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File: 091aafb2bca68de⋯.mp4 (1 MB, 634x360, 317:180, Enoch Powell wilderness.mp4)

a6b673 No.371542[Reply]

UK weather: Sweltering Spain sends a heatwave with mercury set to hit 88F


Brexit bill on the brink: Labour, Scots and Welsh gang up to DERAIL the plan amid warnings May will be forced out of her job


5 terrorist attacks thwarted in recent months, some ‘minutes away’ – Met Police commissioner


Top UK university replaces busts and portraits of bearded white scholars with ethnic minorities and women


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050168 No.372259


Cheers for putting that together lad

4dc829 No.372278


Had to go to a stag do for my mate the other day, with a load of his uni friends. Was dreading it, but in the end we just went to a load of craft beer bars and went home relatively early. Based getting older tbh.

e3e795 No.372281





really makes you think

4dc829 No.372283


Looks like SWX is the one that was just behind where I lived (for a miserable year). Those places are like normie factories. I always went out to decent pubs on the waterfront, but we always ended up in hellholes in Stoke's Croft and around there. Not good memories tbh.

4dc829 No.372292


Don't worry, lad.

She'll probably be butchered by her black boyfriend before long.

File: 9917a716a3d39ef⋯.jpg (33.71 KB, 298x403, 298:403, skele.jpg)

5dbcec No.371138[Reply]

Is there a britpol Bongo Bongo Land? I want to start bringing together the various brit-themed online groups for actual organisation.

5dbcec No.371141

ffs *d* iscord

ef1112 No.371231

you'll never get any organization from us lad, we don't talk to spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

3b9466 No.371391


If you want one, make one.

File: b7c64861000d75e⋯.png (662.65 KB, 638x479, 638:479, Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at ….png)

File: 597a5422963b5f1⋯.png (693.05 KB, 825x540, 55:36, Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at ….png)

File: c207b728c90d3b1⋯.png (19.38 KB, 900x592, 225:148, Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at ….png)

File: e193ffe4fc83b30⋯.png (308.83 KB, 1510x944, 755:472, Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at ….png)

c5267f No.370775[Reply]


>Rumours of an organisation called the Cornish Republican Army threatening direct action were deliberately spread to discredit Cornish nationalists - possibly by celebrity chef Rick Stein or even the British secret service, it has been claimed.



>Grzegorz Dominik Jachec, originally from Poland, had been joking with his children and pretending to lose his balance at the edge of a 300-foot drop when he suddenly disappeared.



>Visitors to Cornwall are being offered the chance to stay in Rick Stein’s old family home, following its recent listing as a holiday rental property with Harbour Holidays.



>More than 300 children aged 13 and under have legal access to shotguns in England and Wales, figures show.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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f7ddd8 No.371539

File: 45233c36cf0cd03⋯.png (621.28 KB, 556x735, 556:735, limmy52.png)

bc0207 No.371540


They didn't have fetishes masquerading as sexual preferences

fde117 No.371541


good tune tbh, my favorite skynyrd song is "one more time" or "am I right or wrong"

e7a361 No.371543

0fe964 No.371629

File: 84dd6711a56b418⋯.jpg (55.91 KB, 400x611, 400:611, be7f7f5f5c9784da6b929068c2….jpg)

248d3e No.370067[Reply]


on mobile so no links smh

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5ef8ca No.370791


I know but I like to imagine otherwise.

68ebaf No.370804

White victims of the aciiiid attack

db8ca6 No.370807


I hate it when normie women and teen girls wear leggings with no skirt. Idk how the fashion started. It'd have been considered ridiculous, if not a criminal offense to go out like that a few years ago. Literally going out without finishing getting dressed.

>tfw thanks to based Mummy May and her Tories it's probably deemed a misogynistic hatecrime or domestic abuse (coercive and controlling) for you or her dad to tell her to get dressed


*yanksprays you just in case*

bc6ae8 No.370818

File: 5527a96b205ff66⋯.jpg (47.7 KB, 600x900, 2:3, pedobear-busted-by-chris-h….jpg)

65f2b8 No.370919


G-g-got any more s-stories like this, lad?

File: d9c767010cf2830⋯.png (455.43 KB, 400x483, 400:483, notre type.png)

File: b9389a34316178b⋯.png (49.73 KB, 360x426, 60:71, macaroni.png)

File: fed325a6778bf8e⋯.jpg (62.89 KB, 732x763, 732:763, the bogs bow to the macron.jpg)

File: 7b028e7a5a11318⋯.png (889.09 KB, 1138x722, 569:361, 1.png)

17eca9 No.369304[Reply]

The Sun King: Macron burnishes his presidential image

>Since he rode to his inauguration in a military jeep, Emmanuel Macron has carefully cultivated his image and his projection of the presidency’s power, even comparing himself to Jupiter and hosting his Russian counterpart at the palace of Versailles built for France’s Sun King.

>He gave Donald Trump a bone-crushing handshake in their first meeting, saying France was not there to make “small concessions”. On Friday, he will show off his military might to the US president in the Bastille Day celebrations.

>Some of Mr Macron’s presidential image-making — from the arrangement of his desk for an official portrait to the square-jawed pose he struck aboard one of his country’s nuclear submarines — is so contrived as to invite mockery.


King Felipe VI: Spain and UK 'profoundly intertwined'

>Britain and Spain can overcome their differences and maintain strong ties after Brexit, the king of Spain has said in a speech at Westminster.

>King Felipe VI said he believed they could begin "the necessary dialogue" to form an arrangement over Gibraltar.

>But the government of Gibraltar said the king's focus on a dialogue between London and Madrid was "undemocratic".


Britain’s EU ambassador still not living in Brussels 6 months into job

>Britain’s ambassador to the EU is still based in London despite the fact he took the job six months ago and Brexit negotiations are looming.

>Sir Tim Barrow is still living in the UK with his family amid a reported turf war between the Foreign Office, for whom he works, and the Department for Exiting the EU (DEXEU), who are Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

746 posts and 330 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

185508 No.370062

File: 2c378c18c682c45⋯.jpg (7.58 KB, 264x191, 264:191, download (13).jpg)

d43ee6 No.370063


this tbh BASED Na

c84041 No.370064



Been looking foward to it all evening.

1254dd No.370065

Make a new thread you fucking faggots

2f39e3 No.370066

Let it happen.

File: 171502078b15542⋯.png (120.46 KB, 852x678, 142:113, orange spurdo.png)

File: 409e6ab5bcbdef0⋯.jpg (76.42 KB, 721x748, 721:748, say it.jpg)

c03e0f No.368591[Reply]

Twelfth of July parades taking place across Northern Ireland

>Twelfth of July parades are taking place in 18 locations across Northern Ireland, as the Orange Order stages the biggest day in its marching calendar.

>Tens of thousands of people are expected to be involved in the parades.

>Marchers commemorate the 327th anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne.


Britain’s EU ambassador still not living in Brussels 6 months into job

>Britain’s ambassador to the EU is still based in London despite the fact he took the job six months ago and Brexit negotiations are looming.

>Sir Tim Barrow is still living in the UK with his family amid a reported turf war between the Foreign Office, for whom he works, and the Department for Exiting the EU (DEXEU), who are rumored to have sidelined him.

>“Olly Robbins [the permanent secretary in Dexeu] has cut him out,” a senior source told the Times.


UK pay growth lags further behind inflation, but jobless rate drops to 1975 lows

>LONDON (Reuters) - British pay growth lagged further behind inflation in the three months to May, according to official data that may cause Bank of England officials to think twice about the need to raise interest rates.

>The data also showed the unemployment rate in the period between March and May fell to its lowest since 1975 at 4.5 percent, below the average forecast of 4.6 for Wednesday's figure in a Reuters poll of economists.

>But the figures on wage growth showed the challenge facing Prime Minister Theresa May and her new government, with growing signs that housPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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fbe8cb No.369308


Wtf was that video?

dd3dbe No.369311


Mexican soap opera representing their fears of the new possible UAA-Mexico political relationship

fbab2e No.369313

File: 255386fb6acc47c⋯.jpg (30.9 KB, 657x527, 657:527, c18a00d3e9c1abb67812099e9e….jpg)


>skinnyfat belly visible

0cc40a No.369317


Like "A Serbian Film", you can get away with any kind of degeneracy as long as you dress it up as political satire.

75c11a No.369543

File: 7821c1367cb170a⋯.jpg (158.65 KB, 1200x1156, 300:289, hmm1.jpg)

File: 3f42312f3767355⋯.jpg (126.94 KB, 1186x1168, 593:584, hmm2.jpg)

really gets the ticker tockin'

File: 38af91e57a66dd1⋯.jpg (58.46 KB, 600x365, 120:73, CK5vXOYUYAAWmMy.jpg)

File: 0b2d5090b5c3c63⋯.png (600.36 KB, 504x708, 42:59, 0b2d5090b5c3c63dfe58e186f5….png)

File: a2201740ad0e2c7⋯.png (259.6 KB, 984x687, 328:229, 68412f782f40eadf6337d4ad8d….png)

File: 79f29f13e1ae083⋯.png (519.72 KB, 414x653, 414:653, grandad throttler.png)

2daef8 No.367851[Reply]

Jeremy Corbyn says he will be campaigning in marginal constituencies all summer and would like to see a September general election.



Contaminated blood scandal inquiry announced


US President Donald Trump 'to visit UK in 2018'


Muslim radio station suspended for broadcasting 25 hours of ‘Al-Qaeda speeches’


(((Church of England))) vote overwhelmingly in favour of welcoming transgender people


MP Anne Marie Morris suspended for racist remark


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b17b6a No.368589


Might as well join the provos tbh

97a36d No.368590


Did you just get into something and forget all about it?

I couldn't sleep because my orange order practise in the fields next to me, impossible to miss it that way tbh.

1f12ea No.368592

d55fb0 No.368593


Literally all fantasy seems to be explicitly 'race-realist'.

61fe5d No.368643


How the fuck did Rebel Media trick Owen Jones into an interview?

File: 00ab5e1675baa70⋯.jpg (23.76 KB, 273x366, 91:122, 1482841741713.jpg)

1e2705 No.365815[Reply]

Is it true that the Polish have the highest breeding rates in the UK?

e92948 No.368020

Interracial breeding rate, yes

File: 369497694ede051⋯.png (205.66 KB, 445x459, 445:459, nuttgun.png)

File: 83bcac5735c8947⋯.png (126.3 KB, 483x417, 161:139, nuttsun.png)

File: 89c01489ae65653⋯.jpg (99.9 KB, 960x540, 16:9, nuttnazi.jpg)

File: bdf02bd9525a1da⋯.mp4 (965.85 KB, 320x240, 4:3, nuttnam.mp4)

b6b66d No.367105[Reply]

Man charged over east London acid attack

>Man charged with two counts of grievous bodily harm after acid attack on a woman and her cousin in east London

>This breaking news story is being updated and more details will be published shortly.


Hundreds of migrants back in paris just days after being evacuated


UK military should adopt ‘American-style approach’


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0c72cb No.367855


there's unprecedented levels of people on happy pills lad, it just doesn't get talked about because it would burst the bubble.

22ec60 No.367858


They killed al-baghdadi again for the fifth time

51879c No.367860


Yep, I'm seeing it more on social media, people realising there have been huge cuts in spending domestically but continued spending on foreign aid, refugee resettlement, etc. Sounds left wing but it's a great way of demonstrating it.

The illusion of a functioning society is slowly starting to fall apart. If you could blow up every TV transmission station there would be a revolution simply from people looking around them.

77e7e0 No.367862


Not true, the Roman Republic was a deeply conservative society. Rome, like every other empire, was a victim of it's own success

8ec442 No.367864


One of those deeply conservative societies full of rape, homosexuality and all sorts of degeneracy.

Fuck off.

File: 40b1b419be376f3⋯.jpg (126.54 KB, 401x291, 401:291, Bayeux_Tapestry_WillelmDux.jpg)

46b44a No.367313[Reply]

Would England not have been a better place had our Anglo-Saxon forefathers not kept their place as the ruling class of our nation? Did the house of Normandy and the Plantagenets ruin England and draw it closer to its European neighbours in terms of societal style? Who would win: Alfred the Great or William the Conqueror?

File: 137dfaccd4a5dca⋯.jpeg (43.39 KB, 450x360, 5:4, TN01-ex-uk-spy-chief-russ….jpeg)

be0848 No.367086[Reply]

An Ex-UK Spy Chief is calling for retaliation against Russia for its “disproportionate amount of mayhem in cyberspace.”


(LONDON) Russia is causing cyberspace mayhem and should face retaliation if it continues to undermine democratic institutions in the West, the former head of Britain's GCHQ spy agency said on Monday.

Russia denies allegations from governments and intelligence services that it is behind a growing number of cyber attacks on commercial and political targets around the world, including the hackings of recent U.S. and French presidential election campaigns. Asked if the Russian authorities were a threat to the democratic process, Robert Hannigan, who stepped down as head of the UK's intelligence service in March, said: "Yes … There is a disproportionate amount of mayhem in cyberspace coming from Russia from state activity."

In his first interview since leaving GCHQ, Hannigan told BBC radio that it was positive that French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel had publicly "called this out recently". Standing alongside Russian President Vladimir Putin in May, Macron said state-funded Russian news outlets had sought to destabilize his campaign while the head of Germany's domestic intelligence agency said last week it was expecting Russia to try to influence the German election in September.

"Ultimately people will have to push back against Russian state activity and show that it's unacceptable," he said. "It doesn't have to be by cyber retaliation, but it may be that is necessary at some time in the future. It may be sanctions and other measures, just to put down some red lines and say that this behavior is unacceptable." Hannigan also said it would be a mistake to force social media companies to allow intelligence agencies to access services protected by encryption through so-called "back door" access.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 6f2617532fd8158⋯.jpg (98.2 KB, 736x1076, 184:269, are lizzy.jpg)

File: b3754d41e6abee9⋯.jpg (76.47 KB, 634x960, 317:480, argie.jpg)

File: 7f9886e4f2d0493⋯.jpg (27.78 KB, 350x450, 7:9, are liz.jpg)

cf1d04 No.366360[Reply]

New advice for British tourists on how to survive terrorist attack


1.3million from 8 EU countries living in UK, only 14,000 Brits living in those countries


Tory MPs' fury as Theresa May's plans for Labour alliance on Brexit unravels


May: Brexit trade deal with Australia 'a priority'


‘They want us to fail’ Brussels prepared to sabotage EU to punish UK, MEP says


Hundreds of migrants back in paris just days after being evacuated


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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c782aa No.367112


>Wews was trying to be courteous and respectful in the VR but Joe hit back and brutalised him calling him a saddo and a freak lmao

What you on about? Wews video was nothing but a patronising put down which addressed absolutely none of the points at issue, basically dismissed him as a dinosaur without and stopped just sort of psychoanalysing him, coupled with peti irrelevant things like how long he's been on YT etc that Joe got wrong as a main theme. The response video from Joe was very polite and friendly, much moreso than Woe's was, and mainly said how he's take stuff onboard and maybe he had a point about a few things. the video after that he pretty much took it all back and called him a dafty spy though, which was fucking hilarious

c782aa No.367113


*without any constructive advice

8bd275 No.367115


Yeah that's true, I could only remember the video where he took it back which made me laugh, and now I think about it, he was a bit patronising to Joe.

c782aa No.367119

File: 88ee1e534cba352⋯.webm (5.35 MB, 486x360, 27:20, pierce kill em all.webm)

af309a No.367129


now I am a graduate student and I am going to probably go to an apprenticeship after grad school because only women get desk jobs anymore and my program is literally 95 percent white women which led the director to drop the original tradecraft focus of the program for real estate and management aspects, its called cultural resource management tbh

File: 1fb2e50c1eaa7c4⋯.png (830.9 KB, 860x651, 860:651, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 541e4b947d70a01⋯.png (357.61 KB, 606x689, 606:689, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e223adfe57a7f0b⋯.png (42.23 KB, 629x235, 629:235, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 11cbeabec52a00f⋯.png (292.55 KB, 540x735, 36:49, ykufyukv.png)

92a3fd No.365612[Reply]

British Army recruitment drive for "New Machine"


>Recruitment campaign’s audience is 16- to 24-year-old C2DEs despite MoD’s claim of targeting all socio-economic backgrounds, internal document shows

>The document also makes it clear that while the campaign is UK-wide, there are “up-weights” to cities in northern England including Manchester and Sheffield and to Birmingham, Belfast and Cardiff.

Tory-DUP deal to face legal challenge


>Mr McClean has launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund the judicial review.

>Ciaran McClean, who is a member of the Green Party, says the pact breaches the Good Friday Agreement and the Bribery Act.

>application for a judicial review would be submitted either on Monday or Tuesday.

Church of England votes to explore transgender services


>Supporters of the services said the Church should offer a welcome to people to mark their transition.

>Others have suggested the services would be counter to some parts of the Bible which state that humans are created as either male or female.

>The clergymen said he would speak on behalf of the transgender community, as there were no transgender people in the synod.

>"LGBT orientation and identity is not a sickness. And LGBT orientation and identity is not a sin."

738 posts and 287 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

5253b9 No.366359


I'm whipping one up now lad.

c72315 No.366361



e72d62 No.366362


I wonder if the author is a fat fuck

5253b9 No.366363

9ba7d8 No.366514


Corbyn didn't go to Uni

File: b6cdc3cd8bfbfef⋯.jpg (50.72 KB, 670x531, 670:531, DOUBLE THE SCOOPS.jpg)

b2a42a No.364898[Reply]

G20: UK-US trade deal to happen quickly, says Trump

>US President Donald Trump has said he expects a "powerful" trade deal with the UK to be completed "very quickly".

>Speaking at the G20 summit in Hamburg, he said he would visit London. Asked when, he said: "We'll work that out."

>In one-to-one talks, Mr Trump and UK Prime Minister Theresa May agreed to prioritise work on a post-Brexit trade deal, a UK government official said.


‘Jihadist jails’ set up within British prisons to isolate extremists

>Three British prisons will soon feature special “jihadi jails” in an effort to stem radicalization in confinement.

>Among the first inmates to be transferred into the isolated areas are Lee Rigby’s killer Michael Adebolajo, and infamous hate preacher Anjem Choudary.

>Another 26 Islamic extremists are to be placed in the “separation centers.”


May says several G20 members want ambitious trade deals with UK

>Leaders from several members of the Group of 20 economic powers expressed a “strong desire” to forge “ambitious new bilateral trading relationships” with Britain after it leaves the European Union, British Prime Minister Theresa May said on Saturday.

>Speaking at the end of a G20 summit in Hamburg, May said: “Some of the countries I’ve been talking to here have shown great interest in working with us on trade arrangements in the future – the United States, Japan, China, India.”

> Turning to the Paris accord aimed at combating climate change, she added: “Like other world leaders here, I am dismayed at the U.S. decision to pull out of the Paris agreePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

701 posts and 265 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

a33ede No.365608

File: 95652a978f41527⋯.png (343.09 KB, 703x445, 703:445, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7cf4f2aa7a34ab2⋯.png (533.82 KB, 941x1042, 941:1042, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 58a448084b34fad⋯.png (352.71 KB, 700x470, 70:47, ClipboardImage.png)


True, but at the same time fascism is less taboo in Southern Europe. The Germans have been propaganised far more than their friends in the South imo, they really do bare the brunt of fascist guilt. Greece actually had quite a fascistic government who famously told Mussolini "Oxi" (no) when asked to join them in WW2.


4b1e84 No.365609

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Do you really want more posters flooding our little corner? i quite prefer them sealting tbh, we can sneakily put some fakenews in there if they get a bit too above their station :^)

b8dd4e No.365610


>Do you really want more posters flooding our little corner?

I'd rather that than have these outlets as "represenation" - these fucks are against our interests yet they've a wide reach, if they worked as an entry then they wouldn't be so much of a problem but instead they become the core entity and can pervert it to justify their own interests.

3541fb No.365611

File: 8899f1b5b354e00⋯.jpg (22.6 KB, 640x559, 640:559, 0d.jpg)

4b1e84 No.365613

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b323f1 No.364845[Reply]

>thinking of forming a band called Steptoe Music that specialises in Roxy Music covers replaicing Bryan Ferry's vocals for Harry H.Corbett style cockerny bluster

>haaaaarooooold does the strand

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