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File: fc8f9103006c9f7⋯.png (109.88 KB, 500x332, 125:83, mountaindewbottlespepe.png)


Board rules

1. The board is for all people of a NEET mindset, even if they are currently employed or studying. Excessive attempts to ostracise people based on their status or to spark divisive discussions about who is and who is not a “real NEET” will not be tolerated.

2. No doxxing. This includes no remarks about the EXIF data of photos posted, and no pointing out of personal information accidentally left in photos. No going to unreasonable lengths to determine where a person lives based on photos or videos they have posted. No chilling of peoples confidence in their anonymity by joking about your potential to dox them. If you think someone has unintentionally left personal information in their post please report the post with an explanation, do not point it out publicly on the board.

3. No impersonating another NEET.

4. Pornographic images and images containing nudity or near-nudity of a sexual nature must always be spoilered. No dumping of porn images for no good purpose. No use of disgusting pornography just to shock people.

5. No CP or images of children posted for sexual purposes, even if they are not naked or in sexual poses. This includes drawn images which look under-age. No Pedo talk.

6. Images containing gore or anything else likely to shock or disgust must be spoilered. You must have a very good reason for posting gore and not post much of it.

7. Images containing the contents of a toilet bowl must be spoilered and must be accompanied by text clearly explaining they are an image of the contents of a toilet bowl.

8. No unreasonable personal insults. This board is not a “safe space”, and banter and honesty are allowed and in fact are essential, but there is no need to be personally insulting to an individual who does not deserve it. Do not cross the line.

9. No threats of violence against other posters or anyone else. No threats made as jokes. The authorPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 6c98c3a632c7b94⋯.jpg (39.02 KB, 697x943, 17:23, 1438315417498.jpg)


Are you NEETs working out? Is your body your temple?

Old thread: >>6063

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File: 16db0b49e7eab9d⋯.jpg (146.85 KB, 1331x913, 121:83, 085a4e9f26b997ff856e389d6a….jpg)


I can only hope that he's building up for the Nurgle 2018 fuzed to a chair competition. Every calorie matters to win the Dan gift card prize



<… that he was sitting in his own feces and urine with maggots visible

>one officer… had to throw away his uniform after helping remove the man from the chair

<… she had no idea how bad his condition was since he covered himself with a blanket every time she came to visit

Tips for big big boi NEETs


File: b79e126c24692a8⋯.jpg (2.4 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 1457669401984.jpg)


You indeed register in my neet database


File: d6b7e764a5fa072⋯.png (205.07 KB, 408x513, 136:171, Big Fella.png)


That's pretty heavy for your height, are you content with being a big boy or would you like to drop a few kg's?



I was once in a similar position to his and I can guarantee nobody would be content with it

File: e67ca39db1f21ae⋯.png (773.57 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 843C58F1-A231-4CB4-AF0D-AA….png)



File: cc6e6e494a01d84⋯.jpg (163.41 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, where2cop_ids.jpg)

He is an attention hungry retard

File: bb43279cf90bdeb⋯.webm (2.87 MB, 640x360, 16:9, pic kinda related.webm)


Well I've been watching a lot of Jordan Peterson Lectures lately if you can't already tell from the title. Hes not exactly told me anything I didn't already know, but just having another voice my thoughts has really bolstered me.


Basically, I am a 20 year old male, I've lived under the roof of my parents my entire life, and I need to leave. I just feel the need in me, like nothing else, cant explain it logically. Though I have no job. What my plan is is to just walk out and become homeless for some while until I find my feet. From the ground up. I don't have any specific skill sets but I'm relatively confident in my ability to pick something up quickly.

I know I must do this, I'm not exactly asking for your opinions though I would be interested. I'm asking for tips. I live in Brisbane. I have about 8k cash. What should I do? Should I buy a cheap car and just drive endlessly? (sounds kinda fun).

What advice can you impart? Are there places I would inevitably get jumped? I'm not small but not imposing either. 5'11 ft, 80kg.

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File: e7dd759f62b17ef⋯.jpg (51.41 KB, 460x287, 460:287, Aborigines_1966524c.jpg)

Are you a 'big guy'? Living on the street in Brisbane would be tough, and unless you're used to engaging with people then you'll be seen as an easy target. As someone who's been homeless in Brisbane (albeit for about 3 days), though have lived out of a car on the Sunshine Coast for a few months I'd definitely suggest buying one, the best mechanically-wise you can afford without depleting your savings. A van would be ideal as it'd be more comfortable and offer more privacy especially if it doesn't have windows. This way if you find yourself in a bad area/situation you can get outta there quickly. Basically a car equals shelter, transport, a sense of freedom and security, as well as opening up your chances for employment and women. I wish you the best of luck.



Well I do suggest getting a car and applying for jobs outside your area

Not only does it help you get employed but you get to see Australia here and there and it's always nice



Your /pol/ is showing. OP can just use Backpackers or the like for a few weeks it takes to get into a pace.



>implying brown ""people"" can be civilized

stop watching tv kid



Your /cunt is showing. Not once have I ever posted on /pol either here or any other chan.

File: d6c855b85b56b15⋯.jpg (65.74 KB, 720x707, 720:707, 1505527480634.jpg)


Has been some hot weather for some NEETs. Stay safe please NEETs.

Old Thread: >>5304

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Is he one of the major two or a small/independent?



My area exists mainly on Dairy, Forestry and Tourism



He is in one of the majors


I would be too ashamed to have him see what I am doing these days. I cut myself off from him several years ago.


My farts smell like mustard and citric acid.


New Thread: >>6819

New Thread: >>6819

New Thread: >>6819

New Thread: >>6819

New Thread: >>6819

New Thread: >>6819

File: 5fca556259d0fe4⋯.png (420.79 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 5fca556259d0fe42ed97960340….png)


OLD >>4531

The blood of kings runs through NEETs.

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Get the one you think you will enjoy most.



they all seem too expensive, I suppose if you're a rich fag then just go the coopers then it's not foreign shit






You're clearly an Abo if you couldn't tell he was posting Beer and not Goon


New thread: >>6063

New thread: >>6063

New thread: >>6063

New thread: >>6063

New thread: >>6063

New thread: >>6063

File: 53e23855da5b2e0⋯.jpg (50.01 KB, 800x600, 4:3, sevens.jpg)


Luck is a very thin wire between survival and disaster, and not many people can keep their balance on it.

OLD >>3782

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post limit broken



oh right deleted posts



1st born here with a brother

Dunno if my brother will be more succesful than me

He may have a gf but he doesn't tell mum if he did, and mum only knows that he might from an comment from his friend

We'll see if he can get a job or if he'll be a bigger slouch than me




Looks like you got in first. The other thread is a fine thread but will have to be deleted. I'm sorry.

File: 0abc9ba5770f2f8⋯.png (126.6 KB, 799x1280, 799:1280, 1506930032593.png)


It is nice to have a good comfy night's sleep, isn't it? One of life's little pleasures. You need to appreciate them my friends.

Old thread: >>3017

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File: cfac957451f7bbb⋯.jpg (51.47 KB, 754x422, 377:211, dan says drink and drive.jpg)


He longs for the NEET.

Appease your master.


File: 73dedf913a6a9c5⋯.gif (23.05 KB, 256x331, 256:331, 1348205002.gif)


Good night friends.


Good night NEETS



File: 8960659fb95b0e6⋯.png (84.15 KB, 476x1809, 476:1809, 8960659fb95b0e68e9eff7bea2….png)


OLD >>2262

Because we're all gonna make it, neetos.

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Sorry to hear about your coffee misadventure. We are all prone to making mistakes early after waking.



Living like a king, looks great.

Worthy of the trips.


New thread: >>3782

New thread: >>3782

New thread: >>3782

New thread: >>3782

New thread: >>3782

New thread: >>3782



Would you like a job as my live-in Chef?



You should ask my mummybot

File: c277bfc37705587⋯.jpg (91.28 KB, 345x383, 345:383, c277bfc37705587f300db01cdb….jpg)




What fear would you like to overcome in 2018?

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I am becoming an exercise-NEET now and started off with 10kg weight to do various excises following a korean woman on Samsung Health. It me took three days for my body to recover.

I then started off with 2kg weight for an endurance exercise program and I just picked up the 10kg now, which felt as light as hell. Lower weights also mean you can exercise more frequently to build up your muscle. I got a 1kg, 2kg and 3kg set on eBay for $50, which was covered dumbbells not pure steel so your sweat wipes of easy and they do impact your hands.



Keep at it mate.



That is my primary workout too.



I sometimes do it backhand too.



File: 392e43a7c8cc85a⋯.png (403.77 KB, 770x578, 385:289, 1475787902078.png)


Prev >>756

Seems people are starting to eat a lot? Did the New Year's resolutions already go out the window?

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Is it time for scary pepe?



Make sure you let us know how it goes with the prostitute mate.


I was going to make the new thread but I'm phoneposting on the shitter right now. Someone else will need to




Just in time

File: 351df3888330e86⋯.jpg (312.38 KB, 828x1403, 36:61, 351df3888330e86f46b5dfc3ce….jpg)




Let's keep the thread comfy

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all exchanges have that fucklong verification period fam; its to do with the surge of new accounts being created in the last few months. unironically dont fucking verify unless you absolutely need to withdraw fiat from the exchange directly or you plan on paying taxes. you can do i think everything else but that with an unverified account

sorry for the homosexuality but redd.it is probably the best resource for researching exchanges i didnt know about the registration stipulations on bitfinex; they must have just introduced that in the last week

sage for ded thred


Seeing spare posts at the end of old threads gets my autism up.

Gotta fill this bad boy up.


File: d9fc21129a01f6b⋯.png (221.99 KB, 417x360, 139:120, our exchange.png)

File: 27fa97a71991108⋯.png (2.58 KB, 153x39, 51:13, omg wtf you shitlord.png)


Use binance it's /ourexchange/

Also buy OmiseGo (OMG), it's /ourcoin/

bigly partners bigly profits, in /myopinion/



Sounds like trap shitcoin



based out of japen, golemfags fear it

also mcdicks partnership for mainstream burgerbux t b h

File: 3433726cf707ca9⋯.png (28.47 KB, 957x751, 957:751, 1472426440596.png)


Well here we are boys. Exile. Let's see how this goes.

All NEETs are welcome. the more posts the better. Don't be shy. We have to get this off the ground.

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This is pretty good advice.

Depending on the job, jeans might be a little too casual. It all depends what and where.



It was a proper grad role, full suit and tie


and I have been getting rejected at the interview stage for four years, always told I did great, just someone was a better fit. idk



What degree do you hole and what was the position?


New thread: >>756

New thread: >>756

New thread: >>756

New thread: >>756

New thread: >>756

New thread: >>756

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