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File: bd90e2fa17872a4⋯.jpg (30.83 KB, 920x537, 920:537, jordan-p-peterson-self-hel….jpg)


>uploads videos on youtube saying "CLEAN YOUR ROOM SON" t. Daddy Peterson

>makes over 60k per month via patreon donations

You will never have thousands of Right Wing paypiggies giving you cash for spewing watered down Jungian theory with some basic fatherly advice sprinkled in every sh*tty "lecture".

You will never get thousands of goobers to throw money at you for uttering "Kekistan xd".

You will never be this alpha.

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>when I met you're mother my dick was this big!

alpha as fuck



That is a trap?



Everything milo posts is a trap, of course.



the pics he regularly posts are among the most unappealing and nausea-inducing softcore shit i've ever seen, even the most ""feminine"" ones. Not surprised he's a homo dicklover in denial tbh


File: 1cce088695e1be1⋯.jpg (1.56 MB, 4604x6000, 1151:1500, LindaLWakingUp_100507_092x….jpg)

File: 1421b7ed4c8b4e3⋯.jpg (3.16 MB, 6000x4505, 1200:901, LindaLBeachLife_060107_019….jpg)

File: ad614a1448e60c7⋯.jpg (2.44 MB, 4505x6000, 901:1200, LindaLRedRed_070208_028xxx….jpg)

File: 58f6b143fa0fc4c⋯.jpg (1.86 MB, 4505x6000, 901:1200, LindaLRedRed_070208_092xxx….jpg)

File: 56b2c528af8676c⋯.jpg (5.15 MB, 6000x4505, 1200:901, LindaLSandy_082607_031xxxl.jpg)

File: 5474d21129800e3⋯.jpg (455.24 KB, 946x961, 946:961, machine-elf-2.jpg)


should i fall for the DMT meme

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File: be9fcb6abeb4a44⋯.jpg (30.48 KB, 500x277, 500:277, dddfg0.jpg)



That's like recommending someone first try cigarettes before smoking pot. It makes no sense. DMT should not be treated as a recreational drug but as a deep religious and philosophical experience.



God is dead


File: 53ccd85f5b5ef96⋯.jpeg (63.9 KB, 624x351, 16:9, 624.jpeg)


>DMT should not be treated as a recreational drug

Welcome to psychedelics

>but as a deep religious and philosophical experience

Your first trip away from home shouldn't be aboard the space shuttle desu


File: 09acc5e70aef6e0⋯.jpg (86.39 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, LG7heYj.jpg)

>how do you know someone has used dmt?

don't worry, they'll fuckin tell you, along with a bunch of other nonsense

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


lol cucks

File: fae8df944a9de2b⋯.png (534.97 KB, 584x472, 73:59, party.png)


>wow Anon, you sure know a lot about the Third Reich! what made you you so interested in that stuff?

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>>So anon, why are you still single?




>trap porn?

>yeah it's a bunch of young guys with flat chests in bikinis and stuff

>those are gi-, yeah they're traps that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I'm not a pedo

>ur so random anon lol


I wonder what that crew is really like when the cameras aren't running. Regardless, I think they'd still shun me.


is the c-star captain guy boning pettibone?


File: fa095df41f22e21⋯.jpg (478.72 KB, 950x923, 950:923, ain't no christfag party t….jpg)

well i ran into a bunch of really interesting guys on the internet back when it was /new/ and they were all into denying the holocaust and saying jews were behind 911 and we had a bit of a laff arguing about how they took ahistorical scepticism to a whole 'nother level and between you and me something amazing happened and now i can talk to animals... it's really cool, and totally secret, and y'know what; life will never be the same!

File: 93d5cecf5d7c4e9⋯.jpg (212.5 KB, 1240x536, 155:67, 1503559481234.jpg)



File: a12fc84e3ddf479⋯.jpg (142.83 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, earth.jpg)


How do we cease all suffering on this planet of ours?

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the ship has already sunk

we are all floating around in the vast ocean

waiting for sharks to notice the blood

t. deep poet and philosopher



Bigly if true



This is complete bullshit. If anything we have a bias towards pessimism or a realistic inclination towards pessimism whatever you want to call it. This fabled optimism I can not find in anyone, everyone expects everything to go completely shit, and gets disappointed when it doesn't.


File: 8999a0d1688393a⋯.png (218.12 KB, 620x314, 310:157, Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at ….png)


>1981 toyota crown royal saloon cab

>instantly know this is a cat cafe in shibuya


File: b34124535fbc47e⋯.png (199.42 KB, 1500x1100, 15:11, woo.png)

File: e44440cbdd391b3⋯.jpg (76.92 KB, 600x447, 200:149, b53.jpg)


Why are educated and high-IQ people more likely to be liberal?

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>smaller group of people

>benefits from contact with high IQ people outside of their country

>le cosmopolitan values

>"if we can be one race why can't they?"

<because the average person is stupid especially certain races...

>"but we know how so we can teach them!"

oh and guess which ethnic group knows all about being cosmopolitan so they automatically support it?


nope, high IQ people are the ones who make the educational institutions.


>japan is very atheistic


51.82% Shinto

34.9% Buddhism

4% Shinto sects

2.3% Christianity

7.0% No answer[9]

And another thing. According to the wealth of nations Japan has an average IQ of 105 and Germany has an average IQ of 102. Do you really think those three points make such a huge difference? Japan is ranked at number 5 of the Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index, Equatorial Guinea, with an average IQ of 59, is ranked at number 89. Ethiopia, with an average IQ of 63, is ranked at number 96. And it goes on like that. Bottom line: smart people will want contact with other smart people, stupid people scare everyone away.

If you want a source for the visa data:




>benefits from contact with high IQ people outside of their country

that's the thing tho you need restrictive boarders to ensure that. because low iq are detrimental they need to be filtered out. this is what the japanese understand.

>shinto and buddhism

godless religions.

>Do you really think those three points make such a huge difference?

my pt was that you cannot say high iq ppl will be liberal. that is the case in the west which has a very cucked culture. however while 3pts sin't much on an individual lvl it may be plenty on group avg. however i think it has more to do with culture than anything.

>smart people will want contact with other smart people, stupid people scare everyone away.

but opening your doors to both leads to ruin and why liberals no matter how much more they are intelligent than conservatives are doing the dumb thing.



>the west which has a very cucked culture

I think the cosmopolitan attitude accelerated because of the trauma of WW1. It led to the never-again-we-must-become-one-world bullshit which also led to the formation of the EU.

>godless religions

you mean like godless Africa? Since religions are always bent and shaped to some goal I think religion only reflects stuff but doesn't actually cause anything that isn't already there. Africans aren't dumber because of their religion, their religion is dumber because they are. Governments just use religion to get people to go along with their crazy plans. And at this point in time secular humanism is used instead, you know that.


I knew you fucking weeaboos would turn this into another glorious Nippon dickriding event. Jesus Christ


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

File: 027e51872fcde26⋯.png (23.68 KB, 557x349, 557:349, Screenshot from 2017-10-17….png)


HDV it appears SOMEONE destroyed the 4chon cloud backup.

I will be backing it up now in another secret spot and not releasing it this time, then perhaps making further replicas for release purposes.

I can't seem to find a way to appeal the claims made against it.

Here you go: !08y3BtIXvSc22uBDLw9IyQ

If you can contact me privately also I need another backup. If you think you have been betrayed and do not want to cooperate then I will just scrape this board anyways.

Regards, guardian of the archives.

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https://pastebin.com/raw/6swppCq7 ⇨ EMOJI ARMY: 😦😛😢🙏🙂😛😰🙍😨😝🙉🙃😨😸😿🙍😩😸😟😲😶😋😒😔😾😀😼😑😚😔😿🙈😉😡🙋😭😇😴😳😕🙏😀😢😛🙆😒😼😭😀😳😷😺🙏😙😧😤😹😸😵😢😇😔😤🙋😍😉😐😅😠😧😣😁😒😔😵😢🙎😿😔😜🙄😸😷😭😠😴😄😉😖😗😅🙍😈😗😐😼😤😑😗😗🙄😓😏😴😘😣😪😑🙀😲😀😈🙆😵😆😢😭😸😋🙇😕😏😺😦😦😈🙄😵😀😗😗😲😆😍😷😧😑😝😼🙏😄😼😺😳😙😚😖😍😣😘😮😩🙅😐😻😛😢😗😙😬😹🙈😌😎😱😼😇😅😍😈😷😆😼🙁😡😢😏😡😐😥😕😴🙍😷😀🙋😮🙏🙉😛😭😐😂😓🙈😍😣😿😔🙄😴😥😦🙏😞😉🙇😄🙋😓😈😼😋😒😓🙍😼😵🙉😬😧😂🙋😉😯😓🙇🙋🙉😧😦😷😇😬🙏😖😞😹🙀🙋😶😋🙎😆😬😋😃😯😆😨😒🙉😁😃😢🙁😾😻Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


https://pastebin.com/raw/6swppCq7 ⇨ EMOJI ARMY: 😙😄😓😽😪😮🙍😷🙊😗😟😣😼🙆😔😥😊🙊😦😚😲😛😸😩😤😃😫😱😡😨😤😻😮😣😞😀😺😄😙😉😳😽😵🙇😮🙎🙂🙄😕🙄🙀🙇😓😏😳😕😓😎😲🙄😮😩😑😈🙉😀😤😊🙁😾🙀😘😫😣😂😃🙌😴😁😘😁😧🙏😫😻😞😝😌😠😗😕😴😘😀😘😰🙍😱🙉😀😒😸😇😇😉😛🙄😇😔🙁😂😄😥😊🙈😗😡😲🙄😙😬😏😩🙃😏😻😵😝😞😸😦😲😸😮😦😔😒😀😭😦😦😻🙇🙈😋😰😱🙊😡😴🙈😫😂🙂😰😑😊🙊😌🙏😌😢😹😮😶😨😂😔😄😕😺😡😴😝🙎😝😂🙆😩😃😏🙎😞😭😋🙆😧🙄🙆😮😋😭😔😵😯😹😯😺😓😆😠😣😑😸😂😮😠😗😩😏😢🙁😺😵😈😥😰😞😴😰😯🙌😒😘😹🙌😟🙁😂😧🙈😢🙂😒😴😉😬😓😟😩🙀😼🙌😄😰😼🙏😓😋😷😰🙃🙎😢😚😉😭😼Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


https://pastebin.com/raw/6swppCq7 ⇨ EMOJI ARMY: 😖😫😐🙌🙆😼😄🙆😝😄😰😮😠🙎😫😠😱😠😴😍🙊😀🙃😉😲😣🙁🙈🙏😀😫🙌😯🙆😀😣😨🙆🙋😹😐🙏😽😰🙋🙈😒😴😠😀😕😖😩😄😖😁😀😲😡🙊😙😬😱😷😎😃🙁😫😱😭🙀😛😪🙆😤😶😋😹😇😨😁😗🙋🙌🙂😇🙂😾🙏😀😕🙃🙄😅😘🙋😪😍😿😑🙀🙊😿😘😨😟😴🙄🙊😀😠🙌😃😣🙋🙇😧😘😑🙁😣😺🙏😼😬😷😙😌😎😠🙈😖🙆😛🙆😀😢😥😸😌🙁😶😘😗😯😲🙎🙆😅😵😎😞😩😷😇😣😞😴🙅😱😼😼😸🙂😿😜😷😦😬😴😝😋😃😟😩😹😇😆😌😧😗😼😘😭😛🙅😊😆😠😪😿🙈😽😯😖🙋😂😆🙌😲🙇😮😀😃🙌😱😛🙌😲😬😷😆😮😰😱😐😻🙃😺😼😼😖🙍😵😄😅😈😫😂😑😐🙋😟😠😒😔🙋😾😩😷😞😪😏🙁🙂😖🙂😘😏🙄😻😞🙋😘😞😢😎😝Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



>I assumed the first was a joke/shitpost

Then why did smiley sperg out and spam this whole thread if it was a (((joke)))?


File: 438710a2b45191c⋯.png (80.54 KB, 1550x944, 775:472, Untitled.png)

i dont get it

File: 80ec09b818541c6⋯.gif (902.55 KB, 300x169, 300:169, asff.gif)


What is your personal thoughts on the hwite vs Asian master race contest?

Hwites are more creative and individualistic but they see to me to be correlated with anxiety, depression, opener boarders and so on

3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.






>i unironically blame all of these on neo-liberal capitalism, especially the open borders part

And what do you blame neo-liberal capitalism on?



capital's endless need for exponential growth requiring expansion into new markets in the form of what was colonialism/imperialism in the 19th century and what is globalism now.



There has not been capitalism in Asia though?



industrial society.

File: 674bc9a48f3c92a⋯.jpg (32.26 KB, 540x405, 4:3, 636438355599220550-EPA-IND….jpg)


“When I opened my eyes in the hospital, I found my braid had been hacked,” said Sajad, 24, who is pregnant with her first child, from her home in Srinagar in India-administered Kashmir.

These unknown "braid-choppers" are creating a new type of terror in the hamlets and towns of the Himalayan Kashmir region, which has witnessed much bloodshed over the past three decades from a territorial conflict between India and Pakistan.

The new fear stems from an assailant, or band of attackers, who are drugging young women and chopping off their braids for reasons no one can explain with certainty. Most women here have braided hair under their head coverings, so all are potential victims and they are fearful.

In the past six weeks, more than 200 "braid-chopping" incidents were reported, according to local police.

The attackers storm homes or take down lone women in markets and alleys before cutting their hair. The tied bundle of hair is usually found at the scene.

This is a highly conservative, Muslim-majority region, where women view cutting their hair or displaying it publicly as dishonorable. Most women cover their heads with scarves. Also, it's taboo for a man who is not related to touch a woman.

The situation is so alarming that the regional government announced a bounty of $9,000 for information on the braid-choppers. Police currently have no leads.


File: a3884f2b8cadf09⋯.jpg (128.18 KB, 750x1100, 15:22, rick morty.jpg)


only high IQ posters will respond to this thread


https://pastebin.com/raw/6swppCq7 ⇨ EMOJI ARMY: 🙋😷😾🙇😒😡🙇😔😾😷😒😇😜😏😱🙃😮🙀😡😾😉🙂😀🙄😭😳😥😧😷😸🙏😡🙆😞😛😕😚😐😀😪😾😽😰🙏😃😺😀😰😰🙀😩😽😺🙌😁😝😛😀😽🙀🙂😉😴😝🙈😼😔😤😛😯😘😊😊🙎🙅😡😮😒😣🙆😀😡😮😥😮🙃😀😑😙🙇🙅😽😢😩😢😙😭😩😬🙍😐😻😚😏😙😷😀🙊🙃😈😉🙄🙆😿🙆🙁😽😞😔😷🙋🙄😣😗😡😦😭😵😘😀🙂😺😂😢😢😢😊🙉🙍😆😹🙃😰😞😰😗😛😰😈😘😗😧😒🙇😃😢😘😜😶😊🙁🙄😇😷😠🙃😡🙍😹🙀😿🙌😊😍😣🙇😙😿😰😊😧😥😺🙎😇😰😓😂😓😨😬😀😶😣🙃😎😌😓🙃😍😁😖🙅😹😽😝😦😏🙁😎🙄😞🙄😩😾🙇😜😓🙂🙏😸😦🙃😊😲😩😺😧😀😢😬😚😀😢😒😶😠🙄😣🙂🙋🙁😩😩😢😤😬😰😇😙😼😜😎😐😣😿😔😅Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


seeing hysterical leftists sacrifice one of their very own interests me


1 post omitted. Click reply to view.


File: fa1536c5e9773dd⋯.png (19.42 KB, 565x540, 113:108, 1493991549146.png)

callout culture was the left's worst invention. now one bitch says some slanderous shit about you and your life is ruined forever.


i trust in the US justice system more than i trust in these retards to be arbiters of guilt




>‘Left-wing’ Twitter can often be a miserable, dispiriting zone.

Why didn't they listen?

Why didn't they stop it?

It's too late.



allowing unverified catty gossip drama into your movement is a surefire way to annihilate it


its really f*cked up how they all attaq a person like Kriss before proper court proceedings and so on

really goes to show how hungry nu-leftists are for social cookies by how quick they drop him bcuz of random rumors (Vice now distancing themselves from him for instance)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Pretty good article, it talks about Eminem and Seth Meyers openly saying they don't want Trump supporters as part of their fanbase/viewership, and that we can expect to see more celebrities do this.

>There’s an interesting psychological game going on here, and it’s one Hollywood, Inc. might not relish. The more teeth gnashing we see out of both the press and Hollywood, the more reluctant Trump supporters side with him.


>Entertainers should entertain. The mainstream media should report the facts, not take sides. Seeing both fail to fulfill their duty makes some citizens sympathetic to both President Trump and his histrionics.

>We’re already seeing some of the results of this “choose him or us” playbook. Box office numbers are cratering since Trump took office. The president’s Twitter war against NFL players refusing to respect the National Anthem is turning into a slaughter.


2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


File: b4676b897c06e19⋯.jpg (44.65 KB, 600x673, 600:673, thumps up.jpg)

>Celebrities Make It Official: Pick Trump or Us

How about neither?

I only pick Myself.


File: c1f5d5a366b0ae5⋯.png (31.24 KB, 239x559, 239:559, image[1].png)





>Stirner died in 1856 in Berlin from an infected insect bite

me the 🐝 that stung him

stirner btfo!


File: aff9b6dc266a322⋯.jpg (3.64 MB, 4505x6000, 901:1200, LindaLSandy_082607_035xxxl.jpg)


Actually, this shows the mechanism by which the spectacle, so enchanted with itself and its narrative, dismisses the outside world and begins to collapse within itself.

This is not a narrative of Fox News beating MSNBC or some bullshit. It's not even really about Trump. It's the utter arrogance of these celebrities, to the point where people who don't even like Trump but aren't also zombie liberals begin to disengage.



good tiddies if i do say so myself

File: a9b0f50d1daeb80⋯.png (69.06 KB, 500x600, 5:6, casper.png)


assembling the discarded ideological fragments left behind by the march of neo-lib modernity interests me

t. took the dugin pill


i unironically like dugin

fight me anons


File: 414436b274768d4⋯.jpg (67.25 KB, 559x559, 1:1, 73fa4bc44542ed5cc2f005ad71….jpg)

take the accelerationist pill. the only way out of capitalism is through it.


Casper is canonically the ghost of Richie Rich who was a wealthy voluntaryist/libertarian philanthropist, nice try KIKE!



oy vey i've been exposed for not knowing the complete casper canon!

and i would've gotten away with it too if it wasn't for casper cartoon canon knowing anons like yourself!



leave my nigga socrates alone

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>OMG @MirandaCosgrove! I thought I loved the BOW. But I like your FOOT choice even BETTER! ;)

>t. Dan Schneider

who is going to stop this absolute madman no seriously



Someone needs to kick this Kreepy Kike's Keister already smh!

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