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File: 7b1bbd1745f275b⋯.png (177.95 KB, 430x318, 215:159, could.png)

70b02d No.587568

Today I discovered some old atheist is on Google Reviews giving 1 star ratings to every church within a 30-ish mile radius. Unsurprisingly, he's an atheist (he does not leave comments on the ratings for churches, but did rate a library with the comment that it was ironic that a library where you go to learn is near a church where you go to get dumber). A lot of the churches here are struggling to grow, and even blank troll ratings are a detriment, as it's the only rating many have when online. Aside from uprating them myself, what should be done about this? I considered sending the reviewer a care basked but don't want to dox anyone.

ebacd5 No.587570


It's petty and nobody will care.

dc91a0 No.587782


Your last two sentences in your post are good ideas. And I would add that nothing he can do with one-star reviews will hurt God in the slightest. All is unfolding according to His Plan, forever.

9480ae No.587793


I don't follow ratings unless if it's a restaurant, hotel, tourist attraction, or a place where I have to pay to get a unique service for. Everyone disregards them if they're in free locations like Churches.

I wouldn't waste time with it, but if it's really bugging you, then what you can do is persuade the parish of the 1-star churches to tell their attendees to give 5 star ratings. He won't bother with it anymore if he sees a lot of people against him.

bef399 No.587796

File: 99807b6c6b96a3a⋯.jpg (261.68 KB, 889x1126, 889:1126, 23423423.jpg)

>when the entire atheist movement hinges on old retirees downvoting churches on Google

cad8dc No.587856


They should make a bid damn movie 'boit it, "The plan of God to destroy all cartoons" cast Idris Elba as God, Dani devito as the devil and LeBron James as Jesus.

7aa032 No.588229


You could downrate all the fedora emporiums, banana warehouses, and bad dragon. You know, hit back at his houses of worship.

901b07 No.588303


Pray for him.

3e7a0f No.589134


why do you think he spends so much time worrying about something he does not believe in? Its because he does believe in it and is just in some hard core denial, he knows his time is limited and he is scared, Simply pray for him and the rest is out of your hands. A few one star google reviews cant even begin to harm a true house of god anon.

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