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File: be2b3d22e82ad20⋯.jpg (9.01 KB, 225x225, 1:1, Mistermetokur.jpg)

0e875e No.279044

So a few days ago, Jim finally confessed why he opened up the patreon. Apparently he is very I'll. So ill, he cannot work. How long do we have him for?

e915e8 No.279047

>lung cancer

>liver failure

>high blood pressure


0e875e No.279048


It's got to be something related to an immunodeficiency disorder. If you listen to enough of his first streams, 4/5 he's always complaining about getting over a cold. His chronic illness is related to is inability to fend these illnesses off.

546554 No.279054

File: ebb24a1aeb8b8e6⋯.jpg (86.66 KB, 706x538, 353:269, 1453916640181.jpg)


>immunodeficiency disorder

>Jim has AIDS

0e875e No.279055


Jim doesn't have aids. There is no way Jade would still be around if he did. My hunch: Leukemia

4f4972 No.279057

Getting what he deserves. Maybe if he didn't date a camwhore he wouldn't have ended up with AIDS. Chink probably cheated on him with a nigger.

303563 No.279059

Sauce? Wouldn't surprise me, but where did he say that?

0e875e No.279061

0e875e No.279068


>how old are you Jim

>I'm in my 30s

… what the fuck?

37f1cf No.279078




>$3k+/mo to sell out and make shitty videos because he totally is sick guys




b2d472 No.279096



see >>279061

Specifically at 44:50

f5d87c No.279097


he got sick? Oh my, that must mean he has AIDS. People who get sick obviously have AIDS.

b2d472 No.279098

File: c2fe98093ca32be⋯.png (33.65 KB, 547x299, 547:299, jimscreenshot.PNG)


He got sick enough where it put him in a financial position where he had to open up a patreon. It is something that is more than the flu. But I agree with your sarcasm. It is not aids.

I have to admit I thought it was his dogs. He confessed on Patreon that he had dogs that were "in poor shape."

546554 No.279131


but what if she gave him AIDS?

ed9740 No.279149

File: 91dbbc4988d91fb⋯.jpg (34.96 KB, 451x640, 451:640, 750319604f1d73f7e2e01ace04….jpg)

Is jim a cow yet?

2aa03b No.279150


>Apparently he is very I'll

You'll what?

37f1cf No.279165


>being this anally devastated

f48b14 No.279172

Funny, that. I took him for someone who hates chronically ill people who get government money for their disability.

0e875e No.279179

File: 7d7f19e5b4be7f8⋯.jpg (12.2 KB, 267x200, 267:200, 1496800012278.jpg)


That's what I get for phoneposting. I must of changed it to ill 5 fucking times and it still corrected to I'll. Samsung is shit.

fdcdc5 No.279182


>he was sick so he had to open up a patreon

nothing else he could do

0e91d5 No.279186

Hopefully he can use those Patreon dollars to treat his AIDS.

13a6da No.279187


He had an old channel, Jim82Jim, I assume he was born in 1982, so he's around 35, depending on his birthday. Assuming it's accurate.


Honestly I don't know shit about Jade, but I don't get why people bring her up, she's not entertaining or relevant.


I think he probably does given how people julay it, just like he was aiming to be a teacher until he saw how corrupt the system is. He was probably an idealistic guy who now lacks faith in any system. Remember he did a video of some landwhale laughing about tax payers paying for his shit, he knows healthcare is trolld, we all know it is.


I'm not wishing it on him, but I think yellow fever would be fitting. I'm sure that's what he'd want us to believe.

b413a7 No.279203

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Has it even been confirmed Jim may have been ultraforge? If nothing else, they certainly sound alike and use the same shitty microphone.

a22192 No.279221

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Thank god he can finally afford medication to treat his crippling diabetes. Too bad he can't cure his upset stomach, though. Every day ends with a tums festival.

0e875e No.279229

File: 65606a2a88f2660⋯.jpg (32.03 KB, 540x540, 1:1, IMG_20170803_110358.jpg)


No way in hell that's Jim. Jim is 6'0 with blonde hair and blue eyes. Like the Avi Jade drew for him.


>He had an old channel, Jim82Jim, I assume he was born in 1982, so he's around 35, depending on his birthday. Assuming it's accurate.

This is real fucking interesting. He just completed his bachelors not too long ago, assuming it is a 4-5 year program, that means he enrolled when he was 29-30. Which raises the question, what the fuck was he doing the period of his life when he was between the ages of 18-29? In his video when he came out as a whore a few months ago he claimed that he had been on yt for 10 years, which means he started when he was 25 give or take a year.

You want to know what I make of this? Jim is a veteran. Attending school in your late 20s early 30s is a military move. He spent some time when he was 18-25 serving in the military. After he got out he dicked around for a few years before something inspired him to pursue education. I believe he went to school because the military paid for it. The military is covering the costs for his recent ill-health as well. He opened up the patreon strictly because of a lack of income. If he had a lack of income piled on with school loans and medical bills he would really be up shits creek.

Also I bet he owns his own home just from the fact that he has multiple dogs along stated here >>279098 not possible in an apartment. Unless of course he is living with his parents.

0ebd6c No.279230


So which NEET are you? Show us on the doll where the bad man ravaged you on Twitter.

13a6da No.279251



I'm going back to education as an older person (25) I'm not a veteran, it's just a shit job market right now, so you need more skills, otherwise enjoy being replaced by machines or having no consistent work schedule.

I also know people who returned after dropping out and becoming borderline hikikomori due to mental health issues.

Alternatively he could have worked to save money to fund further education and hopefully avoid debt.

I think you're assuming a bit too much just because he was educated later. He never gave me any military vibes and never mentioned it. Add in some chronic health problems, I doubt he would pass fitness requirements.

I'm going to go with C, he worked a shitty job for a few years while considering his future and potentially funding it.

Does anyone know specifically what he was going to teach? Young kids, college kids, what? What was the subject maths? English? Politics? He doesn't seem to much of a history buff or anything specialised like science.

0e875e No.279261


You're right. He didn't serve. He did a stream with some guys https://youtu.be/_RiL98NehBM. He explains his education around 1:16:45 Mentioning "plumetting debt" for college which wouldn't be the case if he did serve. He claims to have worked with younger children who drew letters/numbers backwards and the way the education system handled these children who were way far behind is what killed it for him.

But stuff still doesn't add up. He also claimed that His intention was to go teach overseas (probably where all the Asian pussy is). He wouldn't be dealing with the quotas and the corruption anyway if he was in another country. Is he that committed to his principles that he threw away that future because he couldn't spend another second associated with the American education system even as an in practicum student? There has got to be more to it.

5a9b43 No.279273


Jim was the top of his class, special forces. Having served in a plethora of black operations in everywhere from North Korea to Montana. But then, just as he had ol' Benny cornered, he dropped the ball and the One Man Shoah escaped. Blamed for this failure, he was dishonorably discharged and had to work at Taco Bell with Ass Blasted Alejandro for a few years before getting enough money to go to College.

He also has AIDS.

d07e95 No.279276


One of his old names was "Jim81Jim", so it would be pretty obvious to what year he was born

37f1cf No.279278


>people who fake illnesses to live on the government dime instead of growing up, getting a job, and stopping being a fucking diapershit fetishist or intentionally shoot for being immobile-tier fat like some furfag's character to julay money from the system are exactly the same as people with real illnesses



Gamergatefags hate her because a super serious gamergate drunkfag stream between ecelebs did something BAD FOR PR. Other than that, she's proof that Jim is a racemixing rice stirrer.


Are you implying a cartoon depiction of someone on the internet is a valid descriptor of their character? Wew lad, according to a couple sites I must be a real life Pepe then.

ac1eb9 No.279286


Jade is relevant because it shows Jim's true character. He says he hates professional victims but he's fine with it as long as she's a fat chink sucking his dick.

ac1eb9 No.279288


I have 11 dogs in my home right now and I live in a rented cottage m8

700eff No.279360


>Anonymous 08/03/17 (Thu) 05:33:12 0e875e No.279179


>they certainly sound alike and use the same shitty microphone.

Damn, they really do, but I still don't think that's him.

d4853a No.279364


1. Jim and Ultraforge sound very different from each other. Jim sounds more upbeat whereas Ultraforge sounds a bit more monotone.

2. Ultraforge I'm pretty sure was in his mid 30's or so already back when FCTC still existed.

ed9740 No.279393

wtf I hate jim now

b2d472 No.279550

File: 9141a782328da2a⋯.png (442.49 KB, 735x545, 147:109, IPad.PNG)

File: 4340e627b7aa452⋯.png (65.92 KB, 449x517, 449:517, StPaul.PNG)

File: 37995ef285fc67f⋯.jpg (13.12 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ustthomas-logo.jpg)


>private religious College

>IPad scandal

Hmmm, looked this up. apparently this is what the St. Paul district in MN did around the time Jim would of been In Practicum. Turns out there is a "Private religious college" right down the road from schools from these districts (the campus is in the circled X in the second picture). University of St. Thomas.

Go Tomcats!

1d3ac4 No.279598


he's getting there.

ed9740 No.279616


It's a clue. They seem pretty big. I need to go back through his streams to get a time frame for when he was in school (I know he was during 2013-2014). I wonder how we could get a list of students named James from that period

c6f56e No.279632


Hope he doesn't get troll's remorse

270899 No.279644

lol people actually like this guy? he just steals all his ideas from /cow/ and 4chan

eef9b8 No.279664


>wanting to dox Jim this bad

What is with you faggots trying so hard to dox him? Did he take the piss out of your fetish or something?

ed9740 No.279681


He insulted my deviantart community, so we need to dox him and do a helldump

1b11ff No.279693

I always thought people trying to dox Jim was these people thinking it's some kind of challenge that Jim provoked. Sort of like a Where's Waldo scenario where Waldo is daring you to find him and because of that it makes everyone try their hardest to do so.

37f1cf No.279707


H-he left gamergate when he saw it being co-opted reeeeeeeeeeeeeee t. /gamergatehq/

b3cd10 No.279944


The lefty agents want to confirm that he's another straight white male with a thicc body type so they can dismiss him as an evil neo nazi.

Never underestimate the power of butthurt lefty perverts

402a3e No.280267


>gamergate fags hate her because she did something bad for PR

Gamergate doesn't give a fucking shit about her

Only a few fags hate Jim on GG because of his goodbye video, which was basically him being embarrassed that he was fingering Jade on a drunk stream with Sargon and KingofPol there. He basically told GG to take a single extreme and stick to it and "Attack attack attack". He basically acted like a leaderfag because he was embarrassed. Despite that, most people still love him and understand he just made a mistake. Sargon made a video about it. called it "Re:Dramatic faggotry" where he basically calls out Jim, but as a friend. It was an amusing and embarrassing situation.

37f1cf No.280318

File: 0c6320de20a186f⋯.png (297.31 KB, 1487x925, 1487:925, 1447846138058.png)

File: 4ca1cc0079b8121⋯.png (301.63 KB, 1506x930, 251:155, 1447845822344.png)

File: 3c4ca6a4fc4feef⋯.png (302.24 KB, 1613x943, 1613:943, 1447845773736.png)

File: 3bf008323e86827⋯.jpg (181.36 KB, 909x960, 303:320, 1452332742616.jpg)



>when they shut down investigation into real things like DIGRA, DARPA involvement because muh emails muh patreons

ecac26 No.280334

File: 077a5a5d6fbfbe5⋯.jpg (21.48 KB, 400x300, 4:3, friends with carnies.jpg)



Did anyone even "blame him" for anything? I recall them more or less going "Haha, look what dude did. Dumbass…" and the guy just flipped his shit because, despite raging "You were supposed to get vicious!" he didn't want to be made fun of on that level himself.

GamerGaters are generally faggots, but I don't recall anyone even for a second acting like he 'betrayed' them to any degree and he thought less of them. Crybaby just didn't like being made fun of like that.

701383 No.280343


What lead him down this path?

eef9b8 No.280367


You must have never been on GGHQ or GGRevolt, or the GG containment threads on /v/, because even today if Jim gets mentioned, they sperg out because he "abandoned his movement".

Also, in Jim's latest stream he confirms he wasn't given AIDS by Jade.

661b63 No.280404


It's almost as if Jim didn't like that a bunch of beta dorks were so afraid of being called misogynist that they actually tried making their campaign about ethics in game journalism rather than showing everyone how cancerous the Marxist SJWs are.

Also, I know the (((current year))) is thrown around too much like Jewish echoes :^) but why are there active Gamergate boards three years after the whole thing started?

402a3e No.280471

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>even today they sperg out

>trust me I would know

>being this much of a Jim fanboy

You do realize he despises people like you right? "Le metokur army" on jewtube is a cancerous bunch of losers who will fuck with anyone he tells them to while throwing money at his Patreon.

A majority of people still like him. Some people don't watch his shit anymore, and there's a few autistic spergs who hate him. And there's also autistic fanboys like you who blame the entire movement for accomplishing something rather than realize the Jim drama was one person's fuck up (Jim's) more than anyone else's. Go watch Sargon's video where he calls him out. He does so teasingly, as a friend but he still gives him shit for it.

either way.


What's next? "Truthcucks"? There's a reason this shitty meme failed.

I wonder how triggered you'd get if I mentioned Jim's a massive hypocrite anyways who proved Sargon right by getting his own Patreon.

eef9b8 No.280479


>Proving my point by coming in here and sperging out over Jim

Wew lad.

402a3e No.280500


>reasons why you're wrong = sperging

Nigger, I like Jim. Show me where I sperged out.

37f1cf No.280545



>accomplishing ANYTHING

Yeah, getting wu, sarkeesian, and quinn into the spotlight, a speaking role at the UN, and a book/movie deal, great job. Gamergate shit his pants and did nothing. Gamergate was a colossal failure because you faggots let ecelebs and MUH PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEfags take over and halt all ops related to DIGRA, DARPA, alphabet agency involvement, anything and everything behind the curtain. GAWKER was taken out by Hulk Hogan and you faggots desperately tried to grab credit for it.

40902f No.280606


Jim senpai~ Please cum in my ass .3.~<3 uguu~

09af5d No.280607


A lot of people never visit imageboards and so have been completely ignorant of what happens on them. There's been a few people like the "internet archivist"(?) that do the same shit and get a following because of it.


>Crybaby just didn't like being made fun of like that.

Pretty much this. I remember when people started poking fun at him for being friendly with people that made a living off of youtube, saying he was a hypocrite for making fun of hipsters using Patreon as hipster welfare where they were getting paid for shitting his pants and doing nothing because of it. It's what led him and some of his friends to make fun of Mundanne Matt for talking about how turning off adblock would help him out.

Essentially his stance on issues would change depending on whether or not he was getting made fun of. He's really pretty terrible about just standing by positions that others could mock.

ecac26 No.280617

File: 7ce1084436517b4⋯.png (496.49 KB, 941x698, 941:698, bobby bitches.png)


>It's almost as if Jim didn't like that a bunch of beta dorks were so afraid of being called misogynist that they actually tried making their campaign about ethics in game journalism rather than showing everyone how cancerous the Marxist SJWs are.

There's one interpretation, another is that ol Jim Jam had either been threatened or sweettalked out of doing his Lindsey Ellis video, one of the more anticipated of his dogshit TGWTG series, under the guise of "Ah guys… ya know I sat down to do it and wouldn't ya know?! She just didn't have enough going on to make an interesting video. Shame really. Ok, moving on…". Oh but we were treated to a riveting Angry Joe "Say, you're attacking your audience! Don't do that fella, do game reviews because that's what they give you money for!".

Yes please complain about everyone else being too pussy to attack 'like they're supposed to' in defense of Jimmy here.

402a3e No.280636


>why didn't Gamergate immediately accomplish every single goal on the horizon that looked even remotely attainable

>like making sure Brianna Wu never left her house because we were capable of that

>like stopping government and international organizations that are obviously corrupt and beyond the scope of Gamergate to do what they want

>same fag who tries to push "le ethicscuck" meme tries to pretend GG GG didn't do anything

Alright nigger let's look into your claims

>Zoe Quinn, Anita and Wu didn't have any spotlight by GG and GG is supposed to be able to shut them down

>they surely wouldn't have gotten those deals regardless of GG

And those deals ended up being massive failures for them. Anita is out of money and has to dramawhore to find things. Quinn is similar. Wu continues to be laughed at. If large institutions and companies that are already corrupt as shit like MSNBC, Intel and so on want to give them money and a platform, we can't stop them. What we can do is laugh at them when they fail, which they did, in part thanks to us.

>Gawker was taken down by Hogan

>ignore the fact that Gawker wrote on their own fucking epitath that GG was the one who killed them

>ignore that Gawker stated GG took down over 7 figures worth of income from them

That might as well be their entire margin of profit. Journalism outlets don't make huge margins. Either way our pressure worked.

>ignore that we did most of the digging we could and without a leak not much more could be attained

>ignore how strongly the shills were deployed when DARPA was mentioned

GG was strong but not strong enough to take on DARPA. Get your head out of your ass.

>muh ethicscucks and PRfags

>literally REEEE'ing

Who was sperging out again?

Not an argument. PRfags were a problem, but GG did a lot of good. Donating over a hundred thousand dollars to numerous charities.

Oh, and our greatest accomplishment alongside 8/pol/, getting Trump elected. :^)

Try not to sperg out even harder buddy.

609cde No.280643


Except he resisted getting one for the longest time and still does not monetize his videos. You are being purposefully obtuse.




402a3e No.280649


>Except he resisted getting one for the longest time

Oh I'm so impressed. He managed to keep his trust fund alive for that long before he had to suck up his pride and beg for money like a little shit. His own video calls himself a whore. He loved taking the piss out of other people for taking money and monetizing their videos. It doesn't fucking matter if you resist for a longer time but you still end up in the same fucking place as everyone. He couldn't have even used an alternative to Patreon, like Hatreon or any of that other nonsense. Instead he uses a site that's known cancer. Wait I forgot, he can't make any bad decisions. I sure am purposefully obtuse because I can't forget to mention he resisted monetizing his own videos, until he made the abject, conscientious choice to monetize them.

He's a faggot not for monetizing, but for condemning people for doing shit he would later do. I like him, but he himself admits this in the goddamn video title.

37f1cf No.280652

File: e53a9e0c258da50⋯.jpg (37.34 KB, 738x738, 1:1, e53a9e0c258da508c0152a8acb….jpg)


>trying to use a legitimate argument against anti-Trump shills as a basis for an argument that shit his pants and did nothing for three years

<giving attention to attention whores is good t-they would have gone to the UN and gotten deals anyway

<w-we weren't strong enough to do anything useful s-so we MUH ETHICS MUH PR shit his pants and do nothing YOU'LL HURT PR

Kicking out /pol/ because muh pr muh evil nadzees was the first fatal mistake cuckgate ever made.

<n-not an argument b-because I say so p-please stop proving that GG shit his pants and did nothing and Hogan took out gawker with his lawyer

<w-we e-elected t-trump e-even though GG is NOTHING but dead boards an an occasional boogeyman leftists bring up

>actually trying to steal credit for something /pol/ did


>y-you're a faggot if you make fun of people for doing something they don't need to do because they're just trying to make shekels off a controversy then open a paymetons later because you are in dire straits

Cuckgate fags eternally assmad over muh eceleb ABANDONING THE MOVEMENT REEEEEEEEEE

09af5d No.280659


>Except he resisted getting one for the longest time and still does not monetize his videos. You are being purposefully obtuse.

What changed?

The only reason I'd give him shit over this as I don't think he had a real reason for being against doing it in the first place, other than that he bought into false equivocations meant to proclaim him a hypocrite.

402a3e No.280672


>if I spritz my entire post with stuttering, maybe he won't notice that I posted the exact same fucking thing twice and didn't use a single thing to disprove it


What's wrong? Ethicscucks wasn't sticking so you try this?


>I didn't need your filthy money because I wasn't in a bad position before but now I am so please give me all your shekels goyim thank you for your support god bless

Nigger you're defending a self-admitting whore and calling him not a whore. You're acting like a literal fucking fanboy.

You are ree'ing, faggottexting, and stuttering with nothing to prove anything, and you're doing it all in defense of a faggot who doesn't care or know you. (unless you're one of his paypigs… Hm…)

Jesus Christ, no wonder Jim has such utter disdain for fucks like you. You're as pathetic as a lolcow.

eef9b8 No.280675


Health Problems. He's said he doesn't like to talk about them, but they're serious enough that he apparently needed the $ people have been begging to pay him for nearly four years now.


You're the one sperging out, m8.



etc. Chill out.

ecac26 No.280681

File: fc0a4f28cb6418c⋯.jpg (69.21 KB, 302x380, 151:190, implying.jpg)


I just like Bobby Hill. Answer the question about BROOTAL JIM SLAYER OF ETHICS CUCKS being too much of a pussy to follow through on a series of videos he was paid to do, faggot.

84d81a No.280684

File: 01e864f1b7171e0⋯.png (5.19 KB, 345x354, 115:118, angry fish man eating sand….png)

>go to catalog

>come back to this thread being bumped

>sperging about GG and Jim

Could you guys at least sage next time if its nothing of worth

402a3e No.280692

37f1cf No.280749

File: 377868a3b15f434⋯.jpg (158.85 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 77c5db5ce996cdc992482f5c1f….jpg)


>being this anally devastated for over TWO YEARS


9524c0 No.280767

I think Jim spreads misinformation about himself. He's always been a 10 foil privacyfag. He says he's 35 years old? Yeah well just a couple years ago he said he graduated college. Granted, he probably could have gone to college late in his life, but then why would Jim leave valid identity bread crumbs. So now Jim is dying of AIDs. Alright. Honestly I don't believe his name is even Jim.

9524c0 No.280768


Sound is so shit I can't tell if this guy has a lisp or not. A lisp would disqualify. This guy in the video also has a very, very, very slight regional american accent that's not the same as Jims. But he could have got rid of his accent.

402a3e No.280838


>anally devastated

>that's why I still watch him, anal devastation

>by the way you're the sperg, not I, the shitposting, REEing retard

I'm not even sure what you're trying to say at this point? What, did Jim PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD those damn grooblegrompers by leaving again after being embarrassed on stream like a baka retard?

82d757 No.280871


>Honestly I don't believe his name is even Jim.

No shit. If I was him and as much of a privacyfag (which I am) I would spread as much misinfo as possible if I was at least semi-well known. It's a smart decision and one that really should be adopted more to keep their anonymity.

86774e No.280873


>fat chink

I know she's Chinese but where did you get the fat part? Jim's once said on stream that he likes her big tits but that's all I've heard.

86774e No.280879


>>280873 here, just found how that she had an online persona, but deleted it for whatever reason?? does anyone have archives of her cocks?

6bb961 No.280897



Before GamerGate, I used to watch her videos. It wasn't anything most people would find interesting - Mostly her showing off her cosplay outfits, but I always enjoy cosplay, so it appealed to me.

Was she fat? No… She's full figured, yeah, but it was quite obvious that she didn't have a double chin or a fat belly.

All these gamergate fags ranting about how Jim was embaressed are speeds - He made a girl cum in front of thousands of listeners, and he laughs about it all the time.

Regardless if Jim shut down his channel because he had a bunch of autists swarming him for "giving the movement a bad name" or if he just got bored and moved on, I can almost guarantee that Jayde was being swarmed by faggots. Her face was out there, and she did the smart thing - Delete fucking every video, every picture of her on her channel, and shut down the channel as well, and then stayed gone - something a cow is incapable of doing.(See Chris, or Robert Wayne Stiles, Jahans, or even Britbong.)

In short, she's not a cow, and the people clammoring for her head are bitter fags who need to face the fact that their movement failed - Not because Jim left, but because of the reasons Jim left and their refusal to keep hitting.

Sage, because this "JIM ABANDONED GG" shit is almost three years old now. Grow up and move in.

86774e No.280901


I have heard of the stream where Jim finger-banged Jade, but have never seen it.

I'm sure Jim encouraged her to nuke her channel when he deleted IA, and it was probably a good decision.

I found a few thumbnails from her Outfit of the Day videos, and I agree she wasn't fat, that anon was just insulting her for whatever reason.

6bb961 No.280904

File: fdbf8d81f0e8dd2⋯.jpg (109.84 KB, 899x1200, 899:1200, CrzuQjPUkAA3VT2.jpg)

>I have heard of the stream where Jim finger-banged Jade, but have never seen it.

It was nothing special. Just a typical drunk stream where he and Jade laughed and fucked around, but Sargon, KoP and MundaneFat begged to get on, and then they started pulling every aspiring e-celeb on, and it turned into some faggy stream where everyone trying to make it big was trying to get on. He fingerfucks Jade about halfway through while KoP was ranting about Lizard Jews from space - Obviously she forgot to turn off her mic. Happened in my WoW guild about six years ago, my guild master ended up getting fucked by her husband while her ventrilo was still on, so it happens all the time

>I'm sure Jim encouraged her to nuke her channel when he deleted IA, and it was probably a good decision.

No doubt he got her to delete it. Wasn't anything special, but I do miss seeing her tits in those tiny corsets.

>I found a few thumbnails from her Outfit of the Day videos, and I agree she wasn't fat, that anon was just insulting her for whatever reason.

Like I said - They are bitter that Jim dared to betray them by leaving. Every now and then you get spergs coming at him on twitter for abandoning the movement.

Him calling her fat is like calling Kaho Shibuya fat because she has huge tits. Pic related.

e7d5cd No.280929



So we're uncovering the identity of a man who I think doesn't want its true identity to be uncovered by any means?

86774e No.280946


of course. he's so mysterious in how he operates and his illness is intriguing

ecac26 No.280948

File: f1e50af116605fc⋯.gif (1.96 MB, 250x204, 125:102, did you see that shit.gif)

Let's sum this up;

>Ol Jim can't seem to handle being fucked with huh


>Because I seem to recall him leaving right around the time he coincidentally started being goofed on for finger ban-

>'N-no! No I remember youi were all mad because you worshipped e-celebs! Just like he said you would!'

>Ok but see the thing was his excuse for WHY he left in the first place didn't line up with what we're fucking with him now over


>Pussy like a guy who hypes up a series of videos and not only do they suck, he is somehow convinced that he didn't have enough material to make a video on the one person everyone was the most excited to see a video about?

>"..q-quit being mad that he abandoned your movement, pussies…"

You can think Jim is a contradictory, dickless sissy AND think GamerGaters are fags, but taking away "muh ethics cucks" ol Jim Boy seems to not really be the hardcore sperg annihilator some people here think he is. It's twice as bad because these same people are whining about everyone elses fascination with e-celebs.

bb9a42 No.280964

File: c2f59f1de6c9140⋯.jpg (56.83 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1389419598141.jpg)

I swear this thread is being raided by faGGots or something. I get that jim is a flawed individual. But he's far far from the worst guy on youtube, and if anything he's one of the better ones. You CIAniggers are just mad he's turned his back on the "youtube skeptic community"/gamergate, both of which are massively cucked. If you want to attack him, attack him on something valid, like his habit of going to 4cuck instead of here

Or some of you are so desperate to be contrarian that you're now parroting the gamergate faggotry that plagued this board in 2015

86774e No.280974


i actually like the guy and am genuinely curious about him

ac1eb9 No.280976


>The only reason people could dislike a race mixer who fucks a used up cam whore is because of GG

Jim internet defense force confirmed.

ac1eb9 No.280978


Something valid, okay.

Jim meets a girl who pretends to be doxed. He immediately invites her onto his channels and then round to his house to fuck her. She is an attention seeker who provided no evidence for being doxed and had no reason to be doxed.

Jim shits on professional victims, he calls them fake and they should get over it. Yet a girl crying crocodile tears is now his girlfriend. A guy who claims to want to stay anonymous online but sacrificed it for some rice pussy.

So in short. We have a man who cannot stick by his ideals and will happily sacrifice what he claims to stand for when a FAT girl offers him a sniff of her fingers.

Now please, go tell me how it's wrong to hold someone to their ideals. If it's okay to shit on people for being 1 thing, why is it then okay to have a long term relationship with that exact same thing?

86774e No.280981


jim used up his morals, he has a patreon ffs

i dont really care, i still think hes entertaining an i dont have an issue with people making money off of youtube really

0ac607 No.280984

inb4 you retards give money to an eceleb faggot's scam again

eef9b8 No.280986


[citation needed]

>Being this assblasted that he left your movement

Everyone sees through you.

37f1cf No.280991


>falling so far as to use goon words, projecting embarrassment, and being a weeb faggot




You are now aware that people exist in the CURRENT YEAR that think not looking like a typhoid-suffering camp prisoner = """""""""""""""""""""""""""""fat"""""""""""""""""""""""""""".

The "shut down his channel because muh stream" doesn't even make sense, he's shut down every channel he's had but this most recent one.

402a3e No.280993


Nigger I never said he was even close to the worst guy on youtube. I was making fun of faggots for being fanboys of him when he's shown himself to be a hypocrite, thin-skinned faggot when it comes down to it. People are so fanboy'd to him that they think Jim was right after he took his leave as IA because he was embarrassed to be caught on stream fingering Jade in front of KoP and Sargon of Akkad.

I forgave him for this shit and I still watch his videos, but I still think he was a baka faggot for doing what he did. He was so embarrassed that it was just sad. and a bit cute. He still makes decent cocks, but his fanbase is cancer, as evidenced by the faggots in this thread. You can go to the other thread and see one of his paypigs (or maybe it was a different one, but it was likely the same one) do the same thing when it was even thought about people were making fun of him or thinking he was a lolcow



>he's still going at it

You're both pathetic and retarded. All you do is shitpost and think you've beaten people. Are you ignoring that when he deleted Internet Aristocrat, it was after his spergfest, which came directly after the stream?

Oh no, I'm sure he scheduled this to happen, my bad. Because he deleted 2 other channels before then. One of those 2 channels was only deleted because he was getting tired of some DMCA fag using a false company to fuck with his videos and told everyone he was done with the place. He didn't do it by choice in that case.

So as of right now, we only have 1 out of 3 of his channels actually shut down because he wanted to.

Now kill yourself, faggot.

ac1eb9 No.281002


Is that your only argument? If you're such a big fan you should know his history.

db7a51 No.281019


>I forgave him for this shit

>I felt personally slighted by some internet personality enough to need to forgive him

>a bit cute

Confirmed for dramatic literal faggot in unrequited love with Jim that views the fingerpop in such a light due to the fact it wasn't up his boipussy. Maybe if you'd send the guy nudes now and again he'd consider leaving his slanty fucktoy for your chunky ass.

bb9a42 No.281108


Same anon as >>280964 (idk if thread IDs work with my constant VPNS and piggybacking). I agree he does have at least a few autistic fanboys who can't see his flaws. I just don't buy the narrative that he was embarrassed about fingering jade. If anything, it's something to be proud of compared to obese virgins like KoP.

I woudn't call him a lolcow because he grasps trolling and banter. I think his main flaw is that he reports on cookiecutter shit like nick bates/TGWTG, and should engage in some more actual trolling (pissing off juggalos and diaperfags)

402a3e No.281154


>doesn't understand shitposting



>its something to be proud of

>someone who prides themselves on their anonymity was caught fingering someone on their own stream

>because /r9k/ exists you should be proud of it

This is fine /v/irgin logic, but you have to remember Jim is a sane normalfag who values his anonymity. He's like the "cool" suburban kid of a group, and he's affected by these sorts of things as a level-headed person would be.You shouldn't be proud of embarrassing yourself on a stream in front of tens of thousands of people.

Try to imagine your logic from someone more important:

>Donald Trump shouldn't be embarrassed of groping his wife in public because she's fucking hot and he has a wife

While some autists on /pol/ would probably fellate him for it, its an embarrassing event to have happen in public.

bb9a42 No.281182


Nigger, saying he should be ashamed of it is /r9k/ logic. And even though trump is an israelcuck, having groupies is alpha as fuck

ac1eb9 No.281301



She was fuckin fat. Don't lie about it. She had a tire round her belly.


She shut it down because you don't need to be a cam whore if you have a beta giving you attention and money now. It served it's purpose

b41012 No.281310


Okay buddy. Now you've said it for the thirtieth time, I understand. Jade is a fatty, Jim is a beta cuck, and you aren't a faggot who is perpetually assblasted that Jim abandoned GG when it turned into a parody and shit his pants and did nothing.

Right. Thanks for clearing that up.

e154d7 No.281316


This isn't about "having groupies" you mongoloid 17 year old

What's next, having sex in public is "alpha as fuck"?

You're a retard who will never have a functional relationship for long with this nigger-tier logic

bb9a42 No.281347


Nobody knows who jim is, it's nothing like public sex. Getting laid is a good thing assuming the girl is clean and in decent shape. Now how is the audience hearing the fingering embarrassing?

>what is locker room talk?

>what is approval from male peers?

Trumps was a little embarrassing but it doesn't even reflect that badly that he's so rich he had groupies

You only think it's embarrassing because you've never touched a vagina after the day your umbilical cord was cut

402a3e No.281367


>Jim actually got sex like most functioning adults in the world

>this means he has to be proud of it when its get broadcasted to tens of thousands of fucking people including some friends

>fingering your girlfriend isn't like public sex at all

Yeah… not like he's broadcasting it and the internet will literally never forget…

Its not like most functioning adults would be fucking mortified by a sex tape of themselves finding its way unto the internet

Its not like Jim isn't one of these functioning normalfags who makes fun of autists on the internet

Or do you think he really cares that he "impressed" a demographic of 17-20 year olds on the internet by proving he could do what your parents fucking did.

761ba5 No.281379


Just because he's not the worst guy around doesn't mean you can't shit on him.

His TGWTG series has been nothing but one big disappointment.

86774e No.281395


what dont you like about it

bb9a42 No.281404

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Get laid, gay fag

Now his DAD video is a pretty bad idea

eef9b8 No.281435


No I actually have to agree with him on it. If they're going to go and (((shut us down))), like that (((Yes You're Racist))) faggot is trying to get 8chan and 4chan shut down, I say we unleash hell on them. We're fuck either way, at least we can take them with us as we go down.

f87277 No.281450

File: aee1bd1c2b6a87f⋯.jpg (565.12 KB, 2272x1704, 4:3, AOL Disks.jpg)


People have been trying to fuck us over for years, and we've finally reached a critical point of "shut it down!" and nobody gives a damn, because "le ebil nadzees xD", so let's threaten to spread the misery to every dumb fuck who advocated censoring us. Hit the corporations in the pocket book and rob the 'normies' of their corporate hellholes. In that case, it sounds pretty reasonable to me. Here's a reminder of a better time, when AOL disks were free and so was the Internet.

83a560 No.281460


This won't work. The idea of MAD is that the result would be equally disastrous to both sides, but we don't have that leverage. Google, Facebook and other big corporations can simply path the protection money to the ISPs, they won't like it, but they can. Smaller competitors on the other hand won't be able to pay up, so now there will be an additional barrier in place for them.

bb9a42 No.281481


>that (((Yes You're Racist))) faggot is trying to get 8chan and 4chan shut down


eef9b8 No.281485

File: 1bb12db02247b7a⋯.jpg (43.96 KB, 589x496, 19:16, DoxFag.jpg)


He's got me blocked on twitter so I can't link you directly, but it won't take long to find.

94707e No.281488


>messaging GoDaddy and Google

>despite how we're hosted on our own servers

>and we also don't show up on Google

That dumb nigger

bb9a42 No.281489

File: 8f4fc42c8709fe8⋯.png (81.47 KB, 297x430, 297:430, 8f4fc42c8709fe8a40be572c97….png)

File: 38f5f6dd9f6d94a⋯.jpg (11.9 KB, 197x256, 197:256, 45f56fd7e0565387a4a2b8165c….jpg)

eef9b8 No.281490

File: 7d14e990626552c⋯.jpg (71.16 KB, 590x613, 590:613, Young Hitler.jpg)


Best post and GET.

86774e No.281576



agreed, jims idea wont fucking work


>(((Yes You're Racist)))

that guy was on MSNBC and they just told him that hes going to get his ass pounded by the law when he gets someone killed / mis-IDs someone

eef9b8 No.281609


Oh shit really, tonight? He's already mis-ID'd people.

Does anyone else think that he deserves his own thread?

33c4f1 No.281676


If you have enough cocks to start a thread then go for it.

ecb9e4 No.281697


As much as I'd love to and how fun this guy's reactions to shit is, it may be too early - We only just got exposed to who he is, instead of hiding behind his username. Might take a bit but I'll build a thread up, hopefully it won't be shit.

0897ec No.281845


>My hunch: Leukemia

It's definitely this. Jews give leukemia to people like Jim.

818d02 No.281862


The fact you use AOL as an example shows you're not very technically inclined. AOL was one of the first companies that contributed to the downfall of the Internet, aka the "Modern Internet" we use today filled with furries, spergs, and generally dumb people who use Windows just because it werks

bde6b3 No.281913


should've messaged cloudflare, tbh.

ec76bc No.281919


7d4392 No.282025

File: 54bd18d4703bbf9⋯.png (606.75 KB, 625x1111, 625:1111, 54bd18d4703bbf93c6e6f3c31f….png)

Two questions:

1.) Is this Jim

2.) Does he have a pig farm in Thailand where he lives?

41ebdf No.282043



Yes, Philapeans

He also runs Goldwater the clickbait rag that is constantly advertised at the bottom of threads.

41ebdf No.282044


Oh and his personal board


9dc2fd No.282074


I bet you think dobson is an actual blue bear too.

bb9a42 No.282082



It makes sense now why he wanted to move to Taiwan and why he's dating jade. He's an Anglin/Timbox style rice burner

aec0a9 No.282135


He is also ex US military intelligence and a Mason. He hosts a bunch of sites that are less than legal in flipland, yet Duterte has shown absolutely zero interest in cracking down on him despite his war on Drugs and Jim employing several drug addicts.

eef9b8 No.282427

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


God I hope that has the multicolor effect

a56a65 No.282554

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Holy fucking shit, Jim went absolutely nuclear on this nigger.

also, angry Jim goes full spaghettinigger

418010 No.282562


It was magical tbqh famalam it was kinda kino.

18ecff No.282566

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Here is the entire thing.

f87277 No.282575



I wouldn't be surprised if this was one of the last times we saw or heard from Jim. These videos are an open and shut case of rape.

33c4f1 No.282579


Who are these people he's arguing with?

c19e99 No.282723


Jonathan Ross(EffinRawz) and Ruby, his autistic "psychologist" friend.

cde6e7 No.282728

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


In case if your wondering if he actually drove to Milwaukee

ecac26 No.282735

File: ac16e1587971aa1⋯.gif (1.67 MB, 254x328, 127:164, Norton keks.gif)


>shut up you stupid fucking hole

epin Opie and Anthony lingo in the middle of what's apparently a serious matter, Jim.

843532 No.282739




caa309 No.282745

File: 56a405820d4d14f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 9.87 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1472065513729.jpg)

>pretty much pretty much pretty much pretty much pretty much pretty much pretty much pretty much pretty much pretty much pretty much pretty much pretty much pretty much pretty much pretty much pretty much pretty much pretty much pretty much pretty much pretty much

a72e54 No.282751


>But here's the thing

85412e No.282765


It's the Internet, someone has those images surely?

I have no idea what Jade looks like, but I know this. I like big tits, corsets, cosplay and Asians. Any images?

Just one corset image.

>tfw corsets are out of fashion

Jims newest vid the stream with that Ross, highlights how bland TGWTG has been. I miss the anger and him enjoying tearing shit apart.

af6599 No.282870


Kek. Does anyone have an archive of the thread?

8a994f No.282890


How many of you are paying attention to the autism fit over this drama? Apparently, someone is trying to get the police involved to arrest Jim or something right now.


4b7e5f No.282893


>Dobson is a large, hairy blueballed closet homo

You wouldn't be very off from the truth.

85edbc No.283052


Is that Ralph Retort?? That Southern twang is skincrawling.

dbc543 No.283057


No, that's not him. I thought for the longest time that Mike from gurushow.com was his brother or some kind of relative, but Mike admits that he's not related to him. So. I'm at a loss.

125ed1 No.283059

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Ross gets reamed.

db2568 No.283085



Jim namedropped us.

1abdd7 No.283087

File: 71a8b9db32728e4⋯.jpg (40.93 KB, 400x400, 1:1, fire that should do the tr….jpg)


Larping as harley quinn, an insane psychologist who turns into a criminal for the love of a criminal, "knows about psychology and shit", covers for a pedo who is shit at lying and is clearly more retarded than autistic until Jim breaks down what will happen if cops get involved she immediately puts some distance. Hangs out with a guy who hangs out with known sex offenders.

b67951 No.283092


wait what? she is fucked since Ross can't keep his mouth shut even if it would save him.

8f994a No.283094


Nah, other than being fucking autistic she hasn't done anything illegal. Defending pedophiles is what the media does, don't forget their "I'm the pedophile, your the monster" / shit with (((Roman Polanski))).

Blowback won't touch her if she takes Jim's advice and shuts her mouth.

New hugbox coming out tomorrow, obviously about this hornet's nest of yard rage he is poking at.

5afafc No.283098


Remember when Jim didn't have to provoke shit to have a good video?

Naw, me neither.

8a994f No.283099


As much as I want to watch the Deviants episode about FNAF, this is still entertaining enough for me to be hyped.

8f994a No.283104

File: 7104536561ab20f⋯.jpg (29.33 KB, 626x741, 626:741, 1503719752.jpg)


It's almost as if seeing people sperg out is entertaining or something. But Nah, that wouldn't make sense. It isn't like we're on a board that the fastest moving threads are ones where a manlet rages about us laughing at him or anything.


Oh yeah, looking forwards to it. He admitted he fucked up with the weekend count, so that is why he is squeezing this in tomorrow.

5afafc No.283105


He can't claim objectivity as a cataloger of rare and endangered spergs in their natural habitat if he does. He is simply a provocateur and, as much as I relate, your neutrality on a subject is gone once you are personally involved.

Call a spade a spade, jimbo.

3eec71 No.283126

Jim isn't dying and I don't have sauce but he mentioned the fact that he has a kid.

It wasn't explicitly stated but it was implied. I think that might also have to do with why he has a patreon.

5afafc No.283129


Hey leave Jim's girlfriend's son out of this.

c9f933 No.283133


Lol hi Jim

c9f933 No.283134


Hi Jim x2!

db2568 No.283142


>Jim has a happa spawn

>due to the sheer autism it's father deals with, it becomes elliot rodger by age five

990171 No.283144


>she hasn't done anything

that we know about

505afc No.283145


Codemonkey isn't that bad.

80d792 No.283146

>he got arrested

>he has aids

>he knocked up jade

So many different theories.

89819d No.283148

File: 62f3eb2cb1391b4⋯.jpg (24.64 KB, 471x395, 471:395, 62f3eb2cb1391b43c3e1cdd1eb….jpg)

Right now he's fucking with a pedophile and his Amazing athiest fan, goden shower enthusiest, masochist, suicidal friend and another guy who runs a call of duty clan and is threatening to hack foxdickfarms and send Jim to Jail. So far these streams have been amazing. I got see a fat HOLE threaten to jump out of a window as Jim called her tears fake news.

db2568 No.283149


>I got see a fat HOLE threaten to jump out of a window as Jim called her tears fake news.



80d792 No.283150


I'm just curious and want to see where all this goes.

89819d No.283151


There was a twitch stream today by the armed toast where Ross and Ruby went to cry about Jim being an internet Bully and Ruby Broke down and threatend to kill herself because Jim kept laughing at her. It was glorious.

db2568 No.283152


Jim literally told that dumb whore that he has nothing against her, and that all she needs to to do stop being bullied is to shut the fuck up. He literally told her that she was too fucking smart to get her life destroyed for Ross, and she pretends like he's trying to destroy her?

db2568 No.283153



>twice in the same post

Going to kill myself tbh fams

I should probably get some sleep.

89819d No.283155


Well when she told him that she was gonna call the police he called her a dumb hole and laughed at her for hinting at a golden shower fetish she just had to kill herself to escape the hurtful words. Don't you see Anon? It's Jim's fault.

8a994f No.283158


Yea, what was it, one month now, as fun as this shit is I'm dying to see the worst of the autistic fandoms.

7748aa No.283163

File: 95a4e305acec9fd⋯.mp4 (9.83 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, jaydefox.mp4)

>all this new pedo drama

Nice, needed some streams to listen to today.


125ed1 No.283173


Apparently she's a "little" which might explain why she's white-knighting for Ross. Probably wants to re-enact what probably happened to her at 7 with Ross playing her drunken stepdad

dde4e1 No.283178


Three days into this shitshow and I still have no clue who any of these people are, what they do, or why they're so pissed off at jimbo to the point of having a mental breakdown when he's basically done fucking nothing except point and laugh on twitter all weekend.

What is throwing circa 2005 internet tough guy threats supposed to accomplish?

What do you gain from going on stream with a guy you've been repeatedly shittalking and then admit to even more heinous shit?

Why did you start throwing more people nobody has ever heard off under the bus, unprompted and for literally no reason?

Seriously. Who the fuck are these retards?

7748aa No.283179

File: 276b87be6a2eaf8⋯.gif (1.28 MB, 320x180, 16:9, N8o5Xf.gif)

File: 32461bfa1592e76⋯.jpg (9.61 KB, 320x180, 16:9, mqdefault.jpg)

File: cf770732103e23e⋯.jpg (4.72 KB, 160x160, 1:1, TUy9szgb.jpg)


>Seriously. Who the fuck are these retards?

I would also like this question answered.

95d00a No.283198


Jumbo is my city

43ff4e No.283203



乇乂ㄒ尺卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚


They're just… Fuck, it feels like this is the commentary community 2.0. You'd fuck with them back then, and then they'd explode like this.

125ed1 No.283207


And why did this NuclearGamer sperg threaten to go after Null and foxdick? It's like Jim said, if you just lay low for awhile, they'll get bored/call out people who won't stop trying to fuck with you without a response.

The only winning move is not to play.

8a994f No.283210


Some people are dumb. Just listen to the way they talk, slow and filled with "umm"s. They are not intelligent people, Jim gave the hole too much credit on the stream.

bd892b No.283334


I think the explanation Ross is trying to make, though he is too autistic to say words like a person, is that kids in the bathtub is cute like puppies sneezing or kittens falling asleep are cute, and that he gets the same kind of joy from such videos that some grandma would. The fact that they are naked is not the source of his enjoyment, it's the innocent playing.

Not that I believe that is the full story.

7748aa No.283347

File: 66b821fe4c937aa⋯.gif (4.36 MB, 267x200, 267:200, babydog.gif)

File: cae2292375a5f18⋯.gif (2.47 MB, 296x200, 37:25, babydance.gif)

File: c467cf1ad3dd89a⋯.gif (4.27 MB, 628x336, 157:84, baby explains to dog the p….gif)


The way Ross gets weird and emotional makes me think this isn't a one-off thing. I think kids are cute and fun, too. I wouldn't turn into a blubbering autistic spectacle when a known troll jokingly called me a pedophile.

0f9bc1 No.283349


Yeah, that's what I thought of too. Of course I know that's a lie, but I get the logic behind it.

Shit, I can make his arguments better than he can.

bcc557 No.283354


They are just really, really fucking stupid individuals.

0f9bc1 No.283389

Okay, so after watching the big stream I only have a few minor questions:

1. Who are these people and where did they come from?

2. What the fuck is going on?

3. Why are the foxdick Farms so fucking gay.

125ed1 No.283409


1. Part of the DSP fandom/trolldom. Had some run-ins with the KuK and somehow managing to make them look rational,

2. An 18-year old autistic schizophrenic that lives with his grandparents who led the charge against the KuK with a shitty pro-DSP rap with singing that sounded more robotic than Moonman.

3. It's what happens when sperg chroniclers want to get famous for sperg chronicling. It's turns out that the only people who are really into chronicalling spergs are spergs themselves and it makes perfect sense. Or, to put in simpler terms, it's the investigative skills of /pol/ mixed with the catty backstabbing drama and social climbing you see in SomethingAwful.

e57975 No.283765

File: 4bf5e8064daf991⋯.jpg (28.65 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 4bf5e8064daf99105893cfbe28….jpg)


>tfw you and jim are amerifats

>tfw just by eating the food here we will die at young ages

I'm glad I live in a rural area as we were able to grow a lot of food, be it beef, eggs, fruits or veggies. But I wouldn't dare eat the slop you get at a grocery store or restaurant

125ed1 No.283766

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Video is out.

0ab65c No.283774

File: 4730a526499e6ef⋯.gif (536.6 KB, 480x270, 16:9, autism 2.gif)

201445 No.283791


>Thinks sixty five is a yong age when a hundred years ago anyone who lived past fifty was considered ancient.

The powers that be only want regular people to live long enough to work, pay taxes, reproduce, and then die. Better to just learn a trade and go into business for yourself. At least it eliminates 1/5 of those steps.

That's why I don't fault Jim for patreon. If I had retards willing to throw money at me for releasing a half hearted video a week, I'd get a patreon in a heartbeat.

cc0779 No.283793


Then why women live so long?

b5149a No.283796


>live in luxury

>get everything you want

>get to avoid punishment with the pussy pass

>get a slap on the wrist for even shit like rape because muh pussy pass

>win divorce cases and get money you didn't earn by default

>can accuse a man of anything like rape and it will stick even if the guy is proven in a court of law to be 100% innocent and will face zero consequences for false accusations

>people are stupid enough that you can wave away any criticism by crying "sexist" in more normalfag areas or "mgtow" in more anonymous places

Gee, I wonder fucking why.

b52e4f No.283798


>I'm pretty much a veteran on the internet. I've been on since 2009 and you know what? Pretty much, I've been through hell and back… several times. And guess what? You can celebrate while you can… let's just say that. Because the point of the story is… pretty much. We'll see who the one who's fucking standing victorious at the end of this fucking war.

Is this some new kind of copypasta?

b9c1c5 No.283799

File: 29d82cfa1c202e3⋯.jpg (2.94 KB, 120x160, 3:4, DSCF0323[1].JPG)


Listen, man. I'm pretty much a veteran on the internet. I've been on since 2016 and you know what? Pretty much, I've been through hell and back… several times. And guess what? You can celebrate while you can… let's just say that. Because the point of the story is… pretty much. We'll see who the one who's fucking standing victorious at the end of this fucking war.

f23191 No.283800

File: 897c8c8cdb26761⋯.jpg (36.38 KB, 538x596, 269:298, zee 4.jpg)

Listen, man. I'm pretty much a veteran on the internet. I've been on since 2016 and you know what? Pretty much, I've been through hell and back… several times. And guess what? You can celebrate while you can… let's just say that. Because the point of the story is… pretty much. We'll see who the one who's fucking standing victorious at the end of this fucking war.

b9c1c5 No.283801


brb going to /pol/ with this.

f23191 No.283803

File: 1b2931b6416d653⋯.jpg (82.42 KB, 960x960, 1:1, therealkop.jpg)


pls dont i will be so embarrased

b9c1c5 No.283807


>posting in an antifa thread


871e35 No.283812

File: 392872c927b98f4⋯.jpg (17.93 KB, 300x225, 4:3, 300px-Nickbate.jpg)

Listen, man. I'm pretty much a veteran on the internet. I've been on since 2016 and you know what? Pretty much, I've been through hell and back… several times. And guess what? You can celebrate while you can… let's just say that. Because the point of the story is… pretty much. We'll see who the one who's fucking standing victorious at the end of this fucking war.

40b138 No.283813

File: 369530d34e82e9c⋯.png (369.79 KB, 634x435, 634:435, spongebob in pain.png)


Fuuuck this hard to watch

This guy is too cringe-inducing

aef738 No.283816


Is this guy CWC-tier? Yes or no, and reason for answer

40b138 No.283818


Kinda, he's closer to Nick Bate than CWC.

He looks at pictures of little kids in bathtubs, but he's not a pedo because "he doesn't masturbate to them".

He also literally REEEEE'd at Jim, it was fucking embarrassing. The guy is prime lolcow material.

aef738 No.283820


…who used pull-ups until he was 12 and has his nan yell at him for not bathing

159411 No.283822


Pretty up there.


I'd say he's closer to CWC than Bate, he has some thematic overlaps with Bate but his spastic fits and self-identity more closely resemble Chris. He's fucking juicy though.

4a8c7a No.283823


Does Ross have any sense of shame at all? Who the fuck would admit to wearing pull ups and looking at pictures of kids in bathtubs. Is he just that incompetent?

40b138 No.283825



What are pull ups?

4a8c7a No.283826



40b138 No.283827


He was shitting himself at 12?

Is he autistic?

aef738 No.283828


…what would competence look like? Competance at what exactly?

cc0779 No.283829


You already know the answer.

4a8c7a No.283834

aef738 No.283836

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



pull-ups are actually diapers used by children who shouldn't be using diapers. I remember when those things first came out (yeah I'm old) and the song was "Mommy, WOW! I'm a big kid now!" 80s cringe

aef738 No.283838


BTW I guarantee his father wasn't around. What father is going to tolerate his unwashed son using fucking pull-ups at age 12. FFS

6c6885 No.283846

File: 82c3641ac3b72cf⋯.jpg (131.69 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 82c.jpg)


I remember those. That jingle was also well in the 90's as well.

Ross is a complete retard though thinking he can take down Jim while admitting on a recording that he enjoy pedo material. Something tells me he didn't think this through.

8c4191 No.283849


>pissed/shat himself until the age of 12 by his own account, so probably even longer

>socially awkward sperg that doesn't shower

>lives with his grandparents


Probably molested as a child tbqh

103bce No.283856


So Jim decided to take break from bullying midgets and went after true sick fucks? I look forward to seeing where this goes.

78a7de No.283866

Kind of amusing that Jim mocked Hole's whining about her tears being fake news with a Jewish accent. Otherwise, who are these people?

aef738 No.283898


It's all fun and games until someone tries to commit suicide by jumping out of a basement window

f306ce No.283899

Ross told someone their insults aren't good because they repeat them to much. This coming from a man who's idea of roasting is calling someone a twig for an hour interspersed with his autistic try-hard edgy ramblings. I so wished someone would have called out the pot calling the kettle black.

f835fd No.283900


He even called KoP a seatbelt, what does that even mean?

aef738 No.283901


…maybe because seatbelts protect children?

f306ce No.283902

File: 860991a51d5d7d1⋯.jpeg (40.09 KB, 500x645, 100:129, savage.jpeg)

50e149 No.284038

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


dfcc00 No.284041


>"king of /pol/" is a mexican

it fits

b52e4f No.284053


Read the thread retard. >>283766

a67f04 No.284123

File: 3c684c922919eb7⋯.jpg (82.15 KB, 780x439, 780:439, dragon loli.jpg)


Ravioli, Ravioli don't watch the bathing lolis!

I'm actually surprised and disappointed. Not by Jim's video, it's great, one of the best in awhile because he seems to care about the subject. I was expecting Ross and his retard crew to sperg out like they've been doing all last week simply because Jim came in a stream and sent some tweets. Instead they went into hiding, deleting accounts and as much info as they can. Definitely the smart thing to do, but i was hoping for a meltdown of biblical proportions.

b5149a No.284243


Damage control is a pretty big meltdown.

5d52c2 No.284345

>listen to podcast with Jim in the background

>dude thinks Onision is a normal guy playing a character for his vids

Is Jim a bad judge of character? Without going full deepest lore, Onision is definitely not just playing a character. Dude is a full blown narcissist with a nasty antisocial/sadistic streak, he has waay too much history pointing in that direction instead of "I was merely pretending bro".

5460b2 No.284388


Didn't he murder a turtle and fuck an underage fan?

1ea4a9 No.284409

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Link to the podcast? Iirc he once mentioned that he wouldn't ever talk about onision in internet insanity because the dude thrives off of attention and has played up a lot of shit in his past, not necessarily that he has faked everything he's done. At least this is how I understand that Jim sees Onision from a few tweets I've seen around.


Yep, I remember someguy827, Repzion, and a few others gave him a lot of shit for the turtle incident, as for the underage fan, you're gonna have to be specific, there's a fuckton of girls that were fans of his and he ended up moving in with him. Dude hides behind the age of consent to keep fucking them and not be called a pedo/hebe

1ea4a9 No.284410


fuck forgot to add to the second paragraph

>vid related

sage for doublepost

5d52c2 No.284425


Here, it's around the 4:20 mark:


Now I can understand not wanting to touch Onision (same reason iDubbbz doesn't do a cocks Cop on him) but there's no way in hell shit like the "Spend a week chained up in our basement with a "I'm a liar"-sign around your neck" was supposed to go public. The rest of his behaviour towards his wives/girlfriends (the uglyfication, the name changes, attempts to deny them meds etc) as well as his contant jailbait chasing (the Article 15 he got, his forum) are huge red flags.

About the animals, it's not just the turtle thing, he also disciplined a dog that wasn't housebroken by rubbing his face in the piss (their animals are fucking afraid of him in videos/photos) and he admitted to killing pets through neglect before.>>284409

b39edf No.284428

File: 7cb05ea4159f1ef⋯.png (392.64 KB, 581x536, 581:536, 1445877249534.png)


>watch sarGoon of Kukkad video

wew lad way to lose all credibility






KoP is definitely a jew.

b62146 No.284436


Doesn't sound like jim at all to me.

5460b2 No.284452


>Article 15

He was in the military

4f9e3d No.284528


This joke was never funny weeb

4f9e3d No.284530


What signs are there? I haven't noticed anything.

4f9e3d No.284532


I saw it as that too, until he wrote posts that said things like "I had to get help for having feelings for children" like, how can you bend that anyway but wrong?

0f9bc1 No.284992

File: 80a78ec8cca60c1⋯.jpg (9.9 KB, 256x256, 1:1, SunshineBaby.jpg)

>"Oh boy! A new deviants video!"

>Over half the run time is just Jim ranting about his SUPERIOR VIDEO GAME OPINIONS and defending some shitty indie game he likes because MUH PLOT

>Weird fetish shit only shows up when the video is already mostly over

It was like /v/: the video. It was shit.

2bf4f6 No.285007


At least /v/ is funnier and the porn is better.

174f89 No.285009

File: 2a96839d05bfb44⋯.jpg (50.52 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1496291885314.jpg)

I've never understood why Jim spergs over the most insignificant shit. Other times, I can't stop laughing.

7e13ad No.285014


stfu truthcuck

2bf4f6 No.285062

A lot of Jim's newer videos have been shit.

Why must this happen to all YouTubers?

b5149a No.285065



>after the shitshow that was the entire TGWTG series with the promise of "I-I'll do the actually interesting shit in the f-finale! pls donate to my paymetons"

He's all but confirmed working on the CuK video. Is he going to do one on how the evil videogame streamer said nigger once?

4eee07 No.285073


Seeing as how he was laughing about how Pewdie did it, and making edits so that Pewdie called Obama a nigger? No.

fad313 No.285075


You're aware the point of his vids are to trigger retards right?

Best way to trigger a [insert vidya game here] fan? Shit on the game.

939380 No.285084


Its almost as if Jim made the Deviant's videos to fuck with people, and the reaction from the Diaper Furs Adult Babiea / FNGR and company was exactly what he wanted.

I mean, it isn't like the FNAF fandom is insane and highly volatile, ready to explode at whoever mocks them.

f9091b No.285086

File: 733d371c2019a03⋯.png (127.92 KB, 386x288, 193:144, squidward_suffering.png)


Never trust a You-Tuber, or really just any e-celeb. Even the tolerable ones end up going down the shitter.

b5149a No.285100


I'm talking more the shitstorm surrounding it than it itself.

0f9bc1 No.285118



So he makes his videos shit and unentertaining on purpose?

e49576 No.285145

File: 2a24f30ddf837a0⋯.jpg (307.9 KB, 580x450, 58:45, Timmy 4.jpg)

File: fe7cbb5f6fefbef⋯.jpg (366.34 KB, 1200x907, 1200:907, PhotoFunia-1504918443.jpg)

File: c69a710981ea4f1⋯.jpg (704.59 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, timmy.jpg)

File: f6ed7603f36d2f6⋯.jpg (405.27 KB, 1200x907, 1200:907, PhotoFunia-1504917748.jpg)




61a756 No.285147

I am 99% sure I know who jim is and now I am wondering where the fuck my dreamcast is.

77e490 No.285171


When you have a schedule to fulfil you will eventually have to pump out filler to meet deadlines. Let's say that drawing is you hobby, then you can draw anything you want and take as much time as you want. But when you have the pump out one drawing every x amount of time, then you can no longer afford taking forever, and sometimes you will cut corners, or you will draw even when you have no inspiration.

cbbeff No.285205


Jim's only good stuff is regurgitated stories/topics from imageboards. Once he needs to come up with stuff to talk about on his own he's kinda fucked.

This is true for a lot of the commentary type youtubers which is probably why they all end up talking about the same stuff. They're starved for things to talk about so they will talk about anything they possibly can.

c3d37b No.285207

File: ec949380380fd9f⋯.gif (1.84 MB, 202x360, 101:180, ec949380380fd9f6f49dd2d5ad….gif)


>Jim fucking with FNGR wasn't good

>Jim fucking with Rawz wasn't good

>Jim sending the diaperfags into a tism storm wasn't good

8385cf No.285216

File: fc7a2af5bf849aa⋯.jpg (30.74 KB, 443x488, 443:488, fc7a2af5bf849aaef0fc488679….jpg)


You don't need to argue with them anon, they're being painfully obvious.

cbbeff No.285219


While I like that he fucked with them, the videos themselves are bloated as fuck.

He could cut the run time of most of his videos by half and not lose any cocks.

5500c0 No.285224


Ironically I enjoy the longer videos he does, simply because he is grade A white noise while I play some vidya.

8385cf No.285235

File: 3895d5a219f8915⋯.gif (19.12 KB, 220x130, 22:13, raw.gif)


>(((Ironically I enjoy)))

Fuck off redditkike

fcab54 No.285239

File: c6e2974ad50e1ca⋯.jpg (75.47 KB, 480x679, 480:679, 1425134172668.jpg)


>The anime Nazis were mean to me, please make them go away!

a84825 No.285247


>two second kanye nigger gif

>calling others reddit

w e w

l a d

8385cf No.285255

File: cf7fb5e8772acbe⋯.mp4 (6.93 MB, 640x480, 4:3, cf7fb5e8772acbe8d588bd6c06….mp4)


you really are a dense nigger aren't you

a84825 No.285312

File: 97db537a0745999⋯.png (452.11 KB, 785x757, 785:757, 97db537a07459999b1cabe806c….png)


Pot calling the kettle nigger, nigger.

Are you out of EBIN tumblr gifs to post?

b41b75 No.285317

File: 66218232d6569f0⋯.jpg (458.33 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, DJqzEEkUQAAClPh.jpg large.jpg)

So he was Jim all along

896be2 No.285391


He's including her in one of the less formal ending videos. I think he wanted to wait because he was trying to keep things informational.

Someone is an assmad faggot

896be2 No.285392

Hey Jim, you faggot. I know you're probably reading this at some point, because you're an attention whore like everyone who posts on YouTube.

Care to set the record straight to any extent before the sickness takes you?

a41bc8 No.285395

3b746f No.285410

Can someone mirror the FNAF video? Butthurt children flagged it, and google won't let me make a gmail account even if I wanted to.

1ea4a9 No.285442

Vidme embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Just watch it on vid.me

a373a7 No.285445


You can also use PuriTube to circumvent the age-restrictions:


Just replace the "you" part with "puri". I use it when I want to watch a video with private browsing turned on.

9f1ce2 No.285483


Yeah I watched the whole thing back in the day it's incredibly underwhelming considering redditfags were screaming about how it DESTROYED A MOOVMENT.


Lol he wants that pussy, no mystery about it.


ex fucking dee

b3013e No.285488

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I really hope he showed them his tape anyway before going home.

This is so awkward it hurts.

9f1ce2 No.285524


Basically this. Once I got a full time job I started enjoying my creative endeavors way more because I no longer felt obligated to do them.

c83c8e No.285525

File: 9690d32e0149c3b⋯.jpg (21.36 KB, 500x500, 1:1, daf2c6b1b34aeb4f570841a62c….jpg)


>they certainly sound alike


3756ee No.285632

File: 7ec44efbdc17e98⋯.jpg (17.18 KB, 337x372, 337:372, 1497811563957.jpg)


Does Jim use a voice changer? Listen to the end of that

>How about you answer that simple question?


The "question" sounds like it came from a completely different person.

3756ee No.285636

File: 6f36837c93dc63b⋯.jpg (106.35 KB, 891x743, 891:743, ss (2017-09-18 at 10.11.41….jpg)


She's not fat, but good God, she has a butter face.

783a2d No.285637


hard to tell

6270d2 No.285639


Has an amazing rack for an Asian, though. Butter face isn't the worst thing to happen.

6c6885 No.285641

File: 05a65d8439b575c⋯.jpg (39.98 KB, 600x715, 120:143, fuckingno.jpg)


Who cares nigga. Just turn off the lights. You could look at the tits, ass, pussy but no, just her face lol. If a butterface of all things turns you off, you are either virgin or a howmow.

1387e0 No.285642

File: bbf6f0b6343da3c⋯.jpg (20.32 KB, 240x228, 20:19, 1503213144479.jpg)


I like his cocks but why should i give a shit about him personally?

676ece No.285655


Don't. He doesn't want people to - He isn't like Sargon and co - I bet the moment he can get back to working and is in good health, he'll dump the patreon and vanish for half a year or longer, only to spring up again and laugh at artists more.

1387e0 No.285660


>I bet the moment he can get back to working and is in good health, he'll dump the patreon


43ff4e No.285669


I wouldn't be surprised. When he finally broke, and opened the Patreon, you could hear the defeat in his voice, and he constantly talks about how he isn't comfortable with being paid for youtube videos.

I fully expect that when he can, he'll shut down the patreon, and, when he's finished the videos he's planned, he'll go away for several months.

b01f9d No.285679


Jim's already set a precedent for being a massive hypocrite, and I really doubt he's going to "leave" the internet again unless he embarasses himself or his Patreon dries up.

43ff4e No.285681

File: 4322fc5f47c8c98⋯.jpg (18.47 KB, 621x502, 621:502, 23c1d3fe7.jpg)


>Jim's already set a precedent for being a massive hypocrite, and I really doubt he's going to "leave" the internet again unless he embarasses himself or his Patreon dries up.

Oh, its you again. Here to screach about how he killed GaymerGate by fingerbanging Jade, and how she is a fat bitch again? How assblasted are you that years after he left, you still sperg about it?

No, I'm serious - You and a handful of other autists seem to be really assmad over GG still. Why?

b01f9d No.285682


I quit following GG when the #NotYourShield shit happened on Twitter, I could care less about the stream. Kind of pathetic that your only recourse against people who disagree with Jim is to accuse them of being GamerGate spergs. You have any excuses for why he keeps race mixing with an ugly zipperhead, or hanging out with KoP?

783a2d No.285705

File: 6a01d411085f732⋯.png (97.26 KB, 420x420, 1:1, 1484140002475.png)

The Jim is bad cause GG troll in probably Jim himself trying to derail the thread.

If so, good job Jim

b5149a No.285717

File: 76e0957e1840c17⋯.jpg (25.29 KB, 320x280, 8:7, artistic screeching.jpg)


>laugh at artists

6e352f No.286034

File: 97c7dfa30481253⋯.png (50.19 KB, 485x309, 485:309, 9909.png)

I think we found Jim's new video coming up

1ea4a9 No.286036


Well it might turn into a Hugbox Chronicles, but we have to wait and see because it might turn into a bigger shitshow very soon if they carry these ridiculous moves onward. Imagine being one of the many women that have single handedly ruined capeshit from its origin by interjecting all the Marxism and degeneracy they can get away with, and you have less and less people buying your product because you're so shit at writing, drawing and have very little understanding who pays you. So this nobody talks about entry level complaints that everyone else would make about modern capeshit. You and your posse of stank puss puss gather round and try to dox this dude because fucking white males, how dare they complain about the product they actually buy that we create. Just imagine how the fucking (((eternal journos))) are gonna have to spin this.

sorry that I went overboard with blogposting here, but goddamn, if they actually do this it will be the fucking end of their careers, if not this will at the very least bring attention to the normalfags, and I fucking beg for their careers to end, women shouldn't be making comics to the caliber that is Marvel

6222f7 No.286046

File: eac0b120e6c3433⋯.jpg (49.87 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, luckyjim.jpg)


Is this Jade? I found this image in an archive while looking a specific megalink. I am not sure at all wether its her or not.

f48ef7 No.286053

I can't remember when but it was in one of his streams a few years back. He said something on the lines of "my plan is to die by the time I'm 50" thus why he drinks and smokes like shit.

9d31cb No.286070


No it's not her dumbass, her picture's already been posted (she's hideous, looks like a tranny).

43ff4e No.286073


Yes, it is her. A .webm from her youtube was already posted.


You should consider getting a tripcode - You keep switching IDs, but we all know it is you. You'd be a great cow.

90% sure you have autism as well. Not only do you rant about Jim and Jade every thread that has anything to do with him, but you can't seem to recognise faces - Face blindness is a semi-common thing with autists.

f835fd No.286086


>anyone who talks shit about my favorite e-celeb is the same person

ac18d5 No.286108


Nigger you use the exact same insults and the exact same wording, and you are always a (1), and the old UD never posts again. You aren't fooling anyone.

2c1eb3 No.286112


>if they actually do this it will be the fucking end of their careers

Remember the julayshake fake controversy? Well thanks to that "incident", nothing will happen to these people, also they have the support of the press and the professional nerd™ bloggers. These people have tried to take him down several times, one of the editors at Marvel tried to associate him with the Charlottesville events.

d10adc No.286158

1ea4a9 No.286167



d37c0b No.286232


I doubt it.

Jim stated once that he has nothing again gun ownership, but doesn't own any guns.

No way any sort of vet wouldn't even have a pistol or something.

8a994f No.286319

Internet Insanity: Gamedude tommorow

8a994f No.286321


fb282c No.286328


You know if you ever talked to a shrink in the army you can't possess firearms?

b5149a No.286330

>gets just barely under $3500/mo to make videos on the internet

>can't get off his fat ass and finish a video on time

03e993 No.286342

this guys old crew got denied by EncyclopediaDramatica and they went apeshit,

hilariously unstable

1cbd55 No.286354


Bullshit, my dads a marine vet and doesn't own a gun. He does go to the range with his buddies every couple of months though and he borrows one of his friends weapons.

4bbdf4 No.286357

File: b65b0baa31287a6⋯.png (56.26 KB, 195x217, 195:217, 1477912039918.png)



You best not be lying nigger!

I never found out what exactly happened to Game Dude.

I remember I was subbed to him long time ago. I didn't care for the whole rip off nonsense going on at the time. He was a perfectionist who wanted 5 stars on all of his videos. I decided to unsub after a while. Then, a day later he PMed me on Youtube to convinced me to sub back.

Keep in mind, this was old youtube, like 2008. This means he manually recorded and checks every sub that he has. And probably did the same for others. I get he was a perfectionist, but this is obsession.

I never found out what happened to him. Theres not much details.

dfcc00 No.286370


is your reality some sort of TV show?

b5149a No.286399


Why's your dad partially cucked? There is no reason not to own a weapon. Even if you're talking about money, HiPoints are cheap, very reliable, have great manufacturer warranties even for used/second-hand purchases, and have only dumb memes and not looking as flashy and fancy as a SIG or 1911 against it.

8a994f No.286406

125ed1 No.286416

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Gamer Dude video is up.

c4f5f3 No.286417

I distinctly remember Jim talking about a chronic illness far before opening a patron. Must've gotten worse.

92c02f No.286418


I'm only about two minutes in, but fuck I remember this guy.

I didn't remember his name, but I know his face.

I think I saw one of his videos years ago. Time to see how far down the rabbit hole he went.

b5149a No.286420

File: 93be7ef4f82ad33⋯.png (52.3 KB, 828x406, 414:203, terry a davis memes.PNG)


>half the comments are repeating the unfunny cianigger meme

Fucking normalfags.

9bf9c0 No.286421


>Fucking normalfags.

Dick Wolf memed Redchanit into reality

81abf6 No.286422


No, to be barred from buying a gun you have to have at least some history of institutionalization, and even that's not a guarantee


boo hoo

92c02f No.286423


>paying attention to YouTube comments

ce597d No.286425

File: 9cee5477c0538f5⋯.jpeg (31.12 KB, 560x410, 56:41, makeup.jpeg)


Nothing makeup can't fix. Asians are monsters without it.

b5149a No.286499


What a shit video. Barely gets into any details. The most surface-level faggotry full of teasing "oh I have all this info but I can't show it to you haha". People give him thousands of dollars for this.





The people making those gay ass comments come flooding imageboards repeating it ad nauseum.

592623 No.286653


Jim is autistic but he uses it for good.

032399 No.286657


>Barely gets into any details. The most surface-level faggotry full of teasing "oh I have all this info but I can't show it to you haha"

>he should have had his channel flagged to sate some faggot on an imageboard


f835fd No.286681


No one said that, stop reaching.

b5149a No.286694

File: 37771ef1acb0a5f⋯.png (241.09 KB, 602x628, 301:314, 37771ef1acb0a5f584256d9d09….png)



The channel didn't get nuked for covering in depth Nick Bates or any of the deviant's episodes. The channel hasn't been nuked for every single comment section being full of unfunny redditors repeating shitty Terry A Davis "CIANigger" memes. Get the cock out of your mouth faggot.

592623 No.286698

File: 19099499b2e7324⋯.jpg (125.03 KB, 500x500, 1:1, sad boys.jpg)

Where's episode 6, Jimbo?

8a994f No.286714



0f9bc1 No.286725


in the park

889a1a No.286738

Jim has lung cancer. He has talked about smoking before and he has that smoker’s cough and slight rattle even when he laughs.

c6033e No.286861


t. cia nigger

8f917d No.286882


Negative, unless prescribed/diagnosed anything

187f5f No.286891



6e352f No.286929

Is there a new TGWTG videro this week or is Jim going to,pussy out of it like he did with the Lindsey Ellis video?

358ffc No.286934


>going to,pussy out of it like he did with the Lindsey Ellis video?

there are people autistic enough to actually believe this?

6e352f No.286935


>there are people autistic enough to actually believe this?

Well there are obviously people who are autistic enough to think he didn't.

81abf6 No.286937

File: df5dcba3201abf9⋯.png (217.11 KB, 350x275, 14:11, WallmartMascotMeme.png)


>jim pussied out because of fingering jayde

>jim pussied out because he didn't make a nostalgiachick video

>can't prove either of these are true

>if anyone points out it's pure speculation call them an autistic fanboy

b5149a No.286938

File: 30c6a35ad5cf45a⋯.png (127.52 KB, 300x648, 25:54, 30c6a35ad5cf45a93bd03e17c1….png)



>cancels the video at the last second with really lame excuse

<totally not pussying out

6c0128 No.286941



Nice job making yourself look like the autistic fanboy you are

ed94d5 No.286960


TGWTG Episode 6 is out now, featuring Linds- mostly recreations of stuff.

e4fc6f No.286961

103bce No.286963



Did he talk about her abortions?

7fa110 No.286964



Requesting a copy of the rape rap song she's supposed to have made and deleted, if anyone saved it.

630168 No.286965


>remember the nostalgia chick reviews? i actually liked them

Sort yourself out, Jim.


Oh yeah.

103bce No.286966



I'm currently watching the video, but Jim hasn't actually shown any evidence of this abortion happening. Where did this rumor even come from?

7fa110 No.286968


she made a "documentary" about it herself.

103bce No.286969

File: b1a3002c90a3319⋯.jpg (15.03 KB, 247x248, 247:248, happening.jpg)


>mfw it's actually fucking real

Holy fucking shit. I thought the stories from /tv/ were to stupid to be true.

630168 No.286970



A Documentary On How If You Don't Let Me Kill My Kid You're Literally Saying Nigger


630168 No.286973

File: 0c5faa5cc88cba2⋯.gif (2.72 MB, 520x292, 130:73, 0c5faa5cc88cba246f322ac111….gif)

>lindsay did a documentary on killing spoony's child

>patreon scamming

>toddintheshadows is still her roommate

>"todd is my best friend!"

Excellent video, Jim. I was wrong to doubt.

b5149a No.286981

File: a1ffe2d1b297902⋯.jpg (68.57 KB, 748x875, 748:875, a1ffe2d1b297902e0d64df3cc1….jpg)


>he thought the /tv/ story screencaps were anything but real

b5149a No.286982

>4 minute credit roll

>once again just barely more than the details you'd get in the 60 second news segment you get every 30 minutes on talk radio stations

>stretching the series out as far as possible and delaying the part that ostensibly has the shit people actually care about in it for yet another month

6c6885 No.286991

File: 119f7a778856181⋯.gif (163.68 KB, 494x332, 247:166, wakinguptothisfeel.gif)

The compilation video was tremendous. I was wrong to think otherwise. I used to be a huge spoony nerd when he did cocks but I dropped out when he didn't give enough of a fuck to even make a Wrestle! Wrestle! video. I'm one of the few that was too poor to support him. That's one massive pitfall I avoided.

I'm really stoked on the rumors about him. Just that what if really makes you wonder. I know his money is starting to come short and as much as it saddens me to admit, he will probably kill himself once the well dries up.

6c6885 No.286992

File: 3858e76ee7e4ded⋯.jpg (83.58 KB, 800x500, 8:5, FUCK.jpg)


> when he did cocks

The wordfilter never gets old lol

4bbdf4 No.287001

File: be2ab715e78a2b4⋯.png (232.32 KB, 500x282, 250:141, 1461530177600.png)


>Spoony banged Lindsey

I know hes joking, but I don't buy it.

Is there any dirt on JesuOtaku other than her being trans? I guess thats for the next video.

Also found it a little endearing that he didn't go into Brad's past. Brad is too likable to make fun of. Jake was a dick anyways.

The only other cocks creators I use to watch were Phelous, Film Brain, That Shameful Sequels guy, and Renegade Cut. RC had a lot of great videos on film, but became totally cucked like Todd during GamerGate. Watching his worst 2016 videos shows how much of an unlikable person he is. Shame.

ab34a4 No.287010

racemixers are 100% lolcows imo. especially if he's fucking a chink, the niggers of asia

ed94d5 No.287011


Never doubt the depths of stupidity, there is no bottom of the barrel there…

103bce No.287013

File: b0fcfd7f18c4f6e⋯.png (113.31 KB, 402x410, 201:205, spoony.png)


>he will probably kill himself once the well dries up

He should probably buy his rope and chair now, because his well is basically bone dry.

b53304 No.287016


It’s time for Spoony to first go to the rope store and then the rickety stool store. It’s no coincidence that the rope store and the rickety stool store are always right beside each other.

ce597d No.287019


If you already autistically follow the TGWTG drama then you're going to know everything already and the video will feel short because you learned nothing new.

71582b No.287031



Me, neither.

I remember Lindsay showing a picture of the "baby daddy" on a promotional for the A-Word when she first released it. I recall him being Indian looking (not Todd), but that's about it.

71582b No.287033





Apparently, the guy's name's Ritvik, who also worked as an editor on the film.



I can safely say that myth's been busted.

b5149a No.287038


>muh feels

>don't go into the verifiable lolcowdom of Brad "Shill for Hill" Jones because muh feels

Jim and you are losers.


That's not the problem, it's that he doesn't even scratch the surface of what's already well known. He's paid thousands a month for this, $36k+ salary, and covers even LESS about every topic he talks about than he did when he made videos for free. Just look how deeply he dug into people like Spax back in the day.

4bbdf4 No.287039


Jim said it was a joke at the end(to be fair, I don't think most actually watched it). But its a pretty bad joke since somebody is going to take it seriously, and /tv/ isn't very smart.

4bbdf4 No.287040


Its less of that, and more that Cinema Snob's videos are generally entertaining.

Also Jim wasn't the original guy to mock Spax3. He was a copying someone else's bit at the time. I was there.

e4fc6f No.287047


Then again, he recently created "characters" that are mocking those who criticized him (and most of them are "alt-right" or against his ldeologies.)

But yeah, Brad's just good at hiding them before, but he seriously has a LOT of shit happening, like his divorce with Big Box Girl, him being dumped by another girl after proposing on the train station, or his serious falling out with Jerrid because pussy.

4551f2 No.287048


>a chink, the niggers of asia

I thought Chinks were the Jews of Asia

b5149a No.287055


And his ex-wife being a pedophile that cheated on him with an underage girl. That's kind of a big thing. Sweeping it under the rug because "oh I like some of his videos" is disingenuous.

8a994f No.287060


Damnit Lindsay, she aborted his video.

e57773 No.287061


We really shouldn't be surprised, she did the same to her rap video.

Speaking of which:

Does anyone still have an archive or backup of Lindsay's Rape Rap?

051686 No.287062


>Also Jim wasn't the original guy to mock Spax3. He was a copying someone else's bit at the time. I was there.

Speaking of faggots mocking Spax3, are the boomstick videos still online somewhere?

52e30d No.287063


Who wants to be a bro and post more of this slut?

5c3b33 No.287069


>His psycho ex-wife's issues are his issues

Also the video was most likely removed by that little troll Todd. He was crying about being targeted earlier and had preemptively blocked Jim.

4bbdf4 No.287088


Is there even proof of that outside of /tv/?

It says more about her than him too

8f08dd No.287099


Holy shit Film Brain is getting bald, and he's even younger than I am.

73cab8 No.287104

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


There are like four mirrors/re-ups in the related videos. Which anyone would have guessed would happen.

It's amazing to me the way normies spend so much time online, define themselves as being "internet people" and still don't fucking understand it at all.

8a994f No.287107

File: fd41cc05b192fa5⋯.jpg (16.58 KB, 279x231, 93:77, bio.jpg)


by the way, this is the guy who flagged the video.


Look at that bio.

8a994f No.287108

81abf6 No.287109


I'd like to find it as well/

To be fair, I would get an abortion too if I was pregnant with spoony's spawn

4bbdf4 No.287111


Its really quite depressing. I think he was 17 when he started on TGWTG. Hes probably like 25 by now.

I stopped watching him because his later videos he chose to speak like a retarded car salesman. He just sounded unnatural.

b264d7 No.287118


that barely scratched the surface of the Lindsay/Todd stuff and it got took down?

4bbdf4 No.287121

Reminder that LordKat tried to ruin Lindsey and Todd's careers over the Jew Wario incident. Pretty telling how LordKat knew them personally enough to believe their ill intentions.

Wasn't LordKat involved in that Reviewtopia incident too?

e98c8c No.287137


LordKat also tried to ruin Spoony's career.

LordKat is a fucking asshole all around and he knows it, he had a breakdown awhile ago where he was crying and apologizing saying how he didn't want to hurt his friend anymore and he regrets all those years of trying to be a shock-jock.

103bce No.287139

File: 2e9624fdcf63cf9⋯.jpg (19.19 KB, 360x271, 360:271, laughingsluts.jpg)


>he was crying and apologizing saying how he didn't want to hurt his friend anymore and he regrets all those years of trying to be a shock-jock.

What a fucking pussy. He tried to act tough, and even act like a "professional" who blamed Spoony for his shitty career failing. The information he provided was at least useful.

43ec4e No.287147


Listened to both of the supercuts and while I loved the "inside info" that Kat provided, that info could've been 30 minutes of things that were at least mildly interesting, Most of the time, he's belching and engaging in middle-aged beta behavior like talking about his friend who's a woman or talking about how his female roommate is crazy and it turned out to be his Mom. Sad!

da7c5a No.287155



Not even touching that one.

4bbdf4 No.287173


I remember years ago he was having a meltdown because people still rag on him for telling Spoony to kill himself. I heard he did apologize, but it sounds like a very empty one after hearing that.

Lordkat also really exaggerated Lupa's firing too making it out to be some form of troll. I do think theres another side business wise, but I don't think its as simplistic as he makes it out to be. Also Lupa does still work with Brad's movies, who also features Doug just as much. So I don't think its anything that cuts real deep.

c1733e No.287176

File: a8b964b82f87205⋯.png (177.1 KB, 619x738, 619:738, pinned.png)



This is the tweet he felt proud enough for to pin.

8a994f No.287200


You know, this guy, I think he might be underaged. Because this behavior is really pathetic if it turns out he's 30 and doing this shit.

da7c5a No.287209


Fuck that faggot. I know Chuck Woolery and he's as based as they come.

125ed1 No.287211



The_Donald is that way, kiddo.

1692ee No.287216

YouTube did a review and reinstated Jim's video and removed his strike.

4bbdf4 No.287227

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I remember hearing about the abortion from people complain about this video from the old days. People said Doug went too far, but considering how Lindsey treats the entire subject. I didn't know much about it, so I only watched it a few times after hearing about. Watching it again makes it all the more funny/depressing.

I don't want to go too much into detail because watching Jim's entire series, this sketch is fucking hilarious for all the wrong reasons. Its a reverse "Its a Wonderful Life" but its so bizarre how things turned out in hindsight. It even has all the members Jim made fun of.

The fucking Angry Joe one is the best.

8f08dd No.287235

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Apparently this guy is still around as well. Looks like he's married, and he's still making videos. Did one with Ashens recently.

0f9bc1 No.287243

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


He's pretty chill. He does a series where he reviews infomercial products. It's genuinely entertaining.

0fbb4f No.287251


>xe says

>In a metokur thread

>on /cow/

>on h8chan

Sorry charley, this is magapede country.

73cab8 No.287260


Why do they all have terrible lighting, bad cameras and no microphone? Is this some kind of Channel Awesome "aesthetic"?

4bbdf4 No.287262


It kinda is, especially for smaller reviewers. Another thing they did was have the same exact review style as Nostalgia Critic.

One of the reasons I accept the newer style Doug has is because almost literally everyone on the site does the same thing. Big exception being Angry Joe.

0f9bc1 No.287263


His production quality makes me thing all of his videos were shot in 2009. But they're all from today.

It's bizarre.

d3e4ea No.287277



He was one of the few guys I watched after I stopped using TGWTG.

He had a cool series where he tried random fad diets.

c83bd5 No.287302



ffs, will you faggots realize already that 80% of what you think you know about Channel Autism's """behind the scenes""" dirt is just /tv/ shitposting, and they are in reality a bunch of boring autists with nothing to talk about.

To be fair, Jim is also at fault here for deciding to make individual videos about the subject, emphasizing how little there is to talk about them. The whole thing should have been one 30 min video, covering the basics and moving through the fucks with no real order, highlighting the site and its brand of experience as a whole and not just a few contributors.

b5149a No.287343


Do they still do "audio only comes out of one channel for no reason"?


>t. butthurt channel autism member REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEing about the truth being exposed

9cd2b4 No.287370


Mister Metokur the alt-righter gamergator Nazi must be STOPPED!

the TGWTG are weak sauce stuff. he clearly doesn't enjoy doing them, unlike the exposes on the DA communities or that recent autistic schizo I already forgot the name

73cab8 No.287379


It really is like a portal into 2009. I can see the lighting and camera being bad, you kind of need at least experience and reading up a bit to get that right. Getting a decent podcasting mic is like $50 and up. It won't be brilliant but good enough for what they're doing and set up = "plugging it in."


I never watched any of this CA shit and /tv/ is for faggots, can I be cool too?

88283e No.287380


wow I made that shitty image macro over 10 years ago

81abf6 No.287381

File: 37a89c0974b9591⋯.jpg (56.18 KB, 736x460, 8:5, 4819b4b6729972f60d59c22916….jpg)


I think at this point the main reason he's doing them is that he is being paid so he doesn't want to do the Anita/Sargon thing and abandon a paid project. But I did enjoy Lindsay's salt from the last video

cda9b0 No.287383


Jim is holding back because he want to be factual, wait for rumors video.

0350e3 No.287385


contracted aids from filipina GRO

b5149a No.287395


Jim just sucks full stop since deciding to drop politics and "go back" to old style shit. Harping on WE WUZ KANGS N SHIET NIGGUH to the point any and all humor that was originally there is dead, exactly how reddit handles any memes they get their hands on. Creating the swarm of unfunny originality-deprived attention whores spamming CIANIGGER XXDDXDXDXDXXDXDXDXDXDXDXD everywhere and going full reddit in writing it out in long form. >Implying anyone gives a fuck about his 5 minute "zero cocks because it was all deleted lolz" "history" of a goon trolling group. Making the channel autism videos the most boring shit possible. There's more effort put into "researching" furfag porn fetishes than anything else. Inb4 he ends up going the way of commonspic.

8940f9 No.287400


>Being this big of a spastic

f835fd No.287411

81abf6 No.287416

File: c2f59f1de6c9140⋯.jpg (56.83 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1389419598141.jpg)


>anti SJW vids like the youtube skeptics make are funnier than laughing at people with mental disabilities

You glow in the dark

8a994f No.287423

8a994f No.287567

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Can't wait to see the reddit autism.

81abf6 No.287831


Pretty good, it's similar to what 8/tv/ have been saying for some time now. Also what's our bump limit? 400 or 500?

f835fd No.287836

962ffe No.287857



I'll make a new thread, if nobody cares the mods could always delete it.

962ffe No.287859


Here we go >>287858

70d932 No.288113


care to elaborate

378344 No.289339

File: e2ddbf08e8ed8ee⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 10.53 MB, 320x240, 4:3, vl_480P_211.0k_59325671.webm)


speaking of Jade. I can't exactly remember what she looked like but (vid related) looks alot like her.

f5e12d No.294485


wow it's lke SMOKING CAUSES SICKNESSES or something…

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