build yourself a thought form just like any working but assign values and channel them through the various parts of the composition.

If you want more "here's the 'answer'" look into music therapy and what tone series they use. Also 440vs444vs432 (hz)

A lot of music is subjective…at first. Once you see there are only so many patterns and you can quickly recognize them, the objectivity will come out.



The chords and harmonies are geometric. A major chord is a major 3rd played at the same time as another M3rd. A minor: m3 then M3. Pythagoras has a decent explanation of harmony that relies more on the math and geometry.

Essentially (I believe) we have these harmonies coded in us whether exoterically or esoterically. Bird songs, the whooping of an animal, or maybe air raid sirens, the tones of our phone. They all have harmony or the relation of one pitch to another. Maybe these pitch jumps can be traced back to other "harmony" the planetary ratios, the harmony of the sky or DNA. There are levels to the use of music, some for invoking emotional states, some for physical and some purely astral.

The physical music is quite objective but only so powerful to get the first two wheels spinning.

Emotional music is fairly objective as most people are easy to understand and you leave a lot of the intent in the instruments instead of lyrics. Effective lyrics leave the subject vague yet describe it sublimely. This allows the listener to imprint their own energy and further the effect. This will get wheels 3 4 & 5 spinning

Astral music rarely has lyrics. If it does they're usually quite hard to understand and use the voice far more like an instrument. It usually transports the person to a scene and it is very subjective. Or maybe I just havent nailed it yet. (Jamming, when done right is an excellent exercise) this usually spins the third eye and occasionally you'll get a crown opener…all within my experience of course.


I use binaural beats to bring me down to theta or delta state while playing a mantra recording of my own voice to train my subconscious. So far it has been a simple, effective, practical method.

This site has free tones you can download in high quality.


File: 877d5e08bc0ec87⋯.jpg (1.8 MB, 5120x3200, 8:5, iMZoRmo.jpg)


if we already see

is it better to not see?

if we already hear,

is it better to not hear?



File: 18cc01cd8838a06⋯.jpeg (788.87 KB, 2550x1700, 3:2, ir_attachment_999.jpeg)


File: a09f4840a8cd644⋯.gif (191.04 KB, 500x275, 20:11, 0398dd52ab8e47dfc29979acf9….gif)


Satan wants me to kill and hate myself according to at intuition. I may do it. I have depression, I'm alone, and I have no skills and I'm not remarkable in any positive way.

Demons like talking to me a lot and it's hard to tell which "voice" is my intuition or demons.

Satan is trying to take everything good away and make me miserable as fuck. He wants me to be afraid of myself and everyone else and he succeeded. He wants to shame me for my views and hide in my room until I die.

What should I do about this?



Well what do you want? How do you survive if you stay in your room? Do you want to get rid of the connection with satan or do you like talking to demons?



I want a normal life really.

I would love it if Satan went away, but he's very powerful.

I'm not saying to always stay in my room I meant hiding in there most of the time.



What are you using to resist him? Maybe you need something stronger.


Satan is a boogieman. Tell him he's a faggot loser using religious iconography to make himself a bigger spook in your mind. Tell him to fuck off and that you only love virtue and serve the good lord.


File: 1468183030285.jpg (77.13 KB, 362x441, 362:441, necronomicon-cthulhu.jpg)


Anyone here worked with the Necronomicon and H.P Lovecraft occultism ?

How did it go?

thoughts? protips?

167 posts and 38 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.






smileburgthekang @ cock . li



What if you go directly to the Urilia text and work with the Ancient ones?



Does Tolkien magic and it's entities has any real power?

They are pretty well built


Is Donald tysons necronomicon anymore legitimate than Simons?

I know that Donald has a few other books but is it in anyway nessesary?

File: 03cab4f246dde58⋯.png (207.77 KB, 713x585, 713:585, 1508243176041.png)


What does it mean? I have it since 2015

i need to know more google is not really helping i found reare good infos

pic related some interesting from some $$ kaballah book i couldnt find a free pdf


there was a thread last month. think only a news article was posted.

File: b2908867f4a8842⋯.jpg (14.19 KB, 300x358, 150:179, tmp_28122-Schopenhauer-641….jpg)


Once you've crossed the point of "I don't want my life, God please take me, and mould me, and make somerthing worthy of me, and do with me as you please, or else end me if you do not take pleasure in my being anymore." life gets so much better.

Absolutely nobody can fuck with me anymore. I am under divine protection. I have dropped the fears of life and of death and do everything with contentment, ready to receive always, and constantly experiencing extraordinary occurances.

I keep receiving instructions and getting purer every day. My whole body and mind is being transformed and I am refusing mediocrity, refusing powerlessness, and projecting my thoughts into everything and manifesting like a mad man.

I have so much mental self-control I see into the future too now and can see the karmic lines and act in 4D. My consciousness constantly stays at a high level now, even at its lowest it is still very powerful now.

29 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


There's nobody outside for you to talk to but the dead and those possessing them.



>the ego is the self

couldnt be further from the truth


File: 0eef56a0a1aa9ff⋯.png (11.99 KB, 221x256, 221:256, Ohwhatthehell.png)

>I keep receiving instructions and getting purer every day.

>I keep receiving instructions

Is this guy being manipulated?



File: aee57ac493c6c06⋯.jpg (37.5 KB, 320x320, 1:1, Screen_Shot_2015-03-26_at_….jpg)


Anon, I'll see you… in my study

File: de27ff641b34405⋯.webm (7.96 MB, 854x480, 427:240, car ride.webm)


If what you are doing right now is not working and you're frustrated, STOP, and do this instead…

Doesn't matter if it's 10 minute straight, or a minute 10 different times a day, but each of these should altogether add up to 10 minutes. Don't overdo any of this, you don't want to exhaust yourself, you want to enjoy each day of your life as best as you can while putting just enough time consistently each day into these practices:

Spend 10 minutes a day imagining a different self, superior to your own physically and mentally, and identifying with / imagining that that is you, and feeling that you becoming possessed or the possessor of/by this form/mentality. You may continuously adjust and improve upon your imagined better self, start with a very basic outline and go with that, and then add more details later.

This simple practice will help you change your physical form dramatically and strengthen your mind.

Spend about 10 minutes a day memorizing an axiom or learning about the qualities and attributes of God. Once you know all 7 hermetic axioms and can recite them by heart, endeavor to imagine the actual pages they are written on, such that you can see before you clearly the page on which the axiom is written.

This simple practice will establish firmly the basic, axiomatic truths and principles in the mind, as well as strengthen the memory dramatically and make further reading and memorization of any texts thereafter much more efficient. You will be able to recall texts both visually and non-visually. This will enhance all future study.

Everything you learn about God will strengthen your connection to God and your ability to center your mind in his power.

Spend about 5 minutes a day either concentrating entirely on one thing, or relaxing yourself completely and focusing on nothing at all, letting all your mental and physical processes become automatic and relaxed.

This will strengthen your focus, your Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

12 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Will you please expound?



File: 0e896f252ce15db⋯.webm (3.73 MB, 704x480, 22:15, see_you_space_cowboy.webm)


Sauce on the song in the webm?


File: ff3cd693506b57a⋯.webm (3.68 MB, 640x384, 5:3, now_i_am_become_death.webm)



Found it, Lay By - Tennyson

Turns out I also had a webm with the song



Sauce on track in this webm, I know the rap is Jay Z but I'm looking for the whole blend.

File: 8491b181090ab73⋯.png (202.92 KB, 359x359, 1:1, 9qXSC-X9.png)


Is Tony Robbins a wizard?


Rule 2. No making threads just to ask questions, actually present substantial information if you're going to make a thread.


[ - ]


More of a wizard than most of us. He specifically talks about manifesting everything he has by assuming the emotional resonance with the wish fulfilled, visualizations, intense affirmations (he calls them "incantations").

He's using magic as sure as anyone.

File: 11fbada81714dca⋯.jpg (18.02 KB, 250x358, 125:179, Uplink_box_art.jpg)


Is the entire internet a honeypot?

3 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Actually I might just be over-paranoid again about the entire internet being a honeypot.

I guess the alternative would be honest innovative technological infrastructure and an honest worldwide capitalist enterprise.


Of course the internet is a honeypot, but a pot so large and filled with shit that anyone who'd take a spoon would die of gastrointestinal bleeding.

There is trouble monitoring everything that goes on on the internet, and google's data can only be stored for so long. So don't worry



I feel like I've heard that poem before but I know I haven't.



Paranoia when it comes to anything internet associated is healthy. Consider that a youtube employee/contractor has come out today to reveal that their video serving algorithm as well as the videos hosted are actively being manipulated in order to push certain (((political agendas)))

Nevermind the preferential treatment given to the newy ork tymes by tge same sistem intechinally misspelled to avoid bots looking for (((keywords)))


Bros are we some conquerors or what?

Blowing the lid off the internet

File: 85d016b73865b68⋯.png (34.33 KB, 519x624, 173:208, Eris.png)


I feel like Eris is trying all the time to break through my barriers and get at me. A little thought centered upon Eris and she's coming through hard and fast like no other deity ever will. I want to get away from Eris but it's so fucking hard. I just want to get some shit sorted already so my life doesn't have to be a never end roller-coaster ride of unstoppable chaos but I can't. Eris is the only one that listens. Eris is the only who can force me to submit. Eris is the only power and authority in my life. Eris needs to give me a break but I can't make any connections to anything else.

23 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Eris fucks niggas, aliens, and all manner of other sentient beings.



Nope. [ - ]



Yes [♧] ;)



[ - ] nope


Getting rid of this whole thread. BTW eris isn't a coal burner. [ - ]

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