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For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

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File: 0f6028efdbc86ad⋯.jpg (130.83 KB, 635x794, 635:794, moses01.jpg)

0f7904 No.520608[Reply]

Glory to God in the highest!

You can continue discussion with others,as well as reach the mod team on our Discord server! -> https://discord.gg/yETt5fd

This board is for fellowship and discussion among Christians. Please be mindful that some general rules are enforced to encourage constructive discourse.

Please read the rules and ban policy before posting!


1. This board is strictly Safe For Work.

Please consult the global rule page if this is not clear.

2. Interactions must be for the sake of Charity. Post made in the spirit of disruption or spite could earn you a short to permanent ban.

Charity is a foundational concept in Christianity. It is the virtue of supreme love for God and others. It is the greatest of the three virtues Paul emphasizes, and governs all Christian conduct. Just because this is an 8chan board does not alleviate Christians of their moral duty. All interactions must be done with this in mind.

This includes all antagonism. Personal insults, trolling, disrupting/derailing a thread, raiding from other boards, spamming, and scandal are all considered part of this rule.

Scandal includes encouraging people to commit sin like fornication, masturbation, blasphemy, apostasy, abortion, lying, taking the Lords name in vain, suicide, and the like.

Interdenominational debates are allowed on this board, but they are still governed by charity. Insinuations must be accompanied by explanation and/or primary resources.

3. This is a board for Christian discussion and fellowship. For the intentions of the board, a Christian is one who believes in the Nicene Creed (Specifically the Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed) and the Chalcedonian Definition.

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7ce5f4 No.620269

Face it, the board was abandoned long time ago. Or why do you think are /pol/fag threads, pure bait and troll threads and obvious scandal reigning free ? Highly questionable decisions have been made and the result of them can be witnessed on the board each and every day. Even obviously harmful threads - even for standards of deluded people - are not being instantly deleted anymore. Harmful ideologies have found their way into the heads of those in charge. The best you can do is abandon the board, too, and seek brotherhood and guidance in your parish - which should've been done first anyway.

File: 121666695b2d721⋯.png (133.04 KB, 258x258, 1:1, 1b00ba2cf2493b5621a21179a0….png)

bc249d No.508486[Reply]

>What is this thread?

The designated political discussion thread. Christians from all parts of the political spectrum are encouraged to discuss relevant political topics and ideas, as well as ask questions and hopefully recieve answers from all points of view. Anything related to politics that doesn't actively involve the Catholic/Orthodox/Protestant churches should go here, so if a politics thread is deleted, this thread is the reason why.

As a reminder:

All board rules apply to this thread, so keep things civil.

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Post last edited at

ceb470 No.620012

File: f59558745910ba2⋯.png (46.5 KB, 508x166, 254:83, German pop america.png)

File: 0754bd6d07d2694⋯.png (14.95 KB, 510x174, 85:29, jewish pop america.png)


>Repent now

of what, exactly? Also, I'm incredibly surprised you people like jews so much. Did you forget they put Christ on a cross, and killed a myriad of prophets?


>this entire post

What? Gr8 b8 m8, but I didn't start posting yesterday.

File: 0f5c438ddb221b0⋯.jpg (124.66 KB, 1024x1536, 2:3, the-infant-samuel-at-praye….jpg)

dfad1c No.353817[Reply]

“But I have prayed for you, that your faith would not fail. And you, when you have turned back, strengthen your brethren.”

Luke 22:32

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, let your requests be known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your thoughts in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:6-7

Confess your offences to one another and pray for one another in order to be healed. The insistent prayer of a righteous person is powerfully effective!

James 5:16

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f86b48 No.620124


I've noticed this to, as i started coming back to the lord. A lot of my friends online especially were pretty much pro degeneracy, pro scientism. I can relate a lot man. But like you said pray the lord shows them mercy.

File: 6551fde33670992⋯.jpg (97.84 KB, 736x736, 1:1, 7706d710a28e1903e239b3a2e6….jpg)

c038c2 No.405648[Reply]

27 You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ 28 But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart. Matthew 5:27-28

19 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 1 Corinthians 6:19

8 Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life. Galatians 6:8

Post your NoFap successes/woes/prayer requests/ etc.

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81b090 No.620212


I do not remember, your pic? sorry.

85fbe1 No.620217


That's bad. But so what? Get up and fight this. You can make it. Arm yourself with iron will and prayer to defeat the devil.

0845d2 No.620341

I haven’t had a wet dream in 2 weeks, and my dick has been weak. Wtf is going on

fdd34c No.620344


LMAO how can you go on a rant like this and then post anime pics you fuckin mong

960e09 No.620358


You did read it right?

File: 30b8e70aa4f1213⋯.png (576.27 KB, 397x778, 397:778, St Patrick.png)

306d90 No.620348[Reply]

Legends about Patrick abound; but truth is best served by our seeing two solid qualities in him: He was humble and he was courageous. The determination to accept suffering and success with equal indifference guided the life of God’s instrument for winning most of Ireland for Christ.

Details of his life are uncertain. Current research places his dates of birth and death a little later than earlier accounts. Patrick may have been born in Dunbarton, Scotland, Cumberland, England, or in northern Wales. He called himself both a Roman and a Briton. At 16, he and a large number of his father’s slaves and vassals were captured by Irish raiders and sold as slaves in Ireland. Forced to work as a shepherd, he suffered greatly from hunger and cold.

After six years Patrick escaped, probably to France, and later returned to Britain at the age of 22. His captivity had meant spiritual conversion. He may have studied at Lerins, off the French coast; he spent years at Auxerre, France, and was consecrated bishop at the age of 43. His great desire was to proclaim the good news to the Irish.

In a dream vision it seemed “all the children of Ireland from their mothers’ wombs were stretching out their hands” to him. He understood the vision to be a call to do mission work in pagan Ireland. Despite opposition from those who felt his education had been defective, he was sent to carry out the task. He went to the west and north–where the faith had never been preached–obtained the protection of local kings, and made numerous converts.

Because of the island’s pagan background, Patrick was emphatic in encouraging widows to remain chaste and young women to consecrate their virginity to Christ. He ordained many priests, divided the country into dioceses, held Church councils, founded several monasteries and continually urged his people to greater holiness in Christ.

He suffered much opposition from pagan druids and was criticized in both England and Ireland for the way he conducted his mission. In a relatively short time, the island had experienced deeply the Christian spirit, and was prepared to send out missionaries whose efforts were greatly responsible for ChPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

4c8134 No.620357

God bless the Irish!


File: 0ab0318baf292b0⋯.png (424.62 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 152F4400-9BFA-472F-AC16-EF….png)

b60708 No.620209[Reply]

>Trump the most anti-second amendment present sense bill Clinton

>God emperor worshipping Neopagans on /pol/ still in denial

/pol/ brought this on themselves. They help elect a Christ hating Zionist.


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605cfb No.620281


>newfag scum can't crosslink

imagine my surprise

240c5f No.620297

He is on /v/

He is on /pol/

He is on /k/

He is also here



53e1eb No.620313

cf1702 No.620315

54f4fd No.620356

Keep things like this to the /pol/ thread please.

File: 8fe61d844b39e24⋯.png (3.05 MB, 1233x1522, 1233:1522, Karl_(Charles)_XII_of_Swed….png)

977822 No.620277[Reply]


Sweden vows to ban ALL religious schools in an effort to tackle segregation after taking in a record number of asylum seekers

Sweden's main governing party proposes a ban on all religious schools

It follows reports of gender segregation in some Muslim free schools

Jewish schools will be exempt from the new ban, politicians said

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977822 No.620296

That's interesting that the Pope would write this…

>not the Church of the political cult, which is dead already, but the Church of faith.

I have a pretty favorable opinion towards the reasoning I hear from the Catholic Church.

befbf3 No.620302

File: ac9fcc4c0a1550d⋯.jpg (21.18 KB, 439x290, 439:290, days-without-jewish-tricks.jpg)

ed4671 No.620307

File: c09d2abf448c3cb⋯.jpg (17.8 KB, 390x390, 1:1, 17155727_10155111842224204….jpg)


Yeah, I'd say that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is one of the greatest theologians of the 20th century.

Always let us know if you have any questions about Catholicism. :)

4c63bd No.620323


The upside is we'll know where all the "jews" are

5761f2 No.620355

File: b394632b9f96e00⋯.png (1015.5 KB, 1177x1453, 1177:1453, WojackLeChouan2.png)


Yes, definitely all the population was catholic and royalist. The revolution was lead by Freemasons that have infiltrated all the aristocracy, even the clergy. The Parisian revolution caused revolts of peasants to defend the king and nobility, and against the persecution of the Church, the conscription,… Some caused the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Catholics by the state (women and child included), I'm thinking of the vendean royalist army, or the "chouans" for the most important. These were people initiatives, unfortunately the nobles were totally disorganized, some fought in the east, lots not knowing about what was happening.

But the aristocrates in charge of this baptism of blood, even in that time, were not atheist. The free masons were not atheist but lots were christians during the first centuries of this shit, and then they believed as said Voltaire in the "Big watchmaker" or architect, their renouncement of this belief is recent for the main lodge of the "grand orient de france" (1877 is the date when they change the first article of the constitution that were saying the free-masonery is basing itself on the belief of God and of the immortality of the soul), you can relate their belief to a form of esoteric Gnosticism because for part of their opening to other reveled religion even if it depends of the lodge. But of course the "enlightenment" values are intrinsically anti-christians and atheist. I don't know much about the gallicanism but I think it can be related with this anti-christian exacerbate nationalism.

They did a lot of reforms against the Church, the robbery of all here wealth (and the destruction of the rest), the slaughter of priest, the exile of communities are examples. They even changed the calendar, inventing one just to not use the Gregorian one. They changed cities names that included "noble", profaned the tomb of the holy kings, doing unholy things I won't detail,… It was violent because they wanted to replace everything, everything christian.The list is long but that's what I have in mind.

File: be53df4fc1c9c3d⋯.jpg (41.73 KB, 588x356, 147:89, 1521256991746.jpg)

9f3b2b No.620337[Reply]

What is some good Christian media?

As in Christian preachers or just Christian stuff I can listen too.

Charles Stanley

Steven Anderson

Who else?

d74667 No.620339

File: 91b83207483bbac⋯.jpg (122.13 KB, 960x720, 4:3, image.jpg)

>Charles Stanley

PSA is in a class far above him

9f0b3d No.620350


anything by R.C Sproul

c3a321 No.620354

OrthodoxSermon on youtube

File: a8f33bb363b6a76⋯.png (413.36 KB, 760x507, 760:507, crg4.png)

a7cc47 No.620140[Reply]


As someone who is quite successful in finding a wife, seek to help my own sanity by keeping all the boohoo no-gf/waifu lamentations to one thread. You can't complain if you don't give it an honest try as anything is possible with God. I found my very own christ-chan, thank the Lord all the more for it, and seek to help you too.


is not the pride of life, we can't ever love someone else if we can't love ourselves as children and representatives of Christ.

>Get in shape. >>>/fit/

In relation to the above, you can't be a slob and expect to attract a 10/10, as its indicative of entitlement and egocentrism. A strong body requires a strong mind. Learn what your TDEE is, make a goal weight, learn to love skim milk, and make a fitness plan that includes light cardio, goblet squats, and romanian deadlifts at the absolute minimum. The person who God has for you will appreciate it, encourage it, and join you.

>Be learned and confident in Christian doctrine

Be confident in what the bible says, and what's expected of you. A good marriage minded Christian will quiz you to see if you are legitimate in your beliefs or are just desperate for companionship. If you're a bible scrub, start with the minimum of proverbs, ecclesiastes, and the New Testament. Even at just one chapter a day, this should take you about 10 months to complete.

>Philosophies Fundamental to Our Faith


We serve the eternal God, who is the very essence of Objectivity by virtue of being the creator who clearly defined the reality in which we live through His intelligent design.


In this reality, we are called to cast aside as much as possible whatePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

19 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c84535 No.620333


If it's purely platonic, then it's just friendship and there's nothing wrong with it.

c84535 No.620338


I think so. That kind of affection should only be between a man and a woman.

c3dd2e No.620340


go to hell faggot

17ab47 No.620349



e62d5f No.620353

File: ac38f0d3cead9fa⋯.png (1.86 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, Ilya hates homos.png)



File: a4239239ad53f0b⋯.jpg (189.7 KB, 978x976, 489:488, 1520473591910.jpg)

d23b0b No.619638[Reply]

General fighting for justice and not being a cuck verses appreciated.

20 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

595e15 No.620152


>Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.” To the contrary, “if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink; for by so doing you will heap burning coals on his head.” Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

Yes, do not use evil to fight evil or you will finish like Boromir. For example, do not genocide jews because they caused the murder of millions of Christians in Soviet Russia for example. You will lose yourself and you will finally lose what you were trying to protect (i.e. western civilization).

>Give me one right reason (to defend yourself)


Too lazy to answer the rest.

16fe0b No.620257

Romans 12:9

“Hate what is evil, cling to what is good.”

e0d1d9 No.620320


>Jesus didn't whip any merchants.

How stupid do you think I am? It clearly says he drove them out along with the sheep and oxen, not just the sheep and oxen.

e0d1d9 No.620327


>do not genocide jews because they caused the murder of millions of Christians in Soviet Russia

Terrible advice. Killing enemies is allowed and many times praised in the Bible. Jesus wouldn’t want you running around shooting random fellow men, and a commandment says not to commit an illegal killing, but we were genociding many tribes in the OT simply for having land we wanted and/or attacking us. The concept of killing as a whole being bad is part of the humanist religion, not the Christian religion. Christianity is not a religion of peace. If it were we would all have been brown and praising Allah centuries ago.

de63a6 No.620352

File: 3c719e639f2d681⋯.jpg (617.74 KB, 1201x884, 1201:884, MAD.jpg)


>Stick to your jew religion book of Psalms and reject the teachings of Jesus.

What part of "inspired word of God" do you leftists not understand?

>Give me one right reason do use violence to defend oneself against a human

Oh ok, guess I'd better let someone kill my family because it'd be wrong to use violence to stop them.

People like you who only stand by while murderers, rapists, and thieves attack and kill others, often CHILDREN, deserve every moment of eternal suffering that is in store for you.

File: 9f5fe6a2368ddb1⋯.jpg (130.88 KB, 590x244, 295:122, silence-movie-1.jpg)

35b878 No.618301[Reply]

What was the point of all the suffering? What was the intended message here?

The discussion will unavoidably be full of spoilers, in case you didn't watch the movie yet.

Historically, their efforts and suffering were basically for naught - christianity didn't really make a dent in Japans history or belief system. Their numbers are insignificant today. I even feel like non-christian Japanese might not feel good about how naive or gruesome most of their countrymen are displayed - they will probably reject the movie as it is. Those that are already christian might see some purpose in it. So its message is not really about proselytizing then.

I understand it was a passion project for Scorcese. So is it more of a spiritual journey intended for christian viewers? If you look into the eyes of both missionaries in the beginning, they seem really frail and child-like. And throughout the movie it doesn't seem like they will ever become men. They never succeed in really teaching the evangelion, they don't attempt to explain heaven to a husband and his wife - they just leave things as they are. It leaves the impression that they left the Japanese christians - with their really basic understanding of christianity - before they physically leave town. One of them dies in vain rather quickly (not in the runtime sense): it was an honorable thing to do, but in vain nonetheless. He couldn't save the Japanese and he couldn't save himself. Neither in the spiritual, nor in the physical sense, I feel.

The other one even gets humbled by getting told that he shouldn't compare his insignificant suffering to Jesus.

Throughout the movie - until the very end - he gets continually mentally tortured by the man that brought him to Japan. A direct consequence of him never attempting to teach him what forgiving and sinning even is. There is no attempt in correcting this and I don't think that he ever understood what's wrong about this.

So what was the intended message? God won't answer most people? Suffering is part of life and you should read the book of Job again? Someone who is more versed in the bible teachings will probably see more in all of this - I'd be interested in hearing it.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
33 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

1f0b96 No.618826


Le checked ami

aedfb9 No.618840





Yes, he said a pretty foolish thing; but, in all honesty, even and Orthodox friend of mine and myself agreed that his video on the movie was a good one. Call it the broken clock which twice a day etc, but this time he had some good points and he talked about them in a decent way.

Just as I can find many good Protestant and Orthodox videos and agree with some of their point as a Catholic, even bishop Barron can have good words for us (we just need to avoid the bad ones and pray for him; I understand that his is more of an hope Hell is empty, but they way and how it claims all that is pretty weak and misleading in many ways).

35b878 No.618841

File: 52d80e783a7fd6e⋯.jpg (16.54 KB, 650x366, 325:183, 345234589347953.jpg)


>makes me laugh EVERY time

>I have nothing worthwhile to say, nothing at all - haha!

Good for you. The numbers should make you maybe feel indifferent or sad, because they couldn't convert more - but laughter is maybe not the best answer.

Thanks for your well thought out post, you really advanced the discussion on this topic.

751e42 No.618965

look up the plot synopsis for the last temptation of Christ and I dare you to come back here and continue to defend this wicked man. seriously, WTF? just nuke this shitty thread please

35b878 No.620351

File: 858535900a45432⋯.png (197.48 KB, 782x790, 391:395, 1468820408600.png)


Did you watch it yet?

File: 4fee08042b7a396⋯.jpg (246.83 KB, 705x527, 705:527, 1516825888640.jpg)

76b15c No.605153[Reply]

I want to be a good, pious Christian but I'm also really into the occult and esotericism. What do?

86 posts and 22 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

46acf0 No.619558


Former esotericists here.

Realize none of that shit will move you a single step toward salvation.

I still have an intellectual interest in those things, when I find myself reading one of those books I ask myself "Will this help me toward salvation? Am I building virtues and following commandments? No, I am not."

9f5e51 No.619560

File: b9f893561c9c1c0⋯.jpg (31.22 KB, 320x320, 1:1, STOP.jpg)


Stop getting dubtrips.

71c077 No.619563

699e1a No.620336


> you have been visited by the lazy-eyed cardigan viking of super serious LARPing

6b7889 No.620347


>Warm cozy sweaters will be hand knitted by Grandma but only if you reply: "hello nice guy with a lazy eye"

File: 9b421efb3fd4af5⋯.jpg (8.7 KB, 200x226, 100:113, brainlet.jpg)

25f826 No.619551[Reply]

>Accept a free gift

>Okay now all I have to do is work for it

Guess the blood of Christ doesn't buy much these days.

62 posts and 21 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

25f826 No.620311

File: 4211c7523b07cfa⋯.gif (1.97 MB, 512x289, 512:289, 1515896496577.gif)


>And Jesus said unto them, if your a murderer you can't be saved!

Yeah it would've been funny if he said that lol

c8638c No.620314


>Claims to know exactly who's unsaved and who's saved

>Considers playing 'autism' card to be an argument

>Does not address Matthew or James

See this is just pathetic.

This is the level of screeching I mocked thank you for confirming it.

179aed No.620328

File: ceb00319497325a⋯.jpg (119.99 KB, 688x714, 344:357, 1444975360946-4.jpg)

b885c5 No.620343


>does it teach that baptism is required for salvation? The short answer is


"He that believeth and is baptized, shall be saved"

In order to make it teach that baptism is not required for salvation, one must go against what the verse actually says. What this verse does teach is that belief and baptism is necessary for salvation, which is consistent with the countless verses where baptism is mentioned (e.g., John 3; Titus 3; Romans 6; 1 Peter 3; Coloss 2).

“He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned” (Mark 16:16). This verse is composed of two basic statements. 1—He who believes and is baptized will be saved. 2—He who does not believe will be condemned.

This verse tells us something about believers who have been baptized so they are saved, it does not say anything about believers who have not been baptized for they are saved not (John 3). In order for this verse to teach that baptism is not necessary for salvation, a third statement would be necessary, viz., “He who believes and is not baptized will be saved” or “He who is not baptized will not be condemned.” But, of course, neither of these statements is found in the verse morover, they go against John 3 which clearly teaches that baptism is absolutely necessary for salvation.

Those who try to use Mark 16:16 to teach that baptism is not necessary for salvation commit a common but serious mistake that iscalled protestantism. This is the rule to follow: “If a statement is true but it goes against my dogma it cannot be true so we ignore it." For example, the statement “baptism now saves you” is true; however, some protestants say that baptism does not save you” which is false and goes against Scripture. So protestants ignore it. In the same way they ignore John 3, Amen, amen I say to thee, unless a man be born again of water and the Holy Ghost, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.” and they say “he who believes but is not baptized will be saved”. Yet this is exactly the assumption made by those who are aginast baptismal regeneration wPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

b885c5 No.620346


>Absolutely pagan, it's about rememberance not getting to heaven though works.

<Calling Christ our Lord magician

Truly we are Body of Christ for we are persecuted in the same way Christ was.

Except you eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, you shall not have life in you.

>It doesn't say that.

He saved us, by the laver of regeneration, and renovation of the Holy Ghost.

>You completely missed the point of this verse lol

Amen, amen I say unto you, that the hour cometh, and now is, when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God, and they that hear shall live. 'And they that have done good things, shall come forth unto the resurrection of life'; but they that have done evil, unto the resurrection of judgment.

>You really need to read the Bible on your own, without Catholic doctrine making you completely blinded to the truth.

3 Know you not that all we, who are baptized in Christ Jesus, are baptized in his death?

4 For we are buried together with him by baptism into death; that as Christ is risen from the dead by the glory of the Father, so we also may walk in newness of life.

5 For if we have been planted together in the likeness of his death, we shall be also in the likeness of his resurrection.

6 Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with him, that the body of sin may be destroyed, to the end that we may serve sin no longer.

7 For he that is dead is justified from sin.

You really need to read the Bible on your own, without Protestant doctrine making you completely blinded to the truth.

>Again, you completely missed the point of the verse….

For he saith to Moses: I will have mercy on whom I will Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 91579805b875cac⋯.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 5B28DD4C-903B-4AD3-9A6B-F….jpeg)

2563a9 No.617585[Reply]

Give me the biggest redpills on Buddhism to debunk it forever please.

78 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

b0198a No.619986

Jesus said "follow me" Buddha said "follow my doctrine" Jesus is God Budda is nothing more than a man Jesus resurrected Buddha is still dead

cd0a97 No.619993


>there is no "moving forward" for either buddhism or christian orthodoxy, the idea of religious progress is a mistake.

I meant it in the sense of it changing from an ethnic transplant to a native practice.

>The "west" can't improve any religion, all it can do is learn how to access it.

I didnt say improve it, just benefit it, through text preservation/translation (and the related scholarship) as well as simply the scope for new discussions.

b434d3 No.620050

Define "debunked." The only path to heaven is through Christ, in which case everything else is already "debunked." If Buddhism brings one closer to Christ, then it's a perk; it's certainly a better existence then hedonism or atheism. Biggest disappointment of atheism is that it spawns faggots instead of killers. They could go out with a bang and instead they choose to go out with three different strains of AIDS.

774106 No.620231



Thanks for the info and the links

19c4b4 No.620342

About western buddhists, even the Dalai Lama said several times most of them are delusional converts who don't really know or practice correctly.

They are basically delusional people who self-identify as buddhists, without really being buddhists.

Kinda like those weird korean cults who label themselves christian.

File: 6d20a73427455a2⋯.jpg (53.92 KB, 800x628, 200:157, holy-bible-chinese-edition….jpg)

28ea36 No.618095[Reply]

Are there any Christian torrents or archives of public domain content or any specific YT channels or archives that need seeding?

I'm about to download some Bibles in Chinese from Archive.org and seed them, in an effort that this might *do something*. Is there any sort of net activity of this particular kind (other than obviously spreading the Gospel directly) that might help in this sort of way?

18 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

42998d No.618990


May God bless you anon

f02900 No.618999


Sadly, I've given up on it. It says it's seeding, ports are open, other torrents work, so I've eliminated everything I know that could be wrong. It's 738 GB of content, so if you know a better way to distribute it, I'm all ears.

8ca511 No.619013


Thanks for trying. I wouldn't have been able to seed the whole thing, and have no idea how else to distribute. Good try anyway. Thank you!

f02900 No.619025

File: 4e30a97eadead56⋯.png (70.63 KB, 1028x330, 514:165, Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at ….png)


It's working! I don't know who is downloading, but thank you!

0e329a No.620334

I want to help..

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