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File: 5236d31f4c64b7b⋯.jpg (2.33 MB, 1447x2047, 1447:2047, 1523734725001.jpg)

86ce86 No.2093116


b5eb73 No.2093119

How do you feel about the newest episode Hu?

Oh also, hi

4dbe06 No.2093120


I just shared the first link that came up when I googled it. Although this doesn't sound too different to the one on Spotify.

I'm gonna chalk this up to Graveworm being "trve kvlt" or whatever the meme is.

86ce86 No.2093121


I feel nothing. I haven't even watched a single one.

Good morning to you

86ce86 No.2093122

File: 6d014ebf32fedd1⋯.jpg (1.11 MB, 2893x3444, 2893:3444, 1522571971001.jpg)

stop dropping attachments

b5eb73 No.2093123



You must not know what happened to poor ichigo

Where's my morning kiss tho?

44e3f8 No.2093124


Does that meme include poor audio quality

4dbe06 No.2093125

File: d4ae5ef524df8f9⋯.jpg (84.78 KB, 580x474, 290:237, 9f6f5541076060ee85b8f10a0d….jpg)


Yes. Yes it does. Have you never listened to Black Metal before? Jeeeesus, bad sound quality is a staple of the genre.

44e3f8 No.2093126


The older bands had bad audio quality, I found, but I associated that to the time of recording. I'd have to actually do some digging to find a band I know that's black metal though

So instead, I'll take your word for it

86ce86 No.2093127

File: 9f2a954b99a2889⋯.png (782.38 KB, 970x513, 970:513, 1522571974127.png)


from what I heard, apparently she cucked 02 this time, and now everybody hates her.

Apparently it's okay if only one of them is doing the cucking.

No kissing. Kissing is gay

4dbe06 No.2093128

File: b4a9de209b9c92e⋯.jpg (84.87 KB, 1015x819, 145:117, i'm gonna behave ffs why a….jpg)


The meme is that "trve kvlt" black metal has awful quality and, to be fair, there's some merit to that. The niche nature of BM means that there's a limit to how good it can sound without either being made at a financial loss or "selling out" and not being BM any more.

1a5a4f No.2093129

morning friends

44e3f8 No.2093130


I don't follow the culture enough to know why having good audio quality would mean selling out

b5eb73 No.2093131


>from what I heard

ohhh yeahhhhh

Can I like just hug you then

281703 No.2093132

File: 8b9037389d9f04b⋯.webm (2.29 MB, 1064x842, 532:421, drugs 239499.webm)

1a5a4f No.2093133

fug it's afternoon

44e3f8 No.2093134


Don't you mean evening

44e3f8 No.2093135

Or I guess, do you call 4:30 evening there? We do here

dfe5aa No.2093136

File: 6624e589bc510ef⋯.png (52.84 KB, 184x205, 184:205, tumblr_o8f5jcV1Ne1vu9wmgo3….png)

G-good morning.

4dbe06 No.2093137


Because to afford it you either operate at a loss (spend more than you earn) or sell out in order to sell more to cover that cost. The assumption seems to be that you'll water down your content to reach a wider audience.

It makes sense but it's become very reactionary.

4dbe06 No.2093138

File: 50269c225354279⋯.jpg (40.88 KB, 346x495, 346:495, 470c5775a61f965fb079a32dc7….jpg)


Ohaiyou, Helen. How's it going~?

b5eb73 No.2093139


Hey there handsome

44e3f8 No.2093140


I don't see how it would be assumed the content would be watered down to reach a wider audience, but I sort of get what you're getting at now

86ce86 No.2093141

File: 0a03edf924c2e6a⋯.jpg (131.06 KB, 700x1065, 140:213, 1523115313001.jpg)


so I suppose that's what I really think about it. Think it's cool that all these shitters are upset about these turn of events.

Sure. Hugs are always nice


4:30 is morning

dfe5aa No.2093142

File: 6624e589bc510ef⋯.png (52.84 KB, 184x205, 184:205, tumblr_o8f5jcV1Ne1vu9wmgo3….png)


Not bad. Just got home from work.



O-oh gosh.

44e3f8 No.2093143




You knew what I meant

4dbe06 No.2093144

File: c5c5ff3b2da5416⋯.jpg (118.57 KB, 1241x791, 1241:791, superhero landing.jpg)


Coolio. Plans for the rest of your day?

86ce86 No.2093145

File: 5854d885c176e9e⋯.jpg (353.66 KB, 708x1000, 177:250, 1523303316001.jpg)


Is afternoon then~

b5eb73 No.2093146


Why are you so tsundere for anime

or autistic enough to dl a bucnh of pics of some random chick from some anime you havent even watched

Can I grab your butt while youre not looking?


quit spilling your spaghetti

b589a7 No.2093147

File: 502463811c6b419⋯.jpg (53.34 KB, 719x723, 719:723, C52B2BE.jpg)

I will just leave this here

dfe5aa No.2093148

File: 6624e589bc510ef⋯.png (52.84 KB, 184x205, 184:205, tumblr_o8f5jcV1Ne1vu9wmgo3….png)


Might play Spyro.


I can't help it when cute boys talk to me.

4dbe06 No.2093149


I don't get it.

b5eb73 No.2093150


O-oh gosh

4dbe06 No.2093151

File: c6ee5a9fee3e93d⋯.jpg (85.15 KB, 947x807, 947:807, look how far apart his eye….jpg)


Okay cool. Which one though?

44e3f8 No.2093152


What about 17:30 then, since it's later there

281703 No.2093153


> C52B2BE.jpg

https://yuki.la/r/16009195 is a link i came up with after searching that. Jen it looks like her name is on some cock tribute thread.

dfe5aa No.2093154

File: 6624e589bc510ef⋯.png (52.84 KB, 184x205, 184:205, tumblr_o8f5jcV1Ne1vu9wmgo3….png)




First one. I got a PS1.

86ce86 No.2093155

File: b15123e689f5895⋯.jpg (944.3 KB, 1020x1433, 1020:1433, 1523303315001.jpg)


What's this tsundere mean, faggot?

Because this is /animus/ so anime go here, not ponies. Always hated anime fags for posting their garbage in those threads, so I'm not gonna do the same thing they did.

Nah, illegal


probably evening, because you'd say "half six" and not "half past five". If you do the latter, then it might be the afternoon.

Dunno, depends on who you ask.

4dbe06 No.2093156

File: d499ef8fe5bba5d⋯.jpg (55.34 KB, 423x739, 423:739, cannot comprehend.jpg)


That's weird and I don't like it.


Noice! I play PS1 games on my PS2.

cd7336 No.2093157

File: 91b186d77ab9fbd⋯.png (236.56 KB, 930x630, 31:21, 1485530349.happycrumble_zh….png)



44e3f8 No.2093158


Hmm, at about 4, I start saying evening

dfe5aa No.2093159

File: 7debc11dd4b6396⋯.png (161.77 KB, 688x260, 172:65, 9.png)


I plan to burn a ton onto CDs and play them that way.



86ce86 No.2093160

File: f3dd27b0ae62798⋯.jpg (3.56 MB, 2480x3400, 62:85, 1521802607149.jpg)


I do around 6

281703 No.2093161

File: e76ca79b4576737⋯.webm (3.64 MB, 640x360, 16:9, owl (background) 29943310.webm)


Yeah, it's random and supposedly for a reason but who knows what.

1a5a4f No.2093162


I'm not sure if there's a set time that sets afternoon and evening apart but generally I'd say 6pm is evening

4dbe06 No.2093163


I wish I could do that but it sounds tricky and I'm lazy. ;~;

b5eb73 No.2093164

Wait Hu's a pony?

b5eb73 No.2093165


I get the trip now

dfe5aa No.2093166

File: 7debc11dd4b6396⋯.png (161.77 KB, 688x260, 172:65, 9.png)


Just need a CD burner and an Action Replay or a genuine disk.

86ce86 No.2093167

File: 4b026dcac30f3fb⋯.jpg (309.89 KB, 636x900, 53:75, 1522571973001.jpg)



Good morning

281703 No.2093168

File: 4606fbb255bf6a2⋯.webm (3.89 MB, 640x360, 16:9, We like to party 98300.webm)

4dbe06 No.2093169

File: a903fddb9625592⋯.jpg (63.19 KB, 705x793, 705:793, kamoshida.jpg)


There aren't many PS1&2 games I want so I can probably just buy 'em.

b5eb73 No.2093170


Hey there handsome

86ce86 No.2093171

File: 2b7e52118b89a04⋯.jpg (470.25 KB, 1012x1281, 1012:1281, 1522089490001.jpg)


not handsome

3617dc No.2093172

File: f1e551de3ad5677⋯.jpg (93.37 KB, 850x797, 850:797, DLec57QVYAAkJU7.jpg)

It's a beautiful day outside.

Why aren't you out

4dbe06 No.2093173


I like it here inside the closet.

b5eb73 No.2093174


Oops I'm sorry I meant to say adorable

86ce86 No.2093175

File: 2505b71011732b7⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1254x1771, 114:161, 1520363230001.png)


Been working



b5eb73 No.2093176

File: 0d6126c1dc45662⋯.png (185.58 KB, 276x457, 276:457, 1522887254393.png)


I like how you stutter when I do something right

86ce86 No.2093177

File: d56a98961c89c64⋯.jpg (88.64 KB, 636x1259, 636:1259, 1520363220001.jpg)


Maybe it's just text RP

3617dc No.2093178


>Been working

u don't work u neet

1a5a4f No.2093179


because I don't like the sun very much :(

86ce86 No.2093180

File: 55c406550e6729c⋯.png (943.91 KB, 848x1200, 53:75, 1520874979001.png)


on project, don't bully

b5eb73 No.2093181


Can you rp the noise you make when I blow a load inside you?

86ce86 No.2093182

File: 44ec62f852dbe52⋯.jpg (3.19 MB, 1686x2676, 281:446, 1521976378001.jpg)



4dbe06 No.2093183

File: acc41c98241e8a3⋯.jpg (93.02 KB, 821x807, 821:807, romantic music starts play….jpg)

Was Soto always this outwardly gay? I feel like he used to at least make some attempt to hide it.

3617dc No.2093184

File: acc405d6a7806a3⋯.jpg (84.01 KB, 640x635, 128:127, IMG_20171023_173302.jpg)


Should take a walk!


The sun is good for you


Work better and then go out~

1a5a4f No.2093185

File: a01713c7f1797c9⋯.png (717.83 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1522068486463.png)


not if I don't have the right attitude

I don't have the right attitude

dfe5aa No.2093186

File: 6624e589bc510ef⋯.png (52.84 KB, 184x205, 184:205, tumblr_o8f5jcV1Ne1vu9wmgo3….png)


Don't talk about my boyfriend like that.

4dbe06 No.2093187

File: 163f6323b063aab⋯.jpg (94.14 KB, 1085x921, 1085:921, yum.jpg)



b5eb73 No.2093188




Nah, I was kinda like ashamed of being a faggot back then

But then I realized after fucking Matthew and blowing a load in him and then he blew his load on my stomach since we were doing this weird missionary position

Then I was like "Hey, maybe this aint so bad after all"

3617dc No.2093189

File: f1e6f6e37965d16⋯.gif (1.64 MB, 300x169, 300:169, swag.gif)


What's that mean

3617dc No.2093190


>"Hey, maybe this aint so bad after all"

I can attest that it's not too bad

b5eb73 No.2093191

Who knew Loafie likes cocks up his pooper

4dbe06 No.2093192

File: e084df9f5cd85f2⋯.jpg (136.31 KB, 1303x883, 1303:883, winning smile.jpg)


Well congrats on being comfortable with yourself, man. For real.

86ce86 No.2093193

File: 2375665d6f49d3a⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 740.23 KB, 1059x1200, 353:400, 1521748424001.png)


Can't go out with you, sorry to disappoint you



dfe5aa No.2093194

File: 6624e589bc510ef⋯.png (52.84 KB, 184x205, 184:205, tumblr_o8f5jcV1Ne1vu9wmgo3….png)

Wait. Is Soto for real gay now?

Like 100% not into girls?

1a5a4f No.2093195

File: a299b40993049bb⋯.jpg (119.55 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mpv-shot0002.jpg)


in order to enjoyably partake in such an activity I must be in the right state of mind, which I am now


I'm not sure who "knows" that but they are misinformed

4dbe06 No.2093196


I figure he's more 50/50. But he's more open about his intense homolust for not-girly men I feel.

4dbe06 No.2093197


*raises hand*

3617dc No.2093198

File: f8cce4d1e58cb21⋯.jpg (63.58 KB, 665x718, 665:718, mfwponies.jpg)


Just go out, anywhere


Time to take a walk then. Go buy something!

dfe5aa No.2093199

File: 6624e589bc510ef⋯.png (52.84 KB, 184x205, 184:205, tumblr_o8f5jcV1Ne1vu9wmgo3….png)


That's actually really cute.

1a5a4f No.2093200


I don't have anything I want to buy

I like going for walks but not in this weather

4dbe06 No.2093201

File: 82b5d63b02e7a56⋯.jpg (84.83 KB, 917x725, 917:725, this is it.jpg)


Loathe as I am to I must admit it I agree with you.

b5eb73 No.2093202


lmao no

You fucking wish nerd


Now send nudes


Why are you so hairy?


Loafie why do you always sass me whebn I talk about you liking dicks?

Its like you hate me or something

b5eb73 No.2093203

Amy gets me

86ce86 No.2093204

File: ec2043886c35ae6⋯.jpg (617.62 KB, 1273x900, 1273:900, 1523896194001.jpg)


no thanks. Indoor is best


Because I've no reason to do anything about it.

4dbe06 No.2093205

File: 4cf87963050c77a⋯.jpg (142.14 KB, 1347x885, 449:295, hrm.jpg)



If I still had nudes of myself - and if I wasn't all about Maddie rn - I'd consider this request.

3617dc No.2093206

File: 109427bc4c716e5⋯.jpg (36.31 KB, 900x900, 1:1, opening potion.jpg)


Fuckin need

3617dc No.2093207



jesus what is it with me and typos lately

1a5a4f No.2093208

File: 729a9f2089a9969⋯.jpg (121.93 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mpv-shot0008 (4).jpg)


I'm not sassing you

the fact of the matter is I do not like cocks up my pooper, and I wanted to make this clear so as to avoid people being misinformed

dfe5aa No.2093209

File: 6624e589bc510ef⋯.png (52.84 KB, 184x205, 184:205, tumblr_o8f5jcV1Ne1vu9wmgo3….png)


It's so adorable


So when are you going to pound my ass and blow a load in me?

dfe5aa No.2093210

File: 6624e589bc510ef⋯.png (52.84 KB, 184x205, 184:205, tumblr_o8f5jcV1Ne1vu9wmgo3….png)

Yeah. Loafie has a mommy fetish and likes kids.

3617dc No.2093211

File: bac490ca82e06c1⋯.jpg (19.37 KB, 460x490, 46:49, pfft.jpg)


>likes kids

4dbe06 No.2093212

File: 5c25809ff291e39⋯.jpg (78.18 KB, 727x685, 727:685, i am nothing if not polite.jpg)


Also in the interest of making this as weird as possible for both of you: You have my permission to take my internet girlfriend on a cute date to an amusement park.

1a5a4f No.2093213

I have a mummy fetish but I do not like kids

86ce86 No.2093214

File: 9755d6178baa451⋯.jpg (517.12 KB, 1005x1200, 67:80, 1523303317001.jpg)


need indoor? Yes!

dfe5aa No.2093215


You should come as well.

I'll bring my boyfriend.

b5eb73 No.2093216


God you're so like Subtle

In a way it makes me sad he doesnt post anymore but it reminds me of how cute he was when I'd bully him when I'd call him gay and he'd say IM NOT GAY!!!!


Thats fucking gross

YOU'RE fucking gross


We can share Maddie


Im sorry Kyle, I dont fit your criteria

Im not a bear

4dbe06 No.2093217

File: 7fa62958dc94c39⋯.jpg (73.33 KB, 900x677, 900:677, like this.jpg)

4dbe06 No.2093218

File: 97f0baca6cbae5e⋯.jpg (32.96 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, shadow chie.jpg)




I don't share, Soto. I get stabby.

86ce86 No.2093219

File: ff95962a932bce3⋯.jpg (1.36 MB, 1506x1698, 251:283, 1521523140001.jpg)


How's you know? You've never seen me!

dfe5aa No.2093220

File: 6624e589bc510ef⋯.png (52.84 KB, 184x205, 184:205, tumblr_o8f5jcV1Ne1vu9wmgo3….png)


You know I have fucked twinks before, right?

b5eb73 No.2093221


I saw your ugly ass computer desk

Only thing nice about it was your cat

3617dc No.2093222



Hu, show desk

4dbe06 No.2093223

File: 777e231c1141554⋯.jpg (76.03 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, shadow rise.jpg)

Okay guys I have a question.

Someone you were quite interested in screwing has just died. Well shucks. But then they approach you as either a really quite fresh zombie or a poltergeist or some such and they really wanna fuck. Do you oblige them?

62b455 No.2093224

File: 80b672b2cfa2f65⋯.png (206.07 KB, 720x592, 45:37, Homura Akemi (manga) (226).png)

My issue with Ichigo wasn't that she cucked Zero Two it was the method she went about doing it. Outright underhanded and completely transparent since episode 1. This doesn't even change the fact that she completely disregards the one person that's always been trying to help her and outright confessed to her.

She even said that she'll do everything in her power to have Hiro ride with her instead of the other guy.

Leaving my opinion since I saw others talking about it earlier.

1a5a4f No.2093225

File: 7d9385946647458⋯.jpg (115.18 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mpv-shot0015 (3).jpg)


well I'm glad I can do that for you

but you really shouldn't bully people like, it may have been one of the reasons he left...


what's the confusion

if anything the physical appearance of a child is almost opposite to that of a mummy

b5eb73 No.2093226

Smiles stop watching anime

Grow up already

4dbe06 No.2093227

File: 4b98efa328c0533⋯.jpg (87.66 KB, 963x839, 963:839, interesting.jpg)


No I mean is that the kind of mummy you like: zombies wrapped in bog roll.

b5eb73 No.2093228



>a twink


I'm sorry loafie ;~;

62b455 No.2093229

File: 128cc91c28dc56b⋯.png (154.29 KB, 516x411, 172:137, Homura Akemi (manga) (1060….png)

I would think you would tell me to drop my compulsive comic collecting before telling me to drop anime.

Also stop going out and getting wasted while surrounded by people that look like sex offenders, Mr. Pot. I the kettle think you need to grow up as well.

4dbe06 No.2093230



>>a twink

He's saying that he isn't exclusively into bears by mentioning the opposite. You're in with a shout, dude. Go do it with him doggy style.

4dbe06 No.2093231


Is it true you regularly stick things in Tsuchi's bum?

1a5a4f No.2093232

File: 63ed82f3f0f8c6c⋯.png (967.36 KB, 1286x1406, 643:703, 1517602073023.png)


no, older and voluptuous anime women, such as pic related


it's subtle that you should be apologising to...

a70563 No.2093233


I'd be horrified that this may infect me and cause a rise of undead to wipe out the rest of the place I live in

Their sexual urges may attempt to put me off guard, though

86ce86 No.2093234

File: 496bfbccdcdbe3e⋯.jpg (317.7 KB, 600x911, 600:911, 1520659564001.jpg)


But I don't have a cat...

63585c No.2093235

File: 6173a5d805f504f⋯.png (443.29 KB, 861x695, 861:695, Marcy024.png)

Smiles got that round ass

4dbe06 No.2093236

File: eb9ce6783af2091⋯.jpg (137.14 KB, 1133x927, 11:9, who are you and can we get….jpg)


While I don't understand seeking them out for fetish-y reasons I've seen and/or known a few ladies who might fit the description who I would probably do.


I would do it. Especially if it was the ghost option.

62b455 No.2093237

File: d72375247530b9a⋯.png (142.61 KB, 500x742, 250:371, Homura Akemi (manga) (78).png)


I have this crystal looking lamp with 3 bears on different levels of elevation sitting on my desk. I've had this lamp since the late 90's and it's my favorite lamp.

I never turn the light on and haven't tried messing with the like since like 2003 because I forgot how to change the lightbulb. I don't know where I went wrong in life.

b5eb73 No.2093238


Dude I was already typing a lil jab about your comic book collection but then I stopped midway and was like "nah man, that's not something to be ashamed of imo"

lol I love your sass

All the chicks I hang out with don't really sass me back other than a couple of coworkers and i cant really mess around with them cause I dont wanna shit where i eat or how ever that saying goes


You're funny Yams


but youre the new subtle now tho


Oh wait wrong person then lmao

Man Im fucked up

e6d1a1 No.2093239

4dbe06 No.2093240

File: 4379bf1ba4f7ac0⋯.jpg (127 KB, 1217x889, 1217:889, seriously looks like a chi….jpg)


I don't see what this has to do with Tsuchi's ass.


I do try to be, so thank-you.

86ce86 No.2093241

File: 9cee0779c7e92e8⋯.jpg (4.34 MB, 4320x3240, 4:3, DSC00757.JPG)

281703 No.2093242

File: d0559dad6c365c2⋯.webm (7.87 MB, 960x568, 120:71, ian vs grim.webm)

63585c No.2093243

File: 12fb07d3a3b3785⋯.png (288.07 KB, 797x669, 797:669, Marcy086.png)

Loafie has always been the new subtle, with their hairy ass, obvious homosexuality and awkward social skills.


Shiets got me screamin' for mercy

1a5a4f No.2093244

File: 9875ae204c67c1d⋯.jpg (175.59 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mpv-shot0013.jpg)


of course this is entirely limited to the realm of fetishism

I do not have any interest in pursuing such a woman, or any woman at all for that matter


ah yes I forgot about this fact

try not to bully me out then

who knows when the next subtle replacement will come


my social skills are perfectly adequate

b5eb73 No.2093245

omg we have the same mousepad

Now I really wanna kiss you

4dbe06 No.2093246


> or any woman at all for that matter

Because you're a poof, right?

b5eb73 No.2093247

lmao this fat piece of shit has a WHOLE container of sour strips on his desk

e6d1a1 No.2093248

Soto is a sex offender though probably, so his company is probably appropriate

1a5a4f No.2093249


or men

44e3f8 No.2093250

3617dc No.2093251

File: 03901ce190c7b04⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1000x1305, 200:261, kindasexy.png)


> Talking to Expoti

b5eb73 No.2093252

File: 49ba059f598c87b⋯.png (869.46 KB, 898x1056, 449:528, vlcsnap-2018-04-16-07h18m0….png)

lmao who's gonna believe the nigger?

4dbe06 No.2093253

File: 3d0fde5787e9cd7⋯.jpg (157.68 KB, 1581x931, 1581:931, how can he read like this ….jpg)


It's okay not knowing how to find sexual partners but pretending not to be interested is fucking sad.

e6d1a1 No.2093254

It's no shade B

I'm just saying

62b455 No.2093255

File: 5b69c24a6f5b440⋯.png (45.62 KB, 312x279, 104:93, Homura Akemi (manga) (33).png)

I'm like a ball of radiating hate that I thinly mask with the belief in a higher power. If I didn't give sass than I would probably just revert to rampant misanthropy.

Yeah don't shit where you eat, that's normally how foodborn illnesses come from.

>anyone here calling soto a sex offender

Rocks and glass homes people


I've been in a haze since 2003. What a magical year.

a70563 No.2093256


Actually now you mention maybe ghost form would be very feasible

I'd probably wanna become the same to make it work properly

4dbe06 No.2093257

File: 4bff0c9edf69652⋯.jpg (161.99 KB, 1549x893, 1549:893, fire is beautiful.jpg)


Interesting. Ghost sex would probably be the coolest.

8d5fa0 No.2093258

File: 3fdc3ac0bfe4b56⋯.png (315.08 KB, 600x670, 60:67, JBC Lyfe (4).png)

Just have tulpa sex ;^)

e6d1a1 No.2093259

Is sex offender strictly a legal term? Like "insanity"

4dbe06 No.2093260

File: db8618c0d6d888a⋯.jpg (142.21 KB, 1297x919, 1297:919, blind no more.jpg)


>implying I can meditate for long enough to make any kind of tulpa

bb pls

1a5a4f No.2093261

File: 92e601a1c6d548c⋯.jpg (198.04 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mpv-shot0013 (2).jpg)


realistically any woman who'd want to have sexual relations with someone 10 or so years younger than themselves probably is single at that age for good reason and thereby that's not a person I'd like to associate myself with

a70563 No.2093262

File: f814937c726429b⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1200x729, 400:243, _httyd__night_fury_toothle….png)


Next to no risk of impregnation or diseases

It rings well to my ears


Been there done that. I need something more real at this point

86ce86 No.2093263

File: acf144acf86e04f⋯.jpg (163.37 KB, 728x950, 364:475, 1521009840001.jpg)


It's good


They're a year old now and I still haven't gotten through them


no u


Are you jealous?

8d5fa0 No.2093264

File: bc2b2a592ed3034⋯.jpg (57.55 KB, 564x798, 94:133, JBC Lyfe (4).jpg)


I'm kinda like a tulpa to anyone you tell about irl, so what if I'm just a fig newton of your imagination?



a70563 No.2093265


How is doing the exact same fucking thing over and over count as legal?

3617dc No.2093266

File: 4dc364c6e873d7a⋯.gif (497.99 KB, 500x500, 1:1, pensive.gif)


I honestly don't know who expoti is, I'm just being silly

4dbe06 No.2093267

File: 5040d83ebbae7fe⋯.jpg (154.05 KB, 1473x893, 1473:893, and for my next trick.jpg)


My imagination can't create something beautiful, babe.

63585c No.2093268

File: 6cefb5715246aab⋯.png (329.57 KB, 699x633, 233:211, Marcy012.png)

The thing I like most about smiles is their white supremacy.

8d5fa0 No.2093269

File: 8851c680be4ef27⋯.jpg (72.75 KB, 564x729, 188:243, JBC Lyfe (8).jpg)



touche. goddam it, Yams.

4dbe06 No.2093270

File: 4bff0c9edf69652⋯.jpg (161.99 KB, 1549x893, 1549:893, fire is beautiful.jpg)


Check the filename for that pic, too. That wasn't even on purpose.

86ce86 No.2093271

File: fd4cc10fee69265⋯.jpg (1.25 MB, 3242x4543, 3242:4543, 1521482656001.jpg)


Unlucky you

3617dc No.2093272

File: 9f2a120deb09269⋯.png (452.04 KB, 645x557, 645:557, llamasaliva.png)




I like the edginess.

Hand in hand really

63585c No.2093273

File: abf4a6c281c6a7c⋯.jpg (301.04 KB, 1141x979, 1141:979, Marcy099.jpg)


My favourite Smiles moment, besides the whole You just don't Turn me on saga, was when they and loco would butt heads. Fascinating.

e6d1a1 No.2093274

File: aae16a3355157e5⋯.png (11.99 MB, 2000x2611, 2000:2611, 1521730439433.png)


Oh I guess insanity is not a strictly legal term then. Bad example. But I do think you're not supposed to use it in medical practice?

86ce86 No.2093275

File: 681734e77bb2cdc⋯.jpg (92.59 KB, 893x1200, 893:1200, 1521568291001.jpg)


You couldn't possibly know that

a70563 No.2093276

File: 9ba6f278b31f417⋯.png (566.35 KB, 800x500, 8:5, ea0d2ed62e31492b2a5fa6ae50….png)


Creating one is not for the ill fated, let's just say.

44e3f8 No.2093277


I think my setup is nice

8d5fa0 No.2093278

File: 1d470f77d9b5742⋯.jpg (251.73 KB, 464x600, 58:75, JBC Lyfe (92).jpg)


That's like how puns are better when they're unintentional.


I'm not even interested. I was making a jab at the old ks/b/ crowd. They were all about that katawa shit.

3617dc No.2093279

File: f8cce4d1e58cb21⋯.jpg (63.58 KB, 665x718, 665:718, mfwponies.jpg)


Ponyfags aren't worth talking to

4dbe06 No.2093280

File: 00975756a23ea31⋯.jpg (107.82 KB, 941x813, 941:813, oohhhh crap.jpg)


I have a really good/bad idea that you're gonna think is just the sweetest/dumbest thing ever. Okay, so, what we do is make tulpas of each other.

63585c No.2093281


63585c No.2093282

so ive heard

86ce86 No.2093283

File: 9065aecfe182e73⋯.jpg (407.83 KB, 2048x1661, 2048:1661, 1521571372001.jpg)


That's always a nice feel


No wonder you never talk to me

e6d1a1 No.2093284

Do you qualify as a ponyfag if you appreciate Rarity's flank?

I think that's just good taste tbh

b5eb73 No.2093285


I don't know why I'm into chicks like that for some reason

When they're always the least compatible with me

Sass is great if you can pull it off, some chicks try to do it and some just end up looking like straight up assholes

Or more like I dont want to deal with that shit at work lol

also why are you here then lmao


>a year old

if that aint the biggest fucking lie Ive heard

8d5fa0 No.2093286

File: c8427ff353ba859⋯.png (164.5 KB, 400x574, 200:287, JBC Lyfe (22).png)


That's kinda what my pillow has become tbh .///.

8d5fa0 No.2093287

a70563 No.2093288

File: d04649126fa2d0e⋯.jpg (27.07 KB, 564x423, 4:3, 2bb404e81a6dab15b25a2c540a….jpg)


Ah, that game is indeed overly overrated.

Okay maybe I liked the plot for the first few hours then got kinda bored.

86ce86 No.2093289

File: a2730ed714a94f4⋯.jpg (295.33 KB, 1200x840, 10:7, 1521811874001.jpg)

4dbe06 No.2093290

File: eb9ce6783af2091⋯.jpg (137.14 KB, 1133x927, 11:9, who are you and can we get….jpg)


I may or may not have fallen asleep thinking about snuggling up once or twice or more recently...

a70563 No.2093291


Unless you're some evil scientist then who knows

86ce86 No.2093292

File: 7fbbac97d7926f7⋯.jpg (164.95 KB, 600x766, 300:383, 1521802565980.jpg)


Fine, might be half a year. I don't even know.

They expired March 2018

a70563 No.2093293

Sour candies just suck ASS

Why do they even put too much of that essence in to begin with?

3617dc No.2093294

File: 86098d77e5a1045⋯.jpg (96.29 KB, 666x1000, 333:500, .jpg)


Glad you figured it out

3617dc No.2093295

File: a727008f80b556a⋯.png (435.53 KB, 1280x1734, 640:867, pony.png)


Nah she fine

62b455 No.2093296

File: 0f74d9d58c543a1⋯.png (76.82 KB, 810x494, 405:247, Homura Akemi (manga) (684).png)


When did I buttheads with loco?


Combination of bored and being ignored.

Trying to find a cheap iphone 7+ for verizon is harder than expected. Normal stuff.

63585c No.2093297

Imagine if yo girl had a sour ass

I mean


snapple sour

44e3f8 No.2093298

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4dbe06 No.2093299

File: c27d5c7386b40df⋯.jpg (49.79 KB, 833x807, 833:807, this metaphor is getting o….jpg)


I would be all about that.

63585c No.2093300

File: 5ed41753700af71⋯.gif (194 KB, 337x750, 337:750, Marcy319.gif)


That time about Black on Black crime etc.

a70563 No.2093301


I imagine endless dick melting for the next week :x

63585c No.2093302

File: 7e3b89292d40277⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1852x2084, 463:521, Untitled-1.png)



>tfw ass is on the menu boizzzzzzz

8d5fa0 No.2093303

File: fc7501a3829be16⋯.png (202.89 KB, 477x675, 53:75, JBC Lyfe (14).png)


We're even then^^


So you can snort the C6H8O7 after you finish the bag.

a70563 No.2093304


ewwww xD

62b455 No.2093305

File: c4f1815eecf17f3⋯.png (41.62 KB, 239x308, 239:308, Homura Akemi (manga) (1099….png)


Oh right I forgot.

I still don't understand the contention behind that.

63585c No.2093306

File: 82580ce0cf657ed⋯.png (126.71 KB, 452x452, 1:1, citrus_ch01_261.png)


I think Loco was trying to shout down the facts. I mean, numbers and statistics do not lie.

44e3f8 No.2093307

File: 456fccfda47405d⋯.gif (2.78 MB, 355x201, 355:201, 629.gif)


>So you can snort the C6H8O7 after you finish the bag.

4dbe06 No.2093308

File: c128927bf08717a⋯.jpg (101.79 KB, 1385x765, 277:153, ohaiyou.jpg)


Not even. I wasn't even nearly this soft until you wriggled your way into my head.

8d5fa0 No.2093309

File: 04e41b09b46972c⋯.jpg (22.31 KB, 400x320, 5:4, JBC Lyfe (2).jpg)


I like squishy yams.

I'm sure I'll get what's coming to me~ phrasing

4dbe06 No.2093310

File: 40121ab74ce465b⋯.jpg (160.42 KB, 1663x931, 1663:931, put a smile on my face.jpg)


I see what you did there. I like it.

4dbe06 No.2093311


63585c No.2093312

File: 5bbfced603d0af6⋯.png (40.68 KB, 739x285, 739:285, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.png)

a70563 No.2093313


I don't even xD

d78594 No.2093314

We don't deserve him.

d78594 No.2093315



could've sworn i linked that

63585c No.2093316

File: ee591230027566b⋯.png (147.78 KB, 643x349, 643:349, citrus_ch01_211.png)

e26d79 No.2093317

File: 5acfe97c8ee6259⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 176.03 KB, 503x283, 503:283, beast.PNG)

hi amy

remember way back when about that thing about how text in cartoons always looks like it was drawn with a digital pen

a70563 No.2093318

And vice versa

4dbe06 No.2093319

d78594 No.2093320

File: e144657c2f17aa2⋯.jpg (37.42 KB, 1280x370, 128:37, What.JPG)

What is this large blank space at the bottom of the page?

Does anyone else have this?

Is this where ads are supposed to be????? It really bugs me tbh

86ce86 No.2093321

File: 3f78c87cbf1263f⋯.png (42 KB, 1197x251, 1197:251, Selection_999(881).png)



3035a6 No.2093322


adblock maybe

a70563 No.2093323

File: 405924250267fd8⋯.jpg (51.56 KB, 600x619, 600:619, a_baby_night_fury_by_kadea….jpg)


It depends on the ad/surveillance blocker

Which extension are you using Hu?

e26d79 No.2093324


well, that image I just posted.

its all digital obviously. just that lettering is the more jarring, becuase you're supposed to believe the king did that with his own hands or something.

d78594 No.2093325

File: 758e637f1c4afd9⋯.jpg (47.56 KB, 1273x269, 1273:269, Adblock off.JPG)




This is without adblock off

I'm bout to turn that shit back on

3035a6 No.2093326

File: c196fdadf82ccbf⋯.jpg (123.95 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1523476020116.jpg)


yeah they advertise the brown pill too it gets a little wild

e26d79 No.2093327

there used to be Trump propaganda down there.

d78594 No.2093328


the brown pill as in what? never heard of it


I bet

a70563 No.2093329

File: 5034b76249a90fa⋯.jpg (294.92 KB, 1920x1228, 480:307, 339283-sepik.jpg)


I don't mind the white space myself, barely scroll down that far


Cringey scat porn I imagine?

3035a6 No.2093330

File: 9d8fecf779f93f4⋯.png (85.72 KB, 302x344, 151:172, OH YESS.png)


y-you dont know?

d78594 No.2093331


I dont think this site is crazy enough to advert scat porn

they'd lose a fair amount of users that way


give me the skinny

56415d No.2093332

File: 55af55de242978b⋯.png (771.58 KB, 1073x1328, 1073:1328, 65764011_p9.png)


Give me your brown pill

d78594 No.2093333


post discord ;)

281703 No.2093334

File: abbe344d9ca96a8⋯.webm (7.97 MB, 480x270, 16:9, I LOVE FORESKIN (wtf circ….webm)

a70563 No.2093335


Well that's the first thing that came to mind after the word brown and I would rather have nothing to do with it

d78594 No.2093336

I think Laci Green is cute tbh

a70563 No.2093337

Unless you are talking about Heroin, which is far worse on any scale

56415d No.2093338

File: d53e525def3b986⋯.jpg (60.58 KB, 600x666, 100:111, a0a6df94e9abe1cf93e93ac018….jpg)


I don't have one.

d78594 No.2093339


Fair enough

d78594 No.2093340



Damn kissy, you're making this difficult

56415d No.2093341

File: 8087554c8946d08⋯.png (87.48 KB, 609x487, 609:487, 1518960152.bokechan_dekkai….png)


I play hard to get.

281703 No.2093342

File: 666f8cb1a53d312⋯.webm (7.97 MB, 324x182, 162:91, HOW TO KISS.webm)


She certainly makes an effort to be.

d78594 No.2093343


So I've noticed.


Being bubbly and fun is probably the most palatable way to talk about sex n shit, as she likes to do

3035a6 No.2093344

File: 0da64a07de577ed⋯.png (103.73 KB, 276x269, 276:269, 1517255153901.png)


its like a copy pasta about eating shit and it goes: aye laddies have ye taken the brown pill yet

d78594 No.2093345


Oh wow

What a website we're on

56415d No.2093346

File: 13f162cd5eaea3f⋯.jpg (88.16 KB, 1000x1068, 250:267, DAmcgh3XsAI9UXr (2).jpg)


Probably play it too well.

a70563 No.2093347

Any eurofags up for some TF2?

4dbe06 No.2093348

File: 34611ad88b42588⋯.jpg (106.21 KB, 1247x807, 1247:807, god i am so pretty.jpg)


I would absolutely watch a film and hold hands with Laci.

dfe5aa No.2093349

File: 9729f15c32d57aa⋯.png (121.36 KB, 290x433, 290:433, 44.png)

I can't sleep so I'm back.

281703 No.2093350

File: 5fcf1240a555e69⋯.webm (8 MB, 356x200, 89:50, FREAKY LABIA.webm)



56415d No.2093351

File: 0761ae455f5b14f⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1000x708, 250:177, 61756099_p0.png)

281703 No.2093352

File: 8946a7a3d5b40c8⋯.webm (7.94 MB, 400x224, 25:14, Vagina Hacks.webm)


Amongst other things I bet.

dfe5aa No.2093353

File: bb9bdaeaf4187f2⋯.png (308.85 KB, 675x477, 75:53, 9.png)


Thanks. I got like an hour of sleep and then woke up.

a86c10 No.2093354

File: 04f36f405206a8f⋯.mp4 (2.31 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 04f36f405206a8faae9049d829….mp4)

Squash is gay.

He likes boys.

56415d No.2093355

File: a12db46225b809b⋯.jpg (451.19 KB, 745x744, 745:744, 61630096_p31_master1200.jpg)


I do that a lot. I usually sleep no more th an 3-4 hours at a time recently.

7b861b No.2093356

File: 88b76623ee64d45⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.59 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Life ruined.webm)

dfe5aa No.2093357

File: 78b35a637371bf1⋯.png (220.93 KB, 518x436, 259:218, 8.png)

I can't help it.

They have such nice butts.


I usually manage to get 2-3.

4dbe06 No.2093358

File: b2204a36b6be0d4⋯.jpg (120.82 KB, 1255x889, 1255:889, oh geez.jpg)


No, just wholesome things.

a86c10 No.2093359

File: ba6514028a320d6⋯.jpg (64.84 KB, 800x600, 4:3, $_59.JPG)


Guero's butt is a literal square though. I don't understand.

7b861b No.2093360


Kill yourself homo

dfe5aa No.2093361

File: 5701e580c44435f⋯.jpg (159.02 KB, 1079x799, 1079:799, UKFhxtZ.jpg)

a70563 No.2093362

Get out of my continent Squiddy

8d5fa0 No.2093363

who is laci green?

4dbe06 No.2093364


Laughed so hard.

56415d No.2093365

File: 9a0350274ab69bd⋯.png (267.96 KB, 990x820, 99:82, 58916840_p3.png)


That sucks. Do you still work weird multiple job schedules built around tiny naps though?

4dbe06 No.2093366


Some thot.

63585c No.2093367

File: 82580ce0cf657ed⋯.png (126.71 KB, 452x452, 1:1, citrus_ch01_261.png)

Boy in girls clothing

dfe5aa No.2093368

File: cfd6292133ea0bd⋯.png (63.65 KB, 295x236, 5:4, 7.png)


I was cursed with a plump and juicy ass.


No. Michael talked me out of it.

I'll just be at the one factory job. My mother got me a pair of work boots for it.

7b861b No.2093369

File: 482398378131b87⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.86 MB, 480x360, 4:3, AsukaMind.webm)

a86c10 No.2093370

File: b2db80f98cc26e7⋯.jpg (78.94 KB, 1024x834, 512:417, CxlJuIbWIAAAQNg.jpg)


pgfffffffffffffffyyhjdj yeah eactly like that though


a thot feminist

4dbe06 No.2093371

File: ecd6b42e5652fd6⋯.jpg (108.04 KB, 1341x887, 1341:887, huh.jpg)


I have an ass. That's about all I can really say about it.

56415d No.2093372


Ooh, that's nice of her. I don't remember who Michael is though.

That's good, the multi job thing seemed to be running you a bit ragged.

63585c No.2093373



dfe5aa No.2093374

File: 6624e589bc510ef⋯.png (52.84 KB, 184x205, 184:205, tumblr_o8f5jcV1Ne1vu9wmgo3….png)


I've seen it too.

281703 No.2093375

File: 58e8eb17aafecb9⋯.webm (7.97 MB, 352x198, 16:9, Why does my vagina smell_.webm)


But(t) why?

4dbe06 No.2093376


A lot of people have. It's a prolific ass.

dfe5aa No.2093377

File: d3e9f9513b958e1⋯.png (233.36 KB, 649x606, 649:606, 6.png)


I lost track of how many saw mine.

1a5a4f No.2093378

asuka is worst girl

63585c No.2093379


9c6a8f No.2093380

File: 1899d6b56ab3a46⋯.jpg (77.25 KB, 900x499, 900:499, .jpg)

3 Berserker movies watched in sequence....

abc7f4 No.2093381

File: 6d4d8c771abdfb2⋯.jpg (111.25 KB, 540x364, 135:91, 761603c8b1177f4b1c2c6ebb8c….jpg)

Pretty much everyone has seen my ass

I mean I hope that's the case

I've a nice ass

1a5a4f No.2093382

what exactly is a fucking die

I'm not too familiar with explosives

9c6a8f No.2093383

File: 1f135074672c386⋯.jpg (71.71 KB, 648x960, 27:40, .jpg)

I don't feel myself alive

8d5fa0 No.2093384

singular of dice

9c6a8f No.2093385

File: fbc10ac25a99a67⋯.jpg (38.72 KB, 500x450, 10:9, .jpg)

4dbe06 No.2093386


She seems cuddly and her voice is fun.

63585c No.2093387

Loco has a pretty ass, compensates for the face.

281703 No.2093388


That was OC from a couple years ago. I wonder if she's a lot like that still.



4dbe06 No.2093389


No I mean Laci seems comfy.

8d5fa0 No.2093390


4dbe06 No.2093391

File: 5c25809ff291e39⋯.jpg (78.18 KB, 727x685, 727:685, i am nothing if not polite.jpg)


Oh, uh, later then. ♥

281703 No.2093392


I was just saying that because i didn't know if she changed since it's been a while since i've seen any of her content.

Putting rocks in their vag's


Take someone from the thread with you. Fun fun fun.

7b861b No.2093393


That's the best part in the whole series. Makes me cry every time

4dbe06 No.2093394

File: 750747353d2d7f0⋯.jpg (117 KB, 1177x911, 1177:911, creepy.jpg)


I have no idea what's going on any more.

63585c No.2093395

File: ce2d28262ae5b15⋯.png (817.75 KB, 1060x1389, 1060:1389, citrus_ch01_35-361.png)

281703 No.2093396

File: 5f47f1c811dec69⋯.webm (7.95 MB, 564x564, 1:1, The Dodo - Goat Parkour.webm)


Looks like she took a break for a bit but is now back.

63585c No.2093397

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7b861b No.2093398

File: d8f0358cf44596e⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 1014.43 KB, 500x375, 4:3, Just try it.gif)

63585c No.2093399



9c6a8f No.2093400

Asuka is a whore

7b861b No.2093401

File: 55868b0646bd6d3⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.74 MB, 720x540, 4:3, Evangelion e08 asuka atta….webm)


My brother is a huge asuka fan, he only watched it for her and didn't care about the mine story lmao

86ce86 No.2093402

d78594 No.2093403


Have you considered playing it straight instead?

4dbe06 No.2093404


[a gay joke]

1a5a4f No.2093405

d78594 No.2093406


[opens the can of laughter]

63585c No.2093407

[Opens case of laughter]

9c6a8f No.2093408

File: c3a191da428ca4c⋯.jpg (8.73 KB, 211x173, 211:173, .jpg)

But she still the best girl in Eva

9c6a8f No.2093409

File: 591eee6f1844873⋯.jpg (333.42 KB, 618x718, 309:359, .jpg)

4dbe06 No.2093410

[opens the case of the laughing man to look for something the previous investigators missed]

63585c No.2093411


a70563 No.2093412

new TVs SUCK

They never tend to have the ports I need for my PS2's output

4dbe06 No.2093413


My TV has 'em. Are you sure you're not just bad at buying TVs?

811193 No.2093414

>owning TVs in 2018

4dbe06 No.2093415

File: 35a6b43928a20fc⋯.jpg (68.26 KB, 813x753, 271:251, something over there.jpg)


I can't exactly play my PS2 on my computer monitor, retard.

811193 No.2093416

de10db No.2093417

File: ef61e997921600a⋯.jpg (104.85 KB, 850x657, 850:657, __hex_maniac_hexen_pokemon….jpg)

Cooking sausages in the oven for the first time. Hope they are well cooked.

d78594 No.2093418


cant you though

4dbe06 No.2093419


Every emulator I've tried ran like shit. Having physical copies is more comfy. Stop being a contrarian spastic.

44e3f8 No.2093420

Physical copies of everything is better than a virtual copy

a70563 No.2093421

File: 2ade5f3ae22e03b⋯.png (85.97 KB, 860x929, 860:929, stitch_in_a_toothless_hood….png)


I've not bought any displays for years, it's just the current trend I've noticed where only HDMI is the available option

In essence I'd have to scrounge around for a HDMI converter adapter that actually works and I'm sorta lazy to do it


Thank god I don't xD

811193 No.2093422

File: 82a3a95e98f227f⋯.png (320.31 KB, 864x502, 432:251, 2018-04-16 19_22_16.png)

You shouldn't really buy or own anything

a70563 No.2093423


Yeah, virtual items are pretty worthless trying to sell when people pirate your shit constantly

Oh wait, there's that CS:GO skin that sold for $60k...

4dbe06 No.2093424


I mean if I used an adapter maybe but those things fuck the quality up majorly.

a70563 No.2093425


I could do with some homemade ones right now

4dbe06 No.2093426



Oh God no they do weird things to the quality.

4dbe06 No.2093427


Oh hi ScooT.

a70563 No.2093428


Yeah so I heard.

Maybe a good HD display with component cable ports would be the best way to go

811193 No.2093429

File: 7045c404f8aa00c⋯.png (256.89 KB, 733x494, 733:494, 2018-04-15 21_51_39.png)

Really the only thing I want to own is your heart

4dbe06 No.2093430

File: ecd6b42e5652fd6⋯.jpg (108.04 KB, 1341x887, 1341:887, huh.jpg)


My TV accepts HDMI and, err, RCA I think it's called? And probably some more but then I'd have to get off my ass and check.

44e3f8 No.2093431


Rare physical things sell well as well as rare digital things

63585c No.2093432

File: 82580ce0cf657ed⋯.png (126.71 KB, 452x452, 1:1, citrus_ch01_261.png)

86ce86 No.2093433

File: 7cb9d54f9168f45⋯.jpg (844.3 KB, 1500x1941, 500:647, 1521092727001.jpg)


Have you tried pcsx2 recently?

By recently I mean like within the last few months

de10db No.2093434


Yeah, sausages are good.

Oh, have you tried a Vegetable Curry Roll from Poundbakery? They're good.

4dbe06 No.2093435


I was memeing him because he doesn't like you so it might've rustled his jimjams.

4dbe06 No.2093436

File: 668abff9216231f⋯.jpg (61.13 KB, 725x835, 145:167, i do not understand.jpg)


Not super recently, no. I guess I can give it another look.

811193 No.2093437

File: d8ce0278adafb07⋯.png (129.89 KB, 315x411, 105:137, 2018-04-15 22_26_19.png)


> he doesn't like you

The fuck you on about you dumb whore

4dbe06 No.2093438



I don't get paid.


I don't even fuck.


That's kinda mean.

63585c No.2093439

File: c1123d8290f91e4⋯.png (132.7 KB, 629x336, 629:336, citrus_ch01_2111.png)


But, Loco loves me.

811193 No.2093440

File: 7045c404f8aa00c⋯.png (256.89 KB, 733x494, 733:494, 2018-04-15 21_51_39.png)

Scoots and I fight a lot but at the end of the day he's Daddy and I need my cummy yummies.

9c6a8f No.2093441

File: 4a065a52b3ab117⋯.jpg (103.15 KB, 666x666, 1:1, .jpg)

8d5fa0 No.2093442

I was uncrankified and unhangried ;3

4dbe06 No.2093443


I'll be taking all the credit for this kthx

a70563 No.2093444


Gotta love crappy RCA ;-;


I've not seen that store before, but can I order online?


Over 95% of games are playable, latest should definitely work a treat

86ce86 No.2093445

File: d45abd4576ff319⋯.jpg (120.72 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, 1520363110001.jpg)


Gregory really have been hacking away at it and have made it use more advanced features of DirectX and OpenGL while lowering CPU overhead.

2 years ago I couldn't play Baldur's Gate, but now I've played through it all without a single dip in performance

8d5fa0 No.2093446

File: 8ef85cc9caefd50⋯.png (485.93 KB, 891x896, 891:896, JBC Lyfe (21).png)


All you, boo <3

de10db No.2093447


No sorry. It's a bakery where everything is dead cheap, we got two of them in my town.

What is the best thing you ever cooked? I once made bacon tikka massala once.

811193 No.2093448

File: c49098c7d87e0a5⋯.png (565.54 KB, 891x896, 891:896, ClipboardImage.png)

I mean Scoots and I fight a lot but I need my daily dose of cock inside my ass you know

281703 No.2093449

File: 50031ab465716ab⋯.webm (349.05 KB, 716x404, 179:101, Put that dick back in you….webm)

4dbe06 No.2093450

File: fa71c05749df2e4⋯.jpg (128.05 KB, 1595x887, 1595:887, do you mind.jpg)


I kept getting stuttering when I used PS2 emulators which is one of the three reasons I got a physical machine and games.


Alright I'll give it another go. most of what I play could technically be played at 1fps if I wasn't so anal about that kinda thing.


Aw yiss!

8d5fa0 No.2093451

File: 8851c680be4ef27⋯.jpg (72.75 KB, 564x729, 188:243, JBC Lyfe (8).jpg)


This folder makes me hungry, which is another problem.

86ce86 No.2093452

File: 496bfbccdcdbe3e⋯.jpg (317.7 KB, 600x911, 600:911, 1520659564001.jpg)


>Alright I'll give it another go. most of what I play could technically be played at 1fps if I wasn't so anal about that kinda thing.

Nope, it couldn't. The emulator's speed is tied to fps, so anything above or below 50fps will either run at turbo-mode or slow motion.

Anything below 40fps will be annoying as fuck

4dbe06 No.2093453

File: e084df9f5cd85f2⋯.jpg (136.31 KB, 1303x883, 1303:883, winning smile.jpg)


Oh yeah? Makes me thirsty~

4dbe06 No.2093454


I may have been exaggerating a little but I play a lot of jRPGs is what I was getting at.

8d5fa0 No.2093455

File: 15896e7a9de31bd⋯.jpg (96.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, JBC Lyfe (36).jpg)


OMG x///x You gotta stop, mister~

8d5fa0 No.2093456











63585c No.2093457

Loco is my little cock sleeve

811193 No.2093458

File: 1028973a36b79b4⋯.jpg (68.3 KB, 500x640, 25:32, 1028973a36b79b48b4cd921af2….jpg)


4dbe06 No.2093459

File: f6aa934a2a8cf64⋯.png (485.42 KB, 640x480, 4:3, PSOGL2_001.png)

a70563 No.2093460

File: 4168178710f03c8⋯.png (404.28 KB, 698x770, 349:385, 769504f2ac0b105b191fe563cc….png)


I'm not much of a cook, but if I've enjoyed making something the most, it would be stilton 'n leek soup


That's an understandable reasoning.

What bugged me about all the PS2s I owned, either the laser would stop working on the fat models or the slim units kept scratching my discs.

RIP FFX-2...

4dbe06 No.2093461


I had to take my PS2 apart to get it working because it refused to play PS1 games. Those were dark times.

a70563 No.2093462

File: ee17314301c1edb⋯.png (964.88 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, stitch_and_toothless_by_ts….png)



I had similar issues myself. Didn't want to bring myself to play xbox cause I was quite the sony fanboy for many years xD

8d5fa0 No.2093463

I played a lot of lumiens on my slim ps2

86ce86 No.2093464

File: d56a98961c89c64⋯.jpg (88.64 KB, 636x1259, 636:1259, 1520363220001.jpg)


I'm just informing you that lag is one thing, but that's not what you'd experience here. If you cannot get 50fps but only 25, then the animations that would take 2 seconds normally, will now take 4 seconds.

Lag is doable, slow motion is a pain in the dick

a70563 No.2093465


Huh, didn't know there was a PS2 version..

4dbe06 No.2093466


Works a treat now though so it's all good.


We should battle each other in Jade Cocoon! Ahaha


Good point.

a70563 No.2093467



I've been meaning to play games like Shadow of Memories and Dark Cloud again, really need to hook mine up sometime

8d5fa0 No.2093468

File: f17df29ab9c2dfd⋯.png (443.78 KB, 900x775, 36:31, JBC Lyfe (8).png)


It's weird to say I haven't played that game since I was 8

de10db No.2093469


That sounds so good.

I wish I had bread to go with my meal, oh well.

PS2s were awesome, but my love would go to the PS1. I loved playing Harvest Moon on PS1.

4dbe06 No.2093470

File: cf6287303dfa301⋯.jpg (43.52 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 11-capture_183_16022012_16….jpg)


>Dark Cloud

Oh Hell yes my dude.


I dunno if you can be the Mahbu to my Levant then, babe. Sorry.

dfe5aa No.2093471

File: 6624e589bc510ef⋯.png (52.84 KB, 184x205, 184:205, tumblr_o8f5jcV1Ne1vu9wmgo3….png)

Osmond was the best character in Dark Cloud.

63585c No.2093472

File: d995d60ec651fd9⋯.png (418 KB, 1009x1001, 1009:1001, citrus_ch01_22.png)

Loco prefers voyeurs, too. Truth be told.

8d5fa0 No.2093473

File: cbbf75d654be9e1⋯.png (193.24 KB, 530x333, 530:333, JBC Lyfe (16).png)


wow rude.

4dbe06 No.2093474

File: 3f9f4967e49ec07⋯.png (370.38 KB, 960x540, 16:9, hey jacob.png)


Yer never gonna purify my cocoons~

86ce86 No.2093475

File: ff7d6721799315f⋯.jpg (160.25 KB, 1015x1748, 1015:1748, 1520363232001.jpg)


in either case, in order to get the emulator to work, you need a PS2 BIOS. You can either dump the one on your own PS2 to a FAT16-formated flash-drive, or just pirate one as that's significantly easier.

And if you're on Windows and got an AMD GPU, then don't use OpenGL. Otherwise, try both DirectX 11 and OpenGL and see which one works the best for you

a70563 No.2093476

File: 2703df2cb540a44⋯.png (919.42 KB, 1024x722, 512:361, lullaby_for_the_night_fury….png)


Do you make your own bread n stuff?


I really miss wasting away hours grinding for gems and trying to catch many Mardan Garayans just to collect the final form of that weapon


He's an outright badass and sports pretty good enthusiasm :3

8d5fa0 No.2093477





silly boy

dfe5aa No.2093478

File: 6624e589bc510ef⋯.png (52.84 KB, 184x205, 184:205, tumblr_o8f5jcV1Ne1vu9wmgo3….png)


It's kind of cool that he's in Dark Cloud 2 as well.

811193 No.2093479

File: 15896e7a9de31bd⋯.jpg (96.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 15896e7a9de31bda7a05b88bff….jpg)

Fuck me daddy.

4dbe06 No.2093480

File: f16ff43bb8959a3⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 116.65 KB, 400x387, 400:387, MADDIES FACE WHEN.jpg)



a70563 No.2093481


Niice ;3


I dare you to post a voice file of you saying that

4dbe06 No.2093482

I keep forgetting that PS1 games in the west used triangle instead of circle to go back and it's throwing me the Hell off.

8d5fa0 No.2093483

File: 89d2ceb9e2c3067⋯.png (263.62 KB, 510x287, 510:287, fight me irl.png)

811193 No.2093484

File: 8ef85cc9caefd50⋯.png (485.93 KB, 891x896, 891:896, 8ef85cc9caefd50e4110756193….png)


I have people in the next room or else I would.

4dbe06 No.2093485

File: 6374746f996c8f4⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 142.89 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 6374746f996c8f4ff7868fa114….jpg)

Loco pls don't go all Buffalo Bill on Maddie she's cool and I'm mostly sure she'd rather her skin remain attached.


Loco skinning you would be a bad thing, right? I don't wanna just assume.

8d5fa0 No.2093486


I like my skin

a70563 No.2093487

File: a163edaa7a007c4⋯.png (337.2 KB, 600x653, 600:653, 6250561889d46db6271e3864b3….png)


What a disappointment.

281703 No.2093488

File: 51c3eaab252e081⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.94 MB, 480x480, 1:1, Lewd 418410.webm)

811193 No.2093489

File: 5dc45fccc282c6d⋯.jpg (68.59 KB, 714x900, 119:150, 1496710682687.jpg)

I just like the Wendy's girl.

de10db No.2093490

File: c67060411908bcd⋯.jpg (221.05 KB, 850x706, 425:353, __gengar_hex_maniac_and_mi….jpg)


No, like you, I'm no cook. I don't have the patience to make bread, I just buy it from the store.

Just had my tea and it was delicious, all I need with it was a brew but got no milk either. ;-;

8d5fa0 No.2093491

i miss making sexy videos sometimes

4dbe06 No.2093492

File: e64c9649de4e461⋯.jpg (69.73 KB, 400x421, 400:421, uzumaki.jpg)



4dbe06 No.2093493

File: a995e1f26d3324f⋯.jpg (37.97 KB, 292x322, 146:161, close enough.jpg)

He's trying to woo your man, gurl. Kick his ass.

63585c No.2093494

File: 3cf3daee3e054b1⋯.png (254.81 KB, 518x814, 7:11, citrus_ch01_371.png)


Take off those panties and spread your bucci

8d5fa0 No.2093495

File: f84d834470486c0⋯.png (247.99 KB, 346x574, 173:287, this thread is dildos.png)

281703 No.2093497

File: 3a5f08e800b3f92⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 6.53 MB, 640x360, 16:9, dirty slut.webm)

811193 No.2093498

File: 15896e7a9de31bd⋯.jpg (96.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 15896e7a9de31bda7a05b88bff….jpg)


Thanks for reminding me I have some panties and cute leggings in my sex toy box that I bought and put there and forgot about


86ce86 No.2093499

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